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November 18, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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November 18, 1911

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x, mt THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN This Bears Directly On Your Pocket Book Make that eontfortable favorite old saddle of yours do double duty lly having it recovered and fixed np in FIRST-CLASS SHAPE. IS THERE A PURGATORY? Continued from page I There are two class of souls who go to Pttrgatory, jnst as there are two classes of persons sent to the penitentiary. The first class are those who depart froln this world and appear hefore the Eternal Judge guilty of venial or minor sins. Such souls cannot iu justice be con- sigltetl to hell, because they have not comnaitted a single capital or mortal sin against the law of God. Nor can tltey enter heaven if there is even cue veltial sin standitg against them '"]'here shall not enter into the lleavenly jerusalenl anything de- filed." Apoc XXl-27. That's the way we do it here. We cannot contend that there arc| '!IT PAYS TO TRADE AT PAT- no venhl sins thottdl th / T]SC)N'S" "I'RY lq" . .... ,, , g e conten- ' " I tmn woum not help us much, for PH'enn r ',, [rite 13ibis declares: "m just man shall LLOU  L,llSaitlt  /fall seven times and shall rise HARNESS A N.D SADDLERY, /again." Prey. XXIV-6. He is a 3o2 Louisiana Street. tjtlst man, that is a friend of God, ' , /yet he nlay fall and in his fall pre- S. D. KNOX. Drugs, Toilet Articles, Etc. Phone 466. 2o9 W. Second St. LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS. A portion of your trade will be appreciated. THE England National BANK CAPITAL, $100,O00.O0 E. [NOLANC, President C.T. COffMAN, V,-Pres J. E. NGLAND, Jr., Cashier LITTLE ROCK, ARK. =7Z:.7"2::=.='----=7_7"=;= 7===::=Z::==S:.='-=7 =:=27.:=.-'-2: MILUN00RV dgr:oC: r Seventh & Victory BERNARD H 'INZE OONFEOTIONER DBr:r0zou8 1SABOTs.8 Bread, Cakes, Ills, Creams, Ee. Beth Phones 658 BEAT THIS -- $27.oo 7E" CASH for No. 2 Smith Pre. miers and No. 6 Rem- ingtons; former price $Ioo. Sold at $3 per month at an ad- vance. Guaranteed for one year. Ready for use. No. 30livers, $30; L. C. Smiths and Underwoods, $57. Sold over 3,5o0. Write for catalogue. PARKIN- LONGLEY COMPANY, 2o6 Louisiana Street, Little Rock. Desks, Chairs. Office Supplies, Etc. DR. B. H. MERCHANT, V. S., Office 2II W. 4th St. Treats Diseases of All Domesti- cated Animals. All Calls Promptly Attended to, Day or Night, WE NEVER DISAPPOINT We sell everybody. Best things to eat MILLER GROCERY CO. Phones 329z-392 Daily Delivery Pulaski Heights E. F. Pace & Co. Contracting Painters and Decorators Dealers In Wall Papers, Paints, Oils and Varnishes ESTIMATES FURNISHED Old Phone 459x. 32 W. 6th St. iM 00,i:il-Ti0 N- iiaDE-Mi PINE BLUFF, ARK, serve his general friendship with God. "Jn many things we all of- fend." James, ll/-t6. 'Men shall render an accottnt for every idle word that they shall speak." Mat- thew XI1.-36. When we reflect that the messenger of death conies like a thief in the night, that inuunaerable deaths are too sudden to allow any preparation and that a great number of people die in file same state in which they have been living, we umst allow that nlany die in venial sins. Since "God will render to every man according to his works." Route II-6, a tenq)orary place of punishnlent  and purgation between heaveu and hell is necessary that the justice of God ntay be ftfllilled. A second class of souls that go to Pttrgatory are those wlto depart from this world after the eternal guilt of their sins has been forgiven and before they have ntade saris- faction for the temporal gtfilt and temporal lmnishment belonging to it that frequently remai,ts due to sin after tile rentission of the eternal guilt and accompanying eternal pttnishnaent. The Catholic church nlakes a distinction between the eternal punishment due to sin and the tenlporal l)unishntent which frequently, though not always, may l/econte due. The same distinction is made in out" civil courts of justice. A man may be brought before a circuit court charged with a capital cl'ime as tnurder, to which the death penalty is attached. He