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November 7, 1969     Arkansas Catholic
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November 7, 1969

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PAGE 4 THE GUARDIAN, NOVEMBER 7, 1969 From the00 Oui Vive? by The Sentrg Thanksgiving Clothing Drive The fifteenth annual Thanksgiving Clothing Collection, under the sponsorship of the Catholic bishops of the United States is being con- ducted in parishes throughout the nation during the month of November. In the Diocese of Little Rock, His Excellency Bishop Albert L Fletcher has designated Thanksgiving Week as the period for the collection of clothing, shoes and bedding. This annual Clothing Collection presents an opportunity for every one to give generously to the poor at very little expense to himself. Every house contains a good supply of useable clothing, shoes, blankets and sundries, which have been discarded by the members of the family and will never be used by them again But these articles are like gifts from heaven for the poor in many parts of the world, in this in- stance the cost of giving consists merely in the expenditure of the time it will take to gather up the articles that are around the house, usually in the way. These discarded articles have no value to the members of the family who have no further use for them, but to the poor unfortunates in dire need of such things in so many parts of the world, their value is beyond estimate. It is one of the Corporal Works of Mercy, so highly praised by Christ, to clothe the naked. He said on one memorable occasion, "I was naked and you clothedMe.,, When did I do this, Lord? I have no recollection of it. Christ answered, "In as much as you did it to one of these my least brethren, you did it to Me." Many of the poor in this world are actually naked. The Catholic people of this nation have been generous in their contributions to the Clothing Collections in the past years. The donations have increased steadily each year. Last year the total contribution amounted to about 25 million dollars. Just think of it--all this tremendous contribution at no cost to the contributors. The only cost is the handling, baling, and shipping. The detailed instructions for preparing and delivering these articles can be easily obtained. Collection depots will be established in each parish. The United States Catholic Relief Service maintains programs of relief at all times for the destitute and needy in 67 countries. We can be sure that God will bless us in many ways if we are good to His poor. Be sure to give in His name. Most of us are looking forward to an enjoyable holiday on Thanksgiving Day. This usually means turkey with all the fixings and pumpkin pie, attending the game with all the enthusiasm that goes with it. Our holiday Joy will increase in pro- portion to what we did to make the poor happy. A famous poet once said, "It is not what we give butwhat we share" that ennobles the deed. Football Antics The first game of football between college teams was played on No- vember 6, 1869, at New Brunswick, New Jersey. Princeton and Rutgers were the rival teams and Rutgers won six goals to four. It is in- teresting to note that the teams wore no uniforms at that time. The players merely took off their coats and started to play. This is in marked contrast to the game as played now At the present time, it costs well over a hundred dollars to out fit each player This is the main reason for night football. The purpose is to attract a larger crowd to furnish the money which is needed to pay for the services of coaches, for the costly equipment, and for the erec- tion of large stadia equipped with floodlights and all the other ac- couterments of the modern game The persons who promote the football programs in our high schools, at present, seem to have forgotten the original purpose of athletic games in the educational program. Football has grown into a Colos- sus similar to the one described by Cassius in Julius Caesar: "Why man, he cloth bestride the narrow world like a Colossus and we petty men walk under his huge legs and peep about to find ourselves dishon- orable graves" This is a perfect picture of football in our high schools. Ithas grown out of all proportion to its educational value. In fact only the select few can participate in this activity, the others just "peep about" and find themselves seats in the stands. All this emphasis upon high school football has led to night games to increase the gate receipts, and more circus antics between the halves to entertain the spectators. No evil develops all at once. The conditions that are now deplored, at night school games, are the result of a series of unrestrained abuses that have been allowed to develop through the years. The accent upon winning is another abuse. Coaches are supposed to teach good sportsmanship and may the better team win, but one need only to take a look at their tactics during a game to account for the outbursts and acts of vandalism that come from the misguided spec- tators. The promoters of the halftime entertainment seem to think that majorettes must be half naked to be attractive. They are often seen parading around even on the coldest nights with little covering, while the players have warm suits and have fur-lined sideline coats or heavy blankets to repel the cold air. The spectators are also well protected from the frosty air. Parents are rather careless about the health of their daughters. All they seem to care