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November 7, 1969     Arkansas Catholic
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November 7, 1969

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THE GUARDIAN, NOVEMBER 7, 1969 PAGE 9 18 Important Questions Answered ABOUT THE NEW HOSPITAL PLAN FOR CATHOLICS I. What is the Hospital Plan for Catholics? The Hospital Plan for Catholics is a brand-new. yaw-cost health protection plan-created especially Or Catholics-that pays extra cash income direct to You when covered accident or illness hospitalizes You or a member of your family. 2. Why do I need the Hospital Plan for Cath- olics in addition to my regular insurance? Probably your present hospital insurance won't cOVer a/ your hosnital expenses but even if it does you 'will aY[ need help to cover all your aousehold expenses when you are hospitalized. 3. can 1 collect even though ! carry other health insurance? Yes, the Plan pays you in addition m any health in- tarance you carry, whether individual or group- even Medicare! And all your benefits are tax-free! 4. Is there a lot of red tape to qualify? NOne at all. Your only qualification is to complete and mail your Enrollment Form by the deadline date shown on the form below. 5. Which plan should ! choose? You may choose any of ]our low-cost plans-you Can actually select the exact plan that suits you best! If yours is a young, growing family, we recom- aend the ALL-FAMILY PLAN. You and your wife are covered at once for accidents, for new sick- aesses which begin after your policy is 30 days .old, and for maternity benefits after your policy been in force for I0 months. All your un- rried dependent children (and furore additions) een 3 month.,, and under 21 are included, at no extra cost. as long as they live at home. d If you are the only parent living with your chil- n. we suggest the ONE-PARENT FAMILY , LAN. This covers you and all eligible children ving at home between 3 months of age and under 1. Under this plan, of course, furore additions are not included since no maternity benefit is Provided in the ONE-PARENT FAMILY PLAN. If you have no children, or if your children are grown and no longer dependent on you, you will want the HUSBAND-WIFE PLAN. Or, if you are living by yourself, you will want the INDIVIDUAL PLAN. 6. If ! become hospitalized, when do my bene- fits begin? On a/l plans, your cash benefits are paid from the very first day you enter the hospital, for as long --and for as many times-as you are hospitalized, up m the maximum (Aggregate of Benefits) of the plan you choose. 7. How much can I be paid in a Catholic hos- pital? Each plan has its own "Aggregate of Benefits," what we call the maximum. For example, under the ALL-FAMILY PLAN, the maximum is $10,000--$100 a week ($14.28 a day) extra cash income while you are hospital- ized. $75 weekly ($10.71 daily) while your wife is hospitalized. $50 weekly ($7.14 daily) for each eligible child hospitalized. Under the ONE-PARENT FAMILY PLAN, the maximum is $7.500-$100 weekly ($14.28 daily) while you are hospitalized. $50 weekly ($7.14 daily) for each eligible child hospitalized. Under the HUSBAND-WIFE PLAN, the max. imum is $7,500--$100 weekly ($14.28 daily) while you are hospitalized. $75 weekly ($10.71 daily) while your wife is hospitalized. Under the INDIVIDUAL PLAN, the maxi. mum is $5,000- $100 a week ($14.28 a day) while you are hospitalized. 8. Must I go to a Catholic hospital to collect benefits? No, you will be covered in any hospital of your choice that makes a charge for room and board, elcept nursing homes, convalescent or self-care units of hospitals, Federal hospitals, or any hospi- tal primarily for the treatment of tuberculosis, drug addiction, alcoholism, or nervous or mental dis- order. 9. When does my policy go into force? It becomes effective the very same day we receive your Enrollment Form. Accidents that occur on or after that date are covered immediately. After your policy is 30 days old, sicknesses which begin there- after are covered. Under the ALL-FAMILY PLAN, childbirth or pregnancy or any consequence there- of is covered after your policy has been in force for 10 months. 10. What if someone in my family has had a health problem that may occur again? Any covered family member who has suffered from chronic ailments in the past will be covered for these pre-existing conditions after he has been pro- rected by the policy for two years. I 1. What conditions aren't covered? Only these minimum necessary exceptions: preg- nancy or any consequence thereof (unless you have the ALL-FAMILY PLAN), war, military service, nervous or mental disease or disorder, suicide, alcoholism or drug addiction, or any con- dition covered by Workmen's Compensation or Employers Liability Laws. 12. Can I drop out any time? Can you drop me? We will never cancel or refuse to renew your policy for health reasons-for as long as you live and continue to pay your premiums. We guarantee that we will never cancel, modify or terminate your policy unless we decline renewal on all poli- cies of this type in your entire state or until the maximum (Aggregate of Benefits) of your policy hasbeen paid. You, of course, can' drop your pol- icy on any renewal date. 13. Why is the Hospital Plan for Catholics al- most like having an extra "bank account"? When your policy is issued, your insurance pro- vides up to $10,000, $7,500, or $5,000-depend- ing on the Aggregate of Benefits of the plan you choose. This is your "Heahh-Bank Account." Then, every month your policy is in force, an amount equM to your regular monthly premium (including your first month) is actually added to your maximum. When you have claims, benefits are simply subtracted from your "account." 14. Are there any other unusual benefiut? Yes. In the event of an accidental death (within 90 days of an accident) of any person covered, $500 will be paid to the covered person's bene- ficiary (you may name your parish as beneficiary if you wish) subject to the maximum (Aggregate of Benefits) of your policy. 