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November 25, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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November 25, 1911

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C PAGE 2. ii il ---::: : : :::: : -: ::: ::::':: : : : ::: :: : :::';: S O C IA I-'M,. a,nd, o,P fl O N A L,, t ,*,,,,,,Dt.,twe, -, St. Anthony's Aid. Mr. I.(mgslreth considers there is IIas Fine Meetings. Ro,[ tllateria] Ul)On which to wo,'k, aIld the e;tplain, tTharlotte I/clcher. THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN PITTMAN'S DRUG STORE C0r. Ninth and Main CATHOLIC ITEMS. "lhe IHslml) of Nasilville, ( Ill(" (if the i)rolnil}ellt aud well kll(lWII (lrng esl ai)li,h,llel! t. ;ll |he ell3 is l'illmans )ruT. :';l,re. whieh is hKatcd al the collier J Ninth vnd Maiu Streel. w:th three Jell l)r. ICyrne. ha, translated Hisho I) Ih)n()- melli's w()rks, c.nsitilla of ten vohlnlc% It i,. renlarkal)le that (,f all the t'at h.lic stndents at the" Naval The reguhu" In(nlthl.v mceting (if NI. .'\\;nthuny's Aid Society wa hehl ha,. arl'aiig(d at gallic witl the l)eaf or Sonthvcestern leh'ldhm,.'- m ,'{in- .\\;eadenly in Annapolis. Md.. n.t one (ll ]qlltl;t3 ' ;).flt'l'l'()()ll. ill lhe pari()r Mlltt,, [()r IlL'X| ;itllrd;ly aflernot)ll, nection--N) 101)o, 2!'4 .:u!d J21(.), is kll(t%Vil I(i n(.'j2.'iecl his religions (,f tile Knight., of C()lulnbu, clul)- - ...... : ............ I'hey give 1)roml)I an* e;u'eful ;flirt1- dutics, and they rar, k well in their h(lnse. "lit." da_v was ideal and the Stndents to Issue ti()n t() the tilling ot I)rcscriptflms classes. The country has cause to lie attendance ',),,;is uIlns0al]y large, all College Paper and will call flu ant1 q..livcr l'or lhe pr(uld of the ('atholie mitlshilmwn. accolltlu()d;t[ioll I)f p;i..'tuls, alltl all availal>le space in the large l)arh)r The Seni()rs alld .]unit.)rs of Mt lyou llave t() do is t,) tch, i)h()nc--- M()st Roy. .lames II Blenk. 1icing taxed It) its tltnlost caplicity. St. Mary's t.'ollege, l)uhtski lleights, thev will d() the resi. "l'hei," l)re:;- Metr()l)()litan of the Province of New It wa most gratifying to those are editing ;, college paper. "The cripti{)n del)artment , un(h'r the di- ()rleans. has appointed tile Rt. Rex'. ntemlmrs, who have br;,ved tile I"cit() front the i)ines. '' The tirst reel supervi,mn of :l'l exv',.rienc,.d Monsignor ('..lailiet I)rt)thonotary winter" slorln, anti the StlllllllelS' copy to appear the early part of and rcgistered l)]larm:tcl.:, and ouly :\\;p()stolic. (if ('orl)uS Christi. to lie he;ll, working ( hard and .t energ- IJecclnl)cr. 'lhis l)rontises to be the I)nrest and freshe, t,f drugs au(1 Adnlinistralor t)f the Vicariate of etieally, through all tile year, often (tulle an Interesting anti amusiug chemicals are used m tilling ad life- Brownsville pending the al)l)oint- time surrounded with diflicnlties that sheet, attd it is Ilol)e(I that it will be scriptions aml faudly rceel[tl.s, ntent of a successor to the lament- seemed hard to overconlc. 1() see such ;i success, and that tile young ladies interest aronsed and displayed and Most everything u.;uaity fonnd iu a ed llishol Verdaguer. may tneet with ranch encouragenlent, first class aud well.-i;lana-'tM store It gives them renewed cottrage and (in their entrance in tile literary strength to l)ursue their lal)or in the tieh[, may be found here. inchtdi,,. drugs Sixty-eight c()lored Catholics were liehl of charily. ,.)tics anlounting to __..1 ..... and chemicals of all ki,qds. !)atent recently eonlirrned in tile C'hnrch of nte(licines toilet articles and waters, ()ur Lady of tile Blessed Sacranleut. $33.o0 were collected and paid into Miss Sallie Gracic returned to pcrfuntery, stationery, etc. A nice lqailadelphia. lhe treasury, The report of the Little Rock Sattu'day after Sl)cnding candies, lea(ling I)rands (if cigars The St. Marys Sen'tinel front St. conmliltce in charge of the Hal- the sttnm]er at the Gracie cottage ou and h)baccos is also carried. You Mary's College, Kentucky, for ,lowe'en party Riven for the Ol)han- tit( northert] lakes and with friends lind al lifts st()l'e