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November 25, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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November 25, 1911

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PAGE 8. THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN I SOUTHERN TRUST COMPANY. H.J. HARKER, ARCHITECT. The interior of the store is fitted up 111., Chicago's leading firm of archi- to apl)eal to the cstltetic sense and tectnre, l-to has also worked with A Thoroughly Stable and Well Man- Prominent among the architects in pleasure of the customer, having fur- civil engineering parties of the Rock aged Financial Institution. the city of l.lttle Rock, is tt. J. Har- nitttrc and fixtures of the best. and Island raih-oad. "l"hottgh I)nt a yottng kcr whose offices are located in the floor, which xs an attractive man, Mr. Holtzmatt has sttccceded A great deal regarding the wealth, rooms 7o2-7o3 State Bank building, mosaic, is inlaid with the sign t)f the well in his 1)rofession, coml)ining con resources and prospects t)f a city which are equipped with modern con- bell "the bell that is ringing for strtteti(m, utility with artistic beanty ntay be predicted from the number vcniences, including a Bell telephone, you." Here may be found a fine tli- in all of ltis desig'ns. and extent of its ba'nking institutious. No. 846. ]qc is architect for some of play of jewelry, diamonds, watches. Mr. Holtztuan is fully prepared The city of Little Rock is not only the largest aml finest churches, cut glass, china, fircartus, leather with all necessary facilities to cxe- willing, but l)roud to I)e ttaged by among them being the interior fin- goods, cte. Tltis establishment is cute and carry OUl with pt'oual)tness this standard, for in no other way ishing of St. Edwards' Church in tiffs also eqttipl)ed for fine rcl)air work all contracts. He has recetved a lib- does it show to a better advantage, city, which has just been cotupletcd, and makes loans ()tt articles of value, eral share of patronage, owing to the Leaving the general field, we desire and the Lakeside M. E. Church, Mr. Bell has 1)een established here beauty and originality of his designs, to tnakc mention of ahanking house, South, Pine Bluff. He has also un- for five years and is one of onr tnost and, judging from the sl)lcndid sue- that is not only one of the most dcr construction the Ervery Street l)Ol)nlar and progressive I)usiness tess which he has already attained in protninent in tire state t)f Arkansas. Baptist Chttrclt. Dallas. :rod has con- men. his profession, a hright and prosper- but ranks with the leading financial tracted also for the Prospect Hill : otts future is assured. Mr. Holtz- irstitutions of the Southwest The Baptist ClmrclL San Antonio. axtd ARKANSAS FOUNDRY CO. Sonthern Trust Company was or- others which are now in c()ursc of man is a liberal and substantial citi- ganizcd abottt six years ago and has erection, in four different states, all 1)rominent antong the industrial zcn. a capital stock of $294,82L3O, total churches costing between thirty and concerns hell)ing to tnake Little Rock :  rest)urces, deposits, etc., as sitown in forty thousilnd dollars each. Mr. grezit as an iudustrial center, is the * * the following statenteut, which was Harker is also in charge of consider- Arkansas ];'oundry Conlpany, which * NOTICE. * issued at the close of husiness, Sep- able work for the state of Arkansas makes a specialty of mill work. many * * tetnt)er t, IgzI: and his conmaercial and residential of the finest ntills in the state hav-* A man who worked for us a * Assets. work is very extensive. Mr. Harker ing been cotnl)letely litted out by * few days under the name of R. * Loan( and discottnts ...$J,o58,711.o 5 wits a pupil in a very prominent at-- them. The coull)any ltas been very * E. Briscoe and who told others * Stocks and bonds ...... t27d23.49 chitect's office in Etlgland and finally fortunate and has come to the front " his name is Evans, is no longer * Overdrafts ........... 10,678.43 graduated front South Kensington in the state in tltc mannfactttre of * authorized to solicit subscrip- * Real estate ............ 23,8m.78 Art MttseunL where he received sev- brass and brotze goods. No cont- * ttons to The Southern Gnard- * IZttrnitnre and fixtu'es.. 2o,673.I9 eral diplomas in art and architecture, l)any has I)y its conduct or its works * tan. * Cash and sigttt exchange 213,313.45 antt, therefore, is an expert and nn- proved itself better able to sittisfy * * derstands many iml)ortant (letails of the progressive demands of the mill $1,46o,3Io.39 his lrofession, not nnderstood by owners in this l)art ()f the country. Liabilities ntanyarch.cets which is largelyre-Fbe contpanys pl:tttt and o00,,ccs -- Capital ................ $ 294,82L3o sponsiblc for his success in securing h)cated at 8it to 8t5 East Fottrth M T Welch Sttrl)lus ............... 70,000.00 the al)ovc named contracts. I'le street, and large and small castings Undivided profits ...... I,O82.13 stands ltiglt anlong his brothrr archi- of standartl character can I)e ship- TAILOR. Bills payghle ........... 50,000.00 tects throughottt tlte entire state and ped immediately from tlteir siding Fifth and Main Streets. Deposits .............. 1.o44,4o6.96 is a substantial and enterprxsing citi- to those cnstomers whose I)usiness Phone 3179 zen of lAttle Rock. If yon need his cannot be interrttptcd withottt loss of Masonic Temple. Little Rock. $1,40o,31o.39 vahtable service, call, telel)hone or much titue and money. The officers The Southern Trust Contpany does write--he is yours for business at :ill and directors of the co)nil)any are as a general banking bttsincss, the ac- limes, follows: Th()naas T. Rogers, presi- -- dent and general manager: I:red l. C. E. CASTLEBERRY counts of individuals, firths and cur- : : : I)orations being solicited and four per Brown secretary and treasttrer; Exchtsive Ol)ticiau. cent interest is l)aid on savings de- ENTERPRISE LUMBER COM- /']ttgcne \\;:ogler and L. Bashant. The posits. It also engages in, all the PANY. Arkansas l;onndry Contl)any is doing Office hours 8 a. m. to 6. p. m. allied, financial activities attthorized its full ltarc towards making this one IZZ West Second Street. under the law for trust cotnl)anics, From time inmterorial luml)er has of tltc most prosl)erous cities in the Ground Floor. special features being ntadc of real been used in the construction of all Sottthwest. Phone 4938. Little Rock, Ark. estate, insurance, bonding and rental kinds of buildings, and so h)ng as *- departments, trees grow wc will cotttinue to use it EPP$ STOVE AND FURNITURE Oicers and Management. in the erection of our vat'iotts struc- COMPANY. DR. C. R. CHESNUTT \\;.V.M. Kavanaugh, 1)resident; A. C. tttrcs, whether they ntc costly or II 4 W. Second St., Elks I/ca(l. vice-.president; C. G. Price, sec- cheap. One of the leading lutnhcr Little Root is widely fatnous :ts a Building, concerns in Little Rock is the Enter- city of comfortal)le ltomcs, :tta(I its ond vice-president; J. R. Vinson. sec- prise lLunabcr C()mpany, wholesale pcol)le arc intelligent and thrifty; Office hours 9to x a.m., to 6 retary and treasurer; J. H. Car- and retail naanttfaeturcrs of lutnbcr, they demand the very best vahles p. m,, 7:30 to 8:30 p. m. michael, counsel; J. H. Stanley, trust officer, and Inauager bond depart- sash, doors, 1)linds, lath, shingles, etc. their nmney will buy and iu the fur- Telephone 3o7. ment; A. J. Wilson, manager insur- The business was established in this niturc and hottsc furnishing line they ,. ance del)artment: T. G. Eml)ree, as- city tlte first day of last May, to do a have learned that they cannot fail of wholesale and retail business, and satisfaction if they patronize the JA/ES A. GRAY ststant treasurer; J. c. Conway, as- besides the Little Rock offices, and Fpps Stove antl ]:urniture Compat). sistant secretary. yards, the cotnpany also maintains a at 8ot-8o3 \\;Vest Seventh street TI' Attorney at Law. The energy, enterprise and pro- mill attd yard at Eldorado, Ark.,..and business ltas been established for 65-6z7 Southern Trust Bldg. gressiveness of the management of another sawmill at Rolland, Ark. tnot'c than fifteen years and enjoys a this company may 1)e suggested by Their offices attd yards in this city most enviable rel)utation for the ex- Little Rock, Ark. the staternent that it gave this city are located at the corner of Sixth attd cellence of its stocks, the moderation its first skyscraper buildingT-the Center streets, with entrance to of- of its prices and consistent fair deal- handsome ten-story brick and office rices on Sixth street. Customers are ing with all classes of patrons. Thgl huilding at the corner of Second and treated fairly, low prices made,' and store occupies two large floors at Center streets. The equipment of no disc,-iminations are indulged in. the stocks include cotnplete this structure is modern and com- plete in every particular, and the ser- vice unexcelled. THE MODERN LAUNDRY. Little Rock can 1)oast of sevezal up-to-date laundries, but one of the lin, vice-president. Some eight years ago this business was organized. The beginning was in a modest way, and applying to it sound business princi- ples, abundant energy, and the weight and influence of an honorable character, has made of it. a grand and unqualified success. Tile plant is located at the corner of Eleventh and Main streets, and consists of an unusually large and commodious building which covers a large portion of a city block. Sixty people are em- ployed, thirty modern maclfines are maintained, and it is estimated that the equipment is worth ahout $35,000. Water is obtained from two deep ar- tesian wells, and steam is used as a power., A large out-of-town business is done, twenty agents being main- for the past eight years, since the organization, has increased on an av- erage of $2o,ooo per year. Twenty- four thousand dollars was the amount of business done the first year. This establishutent does the finest work possible, does not abuse and wear out goods iu the process of cleaning, is exceedingly lrompt in calling for attd returning laundry, ex- traordinarily accurate and tnethodical in properly separating and groupittg the goods of each individual patron, and thus avoids attd obviates the great worry, vexation and disappoint- mcnt incident to those laundry con- cerns which seem to be especially en- dowed with tire unhappy facility' of sending Jones' clothes to Brown, etc. They have recently added the larg- est cleaning and pressing and dyeing cstablishntent, and satisfaction is ab- solutely guaranteed. Iu a word, the Modern Laundry is one of the best in the state, and tnerely shows to a very great degree the business done in Little Rock, when one considers "One price to all attd that the low- est" is their motto. The Enterprise Lunbcr Company is an Arkansas corporation, and the following are its officers: Andrew Smith, presi- dent attd general manager; Ralph Jones, vice-president; E. L. Mc- H aney, secretary and treasurer. fine furnitttre, carpets, stoves, hai'd ware, matting, window shades, curl tains, sewing machines, crockery and house furnishing goods of all kinds, --in fact, everything for the home. The members of this firm are: A.J. Epps and J. M. Epps, both of are numbered among the city's largest, most contplete and most ahly Both phones are equipped in the enterprising and successful ubsiness managed is the Modern Laundry, company's offices, No. 26o. Special men. They are agents in Little Rock whose able and enterprismg proprie- attention is given to detail mill work. for the popular Free sewing ma- tors are S. F. Franklin, president; B. Prompt delivery is always made and chine. The Epps' store has won the Franklin, secretary, and R. M. Frank- you will not make a mistake to give complete confidence of the public' phone orders to this concern, and they show their appreciation of :: this hy treating all customers right. GRAY STREET SPRINKLING =  COMPANY. MIVELAZ'S FRENCH MARKET. Little Rock is widely famotts as a Mivelaz's French Market caters to city of comfortable homes, and the the most prominent far0ilies of Lit- people are inteUigent and thrifty, tle Rock, carrying all kinds of cheese, They demand that these beautiful sausages, smoked fish, kosher meats, homes be kept well, and Little Rock salads and sauces, oysters and game may consider itself very fortunate, in season, cooked meats being his indeed, in having at its service the specialty. Every family in the city exceptional equiptnent of the Gray knows that if the food came from Street Sprinkling Company, whose Mivelaz's French Market it is well activities are doing much to make cooked attd is fresh, and "the best this city one of the best sprinkled in that can he obtained. Here is also this section of the country, which carried the most tempting and choice adds very mat'erially to the beauty fresh vegetables. Whenever the and appearance of our city. This tired housewife it as a loss to know company thoroughly sprinkles a of something to set before the tired tained. The Modern Laundry is do- large portion of the business and and huugry family; if she will take ing a yearly average of husiness residence streets and tnakes private opportunity to drop around at Mi- amounting to $75,ooo per year, and, contracts for street sprinkling. Era- velaz's French Market, at 7o7 Main ployntent is gi,)en to a sufficient num, street, she is certain to find just what ber of men ,'J.nd teams to make sure will please the fancy for the next that the work is done regularly and meal Mr. Louis H. Mivelaz believes effectively. The terms are extreme- in eleanlittess, and you will be certain ly moderate and payments tnay be to find ew;rything in tfis establish- made weekly if desird. Frank P. ment clean. His clerks Gray, the proprietor of this business, are courteous and take pleasure in has been established a number of showing you their goods. Don't for- years, and helongs to that progres- get to try one of Mivelaz's oyster sire class of business then who know loafs, 4o cents dozen. Mr. Mivalez that their own best interests are iden- is a busy citizen, and is a good one tical with those of the public, for any city to be proud of. WILLFRED D. HOLTZMAN, JR. WILLIAM E. BELL. Mr. Willfred D. Holtzman, Jr., The fine Bell establishment, known whose office is at 825-26 Southern by the great sign iu the form of a Trust building, is a man of ability bell, occnpies the entire first floor of out of the ordinary in his profession. the large building at zt9 East Mark- He has been kept very husy on some ham street. Phone t445. This is one important large buildings since es- of the best trading places of the kind tablishing here, and in each mstance in the Southwest attd is a favorite his plans have shown originality of trading place with the transient and designs as well as a high state of cul- tourists, as well as with the people tivated talent in arbitrary lines of ar- at home. The fine window displays tistic architecture. He graduated always attract attention, and the from the University of Illinois in there are over half a dozen other windows only give a glimpse o the] 19m, in architectttre, English and ar- good laundries'in this city, and one many pretty, useful and up-to-datej ehitecture, and served a term of in nearly every town in the state. ]articles to be found on the inside.Joffice with J. M. White of Chicago, St Ma y' NEXTTIME r s LET IT BE AN Cllege s Elkhorn Shoe '!i IgJ .50 an . ,,t!i Col i Academic and l English Commercial FOR TLLAED/I and GEN- rl Courses " 37 Styles UnderFathersthe managementof the Societyf the All Sizes All Widths !t I of Jesus  ilJ Write tor Cetalo/ue Less You Forget !) REV. ALOYSIUS A. BREEN, S. J., President OUR SECOND FLOOR IS DEVO TAI LY TO Dr. R. J. Meaddough "' DENTIST KEMPNER'S 7oz I-2 MAIN STREET The Shoe Store Ahead Odl Phone 2284. Repainring Hosiery LITTLE ROCK, ARK. GOOD FEED at the Lowest Possible Prlce Tire health of your stock depends upon the character of feed that you are feeding them. To get Ioo per cent work buy lhe best feed. FROM US IT WILL NOT COST YOU A PENNY MORE TO GET THE BEST. Wm. E. Overstreet Grain Company Phones 19, 39 and 6.D SEVENTH and CENTER STS. I ---USE ELECTRICITY--- Have your home or store well lighted. Use the light that is clean, safe, cool and convenient We have experts to take care of your lighting troubles free of charge Investigate Electricity. Little Rock Railway & Electric Co. Phone 518 .... 1I 5 West FoUrth St. Report of the Condition oF the State National LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Bank A t Close oF Business Sept. 1, 1911 Resources Loans and Discounts .................................. $x,579,672.76 U. S. Bonds and Premiums ............................. 3o7,4o3.oo Other Stocks and Bonds ............................... 5o,568.73. Real Estate ........................................... 23,412.i6 Stock in State Bank Building Company ................... 65,ooo.oo Five Per Cent Fund .................................... 15,ooo.oo CASH AND DUE FROM BANKS ..................... 374,811.06 Total ............................................. $2,615,939.7 Liabilities Capital Stock ......................................... $ 5oo,ooo.oo Surplus and Net profits ................................. 5o,4o.79 Circulation .......................................... 3oo,ooo.oo Reserved for Taxes, and Interest . .. .... . .................. ,loo.oo Bills Payable .......................................... 35o,ooo.oo DEPOSITS .......................................... 1,414,69B,92 Total ............................................ $2,6 5,939.7t Officers \\;. H. Garanflo, President. R.D. Duncan, Cashier. L. W. Cherry, Vice [ resident. R.M. Enders, Asst. Cashier. R. M. Butterfield, Asst. Cashier. YOUR BUSINESS SOLICITED i: IIIIIIIIll !,