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November 12, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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November 12, 1927

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Page 8ix TtiE GUARDIAN, NOVEM]3 i2, ]927 " ion House Activities MARY IMMACULATE MISSION at 2 p. m. on Sunday and there offer- HOUSE. led prayers for their loved ones dur- -------- ing the individual absolution of each Schedule of Masse.. grave with the ritual ceremony. God Hoxie Sunday, November 13th,was merciful and gave beautiful 7 a.m. weather so that it was possible for Knobel---Saturday, November 12th, those from the country to attend with- 8 a• m. out much inconvenience• Newport---Sunday, November 13th, 9:30 a.m. MARY IMMACULATE MISSION HOUSE. need of attending church. He and play, on the night of the 31st, l the future holds out for missionary lthis territory• The attendance brought out the fact of the Church as a surprise to their principal, Sister lactivities, i unusually large due to the o P~ ..... Th !:1 :C?:~: ~h!cr f~dr ogneadE:!i: @!diB~ and its teachings as the barns of good Leona. The play was named e ] Each day we read of new roads be- I citizenship and especially of living[Black Cat Entertains•" Following is] ing constructed or planned, the oldi Catholic lives, thus ~manifesting to the the cast: ] roads being resurfaced. Good roads ] world their loyalty, their faith andI Felix, the Black Cat---Earnest[ and the automobile have brought the[to attend• After Mass a reorg zation meeting of the LadmS~ sincerity. ]Baresch. ~ people in different'towns .closer to- / " ' t After the address the Sacrament of I Gracie--Rosie Renz. gether. Places which it required sev: / Society wes held• The meeting P Confirmation was administered to the [ Georgia--Oscar Townsend. eral days to reach can now be reach- ed very interesting and gave ~vidt following: Robert Clark McClung,~ Sharp Eye Alfred Baresch. ed in an hour or more• Where the of great future accomplishr~entS George Herman Youngblood, John] Bat--Kermit Singleton. early missionaries were fortunate in the society. Every lady of the Sylvester Swindell, Francis Valentine] Jack o'LanternsLeo Renz and ministering to the people of one town ish attended the meeting and ~xpl Bauer, Ernest Joseph Bauer. Mr. Moytz Crook. in a day or more, we can now per-ed their willingness to join the Ray R. Pace acted as spon¢br for the Goblins--Llewellyn Singleton, Su- form a like service in several towns ciety. The following officers young men. Mrs. Mary Witlow, Mrs.sanne Bezz, Olga Kvarternich, Louise on the same day without hardship or elected to serve for one year: Mary Edyth Wilson, Mrs. Ruby Kath- Besseau. inconveniences, dent• Mrs. Ralph Turley, of ryn Smith, Mrs. Marie Therese Penny, Witches Virginia Bezz, Josephine What improvements and advant- vice-president, Miss Margerie Misses Mary Loucile Youngblood, Porter. ages will be ours within the next few of Earle; secretary, Mrs. F. L. HoMe. Jewell Marie Hamerton, Margarete Cats--Mark Kvarternick and Hilda years, we hesitate to say at this time of Wynne; and treasurer, Miss On the Feast of All Souls Dr. Peo- By Rev. R. J. Marmon. ples celebrated Mass at 7 a.m. Those Josephine Pace, Alice Catherine Mae Domingue. but we do speak with prudent fore- Eckles of Wynnc. The date se who remembered their debt and obli-For some weeks our mission friends Groves, Anna Louease Pace, and At the conclusion of the play, sev-.sight when we say that the possible the next meeting has been se.t gation to their deceased relatives have not been informed as to the Helen Gertrude Youngblood. Mrs• eral special features were put on, lties of the future will far outshadow Sunday, November 20th, after ! chmf among which were the Charles and friends assisted at the Holy Sacri- lactivities which have been going Dowell acting as sponsor• " ' - I the 'meager advantages of the past The president, Mrs. Turley, aPP°~ ..... I .... ~,r .......... ~ ....... cles ~re- the following committee to dr~ lice of the Mass and received Holy[steadily on at this place• Various en- Chaplains to the Right Reverend tOn~uneCOntest,~emng, singing contest~ and for- [senti-" ........ themselves+ ~"+a + ..... sufficienth~t~ num-n constitution and by-laws and su Communion. Having loved them inlgagements to the Missions and Sta- Bishop were Re; O. B. Clarendon, .......... ber of priests and flnancml support!same for approval at the next r life they have not forgotten them in tions have claimed our time and re- S• T• D., J.C. ., Rector St. Mary The prizes for the best dancers of• • • death• In the evening at 7 p• m•[ports of such work has been delay- Church, Texarkana; Rev. H• H•I~ne~ wnameston~ ............. were awarueu ~o l~ou-i for these pmes~s.• ....... l~rowaence wm ling: Mrs. Rhea, Miss Eckles Father Marmon conducted the Way cd. Wernke, Rector of Our Lady of Good ,~ ~eau ann Jxerml~ ~mgm~on ...... s ...... ~ ---ill make who else? Monthly dues were of the Cro~s and closed the services] During the four months that Mary Counsel, Little Rock. Solemn Bene- O~g: K:g~'~:rEi:knWtSl~:::~:h?ed thhi:lPl~:Vg):::ewT:k ~22~cm'l~ly ~;ossible? by the membership•at 25 centS. with Benedictior~ with the Most Bless- Immaculate Mission House has been diction with the Most Blessed Sacra- - '~ ....,~" .... ~ . ,IHow sad when we look around us and We wish to congratulate the ed Sacrament. Mass was celebrated Ifunctioning Mass has been said each ment was given by the Rt. Rev• Msgr. costume or renx, ~ne ~mcK wa~, ~OOK "~ ' officers upon their election, for on Thursday morning• [month at Hoxie, alternate Sundays W. It• Aretz, S. T• D•, P. A., V. G•, [~h:e l~rol::u~7: hT::gl:eh: me:St :o~ra:; ~:d t~hante:::::rb~i:::eall:s:i:~yn:: was elected unanimously, and we Rector of St. Joh. s Seminary, Lift l There is nmch to be done: thousands forward to great Sunday, November 6th, Dr• Garrity]at Knobel with the regular week-end n' " ' le of St. John's Seminary, celebrated visitation since the opening of school, Rock; Deacon, Rev. Joseph M. Her- Louise Baresch. linger, Rector St. Mary Church, Para- ] Just prior to the close of the eve- of souls to be brought baek ~o Christ, from the reorganized society MaSSwill persistat 10 a.inm, theirIt seemSway thatandamissfeW andat Newport.the secondTheandfollowingfOUrth SundaySstations gould; Sub-Deacon, Rev. W• J• Kords-t ning's entertainment a cake was. raf- who died that all might be saved, officers. Mass on Sunday. Have they for- were visited: Black Rock, Draft, meier, Superior St• Roman's Mission fled off. It so happened that Sammy Assistance is needed to support the priests and supply them with the We have been fortunale gotten that this is a grievous offense Hardy and the Scout Camps (during necessary means of conveyance to ing the services of Miss Effie • as the teacher for our Catechism against God? In plain words it is a July and August), Imboden, Raven-r reach the. souls hungering a~ter the[ truths of our Holy Religion. To know lHeret°f°re it had been imposs mortal sin. Remember man makes den, Swifton, and'Wilson's residence. [ the excuse that he forgetsGod nev- Devotion is increasing and the at-| ' " • ..... / ......... our The number was 80, and the the Church and her teaching is to Ihave the regular catechism er forgets, and He will never accep~ tendance at the missions ~or ~ne vain- ~ortneas~ ~rKansas ueanery; very ' " love her. Many a soul and in fact, Having secured the ~ervices ,o • . • .. ~i.~ ............ ~ name-attached to that number was unfounded excuses for no~ serving ous services is on tne increase• ~bil~ev ±wggr. d. _o~. lwc~ua~o, bnapmn, _ " most of them are too poor to defrayI an able and enthusiastie teac • " • ~ " ' " o Mrs Parr!s, his mother Him as He has willed, the Stations the faithful are remark- St. Bernard s Hospital, Jonesbor ; • " the expenses of the visits made to]Miss Eekles, the cla~ses will be .......... s I .......... eanI Considerable praise is due the ehil- .... lamY oet~er sp~m~uany so rouen o I Very t~ev. b. o. t'eopms, t'n. u., u ...... then: and mugt they be deprived ofiduetcd regularly each SundaY' r~no~,e~ " . • . i~ren ~or ~ne manner in which ~ney ....... "... . Ithat they notme the change m their of Missions, Little Rock; Rev. George Toe ~rs~ wee~ o~ ±sovemoer was I,. "" " " "h t I must have ...... trick,s]SUcceeded in putting their play over. the many graces for lack of means] The choir met for a short rug, ............ ~nves ann excmm~ ~ a ~ McDermott, ~ee~or bu i~a ............ to make these visits possible? Thelafter Benediction Sunday afte~ an eventful week ~or ~ne ~mm~m., ...... a arts when I firstI ...... Little R " Rev A t±~wasoccasmneaDyanmcmen~wmen • , • conmaerea rnem p g Churcn, iNorul OCK; • • . Catholics of St. George s Parish, Kno- ] ...... f .......... larose m the school about two weeks consolations of our holy religion are[ The next rehearsal will be hel~ ............. • i v]m~ect ~nem. l tl. Haeringer, ~ec~or b~• oonn s ..... not for the rich alone, but for the] urday night and twice eaCh" ~ei rne ~eas~ oy 2m ~amcs wasl ..... h endin with~ ...... Johnlt)e~ore halloween. • . ........ , ~or ~ne ~our mon~ s g Churcn, ~sngeloerg; very ~ev ......... • - - poor as well.The poor who are in / thereafter. ushered in with H~gh Mass al; t) a• m. I ................. were read onI ........... theI A paper wmen nan ~o oe eop~ea oy • . ~ovemoer, i~tu ivla~e~ t~. ~lsner, ~it•L)., ~ecretary ~o • . With th~s Mass began the Adoratmn[ ............. 4° -ersonsI ......... s [each student m the room was being the majority, too have souls to save/ . ,. .~... .. .. /~ne OlSrrlcL a rural oi 6,~ o p. IBisnop nan charge ox ~ne ceremome~.I . . . , , . Known as ~ne ,mr~een ~ours Auora-! .. ,. """ "--*^~sions wereI'" "~ " ..... 'a~' Ipassea around, when someDooy mane as well as those wealthier in the" Recently one of the non-Cat ........ . ...... [a~enulng; ~6o ~ome~ ~lvtessrs• francis uuy, ~ranms uo~ -I ........... -- goods of this world. Will'the future]inquired of the Itess family i •lon.erom ~ne hour oi ±viass all ~ne! ...... . was distrib / " " " " .... " r /toe remark ~nat li a cupnca~er eoum , ............. !neara; amy bommumon -tton and bnar~es ~ranowsKb ~enuna -/ .......... wo.rk of our Rt£ Rev• Bishop, the i Bad!nell! was their priest. Of c nay unl;ll Ene closing services a~ ~:6u|..~i~ +.. ~ aoA. +,~r~ ~ov~ans recei~edl:--. ~r.^~ ¢, ~.~.,,~ ~.,..;..~.~ l;~÷le/Oe nan 1~ woum De unnecessary ~o flu p m., Adorers were kneeling before|.~.~=~ 2 ...... ~__'~ ~"'_~"~'~,'2~.~:~... , .... I~.~"~'y,':' ~.', ~0".'~.° .... '.'"~,' ,~ .... /this sort of thing. This set the stu- missionery work so dear to his heart, this person knew nothing yen • - ....... ! ~ne ~aeramenL oi Dap~,**; ~ ~X~0CK, Imea toe olnces oI Aemy~es• I ............. be handicapped for lack of funds? about the Catholic Church a~' Our ~uenarlshc lxmg exposeu upon! ........ -'--~ "~ last rites of theI ............... udtlaents ~mnKmg. lna~ ai~ernoon, a~ • ~ . ,. ~ ! auull;S recetVeo ~ne I toe cn01r, wlLn l~lr. l~U(lOli)n ~ca _ . , - . Hm throne to tne gaze o~all.rer-! ..... ried with Chris ............ w !toe cruse o~ school they got thmr God forbid. The future holds out Bad!nell!, when told of the i~ , ~ , . lwnurcn anti were ou - ag the organ, asslstea Dy Lne iOllO -- . , ,. ~ . • 1 ..... - ven~ prayers, were o~ereet m adora-|,, c,-*,-^,-', o~. "ices four sick calls ............ " s ; neaas ~oge~ner ann uecmed ~na~ ~ney monumental opportunities for mis- enjoyed a hearty laugh. Mr. .... 4 ..... ,~,an" .~a~n.m' o~rv ; lng: iurs. m. 1. uamy, ba~men ba - . sionary activities. The two obstacles nell! has ever been the able suP: tmn, m thanksg]wng ant m penmen-/ ..... was brought ......... ile would get a dupheator some .way and • . . ... ~ ]were mane; one person N Sl(ly ann 1~ nauer, iVtlsses bouc . ,~ , ~. . . mg our bore ~nat grace ann mercy . " - ....... r - la--se of 12 "" " ...... "~ es surpmse ~]ster ~eona. A snow was are, priests with apostolic zeal and and continual companion of the ,..; ....... I DaCK ~0 ~ne iota aloe ~ p" xoungmoo(L baLnermc, urov , .......... financial support. We pray Ahnighty missionaries in this section a~ woum ~low xrom rns baerea woun(~sl .... ~. . .. . . .......... decmeu upon. ~ snow ~or nanoween, done much for ~he Church ., ..,.. . ~ ..._ . years; z,~ cnhuren are in a~Lencance Messrs. t~eorge nlgglns, l~ooert Me- . . ~na~auwoum De~orn~shonor and ....... Knobel 299 ....... d when all the world made merry. God to supply the priests, but who, • . .... !a~ ~t. ~ernaru s bcnom, ; Ulun¢ ann womey t, roves renaere .......... dear readers, will furnish the pecu- past. Especially was he the gloryand ~hesalvatmn o~ ~ne sumsI ........ techetical in " "~ ...... ie .And so they lool~ed over posmDle eompanion of 5ionsignor Wei~ icnnoren nave recelvea t~a -in a mos~ inspiring manner ~ne mus, , of mankind . • piays, selected "The Black Cat Enter- niary assistance? Solvethe riddle • struction while 319 adults attended for the Benediction Te Deumby the "" • for yourself if you can. can relate many incidents ot On the Feast of All Souls the first ....... ....... , ..... " ., • rains," and got busy on the theatricals ......... I~ne instruction given gne cnnoren. A choir Drougn~ rne memorable occasion,,, , travels "do6vn the country." I lviass was oi~erec a~ o a .m. ~ne see-i ~ _ .