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November 23, 1945     Arkansas Catholic
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November 23, 1945

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........ .r, ",/::" i  'el ' # " " !i '':''" , 'i "; ,: r" i:  ' ,!, - .   -. " ' ' ' ' i ,- ' ' '"   ..... , :i: IW_-,,,#L ,,,.I ,. ARCHBISHOP SPELLMAN IN c00BCO __ , __.__ .... ......... : ._ : A 0000C00tlFUN00 00-6R-ST. PAT S NUwEuiE .... ., ..... . - ,vva,,t uualu00 "" "" To Fred F vv rites Las l,00o. e . ,.. . . lishment of official fact-finding Spalding, face of the By :rgevve the actions of several Ger- I boards, composed of impartial ck, explod ..... a-t  Tom Newton ' *lhhs when the gun commander on members of the public, was pro- on Daffin ' rs erge n ' '  posed by the Social Action Depart- .. .^, ^,.iheir machi'm gun po.'dc, n was town last .'NOV lus ./.I   .. Ik ocked out." ,For a few short ment, National Catholic Welfare Subiaco a ] (Special).I am. writing fbi's [Ininutes they didn't do anything I Conference, as a means "to rein- the feared an from a spot. somewhere near the Band-those few minutes proved to force conciliation, arbitration, col- This is tl mzctam of me om .uanuc. r'or |be rather costly for them .or it ]lect/ve bargaining and the attitude an undefeat after thirty2Tm e nm:wthS /-/gave a quick thinking doughboy of the public toward any import- jan team z seas auy,  " | art opportunity to toss a hand gre- ant labor dispute." tree last ye back to the good old U.S.A. '[nde into the machine gm nest. These boards, the letter said, in a r In this final letter to The Guard- I No doubt in the luture we will "would make no decision as to the Revenge tt lm, I shall tell you wh.y GermanY[see many magazine articles telling dispute. They would present the to the few was defeated. Sounds like a ques=[why Germany was defeated, facts to fortify the right side in a tion that would require tSom e writers will tell us that pro- dispute." adding, "we think there scoring feats volumes to anSWear, ::es[caet. ' .duction won the war--some will are enough honest and capable were flowereT, many P give all the credit to planes, tanks )ersons in our country to man were une problem has but a simple solution, or the Infantry. There will be these boards in the interest of the know It happens that an American many "high priced" words used in general good." dormant fc likes to sleep late in the morning, giving us complicated answers to The proposal was made in a of his fir- It is difficult to get him out bf tthis question but in reality the letter, signed by Bishop Karl J. Friday he bed, for, let us say, a round'"of ablution is simple--it was merely Alter of Toledo, chairman of the stuff to golf, but alter he does arise: he! the:'American way of life over the Social Action Department, to He tool will play you a round of golf 'for Nazi way. Lewis B. Schwellenbach, Secre- scoc all he is wozth and he will be out : '!' -:v tary of Labor, and to Judge Wal- early minute o w. Fath La ghli ter P. Stacy, chairman of the with the tea: During the war, America was er u n Labor-Management Conference, In this Signal Corps photo, delayed in transit from the Chh quarter, a bit late in getting around tthe !Add M o presented it to the confer- of the U. S. Forces, Archbishop Francis $. Spellman of Ne Ie loose for 30y job of saying its prayers. When resses 01tlrlt once in today's executive session. became evident that ,we tid a: shown with Catholic leaders in the China mission fields. As trojan counter tugh fight on our hands ',then,:0n C  B k "Threats of major strikes now were the hig] and only then, did many of Us be - a oo  loom," the letter said. "Other Vicar of the Catholics in the Armed Forces, Archbishop I ame. " strikes seem to be in the offing, recently visited the Orient. Left to right: Msgr. Dillon, I4u gin to think of the spiritual side Little Rock.--Mount students Others will occur after this pros- sionary; Bishop Xavier Jantzen, Vicar Apostolic of Cl fans in general ;tle against we of the war. There is no doubt :celebrated National Book Week by ent period ends. We recommend Bishop Chang, Honan Province; Archbishop Spellman; Bisl Batesville about it, the war really taught hearing a talk on books delivered this fact-finding procedure both dore Buddenbrock, Lanchow; Bishop Francis Wong; Ms r close, but w$ America, beginning with the frorit by the ReD. J. G. Laughlin, Pus- for current disputes and for the Favorato, Shensi Province. (NC Photos) inging, and ] line doughboys to get down on its tor of St. Joseph's Church, Con- !Youare looking down upon the famed St. Patrick's Cathedral, New future. The facts will furnish  ;tie repeatedl: knees and say its prayers. Now ter Ridge, Arkansas. York, ,bout to receive a one-year