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November 25, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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November 25, 1911

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+ )&apos;7+ THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN PAGE 9. I Political Announcements 1-(_)R L'OUNTY T1,H,;ASURh:I. The Southern Guardian is author- ized to announce tton. ]"red Schader of I-'ulaski county a candidate for eotlllly treasurer, snhject to tile ac- tion +f the 1)emocratic primary. IMMENSE HIGH SCHOOOL PLANNED. is jdanned to huihl a central City to be the cap of the parochial PEOPLES' FURNITURE CO. JUSTICE D. MEISNER. educational system, which now con- sists of 155 schools and 12.,0o0 sin- ]11 an enterprising and thol+ongh- Gives Thanksgiving Treat for dents. The location is under c.nsid- ly progressive cmnnunity like Orphans. eratmn and it is sitid thai it will he tie Rock, with its large and con- well downtown. It will cost not less stant tlemvnd for auractive- house It is most iml)ortant to any corn- than :$3oo,ooo. cquilmlent of all kinds, tile stocks muuity and especially to a metro- of all establishment like that of the l.ditan comnmnity like ]+itllc Rock The Society of St. Vincent de l'eoples' I;urniture company are a {hal the adminislration of the law Paul in ['aris has laid out for tile g'enuine delight This house is Io- honhl he entrusted only to men of cared al tile corner tf Seventh and iutelliffence and the highest in- 1-.w ,f [ktris and its stll)nrbs 31g w.rkmcn's gardens. These supply ('enter streets, anl here may be graduate of tile Physic Medical (7cl- has always been content to fight in lege of Chicag% and has taken an the ranks for the l)emocratic party adendum degree from the College and his friemls, lie is at Democrat ,>f Hlysician and ,urgc(llls Of this in p,'inciple and iu lractice and ever city. l lc has been in active practice hD, al to his party' support and suc- iu Little Reek for several years cess. he enjoy a hst of friends who will urge his election. :\\;t tile present tilue he is physician fro" lhe fraternal order ,f l':aRles and alst, the t)wls altd a lll'lll])cr of and examiner [or tcgrity, '1"he oflice of justice of the the W. (). \\;V. :\\; O. U. \\;V. and If elected, and his many fricuds say he will he, he promises to give i)rompt attention t the. duties of the oflice and that his acts will hc in the interest of he eotlnty and for the 1)r,nt,tion of justice. ('ath,dic high chool in New Ytn'k 1he p(,,r with substantial vegetables, found :ill kinds of hiu'h ralle furn- Iwace. is. fn' in..,tance a I))st involv- Knights and ladies of lictor,:" and fc, r te respccthtlly olicits your sup- iture, rngs, C,tl'pets. curlains, pc>r- hit the highest reslmnsibilities and mer examiner fin+ lhe Modertl )oft and will shrew his grateful ;tv- tleres. to\\;cs. vnd pther h/mseequil- needs men of unusual ahilities wide \\;Vt,(hne. Dr. (7ortley h:ts Ile.ver n'eciation by making you a faithful "l.'{D.+@'.'''.Di''.I''.`''.'''.*'.I.*''.'.*''.'@@ lnents ,f rata,ms kind,. The custonl- CXlmricnce and high pcrsonal stand- before sot tht political honors, hut End el'iicient ofticer. ors .f lhis large furniture house are h such as l). Meisner Mr. Meisner's .......................... INCASDESCENT ST CLAIR nu,nl,crcd I,yhundredsandnmyl,eoff00eeandcourtroornaree<,nvenicnt- f<mnd in IAttle R.ek and this see-- ly located al 10 5 SprinR street. "].'hey A superior heater, builL on honor; tilnl of the c,,untry. I'eople in this are well adapted to h,ddiug pro- Tom (3. Adair Neill Hunter one that will prove a fuel saver, secti<,n eL,me to Little Reek to buy ceedings of all kinds. That he has N0te the handsome design; it is furniture, etc., because tile3, ;Ire sure won the regard and confidence of the silver nickel, arranged with extra that thc lnices will he rizht The amount of husincss given into his linings on the inside, that after l)ecq)les ' l"ur,fiture COllll)tlly is the care, and also by the fact that he is placed into position, will leave "l place tt buy high vrade hcmsehohl now serving his fifteenth year as nmnber 0f slots aronnd the inside g()()(ls ;it prices lhat will compare justice of the peace in this city. Mr, 0f fire pot, to admit super-heated latE,st favo,-ahly with those in larger Mcisncr llerforms the duties of his Markham nil', after passing in at screw