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November 12, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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November 12, 1927

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;/ Page Four THE GUARDIAN, NOVEMBER 12, 1927 METHODIST MINISTERS URGE DISCARD RELIGIOUS PREJUDICE; PAY TRIBUTE TO OATHOLI CHURCH of civilization and religion--not a! menace," two prominent clergy-bI men, the Rev. Dr. Franklin Ken- nedy and the Rev. Morris Alling, in public addresses here on October 24, declared that there was no rea- son why the United States shouht not have a Catholic president. After pledging their support to a candidate who is a Catholic, provid- ing they agreed with his political beliefs, they urge all American Prot- New Haven. --Characterizing theneighbors scratched Taft because he Catholic Church as "a beacon light't was a Unitarian. It is ~he same thing. Personal fitness, statesman- ship, proved ability--these are the measures of presidential garments. One of our ~reatest presidents is said to have heen a Free-Thinker. Monuments have been raised to him. Have we made no progress in a hun- dred years? "It i:; my understanding that there has ahvays been a strong tradition of independence in Amer- ican Catholicism. And I have never estarlts to discard appeals made to men a Catholic, clerical or lay, who them ~o vote against candidates for has no~ rejoiced with me that in this office merely because they were country we have full religious tel- Catholics. eration and separation of Church and former regime. Calles' inner ring of conspirators has succeeded in gath- ering in millions of loot from rich Mexicans which was to go to the land- less 'pelados.' All, rich and poor, have suffered, and all ~'re now hop- ing and praying that Calles will fall. They will give aid to all revolution- ists in the field, and will become com- batants themselves if they have an opportunity. Robs and Kills Opponents "Beginning with an attempt to in- timidate political opponents of Gem Obregon, Calles is now robbing and executing civilians on trumped-up charges. The Mexican constitution forbids the execution of any civilian by military authority. But all pre- :ense of complying with the constitu- tion was abandoned before the ou~- ~reaks began, and outrageous viola- tions of law by the Calles govern- ment were to have been expected. "The Mexican people have decided to get rid of him (Calles), and they Using Governor Alfred E. Smit!a, State. There may be those who do of New York, to illustrate his ad- not agree, but I'have not met them, dress, Dr. Kennedy, who is pastor and my acquaintance includes many." of the First Methodist Church of this city, the largest of its denom-IMOViE PRODUCERS ination in Connecticut, declared thattARRAYED AGAINST the New York chief executive's fit-I PROTEST OF ATHEISTS ness for the presidential office i should be determined on other than (Cintinued from page 1.) religious grounds, and added that farther, no picture seeking to en- i he would welcome the opportun tyl courage the advancement of Atheism will be satisfactory to the motion pic- ture producers of America because their purpose is to build and not to destroy. "We contemplate with satisfaction the protest of any group of destroy- e r.s or negationists who find the screen out of sympathy with them and arrayed against them. "If the Atheists were to array end- less statistics to combat the 'lie that one can not be good without God' it would serve only to build the blas- phemy higher and make those who are grateful to a kindly providence for the privilege to serve the world and lighten its burdens, more deter- to vote for the right Catholic for president. He said, however, that the Methodist Church would demand a candidate who is opposed to the liquor traffic. Condemns "Religious Issue" The Rev. Mr. Alling, who is sec- retary of the Connecticut Federa- tion of Churches; and pastor of the Storrs Church, which is the church society for both the Connecticut Agricultural College and the village of Storrs, said that the question o~ Catholics in relation to the presi- dency of the United States had no point whatever. Mr. Alling praised the Catholic Church and the influ- ence for civilization and religion mined to persevere in the path they for which Catholicism stands, as- have rightly chosen. : ........ ~ ,,--liticalt "This newspaper is not proposing ser~lnsg ~na~ ou~slue o~ pu "u let " the fact that a candi ]to preach a sermon in this matter, but :, gg Y, a..^ .^~ ^**; ....... ~t~, ,the denial of God Almighty is a mat- u~c .~ ~.~ , ........ ohc, had _^ ~,an~in_ leer that need not have special pulpit ,, attentmn We join with the great I would gladly welcome the right opportunity to vote for a Catholic body of right thinking and sincere men who approach their tasks not religiously but reverently in being thankful for the enemies the screen has made. "Arthur James." COURT DISMISSES DAIGNAULT SUITS, BISHOP VINDICATED (Cintinued from page 1.) for President," Dr. Kennedy said, "and whe'n that Catholic appears as a candidate who, in that election best represents international good will, best represents internal princi- ples, I shall vote for him. I be- lieve ~hat one administration by an able Catholic would dispel a host of bogies that have hovered around this question, and contribute to a better fundame~atal ed by these rival candidates of Ob- regon in the coming election. The suspicion will not down that a short and sin)pie method of eliminating dangerous competition has been ad- opted. The widespread slaughter of aid.~ and friends supports this view. "But even if the cha~ges of treason were true the episodes would yield a gloomy estimate of Mexican progress: While chasing will-o'-the-wisps of So- viet philosophy, the leaders of Mex- ico have failed to learn the very ele- ments of democratic rule. The par- .... i ~' allel with Russia is stink ng. INDUSTRIAL PROBLEMS REGIONAL MEETINGS (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Buffalo, Nov. 4. A regional meet- ins of the CaLhclic Conference on In- dustrial Problems will be held here November 15 and 16. It is ~o be the first of a series of regional confer- ences to be held during the fall, win- will nor, have Obregon as his succes- ter and spring by the Catholic Con- sor." "] ference on Industrial Problems. The On the subject of Obregon's aspira- ] other conferences are now being ar- tions to the Presidency of Mexico, the ] ranged. ost is emphatic. It believes that itt Among the speakers who will ad- wall be lmposmblefo~ the Umted " .-" ~ " " I dress th. regional meeting here are States property to iecogmze Oble * " " " - James A. Hamilton, Commissioner of gun, should he be "elected " It says * : the New York State Department of "The U, nited States cannot proper- Labor; Judge Philip H. Donnelly, of ly do more at this time than sympath- Rochester, the Rev. Patrick J. O'Don- ize with the unfortunate Mexicannell of New York City, the Rev Dr people, who are subjected to terror- John A. Ryan, Director of the De- ism by usurpers who control the ma- chinery of government. A partner- ship formed several years ago be- tween Plutarco Calles and Alvaro Obregon brought about a revolution in which President Carranza was as- sassinated and Obregon was "elected' president. He turned over the office to Calles, and now Calles is to turn it back to Obregon. By outwitting the American Commissioners Obre- gon obtained recognition from the United States, and in due time Calles violated the pledges given by Obre- gon. "Peaceful Election Impossible" "The Mexican people are doing their best to throw off the Calles regime. Outbreaks are recurrent in many'of the Mexican states, and the nature of these outbreaks reveals un- mistakability the fact that the people are willing to risk the danger of death in opposing the Calles-Obregon scheme of sharing the spoils of gov- ernment. A peaceful election of Ob- regon next year is impossible. If Obregon is to succeed Calles it will be by force as well as fraud. "In that case the United States will not be bound to recognize the Obregon government; on the con- trary, it will be morally bound to re- fuse recognition. Gen. Chamorro partment of Social Action, N. C. W. C., and Charles A. Zenkert of the Buffalo Echo. Among the topics to be discussed at the various sessions of the meet- ing are: "Cooperative Relations in In dustry," "Problems Arising from America's Great Industrial Produc- tion," "Radicalism in American In- dustry," "The Immigrant in Ameri- can Industry," and "Industry and the Home." POINCARE ANSWERS BISHOP OF STRASBOURG (By N. C. W. C .News Service) Paris, Oct. 31. In answer to the Bishop of St, rasbourg's recent vigor- ous letter of protest against the muni- cipal School Board's arbitrary replace- merit of a Sister of Ribeauville by a lay teacher in one of the public schools of the Alsatian city, Premier Poincare has published a letter to Msgr. Ruch explaining that the na- tional government of France has no authority to control the action of municipal governing bodies in pure- ly local matters. CALLES BUTCHERS GOMEZ, ANOTHER OF POLITICAL FOES understanding among the Church as a whole, and not mere- was refused recognition in Nicaragua citizens, ly within the parish. To Diagnault's because he had gained power by a Discounts Protestant Fears assertion that it was illegal to use par- coup d'etat. The United States has "I count heavily on the fact that ish funds to pay for subscriptions to frowned upon other revolutionists a host of my Catholic neighbors think the Providence Visitor, diocesan or- asking for recognition. The criterion precisely as I do about Church and gan, the demurrer replied that the of recognition is supposed to be un- State, and that they would be the complaint did not deny that the Vie- questioned acceptance of the govern- first to demand that a Catholic ad- itor is one of the institutions