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November 24, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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November 24, 1923

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A ¸ L I &apos;I ), " ii(:: 6 MENA GUARDIAN, NO". i r00ul,00 JUiN l Of C. VlGILANC00 Ass0c. I LITTLE ROCK COUNCIL TO OPPOSE KLAN Who, When, Where? Very Rev. A. P. Gallagher made a business trip to Ft. Smith, the early part of the week. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dwyer went to Grannis Wednesday, where Mrs. Dwyer remained with friends while Mr. Dwyer made a business trip to NORTH LITTLE ROCK or and raised the flag• I As the flag floated over the as-. sembled audience tim Salute was giv-I St• Patrick's Parish 'os en. Addresses were given by the in-[ Sumiay Masses at 8 and 10 o'clock. '(ere;ted and enthusiastic School Di- Weekday Mass at 7 o'clock, rectors. Confession hours on Saturdays and Mr. J. Mollar spoke first as fol- the eves of all holydays and First lows: Fridays: 4 to 6 and 7:30 p.m. "My (lear Friends and Students: Cypress and East Seventh street. You know that any human deed or Rectory phone: 4-5075. any social feat to be really effica- Thank.;giving Day as proelajmed cious an(I perfect must rise fr6m a by President and Governor will be l motive and aim to a purpose. Motive fittingly observed at St. Patrick's and purpose are two very important OFFICIAL NOTES Regular Meeting Little Rock Council No. 812 i GER[vlAN CURRENCY COL0000t National Organization Includes Sev- eral Heads of Catholic Colh, gcs ia Its Committee. hehl Tulsa, Okla., an(] Wichita, Kas., in the its regular meeting last Tuesday (By N. C. W. N. Service) interests of the Southern Resource night at the Club rooms, 609 Scott . .' Vv aslnngton, Nev. 12.--Th-; and Development Co. St., at eight o'clock. The most ira- tional Vigilance Associati(m ju,;t CATHOLIC By Rev. Dr. Wilhelm Capitaine (Co]cT:e ('(n re,qmndcn:, C. News Service} ('o]og'n.'. Nov. 5.--The Na- (;er'n,n cmrency together. iu- general im]mveri,,hment Ku has reuli.ed in many es bciug hard put Lo neces.;ities of worship. re'my parbdes are unable with which to keep the burning 1)efore the IflellL. 'Pbere have even SL_III('QS \\;vhere it wa'; tain altar wine or the consecrated during Mass. Electric light ha;; pen.:ive thai it cannot be those cl'u]'ehos which ['(w it before the war. In  with a :High Mass of Thanksgiving at and deeiive coefficients of a corn- Mrs. C. B. Nal] and two ehihlren portant matter of the evening was the corporated here to combat the 8 o'clock, next Thursday, Nov. 29. Notes and Personals plete fact. Action, pet' se, in itself spent the week-end at Ft. Smith with reading of the program for the ban- Klux Klan and similar orvanizaLions M. P. Wielkiewicz of Memphis, may be good, but it may be very weak Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thornton, return- quet in honor of Monsignor Aretz, has announced as its aims the, cn::ct- spent several days in the city with in its effect or quite fruitless, with- ing Sunday afternoon, which will take place Wednesday men( of laws to in'event were'in;: .f his family, 316 West 7th St. out tbe cooperation of these two co- Miss Lonie Boehmer, wbo has been night of tiffs week at the Marion He- masks and hoods and to provide re( The Misses Mary and Ann Froley agents, Motive and Purpose. More- visiting at the home of her parents tel at seven thirty. Grand Knight the punisbment of those participating entertained the Ad Libitum Bridge over some deeds are absolutely in- for several weeks, left for Ft. Smith John A. Vick announced that he ap- in mob violence. CClub at their home Wednesday af- significant without them, and any Monday. pointed Gee. W. Gilmore as chairman Prominent Committe ternoon, 1404 Maple St. sirnification of any (lee,] is always John Reinart is in Okeene, Okla., of the committee on arrangements to The nation:fl committ,,e c,,niiscd The St. Patrick's Young People's enhanced, enlightened, broadened and looking after property interests, replace a. C. Carroll, Jr., who was of men prominent in public and (.,l- completed bv the motive and I)urpose, Joseph Robert returned Saturday placed on the program, and that Ber- ]ege life has been workilL; (luit:].," Club end: rtained its member,- an(t - *g friends %ednesday evening at 8 when acti:m, motive and purpose tend with a party of friends who had been nard Heinze, would fill the vacancy for sexeral nmnths Io perfc'ct the or- o'clock at the Polish Hall, 14th an(1 Lo the same goal, making it effective.