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November 25, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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November 25, 1911

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THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN Vol. I. Little Rock, Arkansas, November 25, 1911 Number 36 Z-_-- _.__ST._. -7__27__-Z-ZS.7_-LSL2Z-_7?L--7.5.?_5.775-1/ .5 57. 7-/2. .'7 ?.---_I--ZTZT.SUTY'7L___- -- ___ -.-Z .... E-------..--U- -SS`LS2-S7------.--Z2Z----2---7----7Z7;L--2ZZ522ZL5L-S;ZSUZ  7.U27Z_S-Z-.''S.ZT.SY "L'IZUU'SL2-7.2"7.L.'T_7"_'..';ZZ2ZUSLT.2ULLTL5SLZ?2ZZZZ INFkLLIBLE CHURCH charity and good will, its sweet BISHOPS AND ARCHBISHOPS ARE .... * " * * GIRLS WiN SUCCESS reasonablenes., and its urgent appeal * THANKSGIVING DAY * DRAWS MEH TO HER ,o the wanderers in all lands, telling PROMOTING WORK OF HOLY NkME* OFFICIALLY PROCLAIMED * IN TRAGEDY ROLE them of the oe fold and the one * ' One Convert Changes Religious Sherpherd, and of the welcome that * ]-[is Excellency George W. * Students of St, Joseph's Academy Complexion of Whole Commun awaits their return home." Every- Societies to be Organized in Every Parish in New York * on,ghy ha i..ed th fo- - Give the ]'lay, "Patricia," to a ity Down in Alabama. body who has perused this beautiful * lowing Thanksgiving procola- * a Large Audience at Har- work will agree that the above and Other Dioceses. NobleWork to be Intro * mation: * "Another year las passed * eulogy was well merited, duced in the Army * into history and the people of * The Mena Star. in its issue ,ff No- Down in Alabama there is a Cath- .;:. olie congregation in one of the cities FOR THE INSANE:. * Arkansas have much for which * vember 18. contained the following the members of which are all con- For the amusement of the inmate His Emminence Cardinal John ]what t]ey sadly lack now, that sense * they should be truly thank- * nice mention of the play given by verts to the Catholic Church. The of St. Elizabeth's insane asylum, * ful. Our lands generally have * the students of St. Josephs Acad- story of how the people of that city Washington, D. C., the $I25,ooo pie- Farley, at the monthly recollection of group-conseousness. * yielded bountifully; our educa- * were led to embrace the true relig- Lure show and theater put up by the of the priests of the Archdiocese of The Catholic soldier needs all the tional advantages are greatly . emy: ion of Christ is an interesting and government will be opened Deee.- New York at which 5oo of the assistance he can possibly get in re- * increased; discoveries of * In this day when even actors with instructive one. A certain physician her L Men who have given years clergy were present, promulgated ligious matters from the Catholic  science have greatly retarded * reputations fail of success in ef- had once occasion to send to New of study to the question of insanity * York for some things needed by him have reached the conclu,;ion that the the decree that every parish in his body at large. He is isolated very the ravages of disease; no pes- * forts to attract auditors to any- tilence war nor epidemic has * thing along the line of heavy trag- in his practice. Part of the wrap- motion picture is a great aid toward archdiocese should have a Holy often "from his e,mpanions, and in . visited our citizens; the en- * edy, it is indeed a credit to the stu- ping paper on the package which curing disordered minds. Name Society. His Eminence has regiments where there are non- forcement of the law is more * dents of the St. Joseph's Academy came to hime consisted of a copy of ": = always strongly advocated the Holy Catholics Chaplains he rarely has a * certain, and crime is on the * to say that they put on "Patricia" at one of the New York daily papers in MGR. FRERI AT HOME. Name Society and has been deeply chance to practice his religion. He * decrease; human life is sacred, * the opera house last night before a which was published a sermon which The Rt. Rev. Mgr. Freri, of New * and our homes are inviolate; * large audience and received much had been delivered by Cardinal Me- York has returned from Europe interested in its advancement. He is moreover, subjected to many accident and chance have gov- * praise. Closky, then the archbishop of New whither he had repaired a few has had personal experience as a vicious