face-lifting Job. Scaffolding, 3t ground for just agreements in col- handling the business end of the T id T  own let us take a quick look at the 'In his talk Father Laughlin told storie high, shrouds the steeple and lower portion of the church as ]ective bargaining and jsut decis- athletic activity at Catholic High. r uum o rojan standout past conflict from the physical,,, or how he became interested in read- workmen begin to remove the scars Of 78 year, of wear. The huge ions in arbitration." Our lid is off to him and our best .Yr of e Bobby Bro worldly side, ing " and mentioned some books marble roe atop the teeples will be replaced with aluminum The suggestion to establish such wishes for continued success in his Our La immy Probstfi The German soldier is by no that the students should find rouu stud the damaged marble blocks will be repaired or replaces, boards, the letter said, was new work. ', Rayburn Bro' means a push over; on the con- . worthwhile. He also showed the (Acme-NC Photos) prompted by the "tragic" danger * " * Promvt Suc  e, Jack Evan trary he is a well-trained fighting [students how to evaluate liters- of laws enforcing compulsory I HERE AND THERE ITEMS: __ and Ralph eli man. An army is built upon dis,,[tqre, so that they could distin- " arbitration if strikes of great mug- I The ,student newspaper at St. New Orleans. (E)/. biaco team will cipline and the German Army at- l guish the right kind of books from =------==='=--========--==--===:=========:=:=:=:--=::==:====:=========== nitude should occur, and by the I Mary s (Cal.) College predicted a Joseph F. Rummel of I at this week, rained a degree of discipline that ]the forbidden type. He pointed want of knowledge of facts that ]three_touchdown win over South- leans has given permissi ,r of a game the Ame;ican Army could not:[outmany of the manifold rewards * * By hampers just decisions in dis- ern California , . the Gaels won duct in every church off . They wiU co touch. ,However, this perfect:dis-[of'good reading as well as the !putes. by four! . . . Somewhat belatedly, diocese a triduum in ho I tions to meet cipline of the Germans someHmes Ibaneful effects resulting from the Robert (Believe It or Not) Ripley Lady of Prompt Succor, 01ic High Scho( backfired for it left little room for perdsal of the wrong kind of GRID GRIST Coach speculation as to whether the recently featured the fact that vance of the fiftieth al match to be] originality and ingenuity of the books ,. == Army will be invited to t Bowl Brad Robinson of St. Louis Uni- of the crowning of he leld, in Paris, individual. The enthusiastic applause de- TOm E. Stidham or whether it will accept if versity's 1906 team completed an the chapel of UrsulineS Thanksgiving ] I had occasion one day to ob- rounded an encore, so, Father invited. The Cutlets are too strong 87-yard forward pass to John This is the only crowj . will be th - Laughlin gave the students an in- t" *  Marquette for any College team and if they Schneider... Creighton has no sentation in the United 0 tg. The nigh1 Polished Shoes orm talk on the music of the play a post-season game they football team but the Bluejay stud- one of two in the West to attract a b Edit Sid light wou,d do better to take on one ium was the scene of a major phere. The other is , g the Trojans , current popular production "Song With orial e s ,of the professional clubs. That thriller this fall when :Fort War. culous representation oi I t Subiaco rec But Dirty Minds  Norway" by playing selections and giving a sketch of the story. !would be a game to watch and it ren edged out the Hondo (Tex.) of Guadalupe in Me  they were u Father Laughlin was sponsored =:::::-:::::::: in Black Print By Guardian Editor.-::::::::c:=.t would settle several arguments. AAF Comets, 28-26... The Uni- fiftieth anniversary of  non-confer Threat To Nation by the Junior and Senior English * * * versitY of Detroit deprived an ing of which was obS# That was the Rochester, N. Y. 0DA threat Classes as part of their program We recently met the football Auto City Newspaper of one of its month. Tethers of Hel, of a nation of "soldiers with for Book Week. Other activities Numerous Fumbles This Fall team of the University of Kansas, best sports writers when it signed The triduum is to terff aow iv polished shoes and dirty minds" included the making of posters to where the director of athletics is Truman Stacey as publicity di- vember 21, the day jub ified Arkans is seen in universal military Due To T-Formation Use And illustrate scenes from well-known one who should be known as the rector, cis, es will be held at the heir tremem training plans by a Rochester books, and a literary map of the Immaturity Of Many Players "all-American official." He is * * * Her favors may not  ing