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November 24, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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November 24, 1923

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GUARDIAN, NOV. 24, 1923 fit 3 -- " [ MOW PERSONAL 00aint SEMINARY NOTES ECHOES FROM .THE SOC IALAND These are days of orgarl]z&apos;ed effort Thursday evening. Nov 15th, the • [  at the seminary. Tile), are here in pupils of St. Mary's Academy gave a :  their fullness. More than ev'er before ,instrel show,in St• Andrew's Hall. iN BURST, DRUGGIST, ]* * * * * * * * * * * * * '* • the students are concentrating their i Tie house was filled with the friends NimhSt Phane2100, i 00rminar00 T resources and seeing in unity of en-' and relatives of the young ladies tak- l: Woman as caretaker of I ST ANDREW S DAY '  deavor the hopes of the various so-ing part, as well as those of the pu- ae with two in family. Call ° cieites that are now functioning so pils in general. Among the audience '8'Gaardian Office, phone* PONTIFICAL00S S .  well• Loyalty andunityofpurpose were many of the secular and relig- I * : are behind every impetus and new ious clergy as well as Sisters from the  * force. As each new organization is' Academy, who were delighted with at! to see "Case for Sherlock]* ST. ANI)REW'S CATHEDRAL 'i  SECURINF FOR THE DIOCESE OF LITTLE ROCK THE placed on a working basis the semi- I the entire program and its perfect M.t, St. Mary's Academy[ * c' • mght, Nov. 26. I* FRIDAY, NOV. 30, 9:30 A. M. *]i EDUCATION AND TRAINING OF WORTHY ECCLESI- nary spirit, to use a frequently rendition. Every so]Tg and every abused term, is fanned into a mot. dance were heartily encored, and the __ * St. A.ndrew's Feast, the Ca(he- *[ ASTICAL STUDENTS IN ST. JOHN'S SEMINARY ])'OR brilliant flame, audience ,howed its al)preciation ill Fred Snodgress was call-  dral's Name's Day, will be cele- * THE PRIESTHOOD OF ARKANSAS. The Choral Club, Orchestra, Acad- no unmistakable manner. The jokes Ky., last M nday * brated with a Solemn Pontifical * emy and Athletics bring faculty, were refined and clever, and the account of the serious ill- * Mass by the Rt. Roy. Bishop.  Any Full Burse or Share in an Incomplete Burse May Be Donated alunmi and student body in closer re- speakers showed that they must have r. , * assisted by the clergy anti the * an Incomplete Burse Will Be Gratefully Received and Re-' friendshiplati°n' cementand newlYmouldmadethe spiritur:tl.b°nds of hadand profitedVery gOOdby elocutionnrYit, tuition, • Seminarians. This Mass will * corded. 2, Cathedral Aid, Mrs. * be at 9:30 a.m. * educational and athletic units into a Minstrel shows are always inter- chairman, will hold a , {4 Burse Is a Sum of Money Invested ald Drawing Ewugh lter- perfect body. And all this is done esting to most people, and having • " without detriment to schohtstic put- been present at many (as well as Saturday, Nov 2,ttb, at . .... • •  • , . , , . . , est Always to Provide Board, Lodging, and Trai'nig for One suits. takiu almrt iu younger days) tile e Store, 618 Main Seminorian. 'Athletics are so effectively corn- writer has no hesitation in asserting Hanggi-Sargent Nuptials " - , biDed at the seminary that they be- thai it wouhl be impossibh to ira- St. l(hxald .- church wa< the .,:cne ST. JOHN'S SEMINARY BURSES come :l natural complement of the prove on lhe show o:f the pupils of St. see "Case :for Sherlock of a very pretty weddin la.t Wed- COMPLETE , room. Marv' t. St. Mary's Academy nesday morning at 9 o'clock, when ] Nov. 23. Miss MatihEa Amanda thmggi be- ST. MARY'S PARISH BURSE, Hot Springs ........................ $5,000.00 Class rivah•y is conducive to a more From beginning to end there wa marked participatim :rod all feel in no dry moment; there was n)t eveli came , the bride of Glenn Lawrcnce tMONSIGNOR TOBIN BURSE, Little Rock ........................ 