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November 24, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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November 24, 1923

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nothing is more Catholic papers should have So that every good read- warns, and promotes the Chris- PP., XV, 12 "2 "; .-&lt; i A Catholic Paper is a Perpetual Mission.-- ] , Pope Leo Xlll. | '"1he Gaarflian" in everj .!.__'_"Z_'_"" ,! i: The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas ................................................................................................................................................... -5-7_UL2--ZZT----2_-----Z ', G[JARD1AN, N()V. 24, 1,;2:} ........................................................................................ ' ................................................. v-" = ....... - .......... " ER, GETS AID PIOUS CATHOLIC C, W, C. News Service) 0., Nov. 14.A worn- in the Ku Klux here Saturday nighl re- from an unexpected nOticed that the woman to fall and helped her ;-ranks. Her husband close Was a case of miht indi- result of something eaten banquet earlier in the and her hus&mad were ous@, just a few feet ol(t woman made She directed that the on the couch in the and sheet she had Parade removed, her and that she be al- a few minutes while being prepared. marching in the inquired with lde "and you were it is little wonder on raw night as this." was ready to leave express due apprecia- she had rcceiv- lady, a real I You're a member ell IWouldn't wcn(ler." I hostess replied: I I Plain old Woman who but I'll say thi.; - member of St. myselt;." UNMASKING J.C,' ist Episcopal the Board of Bish- lere, advocated Ig- all members of the Unmask and to pro- Prosecution of all violated the laws COmpared the Klan known as the s" Which flourished Years in Liberia, d a, charge. The Bishop Hartell bold that the hunted out a the society, tried and Tlat emled the socie- recommend- to the next quadren Pastors and laymen subjects: Methodist Church of the Church. Russian Orthodox aid in educat- foreign missions. Vhich the Methgdists on Monte eking the Vati- in church disei- CATHOLIC CALENDARS BEING IMITATED BY I NON-CATHOLIC FIRMS (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Chicago, Nov. 19.--That hundreds of thousands of calendars published by non-Catholic publishing houes are purchased every year by Catholics who believe they are getting Catholic calendars, is the discovery made by the canvassers for the Extension Press, which publishes the "Catholic Art Calendar." Many of the non-Catholic calendars so closely resemble the "Catholic Art Calendar" that it is easy for the pur- chaser to be deceived. One of the dif- ferences lies in the fact that the non- Catholic calendars use the non-Catho- lic text of the Bible for the daily quo- tations. This can be easily detected in the case of those calendars which carry the so-called "goh/en text," which does not app0ar on the Catholic calendar. "Look for the fish," is the met.hod prescribed by the Extension Press for those who wish to be sure they are purcbasing the real "Catholic Art 00St. Andrew':00 Cat]wdral Parisl00 Acquires BzauSjul Grade Ilomc [:or School cnd Commu;'00i/p REV. JAMES P. MORAN, RECTOR PLANS TO U'I'IIAZE Tills I IIS-t i TORICAL ESTATE FOR THE 17 AROCHIAL SCHOOL LONG SINCE INCONVENIENTLY CROWDED AT SIXTH AND IA)U1SIANA STREETS--OIAVETAN BENEDICTINE SISTERS T() HAVE RES[- I)ENCE &Nl) THE I)ARIStt SO CIETIES HEADQI]ARTEItS, THEIR COMMUNITY WELFARE ACTIVITIES. FIRST FREE STATE LOAN TO DEPEND ] H/ode ON HONE SUPPORT (By N. C, W. C. News Serv'ce) Dublin. Nov. 12.