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November 12, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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November 12, 1927

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Page Eight THE GUARDIAN, NOVEMBER 12, 1927 N.C.W.C. EXECUTIVE SECRETARY GIVEN PRELATE'S RANK (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Terre Haute, Ind., Nov. 4. The Rev. Dr. James H. Ryan of the Ca- tholic University of America and Executive Secretary, Department of Education, N. C. W. C., was solemnly invested as a domestic prelate in the cc.nvent chapel of St. Mary-of-the- Woods, here yesterday. Five Mon- signori, 100 priests, 400 Sisters, 350 college students and hundreds of the laity were in the chapel which is larg- er than most parish churches, for this scene of solemn splendor. in Prague. It is equipped with all the modern medical innovations and sur- passes in the respect of internal ac- commodation all the hospitals main- tained in Prague by the State and Municipal authorities. The new hospital has been built at a cost of 11,000,000 Kronen. The Savings Bank of Prague-Vinohrady loaned 7 millions. One and a half million were donated by private bene- factors, and the Ministry of Hygiene, and the City of Prague advanced sub- sidies. There is still a large debt but the Brothers hope to find more benefactors to cover it. PRIESTS IN IRELAND OPPOSED TO LIQUOR I CARDINAL O'DONNELLI ARE::DHAfMNEEDMIsSIONS PRAISED BY OFFICIAL! o w o Service.) Detroit, Nov. 5. Three members OF NORTH IRELAND Catholic Home Mision Aposto- late who recently completed their (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) studies at the College Angelico, Dublin, Oct. 31.--Resolutions of Rome, were ordained priests by the of sympathy and good wishes for his Rt. Rev. Joseph C. Plagens, Auxiliary recovery were forwarded by the Tir- of Detroit, Tuesday in the chapel of conail (Donegal) Board of Health co the Sacred Heart Seminary. Cardinal O'Donnell during his illness. The Rev. Russell Francis Paquette The board administers most of theof Bay City, Michigan; the Rev. WiN public services fo rthe counw, and liam Mooney of Morristown, N. J., represents both Catholicand non- and the Rev. Thomas Masterson of Catholic opinions. New York City, are the newly or- In supporting the resolution ofdained priests. They will return, to sympathy, Mr. J. Clarke, Deputy Lieu- i Rome to pursue studies leading to the It was appropriate that the cere- mony should take place at St. Mary- el-the-Woods, as Dr. Ryan spent nine years there and had no small part in the development of St. Mary-of-the- Woods College which toda~ stands high among the Catholic colleges for women. TRAVELERS' PATRON SAINT BEING MORE WIDELY RECOGNIZED LAW EXCEPTIONS tenant, one of the members of the f board, said: l "When Cardinal O'Donnell receiv- (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Father~ed the Red Hat, I had the, pleasure Dublin, Oct. 31.--The Mathew Union of Irish Priests has iofl proposing a vote of congratula- protested to the Minister for Justice ltions to him on his elevation. against the great nmnber of exemp-l "I know, perhaps, more of Car- interceded for them in his prayers to Saint Christopher. This Saint is becoming more and more widely recognized throughout Europe not only as the patron of all travelers, but particularly as the pat- ron of automobilists, and "che custom of blessing autornobi!es has become so prevalent that two very curious spe- cial out-door chapels of Saint Chris- topher have recently been constructed in France, a~ Montlhery in the de- partmcn~ of ~ejne-et-0ise, and at Miran~a~, in the Bas-du.Rhone dis- tricL These two chapels are identi- Cal, having both been constructed after the p]a~s of the architect, M. Joel Martel. In each t i_s a small central chapel, roofed over but open to the air, with a long, roofed-over shelter extending to right and left in curving lines like the spreading wings of a great white concrete airplane. Automobilists may drive up to these shelters to have their machines bless- ed. The general lines of the two new structures are very simple and they are carried out wholly in reinforced concrete. Above each central chapel is a tall and very striking tower, square at the base but merging at the top into a massive and modernistic likeness of the head and shoulders of Saint Christopher carrying the (3hrist Child and a great cross. (By N. C, W; C. News Service.) New York, Nov, 2.