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November 24, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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November 24, 1923

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of NOTE i William F Bcnson, U.S.N., tnade a lecture to the Na- of Catholic Men, in calls for the cooperatlon of  anti affiliated organiza- PUt over the fro&apos;marion o[' throughout the country. to the action taken at the COnvention Athniral, Benson's reads: Was recommended (subpect in the approwtl of the Or- for the next twelve RO00E CABLE N. C. \\;V. C. News Service) Rome, Nov. 19.--Commentin on re- ports recently publiched here, that :: .................................................................... <" Msgr. Nigro, who has recently, re- RALSTON FIRM FOR MAIN-RIGItTSI nentlYfield, inaskedthe eventWhetherthat Cohmelhe is May- turned from the United States, had TAINING RELIGIOIIS permit_ t/ ted to take his seat in the Senate, been entrusted with a mission for the Vatican there, the Osservatore Other Candidates for Prcsidcttey May, wouht be able, x(,ithout mental reser- Ronaano slys: "We are authorized to Find it Inexpedient to Leave Their vation, to subscribe to tile oath which declare that no person was charged Viewpoint on This Issue in D0uht. is administered to all members of that by the Vatican with any missmn in tthe United State.; except the Apd's GUARDIAN, NOV. 24, 1923 Page 5 t[ .......................... Was h'tn .......... gt'on L e tt er ] CATHOLIC UNIVERSITYi REVIEWS WORKDONE- /[ gOOKS o# [' IN 34 YEARS OF LIF00 : --- Not since the day when she sent I forth her most illustrious son to find l body. All this, as one far-seeing pol- 'itician observed, is not a matter of (By N. C. W. News Service) tolic Delegates." Washington Nov. 19. -- Senator partisan politics, but of the principles Mussolini on AlfonsCs Visit Samuel M. Ralston, (117 Indiana. who i upon which government in the Unit- Premier Mussolin, in an interviewt has been mentioned as a possible era- ed States is founded. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) "how steel) the stairs within kings' Washington, Nov. 16.--Since its houses are," has Florence produced a flmndation thirty-four years ago, the name so known to fame as that of Catholic University of America has Giovanni Papini, nor since the divine enrolled 16,137 students and conferred poet, s immortal vision, has any work 2,781 degrees in course, it is stated in. of litel:ature so impressed itself u-on a memorandum seut this week to each the heart of the worh| as has Pc- Catholic pastor in the United States pint's 'Storia di Cristo.' In the light by the Rt. Rev. Thomas J. Shcal'mn, of modern literary tendencies, the suc- Rector of the university, settin. forth cess of this unusual book is nothing and perhaps lounger, the of diocesan and parish Spain to Italy, cxpres.;cd great saris- and affi" - .... faction with the plans made for the ';"  ' ..... . 'e, establishm:ae(:n,l::il(i:m', visit of the ,nlget leyVtlhanv; qt 1 Clubs I ..... "" " o Italian peope  ' lP. ' i 8tu::'-,, , wm be the mm or Kine' of Snain visit tile Pope with alll .  us to acquaint our - o - ' , "b - file lair, ,,:,. ,.. , . . I solemnity, Mussohm is quoted as s y ! ,'t.,..-a vvlt, II [.ne flUl;les all(l re- .  'lmlltles of Christian Citizenship rag. ry. for the safety anti securityt i erlcan ideals and institutions i e PerPetuation of our govern- The Italian Premier went on to right of every man to worship God say, accordihg to the interview, that according to the dictates of his own Italy is a Catholic nation; that Ca -! conscience." Is Silence Golden? accorded a Spanish newspaper on the didate for the presidential nomina- tile accomplishments of the univer.dtY short of marvellou.;. A pall of pes- subject of the visit of the King of tion, has set an example for the many t IEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION in creating a center of Catholic learn- simism seems spread over the fore- The resumption of tile struggle for ing in the National Capit'd. most writers of the day. The cult of who will orobably a.pire to the same] the establishment of a federal depart- 1 The Catholic University further