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November 12, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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November 12, 1927

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Us that nothing is than that Catholic Catholic literature large circulation, as may have every which instructs and strengthens and Christian virtues. "~BENEDICTUS, pp., XV. i A Catholic Paper Is a // I Perpetual Mission.-- ! Pope Leo XIII. "The Guardian in every home"----Our Motto. k qamH~am~ ~ ~ ~a~ 4m~ 4am.o~c~w~ I The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas LITTLE ROCK. ARK., NOVEMBER 12, 1927 No. 9 BARNES IS REBUKED BY CARDINAL BOURlqE ntry, Nov. 8.--Cardinal Bourne here at St. O. burgs 's in territory which Bishop OVersees for the Church of declared that the Anglican of Birmingham had travestied of the Catholic Church ~e to Transubstantia- The other day." said His Emin- Prelate of the Elizabethan made references to the of the Real Presence which )ssly offensive to the millions in that doctrine. been sufficiently rebuked tone of his remarks by room- his own communion. I have say about that. point out that before about such subjects an edu- an honorable man have made himself acquaint- teaching of the Catholic on the subject of Transub- Which he wholly traves- BLAMED IN PHILIPPINES SCHOOL CONFLICT Buckisch, Whose Regu- se Con troversy, Gradu- ate of Columbia Unls ersity Ia~ui - ar ~ureau Unaware of Trouble. Nov. 4. The .Bureau Affairs here has heard the controversy reported a~ila to be raging between :d of Instruction of and the authorities of a very large pro- are conducted under auspices. school authorities in ~lnes, led by La Defensa, a newspaper, have charg: ,of Private In- ~ckisch has acted arbitra- entertains little sym- Catholic schools, and to force the private con~ply with regulations Schools cannot hope to lear from the contentions of that the hampions of the and Private schools are not against a proper regula- sclaools by the govern- ~s required by law, if ~ns are to have recognition." Their Ls against what they de- "arbitrary" acts of Mr. Which, according to the rove the effect of reducing of Catholic and private spreading anti-Catholic fremont Held Excessive. by La Defensa that Buckisch issued a .a t i o n requiring tha~ all ,~le secondary course .or o of the institutions Care to have complied Year of university edu- he must have known, or [CALLES BUTCHERSMANY K S. PAPERS ONDEM$ [COURT DIShII, SSES IROCKFORD DIOCESE GOMEZ, ANOTHER BIffCHER [$ BY PRES. gALLl:$ [ DAIGNAULI StiffS, I ADi IINISTRATOR IS OF POLITICAL FOES N. o. w orv = :, ho ommun, BISHOP VINDICATED FATHER CONNOR Washington, Nov. 5. While in out and destroyed a section of the War on Candidates Opposing Obregon for Presidency Contilaues Cons. Almada and Medina Pursued. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Mexico City, Nov. 7. Another bloody chapter has been written in the s~ory of Ca[los butchery in Mexi- co, with the ambushing and shooting over the week-end of Gen. Arnulfo Gomez and four of his officers who for five weeks have been eluding a huge Federal army sent ~o kill them. The shootings took place Friday, and the bodies were turl~e(l over to rela- tives Saturday, three here and two elsewhere in the Republic. Gomez, who for more than a month had outwitted his thousands of Fede- ral pursuers, and had even given battle to them at times, was taken only by the employment of a trap, the Federal commander. General Es- cobar, admitted. With him were captured his nephew, Col. Francisco Gomez Vizcarro; Gem Adalberto Pal- acios, Col. Salvador Castanos and Maj. Francisco Meza Perez. All were almost immediately lined up by Escobar and shot. The bodies of Gomez, Viscaro and Castanos, brought here, show numerous bullet wounds. Generals Hector Almada and Fran- cisco Medina are the only prominent members of the Gomez group still eluding the Federals in Vera Cruz, and they are being pursued. Promotes Obregon's Candidacy. The shooting of Gomez and four of his aides is the latest piece of but- chery in Calles' campaign of killings to strenghten himself and at the same time clear the way for the candidacy of his choice ~o succeed him, Gen. Alvaro Obregon, the former President of Mexico. Months ago, Calles caused the Mex- ican Constitution to be amended to permit Obregon's candidacy. Gene- rals Francisco Serrano and Arnulf, Gomez announced t h e m s e 1 v e s as opposition candidates. F i v e weeks ago, without warning, Calles announced that Serrano had revolted. hnmediately afterward it was given out that he had been shot as a rebel. Much evidence and the testimony of his friends tended to show conclu- sively that, whatever Serrano's plans (Continued on page 4.) general the secular press of the Unit- ed States has been peculiarly reti- cent in commenting editorially on the recent butchery by Callcs in Mexico, some papers have had strong words ~o say of events below the Rio Grande. It is worth noting that virtually no paper tool; it upon itself to defend Calles, many choosing to remain sil- ent