5,000.00 (luty bound lo prmnou it. lnter-clas a .hort spell of indifference on the coal heater, nickel ,.argent. The Rev. Eugene l(nof[ ANNIE JONES  'S I L I- L. Pine Bhfff 5,000.00 games, in .tll sports with a greater part of the audi.enee. All were on f!rst class con(titleD; good performed the ceremony The allar - ............................... MARY tIOLLAND-CR2YIG P, URSE. Pine Bluff ..................... 5,000.00 good to a greater number is lhc ob- the qui vive for sonethinK new all e for $25. Phone 88,1], was beautifully decorated with pahns 11_b4_lt and white chrysanihcmum: and lil,.ht- JOHN M. GRACIE BURSE, little Rock ............................... 5,000•00 ject of the student body. Ample lime the time and they were n)t di:a- ed ¢:mdle. Mr. Itonrv I,ensinff l)[av- INCOMPLETF is allotted lo fhe Choral Cluh. Or- pointed. Roars (ff laughter greeted .... chestra, Academ:' "rod Dramatics for the :itty and innocent jokes. The !mr given by hlt. St. ed Lohcngrin's bridal chorus am Mr. tBISllOP BYRNE BURSE ............................................... $1.226.00 excellence in them is encouraged, and "knock¢' given to well-known per- will be held at, the Will Schnuettgen .an,,." tile Ave .I--'ST. JOHN'S ALUMNI BURSE ...................................... 975.00 all are urged u) fight for these ideals ::ons were devoid of the least atom of MOnday, Nov. 2(;th. A ria. The bridc was lovely in a g<nvn SACREI) HEART BURSE 104.00 which apparently are only too fast an offen.ive nature, and taken alto- Will be served. A sl)e- of white satin-crepe fashiolmd with of tile afternoon will be lace an(t pearls• Tile veil was held INC()3(PLETE TT);,¢, declining in scholastic circles, tether, it wa. one of the most pleas- :) LO Of recent addition is the seminary ant evenings that even St. Andrew's at 2:,20, and handsonae ill place by a wreath of orange bl()s- he awarded for high sores. The bride carried a t)oquet of Bishop Byrne Burse mission unit. '.l'he ways :rod Hall ever experienced• • , means to establish the unit were dis- Meeting of the Shakesl}earean bl']de . roses and lillie: of tile valley Miss 'I'eres- Hanggi, maid of h(,nor. The Eurse to be known os the Bishop IyrlT, e, a memorial hon- cussed at a meeting' on Sunday after- Literary , octety Cathoic Club wore a gown of orchid canton crepe to the first Bishop of the Diocese of Little Rock, already has a Lively discussi(ms made the meet- St. Mary's heht a meeting on Wednes- meeting of and carried yellow chrvsanthenmnas, l or , o,r. ) " noon, November. 18.  The Shakespearean Society el Mt. Club will be "s ," ": '" "" "" " "" of dmatiov. nd its pre,:'et mm tvtal is the result of 147"€1e nd Rev. Msgr. W. H. Aretz, rector pre-{progra m was rentlered. An added Hall, Monday, No- :i:dW ;ifdadeh:vl:2::tl:::p:n:2 L:[) . , t , at 8:00 p.m. This will snall donations by these i'nterested ii perp, etuating th, e am, e of sided. " ' t meeting and all Hanggi served the groom as best Bishop [):/t'ie  co',nection ri$h, the prie,;thood of the diocese Rev. M. Jos. B. Oenbrink, und Rev. :1 feature was an account of a trip to " - the Holy Land by Miss Dora Dona- Mr. Paul V. Hatch contributed to fle'hue, a graduate of Mount St. Mary's arged to be present, man, and August Probst was grooms- wl:J('h tc or,;v.izcd rnd ? which, lie .q(rve of his p'raTters, of his success of the meeting by timely ad- and prominent member of the Alum- man. After the eeremony a wedding I W( rt,', (' d cf Iris life. dresses on the  . P ! nae. After the usual business meet- see "Case for Sherlock breakfast was served for the bridal I ., ' • ) . . , sublimity and urpose St. Mary's Academy party. The reception was held at 4[ ffhe Bwhop Byrne Buse s a popular one, toward which even  Mission Crusade Monsignor: .... of tl e '."  • ' ling nap been held the program was Nov. 26. i o'clock at the home of the bride's I donations of oe dim or more will be acceptable and rceive due iAretz in the coulse of his remarks, - • • ""  ]begun with a picturesque account of .' s:' "  . • .. , v ' • " y ",, Felcia mother, Mrs, Teresa Hanggi, 1316] credit on the Semiry records, stres,ed the need for such aa organ- Shakes-eare's Life b Miss sa in it is conducive o um ...... it With Cards" McGowan. Miss Elizabeth Vogler Bishop Byre Burse credits to dates iaztion.  