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November 18, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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November 18, 1911

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,r i! ,a., i .. 3'.; i ); THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN PUBLISHED;, WEEKLY BY THE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY OF THE DIOCESE OF LITTLE ROCK BUSINESS OFFICE: 315 W. MARKHAM ST., LITTLE ROCK, ARK. V. L. SPALDING, Businesi Mansger ................... -S{JI3SCRIPTION $1.50 THE YEAR OFFICIAL APPROVAL. r£he Southern Guardian is the omeial organ of the diocese of Little Rock, and I pray God that it ma3 be an earnest champion in the cause of right, justice and truth and an ardent defender of the religion man's obedience. Unfortunately man failed iu obedience, and the gift was forfeited. "In what day thou shalt eat thereof, thou shalt die." Matt ate, and became mortal. Now, what is death in the case of man? It's a destruction which leaves a ruin--a splendid ruin. when a saint dies, an ugly ruin, when a sinuer dies, but always a ruin. When an animal perishes that has trothing iunnortal in its naake-up, the soul does not survive; it is an extinction, and the atoms of the animal body at ouce enter new combinations. There is new physical and chcmical activity, and of the fortner life. which was never intended to be any- thing but transitory, nothing is left. Not so with man. Though not a spirit, tim soul of nmn is a spiritual substance, capable of self-existence. As it is uot the product of matter in its origin, but created by God, so its existence does not depend on matter, whie'h we all love so well. I extend to it my blessing though a certain condition of the bodily organism is with the sincere ,hope that its career may be 10ng required for its conjunctive existence with the body. and pr0sperous.---John B. Morris, Bishop of Little Tlaat coudition lacldng, the soul flies apart from the hotly; had tim primeval order prevailetl, that condi- Rock. e tion would never be lacking. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1911. IMPERFEC7"ION IN HF.AVEN. \\;Vhile we call, the inlaabitants of purgatory poor THE RESIDUARY SECT. (Continued from last week.) When I read that letter over. more thoughts occurred to me, 1 was going to pry apart some of the sentences attd insert these thoughts in their natural places, but there tlashed into my mind a picture of my friend in his lihrary holding my modest missive in his hand and gaz- ing at it it) utter dismay. It hulked too large as it was: so I refrained. But this lmmphlet gives me an oppor- tunity, and here shall I write them down it) the order in which they occurred to me. First then, came the thought of our disagreement ahout the remedy. 1 t suggested the divisions among the medical schools. Doctors, if they sometimes disagree in diagnoses, mo;'c often quarrel about the medi- cine. Indeed. one school won't play if auother pre- scribes the pills: and is 1)rel)ared to prove that any cure is accidental shotfld the patient survive. This has been a characteristic attitude of the Residuary Sect. Rather But apart from the body the soul is not what it titan admit the efficacy of the treatment of other sects. ought to be. It had been created for a certain body; the Residuary Sect will risk the loss of everything. That 'it was there from the l)eginning to SUl)erintend the all sects wonld he fairly encouraged hy any particular formation aud growth of that body; gradually it plan, makes no appeal to the Residuary Sect, because connnunicated sensation to that body; finally it "all" includes, of course, the sect they dislike. \\;Vhy thought and loved through that body. And now it should we not do a good thing hecause it will help is a lovely spiritual form, still radically possessing the another sect? If we want the best out of all sects, why powersf or botlily activity hut incapacitated as to not take the church school? Because it is the hulwark sonls, we style the citizens of heaven simply saints; and, if they hapl)en to be known to us. we call them their exercise, indeed a separated soul can exercise of the Chnrch of Rome is no reason why it should not by their flames St. Peter. St. Paul, St. Francis. As the functions of intellect and will, and this explains he the defense of all churches. a matter of fact, if we employ language in its Strict the possil)ilitv of actual hal)piness in the saints, and Next comes the suggestion ahout the leveling of their capacity' of taking a loving interest in us. But creeds to theirf undamentals. But the strength of a creed meauing, it is not St. Peter who is in heaveu, but the still they are discmbodied souls; their condition is a is measured hy the hold it has on the believer. A man holy soul of St. Peter: it is not St. Francis who dwells conseqttence of sin, and an effect of God's punish- accepts his creed hecause he thinks it is the right creed; with God, lint the sainted soul of St. Francis. For St. ment. Peter attd St. Francis were Imman beings consisting essentially of soul and body; and the name desiguates the cotnplete nature. There are. as far as we kuow, at the present time only two men in heaven; tim man Christ Jesus