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November 19, 1982     Arkansas Catholic
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November 19, 1982

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THE GUARDIAN, NOVEMBER 19, 1982 PAGE 5 tiff-Emphasizes Spiritual Themes By NC News Service his 10-day trip to Spain, Pope John II repeatedly emphasized spirituality social witness Christians should in politics, science, academic life and by announcing that his trip had religious-pastoral character, it above political or partisan sets overtones, however, were present &apos;before the trip started. It was postponed not to interfere with Spain's Oct. 28 which gave power to the Socialist Party, which supports legalized divorce laws and decreased aid to schools. All these positions conflict of the Spanish bishops. La meeting with Spain's King Juan Carlos leaders, including the Socialist Minister-elect Felipe Gonzalez, Pope Paul said that even though his trip to iwas "of emihently religious nature," he "to pay my respects to the legitimate tives of the Spanish people" and any doubts -- if there were any -- my respect for the country's freely- leaders." also promised that the church would not on issues involving "the demands of of the human person and the rights inherent in it." with Spain's hierarchy, the 62- on his 16th trip outside Italy alluded to the Socialist victory and that Spain was experiencing a "socio- transition of grand proportions" and should "collaborate in the building 00iiiii ::::: Meditation By Sister Maggie Fisher, S.C.N. ms in a Hungry World" is the a book written a few years ago. The identifies a number of issues for many rich or middle-class. does one use and rejoice in the good come -- because one is who one is -- ertain nation, of a particular race, with talents, skills, education? How to this without gloating over such inex- good fortune? (St. Paul says "What You that you have not received?") Or ignoring brothers and sisters, of the same God, whose lives are and deprived ? Thanksgiving season can be a time. Why is it that some children breakfast at home before school; not? Why must some women be iliated as they seek help for themselves , e.g., welfare, food stamps; Others need never worry? Why, out of babies, do 20 die at birth, 50 die 45 never see a doctor, 40 never go to ike less than $200 per year? Lord's account of the Last Judgment in 25 can make some fearful for but how much better to develop be humbly thankful and do all in Power to change the world for poorer and brothers. What a grace for each for the world if the Catholics of the of Little Rock made Thanksgiving landmark in this fashion. tharte.r a Bud Jim Lmnhart ,ly size Bus available, torn school bus to luxury, air conditioned coaches. Edwerd L Hoyt "They must make heard their voice, con- sistent with the values in which they believe and respectful for the convictions of others," he said. It was a theme he often mentioned during his trip. At Alba de Tormes, where St. Teresa of Avila died in 1582, he told his listeners that "you Christians must live your faith valiantly, trying to integrate the judgments and guidelines of the current society with Christian beliefs, morality and practices." In Toledo, during a Mass honoring Catholic lay leaders, he said that some of the "most important aims of the lay apostolate" involve the Christian family, the world of work, culture and the field of politics. "The Christian knows that from the luminous teachings of the church, and without needing to follow a partisan political platform, he or she must contribute to the formation of a society more worthy and respectful of human rights, based on the principles of justice and peace," he said. He also condemned political violence and the Nov. 4 murder.of Spanish Maj. Gen. Victor Lago Roman, a political killing in which ETA, a Basque guerrilla group favoring autonomy for Spain's Basque region, claimed responsibility. The Pope visited the Basque region and said in Loyola that violence is never constructive. "If offends God, those who suffer it and those who practice it," he said. "Once again I repeat that Christianity understands and recognizes the noble and proper fight for justice at all levels, but prohibits seeking solutions in paths of hate and death," he said. His comments on agriculture cited the need to assist migrant workers. Policies toward migrants "are not very often motivated by noble human aims, nor by the good of the national or international community," but instead by supply and demand, he said in Guadalupe, an area which has lost many residents who have migrated seeking work. The Pope suggested that government must do more to foster equality and balance between rich and poor. "It would be more human if the authorities responsible for economic affairs endeavored to have capital seek workers rather than vice versa," he said. This would be a "challenge to the authorities of national and international affairs who must undertake programs for establishing a balance between regions of wealth and poverty." In the Seville province, where 90 per cent of the land is cultivated and two per cent of the people own about half the land, Pope John Paul urged government to solve the "urgent problems of the agrarian sector." The Pope also said that Religious, including cloistered orders, have something special to offer society. Visiting the convent where St. Teresa of Avila entered the Carmelite community, Pope John Paul told 3,000 cloistered nuns that their "cloistered life, lived in full fidelity, does not keep you apart from the church or distance you from an effective apostolate. The world needs, more than people sometimes believe, your presence and your witness." He told religious men the next day that "the world needs to see" examples of "those who, giving up everything, have embraced as ideal the life according to Gospel counsels." He warned that Religious should not "enter in the field of the laity" but added that "this does not mean that your religious con- secration and your eminently religious ministry do not have profound repercussions on the world and on the changing of struc- tares." : : In remarks to such groups as academics and scientists, he said that faith should not conflict with science and obedience to the church's teaching authority should not conflict with theological freedom. Speaking a{ Madrid University, he said scientists who use their talents to further the arms race are a "scandal" and said they should assure that science is "never per- verted and used for destruction." Spiritual truth -- "The Word of God is sharper than any two edged sword." "Ye Shall Know the Truth" The Holy Catholic Faith From . Beginning To End Over 24 Hours of Listening 25 Cassettes 50 Lectures by Archbishop Fulton J. 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