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November 25, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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November 25, 1911

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PAGE xo. THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN FRANK&apos;S CLEANING, PRESS- HUMAN LIFE LESS SACRED, his acquaintances. If you want to LITTLE ROCK COLLEGE ING, DYEING, ETC. vote for a man who has only the DEFEATS I4ELENA Archbishop Glennon Deplores So- best interests of his city and county Frank's Cleaning, pressi||g, dyeing ciety's Lack of Sympathy. at heart, and one that will fill the Reorgamzed Little Roche Eie'en and repairing estahlishment is one position to wliich he asl)ires with sat- Beats Itigh School in Fast of the best known and l)atronized of "'[[tnnan life was never vahied isfaction to the people as a whole. Game by 5-to-o Score t cleaucst contest ever s ,,%. , t|1 Ibc local tiel(I, being entirely free from tIly dlsi.ttes anloiig the pla\\;,ers. :\\;lthough the liehl was very mnddy Tal)pin .... Left l':ud ... McMah,m McDonald ...l.eft Tacldc ...Cl;tncy I Johnson .... l.eft Guard .. K] v Ells ........ t'enter ...... l'uli)rc.: the play was unusually fast. l,ittlc Butts ..... l,'.ight Gnard ..... I.e,is Reek College scored its Ih'st touch- (). Coolidge . Right Tackle ... l:eI., .the kind in this city, and is located lower at present at the corner of Louisiana reigit, epicures may live, fashions I)e and lighth, but will soon move to proml)ted and material things made ntore conlnlodion., quarters at i112 Inor6 to subserve to lllan's pleasure, Main street, yet in spite of these, the value and Telel)hones are in connection, Nos. sacredness of In|l|tan life s growing 2142-2143, and all orders given m let, s." tiffs manuer receive pronipt and Archbiahol John I. Glennol| said careftfl atteution. This establishment this in a recent scrnton at the new than today, luxury may cast your vote for Dan l). (,,)uinn, candidate for Circuit Clerk. FRED SCHADER FOR COUNTY TREASURER. ()no of the most l)opular candi- dates in the liehl at the present time is Mr. l:red Schader, who is capable and qualified to fill the position furnishes employntent to a numl)er Cathredal Chapel iu St. Lonis. which he seeks, lie is not running of skilled workmen in the various "Hnman life ts sacred." he con- on the demerits of an opponent, but departments, and orders sent here tiutted. "No railroad not" sweatshop upou his own merits, as have heen will he gratifying well taken care of. has the authority nor the right to de- proven in other positions of honor They clean everything cleanable in stroy it, whether the destruction be and trust. Mr. Schader's private life woinen's apl)arel, from a lace collar by negligence or by sqneezing the and pnblic career is ol)en to the to the most expensive gown. Men's life of the ],idly]dual that a little suits arc thoroughly cleaned and more nloney may go into the treas- pressed, and the original beauty of ury. Some people give their thoughts fabric texture restored. A trial order and time to the caring of pet animals, .:11 demonstrate the ahility of this dogs and cats and horses, while on house. Mail orders receive pro]rips the other hand, huntan beings, their knowledge of all. He has ntade a snccess of his husiness, and has shown the pul)lic that he could, and would, conduct a public office on business lines, by tnruing back into the treasury, while Sheriff and Col- attention. Yon will find complete satisfaction when patronizing Frank's establishnaent, because this is guaran- teed Work will be called for and deliveded, and their auto delivery systeiu insures prompt deliveries, A trial order will be appreciated at any time. Mr. Nelson Frank, the pro- prietor, is a man of large experience in the business in which he is en- gaged and enjoys the entire confi- dence of all with whont he has deal- ings. .