ha tim idealoclasts, so vigorously i,laug- distinction, by declaring his attitude i toward the "invisible empire." tle is ment of education, with a member, of. ' -ulvanced tile cause of higher educa- urated by Isben grows al)ace, poets of quoted as having said at a meeting of the cabinet at its head, during the tion for Catholics by dedicating to the day find their highest inspiration the leaders of his party in Indiana forthcoming Cougress. was fore- [that cause 29 buihlipgs, collecting in in the grime and .ggliness of "Smoke that it will stand by the Constitution shadowed in the visit of the spokes-' its libraries 250,000 volumes, obtain- and Steel," while the reading public waver delightedly between the mor- and, in so doing, "will stand for the men for the National Education Asso- ing 106 fellowships and scholarships ciation at the White House this week. and establishing 22 endowed chairs bid, unmoral psychological studies of President Coolidge was urged to give and appointing on its staff 23q Cath- Scandinavian and South African pessi- his support to the measure, the Tow- olic professors. I mists, and the cynical social revela- ner-Sterling bill, tile reintroduction of What Has Been I)one for Laity tions of American and English novel- i tholicism is inseparable from Italian .... hstory; and that the history of Italyt It is too early to classify presiden- which practically in tile form ..hi I The aim of the mm:ers, ty n 2 lah:lists" There is an air of unrest, a dmiralneed' Benso,'fr actiOn_s lottery is inas, from" the MiddlelthoutAges wouhtthe Roman!be in- tial candidates by name. There are I which it was presented during the years to develop opportunmes tot 1 craving for the bizarre and startling. hirdA " comprehensible "" " some who are undoubtedly looking/last Congress is contenlplated. . thigher education of the laity 1s re- I Then comes this man and tells us the C annual convention of the Church. He further declared, it is anxiously to the future. Some are I This bill, which heretofore has been I fleeted in the statement of its wo.l.'v:| story of Christ, tells it in language 0Uhcil ......... in l said, that the Italian people feel the probably taking comfort in a more lost in the jam of other more press- I in this regard. So far, the umvex:slty Ithat a ten-year ohl chihl couht under- tnrked " a'nnq d' asit was ov'lVtenthe : need for the reconciliatiOnwith theirf idealstheir I complacent hope. It ha, apparently, ing legislatiOn,conAderationWill probabtlYeb::l;eg haSletters,educatedp ,g2':178g. hly. students n law.,I theStandnewestand enjOY,and mosttells" itwonderfulaS if it weretale ance and the fines;spirit I Catholic conscience at eda o v, science and engb occurred to ,bone of these, except Sen-/ greater :ll m con de" tees on 829 1,@ ory of the or,anizt[on willl of civil government, and that, there-I atot Underwood of Alabama, to make, session of Congress, especi Y . " neering; conferred g" s ' in all the world--and ahnost at once, " " nection with the administration plan students; given 60 scholarships to lay-  ,,,hod tl ou coDies are sold in :- g'  '  * the Fascist Government is en- / a declaration regarding the constitu- .............. r ..... a__sand . . "'"Iruitfulness the program ...... . ] " . ........ . siritual" tional provision to which the Senator- for the reorgamzatton of the execu men; estabhshed Trinity College for[ Italy, thirty thousand in France, a ! Sugoest^ . . .! deavorlng o i.econ.[u , v :., ] wins promp an[t[life of the nation on tlmt basis. . elect from Indiana refers. Probably ,i,,a denartments The latter cans or. tlxe education of Catholic women, an(/ dozen translations are made and in ,,rauon ix'onr members I Whe nremier mentioned the actbon some might regard such a statement t'i;creation of a Department of EdU-[enrolled there 2,000 students in 23 ' m'oughout the country.i " " . .. . s it has .... nized the America alone, the Life of Christ runs . . ... .'' . " "ntro- ,- resum tuous; others might re catmn and Social Welfare. a -at years, t atso nas orga .