stores of the South . This Imsin('s o['t]t'e ul a lllitllltel" that retlects danlper and around the entire fire is owned by J. H. Niemann J J. credit tlpOl! the con]munity as well pot down through the slots, there. Daniel attd J. H. Sanders. aH th=ee as ttllOn ],itnself. rmte'ur+"ur, +pt,%re's mm"a'"ng by giving a perfect combustion, of whont are men eL large ex,er- Judge Meisner. as tlsnal on Lhfings are very heavy and dura- ience iu the furnitulc husmess aL, d "J'hanksgiving day, will treat the ble and can be rephteed at any are hulking a success, orl)hans to a Thanksgtving dinner time--in fact it has every known and after dinner the honteless ones IIII modern device, burns slack and all ill eonal)any with tilt: judge will take grades of soft coal without smokeu JOE N, BELCHER in the picture shows ending np the .g"u-s, Linoleum o, +o, $29 =" For Assessor day with a ride home. PRICE .................... The subject for this brief mention W.A. (Dutch) JONES. I I II I Joe N. Belcher, desires to call our CONSTABLE. -I: readers' attention to his candidacy Th0s L0nerganFurn ,o+thco00+eeo, assesso+o't',i+ it is Ill, ely that the most popnlar STOVES and RANGES , county. "1"o most of you he is no ntan in our cotmty is the gentleman ', p 1"0m'an'" stranger, as nearly all of his life has whose name appears above. Dutch, been spent in this county. The of- as his friends call him, is so devot- I 618 MAIN ST. tlce of assessor is one that calls for cd to the dischargc of lhc multitudi- aman peculiarly fitted wlth a know- Wholesale and Retail ous requzrentents of his office that ledge of property values. Mr. Bel- he makes a model constable and is cher's experience has given him a a type of all that is estimable in a -'.|u greater range of knowledge in that citizen. The cares of his responsi- Phone 4923 Little Rock, Ark. + Family Washing 5c Pound i line than is possessed hy any one ble position are so trying that an a else now asking to he elected as- ordinary ntan wotfld be apt to loss Rouoh Dried sessor. For twenty years he has his admirable self-control. He is . . ---- -- hecn connected with the real estate always clear headed, kindly, vigilant ----_ = dcpartntent of the W. B. Worthen & and master of himself and his sur- -|||||l|||||||m||||||' ------ -- Co. hank. where his duties have put roundings, always maintaining his _--_ __.- ----=himreal acquaintingtUch with alllfimPhaSCSwithof surrounding, always maintaining his [l   "al IRY /J l  ----[] i ono,,.,+ ,,+ i+ 00oo, BI6 HANKG GS --= The We do ta. values of all descriptions, both headed in danger. Mr. W.A. _ city and rural' His PPnent has "Dutch" Jnes is a native f Ark- SA Sanitary Most of drawnpayfrnIPulaskieuntyfransas, andl)efre conling to Little A T IVlN LE nearly twenty years, having been Rock had had valuahle experience -- Way m, lr0ning circuit clerk four years, deputy clerk both as a cons.table and as deputy ,,, ' , =, eight years, connty clerk four years sheriff of Lonoke county. He was E and is now serving a four year term elected to his present position in OUR SILK SECTION = = as deputy sheriff. Don't you think t9Io, and his administration has been - i he has had his fnll share of office notably active and effective. His Will prelent some extra specials for Thanksgiving week that we ask holding. Mr. Belcher will appreciate office is located at 3II I-2 West the ladies to note. They are especially appealing. - -- THE PEOPLE'S tUNDRY PHONE 206 or 207 and our your vote and support and he prom- Markham street, and his staff in- 4a-inch All-Silk Marquisette--The ideal naterial of elegance for the " man will all and explain ises to serve you .to the best of his cludes in addition to an adequate overdress or drapes. Colors, white, hlack yellow, lavender, pastel - ability. In fact, Mr. Belcher will blue, pink, light blue, coral and navy. Marked extra '70+,, special fur this sale ......................................... /Lib _ faithfully endeavor to make a good office force a squad of fiften deputies, -- -- Advertise in The Southern assessor if the citizens of Pulaski seven of whom are salaried men. His = county, hy their vote, select him to office is a model of accnrate atten- o-inch All-Silk Messaline, in every wanted street, a[ternoon and -- evening shade. A handsome quality for nnderlinings of sheer -- Guardian Eastman Kodaks this responsible and important office:, tion to every detail in both criminal n,aterials. Regular 75 quality. Extra 49c  and civil cases and from the high- special for this sale ................................ _ ,.==..=.==.==# +AND SUPPLIES := - est to the lowest, all are treated fair- Kimono Silk--For tomorrow and all this week we offer Cheney Bros. -- ST. JOSEPH'S ACADEMY.  ROSE CITY BAKERY ly and jnstly when they have busi- Kimono Silks in Persian, Dresden and Floral 58 ------" ness with this important branch of styles. The 85c quality, at only ............................  ---- '0' Mona, Arkansas. -' One of the best patronized bak- our county government. Among his A handsome quality of gold and silver cloth for underlingings (:if i Boarding and Day School for  eries in the city 6f Little Rock is the hrother constables throughout the $2.oosheer value.materialS;special36 incheSfor thiswide'sale, Regularat ...................... 1 ttJU'l IN Girls and Small Boys. 41, Rose City City Bakery, which is lo- state, he enjoys a well merited popu- 41 Term Very Moderate. ,0, cated at 132 Main street, which the larlty and the name of Dutch Jones 44-inChgreen, brown,CrePenavyMeter--CIrS'and black. CrcpeWhite'MeteorPink' lighthvs a blUe,high maize,luster, richtan' []' 41, Address + Southwester,, telephone in connec-is regarded by them as another word sheen. ++ +o ,00,nc +,,+cOal, $2 00 =- 'O* SISTERS OF MERCY. 41, tion, No. zz55. This establishment for official recitude, personal gal- per yard ................................................ z - """@"'@"'@''' Also a full line of gives employment to an average of lantry and unswerving devotion to $z.5 Silk Serge, for tailored suits and dresses. This is the hest m All Kinds of Artist Material. ahout a dozen people, and three duty. wearing silk made, Colors, navy, hrown, purple and black. Also ,==- - navy with green, red or white stripes. Regtflar 89C  A. F. SCHNEIDER Pierced Brass and delivery wagons are also required to $L25 quality. Special at ' -- Ladies' and Mens Tailor' Mtalaplika Designs carry on the husiness. This hnsiness LOUIS REICHARDT [] Reversible Satins--Black Satin with green, purple, American beauty Alterations and Remodeling Stenciling Outfits was established several years ago. or King's hlue reverse side, for coats and coat snits. Extreme Pyrography Outfits For Sheriff and Collector novelty, 36 inches it, widt hand worth $1 38 - A SPECIALTY Calendar Pads The products of this establishment Cleaning and Pressing Kodak Albums includes the the popular Rose City One of the popular and widely $2.oo a yard, reduced to . Windsor & Newton Water brand of bread, together with the known candidates inthe tield at pros- Mesaline--All-Silk Black Messaline, beautiful soft quality for draped = Phone 6181 Soz z-a Main St. Colors most delicious pies, cakes, pastries, ent is Mr. Louis Reichardt, who is effects and many other uses; 36 inches wide and regtflarly selling _ for $,.25 a yard; for this 78C Kodak Developing, etc. Here is also carried a fine line making the race for sheriff attd col- sale only .................................................. _ xoc per roll. of candies, cigars, for the acconnno- lector, and here we might mention,  ..... Moving and Storage Write8Xa Mainfor Catalop.Street" dation of many customers. Mr. Jos- he is the right man for the right  []-- EXPERIENCED PACKERS eph Jung, established the bnsiness, his friends and supportcrs believe Offerln s In Wool Dress Goods = COMMERCIAL WAREHOUSE JUNGKIND PHOTO and by his being a most accommo- for the right place and firntly be- That Should Make This a Busy Place Thanksltlvlnll _ _ [] & STORAGE COMPANY SUPPLY CO. dating and painstaking haker, soon lieve that he will he elected. Mr. "- built up a splendid trade. Mr. Jung Reichardt was born and raised in 44-inch Silk and Wool Poplin--A light weight fabric very lustrous. -- John A. Johnson, Manager LITTLE ROCK ARK. is greatly liked in the community, Pulaski coupty and has lived here all Just the thing for inexpensive evening wear 69 his life. He has served as road attd Regular $I.OO vahle, at ........................................  E and he takes great interest in mat- 44-inch French Serge--A meditnn weight fabric. Nothing more styl- - ters pertainimz to the advancement bridge commissioner; also as deputy ish for ont-piece dresses and skirts; does not wrinkle or _q _ spot. Regular 8c value, at .................................  