men- me nt by the people affected. If Ob- ministration dispel every fear on tioned in the act. resin should become dictator of those grounds. Justice Tanner's final decree Tues- Mexico it will be against the will of "Governor Smith is being present- day throwing the cases out of court the people. The United States has ed for the presidency in the role reads: ~ no moral right to aid usurpers in of champion of that religious liberty "Decree on demurrer to amended fastening their clutches upon any ha- which appeals to the chivalryand bill. This cause came on to be heard tion .... the tolerance of the nation, and was argue'd by counsel upon the Pledges Called Treacherous "The prohibition issue must come demurrer filed by the respondents "Obregon, even if successfu) next out of its skulking place into the herein, and thereupon, upon consider- year in grasping power, will ~be un- open, where it can be fought out ation thereof, it is ordered, adjudged, able to show that he enjoys popular as the major national issue. It is and decreed that said demurrer be support. His tenure will be bloody, in politics up to its neck, and only sustained and that the amended bill and unless supported by the United confusion can result from pretending of complaint herein be and the same States it will be brief. He will have that it is .not. Both Senator Borah is hereby dismissed with costs to the no warrant for asking recognition and President Butler are rendering respondents for the reasons stated in from the United States. His part in the country a service in ~lemanding the rescript on'~the hearing on the de- the dealings with the American Corn- that it come out into the open and murrer to the original bill." missioners in 1923 proved that his fight. As for the manner in which this de pledges were treacherously given and "Gv'vernor Smith is not before cree was received, it is worthy of note that his guarantees are worthless. this country as a champion of reli- that at least one prominent leader The United States need expect noth- gious liberty at all, but as the rep- in the Daignault group, Albert J. ing but treachery in dealing with him resentative exponent of the prohibi- Lamarre, admitted that the court had or Calles. tion amendment. On that issue his handled the case admirably and that "Secretary Kellogg has advised the fitness must be judged. I am in fa- Justice Tanner was to be compliment- ~eople of China that he will deal only vor of judging him utterly without ed on his "impartiality and honorable with a government supported by the prejudice on the score of his religion manner." nation. Why should not a similar but I must judge him on his record Talk of Appeal. intimation be conveyed to the peopl~ as regards his attitude toward theAn appeal to the State Supreme of Mexico'." forced the greatly outnumbered Go- Constitution of the nation, and I will Court may be filed within 30 days, The New. York Herald-Tribune is mez party back into the mounttain ask with regard to him whether or and Daignault is understood to have another paper which compares pres- fastnesses. There were other skir- not he ever gave expression to a na- said that such an appeal will be filed, ent Mexico with bolshevik Russia. Un- mishes, and it seemed that Gomez He has announced that he will go to tional policy that rose above the pro- Rum6 November 16, and it is not der the caption "Mexico Self:Reveal- would be able to maintain himself in the mountains. Then, suddenly, came vincial mind of the sidewalks of ~lew known if an appeal will be filed be- ed", it says: Friday's ambush and immediate shoot- York. fore he departs. "The continMng executions of poll- lugs. Fitness Should Be ]Fest It is said here that certain papers However, at a stormy session of the tical rivals and local legislators by "If we are to really lay the old "Friends of Le Sentinelle," as the President Calles and his partisans of Gomez's have been taken, and bogie about a Catholic in the White Daignault group is called, held the are a rude awakening for those en- there is renewed panic in Mexico House, then Catholics must divide evening after Justice Tanner's decree thusiasts who pictured Mexico as not City over the possibility that names on 'AI' Smith precisely as Protestants only well advanced toward orderly was issued, Lamarre declared it of the dead leader's friends will be will do, because of convictions which would be a waste of time to go to the goverment but by reason of its adop- found and a new orgy of blood be in- 2elate to his fundamental fitness for tion of certain Bolshevistic experi- Supreme Court. augurated by Calles. As a result of the office." Charges and counter charges were ments even a step ahead of benighted Speaking at Storrs on "The Cath- hurled at the meeting, which was held America, still in the dark ages of the events of the last few weeks, no one here feels secure. Hundreds mo- olic Church on American Soil," the at Pawtucket and attended by the capitalism. . . mentarily