and Itis blessed Mother; but souls of men are represented there in large nunabers. To be sure, it is only a question of time, when the bodies now resolved in dust of glorious destiny will join their souls in heaven, mtd then the human race will be represented in heavennot only in its chief speci- mens. tim Savior and His Mother, but in all those who have achieved their salvation. At present, however, tim salvation of tnankind has not reached its completion except in the case tim two distinguished representatives naentioned above. \\;Vere there to be no resurrectiou we could not speak of the salvation of men, but only of the salvation of souls. And, if we limit our exhortation to the warn- This itnperfect contlition will come to an ctad at tim general resurrection, which will mark the com- pletion of man's salvation. Christ can)e to. restore what we lost in Adam; each man is, durntg nts eartn- ly pilgritnage, to co-operate itt the salvation of 1# soul, and in the end God will once more add. as a truth itself. If everything true that our reason cannot comprehend were excluded from our knowledge, we should not be allowed to know that we were alive--and some philosophers hold that we do not. In "Hypatia," Kingsley made Raphael Aben Ezra reason quite logical- ly that all external things were mere sensory impres- sions; reflectively, that he also was a mere sensory im- pression; and. after that, there was no real test of truth. It was a fine illustration; the man who tests reasou hy religion is exhibiting common sense; the man who tests religion by reason is apt to lind himself in the end with- out religion or reason. From the chaos of b, unlan specu- lation, humanity will turn always for relief to the simple declarative faith that saffs: "1 know 1 am an immortal sonl hecause the great God who made me has told me so." "'" e ing; ..av thy sonl," we tlo this, because the salva- tion of the soul is all that directly depends on tim that the non-resurrectiou of their bodies woukl be a activity of man. God will take care of the salvation comparative' boon. But as salvation was lost through of man, if man has taken care of course in co-opera- their'own fault, they cannot escapeGod,sthe purposeC°nsequenCCScat> tion with God's grace of the salvation of Iris soul. of their wilful transgresstons. Indeed. God might have restricted His salvation to the not be thwarted, neither by the devil nor bv dae malice of man. in spite of the devil the good will l:c souls of men," but this would have meant merely the !mppy: in :Sl.ritebod.Of themselves the wickedA ST(-)Cl,'I:-RWill suffer, rescue of fragments from the shattered masterpieces tn sore atm m y. • of Gotl's creation. It would mean the triumph of the seducer 'over Christ. the Redecmer. For death, or the separation of the soul from the body the destruc- tion of man---has come iuto the world through the envv of the devil; hence Christ, to triumph over the devil, nmst ultimately destroy even,death. This is the only a priori view wc could'take of a divine re- demption; and, though God might have decreed the forfeiture of man's complete nature as a punishment for his sins, we know from revelation that our ante- cedent assumption will be borne out by the future event of a general resurrection. In logical connection with the present disserta- tion we may discuss the nature of the soul. It is misleading to call the soul a spirit for a spirit means a complete spiritual substance. Revelation,teaches us that God has created such beings, and the Bible calls them angels, a name which designates their function as messengers from God to man. and not their es- sence. Essentially they are spirits, intelligent crea- tures both without a body and incapable of beiug Very Rev. W. Aretz, of this city, will repre- amalgamated with a body into unity of nature. If sent His Lor¢lship, Bishop Morris at a dual celebra- wc read of angels as having assumed human bodies, tion in Fort Smith on Thanksgiving day. Present they were merely dwellers in and movers, but not plans indicate that the occasion will be a notable event in the history of St. Boniface's church, which actuating principles, of these bodies. \\;Vhen God created man, He created the most on that day will round out a quarter of a century universal of His creaturesa syt3thesis of heaven and Offulfilled.noble work. May every promise of the day be earth, a mikrokosmo, a miniature world. The whole visible creation is summed up in man's bodywhich has 'being in conllnon with inanimate objects, vegeta- tion with plants, sensation with animals; attd to the earth-born God has espoused a spiritual soul, which is the dynamic principle of all the body's functions, and has, besides, a function of its own viz. thinking. However, in its state of conjunction with the body, tim soul cannot exerctse its intellectual fuuction in- dependently of its substantial partner, the body, which must both furnish the material of thought, and by causing tim abstract thought to be chained to a con- crete picture in the imagination, insure correctness of thinking. For, though the mind forms universal ideas it must ever remember for the sake of truth, that, as an actual fact, the universal exists only in the singular. There is, then, a wonderful union