°n a we.ek's outing at the (leer hunt- on that committee; the rest of the ganization l)rior to opening, it: c,m- Orm Ize qts., with a Tacky Party. Now, my dear students, the act of ers' camp near Grannis, about forty committee are as follows: aosel)h paign for at legislative lit'h{ at'ainu< The hall was decorated in green an(l raising a flair is a ]ruble" one, indeed; miles south of Mona. The party is Berg, Sr., Sylvester Imkas, aose,,h P. ]naked bodic:;. ' ,tm(m., tho..e .li,t,:d where ([]el'('. were electric white. Music and dancing was enjoy- it tony fill our minds and hearts With reported te have Mlled :four deer. Mitchell, H. V. l:terberL. The Recep- as members o.!' the com::dtt(,c a.e th,_" it i, n.v: impo:::ible to ed, after which ]'efre:4mets were fine thoughts and high sentiments; Philip Connell returned Saturday tion Committee will be as fo]low:: I{ev. E. P. Ti,]:m, S. J.. president of , ;h ]  boe::m'e the served. The committee in charge a:.; but this is all. It doe- not better u', from Ft. Smitll, where he recently re- Florence a. Donahue, chairman. John For(lh-m vlfiver:-il-; the l':v t: ,l. ,,, t. :fahtflou: • mou L:; in follows: Misses Luei]le Bauer, chair- it does not improve u% it does not signed his position as traveling s:l.le,- H. Tuohey, John a. ltealy, l)r. 1,oo le(hnan, S. O., pre:,idvnt €1' ',St..i:v,':,":: the ,!em'eciated currencY. man; Ahna Ingrain, Mqr; Korte, c!mIg'e or!:: tlit de, and what then, man for the W. J. Echols Wholsale B. Baltz, J. T. Hornibrool:, Ed ],:rob College, St. Marys, l(ail ; tc. alex. ,< ,(, Cathedral /Lt N(*UfS Francis ]n(ha, August ,kor[e, Ted is the use of' g'ood thot, ghts, of high D. (1. Co., which he had held :for theland John A. Lijewski. W.S. llobinson. S. J., p 'esident (,t St ])ublic appeal a:ddnff for Wilkiewicz and Chas. Ymmgblood. sentiments, il' they a;e vain, sterile, past two years. The change was Communion unday Loui:.; University. and tim Very Rev. of a. sm:]] cobv.tge orgall The club will meet again I)ec.embel' voidl, of any, good practical resolution ? made on account of Philip's health, [ This Council will receive Hly Cmn- *]dward Ctlrrlnlil]gs, :g..J,, prc'sitlc.n{: of • ele.'r'.ric (,rga: in the church 5th, whicl will be :t reR'ular business _0 -el(s,, my dear clfildren, useless.' which ha' not been satiJ'factory for muni(;n in a body at St:. Mary's churc] ]mvola Uhiver:,iv, N(.,v Orh,.m. meeting, lhtt the motive ;rod l'mrpose of raising some time. The Gay Oil Comapny is on Sixteenth and Parker St., North " ' use<. du(. to lhe hiffl cost Memht'r!dlil: ty. The St. Joseph's Guihl will hav,' our f'ln ic front of the school, in a now constructing two large storage Little Rock, at the eight o¥'ock Mws Other e(lucator:., statcsm,,u and their annm] l-azgmr an(l chicken sup- eonspiciou; ]]ace. is to make you bet- tanks near the K. C. S. traek., and next Sunday, November 25th. This is national figures who for'hi the. ll:t-  r. . per Dec, a]'(I, in the afternoon and ter studem,s, hotter children, better ,,'ill reopen a distributing agency in the second time this Council ha vis- tionl committee el' the association are CAN,00D[AN evening at the WrigltL-Mann Motor ci["ens. Ve:< thi; fT.tff i it:tended to Mena, of which Philip Connell will h.e ited St. Mary's church, and the mere- l)r. R. B. Von Klein: hid, president co., 00,*ain St. 'l',,o public c,,r- ,,c* :,s a s,,ftenin,:, stren,the,00n,., en- manager, t,e ,v00n also be acti,.el.00 in- bets of this Counei, are arge,I Uni,,crsit,. o, S0uther,, RESNTS dially invited. ]igltening, broadening, ennobling in- terested in the Connell Transfer and make this a much larer atten(hmee Dr. Frnnci X. Mantras% judge gen- f'..:cnce upon you. Storage Co., with headquarters at the than the last one. Members on the Toronto, Nov. eral sessions court, New Yo]'k: .Ilu:'{ the ].onv:{'e]low lnasLer TEXARI000A ne,v boulder front building on De North Little ]Lock si.le-,re requested Rhees, president Univer,ilv ,,t" i'ire. Rev. 1)r. Cedy, And how? how? Yo' know as well Queen St. A wide acquaintanceship to meet at the church and Little Rock Roehe:.'ter, Kemmth C. M. u,., prei- Minister of Education , as I, or better, the meaning of our , . • and considerable experience in the[ brothers will assemble at the (3u (lent Row(',i.t e,.,i:,:'g',:, 51 ,i, ; it .LvtL appoint('d chairnmn [7 the Flag--its v, tars and stripes, its color:. -' h present undertaking,, will be impor- " , J Alex,, pl,: :',enc lht!er (.'