influences, and it is not to . erned less the affairs of state * The cast of characters .was as York and the first American car- months ago in quest of health. He local Spiritual Director of the Holy be wondered at, that the man who , than have deliberative judg- * follows: dinal. The sermon was about the au- has again assumed his duties as" Name Society. Father Farley, both goes into the army, in some cases * ment and formulated -plata. * F.mpress Augusta ..... Iola Thinnes thority of the Catholic Church and national director of the Society for as an assistant and as pastor of St. loses the little Faith he possessed. * We are, in fact, plenteous in * Princess Octava....Agnes Donohue its infallibility. The physician read the Propagation of the Faith. this sermon and was very much irn- : : Gabriel's Church, was energetic and Out of about seventy-five thou- * everything that the hand of * Patricia, the Christian...Mabel Lee labor can produce. * Cecelia, Metella. a Roman ........ pressed by the arguments put forth RARE AND BIALITIFLIL CRRE- enthusiastic in increasing and main- sand soldiers in the Army, probably . "True, we have probably * .................. Bernice Brown in support of the church's claim to in- MOIqY. taining the membership of the so- forty thousand are, or should be , overestimated our successes * Flavia, a Greek Girl..May Hudgins fallibility and her mission to teach ciety. His Eminence commanded Catholics. There are some who say * and undervalued our failures; * Mell'ta, a dancing girl.Mary Hunter all nations, t-Ie went to see the Vic- At the recent sol)emn translation of the establishment in all churches be- that the proportion is higher. It is * yet we should realize that in * Cornelius Augures...Rosella Robert ar Aposlotic of North Carolina, who the relics of St. Francis de Sales and was none other than his Eminence St..lane Frances de Chantal to the fore the Feast of the Holy Name, however, a notable body of Catholic * everything God has some de- * Myeta, a Roman ....... Maud Board ('ardmal Gibbons of our own day. new convent on Mt. Semnos, France, January ISt, I9x2. men, and many of them are very de-  sign beyond - human intelli- * Zenobia, prison warden .......... gence, which always results in * . .................. Carrie Storms The Alabama doctor told him he and at the end of the solemn mass The Right Reverend J. J. Nilan, D. vout Catholics in spite of the way . our ultimate good. The citi- * Ladies in waiting to the empress, wished to be received into the Cath in tlie open air, a remarkable event D., Bishop of Hartford, has likewise they are neglected. There are Posts zenship of our state know that * Vestal Virgins, Angels, Slave Girls, olic Church at once. but was told he transpired. All the Cardinals and within the past two weeks command- with many Catholic soldiers, who re- * gratitude is but a measure of * Dancing Girls, Pages. would have to be instructed in the Bishops present, lay special petrols- doctrines of the church. He replied sion of Pope Plus X, gave to the ed the establishment of a Holy Name ceive little or no attention from their * the heart and its expression an " The character requiring the teat he accepted anything that might 9o,ooo people present simultaneously Society in every church of Iris dio- local pastors, and all the time, those * index to the sou]. * strongest work was that of Pa- "Therefore, 1, George W. * tricia. Miss Mabel Lee was very be told him as the authoritative at one and the same time, the cese. On Sunday, November 5, the local pastors would be received with , Donaghey, governor of Ark- clever in this role. Miss Agnes M. t'aching of the church, as he was en- Apostolic Benediction. priests and delegations of laymen of open arms lay Post Authorities. The ansas, in conformity with the Donohue, Miss Iolz Thinnes and ti,-ely convinced of her authority and ,: all the churches in the diocese were Army Officers apreciate the services proclamation of the president Miss May Hudgins all had heavy irffallibility. Nevertheless. he was ANNUAL SALE. invited to the Hartford Cathedral, of the Catholic priest and there is * of the United States, do here- , characters requiring the memoriz- told, you must be instructed, and so , Fort Smith Nov. 24.