combina Ernest C. Quigley, a real sports CHAFF pPiest now serving as a chap- United States. as spectacular as weret Friday's. gum lain with the Army Air Forces =:= I veteran and a Catholic. Old time fans will be glad to downs o 3 ! tion of the city from the" in Europe. Al HC St No man in the annals of sports learn that Chief Specialist Pete tion of 1808 and from  gained 186 y "With desperate earnestness," e a ent 'Ernle'Quigley Ra ca'All American Official' 'to - officiating can match Quigley's all- Merlonl has returned from the war of a foreign foe in 18! ' ,, *h. O L'thuania's Santa Clara Gets 'Moon" Mulllns Next Fall Nationaltime record.leagueAnfr0m 1913umpire toin1936the after having seen much active ser-vice. All the fans and players of ,,bishPbut surelyRUmmel saidthe ,olurfie' i ! Group, wrote in a letter re- n 1 t and supervisor of the league's urn- twenty years ago will remember era that have ascend }ornesti Pro ceived here, "I regard peace- S ff ing pires for seven more yea,s. Ernie Pete as a fellow who knew his heaven before the shri Ala.: .)L-'hr :time conscription of teen-age U er s coffiffi by The Guardian Editor &re in bold face type also officiated in intercollegiate way around on a football field. Our Lady of Prompt youngsters with distrust." If you have an opportunity to f Mobile i "Will these tender lads," he Washington. GO "America's can the national collegiate foot- game, and that is what the fans football from 1904 to 1943 and in He is now & patient at the Army not remained ;H01iness varsity basketball from 1906 to and Navy Hospital at Hot Springs The "menace in 1811 l asked, "be trained by men silence on the inhuman communist ball statistics for the season, you want. Of coui'se, if the resulting 1942. He worked six world series, National Park. to victory of the among whom are many who regime in Lithuania is an insult will note an abnormally large "break" favors flc ear or.c is three Rose Bowl games and five have little sense of morals?  to 850,000 Americans who bled on number of fumbles has been corn- supporting, there is .iut that ad- Harvard-Yale grid battles. J Fate of 46 Mis|onarles der British,Gem AndreWin the War Will their decent home training the soil of Europe," said Repro- mitted by the. varsity teams, ded thrill.  We recall how colorful Quigley Bi..c withstand a poisonous atmos- sentative Alvin E. O'Konski of One reason for the superfluity Late this season, the teams in was in all sports, and particularly! Of Paitc Isles Unknown New of Mobile. p here?" Wisconsin in a statement endors- of bobbles is the introduction of the Western conference which had as a cage official. He scared the Honolulu. 00Listed as missing kustrslig Bishop Dead az Asserting one of the results of ing the joint Congression resolu- the "T" formation by so many fumbled the least number of times players almost to death. He would as a result of the war in the Vicar- Vatican City. V-E Day in Europe was an "in- tion, sponsored by Senator Ray- teams. This system places a were Iowa and Wisconsin. We scream "You can't do tkat!" then iate of Rabaul are 17 priests, 18 received here of the crease in baseness" and "a mend E. Willis of Indiana and premium on quick and fancy ball- don't know if there is a moral or chase the offending youth all over Brothers and 11 Sisters, according last of Bishop Ala.; the violent wiLIness that not even Representative Edward A. Kelly handling, and teams and players a lesson, but the Hawkeyes and the floor and slam him on the to word received by Bishop Leo pastor God and His law should con- of Indiana, favoring restoration of employing the "T" for the first Badgers were then at the bottom back as he announced the penalty. Scharmach, Vicar Apostolic. It is stralia. He strain men," Father Cuddy con- Lithuanian in'dependence, time are having a bit of trouble of the Big Ten ladder. ',Collegiate officials put a stop to hoped that word may yet be re- Melbourne 53 years ot tinued: "Under the rule of red fascism," in mastering its intricacies. * * * that. ceived of the safety of some of of the Society "To have soldiers with polish- he said, "more than one-third of Our own Marquette eleven, for The bowl aspirations of St. Moreover, Quigley was a coach these, xmban for the Chinese Chaplain, I ed shoes and dirty minds, with the Lithuanian people either have instance, had fumbled 37 times Mary's Gaols and the Holy Cross and a great one. He gave old St. : : : :" : shining buttons and blackened been executed, exiled to Siberia, after playing its first seven games. Crusaders faded with the setting Mtry's College out in Kansas some Pray for your departed rela- Keep before your layer, Dec, :souls; with strong physical imprisoned or deprived of all Many of these fumbles came at sun last Saturday. This will