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November 8, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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November 8, 1930

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pAGE TWO THE GUARDIAN, NOVEMBER 8, 1930 T proceedings which from its very nature was how to pray with mind and heart--"I Belong The proportion of married women ,ee y primarily_ blasphemous, i to Godw. It is a brief and clear declaration wa eso was 1 to ..11 Out of -eve THE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY ]In passing it is well to take note, the incident i that in its infinite implications conveys a stag- ...__,_: ..... of the Diocese of Little r~ock .... , WUI-J .III ', were marneu. 807 WEST SECOND STREET lS one more argument for our Catholic schools germg truth ......... .. . - Tthe r stom A magnificent institution built by taxes of peo-I "I Belong. to God v, That is the al'-ha and une oi tne mgmncan amciosures t Little Rock, Ark., under the Act of Congress of March 8, 1879 .......... I " is that in ..... ,.._-__, ! -- pie WhO are vy an overwnelmmg majorx~y re- o.. ........................... omega of human wisdom and human achmve- hgmus was dedicated that evening to outraging ment. One who has failed Tearn the lesson e employed married women we. .oWhti~ aole~ha~FtC: CywdArN :r :FesAfI tRteS ubscriber should give their most sacred convictions. F. :conveyed in that short sentence is ignorant and with husbands or in homes of theiJ t CORRESP{)NDENCE . 0 wretched, his life is empty and futile, no mat- Ten years a o women constit Matte, intended for publication in The Guardian ~hoUldn~e~e::e ~ss HELP FOR THE POOR S ..... g ' :~&~2~e~hcoamneye~ad~:dnn~:not~gtheBc~lee/g;eWStl~iTm~Pter is cer- ~.JI.)l.t~ ter to how great heights of worldly fame or cent of the working population W success ne may nave armmeu, cen ....... -"' - " -" - :~r_ ~. . ~ .......... ~U~ WIll snow lS problematical, ~" REY M /d]R J P. FISHER ....................... Business M n ger UOSL appropriately m me monm aeaxca ea "I Belong to God1" Why, that is the very er ..... - : ....................... b the h " ,, ally m en Ior granted that tl e All o u.l ,tioo. hould be ddre, d to The u rd n. t07 Y C urch to her members suffering, our cornerstone of the edifice of Christian educa- est Street, Little Rock, Ark. Holy Father the Po*,e -ro,,oses as the "inten ,--- _,..,. ....... has increased OFFICIAL ORGAN ' " " " " e The Guardian is the official organ of the Diocese of Little Rock. tlon for the Apostleshxp of Prayer, Help for every grade from primary class to university Dr. Joseph A. Hill, assistant to th sn , that it, y a. ear es e,a p,o cause the Poor Souls" feU: hii:e ePerrmUtheger:Pa : m Veth lhi u nd t:tah:! Bishop of Little Rock those wh h v o f Y aP:l y oc " " " t t as living with her husband in a o a e g ne be ore us to etern bliss meet the expense of such an institution. Bish- own, then somewhat more than bne or to Purgatory's painful durance. In commem- ops, priests and people feel in conscience bound these married women ainfuilv empl orating All Saints and All Souls days the Church to provide schools in which religious instruction not have a normal homelife "" "with NOVEMBER 8, 1930 is following that consoling dogma of Catholic and Catholic practice is part of the daily pro- fifty years, he also points out, the Faith, the Communion of Saints. The tie that gram. The perseverance from generation to women school teachers i ...... ed r0i THE DEBATE. so closely binds us to the bIessed in heaven and generation in this practice, the gradual expan- to 652,500 ....... -- the suffering souls in purgatory should impel sion of the Catholic educational system to em- Whether the increase of women ii " rne alsln eg, One evening last week, a great number of us to invoke the intercession and imitate the lbrace high schools, colleges and universities, is occupations is due to .... att uninterested, unthinking, easily swayed sensa- virtues of those who won eternal victory and an eloquent expression and a sublime example-- family, or the disintegration of the lion seekers the auditorium of the it. should move our hearts to prayer for the ] when we take into consideration the financial