(,,;:V ', In- rovernov. ()t' To(cut,; Lett(,r of Keen Apprcciation re :md white and blue. But I wish tan( factors in Philip s success, rooms not later than 7'30, and go. _ over the river in a body. qheir will " ' e . 1 To the Editor of th Guardian: , especially to call your attention to Joe Forsythe, who has been second be plenty cars for evervone, and let's dianapolis; ElI(n r, l tn, . ,v:, re'e,<- recomm;m(led that the " dent of WeEesley colh.g'e, 31a ..... ; re,v:wed from all tf pervds.qt)le, I v, ould be pleamd the most sublime signifieation of our trick operator in the telegraph office make this turnout one of the ]arges Charles J. Smith. pre:.idcnt ,f R.m- books, in many of whk'h it tc say a 'e,v words for the pleasure flag; its spirit, character, symbols, of the K. C. S. for five years, has we bare had. noke college, Vs.; Dr. l). M. Ed- ero held m honored place. f the re:ders of The Guardian abou embl:ms of noblest sacrifice, of high- been promoted to first trick operator. Transfers to Other Council a very pleasing sight that I wa. per- est liberty, of deepest virtue, humani- Mr. Forsythe is tbe oldest operator wards, president ef EEarlham col- declared he knows no mitred to see on Sunday, the 11th. ty, rectitude, sincerity,, generosity, in point of service in the Mena office It.TheN. requeStDeClerk,forwhotransfernow OfresidesBrotherin lege, Indiana; Prof. H. S. G'aves, more subtle influence to I attend Mass at the Sacred Heart laboriousness, activity,--these espec- church in Texarkana ,Texas, every ial!y and eminently are exemplified and his advancemen is pleasing to Oklahoma City, ORIa., was granted. Yale University; Frederick W. 1.ewis, wrong yet indellible imP r Sunday, hat being my day there. I in t].e champion pioneers, promoters, his friends. He will now be a member of Oklaho- president of college of Emporia, h:an- British justice, chivalry sas; William J. McFadden Newark, (ration. went to the second Mass as usual, and defenders, followers and worthy dis- HUNGER STRIKE ma Council No. 1038. Several new N. 3.; Dr. Samuel l'lantz, pre.;ident of Ite intimated that "t, upon entering the church I was really ciples of our Flag. Come now, my applications for membership were Lawrence college, Wisconsin; l)r. like much other historical surprised as well as pleased ta see dear children, Come! Let us make a read. Samuel F. Kerfoot, presi(lent of tiara- including even Shakes preparations that had been made to good, a practical resolution• At any In Ireland is Causin Some P blic Resolhtions line University, St. I'au!, Minn ; Maj. +,,.÷a his(or- and fittingly 'commemorate the day, "Ar- time, when you salute or bow to this "nxiet g u The resolutions on the death of Charles E. Iend:'(:k," " of the :mercan' ' to ........ i nore the"'noem a.d mistice Day." The church had been Flag, think of the rectitude, and] 2. y Brother James Evans, who died some Legion, San Francicco; Dr. Stephcn L. g , • ,'.',..:..i (actS. very nicely decorated with flags andt unique truthfulness of a George[ ,uenn, ..... xov ±u UDnC ..... anxezy s time ago, were read and aprpoved. A Penrose, president of Whitmm; col-i'nn !Ud:s;:L2(i'discussior bunting, and the services were just i Washington. and try to .imitate him, I. e ...... regaramg" ne'- hunger .... sn:" capy will be sent to the widow and lege, Washington State; Dr P L, .... r c \\;i D Georgei simply grand. I think of the rare humamty, generom- . . . . t:he resolutions spread upon "the rain- tmmpoeu, ; ......... presmen el umver:my" "'" of" sm, ...... p o eea ng,  "'TorontO,' J among the polmcal prisoners, which The church was filled with the goodl ty and abnegation of a Lincoln, and has gone on now z"or weeks 'me-" re utes of the Council. The new com- uregon;^ vauJ]ne ........ leJp, pres, dent" of . .... cmel'norarmns f talon_felloW,, people off,the parish, the front pews try,_ to imitate him. pubhcans' declare that the' hungei" mittee on resolutions prepared the Mills college, Calif.; John Sherwoo(i 'E?v::::= o LonelloW, being re.;..rved for the children, and rm,,,t-',,s +m +h, +. ..a  " " above one, and are as follows: Mi- I , , g ,, ........ ' '' ........... , " ..... '' ......... i o -cin- , • • SnKe s a proes aga .... v,,* s chael P. Martin, Joseph Gavet, and i Jones, Bryn Mawr, Ia.; Villiam Louis ......... r IV they came marching m two by two, .,,i. in thinkin " think o* +'- we  . _ go ms msprauon io ' ..   * ,, ,,- .... Poteat, premdent Wake Forest col- __a .:_ ,_., ..^.., ,h eI the --'rls wearin- head coverin-s of prmoners on a crxmmal status mx Baeder Busby. I' mu n, ,, a,.,m.,,. ..e g* g g , derful activity of a Benjamin Frank- . ............ different colors, the small ones wore lin tlink of so man, moral and h,,- monns azr, er ne cessauon ox ign- Letter From Brother Kerwin of Pine ] rage, N, C.   . I the Acadians from a history blue and the next m saze whate, and sical efforts mad f r tl e Fla and g' Bluff m I Edward S. t arrow, "ashington, D ........... nadia C.; Thomas H. Cannon, Clucago, Ill.; ........... ustice T, • --  ........... -1 :'%er *'^-- w^re e o  ' g Mme O'Rahilly, who recently tele- A letter from Brother E. J. KelWf , . com written oy a ta ...... k .... len loyalist, %nlei d , ,, *-s,' ,s ...........  . t from the Flag, and try to imitate .....  ......  +. o,a;n Loo,, 2laricK tla e, Oklahoma City, Okla.; . . seated they represented the flag cm-  them Tr., to make of ,,ourselves val srv ........ v .............. "-' master of the Fourth Degree, wasl ' rmron. _. mu^ ^., ..n .... ia ..l 1 #1._ s[ "   " " Primate of all Ireland, received a re- read by Grand Knight John A. Vick. t Lincoln HullY,v sPresident of John B. Source of poem u ....... a ...................  l uable examples of 'all the virtues ., o+,,,, ÷,o+ .  ...... uthorit,, Stetson uni e'.dty, Fhn'ida; Dr. Clif-i  ' . .... ]f Iongfellow ele(I n and had ribbons tied on their arms, t emanatn  from our Fla  Tr ' it and *"'' " ....... s ................  His letter states that an exemplifi- I ton D. Grays, president of Bates col- f  "" +,,,, '-l]a,-,,, ,t.^^ , .......... ,^..r   s.  ' in such matters, and repeating what cation of the Fourth Degree wouhl ............ , u, ,* w , u^ ,. ...... ,.., ..._ a^ i .......... -u his error ought to be o Lt:S,LUJ JLJy  uu lt vuc w,ul, ....... • he wrote in a public letter, now being take place some time in Februrary,' lege, Maine; Dr. J. A. Gregg, prem- girls earrymg the large flag by each little by little, understand better that corner, arriving at the front of the man is far above the brute, that man church they draped the flag on the is the chief in God's visible creation, gate of the sanctuary railing and and lhat mind is the greatest thing in took their places with the rest of the man. You will be more kind, more children• I Reverend Father O'Brien, who cel-, courteous, more generous, one to an- ebrated the Mass, stood at the foot of other, you will be more diligent in your studies, more respectful and the altar during all this time, with his] servers; all being se/ted, he made the ers.SUbmissiVeyour tOidealYOUrwillParentSbecomeandhigher,teach- genuflection and all rose up while the broader, above, beyond your egotism, children sang the good song "Colum- above the dollar, above the senses• bia, The Gem of The Ocean," after which the choir sang the rest of the Y°u will consider your fellow citi- songs; the last but not least f them, zens, your neighbors, your school being sung after the sermes, being companions like yourselves, you will the Star Spangled Banner. I regret love them and you will make sacri- very much at not being able to give rices for them; you will be useful at least in part ('he sermon preached virtuous, active in the eyes of men, b Fther O'Brien, for it was a good and in the Eye of God. one, and one that made a good ira- Behold the Flagl My dear children, pression upon his congregation, let there be no longer, roughness, However, I d remember that it coarseness, unworthy