and those who spoke expressing horror at the killings, The Washington Post was perhaps the most outspoken in its condemna- tion. Following are som~ exccrl~s from its recent editorials on Mexic,: "President Calles is faithfully fol- lowing the example of the Russian ideal by trying to establish a reign of terror in Mexico. -The summary exe- cutions of political opponents, both military and civilian, often without even the mockery of a trial, is ob- viously intended to terrorize the peo- ple into submission to Calles' pro- gram for the imposition of Gen. Ob- rezon upon the nation, agdinst its will. "But in Mexico the people have suffered a long time under the tyran- ny of the Calles regime, and are praying for its overthrow. people hated by the majority; but Calles, with a small minority of ad- herents, is assailing the whole Mexi- can people, Calles Incites Revolution "The State Department would be facilitating the murder of innocent citizens of Mexico and cooperating in fastening tyranny upon them if it shouht grant Calles' request for the realese of arms and ammunition now held up in transit. The United States has no right to suppor~ Calles in set- tin~ up a reign of terror. Not a sin- gle fun, cartridge, or airplane should Fa.~s across the border into Mexico. If it was proper to deny to revolution-~ ists the privilege of obtaining arms it is proper to deny the privileges to Calles, who is the chief inciter of revolution in Me~qco. "The American people are horri- fied by the assassinations on the part of the Calles regime in Mexico. They can not stop the outburst of violence, but at least they can protest against any action by the United States Gov- ernment that would make it an indi- rect party to the reign of terror. . . "The peons now have neither land (Continued on page 4.) C NS0 S IP 0WR $2,000,000 CLOAKS ]LITARY RAISED IN SL LOUIS ACTION IN MEXICO FOR NEW SEMINARYI No One Permitted to Discuss Opera- tions of Troops Without Document- ary Proof of His Statements U. S. Refused Military Obsetwers---Plans of GOI'Itlez. CATHOLIC THEATER MOVEMENT HOPES ' (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Mexico City, Nov. 5. Alarmed at the horror and condemnation stirred up in other countries by illegal whole- sale butcheries "in Mexico in the last few weeks, and ~eager to convince the outside world ,hat peace and order now reigns in suffering Mexico, Pres- ident 'Calles has now ordered an al- most unheard-0f censorship. It is prescribed, in this new order, that any person who circulates a re- port referring ~ armed clashes any- where in the country of which he has not ,documentary proof shall imme- diately be arrested. As interpreted ,here, the regulation might even be made to apply to he repeating of re- FOR BETTER STAGE "NecdSsities ~of the campaign" against Calles' Opponents make this (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) New York, Nov. 4. The hope th~at the theater will respond quickly to the demand for true romance rather than offensive realism, is expressed in the October 31 issue of The Cath- Olic Theatre Movement bulletin. "Recent. expressions of opinion and proposed plans of action," the bul- that the Bureap obtain in the management an~ policy itself, had been able of many of our theaters. This pub- a Personnel for secondary lic agitation, countrywide as it has was only 27.5 per[become, has not found its source in It is further charg-[the vaporings of prudes or bigots. issued another Christian men and women who in the letin says, "are significant as evi- dences of a countrywide agitation over demoralizing tendencies in our spoken and silent drama. It cannot be doubted that religious convictions, aroused as they have beefi by gross abuses, will lead to a general awak- ening with regard to conditions which past may have 'scouted any criticism which might disturb their sense of private schools for its students (a objected to in itself), lis~s of books, a num- are anti-Catholic writ- au of Insular Affairs here doubt that any unzmr- Practiced in the Islands, the complaints. The rema{kable censorship imperative, :says tthe authorities, and the secrecy on ,the subject of military operations is to be absolute. It is admitted that a recent report, Which gained consid- erable circulation, saying that the Federal forces operating against Gen- erals ~omez and ~lmada in Vera Cruz ~ad suffered a reverse was in- strumental in bringing about the order. enjoyment at the 'movie' or the play, will find their complacency shaken by a real sense, which they can not dismiss, of danger to them~selves and to those near" and dear to them. No matter what their creed or race they ya.ust perforce make common cause~ with all Christian playgoers Who will allow no mere bribe of a few hours' amusement to Meaden their sensibility as to what is irreverent or indecent on the screen or in the play. "It is to be hoped that the theater will quickly respond to the increas- ing demand for plays which find their inspiration in true romance rather than in offensive realism." eceived no protest, nor that would indi- is an abuse of power