right treatmenl. October. ilas reached oln" desk and age fund was ntrned over showing in Iowa and Missouri. Miss Gracie the net ]woeeds to be $m7.oo. The left this city Augttst , and after en- right go,Is and right prices. (.'ome contains among other articles an in- here for satisfaction. Mr. I:. J. teresting paper on the late Proctor Pittntan is a man of large exper- Knott, Governor of Kentucky, and ienee ,n the I)nsiness in which he the attthor of oue of the most is engaged and has jnst reasons to hunlorous speeches ever made in feel l)roud of his success. There is ('ongress. The ,,l)ening poem on a soda fountain in connection, which "Autumn." from the pen of Timmas is oue of the most attractive and \\;Valsh of Louisville, Ky., has in it I I)usiest iu tile city. nntcil of tile 1)eauty an(1 simplicity of I joying tile l)leasant breezes of the lakes for several weeks went to Dubuqne, la., where sie visted one of ]let" school mates for solnetinle, after which she visited anoti]er scitooin,ate at Chillicothe, Mo. The ninny friends of Dr. Martin McNeil are congratnlating him on his receut appointnlcnt as state medical exantiner to the Modern Woodnten of Anterica to sncceed ti, e late Dr. McLaiu. + Mrs. Anna Sl)alding, n,other of V. L. Sl)ahling, 2o8 Louisiana street, is expected from Louisville. Ky., about Tilanksgiving to spend the winter with her son Mr. Thonlas Mattingly received DEATH OF MRS. SCHRAMM. ladle- in charge of the entertain- lilt.lit wish to returu their sincere thanks to the ntany friends wilo ex- tended tileir aid and patronage to them. Most especially do they wish to return thanks to Mrs. Saint, el Montgomery Fiehl, who so generotts- ly vohmteered her services it] train- ing the chihlren, and arranging the entertainment. The ,text meeting of the Aid Society will be held on the third Monday in December, when the elec- tion of officers for the ensuing year will take place. It will also be 'donation day," and all titose who are interested itt the cause of sweet charity, can make arty offering of clothes and money to be dispensed through St. Anthony's Aid Society. Fourth Degree Knights to Meet Sunday. An informal meeting of Fourth delaree menfl)ers was held last Sun- day afternoon, Brother . ohn H. Touhey acting as chairman and Bro. M. A. tally as secretary. A motion was carired that a nleet- Mrs. Tresa Sciramnl, aged 85 years, died at the residence of her son-in-hlw. Mr. Titonlas Lonergan, , i 16 Louisiana street Satnrday afteruoon, ;.it 2 o'clock. Mrs. Sciu'annn had been in feeble health for sometinm and on Sunday, week ago, suffered a stroke of paraly- sis, which finally resulted in death. She was oue of the pioneer residents of Little Rock, having comc here church work. Her funeral took The tea to be given nnder the place front St. Andrews cathedral, auspices of the ladies of the cimrch Monday morning, mass being said of (]ray's "l:legy." Kingsley, a declared enemy of the chnrch, once said that if all rite Catholics in the world would live up to their faith for one day, there would be no Protestants in the even- ing!" A broad assertion, but there is a good deal in it. Certain it is. that if the above condition were fulfilled, the truth of Catholicity--its power to make life better--would be open- Dining Room FURNITURE No matter what you may want in the Rug line; size, quality, or price, you will be sure to find it here and at prices that are real in- teresting. We just recently received a solid carload of Rugs in every conceivable size. Wiltons, Axminsters, Velvets, in fact every kind of material, in Oriental and every other pattern If you are in need of a Rug, here is your opportunity. Everything for the Home for a Great Deal Less Money. Cash or Credit Adair Furniture Co. FIFTH AND LOUISIANA ST. PHONE x6z6. ly declared, by the model lives of its chihlren, and this truth, irresistible :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: only tn, cle Cilas. Beavin had died the oldest ntember of St. Andrew's church. that morning, at his home near cathedral congregation, and for Lel)anon, Ky. ntany years, was quite active in The Noble prize for chemistry "" which is awarded