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November 5, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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November 5, 1927

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Page Eight THE GUARDIAN, NOVEMBER 5, 1927 ~I !mobiles, and eat three meals a day. I NEW IRISH PAPER, J.H. BANKHEAD ASKS There are many of them and they] don't all agree.However, I would PROJECT OF NOTED WEEgLY CALEND ALABAMA GOVER 0Rbe unjust t blame the men wh are t OFFEAST DAYS! /charged with the respnsibility f CATHOLIC EDITORS TO DISBAND KU KLUX inspecting, directing and regulating the people for doing their work dill- (By N C W C News Service ) -- gently. They are only doing what the law requires them to do. By J. J. Mooney, Sunday, Nov. 6. St. Leonard, one (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) (Dublin Correspondent, N. C. W. C. of the officials of the Court of Clovis, Montgomery, Ala., Oct. 27. In a News Service.) was so moved by the example of St. public appeal to Gov. Bibb Graves Rem igius that he relinquished the today, John H. Bankhead, son of the Dublin, Ireland, Oct. 24. A move- world in order to lead a more perfect late Senator Bankhead, and himself ment has been started in Ireland, with life. He became the apostle of such a candidate for the United States very distinguished backing and ample of the Franks as were still pagan and Senate in the Democratic primaries "They will have to continue to do it, too, until the people, through your legislature, repeal some of the laws which require so much inspection, directing and regulating." financial resources, and it is under- later withdrew into solitude in order last year, not only asked that the stood with ecclesiastical approval, to ..... in bein-* s" mm^n~d to cou ........ " ive the countr a lar e and stron I ....... s ~ ~ ~ ~ ~u l~lux ~lan De disbanded in Ala- A damper was thrown on the cal- g Y g " g I because of his reputation for sanctity. ] barns, but scathingly denounced Sen- culations of that group of scientists I newspaper which will devote itself to vTe u-d--%o ..... e --- r'- ~ o " "" ...... who foresee the injection of scienti- i , ~rl n er~ K bn we K O~ C mlor~lng a~or ~ xnomas Hellin for his ae~iv- the Catholic, ideal of., journalism., , ._ . Iv~risoners, makin-g them understand ities in" behalf of the hooded order.- fic laboratory methods into the legis- There nas recenuy been nero re]that the captivity of sin is more terri- "By so doing the governor could lative assemblies of world powers, by Dublin a meeting of a group of in.-[blo than mere bodily restraint. He thus bring peace and harmony to a[Dr. Margaret F. Washburn, head of ftuential Catholics to discuss the proj- died about 550. divided and disturbed citizenship and the department of phychology at Vas- ect. These leaders considered the ad- Monday, Nov. 7. St. Willibroad would re-establish the supremacy of ear College, speaking before the psy- visability of acquiring a paper now being published and altering it to suit their purposes. As an alternative, they discussed founding a new Cath- olic" journal of their, own. TUSCALOOSA BRANCH OF ALABAMA KU KLUX VOTES TO DISBAND (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Tuscaloosa, Ala., Oct. 27.---Coinci- dent with the public appeal of John H. Bankhead to Gov. Bibb Graves to disband the Ku Klux Klan in Ala- bama, Tuscaloosa Klan, No. 14, after vigorously applauding an address by a local leader of the hooded order, commendiag the recent action of At- torney General McCall for resigning from the organization and pushing the prosecution of many floggings, accepted the resignation of its Exalt- ed Cyclops, and discontinued its ac- tivities, it has been learned. Disbandment of the Tuscaloosa body is attributed to the attempt of the state organization to send a Klan evangelist, the Rev. Earl Hotalen, to this city for a "Protestant revival." Bruce Shelton, selected to act for the disbanded organization, issued the following statement: "We adjourned sine die, subject to my call, if and when I see fit to call the organization. The Klan in Tus~a- loosa has never had the slightest trouble of any kind. We attribute that to the fact that it has been con- trolled entirely by local men and al- ways has been, and still is, one of the bigges~ klans in the state. "The immediate cause of the break was the determination of state offi- cers to send 'Hotalen to Tuscaloosa to put on one of his tent m'eetings. We objected and were overruled; there- fore, we adjouISned sine'die. We have never been in sympathy with any of the rough-house tactics used in some places. We do not intend to be a party to such conduct. We feel that a barrel of rotten apples is still a barrel of rotten apples, even though it has one good apple in the middle. "We believe absolutely in the an- nounced principles of the klan, but will not continue to function under the present conditions. "The chief of the klan, C. E. Moore, made a speech at the meeting in which he referred to McCall as being just as good a man as he had ever been and that both he and all true klans- men were in hearty accord with Me- Call's ideas. The klan applauded Moore." NON-CATHOLICS GIVE TO CATHOLIC SCHOOL CALL IT TAX-SAVER (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Marblehead, O., Oct. 29. Non-Ca- tholics here have ~oined in a plea to the taxpayers of this school district to make liberal donations to the drive of St. Joseph's Catholic parish, to show their "appreciation for the en- ormous saving in taxes which is caus- ed by the maintenance of St, Joseph's school." This appeal is made in the follow- ing resolutions which