=_ NOTES FROM HOPE. brethreu, are starving an houleless." lector of Pnlaski county, large sums A SONNET ON AUTUMN. (By key. t'. J. Higgius.) How changed is this scene since last I passed through, Then forest and lield had a livlier hue, The trees that are bare had a heautiftll bloom, and a grace Wltere now is the stnl)hle with monrnful face in excess fees. Though you had no reduction in your taxes, this ntoney helped to Imild a number of roads, streets and hridges, which is the same as a reduction in taxes, or at least assisted iu keeping the rate down. After serving four years as Sheriff and Collector, Mr. Schader retired and gave other Democrats an opportunity. He promises that if elected Treasurer of Pulaski county Rcv. Father Higgin said mass it] the convent chapel here last Sunday. Fie prefaced his sermon with a tri- And nature had love and light in her bute to the work of Rev. Fatllcr eye, Mathew, who had preceded him. So loth would l think so soon After mass a meeting of the men would she die. And nothing gave signs of a he will devote his entire time to the March to the tontb, office, thereby saving the people the The corn had waved with a smile expense of extra deputies and keep the office in the county courthouse. He will give a clean httsiness ad- ministratiou, and turn back to the county every cent over and above what the law allows him. You tried him as sheriff and collector; if you tlfink he lilled the position honestly - -- down in the first quarter when, after lleleh;,. Nov. 23--J'b. Little Rotk a series of end ruils Clark carried College q,otball tean| defeated the tlic ball across the line. The flue-. llelena !Itch School eleven to&iv I,y up: a score m 5 to o. The game was the Helena. I'osition. l,ittle lGmk. ?ereeley ... K'::;in ]';nd .l<eeshan ;'ratly .. Qn:tlterbaek .. Kclla:- \\;'cst .... R:vht [talf ...Matt;ug/y W. Coolidge .Leh Half ..Mahoney l'urvi ...... Fullback ...... Clark was called at which it was decided to 'q'is lesson severe, 'yet stern and and economically, give him your vote lll solicit suhscriptions for the new true and support.  church So withers the throug when Indleatlon of Interest. autnnm is due. "The school mistress ts Interested e% meeting of the ladies was con- And autuui/1 will come for each in in you, dad." vened after hencdiction. A corn- his day "How's that?" miuee was appointed to take charge \\;heu trne Itearts depart and "W hy, today, after she d told me slx T T REDDICK of the bazaar in aid of the new friendslfips decay times to sit down and behave myself, cllurch. And naugl)t hut the traces of suni- she said she wondered what kind of a  1tier reulain, father I had."gudge :\\; three days' niissiou wa con-'To tide hint o'er winter till spring Fire Proof Construc-onti ducted y Rev. Father Higgins, he- comes ag'am. * * ginning St|nday evening. Tire texts * NOTICE. * froni which lie spoke are as follows: "God said let there 1)e light and GRAY STREET' SPRINKLING * A man wlto worlted for ns a * light was made."  COMPANY. * few days under the name of R. * C --ontractor "Thou ai't Peter and upon this * E. l]riscoe and who tohl others * rock I will buiht iny church." .Little Rock is widely tainous as a * his nante is Evans, is no longer * "\\;Vhose sins yon shall forgive they city of comfortahle hontes, and the * authorized to solicit subscrip- * are forgiven them." l)eople are intelligent aud thrifty. * tions to The Smlthern Girard- * "The bread that I will give is my They demand that these I,eautifnl * tan. * [ for flesh for the life of ttie worht." liones be kept well, and Little Rock * * Almut 35 t'atholics niade the mis- niay consider itself very fortunate, sion. For the benefit of non- indeed iu having at its service tlie   Catholics Father liiggins has been exceptional equipment of the Gray / ' o gnynona-'te - D llOl invited to speak in a puhlic hall next Street Sprhikling Conapany, whose Np 0 the Ladies inouth, activities arc doing nnich to niake .. tiffs city one of the best sprinkled it] CATHEDRAL NOTES. this section