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November 25, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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November 25, 1911

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f i i WM. M. MOORE FOR COUNTY CLERK W. M. MOORE. W. M. Moore, who is contpleting his second term as assessor of Pnlaski county, antlounces that lie is a candidate for county clerk, snh- )ect to the action of the 1)emocratic printary. "Billy" Moore is well and favorahly known to all the voters of the county, and has many friends who will give hint their earnest sup- port in his catldidacy for the county clerkship. Mr Moore&apos;s adntinistra- tion of the assessor's office has heen cutirely sati, sfactory to the public. Ite is regarded as competent in every way to l)erform the duties of connty clerk, and promises to employ equally as competent assistants to aid him in managmw)he office. Mr. t+ e , , lt..<oore ha. been a ieestdent of Little Rock for the past 3 years. He was left an orphan in his infancy and was raised by his aunt, Mrs. B. B. Sterl- ing, the well known and popular teacher in the public schools. Thirty years ago he earned his first money elling newspapers. In ]88.3 tie serv- ed as page in the Arkansas Senate. and in i9o7 was elected front Pnlaski c,nnty to the lower house of the lcgislatnre, where lie chanapioned the cause of lahor and advocated the passage of every act that had for its +,hject the advancement of the III+VII- l'P -i. ,+i,- "o" "" -w- ", ur nlaterial and moral interests of his connty. He has been a member of Little Rock Typographical Union for a numl>er of years, and has been en- dorsed by that organizatim for connly clerk. ht 1oo8 lie was elected connty assessor by a good sized majority and re-elected to the office two years later. Mr. Moore was edncat- ed in the public schools of Little Rock, and by industry and per- severance has made lfimself one of the suhstantial citizens of Pulaski connty. He has friends in every nook and corner of tile eonnty, all of whoni are lending him much en- conragement in his race for county clerk THOS. B. RAYBURN. If tile originator of the old tin- type eonld visit a modern well equip- ped photographic stndio of the pres- ent time, he wonld l>e, no doubt, duntbfonnded at what he saw. While THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN .............. i ............ BOB PILLOW FOR ASSESSOR, SEA WEEDS. I lark! the waves ;ire moannig, lobert t;. Pillow, for the past Ever restles waves three years chief deputy sheri(" And in anger groaning under II L Roberts. announces as a \\;Vhile the st+,rm-time stays candidate for assessor, subject to the actihm uf the el.)mocratic primary, last" the wind is howling January t6. Ite is well anti favor- ahly known hoth in the city and county and his friends predict for him the position which lie seeks. His -t first entrance into politics was its depnty circuit clerk, and that posi- tion he hehl at a very small salary. 13ut his efficiency was soon recogniz- ed anti men who had office sought his services, so that after serving font years a. detnny circu/t clerk he was apl)ointed as depnty county conrt clerk, which position lie held for another fonr years. His ac- commodating nlanners and uniform eonrtesy was noted by tile people and lie had little trouhle in heing elected couuty clerk and no man l';ver fitful wind ,\\;nd in mighty growling \\;Viii distraction bring. See! a bark a plying O'er tile yawning deep 'Mong the hlack waves whining Sea-men vigil keep. "Oh! if hat the morning Break this blackest night! Not one star a-shining Sets oar path aright." Loud the waves keip raNlag Hope and strength seemed vain I;ierce and nests wave snrging Tile crew and bark will reign. Deep to the oceans crater We may this instant sink A cry to my creator And death has snapped life's link. And this may serve a lesson, For life when troubles crowd How shall the storm we lessen When us hut storms enshroud? tile tin-type was a great thing in its ever served more efficiently in that day and time it is not to be corn- capacity, than did Rohert G. Pillow. pared with the modern photograph \\;Vhen lle retired from that post- of today. But as far ahead is the tion and Judge Asher was elected modern picture over the old it is no county clerk in i9o4, the familiarity fnrther ahead than are the pictures of Mr. Pillow with teh affairs of Now are wc really sinking?