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November 14, 1969     Arkansas Catholic
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November 14, 1969

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PAGE 4 THE GUARDIAN, NOVEMBER 14, 1969 A New Calendar Time is a term with which people are familiar, but its full meaning escapes the comprehension of most of them. It is said to pass slowly under some circumstances and quickly under others. It is an elusive notion. All this is suggested by the fact that there is a report that a calendar reform is in the offing. The one that is, at present in use had its origin with Julius Caesar about the year 46 B.C. It was far from being adequate and many mis- calculations caused an error in the days. This condition induced Pope Gregory XIII to make some changes and corrections in the Julian Calen- dar. First he advanced the date of October 5 to 15 to make up for a ten-day deficit caused by the old reckoning. It was a good many years before the Gregorian Calendar was generally accepted. It is still not usedbysome of the Orthodox sects in the litur- gical arrangement of the year. The World Calendar Association is now preparing a new calendar, which is called a perpetual one. It would divide the year into four quarters composed of three months each. The first month of each quarter would have 31 days, the others 30. Another day called World Day would be added to December 30th and during a leap Year another such day would be added to June 30th. Every holiday would fall on the same dayeach year. Most of them on Monday. This would make the longweekend so desirable to many people. There are good arguments for and against this arrangement. On the side against its adoption, there is the fact that the sameness would be dis- tasteful after a while. Variety is the spice of life and monotony becomes tiresome. The change of seasons is a pleasing diversion. It is beneficial to health and happiness to have holidays comeon different days of the week. Long weekends occasionally are enjoyable, but:they usually suggest travel and take people away from their homes. Americans need to spend more time at home, The members of the families see too little of each other, especially in recent years, since mothers have been working outside their homes ifi such large numbers. In many cases children and parents see little of each other during the working week. If the holidays are set up to come always on Mondays, this will mean more time away from the family circle. Long weekends also produce more tragedies on the highways. It may suit business and school schedules better to have a fixed number of days in most of the months, but there is more to life than rigid regulations. A little variety is good for what ails society. The Medical Profession In recent years, the medical profession has met with undue adverse criticism, at times. The Chicago Daily News had something to say about the much maligned profession a few weeks ago. This comment needs more publicity in order to correct some irresponsible reports that have been current. ltere is an excerpt from the News article: "In recent times, doctors seem to be constantly under attack as self-centered, venal, old-fash- ioned, in their fear of socialization of their profession, even callous in their regard for the welfare of the older portion of the population." We don't doubt that there are bad men in every profession, who need correction and discipling. The American Medical Association has done a good job of policing its membership. The record of the past quarter of a century gives ample testimony to the wisdom of allowing the Medical Association to do its own housecleaning. How many of the critics of the medical men ever stop to realize what these dedicated men have accomplished through the years. Some of the diseases that once were fatal In most instances, are now cured daily, such as tuberculosis, once c[lled the white plague, small pox, typhoid fever, diphtheria, and pneumonia. They are now preventable. Even polio, cancer and heart disease are succumbing to medical treatment. It is well known fact, that the medical men have lengthened the ex- pectancy of life to such an extent that we have a new problem to deal with now, geriatrics or old age. Thoughtless people place the blame for the risingcost of sickness upon the doctors. But a break down of the medical dollars reveals that the doctor's share of it has remained at 25 cents since 1955. Previous to that it was more -- 28 cents in 1950. 30 cents in 1940 and about 33 cents in 1929. So the expense of the physician has decreased. The increase in medical expense is due to the fact that patients demand and get more medical care. This increased expense is princi- pally In the hospital expense service charges for X-rays, medicine, technician fees and other items. The hospitals are not toblame for the increase in costs. It is due to the increased cost of hiring personnel, the rise in the prices of all the items used in hospital care -- food, medicine, mechanical repairs, upkeep, etc. People get more now than ever before for their medical dollar. The next time anyone complains that medical care is too expensive and should be put under the care of the government think of what abuses such a procedure would unleash. The doctors have done a good job, so have the hospitals. Most people can take care of their medical expense by the wise use of insurance. Pope Calls for Harmony Individual Efforts To Reform Church Hit Vatican City (NC)-- Pope Paul VI called on Christians