15. Will my claims be handled prompdy? Yes. With your policy, you will receive a simple, easy-to-use Claim Form. Your claims will be proc- essed quickly and your checks sent directly to you. 16. Why are the premiums in the Hospital Plan for Catholics so low? You actually get all these benefits-xt such a low cost-because this is a mass enrollment plan-and no salesmen are used. Our volume is higher and our sales costs are lower. 17. How much does my first month cost? Only $1.00, regardless of your age, the size of your family or the plan you select. After the first month, if you are under 65,you pay only these low monthly rates: only $7.95 a month for the ALL- FAMILY PLAN; only $5.95 a month for the ONE-PARENT FAMILY PLAN; only $5.75 a month for the HUSBAND-WIFE PLAN; only $3.25 a month for THE INDIVIDUAL PLAN. (When you are 65 or over, premiums increase. See modest increase in box at left.) 18. Why should I enroll right now? Because an unexpected sickness or accident could strike without warning-and you will not be covered until your policy is in force. Remember, if for any reason you change your mind, you may return your policy within 10 days and your $1.00 will be refunded immediately. like putting money in and of the bank. Peace Of Mind And Security 'as long as you five and continue to pay premiums, we will never cancel or to renew your policy for health rea- guarantee that we will never modify or terminate your policy we decline renewal on all policies of m your entire state or until the (Aggregate of Benefits) of your has been paid. In Addition To Other Insurance the Hospital Plan for Catholics pays addition to any health insurance you whether individual or group-even Furthermore, all your benefits , you may carry only policy with Mutual Protective. Surprisingly Low Cost ) in the Hospital Plan for Cath- than you might t AL PROTECTIVE URANCE COMPANY 'any reason you deckle you don't want pj, yo, my rmm a in ;o. ..  Vm will promptly refund your oonart expect. Regardless of your age, size of your family, or the plan you select, you get your first month for only SHOO. See box on pre- ceding page for low rate of plan that suits you best. How Can We Do It? How can we offer so much for so little? The answer is simple: We have lower total sales costs! The Hospital Plan for Catho- lics is a mass enrollment plan-all business is conducted directly between you and the company by mail. No salesmen are used. No costly investigations or extra fees. It all adds up to real savings we share with you by giving you top protection at lower cost. A Respected Company In addition to the exceptional advantages of the Hospital Plan for Catholics-you get something even more valuable: Your pol- icy is backed by the resources and integrity of the Mutual Protective Insurance Com- pany, "The Catholic's Company," special- , izing in low-cost protection for Catholics all across America for over 35 years. Cath- olics everywhere, possibly right in your own community (including many priests), know of us and may be insured by us. Many Catholic school children have for years enjoyed Mutual Protection coverage. Serving policyholders throughout the United States direct by mail, Mutual Pro- tective has its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, where it is incorporated and licensed. No Red Tape--No Salesman Will Call If you enroll now, during this limited en- rollment period there are no other qualifi- cations other than to complete and mail the Enrollment Form below. We will issue your Hospital Plan for Catholics (Form P147 Series) immediately-the same day we receive your Form. Along with your policy, you will receive an easy-to-use Claim Form. Any time you need your ben- efits, you can be sure that your claim will be handled promptly. Doesn't it make good sense for you to be protecte d by the Hospital Plan for Catholics, should you or a member of your family be suddenly hospitalized? Why not take a moment now to fill out your Enrollment Form and mail it promptly with only $1.O0-"intro- ductory" cost for your first month's coverage. Money-Back Guarantee When you receive your policy, you'll see that it is direct, honest, easy to understand. But i/ /or any reason you change your mind, you may return it within I0 days and we will promptly re/und your dollar. Please Note: Because this is a limited enrollment, we can only accept enroll- ments postmarked on or before the date shown below. But please don't wait! The sooner we receive your Form, the sooner your Hospital Plan for Catholics will cover you and your family. We cannot cover you i/your policy is not in/orce! Don't delay-fill out and mail Enrollment Form today, with $1.00, to Mutual Protective Insurance Company, 3860 Leavenworth Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68105 LIMITED ENROLLMENT FORM NO. 0632 INSURED'S NAME (Please Print) First Middle Initial ADDRESS Last Street City State Zip No. | This enrollment form i N. 23, 1969 AGEDATE OF BtRTH | must be mailed no later midnight of: |" Wife's First Name [ Middle Initial SELECT F-I All-Family Plan. If All-Family or HNlbui-Wile I Plan is selected, give following PLAN [] Husband-Wife Plan information on wife: DATE OF [ Month i Day [ Year DESIRED: WIFE'S mx: I I I (Check One [lOne-Parent Family Plan Only) I-I Individual Plan Do you carry other insurance in this Company? [] No I-] Yes (If "'yes," please list policy numbers.) ! have enclosed my first monthly premium of $1..00 and hereby apply to Mutual, Protective l mmrsm, COmla. y,.Om., Nebm., for the Hospital Plan for Catholics Form P 147 Series and.Phm.thetu., uder,,seteea anove, t unaermma me  ts not to tocce umtt astrally issued. The Imneficia for all persons coveted under this poucy matt De: ..necx one: [] Name of Beneficiary Address [] The Catholic parish in which the covered person resides at the time of his death. xe Sisned X FORM'E-147M Insured's Signature SIGN--DO NOT PRINT Please make check or money order payable to MUTUAL PROTECTIVE