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November 12, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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November 12, 1927

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THE GUARDIAN, NOVEMBER 12, 1927 Page Seven i his work with a big oil company at this Shrine being Lo place the poor I jubilant over the fact of havin theirled the five "- . | Port Arthur, Texas, after a visit with persecuted Catholics of Mexico undertown church so near. At the rgear oflrollment thi:=:e~:d B::k ~h its en ~6~'~/~ ~]" A ~-[~]~99 ~ lnsmother," Mrs L. W. Preston. /the patronage of the Little Flower in [the church proper and connected with .emv and th~ R~ ~ ~ ......... ocnom aree crowa-Acad kJ~.~_vl ll.J21 ~k_)~v~J ~ Mrs. martin Hlrsch has returned the hope that through her interces-[it there will be living rooms for the led and the dire necessity for another | to her home at Alexandria, La. She sion, religious peace may be restored |pastor. It is a beautiful location but " ~ " By p. F. Scanlan, Managing Editor of the Tablet, Brooklyn | was accompanied by her father, Wil- in that unhannv Lqncl |th .......... ~ ........ and/~ ldmg lsmore than manifest. The ~ liam Driscoll, for man , ears a IeSl F *.- ....... t--~ ~. ...... b are ampm ior expansmnif~eaaemy lauumng has been undergo-' ~,.,,.._ | 5 Y . " . "- uther Raymond recently returned when needed Sisters from St Ann ~ in . ,-~,.o. .....---o--.o-~-.,..~,~.o._ .... ~ .~,~--.~--. 2. , ,. . . . ~ . e s g extensive exterior re airs and is ...................... :~q, den/[/fMena,'~ho~lll make]us home from a WSlt to the Convent of the/will have charge of the children oflnow presenting a much [iPnrove,q ~, - Wll;n his aaughter ~ -- -e- ......... L~ttlo Flowerat L smux, France the parish Clt Item earan ~ 1. With zne Iez or greeting some ira .... ~ ....... i .... [ ""-- Y ' IP c,e. -~ Is ..... . . ~ ~ ~ .... " ~msses l~argare~ ~ananan and Misswhere he enjoyed the extraordinary] I; ' ' s~-erany expected ot Gatho- ternm potentate. Helm " ~ . ' . St. Anne s football team a - lh~t when some ministers ,mbli- Trr . n Ruth Thrones left Saturday privilege of Interviewing and seeingSt. Edward's Mere)- Hospital. "~ ~ ccompan z,n, 1;~ .... .... ' .... J orJ-'amls, Texas, wherethe, wiPlfac.~~ ............ ! , .ed bY thmr coach, Rev. Father Flu_ ~' ...... cry giants or newspapers ] Now, while this gambling, robbery, ~--cnd sev^-~I ~-, ............ "~ ~' :lo ,: ~" : ..... ~J~per ~.g.nes -~na, ~lscer | Wl~,e /omth floor of the St. EdT[terty, went to Subiaco last Frida. to Omethin~- fa~o "" ... I. .. . . _ ~.p ~rm uab~ vt~bmg reiarlve~|weilne, P, vo oI Lne living sisters of wara s lvlercy ~tospltal which was left , - Y .. ~ ~ raole elrnem,, armKmg aria general Bedlam was i ~ ..... , , ........... , .................... It play the Sublaco It~gh the result w s Y ~---the Catholics should throw im'o,n'e~s di~ ~ ....... , ....... ,..m } ......... [thus. the young lames, WhO I~ne ~t~le ,,rower. Tins is a privilege t:nfimshed a~ ~he opemng of tin, new 2 t~ a ;, ......... e ,~ " .-- e hats in ,h ........ [ { ~" " ' .-'~ .~"7..'" .... Y ......... , fare making the trip in Miss Callahan's]which is accorded to very few ow.n Ihos~ital three years a~- h.~ ~ ...... t: ~-,- ...... ~ .,* ~uomco. ,'ne m~. t~- ~..- a~l anu upon oo~am- ~mown as me ~nt>~aloon League, or ~ new Star six cnhrinlo~= -~' ~ ..~ ~,~.~- ] ~ ~ -~...... m. . .( .......... ~ " ~-, ........... Anne s noys ren~rned home defeated, "= Proper eauilib.'i ......... ~-~ -li ............. ' ~ ..... ' .......... fl ................ ! ............. gY' *he prlvnege was ex-leently completed, and was formally!~ ~ ,.+ a .... *,,,t ......... .*,a ~-,,W,~ ...... ,..a,~ aI b~ nut.tonal lnlnls~erlal eons~aoulary to Wichita F.~]I,~ m,v *, .;~i~ M.-~. ~a.a,a +. lp a~. ., . . 1. ' ' " ~ " I bu ..... ,.,u.~,. anu wm ~ry again. ,u h.. .. , _ ~ .. . , ,-..., ..... , ~. v ......... s. ~..,.e,. ~,. a~ner *xaymona oecause of t openea las~ friday when the section .. ~Jue, no aoubt, to ~say anytmng? Of course not Did Bernard Alve ...... ., 7 I ........ [ At the request of A M Hardin aght misrem.o~-*-,: ..... ,. ,,_ ........ " _ - .a. /ms rank as a ~uperior in the OrderlWas thrown open re ~ne puodc Ior~, ....... " " g" m ,--~.~u~m., lnance ~ney suppor~ ~ne rnnng regnne: Oft C B Null has returned from ~ [of Dio~lo,a o...... ,., ~, [;-~o~;,,~ [~n.~ mrec~or of the broadcastin rance -~ . " - ~, ...... ,--, ,~rmellbes,bilesame -.~v~-~v,,, . . . g ... " " " " ' d be ther hand take menlike ort Smith, spent Sunday with the ~ = : : : = = = : : t' lexclusivelv" the daintil. .r, ~..; ~ ~ " " g" g o ~ first place at at, 0 " . " " e, " ,y IutzzaSlle{l . , . :Otes~a)he United .Sta/es and Gove~no, Smith, Governor R,tehm, home foH:s ,n Mena. I ~'~aT ]~|T~.~ t/nursery was the attraction of all the i:he. mter-seholast,e ~neet heht at the ,,:., ~.-~s woum vote *or sucn mena~or Reed, or Nicholas Mum'ay very ,tev. Msgr. Callagber madeI I 111 O1111111 $ |visitors . umverslw ms~ spring ana also ar -.ual~ This was not only con- Butler! All of these men are intelli-a recent trip to Chicago for the par- ~- : : : ......... 1[ "In connection with the recentionlthe State Fair hem in Little Rock last can exceedingly kindly act, but gent and successful administrators. ]pose of selecting a main altar for or.:_..r_ ~ ....... " ~was a linen shower sponsored b ~ the ~ month. a0rainal .... St A nes' h -.-.,o .... ~ rar*sn ~reaKing of . , . Y . .... Y one. The press All are capable individuals, of accept- I " g C urch and also to pur- GrounJ c ........ ilhd~es of the St. Edward s Guild, largel M!ssMane Fletcher, daughte~ of we re e " 'oh - .or lsew t-nurcn t~y r~ev .... ~*" P at, the new doctrine, ed honesty and of, generally conslder- I use a new statue of the Blessed Fa*~.^- ~ ..... ldonatmns were recmved. IDL and Mrs. T. M. Fletcher of Menu, ~wo ministers in Connecticut ed, good home life. Moreover, at Virgin for the Young Ladies' Sodality. ..:~:. o..~: r, anerty ,u, om- | * /has been a guest at the St. Anne's ~ed.~n this year of Our Lord least two of them are regular and The new altar which will cost $1 300, p~euon ot at.ldward s i Memorial Sunday. IAcademy for the past ten days. Miss ' l1erc " -- . . , - vathohc and will be s eemll des~ y l-losp~tal Me The fnst Sunday in Novembei be Marm who ~s popular w~th a large could hold the Presi devout church members How do " P " y "gned to bar- " chair and - " monlze" with' the interior" cons mortal Servlces at mS the annual date for the Catholic number of St Anne's raduat " Protestants t nd w'th the Anti-Saloon " " ~ - that these men s a 1 tructmn g es, has Vote against him on ac- League? They are ineligible for the and finish of St. Agnes' Church, will Cemetery memorial services in the cemetery been the inspiration of several social s_____ __~._ .._..~ ..~. of the hnmaculate Conception Church convention held at the Goldman hotel, his religion, as highly im- Presidency. Why? Because they ~hb:?lYa bM:.qns.talledfnt~egfhOr th: ST. ANNE'S ACADEMY ACTIV- which is used by the congregation affairs. During the State Nurses' uch,. indeed, is the estate-~-.~.~- ~,,*~ ~-,~,~, ,,,,~, ~,~qu~,~d;nt-ahreernZl*steadlsm~'and"pr-aPr 'ed his parishioners a work of , ITIES and St. Boniface's Church, it was ob-Fort Const~tutmnalf' guarantees, . rom~s Smith, this week Miss Fletcher Principles" " and pubhc" edu- ly they are barfhes, bums and an- t which will be a joy to all behold-l, ,.t'h--r-Lu~... ta~-t ~nr~st~"....... the ~x*n . served on this occasion with unusual and the Misse~ Josephine and Lucille ve fallen. It is news that archists ~.rg :for ages to come, and will fitting-~ A 1 .......... g~ .. solemnity, both parishes, for the first Brun gave a very delightful musical W~ll" " ly mamfest" thmr' love for the Blessed' ong ~e~ wan~ in ~or~ ~mim time in years uniting for the cere- program at the noon luncheon on 'resid-permltent a Cathohc to Th,s monomaniac political philoso-]Sacrament I will be realized in the building mony. of the Monday. Miss Fletcher returns to We refuse to phy is no respecter of persons. Only Durin "the ast week th " I new Catholic church on Greenwood Despite the intensely cold and wet Menu next week. last week when a majority of Protes-|s~aineu" " =lass g wlnaowP" m the e mrge]avenue, we'ather conditions, a large concourse ~s Worse when one investl tant Episcopal ministers came out in I.