y g . vyers. Here ollowed several ex- • i I of a s irit which gives us :, , had-painted Christmas presided over the bride's book. About fosterh g ,P ceuen paper:; on the following sub- hopes for the future of our mission- jects: "Rome's New Caesar," by received by :tO0 guests were present. Previously acknowledged ..... $500.00 ary endeavors, both at home and Miss Bernice Lipsmeyer; "Washing- for Donation ................... 500.00 abroad. He enilsted the spiritual and ton May be Educational Center," by GOOD COUNSEL CHURCH Donation ................... 200.00 material assistance of the student Miss Dorothy Cook, and "What is the Club Gift .................... 0.00 body for those who have made great the Dramatic Art Thanksgiving Eve Card Party Rev. Friend ................ 5.00 sacrifices in order that the message Value of a Parish School," by Miss will entertain The St. Joseph's Men Society will J.J.M. 2.00 might be delivered to those who Amelia Rolf. These were alternated • - ................... with delightful musical numbers-- Alumnae Bazaar give a benefit card party Thanksgiv- M.E. D ..................... 1.00 knew it not. "A Case for ing eve, Wednesday, November 28th, Martha B ................... 1.00 At the close of the rector's de-'"Impr°mptu" (Inst. Solo), Miss Lou- at 8:30 o'clock, at 8:30. The committee exteml a J.S., Jr ...................... 50 lightful talk the students chose the ise Daugherty; "Pauline Pavlovna" hearty welcome to all, and ask their Edw. and John .50 following to draw up a eonstitt}tion' (Dialogue), Misses Mary Jones and .............. Nellie Sanders; a vocal solo by Miss friends to come and enjoy the evening J.R.M. 1.00 Society of Our with them. Everybody welcome. - ................... for the new unit: Rev. Mr. Oenbrink, Helen Bujarski, and a Classic Dance Mr. Edwin A. Hemmen, Mr. Joseph Parish will en- Cood Counsel Society Total ................... $1226.00 evening, Nov. 28, The Young men and ladies of the Gallagher, Mr. John McCauley and by Miss Janet Dickson; and "Arkan- a card party at the congregation are giving 'a benefit t. John's Seminary Alumni Burse Mr.of theTh°maScommitteeLillis" isWhenaccomplishedthe purpOSea marySaS" (Quartette),Touhey, FelciabY Myers,MisseSpatriciaR°Se" Street and Helen Bujarski. and Bishop St. The dance Friday night at the parish hall, Thi Burse is a foundation by the pries,ts who have been or- meeting will be held at which the new tOWards furnishing a 8:30; proceeds will be donated to Then the moment impatiently annex. Pitch and five- help furnish the new annex. The hall dined from the SOminary and is open to the clergy and the people constitution will be announced and • has been decorated for the occUa'aim, in general as a recognition of the present-day success of the fac- election of officers will take place, awaited arrived, in which Miss Ger- lalayed The public and a goo'd evening enjoyment is as- ultyaut the students of this important diocesan institution. If it were not invidious to particu- aldine Lewis, chairman of the Pro- Sacred Heart Burse larize, one might say the enthusiasm gram Committee, introduced Miss sured. , nsinor displayed in the movement for a cru- Dora Donahue to her audience. In The Good Counsel S. I. A. sade unit presages a wonderful influ- the talk which followed, Miss Dona- Mo Aretz The Good Counsel S. I. A. will Previously acknowledge ...... $900.00 ence to be exerted in the spiritual and ! hue held her listeners spellbound of Columbus Council serve lunch to the school children Rev. Friend ................. 5.00 educational activities of the seminary, while in imagination, they accom- gave a banquet Ill every Thursday noon. Alumnus, 1913 ............... 10.00 All realize there never was a great- panied her in her travels through Monsignor Aretz's Thanksgiving Mass Alumnus, 1912 .............. 10.00 There wiU be special devotion and Alumnus, 1913 .............. 