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November 5, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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November 5, 1927

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THE GUARDIAN, NOVEMBER _5' ----1927 " Page Seven - __ mm m ] N l lltlJiNlt gan of the Archdiocese. PARENTS AND CHILD i~I~g DDI IhTi lowing cablegram, received at the "" "'" "'"'1"",wn ENGLISH AND WELSH 5 O. NM I PD ence of priests at dances U11tJ|l llIJaLg111a Apostolic, Delegation co - CATHOLICS 0PPOSE t ]o'c u.nv n,ennnluauc manor :on'The Most Rev , , Keane:__the occasion of your Grate's sil- T .... posed of members of the American B N C ( Y .... e~s Service) I~JLAR BISHOP Hierarchy, in the Baltimore Cathe- _~hl~ fl~'l ~-~""|~I Louvain, Oct. 22. Walking to fl~ 1RRh[ThR pleasedVer jubileeto informin theyouepiscopate, I amthat our Holy dral in 1884, but were not strictly en- p "------ forced. ~t],lla~tj ~lt tJIO~l|UUi~O|Lourdes from Leige, Belgium, a dis- v-- ~=w=uu,,=~aaa Father has appointed you assistant at T:e'~ent.of Holy Cross Col- "No priest may organize or assist tance of some six hundred miles, is I the Pontifical Throne, and sends you (By N. C. W. C. News Service) the feat that Mr. and Mrs. Dusoulier (By N. C. W. C. News Service) his Apostolic Blessing. ~I heartily ie- ~e Vicar Apostolic To in the organization of a dance no London, Oct. 24.Following the Jockmans and their ei~ht-year-~ld Dublin, Oct. 24. The Most Rev. congratulate Yourq:~race and express "~Ahree Bishops, Gradu- matter how laudable the ' Glasgow National authority's deci- daughter have just brought to a suc-~Dr. Fitz Gerald has been consecrat d my own felicitations on this happy of Holy Cross, Take Part in ] may h~ purposealan to purchase the Catholic schools cessful end. At the last report they] Bishop of Gibraltar,'Spa n. The cere- ~. )ay in__ColLege Chapel. .~N~~'o pr~esg" " may ue" present~ at a for about $2,280,000, Catholics in were in Pau, which is but a shortI many took place in Midleton, Cork (Signed) P. Fumasoni-Biondi " --- a dance, no matter by whom organized. England and Wales are consideringi distance from the goal. I County, Dr. FitzGerald's native town. I , .. ~. W. C. News Service) Man ries ~ter ......... I y p ts have acted m the capa-the possibility of selling their build-] After satisfying their devotion at]rne ........ consecrating prelate was ~ne.I e~rcnoishop Dowling delivered the Joseph' ,uass.,NicholasUC~.Dinand, S I .~x" The ] citv~, of ,,advisrs o: reading clubs, ings to the government as a way out I the hallowed shrine of the Blessed ]luos~ ~ v. l)r. rlar~v.~ ~lsnoD .............. o~ ' jubilee sermon, in which he extolled of the financial difficulties that now ]Mother in the Pyrenees, they will re-I Cashel, eassistedby'therenBishop of the wonderful and fruitful labors of .... "lsruay cm~s ano other or anizatio s pres~clent of Holy Cross !c m ..... g- n -' consecrated ~ o posen o~ ~ogn men and women, beset them m connection with educa- ] turn home as they went--afoot. I ........... Archbishop Keane Fourth Degree was Titular|and r~oss, ann ~ne ~os~ ~ev. ~r. ~m~g),I of sam .... tion. The three take turns in pushing l ............. Knights Columbus acted as honor- ~-~" ~ e nave a~enaea ounces given I ....... ~ ~ ~ ..... cry escort with sword and baldric ~ennUSBritishand ....... Vicar Apostolic lb..| # such o-rgamzauons. ..... It was stated recently that during l along a light two-wheeled cart that]msnp at ~outnwarz, ~onuon, ~ng-~ lana. the ~uos~ .,ev ~,. ,.~--,.