expect the descent of Rev. Mr. Alling said: Daignault followers there. Speakers Parallel With Russia. Calles' police to throw them in prison "It seems to me to be beneath us asserted from the floor that Lamarre ~ "It is impossible to see clearly or worse. to raise the question of Catholics and Dr. A. J. B. Fancon were striving behind the veil of censorship which and the presidency, but it has been for leadership for selfish reasons. President Cal]es has thrown about TEN YOUNG WOMEN raised and is being raised. Out- these events. But it is difficult to ENTER MARYKNOLL side the realms of political jugglery MANY U. S. PAPERS CONDEMN ignore the probability that these kill- and entanglement, in which every BUTCHERIES BY PRES. CALLES ings will come to rank among the (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) presidential possibility finds himself , most inexcusable and brutal acts in New York, Nov. 1. Ten young involved, the q~et~ti0n has no point. 1 (Cintinued from page 1.) "I li~ South when thou- nor liberty. They are in worse con- sands o uthern Repubhcan dition than they were under any ~ ~.~ - - I few days ago. The address was given executives by the Anti-Saloon by the R~. Rev. Msgr. Timothy A. has brought its inevitable Hickey of BrooMyn, N.Y. Asserting that "only Those who received the habit were: destroy America," Mr. Marcella Oberle, Mankato, Minn., viev:ed the "apathy toward ,~ (Sister M. Dolorosa); Mary Kelley, ment" and held that mainte: l Brighton, Mass., "(Sister M. Annette) ;]local units of government (he e Anna Hughes, Milton, Mass., (Sister,is essential to the political f~ M. Faith); Nellie Hughes, Milton,[ "The super-govermnent d Mass., (Sister M. Hope), Annabelle Klan and the intimidation of ~ Brennan, Brooldyn, N. Y., (Sister M. ers and government executives~ Aquinata); Grace Greenwood, Mll_]Auti-Saloon League has brm St. Louis, Me.. (Sister Marie Fran- cois) ; Edith Thyne, Arlington, Mass., (Sister Maria ) ; Bridget Noone, Brooklyn, N. Y., (Sister Gabrielle Marie). MEREDITH NICHOLSON HITS RULE BY KU KLUX been as many as 300.000 women affiliated with the parade through ~he streets fiery crosses and singing ,JesUS, of My Soul.' Used by Politicians. "They believed they were cent Americans and 100 AND SALOON LEAGUE Christians, but they didn't creatures, that they were Mihvaukee, Nov. d. Picturing a ploited by leaders who sorry sta~e of affairs politically in them to build up political his home sm~e of Indiana, declaring enrich themselves," the it to be breaking down of govern- "There's something serioU.S ment law, Meredith Nicholson, noted people to ponder when Unite Hoosier" author, told the Wisconsin senatorships are being sold State Teachers' Association yesterday highest bidder and when the that "the super-government of the of one state in the union ~s Ku Klux Klan and the intimida- from office and sentenced t~ tion of law-makers and government itentiary," Mr. Nicholson (UNDER DIRECTION OF LITTLE ROCK COLLEGE) COURSES: Classical, Scientific, Commercial EXCELLENT STAFF OF TRAINED TEACHERS Boarding and Day School Terms reasonable For Further lnformatlo~ Apply to the Registrar. C. D. KENNY CO. (Cintinued from page 1.) had been, he was not in revolt at the time, but was deliberately siezed and WHOLI~SALR and murdered. ~ITAIL Gomez, it is, said, saw in Calles' Phone 4-8041 move a political coup to clear away opposition to his candidate, and being11| ~est Sixth ~m warned, gathered some friends and a LITTI~ ROCK. ARI. few troops and fled to the State of .............. Vera Cruz, where he formerly was ~,~___ ~ _:_=__:_:_=_=_:_:_.~ military commander. He was imme- I i Sanders diately declared to be in revolt, andxnompson, thousands of troops were sent to cap- / & Ginocchio i ture him. ] Architects' | Rivals Put to Death. | HALL BUILDING | In the succeeding weeks, estimates | LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS | of Calles' acts as constituting a poll-~---=-----=--=~:-----=--:--:--=--=--= 4~ tical coup were plenteously verified. There was a veritable orgy of blovd. Summary killings were announced by the score. Virtually every man of prominence who had favored either Serrano or Gomez in their political campaigns was either shot or deported from the country. Scores of generals and lesser army officers known to have been sympathetic toward the two "rebels," both of whom were prominent army men, were shot ,with scarcely the thin pretense of a court martial. Pursuit of Gomez was pushed night and day. One sizable engagement took place, in which the Federals the long and bloody story of'Mexican women were admitted to the novi- misrule. There is the scantiest evi- tiate of the Foreign Mission Sisters of dence that revolutions had been start- Saint Dominic at Maryknoll, N. Y., a Welch-Moriarty Inc. CUSTOM TAILOR$ 116 W. Fourth St. Tele LITTLE ROCK Over One Hundred Million New York Phone 5195 Little 1105 Donsdthey T. 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