---Convicted of participating in the disturbances that attended the M~morial Day parade of the Ku Klux Klan last May, in de-~ fiance of police orders, John Kipp of Hastings, and John Marcy of Yonkers, yesterday were sentenced to the Court of Special Sessions at Jamaica to the New York Penitentiary. Kipp, who at the time o~ his trial openly boasted he was a member of the hooded order, was sentenced to serve six months, while Marcy, who declared he was not a Klansman, but had merely been an onlooker, received a thirty-day sentence. In imposing the sentence on Kipp, Judge Healey, who with Justices ~el- ly and Caldwell, occupied the Court of Special Sessions bench, said: "You are nothing but a thug and a loafer. You were sent here by the Ku Klux Klan as a strong-arm man and you did your work to suit the Klan.' The specific charge on which the two men were convicted was assault on two members "of Richmond Hill tions from certain provisions of the dinal O'Donnell than any other Prot- anti-liquor laws and has urged with- estant. His Eminence was chairman drawal of orders by which local au- thorities have permitted the selling of the Board of the Tireonail Mental of spirits before ~and after the hours Hospital, with which I was assciated (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) during which sales are allowed by the Hospital, with which I was associated Paris, Oct. 31. On ~heir success- statute, most generous in every way, broad- ful flight from Paris to Buenos Aires, The ordinary hour for opening sa- minded in every sense of the word, crossing the South Atlantic from loons is 10 a. m.. but the licensing and tolerant." Senegal to Brazil, the French aria- act of 1927 gives power to district Mr. Clarke then quoted an instanceI tors, Captains Costes and Le Brix, justices to vary this hour in certain in which the Cardinal helped two de-] with them a~mall medal of eases. The usual plea put forward serving Protestants to obtain lucra-I carried Saint Christopher which had been for leave to open before this hour is tire employ~nent in the public serv- I I presented to them a few days be- that great numbers of people will be ices. I fore their departure by the Abbe in a town at an early hour, for a fair ,, e h " " Mr Tha~ s owed, conhnued .I Thm'ault. pastor of the town of Saint- or market, and that they will require Clarke, "that the Cardinal was unbi- Christophe-le-Jajolet in the depart- alcohol after journeying in the earl:? ased, mad a man of the utmost gen- ment of thq Orne, in northwestern morning, erosity. He was a gentleman in every France. The inhabitants of the town The Union of Priests points out sense of the word." are already making preparations for that in most towns where fairs are a fete to celebrate the return of the held, all the saloons obtain exemptions MASSES SAID FOR two brilliant aviators. It is expected from the district justice authorizing CATHOLIC PRESS that they will make an informal pil- them to open as early as 7 a.m. This BY BISHOP'S ORDER grimage to visit the church of Saint- mentiS declaredto taker be, a direCtinsteadencourage-of food Christophc, where their medal was alchl (By N. C. W. C. News Service) 1 blessed, and where the Abbe Thuault at this early hour. Paris, Oct. 31. A new precedent was recently established by Msgr. SAN FRANCISCO K. OF C. Dupre, Bishop of Quimper, the old TO HELP EUCHARISTIC Brittany town long famous for its CONGRESS. SPONSORS pottery. At the Bishop's order, a Mass was celebrated in every parish (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) of his diocese last week for the bene- San Francisco, Nov. 7. The San 'fit of the Catholic press, and each Francisco Chapter of the Knights of congregation was urged in the sermon Columbus, will aid the committee in to read the Catholic papers and to charge of the Twenty-ninth. Inter- national Eucharistic Congress, to be give them their active support. held n~ext September in Sydney, Aus- MARQUETTE LEAGUE tralia, by the establishment of an in- FORWARDS $27,000 forn~ation bureau for United States TO THE MISSIONS Catholics who are to attend the Con- gress. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) New York, N. Y., Nov. 3. For GIFTS TO MISSIONS the first half of its fiscal year end- EXEMPT BY FRANCE FROM LUXURY TAX ing October 31, the Marquette League for Catholic Indian Missions, with of- flees at 105 East 22nd Street, New (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) York City, sent over $27,000 direct Paris, Oct. 31. In answer to an to the Missions of this country and" inquiry recently made by a French Alaska for the support of 'priests, senator to M. Poincare~ the Minister Sisters, catechists and children in of Finance has replied that organs Mission schools. for foreign missions, like other Most of this amount was made up articles destined for religious pur- of stringless gifts and was sent to the poses, are exempt from the usual 12 individual Missions in donations rang- per cent luxury tax. This taw wMch has been in force in the French ing from $100 to $3,000, according to their needs. fiscal regime for some years, is based It is the practice of the League, in on the sales price of all articles of ;he distribution of its funds, to help furniture, jewels, musical instru- all the Missions during its fiscal year. ments, etc., above a certain value, and is ordinarily paid by the put- PRAYERS FOR MEXICO chaser. DEC. 8, RECOMMENDED KLANSMEN RIOTERS SENT TO PI~NITENTIARY MEXICAN MARTYRS' (By N, C. W. C. News Service.) PICTURE AROUSES Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 4.