is fonnd guilty and the jndge passes sentence of death upon him. But before the execntion of the sentence, the critni- nal seeks and ol)tains a pardon front the Governol( While the Governor ntay grant a full and conaplete lmr(lon, tile usual course is to l)ardon the death penalty only, and appoint a telllpora] l)ttnishnleut el" so lllany years in tile penitentiary. This method of pnnishnlent may also be followed I]y the Governor in cases of minor crimes or tnisdenteanors. It is a well known Catltolic doctrine that the power of.the priest acting as an agent of God ill the forgzvness of sin is a condition not an allsolute power, the chief condi- tion being sorrow in the heart of the penitem. It is equally well known that forgiveness is graded ac- cording to the degree of sorrow, there Ileing two degrees. One sor- row is called perfect when it is ex- cited in the heart ant of pure love of God and the othe," is called imper- fect sorrow because evinced through a mixed love. It is the contention of rite Catholic church that many sinners seeking pardon of God in tile sacranlent of penance, through the imperfection of the sorrow in their hearts fail to receive that com- plete pardon which would entitle them to heavenly citizenship, bnt that they still receive a pardon suf- licient to save them from eternal Imnishment in hell were they to die in that state. Owing'to the sudden- hess of death, it happens that many such souls may be supposed to de- part from this world sifter they have received l/arden of the eternal guilt of their sills attd before they have made satisfaction for the temporal guilt. Such souls go to Purgatory, a vestibule of heaven, where they Conduoledby SISTERSOF CHARITY. OF NAZARETH settle . to tile last iota their in- A Day and Boarding School debtedness to God. Adatn, King David and. the ineestuons Corin- thian, forgiven by St. Paul, might . __- _'. _-_ " ..... " "___-  be cited as illustrations iu respect to I mortal sins. I say in respect to When you want anything in the Drug Line (;all up McClerkin's IIe delivers it to you in arty part of the city without extra charge, Telephone 576. ntortal sins, for rite guilt of venial siu may also be remitted and a temporal pnnishmettt remain. I f Adam, David land the Corinthian, all of whom had been forgiven as to the eternal guilt of their sins, died before s'atisfaction was ntade for the tetnporal punislunent due to these sills, they went to Purgatory. ]n eonclugion it may be said that there are qnite a nttmber of people, like editors of newspapers and .sotne lawyers, who will one day be very glad there is a Purgatory, as they nlight go farther and fare worsel REV J. M. LUCEY. , CONSOLING THOUGHTS EAREST LORD! make us remember when tile world is cold and dreary and we know not where to turn for conlfort, that there is always one spot bright and cheerful--the Sanctuary. When we are in desolation of spirit, when all who are dear to us are passed away like sumlner flowers, and none are left to love us and care for us, whisper to our troubled souls that there is one friend who dies notone whose love never changesJesus on the altar. When sorrows thicken and-crush us with their burden we look in vain for colnfort, let Thy dear words conic forth with ftfll force from Thy tabernacle: "Come to Me all you who lahor and are heavily hurdened, and ] will refresh you." Thy friendship, dearest Ldrd, thenceforth shall be the dearest treasure we possess. It shall compensate for the treach- ery and ingratitnde of creatures. It shall be our consolation when the wild flowers are growing over the best loved ones, and when all who hold a dear place in our hearts are withered and gone! With Thy friend- ship tile world shall never be dreary, and life never without a charm. Would that we coukl realize tile pure happiness of possess- ing Thy sympathy! Would that we could feelwhen we are crushed and hulnhled-- when the hope we have lived for has with- et'edwhel sorrows and t,-ials that we dare uot reveal to any, make our soul sink well nigh unto death--when w4 look in vain for some one to understand ns. one who will enter into our miseries, make its rentember that there is One on the Altar who knows every fibre of our hearts, every sorrow, every