hastened by the turnin of women toi local High School to listen to a debate between poor souls, who cry out to us from another strain involved---of devotion to the principle of and business-u ..... .... rtli self e pect, no to speak of a regard for a most Church,"s teachm of ho p rsulrs, is a ma er one Clarence Rarrow and the Rabbi of the local world" Have pity on me, have pity on me, at which "I Belong to God" is a slogan gists to determin ....... dlY . ,, " . ,, i " is uncouple Synagogue The sub3ect being Is Man Immor least you my fnends - I Catholics who are Catholics to the bone cheer- the breaking UP" of home hrnu h di' tal " This is the press version of the affairThe ractical effect f true a f 1 e hil .... - ...... p o nd a s p oso-I fully make the sacrifice exacted, and patiently resulted In many women takinu g However, journalists as well as the generalI phies meets telling test at the "portal we call bear the slights and suspicions of some of their cupations On the oth - ther public are inclined to be careless in using]death." False prophets, abysmally degradinglgood fellow-citizens who look upon the par- for the conclusion that the d'r f't' toWSri words. It was not a debate, although it fol-I man while they attempt to deify his poor body, I ochial school as an un-American institution. We ment is a r ormal effect of ahangeS lowed sketchily the rules of debate: It wasI tell us that death ends all, that that sdmethingllook to time and the course of events to demon- try and the mode of living: -'CathY! rather an occasion for one party to display his l which enables living men to master the ms-Istrate that our schools are not alien in spirit, N.Y. talent at snarling, sneering and dehverlng clev chlner of creation to s ar i -] " y " , o to abstract'ons of lthey are a help not hindrance to the State. : er, glib and well turned phrases that sounded]justice, honor, duty; to think in terms of eter-]What is not so easy to swallow is the fault- o ....... brilliant while the other allowed himself to beI nity and which compels his longing for immor- I finding criticism and lack of support from with- UNION OF : made a foil for him. ] tality is but a phase of chem]'cal or physicallin the fold. There is a large element among The notion that the un onof the No, the writer did not attend the debate, be-] reaction doomed to end in nothingness..Hate- I us who cannot see the need of a separate re- Churches of the United States is desir cause he felt he owed it to his own intellectual ful thou And wha to I g t a cont'ast the lligious school These worldly-gated people the economic standpoint alone would -! ] " g p [salve their consciences somehow, send their by some of our intellectual Europe sacred truth that is well fortified by arguments Since Jesus ' hris ............. t children to school "h ....... "' ,, " . . augnr m firs t atl - s er nan warnoiic, ypically American, This d from every field, reason, science and the history oh ] "c schools of Judea and alilee, every Catholic]flatter themselves that they are giving these of unions, mergers and su er combit i of civilization to refrain from participating in]child has known that "God made man to know lyoung people a better start in life Are they* every sort In other lin such. a. carnival of ignorance, pride and human ]Him, to love Him, to serve Him in world ]Not if "I Belong to God" ben positive U'uth. losses that" result from dti:]d:d :ffo 411' stupidity. ]in order to be happy with Him forever in the l In every month of the school year our news avoided, so we ai'e told, by huge cos What warrant does Clarence barrow hold I next." lclumns feature the activities of Catholic edu- Why not bring the same idea into relig for undertaking to attack the immortality of] We rejoice in the teaching of the Church that ]cational institutions, and readeis cannot fail to i a .swer is that faith' .... lie d the soul? As far as we have ever heard his]the souls in Purgatory experience ineffable jo-]remark on the frequency of such headlines as fin the heart and soul principal claim to fame ests on his ability as a , Catholic Student Orato 1 " [in the certainty of their sahation. But we I "y W nner, Students ideal w th them as with hrial, .rid criminal lawyer, one