--At1 appe'l is to l)e nmde to the irish people them- selves :for the first public loan to be FOil' floated by the Free State Govern- meat. Mr. O'Higgins, mini.;ter for Home Affairs, stated that the ]o'm wouht be an internal isme. He said: "If we went outside for our bor- rowings, or sought guarantees from outside, then obviously to some ex- tent, great or small, we would become less independent." Manifestly this statement was made o c(mnter rumors which had been afloat. It had been sa'id that Ameri- ca was prepared to lend all the money required. Further, it was suggested that Britain would either lend the money or guarantee the loan. It is now clear that the loan will be an internal olle. LEPERS' LIVES SPARED CARDINAL O'CONNELL PRAISES WORK OF THE.' AMERICAN RED CROSS (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Boston, Nov. 13.--'the metropolitan chapter of the American Red Cross enrolled an enthusiastic member today when William, Cardinal O'Connell, sent his ammal contribution and was ))laced on the rolls for the coming year. Cardinal O'Commll's letter to chair- man A. C. Ratshesky of the citizens committee was as'follows: "Dear Mr. Ratshesky--I am ca- enclosing herewith my contribution to the seventh annual roll call of the American Red Cross which has my hearty endorsement. "The good work which the American Red Cross is doing merits a gererous cooperation, which I am sure will not be wanting. "Very sincerely yours, "William, Cardinal O'Connell, "Abp. Boston." MRS. CALVIN COOLIDGE Calendar." Tim fish is the customary IN JAPAN'S QUAKE design marking the days of fast and GIVES ETCHING TO abstinence. Another method of idea- I , 1 t (By N C W ( Nex Sewce) tifsing the real Catbo ic calend'r is " - ..... : "'" ' ) CATHOLIC BAZAAR r I New )tml{,Nov 1 Theltpm a b3 the table of movable and fixed " ' ""  ;'' .... ' t,RAC1E ItOME PURCHASED A'  )lure at Gotemb[ t subu[b of Poky feasts, statement of the Church s '] : FOR C I'HEDRAL SCItOOL ' ; : : " ' ' ........ info[ ' felt the great earthquake ,'everelv, but (By N. C. \\;V. C. News Service) laws on iastlng anti aDstlnence, "- ...........................  ............................... " '. ' " -' . . ...... ' ':. fortunately no hves were lost. Father m ttmn xegardlng the sacmaents and r , , d r ,' " ' ' . " \\;hat has ahva.xs been com.t.e ed nothing to I ather Mortal but an inn- . . . . . ..... Washington, Nov, lT.--Mrs. Cah, in a summar., of Christian faith pn'l  ...... " ........ ...... l)rouart oe Leer, Director o ms in-' ., #.  , .  , ' .' ; one o ne ne;-;t m(nvmua estates xn , raeliate movement toward thi; most stitution ha. ust written ' letter to I Coolidge, wife of the Chief Executive, pracuce wnlc.n appears on tn. oac.: the city, the Gracie home, occupying ldes[rable "r a ............ has graciously sent to the Sodality No non-Catholic calendar carries t1:i: the whole block bounde'l ,by East * "''" Msgr. Joseph Freri, Director of the Union Baz'mr an autographed (auto- The acquisition of the Gracie home Propagation of the 14'aith, giving de, igraphed by Grace Coolidge) pen etch- information. ]enthSixth streets,Reck' CommerCehas beenandacquiredE':;t SeV-by ,was:his initial work and that came to tails of the situation. He says: ins of the White House. . ' ,, . , .' . .  .... h , The terrible c tt tophc oi l,x n o  nesent the AMCIICAMq q3g , dm Cat edral p;,r!sh for eho:q par- him,when he negohated tle purchase  . '. , ' as ; ;,. ] " The Sodahty U n ie] "'"2 s .c#.lJlaln1o ol I ., . . o , ^v , , .'.: . . e., ,. ,.,.^^. her)temper cause, us nluc/l (tlSLFeSS, thirty local churclles of \\;gashing[on poses, IAIo llOUSlng OI me (),veun of the new property, w n ts $;,v uuu .  . ..... -.  , " .  ..... I  ,/.e,21 ' A . , ' . . ' [3bib I nave t,o tilanK l)lVnle ,['rov!-  xxhere lhe Sod.