have been given wide publicity. "Whereas St. Joseph's parish of Marblehead, Ohio, maintained, en- tirely at its own cost, for the last 35 years a parochial school taking care of an average of 150 pupils and sav- ing thereby the taxpayers of~Dan- bury township annually several thousand dollars, not taking into consideratio~ the :original investment for ground and building and "Whereas said congregation is just now conducting a ten days' campaign to raise at a supreme sacrifice, $15,- 000 among its own members for an absolutely necessary new building. "We, not communicants of said parish, but members of various Pro- testant Congregations or of no church affiliation, feel it fair and just to help in this undertaking. "The undersigned, therefore, do appeal to all taxpayers in this School District and ask to show our appre- ciation for the enormous saving in taxes which is caused by the main- tenance of St. Joseph's School by a donation towards the new building. was born in Northumberland, A. D. 657 and when twenty years old went to Ireland to study under St. Egbert. Twelve years later, after going to Rome and receiving the blessing of the Pope, he reached Utrecht and be- gan to preach the gospel to the pagan the gift of miracles. Tuesday, Nov. 8.---The Feast of the Holy Relics. Protestantism regards the veneration which the Church pays to the Relics of the Saints as a sin and contends that this piofis practice is a remnant of paganism. The Council of Trent, on the contrary, has decided that the bodies of the martyrs and other Saints who were living mem- bers of Jesus Christ and temples of the Holy Ghost are to be honored by the faithful. Wednesday, Nov. 9.---St. Theodore Tyro, Martyr, in his youth was en- rolled in the imperial army. He re- fused to obey an order of the Em- peror that all Christians should offer sacrifice. When his commander tried to win him with gentleness and al- lowed him to remain at liberty he set fire to the great Temple of ~sis arid made no secret of his act. After cruel torture he was condemned to be burned to death. As the flames rose a Christian saw the soul of the martyr rise like a flash of light to heaven. Thursday, Nov. 10.----St. Andrew Avellino, at the age of 36 entered the Theatine Order. For fifty years he was afflicted with a most painful rupture but would never use a car- riage. On the last day of his life he arose to say Mass but was stricken at the altar. While he was convulsed in agony the fiend in visible form ad- vanced to seize his soul. Then as his brethren prayed and wept, the voice of Mary was heard, bidding the Saint's guardian angel send the temp- ter back to hell. A calm and holy smil settled on the features of the dying Saint and he breathed forth his soul to God. He died November 10, 1608~ Friday, Nov. l l.--St. Martin of Tours, when a mere boy became a Christian Catechumen, against 'the wishes of his parents. He was noted for his great charity to the poor. In 372 he became Bishop of Tours. His flock, though Christian in name, was still pagan in heart. Unarmed and attended on]F by his monks, St. Mar- tin destroyed the heathen temples and completed by his preaching and mi- racles the conversion of the people. His last eleven years were spent in humble toil to atone for his faults, while God made manifest by miracles the purity of his soul. Saturday, Nov. 12.---St. Martin, Pope, occupied the Roman See from 649 to 655. Because of his opposi- tion to the Monothelite heresy he in- curred the enmity of the Byzantine court and was seized and taken on board a ship bound for ~Constantino- ple. After three months at sea he reached the island of Naxes where he was held in confinement for a year. He finally reached the Imperial Court and was then banished to the Tauric Chersonese where he lingered for four months in sickness and starva- tion and then died. ANGLICAN CONFUSION AIDS COMMUNISM, ENGLISH BISHOP SAY (By N. C. W: C. News Service) London, Oct. 24.--The confusion existing now in the Anglican Church is preparing the way for Communism Bishop Henshaw of Salford told the Catholic Women's League last week at Manchester. Absence of definite religious teach- ing is the cause, he contended. Speak- ing of the same condition of affairs in the schools, the Bishop said that if it was not definite religious t~aching, it was not religious teaching at all. i Where there was no religious but only secular teaching, the teaching must I of necessity be anti-religious, because it gave ~celigion a secondary place in the mind of the cliild and placed it 'outside the practical politics of life. the Constitution and the laws of our state," says Mr. Bankhead. He points out that a deplorable condition has been reached in Ala- bama, and that since last election "a reign of hooded outlawry has prevail- ed in many sections of the state. This head asks. "Why should an order continue to function which is foment- ing so much discord among our peo- ple? Those who desire to prevent Catholics from holding public office in Alabama do not need a secret po- litical party to measure swords with less then 2 per cent of the voters of the state, and such an organization is not to be maintained merely to boycott Jews in trade and commerce.' Referring to Senator Heflin, Mr. Bankhead says : "Senator Heflin, after Imperial Wizard Evans called upon the Klan to retire him from office, has taken refuge in the Klan camp and is now out-Heroding Herod. No one has yet heard a word from the self-styled 'leader of the plain people,' either denunciation or mild objection to the unlawful treatment accorded many plain and humble people by members of the 'Admiral's' crew. It seems hopeless to expect aid