about them is to have them popular enough to be exhibited in public. Some of the large cities have already banned high school games at night. It is to be hoped that others will see the light in time. In a nutshell,this is what the Second Va00'ican Council was all about. FBI Declares U.S. Trend Leading Toward Guerrilla Warfare Washington -- The Federal Bur- eau of Investigation declares in its 1969 annual report that... "... The New Left movement continued to pose a serious threat to the nation's internal security. "... The militant core of New Left extremism is the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) .. (which) has reflected an ever- increasing Marxist-Leninist rev- olutionary posture "... The Progressive Labor Party (PLP), a militant pro- Red Chinese revolutionary group, attempted to take control of the SDS... (and) the PLP-SDS fac- tion launched an 'SDS Summer Work-In' to penetrate and dis- rupt industry. "... Available indicators point to a long-range problem of cam- pus-based subversion accom- panied by violence and destruc- tion. "... A problem closely rela- ted to New Left extremism has been black extremism, especially centering around the Black Pan- ther Party (BPP). Black extre- mists detest constitutional gov- ernment, encourage disrespect for the law, and advocate vio- lence... " The Panther political philosoph'y is based on the wri- tings of Mao Tse-tung. Recently the Panthers have attempted to spread their doctrine of hate and revolution to college and high school students. ".. Republic of New Africa (lNAT e is another extre- mist black nationalistgroup... RNA was established for the pur- pose of forming a black nation in the United States . . . Steps have been taken to buy land in Mississi- ppi where members want to build a landing strip long enough for 'Chinese jets to land'. RNA plans to establish a black army to be known as the Black Legion. "... The ingredients for ra- cial violence remain . .. and the trend toward guerrilla warfare advoc;ited by black extremists and revolutionaries . . . presents a serious danger to the safety of our cities. "... The Communist Party, USA, remains obediently loyal to the policies of the Soviet Un- ion... The Party has been deeply interested in New Left and black extremism. . Plans are now un- derway in the Party for the es- tablishment of a new youth group to be directed toward youth in in- dustry. "... The Socialist Workers Party (SWP) is the largest Trotskyite organization in the country In January, 1969, the SWP and its youth affiliate, the Young Socialist Alliance, sent 14 members to Cuba to observe the 10th anniversary celebration of the Cuban revolution. During the past year, the SWP and the Young So- cialist Alliance have been most active in antiwar and antidraft activities. Certain of the offi- cers and members of these organ- izations have been instrumental in fomenting or perpetuating dis- orders on various college cam- puses. The Young Socialist Al- liance has almost doubled its membership during the past year..." Ley Views Sought on New Bishops Rome (NC) -- The Detroit arch- diocese has been experimenting with the idea of letting the people elect their own bishop fo, the last two years, and with the full know- ledge of the Holy See, John Car- dinal Dearden of Detroit explain- ed in an interview here. "... For the past two years I have asked many priests, Reli- giou and laity to express their opinions in confidence of the priests who they feel would make good bishops... However, when it comes down to another matter, that of naming a man for a speci- fic place, we must avoid making the name of a bishop into a poli- tical campaign. Further, we must recognize that many people do not know priests in other areas who might be worthy of the episcopacy. | j Managing Editor's Desk, Veterans' Day, f o r- merly known as Armis- tice Day, re- curs n e x t Tuesday, No- vember 11, and brings with it memories of the tragic consequences nation's foreign The United States ha6 only two wars in which security was directly the Revolution and the All the other conflicts claimed so many were the result of U. tion of George recommendation of "no entanglements." Today, this philosophy led by another name -- ism. And the word derisively. But what's wrong with Keeping oneself apart hassles and disputes of commendable. Minding one's own talking softly and stick are three philosophy of an ority group, to as conservative. this prudent l; meat of the population is outnumbered by draw the line on foreign meats only when they on the domain claimed criminal international tors, known as That is why these so voluble today. They sympathetic to the that they want their countrY, first time in its history, render to a military Nevertheless, may bring our nation time when liberals will conservative oring American ter all, the free world render to communists the point where there left except the U.S.A. shall be truly isolationists, Do You 50 YEARS AGO THIS WEEK The Guardian Paragould -- His hop Morris came here mobile from Jone almost impassable. In fact, the cars broke down in knee deep mud. With delay His Lordship 3 o'clock. He was met bY gation at the city limits companied to the church, ringing out to tell the the glad tidings. 25 YEARS THIS WEEK The Guardlan Little Rock -- That St. Infirmary is cooperating heartedly with pleas of Cross and the Office of Defense is amply shown record of enlisting women of Greater in the ranks of NurseS' Thirteen Corps have training and another is struction now.