-~_ ..... a ....n-'erts may be - " " w~n rouen gusto. It 'is natural for everyone, happy ......... worn w~n r~garu ~u ~u v ~ 1;o a ClOSe. " ' or sorrowful, to connnunicate this joy signor Weibel is the recipient ona a~ l:6u a. m., an(l ~ne Kequlem -- - ." "- .... ' ~ .... " "h "'" _ made tJonverts are won ~o ~ne IaxtnSt George t Mission, Knobel, was i~ is amazing now.. well l~ ey am. or sorrow ~o others; to friends who Guardian, we ]-mow he will Hi h Mass at 9 a m: " " ' " " g " . . ". " . .. ~ by the lives of the people not so much represented at the dedication by'theChildren m grammar school, the old- will gladly partake of our happiness out loud" whdh he learhs that une inck/en~ o~ no~eworthy o~ - r~ st The must n esc not more than 13, they performed ........... -., by the work of the p "e . Y ~ following:Messrs. John Gertach a d ' or sympathize with us in our sorrow, one wanted to know if Mr. imkauon ov all toe parlsnes in ~ne . • - .... better hfe whmh the h Sell oe~ore an aumence with as much ease be drawn to the Frank McConnell, Mrs. Josep - was their priest. diocese was that with the exception of two, or three every member of the parish received Our Lord and God in Holy Communion on one of the two days. Many received on both days. Friday, the First Friday, High Mass was sung at 8 a. m., followed by the regular First Friday devotions and cloning with the Benediction. /On Saturday morning, November Church holds out to them by the GOOD WORKS AND ACTIONS of the Catholics. After the Faithful have done their part by attracting ihe non-Catholic to the Church then the work of the priest begins• Catholics too frequently forget this. They ex- pect the priest to do it all when the good or evil starts with them. To begin with, if they expect the num- ber to increase ~hey should persist- entiy ask and insist that their friends accompany them to the various ser- vices. They must also prepare them- selves, by attending the instructions given weekly at each of the missions so that they can in an intelligent and convincing manner explain every de- tail that the perplexed non-Catholic may ask. Many a Catholic will be held accountable for the souls lost through their own wilful neglect. Re. member there are sins of omission as well as of commission--sins' of the tongue for speaking when silence would have been ,better and sins of the tongue for not speaking when words of instruction should have been uttered. ARE YOU GUILTY? Again stray children did not go away from home in a hurry• Way- ward Catholics drop away from the faith gradually and it takes patience and perseverance to get them. to re- turn ere the call comes to attend them in death's agony. Some folks are of the opinion that if they wil- fully miss Mass one or two Sundays each month that it does not matter. Beware, you know folks that did that very thing and now they are not at- tending Mass even one Sunday a year. By your Works you shall be known. Mary Immaculate, Hoxie. The greatest event that took ptace during the time since this Mission House was opened on July 1, 1927, was the placing, as it were, of the crown upon years of faithful work on the part of the Very Reverenff S. J. Peoples, Ph.D., Diocesan Dean of the Catholic Missions, who had charge of Hoxie for a number of years, and the people of Hoxie.Walnut Ridge. Catholics, non-Catholics and Jews; when on the evening of October 9th, the Right Reverend John Baptist Morris, D. D., Bishop of the Diocese, assisted by priests of the Northeast Deanery, Little Rock, and Texarkana, dedicated the beautiful church to the honor and glory of God. Following the dedicatory ceremony the. Bishop addressed the congregation at length. He thanked all for the co-operation which made it possible to erect such a splendid building and stressed the meyer and Lawrence Dahmus. The Mission of St. John at Newport by Mrs. Frank Bauer and sons, Francis and Ernest. But one Station, Wilson's residence was represented by a good delegation. Knohel. The regular visitations were made to Knobel and instructions given each week to the children and a few adults who are profiting by the knowledge in Christian doctrine being imparted to the children. The first Sunday High Mass to be sung there in many years was beau- tifully rendered by the children on Sunday, the 16th. Mrs. L. Dahmus gives freely of her time and with the able assistance of the Sisters the long desired r~sults are being achieved. It should be the joy of each parish to sing a High Mass on Sunday and while this has not been possible for various r~asons in the past ~t is hoped t]}at during