who defends criminals be-I .TO rgrnlndad +hnf ....... ~ o, ..... ...... IWin Honor for Catholic Scho .... Ca+h l;- I, ...... .... - ....... ..... , ....... I ................... w~z~v ~uut~ etl~u ~ulx~r IlI#3SL I ,,',, ~,~ ~ ~_tuj t llglOn unnKe Du~er ano eggs, moWlI~S fore cour A branch legal pro es k Student Wins m Fla Contest Catholic Acad .... :. . .... -] een pangs of separation from their true end, I " " g , " -land groceries, is beyond meaSa: zion wmcn m generauy lOOKeCt oown upon em Wins Gold Medal fo Ar ...... [God. We can lessen their sufferings and has-I Y " r t, Catholic Girl I rule and level ...... ,ta$i the members of the bar as a field left mostly .......... ........ Wins in Essa- Contes .......... ' ' ............. .... ....... I ocn egmmng m tnelr eternal miss through I y inese tems urmsn t best adding machine that m-,- has e young men ann o ners wno are possesseu , incontestable lo f " .... lOUT good orks and our prayers, especmtly" bv p" o that our schools are rapidly . --Transcri , , of certain talents that are generally regarded lthe sublime prayer of Hol" Mass " t forging ahead " i as somewhat fox-like rather than humanly in- . . Y " I .... " . I ........ , ........ t nu, as the poet forcefully reminds us, what I weH-i nown esmt educator paid tribute t o-- e lecruat narrow s principal claim som im " " i . , " " . .. ..... ]are we better than shee or goats, if knowin I e t e ago to the high quahty of scholarship AMERICAN l Lnnr p .gSU] page any uany paper _ase on mS]this, "we raise not hands in prayer" for thoseland the remarkable advance evinced by t heI ............ achievements in securing for his clients an es-t ..... _ Catholic teachi .......... /wao calves us rienc , I , ng lsrers wno comprise rue bulk In the course of a recent addreSS cape from those penalties which sociew gen-t " students ........ o summer scnoom, anu wno con ri - pressure disorder, Dr David Riesma , s rally demands of those convicted of violating/ -- Jute learned -a'-ers and addr ........ i ..... " ....... i f'eld f le al ctiv ! ARE YOU BEING EXPLOITED _ esses t a nonc It Chmcal Medicine at the Univers . th, e laws oI lanu rn s 1 o g a j edu . . . ...... -t " cational conventions. Catholics who never lsylvania, said" The causes of this oes eman mucn more pracu , ]l ead Catholi t::!OUtThleY am!Oct ii' d)sea. nvl " : :y:hta dk?e:ledpgpr:fci:tlim ] beWh:: hasb::: :ald:bo:; p::pl:%dpa::l i: lem/:de i!i ithPsehrear!t :g lf:rthea hSS Th:o::hnt; d ........ h--" .... l us at times, and partly because of what the] . P I cans have more or less lost the art af the u uman mlnu ann near ann ew preJu-I .... s rin harf nrincinal renuirement'bf]neau one of our institutions told us lately. ] . .... I We have created false standards [me nall te practiceis a sort of ox-like cun-I.. The people to whom we refer are fond ofttif : h 'v:t:n:emme e: of. ,el!.glous educa-lpnved ourselves of peace and leisure. , r as his mmence 0 ,.... l ' all ne theatre. They do not go to many shows; [... - - lhad material success, but have we " .... Inal Ha s said on one occasl n " gmthra .... have too much dmcnmmatlon and thelrl _ Y _ o , CathohcsIdearly for it9 It may be difficulttt ale " o,,, are not " " " sslon m sense of decenc i free in these matters Parents are the Am e - sins that the accused criminal l y "s not dull enough for that],,not fre ..........-- " ....... I erican that he has. Unlik ,ac re , ......... I But when a good n]av comes the,, wish to ,,o I e rlSK rne alm, salvauon nelr I Dean who retire o .v lawyer wxm me Des recora " " ' " chi " - " enert E " ' Howev .... ldren, by dehberately choosm a secular or . 