give of its greatest football, basketball tires for you owe to them your hat where the bodies and weak consciences, property and constitutional rights." crucial moments, and cost us the members of both football and baseball teams in the golden life. are now we soon will )--apt., R C.S.B., who salute the flag, yet rarely Citing the experience of Lithu- heavily. It is rather interesting teams some much needed time to era of 1902 and 1914. with the 4tl bend a knee to reverence God, ania "as an example of how the to note, however, that at that time catch up on their scholastic work. Names of football coaches have has b and who toss the Holy Name pledged word of Soviet Russia we also had recovered 37 fumbles After all, the principal attraction made news in Catholic collegiate Cross. T about in the same sentence with means to the civilized world," he ---our own and the opponents, in these bowl games is the men- circles of late. C J D pingh a rotten word, profits little. A said that the promises and treaties oer au Father Lc nation's real greatness lies not of the Soviet. Union with Lithu- Another reason for the increase etary advantages that accrue to Santa Clara University, which " to hi in its physical but in its moral ania "have meant only death and in fumbles in recent seasons prob- the school athletic treasury. Keep- maintained no football team dur- forso ably is the immaturity of varsity ing the football season alive from ing the war, has announced it will strength." suffering to its three million trust- players during wartime. When Thanksgiving to New Year's Day be on hand next fall and with enm'al Grocer & Meats Hocke ............................ -'- ing citizens." .............................. you put 17 and 18-year-old young- is not any help to the seholastle Larry (Moon) Mullins, former ESSO PRODUCTS out sters under fire, these boys who, status of the members of the foot- Notre Dame star and a good and War in normal times, would be piaying ball squad. In every well regu- experienced coach, in charge. He Clarksvillb Arkansas andhis ofdi on the freshman teams and thus luted school, athletics are secon- is now in the Navy. Belgui gaining experience are bound to dary. So these two schools have Frank Leahy, about to be dis- make mistakes, one thing to be thankful for. They charged from the service, has de- It is oddly true that fumbles I will have less money but more nied reports that he would accept Bishop Di culture, a professional job and etnphatical- Guadeuo sometimes make for interesting if * * * ly insists that as soon as possible, Genou not brilliant football. They arq Speaking of the quick ball- he wilt again take over the reins Cl k viii L d & of Gauc a headache to the coach, but they handling involved in the execution as athletic director and head foot- ar s e sun ry age o bring the unexpected into the of "T" formation plays, Coach ball coach at Notre Dame. year of l Chrales E. Bae of the University Scranton University's football of Detroit comes up with an inter- record may be nothing to brag Your Sanltone Dry Cleaner _ : eating statistic. Baer, whose half- about this fall, but eastern coaches  backs usually are crouched like are saying a lot of nice things Always Phone 214 R A MORGAN starting sprinters just before the about Lent Modzelesky, the Tom-  _ S ......... play gets under way, has put a cats' 210-pound tackle who played unn00 [stop-watch on his men and de- 400 minutes in the first eight Ozark Variety Store & SON termed that only six-tenths era games. second elapse between the time * * * 5C 10C:"25C $1 t carrier receives the ball and Ctholic High is having st very = = arrives at the line of scrimmage, good football season this year. It O k Tir & S pply C c Defensively, Lhat means that op- was bad news for the Rockets to zar e u o. 00ks00Ue Fabe L Tyler , Proprietor Quality posing linemen must be tremend- herr that their esteemed and very Ozar ' ' Armrests ously alert to meet the baU-car- efficienAthletic Director, the ReD. : .....  Merchandise rier as he seeks an opening. Rudolph E. Maus is soon to leave Auto Parts and Home Appliances * the school. Father Maus leaves There has been considerable behind him an enviable record In Lois IV[. Carson CIarksvilles Newest and F'mest # __ __ i B O C K ' S C A F E Ill H" R, Pierce Lumber 00,ompany Delicious Chicken-choice CutsT'Bne Steaks . . Phone 122 tl svlUe Strive00.O00v,00o00ssS,t0000" I[11 Clarksvdle Arkansas CLARKSVILLE Mrs. $olm Book & Sons. Props. THE FAIR ,, ,,, . LIGHT & WATER Mas ELDON REVIS STORE Clark - James Motor Co. Owned by the City Distn'butor of ESSO Products 409 West Main Street Atlas T'=., satte0000 and Clarksville, Ark. TELEPHONE 3 ! " PHONE 240 Clarksville Arkan'SP 00s,00lo. LCSVil '; .... "  " .Arkam C[arksvill Arkansas ,' :. I