to "live together in prayer" -- though he admitted that such a life is "very beautiful but not very easy" -- and also asked for a halt to the efforts of individuals to reform the Church. To have musical accord, he explained, all the instruments, even the most sophisticated ones, must be played in symphony. In his remarks, at a general audience in St. Peter's basilica, the Pope reminded members of the Christian community that they are truly the Mystical Body of Christ. Pope Paul said that this com- munity is also "a vital communion through the Holy Spirit," and should be cultivated by all Chris- tians so that they will become "one heart and soul." This willbe accomplished, he stated, by the ex- ercise of charity, a virtue that is "always tempted by interior sel- fishness and our individual be- havior, both ecclesial as well as social." Some Priests Accused Of Marxist Tactics Call, Colombia (NC) -- Some "rebel priests" seem to be fol- lowing Marxist tactics in under- mining the institutional Church, the two top leaders of the arch- diocese of Caii said after firing one such priest now jailed as "subversive." Archbishop Alberto Uribe Ur- daneta of Call and his auxiliary, Bishop Augusto Aristizabal Os- pina, said in a pastoral letter "it is a well-known Marxist tac- tic to mislead priests byail calumny, in order to undermine the structure of the Church." The two prelates referred to recent events that led them "to irrefutable conclusions" in warn- ing priests and people against "movements which seek a con- frontation between the faithful and the Church leaders, under the pretext of social and economic reforms." Speaking of tradition, he acknow- ledged that much study must be done before the real value of tradition for modern times can be truly evaluated. He admitted that it will involve "courageous re- form" to renounce what is found to be superfluous. In the mean- time, however, he reminded the innovators of the day that the "Church is like a musical concert in that not even an aristocratic instrument canplay in an orchestra as it likes and what it likes." The Pope said that tradition "no longer means anything to the innovators -- not even to the good ones -- of our times." The young, he continued, dislike everything that precedes "their present-day life and their rush toward novelty and the future." But "even the wise speak of a break with the past, with pre- ceding generations, with conven- tional forms, with the heredity of the ancients," he charged. He criticized those who speak of a "conciliar devalue arbitrarily a Catholic pa- trimony of thought and morals that still has many values worthy of appreciation." And he was crit- ical also of those who adopt "a behavior at times so negative as to generate confusion and disas- sociation within the ecclesia] com- munity." Pope Paul paid tribute to the treasure of tradition, "even though some of it today may seem to us ephemeral," and he reminded his listeners that it carries us back to Christ Himself. "Tradition is the vehicle which brings us the doctrine and the apostolic succession and it is (the factor without which) we can- not have Christ present today un- less we recognize the historical and human channel which leads us back to the source of His evangeiical apparition." The Pope contended that a valid knowledge of tradition will assist ecclesial renewal in our times, a factor that will come about by the remembrance of and solidarity with the "brothers who preceded us in the sign of faith andwho sleep the sleep of peace." From the Managing Editor'. Desk.: A m erica's m e tropolitan daily press and the ra- dio and tel- evision me- dia to which it feeds its slanted news have, until now, been ab I e to brush aside alle that they are intellectually low and intellectually Over the last two the daily press has taken age of the stupid view that it appears in it must true." And it haS able to convince Americans that if the big ropolitan papers print a fact, it must be true. Such a belief became to the credibility of the press after the criminal national communist con: filtrated key positions in industry back in the 1920's 1930's, and concepts of istic honesty were Americanism has ed and Marxism upgraded. For weeks now, the tan press, radio and have been writhing in an of anticipation. It be President Aguew -- God him -- minced no words in gating the press' boys -- the dissident tors trying to disrupt social order. Day in and day out, storie nouncing the Vice Pr published in the discouraging the ultimate "heresy" the daily press for what it is -- intellectually tellectually dishonest. But the fort failed. To prove both alle Vice President simply had happened to him. "If I said that some supporters of the were an effete corps of snobs, it is reported that the leaders were. The next  it gets down to the point I said the demonstrators And then finally it gets the point where I say all people are impudent snobs." Do You Remember? 50 YEARS AGO THIS WEEK The Guardian reported: Little Rock -- The medical  of St. Vincent Infirmary at cial meeting decided to public for $300,000. The money be used to construct a home and training school crease bed facilities. Dr. Scargorough was named of the drive. 2S YEARS AGO THIS WEEK The Guardian reported: Subiaco -- Frater PlacidU: kart, son of Joseph M. postmaster at Subiaco, ced triennai vows in the dictine Order at the abbey recently. The Right Rev. M. Nahlen, O.S.B., abbot, ed the vows. The High sung by The Rev. Aloysius O.S.B., The Rev. Leo and The Rev. Andrew O.S.B., were subdeacon and COP..