3" h res . finances "ermit There is I er, they resent this fact: while attending ! ...... g I has enough for a comfortable hying, f a non reagmus scnoo wnen a good Cathohc c ,o cqu ls that . . " , l a wholesome production, they are "iven mat I - " I. an wants to bec .... =e ...... eprecia ing Mr. uarrow s] . . . g the I" sc" ' ome ncner, iI ne v here of a ter advertmm the next vile hool is available ] - there a desire to infer! g offering at works hard and he gambles with nnaCe. gifts, neither h ,ratel ..... ,,eroted inltheatre" And they don't like this one bit They I A few months ago Catholics and Protestants on the stock mark w ho o , nceS - hat he has eve.r deh'bt ,,.,,, ]feel that they are being exploited; their pres-Ias well were reading with admiration the re-]cessful he has indering the administratk ..... ...... . ence is being taken advantage of to advertise [markable encyclical of* Pope "Plus XI on "The ltion of lif . me a mospnere oi .... Carl " ,, unu ure y ne nas It from the hOmO. d the drab sceneInn ob3ectlonable thing, and their patronage, t. stlan Educatmn of Youth. In that ex-lventures have ended disastrously. bedraggled menl h: [, ok:Y' i: :it et ed' :o some extent atlleftSu inV:a,dnal siSo:f mth:n s:b/;k tn nothing was o : - " k o .f P P at e and enable it tol " g Y " " g passages in I .... ............. th " , wome who have fallen vk o . . ]offer plays which no self-respecting man or] at mmortal document we commend the fol-] '*- . oresociety, , , .... , r n w. awn folly and crouch p tifully I woman would dream of supporting. /lowing to the conslderahon of Cathohc par-[ .... . cowering under the lash of public4ty, ] Theatre owners and managers will say, If]ents "It is as important to make no mistake in[ Geor ........ . ish ge Bernard haw has ubl x decent eo le do eaucation as P "l g w'th the torment of their n P P not support a decent shows , ' is to made no mistake in thel , ...... . ..... greatest men in the wor that Mr. barrow comes to norm I __ ]when we give them the opportunity to do so,]pursuit of our last end, with which the Wh^le/r ........ " moT- . v ~e lnclu(les l~/uclid Ptolem ris o " women to tell them that the soul is we will not be able to offer any decent shows ]work of educatmn is intirnatel,, and ne ...... [ ...... " y' tal. Yet, the only uplifting, consohng "':]They mean, decent shows at Io.a= intervals, at]Cnnected. In fact, since I ewtn' Kepler, copermcus, . I " .... " t'" - *' decent la s "I T E /has G. B. S. scaled. 0 's over s mply a destroyer He would de mg the tt P Y you offer Pe ha H ECONOMIC STA or t .... " , "l ,,," . ,n .... :"- ..... " " TUS OF WOMEN, lt'osupply, as a matter of course, f roy man's only. claim to superiority over ani-['you 11' gLr~; a~. ~.vv~_c/IO'tll: support, perhap t -- ]o,, ission constrained by Shaw's m( reals by ghbly and infallibly dictating to thel,the pal;ror g e leeent plays is 'ery | Facing: s66 ' ...... * --" ' " | human race of whlch he is merely a memberl3mall comp e atth elaar ,e, ums roffe lwith sooher 6"f ia erbyt he C g ehn:;:i ' k --o , ---- and: which has hexer given him a warrant to lones bring'yon, $a. , of our money fa er 6ig are' f" rt ghadowe --.__/ ,;, x,l , EQUALITY. do so He doubtless referred to the infa]lible[shaHhelp you:m*ai h, in your their4.., it is afte.'[th'4 930'.ensus n ow beingUco n Z#l'el :r: r e ] " ". ronouncements of the Pope, while making de-|alis small sacrifice fo." us tomakis..ft r/resnd : " P" I " ..... h P .... [ ....... - -o-,, --e cnangeg in the . . . ..... generalize LOO mu, isis of all Rehglon with the same attempt at all the least we dO to make cbnd, c struct,h . , _ Amer ca. Soclall We ....... ( od .... . - . m pas aecade ...... . are equa De or infalhblhty, but w thout any warrant not even square w th our tatl and principl'd . I in . have been l lty. All ..... m.. +h t v n4, n --o . are unuergomg modifi -}ijs not tKe ..... ......As to: ...... the Rabbi of the local synagog -- " ome ,nicn af . ,, , ,man van[L) - CHRI T D '' fec to a marked degree assert h he ' . * " " ' r Ue.d W the, S rAN/E UCATIONsToNE VERY COR R-,;the_social_ Unit, tt 4'famil. ., _. Y'* i,.: . does f, , g regret that he allowed himseTf to be ma e ] ." li a t)asis oi stti l- ^- -- ........ 0ti two, is jus a butt of this cynic' remarks. He owed it toI -, ------- lithe Bui eau of the C i;us i::=dSs: rn:' vh:l t6 !hd" .mr t t# himself, to 'he ancient creed tie represents to i An ihspii-atibnal' title, is that given by the !, forriiation on the " - . aY shmldallowing" himself and the teachmei ker, to, he mad e pgart hey defendsto an Y frOmsuch [ .comphsl4edt o, a httltc" . bool ,autl4r'- timha' R hglous.a ms' to of teachthe Cenachfldrett. cle, ] 0tiieii ']Thig' .......... shows" Werethaen,,a--'--t t n19"- .... ' per cent of omen.all founCtes'd tha TC a " t anns d th6 qansd' " " ' ' ' pationa of others.-- k "