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November 8, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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November 8, 1930

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THE GUARDIAN, NOVEMBER 8, 1930 PAGE FIVE OF CHICAGO I kind in this section. Father Powers Bishop of Los Angeles and San Diego, Kaiser and the . Crown Prince, were prominent educators in the United .6 ' - , IDI,)CESE GIVE will name hm" own trustees to whom[was the consecrator, present at thin ceremony, Prince States. He spent four years in Rome, .1~ r..L" 11rVV. Or-LN~ILN~It'~TIrv~'~ H ................. ~the property will be deeded in a trust The Rt. Rev. John J. Mitty, Bishop Adalbert placing a wreath upon the from 1905 to 1909, and has made l! ..... - II JU?lLP-i~ BAl~.~.Ul~ltfounded in 1901 by the late Hon. lot Salt Lake, was the consecrator of casket as a tribute from the House of frequent visits there since. He is a if Uulldmg Contractor H tUe d z rom page ~:) .. Ij J Gill- Con~,ressman of the Eigh-[Our Lady Chapel altar. The Rt. Rev. Hohenzollern. While bells tolled, the Fellow of the Mediaeval Academ~, of i] Box 84A Jl roel~s ~ne cradJe ruzes ~ne, , --- ...... o -" [ h.U~ .... a ~"~ .... n I teenth Congressmnal Dmtnct of lFrancm C. Kelley, Bmhop of 0kla- casket was carried from the pal~ceAmem~a' .nd~ a1~^ ..... ~ ~ho ~o~..~ H LITTLE ...... wnt-kr, ........ }I . -.~-.~ 6 .... , ".~-~'~- I Ohio, and well known philanthropist. [homa, was consecrator of St. Joseph's and placed on a gun-carriage by six Academy of Arts and Sciences As [~ fl hen tnis grea~ Douy o~, . . - ~ ........ I The institution has been m charge altar The altar of Sacred Heart officers of the German Rmchwehr ~ ..... ~ ................... u " " --anizea . r~ec~vr o~ ~ne ~aLnollC university oI nlIl~SKl an(l org . . , .... , .- - . .-, o ] of the King s Daughters and the Gill t shrine was consecrated by the Rt. and was draped with the white and .~,,~,,~,,,^"^~'^~ ,v*'^ n~'~ u,,v ~ ....... ,,ache" tu ....... uevv~op'-- r"~ - - -, , wouia De Impossible IorI .... Y could carry any cause to i Hospital Association The hospltal,Rev. J. Henry Tlhen, Bishop of Den- blue fliig of the House of Wittels- that institution and put it in the front | ..... / has been a success under the pres ver 'bach Led by a military escort the ran o" ,n,v;r.~,ti~ Th,~ / THF ~h Plh~ character and Christian ed eat management. It has a comfort-[ At the Miraculous Medal shrine el- procession left the paace of S. new honor coming to him from Italy ] ~I~U~A~INDOONDINO / We ~e bu]M ....l. a ,~ not ] able endowment and no debts.] tar, the Very Rev. William P. Barr, Michaels. is looked upon as a recognition of his / ~1~ #=~.w]&,WI~.w a #-~ .,~ -- ", i-s,~ ,-, z ....... i o ri~l I~.~i I~#1~ t briot- ~a ,~f~r ~'~^,, ~ ,~re I~ The selectmn" of Father Powers m ] C. M,. Provmcml of the Vmcentmn I President yon H ndenburg, ace m- educational work. ] Call on Us for Any Form of / aft~='~"" ,~h;'[a~',~ th~ nr Icnsidered a tribute to his fine char- Fathers, was the consecrator, ipanied by Dr. Held, Bavarian Premier, __ ] INSURANCI~ | ,he de:::~aon~t/"'w~"are-,~ro'tacter especially sifice the appoint-] ~ land Herr Stang, president of the]CARDINAL, 14 BISHOPS [,~ ........ / or ......... "'~ *" "[ment was made by an entire non-laces Hob" Father IBavarian Landtag took their pladeslDEDICATE IS ALTARS uampbell, Mallory &| raeOUr poor as ves~ we can: I Catholic board The priest will place] n "~,. ,, ,,, [within the court church near the high J OF ST TERESA CHAPEL'] Thro~mortnn ssage i woum reave. "rms " - -, In better neattn , .......... " - ----..