` ol through seven printing in three You in brief what this pro- o,f the Fasci.st_i. auh2:M in n' the a:r) it as Pmpolitic. Political leaders been drafted, but tlts _parjc:a,r::;ed !Kmg!ts of Colu2nbus Ot:2eCn;ids months. " ....... is a ccan - (lucin retlgbOUS   . " " - -:-- +^ .,,-,, ..... . not t)een iOl'inatty Pv I M,niCll has enrone(l l,xu . " " The success ot tile DooK * " mPi.,hs and to urge your :u go in nlacing an exalted value in Washington are Degl, nm- ,, ,,_,,:, m= ;,--, .^an t and his advisers. It / ...... The reater part of the univer- _,.[..; ,,hm. to tim reading ',ic m Its realization that this ...... :o,. .,- .... :^ -nd in showing der whether, after air, tnis snence wm ty ne .r-7.- .... [---rtment of ""," -  ," - - -'- " .... ause of, p .......... a---. .......... '^.,;ance s to you" on renglon m ctvn m. ,... . .............. old when the demand is intended that "m.e ,t, .... q I sity s acconptsmnen m .,=. .. I than to the author, t uea-.-,...- -. r ^.,, " ............. " respect for the mantestauons ot r.. pass curren ,,: s ........... annarent. Education 'and Socmt wettare s.-) [ lay education covers shghtly bess alan I that the worhl's cynical attitude to- -umlues as lmmWS n the remmr is fol uttelance oecome ,--  ,'," s onl of exls admission of tatlon and OPPortUnity imnoses a "(tuty,ligin" In conclusio ,. 'P'a* the' " " take over the functions Y "en- / twenty years since the " . I wards the ideal in but affec "" , faust support their pastors quoted as having .(t:t:rd'r;tion in] -AL HORIZON ing governmental bureaUa:rsagthe/Undergraduate lay stu(letsiaTlel that deep in its heart it can 2tlll ;'a" tterPrise , ..... a:-~ our] ties of family, nauo , . .... [ ON THE POhlTtb ..... I ties. It will not go so . s_ ,t.^| versity has appointed lb. y [ preeiate the simpm and mvely. .- of protec:' uelenuUi'vil and ! Italy form one great spmtual, weo, i The Ku Klux Klan, w.mie msavow- I Towner-Strling Bill advoca.e Dy d[ its staff, it is stated.  pint is the foremost man of letters m riuh, .... ,ung our c _. [whicb unites the Itahan people in e-[ing political purposes, is very ou-[Nationa I Education Assomauon a, .1 CathoUe Supply . ] Ital" nhilosopher ,novelist, poet, play- d wmle we . serve our l ioicin in the manifestation ot nora-! snoke n in its approval or dlsapprova|[. ,,umber of other organizations.. | In the cause of Catholic education! .... i-'"-nd essayist, and in tile early rrio^ .eed anti the gloLv .... l age to the pope by the visit of t of political candidates It has de I It is too early to predict the pro: I enerally, the Catholic University .haSlnar t of his career a prbme mover in Wo;;swebe plcture(t in nl Alfonso,- . -I1 nounced Senator Underowo(b WhO,/,,ble fate of this latter measure. ,| snpplied professors for seminaries, If'he maelstrom of radicalism that has ':o wage the fight sue:/ (By N.'C. W.--. News Service).. /hc:::::nPal 7uarant:::. It has] tgaakt: UpbcYhecalied upon..Preside:rt ] ;:h::to d ::2h:;ir stan(mrds. Thelh: ::/:hlieti::e:; s;:ll%he Chr ist- assistust nave ue.eoop- London, __ov. 19.- Great s,gnlfl-|rathe r ostentatiously endorsed others/Coolidg e said that no offcmt ui.212i! sam e was done for 60 novitiates of]life, feel s the very foundations tof his i "a'" ri"ce o our my. ne|n cance is. attached in religious and cer-| who, have entered or are. at)out, to en-|.e. ,. rank of a cabinet otncer .WUo, [ teachin,o communities. In addltion [ ,,u,-^"' ,,,.'t'en byo the force of its beauty,. 'i ,_P e sts cannot carry o [Mn nolitical circles here to the] ter the lists as premdentml tandi- I able to secure the cooperation |the university has conducted summer[ ..... : .... himself thoroughly that t . [f el;t:l t: bU:;yh.eThaeiye ;nthr2;::facm:: :YewCag:[2:lto Swill; ::m;l:lStl::s b:n:;L:h::h:;'l :::ut:ti::P,en;;:d:nntd c, r::- :lqSu:nds::tlFtr:S:n coW, aShllng:gl;: I ::tAln;h:O:l)noYm:l:a bft;;;: pr:; b:: I 0f,-avail unless they -! tine. After expressing the hope I whether they, too, will find it expe- I tendents of schools and , ,.^]New York and other centers. I o..e that such a man should pro- tho=, ,t,a,ty to bacK them an(t [ that Catholics from English-speaking I dient, assuming llhat there is no high-] terested in the development o ,, I Cooperates With Government / 5::=;'"  masterniece worthy of the -*,,.t ii . | , (, uklt, q   r ' td for " f countries will visit the Holy land in[ er motive for their actmn--to rele,t[,public school system.  