between soul and body. Though physically distinct, they coalesce into one essence, and into one nature or principle of action. What God has joined together so marvellous- ly, 1-1e does not wish to be put asunder, tlence I-te erldowed man with the preternatural gift of im- mortality. It required a special gift, because man's bt)dy, being composed of material atoms, is naturally corruptible; the gift was not supernatural, because the higher component part of man is naturally in- corruptihle, and therefore, if God's work was to stand, required the conformation of the lower part. This gift of immortalit2}, however, did not secure to man an impossibility of dying, but a possibility of not dying; actual immortality was made dependent on The prejudice that makes our Residuarians reluctant to do the logical thing drives them always to some il- logical expedient. They know that the conscience must be stintulated, and they should know that for couscience there is only one unfailing stimulant; but the Roman Catholic Church uses that. so they seek blindly for some other. It is as if one would say, "My Catholic hrother grows fat on roast beef; l'll spite him by starving myself to death." But they do not like to say that. It sounds as foolish as it is, and no man likes to seem as foolish as he is. So instead of roast heel our Residuarians propose a diet of moonshine. They declare, like Dr. Eliot, that the union of religion and education is a step hackward, as if that were in itself a wrong step. When you are on the wrong road, every step backward is a step in the right direction. The most recent moonshine diet is Ethical Education. They are going to teach morals as they teach Latin grammar. Instead of the l chorus of "Then times one is ten," that used to float how can he honestly consent to the SUl)pression of the out the classroont windows when you and ] was young, very features of it that nt:tke it. rather than some other, we shall have a chorus of "Not to steal is good; not satisfying to his mind attd conscience? to lie is good." But I am afraid that most of the pupils If you believe that God, all-good, all-wise, has pre- will not renlemher as long that "Not to steal is good" scribed a certain form of worship, what right have you as they will rememher that "Ten times one is ten," be- to modify the prescribed form because sonic other weak cause the experience of after-life will be a constant re- minder of the truth of the arithmetical declaration, while special gift, and then as an intpossibility of tlying-- and fallible creatures like yourself hclieve He has pre- scribed some other fornt? Your insincere asquiescence, without the \\;Vord of God they will have no reminder of the ethical lesson. They will remember bodily immortality. I Bnt what will be the use of tim body in heaven ? in the views of the others will not make tbent hetter of the truth hlh eaven things are not judged in accordance willt men, and it will make you a worse ntan. If you think ithisaSLatinlOng, recitations.perhaps, as the average schoolboy remenahers tttilitarian principles; lint certaitfly it should seem your are right sick! For the trout)le with Ethical Education is that it is natnral, that, if man is destined for heaven, he should Thoughts are as hard to keel) on the straight line as be there as lgell, and uot as a fraglnent of huulan are human beings. They hreak away very often front based upon an untrue hyl)othesis. Mind and Conscience nature, a noble ruiu. a disenabodied sonl. Besides. the terms to-which they are properly married and take though the vegetative functions of the body will no up with the gay Lotharios of huntan expression. We are longer be called into play, the wonderful beauty of .apt to glvc respectful attntion to "lreadth" as if it were the human l)ody will stand as an everlasting mcmorial something in itself respectahle. At its own fireside it is a respectable attd worthy thing: a hroad sympathy is of thes oul's plas{ic power. And for the senses therc will in all probability, be enjoyments of a connatural a tine thing, a hroad vision is it line thing; hnt a hroad order, though in harmony with the spiritttalized cot> religion is nothing at all. The widest possible angle is dition of the glorifiedb ody. no angle at all. The last generalization is an infinite For the wicked it would be better, if they never thing necessarily too big to lit in a finite thing like a had beeu born; and once born and lost, it would seem lmman mind. So "hroad" is a decent memler of society when it. sticks to its ntate but it is a corrupter and a mischiefn)aker when it runs off. as it often does. with the ternt "religion." Religion shouht not he broad, tolerance should he. Religion is the shortest distance hetween man and God; it should have only one dimension. I would have the religion of men as straight and narrow as the road to Paradise; their syml)athy as hroad as the need for it. A litle outside our suhject, perhaps, is the suhject of Now comes one Paul Beattie and repu(liates his man's reliance upon his own reason in religious matter; testimony, given under oath, at the trial of his cousin hut sontething suggested it. A fact is a thing altogether Henry C. Beattie Jr., for the murder of his wife. The indel)endentaffects