anunaily, the sad news last Satnrday that iris from New York in ,83o. Site was in itself, would lead many into the Commercial Warehouse and Storage Company I and11 I JOHN A. JOHNSON, Manager I Merchandise Stored. " tored, t t Household Goods S W r0 k: F0r Experienced Furniture Done For Ask Anyone: -_ We Have:i atnonnts to $, has been given, says au exchange, to Madam Curie of the University of Paris. Madam t'urie is amonlg the world's leading scientists today and her Catholic faith has not suffered any set-back as a result of her advancement tilat field, a good indication that science and religion do not conflict. it]g hf all Fourth degree ntembers be of Lady of Good Couusel for the by the pastor, Rev. Father Tol)in. held at the headquarters of the benetit of the Altar Society, has been The iuterment was in Calvary ceme- council in the ohl convent buildiug, indefinitely postl)oned. + Attorney Fred a Sn,)dgress re- turne(I Wednesday from Clinton and ,'\\;ral)a]to. Okht.. where he had been in the courts of Cnster connty for the past two weeks. The regular meeting of the Yonng Seventh and Louisiana streets, at three Cch)ck Sunday afternoon. November 26, for the lmrpose of orgar, izing a I;ourth (h, gree assem- bly, preparatory to the exemplifica- tion oi the Fourth degree in IJttle Rock on Monday, Fel)ruary 10, ]912, as tixed by I]rother i:.(lwar(l J. tery. TURKEY SUPPER The htdies of St. lartholomew's church will give a turkey supper Thanksgiving day, Noveml)er 3o, at the new St. Bartholomew's hall, corner Sixteenth an(l Marshall l)elaney, master of the l;ourth de- Ladies' Sodality of Our Lady of streets, I)eginnmg at 5 o'clock in the gree for ()k]ahonta and Arkansas. Good Counsel church was hehl Sun- evening. You are earnestly urge(1 to 1)e day after first mass. A great efl'ort is I)eing nlade by present at this meeting.. ": those interested in the work to n,ake q" James A. Gray ]fts I)een suffering a great success of this event. The Thanksgiving Dinner severely this week from an attack receipts of the supper will go for the Benefit of Orphanage o rh   1 s ' f eu,natin], benelit of the new St. Bartlo ontew'." I = (In Thanksgiving Day the ]adies "I'ie Rev. l:athcr Kruger, who sus- church. This is a new parish and all ! of St. ]dwar(l's Catholic church will tained such 1)ainful injtu'ies )y )e- sttpl)()rl g yen wit be fully appre- i gl',e ,t thnner at St. Edward s hall, nlg thrown from Ins horse ts much mated I)y the l)ast,)r and the congre- i Ninth and Ferry streets, for the iml)rovcd, gation. : lenefit of St. Joseph's Orphanage. +----- ==' ! lhc tontn,ttee ale workn, g hard to lhe ntan friends of Mrs Mc ' I H P :? : :: ' " "' " "" , a y "', : s.J. J, "- M CARDELL BROS., T N S O . i make it a success linancially. Dinner Evoy, lark avenne, extend their . ] ]' will be serried proml)tly at 12 o'clock, sincere synlpathy to her sister, whose i;or scientilic tin work, or in fact, ] : and will contintte on (luring the after- death ocurred (luring the past week. any kind of sheet nletal work, this ] .. noon and evening. The ladies of St .... :, _ is the place to come because Me- l;'dward's chttrch have achieved Cal)tain W. L. Terry has returned Cardell ]h'os., are in a l)osition by ! qtute a tel)ut ltl( n f( 1 th,l l)lendd ) ) Ion, ex )erlcnce to rtc cont )lett , "" t " ' " ' '' ft rnt a tri 1) to E1 I as(), Tex. g '-'1 "' "' g'" 1 "  ] ?, dinners, and it is earnestly hol)c(t satisfaction to eac]t and every con- i that all who can will avail thentselves . tract or job, regardlcs of size. Their (,f the opporttmity and il.t the sante O/AT[NDU fl well eqttil)l)ed shop is located ;it 0o5 i time contribute to the worthy canse. /Ig..q//ullm I, II- \\;A/est Seventh street and if yott are !i I l)inner will I)e only 5o cents. IIrIIrlv /I |/ii/I IPrl ever in this part of the city, drol) in ---':'-- nPNKI II I/III.IkR and see them. They will be pleased i  IIIiIIIII Vl IUULI-II tams at Bridge n, des whether )( tt Irate nnmdtate " " ..... CAN010AT F FOR ; L .... : - ' , " Miss l,:mnla 1.afferty delightfully _ _ work or some work in their lines to i el,,crta.,ed a numl,0r of yout, g GnUlllV TrAa.00.rAr do in the fnture--they arc yours for friends, with a Bridge party, on ,, $ e-vvv ' busi,tess at all times. This cstab- ":.