------- [ a di .. ......"--+'on ]a commumty" of Sisters ]n cnarge Oil Icata:alque erec eu oezore mare, ' . ,it tiI I I KAL............ AGENTS-- s 'no :::~al? 71a:e;n:l%;r"po- the hospital. "- I Than 6 Years Ago laltar tore.crave the casket. .~ . I By M. Massiani, I] Aetna Floor Bankers Trust Bldg./ Organization. It is intended ] -- ] ,,s ~:n:t~ 2r~aisV:?c:'a::-] (Paris Correspondent, N. C. W.C.I[ Litt_l.e Rock, Ark. | ~ono ...... wel r,. ~r~ lr,~ / By Msgr. Enrico Puccl haber O , -1 ..... l[ Phone 4"0430 | U- r.o~.~oa an~ zne . - t lrcus IO l'lave l~:s ] (Rome Correspondent, N C W C sisted by the priests from the Cathed-] _ News ~ervmmej~ ~ . . I ~ ..j r nmgn~or. ~ woum ~e a ~,~ #'~a ---~ ~---- ' " " " - " r Lad T" r'e " hot Paris, uc~ zo.--Tne uaruina~I i uwn Lnapel-~,ar ~ News Service) rat ol ou y. ne p ~ s~ w . . . ------~.= : rga m ef; o::ntbrr And Priest Pastor Rme,aOCt'31t~bth:nH:lt't::ShePlP: dof]t::ede:h:rif:2eli~le :fatth:p:P:::tA:dh?itSehPh:flPa:'l~a::dflt4h:~sha$c: *', ........ Used for any selfish par- P us XI ppea s e .. . ' ................ ~! tuary of St. Teresa of the Child Jesus, .:'a: ":;:=;-;:a=-a:-..-~ ;..... ..... : : "g B,, Rev Dr Wilhelm Baron yon s~ronger, more energetic an~ more o me ~nunuer o~ guns, rae scrapers ............. " Capita~ne serene than when he last saw him in last salute, the body of this great civil,~ 3ust compmteo ]n tne Au~eull quarter Catholic Chaitles ........ r ~ --~of tho Paris Archdiocese. For the Rev. Michael O'Sullivan, "of (Colongne Correspondent, N. C.W.C. 1924, the Rt. Rev. Msgr. George J. as wen as mm~ary maue , was p.acea ........... .-_ .t_ *^rob [rl~es oI 1;nls ceremony, wnlcu last;ca News Service) Waring, Rector of St. Ann's church, m ~ne ~ l from 7 to 11 a. m,, no fewer than SEVEN M~R-Y~NN~;TERS [2,000 different objects had to be PROFESSED; TWO BOUND i assembled. Cologne, Nov. 1. Germany will have what is believed to be the only circus chapel-car in the world, and it will be served by its own pastor. The owner of the Circus Sarrasani, Mr. Stosch-Sarrasani, is a Catholic and so are more than half of his 900 Church, reviewed almost first half-century of the beginning with 1886, his priestly labors in He sketched briefly the of the Most Rev. Pat- Feehan, first Arch- Chicago; th~ Most Rev. Quigley, second Arch-i employees. For a long time he has Chicago, and those of Car-Iwanted a priest assigned to the tray- Father O'Sullivan'cling company as its chaplain, but it to the organization of the'Was not until this month that his wish charities in this city as a came near to realization. While the achievement of His Eminence. Icircus was in Bonn, the manager and O'Sullivan recalled that the owner received a letter from the Bish- in which he first labored had op of Rottenburg saying that he could of about 500,000, and supply a priest for the circus, if its Catholic parishes Today, Imanager would provide a special there are hundreds of c~apel-wagon or car. Plans are now Parishes in the city proper, under way and the people of the cir- George V. McIntyre, presi- cus will soon have an opportunity of Big Sisters, l~resided as attending Mass daily. Mrs. Jane Payne Me- When the Circus Sarrasani was in author, spoke briefly on or- Muenster. the appearance at the ca- among Catholic women, thedral for Mass of its Indian troup at the speakers' table and the!of 25 men, women and children, all tions they represented, were:~dressed in native garb, caused a great P. O'Grady, Edgewater Ideal of excitement. After Mass the