--The mere- " * by designate Thttrsday, Nov. ing of long parts and much emo- t!is grown man studied his catechism bers of St. Edward's Guild held their where the Bishop addressed them on no bigotry among them. 30, ]01L as a day of prayer tional acting, l)'or amateurs they and in turn instructed his entire faro- annual sale Wednesday and Thurs- the lqoly Name Society.  The letter that Father" Doyle has . and general thanksgiving, and deserve credit. fly, with whom he was in due time day, November 23, at the Sterling Previous to the Holy Name Con- sent out, contains the following * urge that the people cease their * The other parts in the play were admitted to the Catholic Church, a drug store, Garrison avenue aBd gres, the Right Reverend Bishop paragraph: "The special advantage * accustomed occupations and all , well taken by the other young ladies. priest being sent to his home city Eleventh street. Maes, of Covington, Ky., issued a of a Holy Name Society is its * assemble in their places of and in all characters special at- for the purpose of instructing him Many beautiful articles were and administering the sacraments, donated. Some tine handwork done pastoral letter which he command- elasticity-- while it stands frame- worship or in their homes, and, ing their first attempt at emotional Having found the true religion, this by the sisters was sold There are ed to be read in all the churches of * according to their several tention had been given to the cos- good physician undertook to spread 24 charity patients at the hospital the diocese, and in which he enjo!p- diately for reverence for God's' .. preferences, join in offering turning. They were true to the old the light of Catholic doctrine among and the sale was given for their ed on all pastors the establishment Holy Name, it can be utilized for * pratses to God for their mani- Roman period and. tnany of them the Catholic soldier, and even for the * fold blessings.." . were very elaborate antl beautiful. his friends and neighbors. His sue- benefit, of the Holy Name Society. non-Catholic soldier in all the , . . . . The play is one specially adapted cess was very great and very gratify- : : - * to be given by the young ladies of ing to him and a majority of ttfe faro- His Eminence Cardinal \\;Villiam : : avenues that the Y. M. C. A. are HOLY COMMUNION a 0000li00iou., ,.h,-,ol 'rh00,.o n,,, flies in the city became meml, ers of MEMORIAL ERECTED ()'Connell. Bishop O'Connor of New- active, In the first place--it gives a but female characters represented, the church. This is an example of 1"11 MARIYRED HER0 ark, Bishop Canevin of Pittsburg, nucleus organization; then again, you RECOYED OFTEN ,,,,l h,, story presents a beautiful what has often been done a:nd Can easily be done again and again _a .,._.  Bishop McFaul of Trenton, have will find that the authorities will co- picture of the power of the Christian .... D:u, With Impreaaiv Cere- taken similar action regarding the among non-Catholic people m tins monie, at Old Kentucky Home operate sympatlaetically and help- Admirable Obedienc of Catholle religion and the fortitude of the fol- country. If the claims of the Cath- of Wilt PraidentDiatin- Holy Name Society, Negroes in Wt Afriea to the lowers of Christ under the cruel per- olic Church to be the one true and guished Men laraent. Father Doyle of the Apostolic Mi's- ThenfUlly inagainfurtheringyou canthe byrganizatin'such an Motu Proprio of Our Holy paganSeCutingods.f the followers of the apostolic church founded by Christ __ sion House, who is in charge of the organization hold your men around Father. The story is of Patricia. a noble and clothed with infallible authority A .granite tem.lle enalari'ning tlte Chaplains in the Army, has inaugu- Briton maiden, being sent lay her to teach mankind are intelligently rude log eabln n hieh braham rated a movement which still in time, you, get them to the Sacraments, Special correspondence, pagan father to the imperial court and persistently presented to people Lincoln was born, o .hundred and ultimately bring great spiritual ad- and protect them from other menaces Morrilton, Nov. 4.The follow- at Rome in order to forget her early who are sermus Christians they can two years ago, was dedii:ated at the vantages to the enlisted men in the besides profane swearing, I shall be ing incident related by a missionary teachings of the Christian religion. scarcely fail or refuse to recognize Lincoln farm, near Sp., in the latest (November I9I) her