The memorandum recalls the part l "" consideration That the worhl "local councils and a - . Eminence * a tainted source. _-----. " w r worm s ' er rganiz ............. o { increasing numbers, His .. ] it as coming from ....... "[ _ ....... L I the university played during the a l has not failed to grant.Its consid a- Ida; OLd, uns wmc.n ues,re  [says, regarding the safeguarding .o.i The more practical-minae(b ponueians I VISIONARY r.u,-,,,... ! in or,,anizing a unit of the Student! tion is an encouraging omen. ' .... _..uus, the nauonal neau- I ,,.^ :l. ,e Christendom, that reii-i abandonin the hope that the Ku[ n. ,ronosal mae t)y _m,v I  ...... I ...... t.^^ lives of Christ " , oi th , " of a ,, ...... . . ,.. . . . ' - " " "- ". al BiSlaop Arm Trainin uorps, contaucung , Tnere nave t:,,   Mo. I e Natmnal Council t ance of any one nation or influence oI I Klux Klan will dissolve into nothlng:l Thirkield, Methodbst Epbscop ........ ] Y g ........ [---,**. before but as Papini te,*ls us .j ,['- has prepared a oome] .....  ,,- in the nresent , circum-!-ss as a nolitical issue in view oil^ . o-,ico City, that all tte .'' school for paymasters ot me l-avy,[w,,,, ..... :'--*'^ hev fall ,sly ;] , gubde in perfecting the I .. ...... s lead only to misunderstand-, its rather boisterous clmms of vxctoty] .,,,, the Mexican border be ra .'. 1 and donating for that purpose the s% ........  Those ::I " ol . s=a .... , " "", " ill ' int two rear (llVlSlono x', : such orgamzatmns. ", .- . " es eciall in ' ]it and good w , .... , . o g klet w .,:. . ling and ult,mate (baster. ..... l ln the recent electrons, .P . Y nlan expression of an y ,.^irof umverslty bmldmgs; also, placlngt....:,, b,, orthodox authors for the ':. _ fll be ,,ul,ble fob dis-, ...... :_ .... ;nts out ulat the i ,,,..^ )u*;oia,,s are beginning Ul . . ..... ,, exnenaea upon ,, I ........... 'l '" .....  ...... ,. ; a 'lne I,j.Lullio, t 1* ,.]lillU . a , anti bile liltaaj t- bS osat O[ Lne X Z anu unu= fter ill 1 1 the ts laboratolms at the ttp se of the ortlodo , ( ) 0u*- January 1, and w I Holy nlaces are the sacred add ina-[recognize that there is no middle,,,,Intenance be'. ,i " . - . ..... u... ...... :s for the use of on request I " [-  ' ] -- ] ...... 2 "  " -- ]'- " l'' ' ] --  *'  alS" ] ..... i " - -  .....  five llunlreu/overnment alnb cooperaung m re-| written Y sctenu- _.,. , : - " "  lienable possessions unu u,,-,, -: ground where tney wm ,u .. / establishment oi uu, ,,, - ---, ;,ll  ....... /_^_ -];,,or Cunningham GeiKbe s Leonard Co,,stant,- all who profess the Cathohc F altb,,[ turbed by constitutional consbdera [ scholarshbPsm for Mexma.ns nasS;uan=^enno ue I sealch fol war proposes tnethamemt the l'le ..... anu' W;;ds of Christ is interest- Philosopher' 'and Catho -' whatever the language in which tney I tions, such as have been, proected m- / American universi.tmS!rl iumanitari'l orandum further points out ling but mainly as an historical recre- er " , .... '-roclaim that faith and offer thebr I to their domain by the invisible e .' received as a partlcm.a Y ,- *le! university has conducted a rehabilita-! ., in the reahn of the spiritual I 'th^recent! y , met ms, ;rayers to God. To use such things pire." The question that appears to / an enterprise in Wasiung.n'o':trlz:d] tion school and administered Knights! '"':.'evervthing fox" granted. Ren.- ltmneiann, m . . " , . or' ' " horizon is - een cnara ..... " " ........ ew to the maintenance oomm on the political it has orth of the enerous causes t with a v , ,, .... be l g ........... tol contrary : ......... rise of a of Columbus scholarship. for former I a's Life of Christ i th dolight of ,.  ' " " I_. "^--=inn nf worlcuv Dower or potlLl-] nnt' whether it woulu oe expeme,, /.+1, nS a DaCllbSl, nF' ..... , ....  _..^ llYa s served during hm hfe. I xi'nf'lu;nce would bemisuse of theml s'a; nothing but whether it would be] .,,'.2;r - visionary sort. Mexican service men. . ...... t;=, [the rationalls.t, m the realna .of_2 u while giving aid to a,  ....... . ........ :-~ + re-I " - ........... ;.. u,,t. whetred| .... :" . - :.- the United ,:~u^_ a .... *o ....  