pain special to our peculiar natures, and who deeply sytnpathizes with us. Contpassionate Jesus! our hearth crave for sytnpathy, and to suffer seems nothing to the bitterness of suffering alone. FR AUGUSTINE. PE TI TI ON To the Most Blessed Trinity In Union Wltl The Merits of Jesus CrucOed "ITlt and through Thee, O Sacred Heart. we implore Thy love and grace and the gifts of tile ltoly Ghost uec- essary for our state of life and a happy deattl. Aid ns in the propagatiot of the faith aud'devotions of saints enriched with indulgences by the Church, applicalfle to the suffering and forsaken souls in Pttrgato,-y, itnparted to tl]em by 'the blessed hnmacu- late Mother. Bless our associates, inaplor- ing mercy and pardon for them, our spirit- ual children parents, brothers, sisters, re- lations, benefactors, friends and enemies, those we have wronged or offended, need- ing or desiring our prayers, living or dead: also for the conversion of sinners and 1111- believers, grant us spiritual and temporal success, a happy eternity for the love and greater honor and glory of God. for the sal- vation ()f souls, our joy and our crowl]. T he Fifteen Promises of Mary to [ Christians Who Recite the Rosary (Taken from Tabernacle and Purgatsry Magaattn) i. Whoever shall faithfully serve sic by the rcci- tatiolx of the rosary shall receive signal graces. ='. I Iromisc nay special protection and the great- cat graces to all those who shall recite the rosary. 3, "J'he rosary shall be a l)owcrful artnor against hell; it will destroy vice, decrease sin and .tefcat heresies. 4. It will cause virtue and good works to flourish; It will obtain for soltls the abnudaut mercy of God ; it will withdraw the hearts of men from the love of the worhl and its vanities, and will lift them to the de- sire of ctcrnal things. Oh. that sotfls would sanctify themselves by this means. 5. The soul which rccommeuds itself tu me by the recitation of tbc rosary shall not pcrisll 6, Whoever shall recite the rosary devoutly, ap- lying himself to the consideration of its sacred nays- terics, shall never be conquered by misfortune, God will not chastise him il His iusticc: he shall not perish by an unprovided dcath; if he be just he shall remain m the grace of God and become worthy of eternal life. 7. Whoever shall have a true devotion for the rosary shall sol dic without the sacraments of the ('hurch. 8, Those who are faithftfl to recite the rosary shall have during their llfe and at their death the light ot God aud the plentitude of Ills graces; at the moment of death they shall participate in the mcrils of the saints iu Paradise. 9. I shaU deliver from Purgatory those who have been devoted to the rosary. o. The faitlfful children nf the rosary shall merit a high degree of glouy in Heaven. z. You sllall obtain all you sak of me hy the recitatinn of the rosary. 2. All those '6,ha propagate the holy rosary shall be aided by me in their necessities, U. I have ol)talncd from my I)ivine Son that all le advocates of the rosary shall have for inter- cessors the cntire celcsffal court during their life and at the hour of death. 14. All who recite the rosary are my sons, and hrothcrs of my only son, Jesus Christ. xs. ])cvotion to my rosa'ry is a great sigtl of pre- destination. The German National Bank OF LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS CAPITAL. $300.000 Founded lS'5 Surplus and Profits. $350.000 O: A. LITTLE, Preslden! E.T. REAVES, Cashier R.H. THOMPSON. Ass't Cash'r P. ROBINSON, V.-Pres. D. G. FONES. V.Pres.. M. H, LONG, Ass't Cash'r Our Is,re lit of correspondents and the superior equipment of our Collectlon Department afford unequalled facilities for band[in o[] buslneu enuuded to u, The contervahve yet prom'enive methods which have characterized the rnana- mentd this bank have not'only mo,ked it, hiaow with succeu,ut auum continued u[ety nnd ,atidaction to it pattens. WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT We respectfully lnvl|e Accounts of these who desire a Safe Depository . -: (or ,their .Fund,, I am showing a great variety of handsonte Fall and Winter Suitings, comprising the very latest Cheviots, Worsteds and trouserings. 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