10.00 er need for cooperatiou. Great abili- Europe, Asia and Africa. The inci- dents were related in such a charm- Household, Rt. Re. shop Mass Thanksgiving Day, Thursday Alumnus, 1913 .............. 10.00 ties and powers previously unknown and untested have cme to the front ing and vivid manner, that the jour- he city. The ban- morning, November 29th, at 8 o'clock. Alumnus, 1922 .............. 10.00 and have been utilized for the up- hey seemed only too short. The nar- This interesting evening at authorities The prayers will for be the recited Church after and Mass civil Alumnus, Total 1913 .............. $975.00 20.00 build of the Church and spread of ration was one which will be long re- cled in next week's with Benediction of the Blessed Sac- - .................. our faith both at home and abroad, membered by those who heard it and rament, and close with the hymn, The new spirit which has come in- it was with deepest sincerity that the  "Holy God We Praise Try Name." Grateful Recipient of Favors .......................... _ ......... $100.00 to existence among the student body members of the Society thanked Miss New Annex Nearing Completion Morrilton Friend " 4.00 is an example of this. The new or- Donahue for the enjoyment they had ' The work on the New School Annex ganization is missionary through and received. Which took place will be soon completed, the plaster- INFORMATION AND DONATIONS through, and missions are the whole Alumnae Bazaar object of its activities. By partici- The patrons and friends of Mount O'clock at St. An- ing is finished, and the other minor Request for further information regarding any or all matters pertaining pating in this great missionary en- St. Mary's are cordially invited to that of Miss details are being attended to. The and Julius E. Good Counsel Altar Society and S. I. to the foundation of Burses and the benefits shared by eontributors and like- deavor we can contribute our share attend the Annual Bazaar to be held was perform- A. will help furnish the Sister's din- wise all donations should be sent to the Rector, Very W. H. Aretz, S. T. D., in putting the Church where she be- in the Academy parlors on Monday, ing room, and the kitchen. The new St. John's Seminary, Twenty-fifth and State Streets, Little Rock, Ark. longs in the economy of American November 26th. The proceeds of the before an Bazaar, given under the auspices of Palms, yellow school desks will arrive in time to be .................................................................................................... ................................... life. the ladies of the Alumnae, will go d lighted candles, set up in the new class rooms• A new nutrition worker. Three years ago blood, even to heart action• In this AI4AL00N LEAGUE this year to the Building Fund. sang "Ave Ma- piano for the music room will also De Senior Minstrel march was one of the new items. The New An- two such workers were put into the mothers are shown pictures of ani- Opening Chorus, "Swinging Down The bride, nex when eomplete will make Good fiehl by the division. Last year the real experimentation, where growth LOSES APPEAL FROM the Lane;" Introduction of the end er brother, H. J. Counsel school a building for which number was increased to seven and is stunted from the absence of[ ACC000TING men, Interlocutor. Miss Grace Mit- in a suit of the pastor and the congregation can now there are twenty, with a con- enough milk in diet, where legs be- ORDER FOR chell, Miss Elizabeth Cronin, Hamlet; accessories to be proud. It will be of service to a a bouquet of great number of the children who are stantly growing demand for more. come paralyzed when certain foods (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Miss Doreen Cycrier, Ofelia; Miss :s of the valley, to begin their education in their par- The itinerant nutrition worker is. containing essential vitamines are cisionAlbanY'of theN" Y.,NewNOV.Yorkl6.Thesupremede" Tuohey,D°r°thy Kiekera;C°°k' MissSaesar;FelsiaR°semarYMeyers, Jung, ish school, and the convenience and the worker who