from this new and zealous proselyte." * * * * * * * * * * * * STATE LEGISLATURES * chological symposium at Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio, last week. "Such will not come to pass for centuries, if it ever is achieved," de- clared the woman psychologist, the only member of her sex on the pro- gram. "The possibility of politicians and statesmen turning to scientific methods for development of legisla- tive acts is little else than a hazy dream. "The economic motive which actu- ates our statesmen .and politicians to the preparation of legislative pro- grams is too strong to permit any scientific approach to supplant it." In referring to the position of those educators and scientss wh otiindulge in "idealistic hopes" that society will soon enjoy scientifically prepared leg- islation, Dr. Washburn said: "These educators attack most of our present- day legislation as 'makeshift' acts made in an attempt to remedy a so- called evil, which usually lead to a chain of unseen results." Dr. Washburn, herself an educator for 24 years, is chairman of the Na- tional Research Council Committee on Feelings and Emotions, Washington, D. C., and is one of the two women who have been president of the American Psychological Society. ARCHBISHOP GLENNON Rev. Msgr. Peter J. Dunne, INVESTED FR. DUNNE, leading spirit, and present 'NEWSBOYS' FRIEND' Newsboys' Home, famous needy youngsters who (By N. C. W. C. News Service) zens of the Mound City St. Louis, Oct. 24. In the presence was invested with the robes c of the Most Rev. John J. Glennon, new monsignorial rank, Archbishop of St. Louis, more thanferred upon him by the Holy fifty priests of the Archdiocese .and at services in the chapel virtually all of his charges, the Very yesterday. (IN THE HEART OF THE COMMONWEALTH) COURSES: ARTS AND SCIENCES PRE-MEDICAL, PRE-ENGINEERING PRE-LEGAL, PRE-DENTAL p COLLEGE OF PHARMACY Two-Year Course Leading to the Degree Ph.G. (WOMEN ADMITTED TO THIS COURSE) Boarding and Day School Terms reasonable College will open on Thursday, Sept. For Further Information Apply to the Rev. Rector. Registration on September 12th, 13th, 14th. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Washington, D. C., Oct. 27. Con- ditions that caused Gov. Harry F. Byrd of Virginia, speaking at the initial meeting of the Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia, to declare that "good order would be better preserved and good will of the citizen to his State would be increased~ if we could have one session of every legislature in the country at which no law could be assed except to repeal existing laws," are thought to have become apparent to Gov. Christianson of Minnesota. In a radio talk last week the Chief Executive of the Gopher State was emphatic in declaring that "if we can't abolish many activities of the State, we can be careful not to let OF THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA Through THE GUARDIAN IS SOLICITING LIFE MEMBERS ON THE BASIS OF The proceeds received from the Life membership fee to be invested and the income to be used to form a Catholic Literary Award Foundation The awards to be made each year for The best poem of the year many new ones be added to the lux- The best article or essay urious growth which our government- * The best short story al system has attained Why not the slogan in the presence of the mena- ~ The best novel. cing and advancing host of new laws, ~ The best juvemle book, etc. 'They shall not pass.' " :1: Decrying the tendency to enlargel~ The purpose being to encourage the functions of government, parti-P, cularly ~State government, and the ~ CATHOLIC WRITERS growing mass of "useless legislation," I~ the Minnesota executive criticized the]~" lack of appreciation the average citi- Should you desire to become a Life member of the Catholic Press Asso- zen has of the functions and duties: clarion and make possible the establishment and maintenance of this of the State government, declaring that many people realize only vaguely that there is a government at the State Capitol. [ "When they do realize it," he said, "they think of it in terms of. some unpopular law that the legislature has passed, of some appropriation for a local purpose which the governor has vetoed or some tax which the s d" I legislature has impo e . "Following his attack on the tenden- ! cy to bureaucracy, Gov. Christianson said, "I believe that one reason why democracy is falling down on the job these days is that it is taking in too much territory." "The modern devotees of demo-[ cracy have enlisted so many people in the job of telling folks what to do and how to do it that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find any place where the sun shines bright and the air is undefiled with petty autocracy, i ,"Wherever two or three men are gathered together, there is an in- spector among them. That small ar- rogance which hangs about, the bu- $ reaucrat is spoiling life for the ave- i rage American. "The bureaucrats, are not an in- expensive luxury. permanent and pdrpetual FUND, just fill out and return the attached blank to THE GUARDIAN, 307 West Second St., Little Rock, Ark. APPLICATION BLANK I hereby give you the practical proof of my good will and interest by asking you to enroll my name as a Life member of the Catholic Pre Association of the U. S. and Canada. Signed Street Address City State Make check or money order payable to the Catholic Press Association and send to THE GUARDIAN, 3071fi2 West Second St., Litle Rock, Ark. (The payment may be made in one payment of $100, or 10 payments of $10 each or may be paid in 2 or more installments.) They drive auto- ~ .................. ~$$