actions. Do not was to do with Flag and the Cross, profane this flag. Do not dishonor it they, as explained, being our inspira- or yourselves• Keep up your honorl lion in living• Some of his words Keep up, and respect the honor of were, that those who followed the your flag! or woe to youI Hurra! for Flag in civil life and the Cross in the Flag of Sacrifice! Sacrifice in spiritual life, would be always consid- performing our duty towards God, to- ered a good citizen and a good Chris- wards ourselves in the achievement tian, which, indeed, is the very truth• of our noblest ideals; sacrifice in Trusting that you will see proper helping our neighbors, our fellow- to put this in the The Guardian that citizens, with our hands, with our all our readers wlll have a chanee to minds, with our hearts, tturral for read it and know that this good work the Flag of Libertyl liberty, not licen- is going on all over the country tiousness, freedom of mind, of health, where we have ehurches, of action in the law of Godl God is Yours truly the uppermost inspiration and aspira- R. L. Harkness, Subscriber. tlon--the Motive and Purpose of our read in all churches• His Eminence informs Mm. O'Rahilly: "If I had mY wish, all uncharged and untried pris- oners would be released." The'lettgr, now being read in the churches, says: "I think that the best policy for the Free State government would be to clear the prison camps as quickly as it could of all interned persons, except those convicted of crime or liable to be tried for crime. This would likely I bring us peace at Christmas. It wouhl also be likely to enable the country to get into t settled condi: tion."--Cox. DEMOCRATS SUPPORT RELIGIOUS LIBERTY (By N. C. W. C. News Service) St. Louis, Nov. 14.Following op- position to a flat denunciation of the Ku Klux Klan a modified resolution pledging "continuance of the strug- gle for the fullest civil and religious liberty," was adopted by the Demo- cratic State Committee here. The resolution read: I "We pledge ourselves anew to a continuance of the struggle for the fullest civil and religious liberty; w stand, as we have always stood, against prescribing or limiting the 'right and privilege of our American citizen because of his race or relig- ious beliefs•" and the same to take place in Little Rock. EDUCATION NO BAR TO CRIMINALITY INVESTIGATOR SAYS (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Baltimore, Md., Nov. 13. Educated men are found in the pros- dent of Wilberforce university, Ohio; Martin Maley, New Mexic.; Clara D. Maxwell, president general of Colo- nial Daughters of America; Robert E. Lee Sauer, American Bar Association; Samuel P. Leeds, United States Chamber of Commerce, and president of Atlantic City Chamber of Cmn- merce; Ruffin G. Pleasant, former. governor of Louisiana; Aven Nelson, president emeritus of University of Wyoming; Daniel P. Corcoran, Phila- delphia; John M. Patterson, Phil'adcl- phia; Dr. R. A. Millikan, president of ons in as large a ratio as their less California Institute of Technology; educated brothers, while 98 per centl Miss Myrtle Cain, house of represen- of educated criminals are church I tatives, Minnesota. members, according to a-report to Johns HopMns University by Prof. Carl Murchison of Clark College. Prof. Murchison has completed three years of research investigation ] among American prisons. His con-[ clusions are based on inquiries to 7,- I 000 college men behind the bars. According to Dr. Murchison, mtn. isters rank with doctors and lawyers as offenders against the law. Crimi- nals of the educated type, he avers, are held for premeditated well plan- I ned crimes, as'forgery and swindling, and not often for crimes of violence as murder and burglary. They sel- dom serve more than one term, while uneducated criminals return for ad- ditional terms. The dangerous period in an educated man's life, Prof. Murchison finds, is middle age, near- William' Doll, Milwaukee, Wis.; Dr. D. P. Barrows, president of Universi- ty of California; Louis A. Repetto, gues Dr. Locke HaliburtOn way, is known to fame ao torian, but aa ,the author Slick," which ran into 142 e the United States and tablishing its author's the first great American ' While Dr. Cody did not ticulars of