goes from chapter to kept from diet. Mothers also are Court last March declaring the New Spark Plug; Miss Louise Daugherty, Marie Kirs- the health of the Sisters and the pu- chaper instructing classes in nutri- given pre-natal instruction in rela- York Anti-Saloon League a political Barney Google; Song-- Somebody s trimmed in gold •pils have not been overlooked. The tion, talking to schools on proper food tion of food to the development of the organization, and hence under obli- Wrong," Ofelia Dance, Jeanette Dix- Yellow ehrysan- building will e open for inspection values, addressing Mothers' Clubs and unborn child, gation to file a statement of receipts on; Song, "Down Hearted Blues," Mary Louise by December 12th, when the various other organizations on the importance Home vmts play a large part In was ring-soeietes are plannng to have a of proper diet to correct the results]. • •  and expendittlres with the Secretary Hamlet; Ukelele Solo, Saesar; Piano taffeta with Chrstmas Bazaar. of malnutrition among American l the teaching of mothers and children, of State, was upheld in a ruling Solo, Lillian Fowler; Song, "Roses of and carried children. ]The itinerant worker remains in a handed down by the Appellate Di- Picardy," Kickers; Dance, Paicia ..... vision of the Supreme Court here Street; Special Numbers, Pauline chrysanthemum. ITINERANT NUTRITION Here Is" the way the Itinerant" " I chapter from two to six months in yesterday. It was announced that the Dykes and Mariam Schwalb; Vocal Lenea was WORKER worker organizes her work, according .............. . .............. i oruer o reacn ne enure commumty decision was unanimous. Under the Duet, Barney Google and Spark yellow fffeta o ne jlrector oz urmon erwce , . 'wth tMs instruction She also m slippers, and Red Cross Instructor Goes About Do-' in St. Louis. Under the advice of local • • • . • . ruling the League will be required Plug; Final Chorus by all. to file a report of its financial trans- a decorated [ ing Good--erve Eleven Chapters physicians who made a school exami- structs local teachers in elementary actions in connection with the election Ill D0LCff WILL SUEFB} acted as best man' in Arkansas. nation, she plans a program for the nutrition and plans with them on how campaigns in 1922. !M, was groomsman.' The Southwostern Division, Ameri- 'children suffering from malnutrition, to carry on the work after she has William H. Anderson, State Super-[ and Tom Murphy can Red Cross has originated a new This program consists of instruction gone. The following year she returns intendent of the League, has an- Mo J01ART AT VACAI ding breakfast form of nutrition instruction which is to all school children, with special in- for another short period, checking up nounced that a new appeal will be I Paris, Nov. 19.-LMany papers here Party, after being copied by other divisions struction to underweights under the on the results of her former visit and taken to the Court of Appeals. [forecast that the suecessor: WI. ffon- of the throughout the United States. The advice of physicians, to mothers of then opening new classes, hart, French Ambassador to the Vati- Mr. and Mrs. Southwestern Division embraces the children of pre-school age where In the states of the Southwestern I can, will be M. "Doulcet, French Min- Wedding trip states of Arkansas, Colorado, Kan- these mothers are made to realize the Division the itinerant workers serve Christian apologetics are only real-/|ster at Budapest. M. Doulcet went to best wishes of sas, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma relation of food to growth, to health, 11 chapters in Arkansas, 3 in Kansas, lv useful in the mouth of one who I Rome in 1920 as charge d'affairs to prepare the resumption of relations COver long years and Texas. to bone development, teeth develop- 12 in Missouri 6 in Oklahoma, and 22 realizes their entire inadequacy.--The I between France and the /j:$ttican. and happiness. This plan is that of the itinerant ment and the relation of food toin Texas. Light Invisible. irl 4