divinely-appointed mission. Ig- Army. His purpose is to have the the more pleased will take ira- priest in Africa, Rev. t'. Fort, C.S. She is received by the empress norance in regard to the position of on November 9. The eel 1' edition of the "Mesager du St. Princess Octavia our church--ignorance cherished by marked the consummation of a Chaplains establish in their Regi- mediate steps to bring about this and appointed companion to the misrepresentation, wilful or other- Lion-wide movement to convert the lments,'/.Holy Name Society and afli- organization, and to forward to me Ssprit." (Mesenger of the Holy Flavia, a clever, anabitious Greek Lincoln birth place into a national for register the names of all whom Ghost), might well 'stimulate our wise--will account for the neglect of it, all the Catholic soldiers girl, one of Octavia's slaves, is jeal- ,s.*'enfs: where there are no ous of Patrtcia and resolves on her very many to-examine into the claims park, and to erect therein a suitable you have gathered in. This latter good will and fervor piously to obey of the Catholic Church. While ig- monument to the great war presi- ,( haIains.: The Holy Name condition is necessary for the in- the advices of Our Holy Father destruction. Learning that Patricia norance and prejudices are difficult dent. On the hundredth anniversary X concerning frequent corn- is a Christian, she watches her op- reunion. The following is an ex-portunity and prepares a poisoned to combat and overcome, the work of of Lincoln's birth, Theodore Roose-[Seiety' appeals :tO mea; its martial dulgences. It will, moreover, con- Plus spreading the light must be kept up. yelL, then president, laid the corner- spiriL its solidate the organization, and in due cerpt of his letter. It was in tile night draught for her, which, unknowing - Dr. Phelan of the Western Watch- stone of the memorial. Throngs hibitions o time, we shall be able to get as- of March the I8th to the Ipth, I911. ly, is given to Octavia by  atricia. from all parts of the United States draw the sociate menabers in Regiments where I was sleeping in the small cottage Flavia succeeds in convincing the man may be wrong in saying that American Protestant would rather be witnessed the acceptance of the organization, and there are no Catholic Chaplains." destined for a lodging place of the empress that Patricia is a Christian memorial and farm for the nation by director of the clerical seminary for and that she has poisoned the prin. Buddhists than Catholics. President Taft. Former Governor the native colored people, situated cess. :--' Joseph W. Folk Of Missouri/ presi- THIE00  Mayumba (Loango), Suddenly I GLENNON'S TRIBUTE WHAT 'i eall while, Patricia, by her TO CARDINAL'S WORK dent of th.e Lincoln Farm Associa- was awakened by a loud knocking prayers, has restored Octavia t> Lion, introduced the speaker's, Pres- D HAS DONE at the door. health. The empress, attributing her' ]n his sermon on the occasion of ident Taft responding for the nation; "Who is there?" I queried, :yet restoration to Jupiter, orders a sac- Cardinal's jubilee celt)ration, Bishop Governor Augustus Willson of Ken- ' .... =:-: half asleep. But .a heavy rain pour- rifice of thanksgiving to the pagan Glennon thus praised the Car- Lucky for Lincoln's native state; Gen- "Tlae Catholic tlreh fore. the time of Christ slavery was ing down upon the tin roof of the gods dinal's book, the "Faith of Our era1 .lohn C. Black, former comman- society in its very tm.'iversal in civilized as well as bar- cottage entirely covered my voice. Patricia. on her refusal to offer Fathers"; "But while there was little der-in-chief of the Grand 'Army of "Who is tltere?" I cried with all is the marriage barous countries and the Apostles incense and her announcement that of Catholicity left in the Southern the Republic, for the soldiers of the land, there was little of hostility North, and General John B. Castle- variably .proclaimed aere everywhere confronted by the the,;trength of my voice, she is a Christian, is chained and is ," was the answer from throw into prison, where she is there, too. From time to time the man of Kentucky, for the soldiers of sanctity and indissc children of oppression. No Christian without, martyred by the dagger of Flavia light came to a few favored souls the South. Senator Borah of daho nuptial tie, saying country contains today a