(' Tttesday afternoon. The ilospital)le lishntentis e( Ittipped with a local ! / 1 afferly h()me was prettily deeoraled Fo THE DEM ....... " and long distance Bell telep tone No. i " UGNATIG VOTERS OF , " is fix for tile occassitnt, ferns, pahlls and PULASKI CouN'rV' 3o68 and pronlpt attentmn . g '*ell : CUt flowers being ul abundance. [ . to all business transacted over the aln maktng the race for the office 1 It n ol b nt ttl 1 nl )1o ment The highest scores were nlade by the . _ ' te el) o e " 3' ', :- 1 -),; ! 01 County Treasurer strictl U on I1] r ttl I1 qen to ecl tl ex etts .  ..... Misses latrita ltttt]]ah lltl iess Y P Y is eg a" y ," ' ; .....  l; , ! ..... , ' " '-s own merits and past record and not :.. ,i " d shier mcttl busin,ss i,.'., ' xoss. Alter tile game a (lellct(u, , ,,, l,le tin ,In ."  .  .' :.;." ! i IJpon the demertts of myo onents til(v tle ltt a )osltlOt to under i'.i course lunche(m was served. " PP . and '. :" ' , I ."' '- "ii. Miss I.afferty will entertain with I have no other business that will take and carry ont in a most sati,,.j ! ./ a large dinner party later in the detract my ttmo or attention from the factory nutnner work of most any ! L," month, to COml)lintent Miss Marie dutles of this office, and will not use it kind in their lines, i I i :::" Cates, one t)f the seas()n's charnling ] as a side line or permit it to be run by .___.z ] ! rose-buds, proxy. ' -- ....... I : ' I will continue t M I V E L A Z S C A F E  --77,. 0 maintain said office - -- [ i ,% I' ! Miss Mahoney Entertams in P L MIVELAZ Manager iii;,'/; _ .... the County Court House, and will , " / i at Her rew home. conduct it in the interest and for the Phone a732. [ i The l)retty ucw home of Mr. att(l convenience of the publtc.' Successor to i i.'.[ ' - ' t ain not a stocKnolcler In any anK _ . ' iif I Mrs 1. J l amoney, 17o2 B'tttcry ' ............ GLEASON'S HOTEL CAFE. } strett was the scene of a nterry and am no ........... ond Street  , ,' ....... ' [ running in me Interest of 2I 4 west c : :.' K()qalulg 1)arty last tul(lay atter- n nki " ' " i in\\;it( 1 .... a y ba ng mstitution but will conduct ALL DELICACIES IN SEASON. : : lo,n wnel i e ( lrten(ts ot the offce in " ........... " .' me mterest Ol me tax OYSTERS IN SEASON -' i'' lhcir atlractive daughter, Miss Agnes i payers of the county " " ',,i had arrived. Among tho.e presenl  ....... = ;"i who (mjoyed the occasiou were: I am the youngest man in the race . w, r.mua. _= >;' Misses Elizabeth Heibach, Gertrude]and I have attained the position that I Drugs, Toilet Arucles, Etc. - , now hold by hard work and ersistent Phone 56 o9 W Second St :":i Vick, Minnie llei )ach and Agnes P 4 ' i'il " 'on, Mt ................. efforts and untiring attention to my I L ROCK ARKANSAS tvlarl) .y. ['ssrs: L,r, anuev viam- duties L TT E , -- lmrton, Nick Lewis, 0. ]3. Mattcing- ' A portion of your trade will be =  ly and Will Mahoney. After reading my platform you feel appreciated. ' ---- - + .... that you can conscientiously give me  --- New Manager For your vote and support I assure you that Georgetown =-= Basketball Team. you will never have any cause to regret .... . r- . -= Last Thursday afternoon Mr. having voted for me. Visitation 00onvent - Longstreth, presiderlt of the Sincerely yours, A Botrdlnd and Day School for Athletic Association took charge of ......... I Youell I,edies and Little Girls ] Mr. St. Mary's Basketball team, at,d H[NRY O, VO6LER, r D.liehtfully ituat.d .n HMwhts [ pttt theln through a strentlous game. Gandldate f0r, County Treasure Fo,nded inWASHINGTON'1799. Addre01D'slsterC" Directers I |ll|l|||l||i|||||il|l||||||||||||l||ll|l|||||||||||l|||||||||||||l||l|||||||i|l|||l|||||||||l|il||il||||l||||||||||||||||||||| t|| IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIW" ! i 10f Suits and Coats [ Thursday, Friday and Saturday = !!ii !:!i!i!iiii!iii!iiiiii!!:!:ii i GRASP THIS OPPORTUNITY TO BUY A COAT 1 2'1- ][ Llttle Rock -= Maim St. llll2a ldl.00!'-l.l00l00lllL Arkansas __= If It's In Our Advertisement, It s In Our Store ?: