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November 7, 1969     Arkansas Catholic
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November 7, 1969

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PAGE 8 THE GUARDIAN, NOVEMBER 7, 1969 SPECIAL LIMITED ENROLLMENT FOR EXTRA CASH BENEFITS EXPIRES MIDNIGHT. NOVEMBER 23. 196,1 NOW-FOR CATHOLICS OF ALL AGES AND CATHOLIC FAMILIES OF ALL SIZES New Hospital Plan for Catholics pays extra cash direct to you-- in addition to any other insurance--group, individual or Medicare-- tax-free extra cash to use as you please! $100 a week while you are hospitalized a,, plan. at right) $75 a week while your wife is hospitalized (see .,, Fam,y and .ushand W, fe plans at right) $50 a week for each eligible child hosputahzed (See All-Family and One-Parent Family plans at right' $500 accidental death benefit (Payable on all plans. See details at right) REGARDLESS OF YOUR AGE OR THE SIZE OF YOUR FAMILY YOU CAN ENROLL FOR ONLY $1.00 Now, during this Limited Enroll- ment Period, you can enroll yourself and all eligible members of your family with no red tape and without any qualifications whatsoever-'-b' you must mail your Enrollment Form no later than Midnight, No- vember 23, 1969! his could well be the most important news you've heard in years! Now you may enjoy a special low-cost health protec- tion plan that pays "extra cash" direct to you when unexpected sickness or accident hospitalizes you or a member of your family! Mutual Protective Insurance Company, specializing in health insurance for Cath- olics for over 35 years, has created a brand- new health plan especially for Catholics like yourself-the HOSPITAL PLAN FOR CATHOLICS. "Try" This Plan For Only $1 You can actually "try" the plan under a special no strings "introductory" offer: For only $1.00, you can enroll yourself and all eligible members of your family- without having to see a company represen- tative and without any red tape whatsoever --during this limited enrollment period. And, after you receive your policy, iJ [or any reason you decide you don't want it, you may return it within 10 days and your dollar will be promptly re/unded.t Why You Need The Hospital Plan For Catholics In Addition To Ordinary Health Insurance Because no matter what other insurance you now carry, it simply won't cover every- thing! Think for a moment--in these days of rising medical costs, would your present insurance cover all your hospital bills? All your surgical and in-hospital doctor's bills? All the medicines, drugs, supplies and the many other extras? Probably not. And even if a/l your medical and hospi- tal bills were covered, what about all your other expenses--the bills that keep piling up at home-the tremendous and costly up- set to your budget, your reserves and your family life? !/you, as husband,/ather and breadwin- ner are suddenly hospitalized, your income stops, your expenses go up. Even if you have some kind of "salary insurance" it probably won't come close to replacing your full-time pay. !/your wife is suddenly hospitalized, who will look after the fam- ily, do the laundry, the marketing, the cleaning? You may have to take time off from your job-or hire domestic help. /f one o/your children is hospitalized, you'll certainly spare no expense. !/you're a sen- ior citizen, with limited reserves, and are hospitalized, even with Medicare, where will the "extra" money you need come from? Without any extra cash protection in case of a hospital emergency, debts may be incurred, savings may be lost, peace of mind may be shattered-and even recovery can be seriously delayed. How The Plan Protects You And Your Family Now, with the unique protection of the Hospital Plan for Catholics you can avoid these worries-because you can be assured of extra cash income when you or any cov- ered family member goes to the hospital- to help keep you out of debt, to help keep your savings intact, to speed recovery by easing your worried mind! No matter how large your family, no matter what your age or occupation and without any other qual- ifications whatsoever, you can choose any of the/our low-cost plans shown at right. In addition to the important cash bene- fits, you get all these valuable "extra" features: Your "Health-Bank Account" Here's a wonderful benefit, no matter which plan you choose, almost like an ex- tra "Bank Account." When your policy is issued, your insurance provides up to $10,000, $7,500 or $5,000-according to the Plan you choose. This is your "Health- Bank Account." Then, every month your policy is in force, an amount equal to your regular monthly premium (including your first month) is actually added to your max- imum! When you have claims, your bene- fits are simply subtracted from your "ae- (Continued on next page) CHOOSE THE PLAN THAT SUITS YOU BEST / ALL-FAMILY PLAN $10,000 MAXIMUM PAYS YOU: $100 weekly ($14.28 daily) extra cash income while you are hos- pitalized. $75 weekly ($10.71 daily) while your wife is hospitalized. $50 weekly ($7.14 daily) for each eligible child hospitalized. if yours is a young growing family, we rec- ommend the All-Family Plan. You and your wife are covered at once for accidents, for sicknesses which begin after your policy is 30 days old, and for maternity benefits after your policy has been in force for I0 months. And all your unmarried dependent children between 3 months of age and under 21 are included at no extra cost as long as they live at home. (This includes not only your pres- ent ch/Idren but any future additions.) You pay only $7.95 a month and you get your first month for only $1.00! 1-PARENT FAMILY PLAN $7,500 MAXIMUM  HUSBAND-WIFE PLAN $7,500 MAXIMUM PAYS YOU: $100 weekly ($14.28 daily) extra cash Income while you are hos. pltalized. $75 weekly ($10.71 daily) while your wife is hospitalized. If you have no children, or if your children are grown and no longer dependent on you, you will want the Husband-Wile Plan. You pay only $5.75 a month and you get your first month for only $1.00! PAYS YOU: $100 weekly ($14.28 daily) extra cash income while you are hos- pitalized. $50 weekly ($7.14 daily) for each eligible child hospitalized. If you are the only parent living with your children, we suggest the One-Parent Family Plan. This covers you and all eligible chil i dren living at home between 3 months o age and under 21. Under this plan, of course, future additions are not included since nO maternity benefit is provided in the One- Parent Family Plan. You pay only $5.95 a month and get your first month for only $1.001 INDIVIDUAL PLAN $5,000 MAXIMUM PAYS YOU: $I00 weekly ($14.28 daily) extra cash income while you are hole pitalized. if you are living by yourself, or wish to cover only one family member, you will want the Individual Plan. You pay only $3.25 a month and you get your first month for only $1.001 (NOTE: See below for ever-GS rates and how you may enroll parents who are over 65.) On all plans, your cash benefits are paid from the very first day you enter the hospi- tal, as long--and as many times--as you are hospitalized right up to the maximum (Ag- gregate of Benefits) of your plan. IMPORTANT: Here is another real "plus"--if you have been told that anyone in your family is "uninsurable"! Even if one of your covered family members has suffered from chronic ailments in thepast, the kinds of conditions that come back again and again or are likely to recur, the Hospital plat, /or Catholics will cover each !amily member/or these pre-existing conditions alter he has been protected by the policy/or two years! But whether or not you have had a chronic ailment, the Hospital Plan for Catholics will cover any accident that occurs on or after the day your policy goes halo e/Jeer--and any . new sickness which begins after your policy is 30 days old. There are only these mini- mum necessary exceptions: pregnancy or any consequences thereof (unless you have the All-Family Plan), war, military service, nervous or mental disease or disorder, sui- cide, alcoholism or drug addiction, or con- ditions covered by Workmen's CompenSa- tion or Employers Liability Laws. You are free to go to any hospital of your own choice that makes a charge for room and board, with these exceptions only: nursing homes, convalescent or self-care units of hospitals, Federal hospitals, or any hospital primarily for treatment of tuberculosis, alcoholism, drug addiction, or nervous or mental dis- order. Special Note If You Are 65 Or Older During this limited enrollment you can get the extra cash protection needed to fill the gaps in Medicare simply by filling out the Enrollment Form on next page without any other qualifications! The Hospital Plan for Catholics not only accepts you regardless of age, it gives you hard-to-find extra cash pro- tection during the high-risk senior years at a cost within your means. If you are over 65 now. or when you be- come 65, the following modest monthly in- crease applies. (This is the only increase that can ever be made as long as you contlnuc your policy in force): Female on All-Family or Husband-Wife Plan ........ ADD: $2.25 Female on One-Parent Family orlndividual Plan ......... ADD: $3.00 Male on any Plan ........... ADD: $3.00 Are Your Parents Even though your parents are covered by Medicare, a serious condition requiring lengthy hospitalization can mean the end of their reserves and loss of independence. To honor their independence and safeguard your own reserves, enroll your parents in the Hospital Plan for Catholics during this Senior Citizens? z limited Enrollment. Have the parent to be enrolled complete and sign the Enrollment Form, but enter your address c/o your name. (Example: c/o John Jones. 120 Main Street, Anytown, U.S.A.) We will send the polkY and premium notices to you. Just enclose $1 for the first month. Accidental Death Benefit On All Four Plans In the event of the accidental death (within wish to name, subject to the maximum (Ag- 90 days of an accident) of any person cov- gregate of Benefits) of your policy. You ered under the Hospital Plan for Catholics, may, if you wish, name your parish as your $500 will be paid to any beneficiary you beneficiary.