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November 8, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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November 8, 1930

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PAGE SIX THE GUARDIAN, NOVEMBER 8, 1930 N The following is an exact reproduction of the "City Hall" news column which appeared in the Gazette Saturday (yesterday) morning, November 1. CITY HALL City Asked to Contribute $6,000 to Community Chest. The Finance Committee of the City Council yesterday took under consideration a request from the Community Chest organization for a contribution of $6,000 dur- ing the ensuing year to the Wel- fare. The city last year pledged .$3,000 for that purpose and has been paying it at the rate of $250 a month. During the severe weath- er last January an additional $500 was contributed to the bureau. It was pointed out yesterday that the city's contributions to various organizations this year would total $7,700, all of which is charged to the budget of the Ex- ecutive Department. Besides the Welfare Bureau, monthly pay- ments have been made to the Uni- versity of Arkansas Medical School, the Good Will Industries, the Free Dental Clinic, the Juvenile Court and the Little Rock Orphans' Home. Alderman Tuohey, chairman of the Finance Committee, said that the request for a $2,500 increase in the city's contribution will be taken under advisement and that the committee will study the situ- ation carefully to determine wheth- er it might be granted• The Street Committee and the Health Committee met yesterday afternoon, but their sessions were routine afairs. The weekly meet- mg of the Improvement District Committee was postponed• The first three paragraphs of the above news column disclose only one of the numerous and insistent demands upon the city administration for funds for worthy and public purposes. You learn therefrom that the Robinson administration during the year 1930, contributed in reg- ular monthly installments the sum of $7,200 to the Wel- fare Bureau, the University of Arkansas Medical School, the Good Will Industries, the Free Dental Clinic, the Juvenile Court and the Little Rock Orphans' Home, and that it further contributed the sum of $500 to the Welfare Bureau upon an appeal for emergency aid due to the suffering occasioned by the extreme cold weather in Jan- uary and February, making a total of $7,700 for the year. This total of $7,700 went into the sum total of all ex- penditures for the year 1930, made by the Robinson ad- ministration, which expenditures are being so frenziedly and hysterically criticized by Pat's enemies. A careful inspection of all expenditures made by the city during this year will reveal no item less meritorious or necessary than the contributions to the organized charities mentioned above. And yet it is said that this sum total of expenditures brands the mayor as incompe- tent in the handling of city finances, and unworthy of the people's continued confidence. But despite any criticisms of ambitious politicians that may be leveled at him, Pat will redeem the promise that you learn from the news column above, which was made yesterday by the Finance Committeebthat is, that the request by these patriotic and charitable gentlemen rep- resenting the Community Chest will be carefully consid- ered and granted if possible. The decision will be made with courage and with due regard for the city's finances for 1931. The above is given as a typical example of the daily problems to be met by the mayor and his co-workers in the administration of the city's highest executive position. THIS SPACE IS PAID FOR BY FRIENDS OF PAT ROBINSON ENVOY DENIES SPAIN FORT SMITH Catholic Daughters Install ()fflcers tervals during the evening were un- them was the par~y for the Senior the eider of the Paine FACES REVOLT; AVERS ] -- With Elaborate Cocial Ceremony [der the efficient charge of Miss Mar- Derdyen• Games and music formed ing once. Scherry tallied EXCHANGE IS PROBLEM[ (Continued from page 3) [ Installation of officers of the Joan garet Fenolio and were thoroughly the attractions, and at the earnest re St Anne's marker, while London,~Oct" 27.---Press reports, I cellent program of music• Chef J~°f! Arc. Court, Catholic. 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The strikes are only mild. affairs, dered on the violin by Everett Sands, JKramer, historian; Miss Mollie Burns,[drienne Clinton, Mary Frances Fen- A delightful evening party was that[ ..--~=~ ~ua,~ SM on me WhOle, ne sm~ea, aualng ~na~ [ ~narp Jr, and Sam White At the close of sentinel Mrs Martin u wick en • • " " " I " ; • " e K per, or- " • joyed by the Freshman Class, Sat- - ................................................ tim .government has that. mtuatmn the program and as most of the guests ]ganist; Mrs. Ellen O'Shea and "Mrs.tSt. Anne's Wins Two Places in the urday last, when Miss Sylvia Blanch] vot~^~ Center (~t wen m nanu ann m proceeumg s~eau remame to en the m m • ~" " " d joy u "c, Father [Mayme Ballard, trustees. | U.D.C. State Contest . [Derdyen, a member of the class, ,-" " -~-~:'7"~.[:=-_~- .... toward economm stability The ~ gn~ ~u~,~ "I ~ ..... " .. 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