of the country, which Allclw lnc t<) lnake the follow- = ---- adds very materially to tile l,eauty ing gift suggestions for the ---- Rock Ark == and al)l)earanee of our city. This Gentlelncn. I;cl.ulift.1 n:.:k.   company thorouglily sprinldes a ,ies, smoking jackets, hats oi --= --= large portion of the husiness and every character. ,hi,'t.,, uhdc,--  residence streets and makes private wear, silk el- lisle hosiery, _  -- -- contracts for street spriukling, l,:m- sweater coats. Xma.. tovelt;es -- ---- - "NUF SED'" ---- ployment is given to a sufficient num- such as traveling sets. collal ---- ---- ber of ,hen and tearns to make sure hags, etc. You will find my ---- ' that the work is done regularly "and prices for the saute ch]ss ,-4 - - == effectively. The terms are extrente- merchandise a great deal " -- ly nioderate and l)ayinents may be lower than others, att(I [ will = made weekly if desird. Frank P. takc great plcasnre in wa;tinff  ili Gray, the prol)rietor of this business, on the Ladies. -- = has beeu established a nutnber of = = ='= years, artd belongs to that progres- Just 45 Steps From * --- --- s:ixe class of husiness men who know Main st _-= Office all Kennedy Buildlnt00 , =- that their own best interests are ]den- = -- K E M P N E R ; FORT SMITH ARK - tical with those of the public, J 0 E -- __- ::= _ ) o _-- DAN D. QUINN -- -- Candidate for Circuit Clerk, = --- STATE BANK ItL])G.  One of the well known and popu- Fifth Street Side. -- -- htr candMates, aud one whose friends --- --- and supporters entertaiu the belief llllllllllil that he will be elected to the posi- tiou which he seeks, is Dan D Quires, illlll eandidate for the Circuit Clerk This OUTOF THE ItIGHRENT- The 'lltheimer =OUT OF THE HIH RENT pol)ttlar gentleman has lived in Lit- DISTRICT == tle Rock, Ark., for the l)ast thirty-two llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll   DISTRICT years, and has always 1,eeu a booster, _- -= GOODS COMPANY not only for the city, but for the "  _ ---- 601.603-605.607.609.611.613 CENTER STREET ---- --__ ,IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Illlllllllll: THIS IS TO THE MEN = -- = TO THE LADIES - (.)ur SH)l'e is crowdctl front ntorniig until night with the ladies. = -" While our buyers werc in New York this fall. they l)urchasc,d --" this concern. \\;'Vltile connected with "I'I-II,:R],; IS :\\; I.]ASON! \\;Vonten is a better jndge of the value of = an enorumus stock of coats from one of the largest mauufacturers = gods and prices than men. She knows very well that by walking - of ladies' coats in the United States. We know positively that we = the company lie was universally liked just two short blocks out of the "High Rent District" to this store.  had the right styles, and that we sold tliem at the right prices, be- " by employers, fellow salesnten and that she will save a stilstantial amonut on each lmrchase. That is --- canse hey went literally like "hot cake,s." Never before was our = the public in general; lie is always why this.sstore has been so phcnontinally successful \\;Vhy can't you -- store as crowded kS it was last week and by Saturday our Coat -- polite and courteous, and inade a do likewire. The distance is surely very small, being ouly two blocks  Del)artnient was depleted. Acting qtfickly, we wired to tire saint _,x- hc, st of friends out of tits customers, front Sixth and Main to Sixth and Center. Wc certainly will save = naauufacturer to send one of their salesmen with a COml)lete line of " He has also been chief deputy cir- you enough on the price of a suit to nearly pay for an overcoat. " samples on the tirst train. He arrived last Tnesday and we selected -- The followtng are a few of our special itenl of iuterest to men,  an unprecedented anaotmt of coats. The salesman, Iy a 68o word - which we have I)laced on sale. and we wish to say 1) yon that if you - telegram, wired our l)urchase to the house to be expressed to us ira- , loose sight of the fact that it will pay you 4o walk these two short  inediately, and this tremendons lucky purchase is now on display. l)h)cks, you will certainly h)se money.  