Women's Club; Mrs. Frank ~ Indians were photographed with the South Side C. W. C.; Mrs. ]cathedral priests. WiIson, West End . W. C.; McWharter, Ladies' Aux-{Calif" Church, Doheny Ancient Order of Hiber-" I Gift, Is Consecrated Anna Downes, Women's! Order of Foresters; Miss for Mrs. Frank J. Lewis, of the Illinois Club for: Women; Mrs. D. E, Me- 'Carbolic Daughters of Ameri- Julia Ward Clingen, Ladies' Benevolent Association. Present were: Mrs. Minerva 'augh[ers of Isabella; Mrs. Wall, Ladies of Isa- Mary B. Finan, Interne- of Catholic Alum- Mrs. George Hanson, Cath- League. PLACE IN CONTROL OF GILL HOSPITAL, OHIO As 4 Bishops Attend (By Special Telegraph to N. C. W. C. News Service.) Los Angeles, Calif., Nov. 1. Four Bishops and the Very Reverend Pro- vincial of the" Vincentian Fathers took part in the consecration of St. Vincent'sChurch here, yesterday morning. The church, wh!ch is the gift ofI Edward L. Doheny to the parish inI which he has lived most of his life, was begun in 1923, and was finished in 1925. The edifice cost over $1,- 000,000 to build and is considered a masterpiece of Spanish architec- ture, with a beautiful tiled dome, and a slender tower rising to the height of 170 feet. Elaborate stone carv- ings, marble and mosaics are used in the interior decorations. The main altar is carved from wood in the typical Spanish style The Rt. Rev. John J. Cantwell, N. C. W. C. News Service.) Ohio, Oct. 27.--The A. Powers, pastor of Church, here, has been Personal control of the Gill the oldest institution of its Your Vote and Influence Will Be Appreciated. J. R. (BOB) GLADDEN Candidate For Re-election Alderman Ninth Ward to Action of Democratic Primary Nov. 10, 1930, New York City, and Vicar General of His Eminence Patrick Cardinal Hayes in his capacity as Bishop Ordi- nary of United States Army and Navy Chaplains, told this correspon- dent following his recent audience with the Holy Father. Monsignor Waring had last seen the Pope on the occasion of Cardinal Hayes' elevation to the Sacred Col!ege. "Recently," Monsignor WaMng said, '~I have heard it repeated so often that the Pope was ill, very ill, that I expected to find myself before a person we:'ghted down by age and infirmity. You tan imagine, there- fore, my great and happy surprise on finding Pope Piux XI not only very fit, but looking very much better than when I saw him six years ago." Monsignor Waring had come to Rome for the purpose of blessing the convent of the Sisters of the Precious Blood, who came to Italy from Ameri- ca to open a house in the Eternal City. CALLS C. P. A. BOARD SESSION IN NEW YORK (By N. C. W. C. News Service.} New York, Nov. 1. At the cal~ of Benedict Elder, Editor of The Record, Louisville. and President of the Catholic Press Association, the annual meeting of the execut!ve board of the Association will be held at the Catholic Club here Friday, November 22. Charles H. Ridder, business manager of The Catholic News. New York, and treasurer of the Association, is arranging the de- tails. Many important matters are to come up at the meeting Among other things, the entire program for the 1931 .annual convent]on will be arranged. TWICE F(%2CED OUT, U. S. NUNS RETURN TO CHINA INTERIOR (By N. C. W, C. News Service.) Yeungkong, China, Oct. 30.