---The LONDON CATHOLICS Rev. Edward Garesche, S. J., of Mar- quette University, widely known poet, London, Oct. 31.---When a photo- lecturer and editor, has written a let- ter to the editors of Catholic news- papers throughout the country sug- gesting that the Feast of the Immac- ulate Conception, December 8, again be observed with prayers and special devotions for "the suffering and mar- tyred Church o~ Mexico." telling of the story o~the persecution by Mr. J. J. Donovan, who has be- IsR{$~tlDENCE COLLEGE gun a campaign of enlightenment o~ TO HAVE ADDITION the :Mexican question under the ~as- pices of the Catholic Council for In- (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) ternational Relations. Providence, R. I., Nov. 5.--The Lectures will be ~i~en in many contract for the construction of the parts of the count~ in an effort to proposed addition to Harkins Hall of ~waken th~ (3at~b~lics of the country Providence College here will be tO an appre~tf~tion of the sufferings awarded following the opening of of their ~exican brethren, bids next week, the Rev. Lorenzo Mc- Carthy, O. P., president of the col- CATHOLICS HOLD OWN lege, has just announced. It is hoped IN CZECH ELECTIONS that the new wing of Harkins Hall will be ready for occupancy in Sep- Prague, Czechoslovakia, Oct. 29.-- tember. The recent municipal elections here The addition, according to ap- and in all the towns and villages in proved plans, will be four stories high Czechoslovakia revealed huge trans- and of brick and concrete construe- precinct, fers of adherents to and from various tion. It will be of Gothic design to political parties. ~No less than 17 harmonize with the original building. PRAGUE CATHOLICS parties which filed lists of.candidates "The new structure will provide a BUILD HOSPITAL in the capital. The Catholic vote re- number of new classrooms, an audi- FOR THE POOR mained unchanged, torium, a refectory and cafeteria, a In the town council of Prague library and a temporary chemical lab- (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) there will again be six represents- 'oratory. The fourth floor of the Prague, Oct. 21.--The order of tires of the Popular Part~, the party structure will be devoted to living Brothers of Mercy has completed a which recruits its voters /fr6m *he quarters for ehe professor of the large hospital for the abandoned sick raflks of Czech Catholics. ,college. __ degree Doctor of Socred Theology. PROTEST BY SWISS CATHOLES AGAINST MEXICO'S OUTRAGES By Dr. Frederic Funder, (Vienna Correspondent, N. C. W. C. News Service. ) Viena, Oct. 24. The great organ- ization of the Swiss Catholics of Ger- man nationality, the Swiss People's Union, at its annual meeting at Schaffhausen has recorded in resolu- tions its horror and protest at the persecution of Catholics in Mexico. Landamann Hans yon Matt. the presi- dent; delivered an address to the del- egates in which he depicted with elo- quen~ words the barbarities to which the faithful are subjected in Mexico and to which many priests and lay- men have fallen victims. Amid. the cheers of the assembly he pointed out that notwithstanding the appalling cruelties in Mexico, those who could not be sufficiently energetic in their efforts to stir the world's conscience in the Saeeo-Vanzetti ease have ut- tered no complaint against Mexico's outrages. I BAY CITY COUPLE, 96, MARRIED 75 YEARS (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Bay City, Mich., Nov. 5. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Silwinski, each of whom is 96 years old, observed the 75th anniversary of their marriage a few days ago by rene~ving their wedding vows in St. Stanislaus Church. Fifty- eight members of their nessed the ceremonies. Until 15 years ago, Mr. was sexton of the St. etery. The couple have dren living', 15 g: great grandchildren. Four oft tle great grandchildren flower girls at the jubilee :Lion. COLLEGE (IN THE HEART OF THE COMMONWEALTH) @ COURSES: ARTS AND SCIENCES PRE-MEDICAL, PRE-ENGINEERING PRE-LEGAL, PRE-DENTAL COLLEGE OF PHARMACY Two-Year Course Leading to the Degree Ph.G. (WOMEN ADMITTED TO THIS COURSE) Boarding and Day School : Terms reasonable For Further Information Apply to the Rev. Rector. 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