the scholastic year it will be possible at St. George Missions• Newport. St. John's is visited twice a month and instruction given after the Mass. At the last visitation plans were form- ed for th~ rebuilding of ~he church and it is our sincere hope that soon we shall have~a house of worship in the county seat of Jackson county. At present services are held in the Ideal Laundry. Mr. Walton is indeed kind to permit us the use of the building and it is greatly appreciated. A fire of unknown origin broke out in the rear of the building on the morning of October 22, and caused consider- able flamage. The Church Vestments had been stored in that part of the building for safe-keeping, as it was thought, but fire disregards all forms of decency so the vestments, which had been rescued from the church at the time of the big fire of over a the few faithful Catholics at Newport to rebuild their church will find the opportunity to do so by Sending their contribution to either Mr. C. J. Saen- ger, of Newpo]~t, or to Mary Immacu- late Mission House• ' Pleas~ do not put off until some other time, but kindly act now. ST. WlNAND'S MISSION HOUSE By Rev. Thus. F. Lillis. McGehee. The children of St. Winand's School conducted a Halloween party 12th, the ~hildren's choir under the direction of Sister M. Cecelia, O. S. B., with Mrs. L. Dahmus at the organ, will render the proper parts of the Requiem High Mass which will be of- fered up for the repose of the soul of Rev. Joseph Schlatterer, who died in August, 1922. IMther Joseph, as he was better known, was pastor at Knobel for a number of years. The faithful have not forgotten his rain- istration, the many and varied self- denials he endured-that the faith might be kept alive in Knobel. It is expected that many will assist at the Mass and offer Communion in his memory. One of the outstanding events of the week was the beautiful and devo- tional singing of the childi'en. Each of the Masses found tlie children in their places and it is through their combined co-operation that made it possible to have so many High Masses• It was Sister Ignatia, O. S. B., who was superior of St.~Bernard's School for two years who brought the chin dren's choir into existence at Knobel. The foundation so solidly laid by her and Mrs. M. D. Byers, later taken up by Mrs. Lawrence Dahmus, has bee~, through the efforts of Sister Cecelia, made it so that now we are able to have a High Mass each Sunday,~as well as a Requiem when it is so de- sired. Remember it has been co-op- eration on the part of all that brought this about• It will continue to be the pride of the parish. Each must remember that they are an important part and work with the leader. Saturday morning at 8 o'clock the fourth anniversary of Frederick A. Sellmeyer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sellmeyer, a Requiem High Mass was sung for the repose of his soul. Sunday morning the regular paro- chial High Mass was sung as usual and followed by the Benediction with the Most Blessed Sacrament. Communion was taken four times to the various members of the parish who are ill and not able to attend the divine services. Having spent the greater part of the week in prayer they closed it by assembling at St. Bernard's Cemeter as the Barrymores• Several exhibit- ed unusual talent. One would marvel how, a~ their tender age, they could be so proficient. It was conclusive proof of what our children can do, how hard they worked, and of what an intense interest they have in their school. These plays should come often. It is fine training for the future. Later Ithey will grow up men and women--- in business, the men; the women mar- ried. All of them at some time or other will be called upon to speak publicly. This sort of thing fits them for that--prepares them to appear before the public. And this they are able to do very well indeed. 