t'ter,,,,  spiritual it takes nouung or grmjeu. OUhded ;,, . +.o+ ,ht [ neither mermng nor (teseev,,,s  I iuexpeamn . e,,,. ..... : ..... . _ _,_| students now :,-. ..... . n,g,,- " ............... ., t ,.....u.+ ...... doe- Panini differ from r :o "'." 2 '. .... .-".,  -,,e God's blessing, he says. it would not be wmer to releet such| ,ts could probamy t)e com,[ For the Catholic dioceses, in provid- " y""\\; ",'{ ," m,_= .....  l;omnis ,,t ptilosopIw in one .... . . . '- -er- " 1 nt as the "in-  ..... s many ox .. . .' 'botl o[ rue se. xnomtt ,', ...... " .ee ........ he Cal(hnal s statement s un! questionable endorse ne " . _[ ed by the thousand., . _ ling opportumtms for tngher educatmnl ,,,, . ....... + +h+.  n,, by f M,yenc:, M Con ,, the nit t 1 sa s =vv =,, l ' _ " " I . d to im 1 that English Catholics visible empire gives than to give . [+hm in Catholic institutions a " | of +le clerk,- the university has esl" Y: '..- --- n h stoo P Y I / . ., v os el are bS Way to the lycee when in " " . for the ...... oubtful tbat " frequent hearing ot the g P , ose an one nation secur g earence of accepting t, d as extremely d d the first raduate school of -d to ' " ess wouhl opp Y ' a0P regarde . . tablishe " " g / ' d" because they have . .. be become the wlti "'I ......... ; ...... r the Holy Places in l--ice has not to do with the Ku Kluxl ........ wauld consider aprpopriat-lt,.+.^,;, +,ol,,, in +lie United vel'V' little affecte , . ,: ..... " enCounter between two lUmma ......... .;'," but the Constitution of the ong ..... = the nlaintenance of/.ay .... . "''("." ." ." .  .nonlnot the Spirit of (31arist. 'tins man firin .... with Palestine. lklan in money or .. /States, also me irst senom oi ca I ....... ._ :r.. .^,, i g at each other ," . . a) rov- o '. in the " 'has the pint o nns. r , .... 0 .........  -- Umted States. To accept the 1P . more of them in thin countly . ' Ilaw. Catholic University has given toi .. - .... - - Christ's ',= o the men e,, is to t trim wrltl;en ior ;lie use u ,, ,o Without concern for the PARIS CABLE - :let tthhe f;:tl:l: ' Ti's,ta(ttll:'ast, is face of the elentless budge ] n:h2:lbi:h:;s a;;lb::ahd?;:ic a:: I teachings were for the use of all. He were still passing be- I ' Y ..... the aspect in which the situation is ruing now m progress, i o " " beginning to appear to those who coil- The War Department ha On hten- complishments for the clergy consist[ m::::::o:fh :t bud;i:h:r H: m: o:. template the political outlook from tion of removing the troops from the in having provided advanced course.  - Mexican border or razing the forti- . , r. ecclesiastics and conferred/terested not so much in making us the national viewpoint, fications. Some troops have" been fol. 1,92o. on 'o'-=" ' renared " themeS- o-[ acquainted with a historical character, withdrawn recently, .most of them degrees . " P " . ..... _,.__,las in making us appreciate a great BALEFUL BLOCK having been attached to the air st'A-[serve as canomss, supermenue"-" I ols and directors of charities; ideal. . .... Senator Ralston, if he is correctly tion which has been abamtoned. Some / scho.., : :uiem ...... or naissmna,'s ............. ,,,,r-I, The work is absolutely, uncritical,. 1? quoted, is concerned over the baleful forts have also been abandoned, but] ame, on-tatnoncs .......... anu uvmu'[:-^a 42' value rests wholly, on its utter smce-. . effects a parliamentary bloc based because they have been found unsuit-[ amOngscholarshipsn for clerical ' stuttens' . ...le.l.l+., ..... One who had been a Christian oll the ideas promulgated by the grand able. During the war many fortifica-" rders also h've benefitted in frm his birth could not have written ligious o .... . . , ,.,, .tnria di Cristo. It is the reac- goblins and kleagles, and the allitera- tions were built which are not of use .... t .... , . the afhhatmn of the houses Ol sin( Y l ....... tive small fry of the invisible empire, at the present time, but there is no ders al)ointment of 16 of tion of one whom a great light It, is At a banquet given in intention to reproduce on the Mexican theirf 15 membersr , lasl protessors," and- ne" I ......... ,,danlv made blind to all other con- two groups, M. Constant, of six children, .tare to brave the danger in aid to the