---Re- cently the bell of the Catholic mis- sion in this ancient city of South China rang long and loud, while the roaring of cannon crackers attract- ed crowds of curious to the river bank. The curiosity seekers felt that their efforts had been well repaid when three foreign women descend- ed from a junk by means of a none too securely placed plank. Word be- gan to circulate among the onlookers. "The Catholic Sisters have come back." Thea~were even some who thought they recognized the three foreigners, and they were not wrong; for the three Maryknoll Sisters had labored in Yeungkong, Maryknoll's first mis- sion in the Orient, from 1922 to 1925. During that period tho grati- fying progress of the Yeungkong or- phanage, old folks' home and dis- pensary was due in no small meas- ure to Sister M. Lawrence Foley of Fall River, Mass.; ~ister M. Francis Davis of Brooklyn, N. Y., and Sister M. Rose Leifels of Schenectady, N. Y. Pagan women ~xhom, b the Sisters befriended in those y~ars had never forgotten them The Right Man for the Right Office Germany's President At Requiem Mass for The people could not choose.a ,nan "Late Prince Leopold aetter equipped to serve n]s c]w um~ this time in the office of Ciw a:reasurer, than Oscar D. Hadfield. Berlin, Oct. 30. The funeral of All his business training and ex- Prince Leopold of Bavaria, head of ~erience in accounting and linen: the royal house of Wittc'sbach, was v~al affairs qualify him for this trice. Give him your vote and held in the St. Michael's Hofkirche in support. . Munich. The eighty-six-year-old prince was greatly beloved by the OSCAR D HADFIELD Catholic people of Bavaria and both ~igh and low paid tribute to his re- " mains. ,r T~, The pastor of St. Ludwig's blessed For City ..casurer the body of the deceased where it lay in state in the palace. The family and Prince Adalbert of Prussia, as official representative of the former FOR HAWAIIAN MISSIONS (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Maryknoll, N. Y., Oct. 28.---Seven novices of the Foreign Mission Sis- ters of Saint Dominic were professed today at the motherhouse of tbe con- gregatio-n, here. The Sisters who made their first vows are: Sisters M. Francis Regis (Anna H. McAnany), of Philadel- phia, Pc.; Alphonsus Marie (Edith V. Gourlay), of Brooklyn, N. Y.; M. St. Anne (Anna Sexton), of Fram- ingham, Mass.; Madeleine Sophie (Madeline C. Karlon), of New York City; Maria del Rey (Winifred T. Corcoran), of Dorchester, Mass.; Jeanne Marie (Agnes Lyons), of Bal- timore, Md., and M. Hildegarde (Agatha Ryan), of Rosiere, N. Y. Sisters Maria de! Rey and Hilde- garde will leave immediately for the Hawaiian Islands, where they have been assigned for mission work. MSGR. JAMES H. RYAN, CATHOLIC U. RECTOR, IS HONORED BY ITALY (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Washington, Oct. 28. The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Jamcs H. Ryan, rector of the Catho]'c University of America, has been named a Knight Commander of the Crown of Italy by His Majesty, Victor Emanuel the Third. The In- signia of the Order was presented by the Italian Ambassador, Nobile Gia- corns di Martins. The d]stinction is one of Italy's most coveted honors and comes to Monsignor Ryan~ on the proposal of the Italian Ambassador. Since becoming Rector Of the Cath- olic University, Monsignor Ryan has done much to promote the study of the Italian language, art and culture, and it was because of this work and his efforts to develop cultured under- standing between the American and Italt~tn people that he was honored by the King of Italy. Monsignor Ryan is one of the most D. J. Bubtsso~. Pres. Phonss, Office, 4-247! Res. 4-151W AMflULANCE SERVICE Dubisson Undertakin UNDERTAKERS & EMBALMERS All Calls Promptly Answered OPEN DAY AND NIGHT 90S-907 Galau St. LJttle Rot.&, Arb WM. L. 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