No steps will be matter until a formal filed and then the prob- referred to the gov- of the Philippines, an Bureau said. R~fused U. $. Request Recem~ly the Unitei] States Govern- ment nvade a direct ~request of the Calles gc~zernment that United States military observers be permitted to ac- company the Federal $orce operating in Vera Crt~z. The request was flat- ly refused by Calles. It is understood that other foreign governments made the same application, which is a com- mon one under the circumstances, and likewise were refused. St. Louis, Nov. 4.It was reported Sunda~ evening, October 30, that the campaign for a fund of $2,000,000 for a new Preparatory Seminary, had exceeded that amount by $88,447, making a total of $2,088,477 s~b- scribed by the city and rural parishes that had reported Fifty parishes still remained to be heard from. Some of the 207 that have reported have made only partial reports, as many people have yet to~ be solicited Among the city parishes that have far exceeded their quotas is that of St. Rose, which reported $110,000, although its quota was bnt $35,000. William L.' Igoe, general chairman of the campaign committee, says it is expected that when all parishes have in their full and final reports the amount subscribed will be at least $2,233,000, possibly $2,500,000. The sum pledged to date is divided as follows: 81 city parishes out of the 101, $1,146,226.91); 126 out of 155 rural parishes, $328,130.89; pre- liminary gifts collected by commit- tee, $283,090; collected by Arch- bishop Glennon personaIly, $131,000; subscribedby priests of diocese, $200,000. His Grace is being congratulated on all sides on the prompt success .,of the campaign, and ~he morning paper editorially co~hpliments him for his "constructive work" and also lauds the spirit shown by the Catholics of St. Louis and the A'rehdioee~e. PRINCE RESTORES OLD MONASTERY TO THE BENEDICTINES By Rev. Dr. Wilhelm Baron yon Captalne (Cologne Correspondent, N. C. W. C. News Service) Cologne, Nov. 1.--The Prince of Thurn and Taxis, a grand nephew of the first king of Bavaria, has made the Benedictine Order a present of the old monastery at Neresheim in o While the C~vernment r~ghteously asserts that it wishes only to forestall inaccurate reports on the military operations now going on in :Mexico, its conduct is taken here to mean only one thing--that it wishes to con- ceal from both its own people and those of other countries just what is now taking place at various points in the Republic. One other thing which has not escaped notice here is that the order puts it within the power of the gov- ernment to arrest virtually anyone in ations. the Jagst district. The occasion of the gift was the entrance of the fourth son of the Prince, Max Emma- uel, into the Order. By this gift the Benedictines ac- quire the monastery, church and es- tates which were taken from them after the secularization and which they have long leased. The monastery at Neresheim was founded in 1095 by the Bishop of Augsbourg. Both the monastery and the church are among the most in- teresting examples of architecture and art. The monastery exemplifies the medieval style and the church-- restored 1745-1777--the style of Baroque. Judge Tanner Upholds Demurrer Filed by Msgr. Hickey's Attorneys ---Plaintiffs Must Pay Costs (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) o Providence, R. I., Nov. 3. The suits of Elphege Daignault and his clique against Bishop William A. Hickey and other Catholic authorities of this diocese were thrown out of Superior Court here Tuesday, and the costs of the entire case assessed against the Daignault group. Furthermore, following the action of Presiding Justice Willard B. Tan- ner a stormy word battle to.ok place between factions of Daignault's fol- lowers, in which a proposed appeal to the State Supreme Court was derided, charges flew thick and fast, and dis- sension was rife. Justice Tanner's dismissal of the suits followed a previous action of the same jurist in the same direction, when he upheld demurrers filed by attorneys for Bishop Hickey and the other Church authorities. Thereupon Daignault filed an amended com- plaint, which repeated the old charges that funds collected in certain par- ishes had been misapplied by being devoted to the building of central Catholic high schools and to other purposes. The complaint, as amend- ed, held that a Catholic parish corpo- ration is "organized for the purpose of maintaining religious worship ac- cording to the doctrine, discipline and ritual of the Roman Catholic Church, and for the support of the educational and charitable institutions of that Chu~ch, within a defined area in said parish." Points in Demurrers. 