~ ~ ~ .. . choir andl Ground was broken on Wednesday gathered in the cemetery; their at- I b " ~ne ~ransom over me church aoor on . ,OUquet given he finds a opposition to Volsteadism the Anti-~the north side have been .... [after noon, Father Flaherty turning tendance coupled with the lavish dis- placea. The ached. The ministers would Saloon League made a typical an- Ichoir window consists of "" . /the first spadeful of dlrt at 1 p.m. [play of flowers and lighted candles Cath. considered, by tenof live anels . " graves, ,.:--:~hc to be President, but swer. The poll was not lsurmounted smallep size'/ Native.stone will be used m the which marked the testified -m~sc or their ,,~;---;-.~ ^..a nm~ner were ~ne arguments pu~ Iorth/The center ~f "~-- -~-'- " |cons~rucuon. An English style of their devotion to and remembrance t " v~*-~,v-~. ~,u . u ~ne ~ve panels repre- . heir principles, the vital I by the dissenters. Dr. Poland says ~s ........ . ~arch~tecture will be followed. The of the dear departed. . , . enrs mr. ~gnes, ann ~s m memory oI 'church will be 2 " and~n I Dr Em mn ham who mailed out the 5 feet w~de, 83 feet g issues upon which P " g , Miss Emma McCann To the l*i,~-* Very Roy. Dr. Horan, assisted by a a " . . ~xl~ . . - vaflabfl~ty of a candidate letters, is prod by saloon keepers, of St A~'nes is the ~-" ...... long and will have a seating capamty Roy. J. M. Lundregan, pastor of St. esldency?" Yes, you guessed This Dr. Empringham unequivocally to the le~t St Cecelm~)'tl:efmTe;ra:o~ of 156 persons, according to present John's Colored Church, and Rev. M. wet o d ~ plans r rice hm--support . enies.g But who cares. Dr. Em-memher f St. hr, n,~. oI~.,,~ ..a +~..nated by Mr. Willie Lindner, a valued ". Mercy Hospital, made the Stations of dry, or rather will .. . . J. Norton, chaplain of St. Edward's I~LP~CK nnou rm ham's affflmtmns cannot alter , Christ the King Church ~s be o~ P ----~--, ----~-, .,,o~ ,,,~ ~.u- 7~;~=hvhi::i$(ff"~io~"~" "~."~i~'~~ mg erected to reheve the congest- the Cross in his own original and de- Nothing else mattersthe result of the canvass, of over says he is ipso facto become President; if not, IL is reSPonsible for such a jack- Presidential availabil- is the effect, but cause of such a test. The League is the respons- this bamboozling and iSSue. The Anti-Saloon Works on the theory that a no matter how corrupt, no criminal, no matter how privately, is a. most if he publicly states: Prohibition; I am one hun- cent for enforcement." On if a person of high in- of sturdy moral integrity and ex- Statesmanship, at the same pot think a man belongs in a glass of beer, then It is not only a crime and America to take a but it is a crime to the Volstead law is unjust he repealed. It is yet protest that the agents are and Public nuisances. The responsible. America is becoming as League takes over au- higher than ever claim- twelve apostles. Its fiats on Congress clad the Fed- they are also binding persons who genuine- flag and even though es the theory work in prac- now the public is learning at administration, one of obscenity, at Wash- courts, books and even quite convincingly show Stration was honeycombed crooks, montebanks, de- off't-and-out sots. Roxy Stinson, For- and a number of others, Celebrated "Ohio Gang," the disgusting cabal. All their wa*y into courts; In the two years and tMt this administration heelers htopped at no raatter how degrading. Was as absent as moral- Only time they had re- When their sponsor died realized their ex- debauch was end- regime in mod- ~n Such a short period of ~hould have been flogged With scorpion blows. not dwell further on the scandals are known, and given great space to omitting only one that while ~he high mogul for the indecent crew on he was being deco- Shriners at least once a Was continually pictured 3,000 divines (Bishop Manning re- fused to vote) which shows an over- whehning majority of the spokes- men for 'this influential sect in the so-called "wet" camp. Moreover, who are these men who condemn na- tional prohibition? Are they wine- bibers who resent interference with their favorite indulgence? Are they the paid agents of the "liquor inter- ests?" How happy the Anti-Saloon League would be if it could find an excuse for including them in either pet classification! They represent that large element in the community whose primary object is social wel- fare. In the beginning many, pos- sibly a majority of them, believed that national prohibition would pro- mote a social welfare. They. have been painfully disillusioned. And bearing no professional brief for the tenets of Mr. William J. Bryan or Mr. Wayne B. Wheeler they now tes- tify to their disillusionment. For this reason, Mr. Poland raves and in typi- cal Anti-Saloon League language. The statements of the Connecticut ministers strikingly emphasize the peculiar political reasoning f o r which the Anti-Saloon League is bankrupt politically as it is becom- ing pagan morally. (Continued next week.) MENA 1 .._2" Very RoY. Msgr. A. P. Gallagher, accompanied by his sister, Miss Mary Gallagher, motored to Fort Smith Sunday morning to be present at the marriage of Miss Maxie Gallagher and William Westman, which will take place ~Tuesday morning at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Mon- signor officiating. Rev. Father Flaherty of Fort Smith was called to Menu recently to min- ister toone of St. Agnes' parishioners during Msgr. Gallaghe'r's absence in Chicago Miss Mary Gallagher is home again after a visit of several weeks in Lit- tle Rock. Sister M. Catherine, superior of St. Anne's Academy, Fort Smith, Sis- ter M. Antonia and Sister M. Benig- nus were recent week-end visitors at St. Joseph's Academy Miss Manic Ryan of Little River. Kansas, who was called to Menu by' Mrs. T. M. Fletcher has returned from a visit with relatL;es and friends at Little Rock. Before returning home Miss Marie Fletcher stopped over at Fort Smith where she is the guest at St. Anne's Academy. Francis Carnahan has returned to nor. The transom represents the Rosary and was donated by the Sis- ters of Mercy. No more memorial windows are available in the body of the church, the installation of the above completing the number. The interior of the church has re- ceived the final coat of plaster, which greatly enhances its beauty. This work is being paid for by St. Agnes' Auxiliary. The funds realized by the annual fall bazaar which this year will take place the first Saturday in December, will be applied to this debt. A large and very beautiful doll, donated by a Little Rock friend, is now on display at Nall's book store. The ladies are also disposing of a handsome, hand crocheted baby car- riage robe in pink and blue. Chances on these two articles are ten, cents each. Out-of-town friends who wish to help with the good work, may pro- cure chances by addressing Mrs. R. M. Berry, Menu, Ark., chairman of the fancy work committee. The pupils of St. Joseph's gave a Halloween party at the Academy, which was as hilariously enjoyable as these affairs usually are. Music and games were indulged in by the happy throng present and going-home time came all too quickly. Death of William Ryan. William Ryan, aged 70 years, four months and 28 days, passed away at the family home on Cherry street, Saturday morning, October 29th, at 7 o'clock. For many weeks Mr. Ryan had been a sufferer from cancer of the stomach and his co~dition had been considered critical\or some time. The deceased had been a mem- ber of St. Agnes' parish for several years, having been previously engag- ed in farming at Egger, Ark. The deceased is survived by his widow, one daughter, Miss Mamie Ryan, and two sons, J. W. and T, J. Ryan. Mr. Ryan was highly esteemed by his friends and he will long be held in grateful remembrance for his goner- osity to the Church both at Menu and at Egger~from their early struggles to the present time. Fortified by the Sacraments, the end came peacefully. Funeral services were conducted by Monisgnor Gallagher at