his objections, cal indictment of to rest on three counts. the Aca(lians were al, neglected warning and abused the indulgence ish authorities. Second, exaggerates the cruelty of the deportation• And the expulsion would not cided upon, except for the of the New EnglanderS, district attorney, Atlantic county, N. was John Winslow of J.; Dr. H. A. Garfield, president of ually directed the dep Williams College, Mass.; Dr. C.H. Blames Americ.:, Clapp, president state Universities of "I understand ,Evangehn Montana, and H. Loring Young, popular poem in American Speaker of the Massachusetts House. said R. H. Cowley, chief Respect for Vested Authoriiy spector of Toronto, "and The association will present pub- portray what they like to licly, according to its announcement, the character of the Britil arguments bearing upon the necessity of respect for the authority vested in the courts, compliance with the laws, the discouragement of obstruction to carrying out the law, and in the di- rection of a campaign generally of Americanization, for the preservation of the government and the perma- nence of the Union, The association days. These Americans the people who acted in their own ancestors. They scare from the French their instance that the taken away." But the Toronto "Common sense its dissent from the TONTITOWN Flag Raising at the St. Joseph's School In conformity with the new Flag Law of Arkansas and as a fitting cel- ebration of the 5th anniversary of the dosing of the World War, a new flag was raised on the school grounds Monday morning at nine o'clock. The bells were. rung and the strains of "America" opened the program. Then "Arkansas" was sung• Little Miss Flag. HurrM for the Flag of 'Virtuel ........................................................................ Virtue, the foundation of all good, in- memory of their Italian ancestors, tellectual or moral advancements. Be who have been, and are still, famous virtuous, my dear students, and you in History,Dante, Colombus, "and will be worthy disciples of our Flag. Marconi. Hut(at for the Flag of Sacrifice! Hurra! for the Flag of Liberty! Hut- ra! for the Flag of Virtuel We Want it; we honor it; we keep it; we revere it! We honor, and will honor it as long as this emblem will last! Hut(a! for our Flagl IHurral At the close of Mr. Mallet's speech, :Mr. Felix Ardemagini addressed the audience• In a few well chosen words Pauline Bandino was chosen as spon- he exhorted the pupils to retain the The girls and boys of today are the foundation stones of the rut(ire Col- ony, and upon their endeavors to be- eome good, virtuous and intelligent citizens will depend the growth and fair name of Tontitown. The singing of the Star Spangled Banner, in which all present joined, dosed the program. q here are now one hundred 'and fom teen pupils enrolled. ly every educated criminal serving his first term at that time. Not a sin- gle professor or highly trained sci- entist is a convicted and imprisonea criminal, the professor reports. Of I the few women of college education] in prison most of them had commit- ted murder• California prisoners are] more intelligent than those of any other state. It is quite as often untrue as it is true, that a burnt child fears the fire; burnt children sometimes love it, or, ]at any rate, cannot keep away from it.The Conventionalists. will seek the cooperation of military and social organizations, enlisting the aid of speakers throughout the coun- try and broadcasting literature by radio• Chorley parish church in Lancaster was recently visited by Catho!ic. on pilgrimage, though it is now a Pro- testant church• The church was built by Catholics in the year 1200nd po.- sesses relics oi" . ,;awrence the Mar- tyr, which are pglass case near the altar. In 144:2 they were brought from Normandy by Sir Rowland Standish, a direct ancestor of :Miles S'Landisb. scholars who insist that ties of anti-British traced to the use or misuse fellow's 'Evangeline' in tbe the United States. "Anti-British sentiment citadel among Americans heard of Longfellow and nnd do not care whether is a chewing gum, a a lad'e=' baseball team•" According to the the Haliburton book Longfellow's hands is torical an¢i Statistical Nova Scotia," and was in 1829.