victim. He over the wounded man struck him in the fore- a few hours later. , hard Constant was 40 years. of the most active col- of the Catholic democratic of Which Marc Sangnior is All Who knew him say tbat extremely gentle and yen- , With the highest and most All remarkable pro- a man of vast culture, he the teachers of whom the expected great things. Un- (N. C. W. C. Special Cable) 19.The first church, Paris, Nov. rebuilt entirely in the Diocese of Rheims since the wartime devasta- tion, was blessed last week at Issy, in the Department of Ardennes. The municipal council attended in a body, together with societies and former sohtiers of France who fought in the war. FR. DOODY NA00EO VICAR-GENERAL Syracuse, N. Y., Nov. 16.- The Rev. Daniel Doody, pastor of St. Fran- none of the hflosophlcal s Church, Utica, N Y, hs . p i s " ' cis de Sale ' " " lie had outlined 'and been appointed by Bishop Curley as ' t ---- " wrbhng, were ever .writ-vicar-general of the diocese of Syra- had delayed the comple- euse books in order to devote Fither Doody will maintain his rest- reserve to his task dence in Utica. and to the practice of chaty, o,,h:,hlv many more intellectual of Public Instruction ........ ".. " ......... r ^ Cross of the Leion of women wout( marry bt uley we e carried to himon his asked. l0  Anton Lang. to America either to present the te dyed the part' of Cht I Passion Play there or to assist in , " I._ Oberammergau Passion the organization of a similar produc- i) (I b,.he en honored by Pope tion by others. The clamor subsided rtt oOemg made Knight of the when it was announced that the 0.,' t. Gre,,, +.^ o.^+ I,,,,. were oing to America for "d i le indignation/was ex-'the sole purpose of giving an exhibl- ie ao" me German press a short tion of the wood carving for whlca " (3ba:aen it was rumored that their native village has long been fa- mrnergau Players would go mous. wouht have. his honor by the Indianapolis Bar As- border the conditions which prevail providing of instruction for their stu- siderations. "It is the ejaculation of sociation, he delivered an address along the Canadian border, dents. . one who has for the first time seen a from the report of which, in the In- I In the intorest of Catholic charities, sunrise, the wonderment of the cured dianapolis News of Nov. 8, the follow- FATHEr{ DUFFY IN hl0 I the university has organized the de- blind man who looks for the firsttime ing is taken: I partment of social action of theNa- upon the evening star. Hear the wri- "He criticized racial and religious prejudices and said that 'with o: I COLLISION IN NEW YORK tional Catholic Welfare Conference, ter's own Apologia for his work (page threatened bloc in Congress based ] established the Association of Catholic 18). " eh xous and racial antipathy, if the  Charities; published the Catholic How well the author has succeeded "g" " .......... o  B,, N C W C News Service) I Charities Review; and affiliated with in defending the Christ can only be ..... er of passing oil the vanmy l _.  "" : ". "  ,,.^ w^.. lit the Catholic Social Service School fully appreciated by reading the I)ook v w's and interpreting the onstitutinl New OrK, OV. ,o.--,,e ..... la " ........  w .....  P Duff- chanlain of the 69thl amt provided it with teachers. "" itself It is not divided into chapters, . llaced in the ban(is o ongre....,-a ......... ,. ,- .... I Numerous ublications also lave but passes without introduction from is , ,. i. ....... +. ,,uaranty  Regiment, narrowly escaped mury a] whau:i;:s f;eedol a%d rcial equat-[few days ago when a taxicabin )v!:ich] emanated,,fr omp the university, ota- scene to scene of Ohrist's Life md itv under the bill of rights." lhe was a passenger, comaea wml ably 2e C00,thoUe Edueationa}, does not therefore lend itself readily The question might also be raised touring ear at 26th street and Lexing- view the Catholic Revi,e,, the to any but a general survey. The whether a president who, as a candi- ton avenue. While he was greeted Catholic Historical Review and the narrative keeps closely to the main date accepted without protest the en- with a shower of glass Father Duffy "Catholic University Bulletin." 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