St, Agnes' church, Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, and were attended by a large number of friends of the family. Burial was at Calvary cemetery. NEW LITTLE FLOWER ,SHRINE Father Raymond Gomez, 0. C. D.. Vicar Provincial of the Discalced Carmelite 'Order in the Southwest Province comprising Oklahoma and Texas has announced that the Fathers of his Province are planning the erec- tion, at San Antonio, Texas, of a magnificent Shrine Church i~ honor of St. Theresa, the Little Flower of Jesus. The Shrine will be built so that it will face Mexico, one of the intentions of the Fathers in erecting ed condition of the Church of Immac- ulate Conception and St. Boniface Catholic Church, at the direction of Bishop John B. Morris of Little Rock, Father Flaherty said. Sunday i sthe feast of "Christ the King" in the Catholic Church and it was plan- ned to have the work start as near that date as possible. The plans were donated by the firm Thompson, Sanders & Ginocchio of Little Rock, and Mr. Frank Ginocchio is supervising the work. This, though small, will be one of the most beau- tiful churches in the city and the Catholics of that neighborhood are votional manner, whilst Rev. J. A. Flaherty, pastor of the new Christ King parish, blessed the graves The sermon, or rather an exhortation for the remembrance of the Souls in Purgatory, was delivered by Rev, Peter Post, O. S. B., pastor of the St, Boniface's Church. The Rev. P. F. Horan, D. D. left Sunday night for a much needed va- cation..He will be away about four wee.ks. During his absence, Roy. Father Flaherty will have charge of the Immaculate Conception parish. St. Anne's Academy. ~he St. Anne's Academy has reach- I" I I/ l LET US CARVE YOUR THOUGHTS IN STONE Monahan can symbolize your love in a fitting memorial that will endure through the ages. See our designs, or write. Mark Every Grave. MONAHAN & SON 410-412 W. Markham St. A Statement to the Public by L. W. Baldwin, President of the MISSOURI PACIFIC LINES "Ask M" ,. AsK a Missouri Pacific Man" whatever it ,nay be that you want to know, especially if it is something pertaining to Transportatiou--and if the individual to whom the question is addressed doesn't know the answer or can't get it quickly, he or she, will direct you to someone in the Missouri Pacific Lines' organization that can and will--gladly---supply the desired information. This is what has made of the Missouri, Pacific Lines a genuine "SERVICE INSTI- TUTION." The public has come to realize this and profit as a result of it---and cmployes of the Missouri Pacific Lines are justly proud and happy as a result. And the Missouri Pacific Lines are justly proud of the army of men and women wh~ have made the System a synonym for Service. -. W'hen the most disastrous floods in history swept down the Mississippi Valley and the tributaries of that river, as one writer has said, "the rushing, roaring waters destroyed the roadbcd in places, but the morale held fast and never weakened nor wavered." In- cidentally, largely as a result of that same splendid morale, all records were shattered by the speed and completeness with which the l~hysical-property was restored and normal service resumed The same spirit that prompted Missouri Pacific Liees men and women to heroic achievenlents throughout the floods is the spirit that has actuated the organization and made the entire Systcm known th'roughout the country for aggressiveness, dcpendabillty, courtesy and refined service. This is the samc spirit behind the various special development departments. It is the spirit that has made the Missouri Pacific a Servicc Institution with a Soul. It i~ with pleasure and pride, therefore, that we call attention to the desire and will- ingncss of all the individuals in the organization to give to the public the utmost in special attention of every description. And that is the rcason we can advise everyone~ regardless of what it is that may be desired or what information is sought, to "ASK A MISSOURI PACIFIC MAN." ~re so[[elf your co-operation and sugg=-"o,,:-. A Service Institution Q President Missouri Pacific Lines @,