Here ]s yonr opportunity ladies: You will lind the latest creatmns office, has made many friends and __- -'2 of Cattcasion Fur, /:htsh Caraculs and Novelty Coats, and at such supporters. Mr. 0.uin. is uot o]ily == We Are Also Great In Boys' Sutts _  prices that they will save you from $5 to $1o on a garment. - = willing, hut ahnndautly able to prop- ---- * ---- ;c made also another lucky purchase, See our show window.x --' erly till the position which he seeks, = $3.oo vah]es: all wt, ol; sizes, 5 ycars to $1 95 = Ladies' Suits. $2o.oo $9 95 = and your vote and support "will be --'2 I7 years. On sale for . .................................. I . vahtes .................................................. I  -- fully appreciated. $5.oo vahtes; all sizes: all .colors aud all materials, and which arc ab- = ' Evenlnd Dre.,ae = Tliere is probably no other candi- solutely all wool; Knickerbocker trousers $2 98 = = .............................................. We are displayiug the most elegant line of Evening and P, arty date in this part of the country On sale for  = Dresses at least 5o per cent cheaper than any other store in town. = making the race for a similar office Handsonte $7.oo and $8.oo vahies in imported Scotches, Tweeds and  It will pay you to examine our styles an'd prices hefore purchasing. who stands higher with the voters \\;Vorsteds in all sizes and colors. $4 95 -- We have also a nice line of Misses' and (hildren's Dresses --- than does Dan'D. Quirm. He knows -- On sale for ............................................. I  cheal)er than elsewhere. --- how to make and hold friends and they are many and are nunthered by] ------ ------  lllllllllIlllllllllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllIlllII Sunday night there will I)e a special sernton to the men--old and youngof the parish. It will uot be exclusively for ulcn, but it will be so directed to men that wouten arc in- vited to come to see for then]selves what is expected in a religious way of nleu. Rev. ]:athcr Heagny, rector of St. John's College preach, ed at all the nlasses last Sunday: The people of the Cathedral are alwars glad to hear hint, BRAND SOCIALISM AS- GREATEST MENACE TODAY Bird S, Coler df New York Says That It Must Be Fought Unceasingly. St. Paul, Miun., Nov. 24.Brand- ' ing Socialism as the greatest menace of lhe age, Bird S. Coler, l:)enio- cratic candidate for gpvernor of New York in ]0o8, said last night if t]ic relmblic is to remain grcal and de- ccnt Socialism ntusi be fought un- ceasingly. Mr. Coler sahl he was studying the hest way t() combat Socialism county and state as well. = and (he best way to l)rcvent its Mr. Qttinn was engaged in bttsiuess spread fr()m ;tmong the l)eople, with his I)rother, Joe P. Quinn , for "1 f,ra.long time have believed," years, and later was connected with said Mr, Coler. "that nothing but the (]Its Blass Dry Gf, o(ts Company, positive religious instruction can having held a position of trust with l)rotcet the country. The schools arc being conducte(l (m a basis fnndalncntally wrong and ttley are responsible for (lie spread )f Socialisnt. "'even Oils of every tet] teachers i the New York C'ity schools arc Socialists and they arc teaching the cult c]e,'k under F. J. Ginocchio, and children discontent. I ant devoting by his attention, duty and extreme nly time in an attenlpt to correct the kindness to all who have visited this system and I believe tllat the tinte InUSl COllie whel] a I)arent nltlSt se- cure for his chihl sttpplenentary religions instrnctioit iu the schools," Her Fortune, Miss Ivy Brayton Hodge, one of the well known women drummers of the west, at a commercial travelers' ban. uet in Chicago, responded to a toast with these words: "A woman's face is ald to be her fortune. In ths girl drummer's ease. however. It's her cheek." 7