[lily of the tJmsse(1 vn'- qIPARATI qPllgfil  Ilene(bcmm Ssters, te-.cher at the,'pa,.lenB,'t,o the Gracm mt:,rest:. , ..... ;, ,. ., , " " ', ' " , .. u'q rra., u,oaavv., ..... . ..... ,e ., ",, 2:: : ..... . .... (ence t at: none ol ne lqmt's pemsne( .in is est'tblished I he Annu'tt is-t- , Catne(trai t;CIIOOI, lllltl 1OU :eanqqar- I 'i,,;her Nor,an 'even[nat),,, l)ans o ., ...... ; , ,  ......... . ' . " " , ' ..... , ' ." - ' s " ,- " ' " ': zaar i held for the purpose m rms- " . .' .... . . ters of"L:the Cahetat 'societies, act-c,,.mo L;h most O/ the preseh;' bmld- .., , ' . , ' . . " ;.;..,," . ....... ' . rBv N C' W .c New .qoi.vice ) ., ,. o^-o ..-. ........ +,, v. ' fqe "..,.. ...n ...... ,. ,+ ^.. 4a......'a-:-.,.. me asylum,, ox wnom sixteen .are omm inu funds to help poor Churches ann ;:. ' ' ' , O ' " L L'' $  ' J r ann :tire .lnable ,o Wllg t 'ye at our fiesta to carry on thmr WOrK London, No. lo.Alarmed by tte ork. block an adequate and fully elfiipped I >"+-: . .... -:': . ....... .... ' i p ' p " : " . . '." , , I omergett ironl lae {|ISRStOr llI3flalm , ( s xe ral ea , Sexmal thousand d)llar a encroact{ment of the state ,chooh" up- qb.e transfer was re-:de on lasl sclool, "m(t wit  it a lar/e c:mxent,' . ' , ,,, .,,', 7[  ; . . :, 2 " on their own denominational schools, Mond'tv hy b"[tl,cr Mor'm, who in-I as well 'ts a modern clui) hou,<e for ed. .... ' ]ach ab.the local Union a nd ds- .... the Anglicans are at last beginning ten&; to undertake the rer, aodelinf ef the social and welfare work of the .. "Not so. om ,.lssmn , b,.nhlmgs.'itributlon tsmmte at:.monh!y>,.e)?::?i,i{ to wake up to tl,e J'acL that ,f they the buihl n.:rs hnmediat, I", a(la,), ,g sevcra] soeie, cs le has org-n,ized .,u)o,s w e.,e o,n ,;,.t;,d;n(b,;,nsq:;: ings, , .. . ,:.' ..... 5, ........ "' ' ' . . (mrmine( an(t war s t a v -' '" " Mrs Coolid e s gift ill be sottt tot \\;vsh [or (]0fnnte l'e]gous instruction the rnal)y and coll3motlt()u:; rl,oms el an(1 which are so act,vely cooperating " ". ' g the nn-msion for the nee(l: of :'chool greatest damage was done to the the henefit of this Missiohary Fund. and Sisters, and arran:m the storehouse for rice, to the mill and to I The gift was sen through Miss they mu.t fight, for it. I A conference has recently been hehl at which the Anglicans put forward claims that are very much in line with the Catholic position. For example, a manifesto issued by thd recent cojffer- ence declares that if two types (J schools (secular schools and denomi. national schools) it must have the re- sponsibility of allocating schools so as to meet the needs of the people. Nor, says this same manifesto, is it reasonable that the state should pro- vide one type of school out of the tax- es, to which both parties contribute, and that schools of the other (con- fessional) type should be provided only if those who believe in them will pay extra. This is practically the ar- gument of the CCatholic educationl- ists, who cannot see any justice in be- ing obliged to pay the education taxes, and then having to find extra money to buihl their own confessional schools. A number of principles are laid down in this manifesto, among them the claim that religious instruction is not only a part of religious education, but its indispensable focus; and that for the exclusion[ religious education and religious in- card-playing,[ struction both require for their fullest Participation in efficiency participation in public wor- THREE RELIGIOUS GROUPS CONFER ship. WORI) SOCIETY OP00S NEW SCHOOL C, News Service) % 12.The So- Word has ben charter by Secretary of it to organize a School for boys at The boys will be[ Priesthood and broth-I as miss{onaries in for- WiIl be maintained at , taaer home of William, Qnnell, OVerlooking Dux- 0a the certificate of in- ane the names of Rev. of Techny, Ill., presi-] xY U. Mullin, vice- Joseph p. Mur- and treasurer. same, that ample ,tceonnnad':tt,;oll: will be reserved for society work. The remodeling will entail a great anqouvIt of p]aulling tlnd itc'tu;tl con- struction ,but the necessity of pro- viding the proper convenience : for the large number of chihb:en now at- tending the Cathedral schools, leaves CHICAGO'S OFFICIALS OPPOSE LICENSE FOR BIRTH CONTROL CLINIC (By N. C. W. C. News Service) I Chicago, Ill., Nov. 17.