'Every-[ one who took part is deserving of the highest praise and merit• _ ST. FRANCIS MISSION HOUSE I FORREST CITY By Rev. E. A. Hemmen In writing for this column, I refer only to conditions in Eastern Ark- ansas for that is the section of Ark- ansas I know and love best. To know, any part of Arkansas, is to love it and its people. All my feeble efforts have ben put forth in sections of Eastern Arkansas and it is for this reason that I can speak with some knowledge, however slight, of this ter- ritory. All present indications point to a great future for missionary activities• Perhaps the early missionaries, who have so zealously labored here in the past have thought their noble el, forts in vain---at least as far as they were able to ascertain then. If, per- chance they were of this opinion, we hasten to assure them that every day brings to our knowledge; inci- dents whic~ manifest the growth of dicapped in many ways. They had to undergo many hardships. Bigotry and prejudice were more rampant; the mode of living was coarse~ good roads not known; means of convey- ance slow and tiresome; conditions of health poor; Catholics more scatered and priests fewer in number, and yet they have sown the seed, the growth of which is still increasing as a re- sult of their Apostolic labors. We have manF-advantages today which they did not enjoy and the successes of the past and present are nothing when compared with the possibilities This is inherent in our very nature• The joys of the missionary are inany as are too, his sorrows. But speak- ing of joys, the ~,greatest happiness for a priest is to see his flock corre- spond with the graces bestowed upon them by Almighty God and faithfully follow the exhortations of our di- vine Savior• The past week was one of extreme joy for the missionary• Auspiciously ushered in with the great feast of Christ the King and followed immediately by the feasts of All Saints and All Souls, the peo- ple brought great joy to the heart of the missionary, because of the almost hundred per cent reception of the Sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion by the people of Wynne and Forrest City during these days. Of course it meant work and sacrifice but isn't it the. sacrifice that makes the reward sweeter? We too frequently judge the faith and holiness of a congregation by its large and beautiful edifices. The true and unfailing criterion, however, is not so much by the magnificent struc- tures erected but the monuments of frequent Confession and reception of Holy Communions• Forrest City. St. Francis Church. The special devotions in honor of Christ the King on Sunday and those in honor of All Saints and The Holy Souls were well attended• All who could availed themselves of the op- portunity to gain the many indulg- ences for the Holy Souls. The usual First Friday devotions were well at- tended on Friday night. During the month of November the Way of the Cross will take the place of the other usual weekly de- votions. We are very grateful to Mrs. Abe Ash for the donation of a beautiful pedestal which is to adorn the sane- tuary in the near future. The pedes- tat has been ordered and will be set in place as soon as the shipment ar- rives. There is room for many other donations of this sort, opened to those who wish to express their love for the Church in this manner. The choir had a successful rehearsal during the past week. Rehearsals will be held each Wednesday and Fri- day night from-seven to eight in the future. WYNNE |mmaculate Conception ChUrch Altar Society. The attendance at Mass On .Sunday was outnumbered but once since the establishment of the mission work in DIXIE District Catholic Union Meeting. The district meeting was Dixie on November 6th, 192' welcome address was made Joseph Straslie of Dixie. ing prayer was led by the Nix, pastor of the Dixie The meeting was called to the district president, Mr. Morrilton, Arkansas. An w/ade b'y the Rev. Father Ni~ operation of societies and make the societies grow The next speaker was Seibert, state president of olic Stattsverband of made his address both in English. The next speaker Father Loeb of St. Vincent. an interesting talk. It was enjoyed by all present• M~" Lipsmeyer of Dixie gave a report of the St. Joseph Society, on insurance, and 'were doing in the state of Mr. John Nottenkamper of Arkansas. gave a complete the Catholic fire insurance, records what they had kansas• An address by P. Nagel of St. Elizabeth'S of Oppelo, Arkansas, in ladies joining the Catholic Arkansas• How nice it woul~ have a local Union in every tion of the state, and also what Oppelo is doing in the Burse of the New Sub!ace Mr. Kramier of Fort Smith present and made a talk. Report from John what the society was doing i~ Mr. Seibert made a very and asked all present to ing hand to help Sub!ace Burse. Delegates were three different societies from ferent congregations, AtkinS, cent's, Morrilton, Big~low, tle Rock and Little,Rock. The next distric~ take place in May, 1928, bY tat!on from St. Vincent's. ing closed with prayer led Father Nix, and also BenediC given. Yours very truly, John