only°f a hisman'SrecognitionreC°gniti°nof oftheit, truth;A man'Snot rea-the testimony of Paul started Henry to the electric chair son attd as the time fort hee xecution draws nigh the "star witness" weakens, for some reason, and de- clares that he testified falsely. This brings us face to face again with the old adage, "l'he trttth itself is not believed front one who often has deceived." How awful it is that men so frequently disregard the sanctity of an oath! The cold wave that swept the north central states the past week reached Little Rock last Satur- day night. While not anything like so severe as the weather of the northern states yet the breezes that blew were sufficient to putt he ice man out of busi- ness and to cause a great demaud for fuel. Dis- carded furs and wraps were brought from their sutn- mer resting place and put into servtce. Many who complaiued of the intense heat of the "good old sum- mer tinte" declare they won't do it again. Sad indeed was the horrible accident tl/at caused the ahnost sudden death of Sister Clarissa at Pine Bluff on last Sunday. The Southern Guardian mourns her deathand extends condolence to the honored order of which she was a faithfttl member and to her relatives attd friends outside the order. May she rest in peace. The article by Hon. Bird S. Color "Socialistn in the Schools" was concluded in last week's issue of this paper and his other strong article "The Residu- ary Sect" was 1)egnn. These splendid articles shou!d be carefully read attd the copies of the paper m which they appeared preserved. "It is a help and a wholesome thought to pray for the dead." November being the tnontla of the poor souls let no good Catholic forget to pray for'the poor souls in Purgatory and thus help those who can't help themselves. "Have pity on me. at least you my friends, tiave pity on me for the hand of the .Iord has touched me." Have you resl)onded, in a sulSstantial way, to the appeal made by Father Shanahan ior contribu- tions for the benefit of Calvary cemetery? If not it is about time to send in your share o.f the much need- ed funds. \\;Ve should keep green the grave, as well as the memory of our departed. COUNTY COURTHOUSE. This House Belongs to the Whole People df Pulaski County• MY PLATFORM Fou¢ Years Couoty Treasorer Step Down nnd Out Give Another Man e Chan©e / The nmchanical department of The Southern f;uardian office is now practically complete. ()n Tues- day of this week, we installed our new folder. It is an up-to-date piece of machinery in keeping with our other equil)ment. This ofi-,:e is now 1,repared tc do all kinds oi printing and do it well and quick. [ . may be the samc thing physiologically-r-I do not know whether they are or notbut psychologically, they are distinct and separate. And Ethical Educatton assumes that Mind and Conscience are tn be developed by the same treatntent. It proposes to feed a horse with gaso- lene hecause gasolene makes an automobile go. As 6ne .. of the owners of the hotse, I protest. Many of our friends in the Residnary Sect--indeed, , we might very well say all of thenthelieve Agnosticism o is beggfng for freedom: it is doing nothing of the sort it is demanding dominion. After the puhlication of "Socialism in the Schools," a "fr. thought" periodical printed an editorial continent thereupon, and some one sent a copy to me. It lies on my desk, and I must apologize to my friends for dragging it into the discus- € sion, because, as I look it over, it isn't a very pleasant sort of a sheet. It has tbe characteristic "soft spots" of t socialistic literature; ther are discolorations that do not 't seem healthy, suggesting a diabetic cantaloupe. But it proclaims itself on the front page "a free thought  attd agnostic newspaper"; it makes numerous demands on its editorial page, two of which read as follows: (To be continued.) To the Voters of Pulaski County GENTLEMEN--] want to be your next County Treasurer. "There are others," all competent men, so far as I know and believe. Some have an- nounced regularly; others have not. Some ha')e never held a county of- rice; others have been in the court- house since hoyhood, and have children growing up. As to those who have not held of- lice I ask you to compare our re- cords for the Democratie party and the stand taken for Good Govern- ment and Clean Polities. As to those who have, I will ask the same. I will further ask you to consider whether or not the party platfornt helieves in the perpetuation of any ntan in any clerical office. I am frank to admit that the County has many men who can fill this office faithfully, efficiently and honestly. Should they or their children have a right to aspire to of- lice? If not, let the people speak. I have said repeatedly, if elected I shall ask for the second term, then step down and out and give another Democrat a chance. Is this your un-, derstanding, Mr. Voter, of the Demo- cratic platform? I can als0 truthfully state t txt" I am not tied up to any t)anki,l'n- stitution or individual, and if 1 N?ad will be in a position to do nty full duty by the entire citizenship of the county. You may also be assured of courte- ous trcatment at all times. If you helieve in nay platform, vote for ME. Sincerely yours, Harry M. Ramey t