--Having been I refused a license to open a clinic,[ i b:l:hb:3t;3 c::Yt;'cii:::ti:;:::: W;::2! Helen G. Carpenter and a group of club women have sought a court or- der to compel the issuance of the lincense. In answering this plea in court, the bill filed by Mayor Dever vnd Health Commissioner Bundens':n sa:s: "'Such a clinic if permitted o n]:- t)erate, may restqt in injury to the public health and public morals. Its teacliings will result in the dissemi.. mAien of information, which if g'ven in the work of the Cathedral parish. At present this 1)hm i:; in the air, but promising, and for a few .years must await the service-givin N uti!ity of the remodelled pkmt and its at- tendant expenses, before Father Mo- ran may find his way towar(I the completion of his now cherished de- worthy ] signs for a Catbedral plant of the diocese and of the See City. ! 1 CATHOLIC CULTURE GAINED BY WAR BELLOC CLAIMS (By N. C. W. C. News Service) London, Nov, 13."The intellect of Europe, in all the more important cen- ters, is now going either directly in favor of Catholicism or parallel with Catholic thought." This is how Hilaire Belloc declared the effect of the great war is working itself out among the peoples- of Europe. The well known historian was ape&king in Lancashire, under the auspices of the Knights of St. Columba. This confer- ence was given in the town of Leigh, and was presided over by the Mayor of Leigh, who is both a Catholic and Grand Knight of the Leigh Council of the Knights. ;n ublic clinic, will get to the knox- Mr. Belloc opened his conference EDUCATION ]e(ge of unmarried men and w)men by stating that the Allies had gained ON ,o the destr,.wtion of their mo-o.l::." I It is the belief of the offieial :l;att a complete victory, but tbe political __ results were no{ according to expec- (By N. C. W. C. News Servia) the effort to open this clinic in Chi-I tations" ,'.ago is but the entering wet' to[ The great war had had a pronounc- Washington, Nov. 19. -- Religious Ihe opening of similar clinics all over[ ed effect on the balance of religious educators representing Protestant, tbe country to propagate the i;rlh ...... . . . , ., . , I cmcure. The WhOle schismatic East Jewish, and Catholic educational con,ol cult, nea(e(t o5 argvr":lhad crashed, and the force of the Or- groups met during'the past week at "day,tel and otbers, who recently hehl thodox "Church had . - gone beyond all the headquarters of the National a fcur day's onvention in thi c::y. reviwd. Berlin, the great center of Catholic Welfare Conference to dis- Mayor Dever, Chicago's Catholic Continental Protestantism, was Mayor, and Dr. Brundensen, fa,her wounded unto death. cuss the religious status of stu(lents of ; family ,) five, both tl,; )e. The two chief Catholic races--the in State universities. they will fight tni: c,lt to tb . li:- Irish 'and the Poles--who had been The meeting was called by O. D. Foster of New York, Universities Boards of Education. Bishop Brent of Buffalo, Dr. M. Willard Lampe of Chicago, and Mr. Foser represented the Protestant group; Dr. George Zepin, Dr. David Philipson of Cincin- nati, and Dr. Abram Simon of Wash- ington, the Jewish group; while the i4, under Protestant domination, hadl -- l emerged free, and their Catholicism[ C'tholic group was represented by would be all the Stronger. Belgium the Rev. Edwin V. O'Hara of Egene, had emerged stronger in the Catholic Ore., the Rev. K. Elliott Ross, C.S.P., faith, after passing through the fire and the Rev. James H. Ryan, Secre-' of trial and adversity, and France the reservoir', They were staunchly huili of stone and cement, but couhl not withstand the earthquake. ! "I have been able o patch un a[ 'shelter for the lepers, but the storc-] house, the mill and the reservoir are I another matter. Where are we go- ing to put our supply of rice'? How are we going to grind the next harv- est without a mill? And what about the water supply? "A large amount of money is need- ed for these new constructions which should be commenced at once.'I hope some of the pecuniary assistance of- fered to Japan by the united States will come to the leper asylum speci- fically, as its needs are pressing. So far we have received nothing." FRENCHPRIEST SHOOTS, THEN AIDS BUR6LAR] (By N. C. W. C. News Service) I Paris, Nov. 14.--Foiling an at-I tempted robbery of the cash box%f the School of Notre Dame at Boulogne, the Abbe Regimbeau, one of the priests of the school, first shot the burglar, then dressed his wound and eonfforted him until the police arriv- ed. ( Abbe Regimbeau served as a poilu during the World War and received the Croix de Guerre. o cation was taking place, strongly op- possed by the Catholic Church, yet this, too, had turned out contrary to all expectations, the result being that Italy wa now a strong and power- ful Catholic nations. Bavaria and the Catholic SoUth and West were the only bulwarks of order in Germany. Anarchy and Bolshevism had got no footing where Catholicism held sway. The only danger was in the Protestant German North. The political result of all this has been the strengthening of Catholic c'ture in Europe, and the promise to raise this Catholic culture higher. Ms- tary of the Department of Education of the National Catholic Welfare Con-. ferenee. Bertha McCann, representing St, Pat- rick's Church, this city. The m?nual baazar is to be heM in St. Patrick's Hall, December 3, 4, 5. MONTANA WOMEN SHOW HOW TO AID THE C_AT_HOLIC PRESS (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Butte, Nov. 15That the slogan "A Catholic Paper in Every Catholic Home" can be made a reality was shown at the annual meeting of the Helena Diocesan Council of Catholic Women, held here recently. At one of the sessions Mrs. Mary Genereaux, of St. Anthony's Parish, Missoula, re- ported that the Council had succeed- ed in placing a Catholic newspaper in every Catholic home in the parish, and that they had bought Catholic pamph- lets and magazines and placed them l in the vestibule of the church for free distribution. In addition, they had I sent a great many magazines to the State Tuberculosis Sanitarium. Many !other Parish Councils reported simi- lar activities tending to promote the circulation of the Catholic press. WARNING TO WOMEN IN ROME CHURCHES (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Rome, Nov. 6.During the past few weeks tablets have been placed at , t the entrance of the Church of Rome under the Holy water font, with the following notice: Warning "Women must enter the house of God covered, and in high-neeke] dresses, because immodesty in dress, which is always and every- where reprehensible, offends the sacredness of the temple, forbids ac- counts for much more than she did. r terialism and rationalism are now cess to the Eucharistic Table, gives the political unification of,I dead, and the direction of the tide in scandal to the faithful and calls dow Although Italy had been, at the time this unifi- Europe is all towards Catholic culture, terrible chastisements of God."