solitary "Who, I?" Between the acts the audience who, in spite of conditions around delivered an address on "Lincoln the 'What God hath slave. '1, Martial?' was highly entertained by Miss Mary them, responded to the call. and Man." Cut into one wall of the no man put asunder'.' "Finaily, the Catholic Church has "MartialMartialwhere have I t{unter and Miss I auline Bogard eme back to the fold, while hum- memorial hall are these words: bertes others as children crying in "Here, over the log cabin where "The Catholic always been the staunch unwavering known any one of this name? I do with laew and catchy songs and piano the night, yearned for the return of Abraham Lincoln was born, destined claimed the sancti friend of the sons of toil. 43efore the not know any Martial," said I to nay- music by Misses Maud Board, Lil- self, whilst lighting the lamp and lian Dollarhide and Marguerite Gar- the ancient faith. Their appeal was to preserve the union and free the as soon as the body. coming of Christ manual and even loking at nay watch, "And this is, of land. not made in vain, the new bishop re- slaves, a' grateful people have erect- the vital spark, lfifantieide mechanical work was regarded as course, the best time to be awakened Miss Ruth Meyer was the pianist sponded to their call and gave them ed this memorial to humanity, peace dark stain on servile by the freemen of Pagan from sleep2:I5 a. m. Meanwhile I throughout the drama. out of the very soul of his charity and brotherhood anaong the states." Rome and was consequently rele- dressed quickly; then I opened the The net proceeds from the play a Eolden book which would set be- The land on which Lincoln spent ing sanctioned, fore them as a temple fair and bright part of his boyhood was bought a en2oined lay such gated to the slave, door, and am in the presence bf the will be about $4o, which is to be the city of God; and in the manner few years ago by Robert J. Collier ers as lato and "These, then, are some of the bless man who disturbed so unexpectedly added to tlae fund the Catholic la- . nay quiet rest; he was shivering with (lies are raising to ourchase Father of Southern courtesy, and in the of New York, and by him transferred Lycurgus. ings which the Catholic Church has cohl, yet smiling and looking gayly. Ga!lagher an automobile. spirit of Gbd,,he offered them the to the Lincoln Farm Association, "There is no phl conferred, upon society. The bene- "What s your wish?" _.__ : best exposition that modern times which decided that the farm should ery for which the ficent movement inaugurated by "Well, Father, this is a holy day." As a direct result of the summer ''has given us, of the 'Faith of Our be turned into a nationa| monument, provide some her, the philanthropic institutions "Certainly, the feast of St. Joseph. school inaugurated this year at the Fathers.' We have many writers not through the subscriptions of a No distinction is which she has founded, the innu,ner- But what else?" Catholic University in Washington, sacred and profane who have writ- few rich men, but by the aid of many son, nationality, "I want to go to confession and for members of teaching Sisterhoods ten memorablo books, books that thousands of American citizens. The true charity embr able works of Christian benevolence holy communion, and then to return and other Catholic women teachers, Imve marked epochs in the history of ost' of the completed monument is "The Catholic which she originated, have all stimu- home." a college cottrse for Sisters has been their times, but whose chiefest in- $112,ooo, with a surplus fund of $5o,- erred her lated and encouraged other Chris- "But my dear friend, it is lulte started at the University. It will be fluence was wielded when those who ooo, which has been invested in Safe cation and tian denominations in their noble el- early in the morning yet, you see. conducted in St. Benedict's Convent, wrote them had passed away. Trans-. securities and presented to the corn- very. From the forts for the moral and social regen- Wait at least until 5 o'clock. As far Brookland, D. C,, marking the es- lated into all the languages of civil- monwealth of Kentucky to provid tianity has been eration of nnkind."Cardinal Gib- as I know, it is not ustomary hete tablishment of a new department of intion today, it bears its message of the necessary maintenance, and advocate of Ch I