- of Mr. Rayhnrn over sonte others the office made his appointment as BuS now sea-weeds caught that are heing made. When you do depnty connty conrt clerk for the It seems like iron linking have year pictnre taken, and the av- second time ahnost a certainty and An anchor safe is wrought. erage person does not do so often, Judge Asher was not slow to re- it is advisahle to have a good one cognize his ahility to handel the af- \\;Ve're safe! the stars are shining one that will look god and last long. fairs of the office to the satisfaction The waves have gone to sleep Yon get that kind here. In fact. you of the peopel of the county, and so From sea-weeds arms nntwining get the services of a well equipped it cattle about that ability and efli- We glad the harhor seek. studio, a iirs.class artist, good ma- ciency contbined o keep Mr. Pillow terial and g,.od workmanship. You in the county clerk's office for twelve years. are invited to call and see for your- self. Mr. Raybnrn's place oP bast- After lie retired from that posi- tion lie was appointed chief deputy news is located at 8a3 Center street, and his telephone is No. 362. Mr. sheriff hy Bnrt L. Roherts and has of reline- handled tile hoks of that office for Rayburn is a gentleman }the last three years. It has been ment and is held in high esteent hy tile citizens of Litle Rock. Not be- said hy men who know that no man ing located on Main street Mr. Ray- ever gave the affairs of that office burn is in a position to give his more care. and none have ever heen patrons the henefit of ntuch reduced mot obliging to the public. Nearly expenses, every man is the friend of Boh Pil- Jnst one look to your ],'ather-- low for some little act of kindness Ab'ove the stars you cast, The largest (3ltlc Monastery in and courtesy, and he will he a hard And lle will lead you farther, this country is the Don+tinican Honse man to defeat for any office to And Fie will save yonr nlast. of Stndies near the Catholic Univer- which lie may aspire. Yonr vote and sity and forming one of the present support will be appreciated. But Sea-weed trifling, floating In God's hands they are made gronp of huihlings affiliated with it. *: : Its cost was about $250,000. AS the last meeting of the West- A guide, a shield, a porting ern Gnihl of Catholic \\;Vriters. Rev. Where frec from trouble, lead. leather Darderi, a priest of Pater- Frederiek M. Lynck. editor of "The son. N. J., appeared in conrt against Christian lramily, '' I;echny, lll.,read You'll see there arm extending George F.arly, street car conductor, an interesting llaper on "The Atti- To save h'om wreckage thee charging Early assaulted him he- tnde of the Catholic t'hurch To- The darkest night is ending canse lie carried a cigar into the car ]wards Modern l.iteraturc." At rest thy soul will be. '+,Vhen there's no hope, nor courage-- To hattie lifes dark strife-- When tangled anti in bondage-- In the darkest hour of life? uarantee ii ii .... ', Lap Robes Yon can't tell tlese clays when yon start on a drive how the weather is going to finish. Should the sprinkle of a chilly rain conic down, and you do not feel like cooping yourself ht tile vehicle hehind a storm apron. You will lie quite comfortable with one of our wind and rainproof lap rohes. Auto robes a specialty. Prices range from $x.5o to $2o.oo. Horse Overcatts--There is no necessity in neglecting the horse coverings iu winter. ]t costs money to treat pnenntonia, and Horses are just as liable to contract tile disease as yottrself. We Guarantee Our Goods to Be Free From Imperfections, Either of Materml or Work- manship, and .A. re Sold With the Und.erstandlngThat a De- fect of Enther Sort Will Be Made Good at Our Expense We are firnl In our he- lief that we sell Trunks, Bags, Suit- cases and sample cases PAGF 3. i HAL NORWOOD, CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR lion. Hal I+. No,'woud who is now affairs. While lie eutertains lillet'al serving llis second tertn as Atlor- ideas, lit + i. a nian /if slrollg corl- hey (Jeneral of this State, is seeking vlctiq)ilS and 1.,4 not tllrned there- tile Democratic nomination for Gov- from by what promises to he a wave ernor, and lie t, ccmsidered a strong of popuhn" sentiincnt. factor in the race No one can read Gen. Norwood's General Norwood has been until . platform without heing nnpressed ing in his efforts as Attorney Gen- with its smtndness, t+le is opposed eral and has succeeded in turning in to further increasing the hurden of more money to the Slate treasury taxvtion and instead of locking for in the way of hack taxes, judg- tile sonrces of more revenue lie tnents against COWl)orations for vio- favors a reductitm in tile expenses of hltions of tile anti-trnst law, etc.,.+ governntent, lie favors the adolltion titan any attorney general in the Ins-of a constitutional aniendntent which tory of tile state, lie is well and will prohibit the nlembers of the favorably known throughout the en- legislature froni receiving more thart tire state as an exeellent lawyer and a tixed sum for their services, there- asa faithfnl and efticienl lnihlie ser- hy saving to the people $Ioo,ooo rant. No ntan in the state has a hiennlally, lte <pposes the Turner- broader or deeper knowledge of tile affairs of state t;overnnlent, anti of the needed changs in th law nec- essary to correct a.nd remedy exist- ing conditions. ,Gen. Norwood is hroadminded and liberal in his views and is a strik- ing example of the progressive ele- lltenl so badly needed in governmntal .Jacobsen  revenlle nleastlre as being un-Democratic aud both dangerons and nnconstitnlional in its provisions. Gen. Norwood'. friends are freely predicting his success in this can> paign. They say, "He has never yet heen heaten for pnhlic office, and he will continue to maintain his re- cord." ARKANSAS WATER COMPANY. The prime neeessity of every nlodern conlninnlty is an adeqnate snllply (if pnre water. By an ade- quate supply is meant not only a suf- ficieney .for present needs, bttt also enough to n-met the constantly in- ereastng snpp|y which is an invariahle aecontpaninlent of development. By pnre water is not nteant approximate- ly purity, hut that ahsolute freedom from contamhmtions which is the safeguard of the heahh of the coin- The scale of this contpany's opera- tions nlay he suggested by the state- ment that ii maintains more than 8o miles of mains, giving service to every section of the city. The pres- snre is high and constant, affording splendid protection against tire and assisting materially in the operation of niannfactnring plants and the activities of other large walter users. The rates are admittedly the lowest enjoyed hy any city of this size in the ('nited States, and to this fact must lie attrihuted in considerable mnnity. Little Reek is extra- nleasure the favorkdfle impression ordinarily fortunate in this regard, made hy this city ripen visitors and Through the enterprising and prospective investors. In fact, it is public-spirited policy of the Ark- not too mueh to say that low water ansas Water Company, this con> rates have heen a very consick'rable munity enjoys a quality and quantity factor in the advancentent of I_.ittle of water supply not surpassed hy any Rock to a leading phtee among the city of this size in the conntry. The cities of Arkansas. location of Little Rwk on the hanks The phutt has been in operation of the Arkansas river malces certain since the formation of the city, ex- an ahundant supl)]y of water at "ill len.ions lind inlpl+ovenlents heinlz tinies and for every purlJose, made to keep pace with the growth It has retnained for the Arkansas}of the c.omnltlnily. A separate plant \\;Vater Conlpany to prelmre this ad-lis nlaintained for the snpplyina' of mirable natnral snpl)ly for co,tsump- ..\\;rgenta The main offices of the tion. and this has heen done in a conlpany are centrally located at r12 nlanner which ularks the conll)any East Seventh street and arc ill as one of the nlost progressive and eharge of S. A. Stearns, secrel:lry- right-nlindcd puhlie utility corpora- treasnrer and SqlJerintendent. A.M. tions to be found anywlfere. Lynn of l'ittshurg is president. Water is taken front the river :_ ahout two miles ahove the city, well The centenary of the foundation heyond the possibility of eontantina- .f the oily of Colnmbns. O., will be tion. It is l>ulnped into "l settling hasin where the sediinent is pre- cipitated, leaving the water perfect- ly clear In order that there may lie not the slightest possihility of im- purity, however, this clear water is passed through a series of 25 luodern pressnre lilters in which the beds are of specially prepared safid Not until it has passed thro'ugh all these stages is the water snpplied to the customers in Little Rock. celebrated there from August 27 to Sel/temher 6. 1012. Anlong the eom- niandinlz featttres of the pag'eanr will lie scenes representing La Salle dis- coverint+ the CJhiu and the lit'st ef- forts of the early nlissionary I:athcrs ft)r the s )read ,ff religmu aulonla" tile sav;lges. ()f COtlrse, the nlelihWy <ff the greal Catholic discoverer in whose honor the capital city f Ohio has heeri named, will be duly hanor- ed. ".r  cheaper than any I  0 /11 / ill [ other tirm in the city, 00alltlleS anct rlarness I quality considered. I pAricesCmli]?ris<:'\