OUR NEW HOME w. Will Welcome the Readerl of of Little Rock. His class of trade is sheriff for eight years, three years= ,""'"vi -- THE GUARDIAN iu Our Row one that any baker would have just of which in the crintinal department 54-inch Imported Chiffon Broadcloth, of ntediunt weight with a -- Offices, N. W. Corner Second and La. Sts., on and after November 6, 1911 reasdn to feel prond of. Your pat- under Sheriff Roherts. htstrous firtish. One of the most correct fabrics for dressy 1 ronage will he greatly appreciated, Votes and the influence of friends " coatsuits and skirts. Regular $2,.25 value, at ................ ,lz " Banking--4 Per 0dug on 8aving Aooolmts. and you will he given a polite and and acquaintances will be very much  44-inch Cream Serge, with hhtck hairline stript; very popular for Mortgage Loan on Little Rook Peal Et,. courteous treatment when you deal appreciated hy this popular candi- one-piece dresses and coat suits; can be washed. 89C -- Regular SLO0 vahle at ........................................ " Rentals and PrOlmrty Mmaagom0nt. with this bakery, date. and he pronuses to do the right --- 54-inch Chiffon Panama, m hlack only. A very iirm medium weight = thing to the largest propostion tothe = fabric. One of the most serviceahle cloths c.ver made.  _q Fire Insurance--Strong COmlxmies. : =  smallest detail if electcd, Those who = Will not wrinlde or spot Regular $I,5o value at ...........  I s [] R. L. SMITH MARKET know him hest have entire confi- - 44.inch Imported Boucdle, in all latest two-tone effects. One of the ,'season's ntost popular fahrics for coat suits and skirts. Ofl_ _---- These are all in short lengths. Regular value $z.5o and $oo..i,.Mtlll Citi InvesCtment d Seeu ity Company deuce in hint. and Mr. Reichardt is zeus' an r Mr. R. L. Smith is a reliable and certainly a man who is abundantly _- = 200 West loond Ig?a'eet IAttlo Rook, Arklms successful dealer in lish,oysters, fresh able to give efficient and good set- ---- _ ' + meats, and fresh iish of all kinds, viee to the county as sheriff and col- ---- Human Hair Goods Sale -_ and by treating his custonters right lector. Yonr vote will certainly' be ........ has been able to build up a large appreciated and you will not make FOR BEST EUPI O N prosperous husiness, which is a mistake to east your vote and give Ha', PIIlf+ _-. RESULTS USE one he has just reason to feel prond your influence to Mr. Louis Reich- = of. His customers are to he found ardt. :In All Shades at Reduced Prices, _- THE FAMILY SAFETY OIL throughout the entire city and =: _,= $z.oo Hair Puffs at ................... aSc ,1 conntry surrounding, attd while able DR. R. B. CORNEY ANNOUNCES - -" ) to hold his old customers, he is able FOR CO'RONER. $2.oo Hair luffs at ...................... 94c Pennan t Gasoline and Polarine to add new names to his list. This  -2_ for Automobile plase of husiness is located at ao7 Dr. R. 13 Corney has announced $2.95 Hair Puffs at ..................... $,.95 =" West Fifth Street, with old phone for coroner of Pnlaski county, sub- 24-inch I-lair Switches, in all +ha,,es $125 - --,W#ers 0il ,. v 00Vom"an" '" eonneetion, nnmber 213, and any ject to+the aetion of the Den,oeratic $2.5o kind at I - m order gievn in any manner will be primaries in January. Dr. Corney is -- ......... _---, " ROGERS BROS. x847 Chiff = given prompt attention and prompt well lnown as a physician anti has _-- on Veils = delivery is made to any part of the always been a hard working Demo- --- - Silverware In light hlue and pink, slightly soiled, at --- city., Your patronage will be ap- crat. For the past twelve years he --  MECHANICS preeiated and you will be ,reated has been a practicing physician ,,f Round End Mediunt ne-half. less than the regular marked- Knives, Round End ,rices. 98c Veils at ................... 49c --- LUMBER COM with politeness and courtesy, this state, having received his ,nedi- __ Medium Forks; worth ];I5o Veiis at .......................... 75c ==: cal education at the University of --" $.5o per half dozen. a5o Veils at ........................ Sz.a5 -- The of Italy have re-New York, Bellevue Hospital Medi- at, per half "$I ? ];3.50 Veils at ......................... ,x.,$ i to a periodical devot- cal College of New York, Mentphis dozen . z 5.oo Veils at ........................ $tl,50 Christian Social politics; Hospital Medical Colleg? and is a |mm|l||||||mH|||mll|||i