'Ih. new demurrers f~led by Bmhop Hickey's attorneys to this amended complaint contended that by the act of incorporation, the parish corpora- tion is organized to support the edu- eational and charitable institutions of (Continued on page 4.) (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Rockford, Ill.. Nov. 4. The Rev. Frederick F. Conner, Chancellor of the Diocese of Rockford and pastor of St. Peter's church here, has been named Administrator of the See, pending the selection of a successor to the late Rt. Roy. Peter James Mul- doom Father Conner already has taken the oath of office in the presence of the Rt. Rev. Msgr. C. Kalvetage, Vicar-General of the Diocese. The new Administrator is well known to people o this city, of all creeds and every walk of life. He founded tbe St. Vincent de Paul So- ciety with five conferences in this city, and has served as'its executive secretary since its beginning. Ite has represented the Bishop at the Na- tional Catholic C harities Conferences, a-nd for several years has been a member o~ the board of directors of the Social Service Federation, in ad- dition to serving on the executive committee of the Red Cross and the Ant i-Tuberculosis Society. Further, the Administrator is a mu- sician of some reputation, and has found time to coach the athletic teams of St. Thomas' High School since coming to this city. Father Conner is a native of Omaha, Nebraska. He received his classical education at St. Viator Col- lege, Bourbonnais, Ill., and studied his philosophy and theology at St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore. He was / ordained by the late Bishop Muldoon in St. James Pro-Cathedral, Rockford, June 24, 1916. MOVIE PRODUCERS ARRAYED AGAINST I PROTEST OF ATHEISTS ST. EDWARD'S TOMB PILGRIMAGE IS RECORD BREAKING (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) London, Oct. 31. A record num- ber of Catholics visited the shrine of St. Edward in Westminster Abbey on St. Edward's Day. Father Philip Fletcher, who some years ago inaugurated this annual visit to a now Protestant place of worship, made a special appeal to Catholics this year to go to St. Ed- ward's Shrine in Westminster Abbey by way nf atonement for "that ser- mon"---meaning the widely reported attack upon fundamental Christian truths ~nade from the Abbey pulpit by Bishop Barnes a few days previ- ously. Now in his 79th year, :Father Fletcher was himself unable to make the silent pilgrimage, but from early morning ~ill night there was a con- slant stream of pilgrims, and towards evening the crowd of visitors was so great that the stream had to be regu- la e L The Bislmp of Southwark was one of the first visitors. Priests, nuns, teachers and laity in all walks of life were among those who went to St. Edward's Shrine to say a silent prayer. No attempt was made to hold a service. Pilgrims carried rosaries in many cases. They halted for a few moments at the shrine and pass- ed on. All these Catholic pilgrims to a Catholic shrine in an abbey built by Catholics and now used for Protest- ant worshil~ were compelled to pay 12 cents admission. Last year the Abbey authorities allowed visitors to tgo to St. Ed- ward's Shrine without payment. Re- cently they complained that as the re- sult of this action the revenue on that day had fallen seriously below nor- mal. It was hardly to be expected, however, that Catholics would make a voluntary contribution to the over- head charges of a Protestant temple which was once theirs. New York, Nov. 5. The ~otion )icture producers' reply to the pro- :ests of the atheists With a full page ~ditorial in their newspaper "Today," ~s follows : ",The American Association for the Advancement of Atheism, an incor- porated body with its headquarters in New York and claiming a member- ship in every state in the Union, has sent telegrams through its p reMdent, Charles Smith, to Cecil B. DeMille, and to Will H. Hays protesting against the possible production or exhibition of a motion picture called 'The Ath- ist.' It was reported in print that Mr. DeMille had such a picture in production. "In the protest Mr. Smith 'con- demns the prostitution of art hy the perversion of truth in the interest of church and perhaps at their in'sti- gation' and an offer is made to 'dis- prove by statistics the clerical moral- ity lie that one can not be good with- out God.' "The protest further sets forth that 'the clergy-inspired blackening of characted of Atheists must stop' angL adds that Atheists organized and un- organized will blacklist motion pic- tures that contain anti-Atheistic mat- ter. "It makes little difference what Mr. De Mille has in mSnd for his pic- ture or whether he proposes to call it 'The Atheist' or not. The fact re- mains that the Atheists are aroused by the progress of the screen and their ,propaganda. If they had not been hit they would not have" cried out and this cry of protest is signifi- cant. "They, the Atheists, 'assert that the production of 'The Ten Command- ments' and 'The King of Kings' cre- ates for them'a crisis' and if this be true we believe the motion picture industry is willing they should, as Patrick Henry exclaimed, 'make the most of it.' "The screen denies to no man the right to worship God in his own way and form. It holds no prejudices against any sect or creed, but no pic, ture favoring or encouraging Athe- ism, the denial of the existence Of God, has ever emanated from a m~-~ tion picture studio. To go a ~:tep - (Continued on pags 4:)