~, -- ... - .. . - wes~ lnmes, m ,,_ the past thirty years the English and contains their luggage and victuals. [ .......... Avamng nimset~ o~ tne permission ~1 Ch .... ~ --_, ...... I No announcement of a dance may ~mnop oz wayne, ~wos~ r~ev x~r. ~p~l ~ rtmy wross ........ Welsh Catholics have Spent about ~ . ]~., ............. granted him by the Pope, the vener- ........... I oe made ~rom tne a~tar or puip]~ oz #~cerclay. rnree o~tne " " luv~ r~ev.~wner~-Y' D--~rcn'msnOpr. wonamn, ~i ~'vlanlm"~ snap oI able Jubilarian ...... .. l any church m the Archdmcese of Bal- $25,000,000 in building parish~(||||~J~ |i~J ~V|f~ imparted the Papal v=r~c~pating in ~ne cere- .. e consecratmn are gradu- lurere" schools, and the burden grows heavier |~k|l,lall~lJ~ ll~ l~ll~/~kl~J~|Cork, and'the'Most Rev Dr Morr s Blessing at the conclusion of the every year. roe, Bishop of Achonry, were ais, .... No dance may be held in the base- No offer has yet been made for APPALL EUROPE SAYS[ " ,- Mass college of which B~shop meat of a church." present. President. the buildings, but it is thought not ~It~t~r~ ~t~t~ s=.~,~f, This was the first time for seven- RIVAL IRISH LEADERS The Baltimore Catholic Review in mpossihle that one will come in time IIlShll. l li055Al Kl5l ty five years that a Bishop had been ATTEND VOTIVE MASS Thomas M. O'Leary, its last issue announced that the Though the question has only just , I consecrated in Midleton. -- ~field, was consecra- Rev. Joseph J. Rice, paper would no longer print adver- arisen, ecclesiastical and lay people -- ] " (By N. C. W. C. News Service) urlington, and the Rt. tisements of dances in its columns. ~his side of the border are already ex- (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) ] BRO. ANDRE MENDS Dublin, Oct. 24.--Solemn Votive regory Murray, Bishop /' San Antomo, Tex, Oct. 31 While I BISHOP JOS. FRERI, // pressing the hope that the schools will " .-- " ] UNDER iTREATMENT Mass at Saint Andrew's Church, both graduates of Holy conditions in Mexico become steadily never be sold, even though the pros- ] i Westland Row, Dublin, preceded the ~v~' Were. .c-cnsecratrs" ,I WELL KNOWN HERE, pect is so tempting. In Scotland.,,wrs and the country ~s turned rata" I Holyoke, Mass., Nov. 2.--- The con- opening of the Oireachtas after the Vidence'" W~lhamand anA" alumnusHickey'[ DEAD IN FRANCE the Church authorities have assured lain vast shambles,,, a natron" -wzde' [dition of Brother Andre Bessette, ~lrecent general election. The Gov- aughter house, Europe wonders College, preached the l (By N C. W. C. News Service, themselves that the religious char-I. ~ ]who has ministered to thousands of lernr'General and Miss Healy, to- how the umted States can tolerate I [ Special Telegraph) acter of the schools is safeguarded, ] " I those seeking relief in his little chapel ~ gether with President Cosgrave and such anarchy and barbarity at its very [ , - but here the danger exists of a catas- ] ...... at St. Joseph s Oratory on the slopes I most of the ministers attended. The ooorsrep, zne tviost Rev Arthur J 3,tnd1869,was bornthe feastin BostOn,of St. '[ mationNeW receivedYrk' Y''cableOcttoday31"~Infr-at the trophe if the control of the schools [ Drossaerts Arch " " ." [ of Mount Royal, Montreal, was re- I Governor-General and the President , b~shop of San An passes out of the Catholic hands, as it I ton .... ]ported favorable today at the Passion- I were attended by their aides-de-camp. ter, the Apostle of the National Office of the Pdntifical So-. to, aecmrea in a rastoral Letter .... would do ff they were sold. I r ........ [ ~st Monastery, West Springfield, [ Numerous members of all political rdcmved his early educa- ciety for the Propagation of the Bishop Henshaw of Salford, at a ]a ~ ..... [ whence he was taken following a col- |parties, including Mr de .Valera, were later entered Boston Faith, here, conveyed ~ews of the eau yeszeruay m every cnurcn oz nis ~ . School, from which he death in Moat Briston, France, of the demonstration at Belle Vue this week,] r~dhbl:hop Drossaerts returned last ]lapse last Friday when about to ad-tpresent, while all space available af- .~suit Novitiate for the Rt. Rhv. Joseph Preri, formerly na- asked his people to consider the pos-/week from Euro-e ....... I dress a gathering of more than 1,000 Iter accommodating members of the i p . wnne m r~ome . sibilities, but warned them to remem- he was received b Po e Pi- - v~ ] of the crippled and maimed in a hotel I Houses of Parliament, was filled by mc Province at tional director of the Society in the y p ~ _~. I public. ber that "the person who owns the "All over Euro e w ballroom here. ~d, on August 13, United States and Titular Bishop of p e found expres-! ............. the Constance. He died October 30. property controls the schools."~sions of the greatest horror over the I Twea ny ms mmmrrazmns curing] H~ ' ]reh [the day, the venerable octogenarian in the College of St. Bishon Freri h d r~firo~ ~'rnm ~o "s vicar general, Msgr 0 Kelly, "g~ous persecution now going on. . . I _ a_ _~ ............ - - ..... JAPAN RECOGNIZES " " " ik " " unabated in " . nap been warnea Dy pnymcmns znaz ~, New York City, for clesmst~cal duties and was living near sa~d he dml ed any zdea of bargain- Mexico, the Bolshevast ...... JESUIT UNIVERSITY m w r m Russ~ ,,it was madwsable for mm ~o aenver ~innin! in 1895, and his bir*h--~ac-was -* ~* u'~1864 .... Prior-+-u ..... " g ith the gave n eat in regard to"a of this Western hemisphere, " " " (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ~'"~ "~ ~" ~"~' ~'~"~' sa s the Pastoral - " Inn address on the night of h~s coi- o the priesthood bywhere he born in the possession of the schools, and Y t~er~er. I " " ~" "T ~lapse, but Brother Andre smilingly Pus at Woodstock, his elevation to the bishopric, October Canon Thomas Sharrock, admm~stra-, he wanton, cruel repressing of ..... Tokyo, Oct. 25.The Jesui$ Fath- all reh mn the refused to d~sappomt those wno nan June 1903. 28, 1924, the deceased prelate hacl tar d'~ Salford Cathedral, declared:] "g" ; endless list of mur- -~ Was appointed to St. been for nearly twenty-five years as- "Catholic control of the schools is thelders and political executions, recall- gathered to hear him. . era in charge of the Catholic Uni- ~ge, Kingston, Jamaica, sociated with the Pontifical Society key to the situation/and if we aban-Iing the blackest days of Nero and Dip-I ,He made two attempts to begin hm versitYthe Bankat Tokyoof Japanhave 800,000depositedyenin there 'until 1908 when for the Propagation of the Faith as don that'key we abandon the house." ]cletmn and making Mexico's ruler an lapureas.. After was orc- ($400,000). The Japanese Govern, national director in thi ..... ...... I outlaw among the civilized nations of|eo to sig aown. when ne arose me :d to the United States art ...... s country. ~e, zwo icy peopie~-lv~rs., wemn, a I the world, aroused everywhere among/second time he fell to the floor from ment made this deposit a condition of official recognition. Now that the o n~ster of Novitiate, the thirg~y.anllYeCam:r:O :n: ~n~=a;r:7::' m:mfi~;e:~nd%o:n:~i~l:~?Teducat~on]all classes of people intense indigna-/exhaustion, and was taken immediate- Jesuits have succeeded in gathering a-Hudson, Poughkeepsie, ~eld until 1911,whenhe ~ g , ~v~oytan . - i " [tion. ]ly to the monastery in care of physi- the sum required, the Catholic Uni- ~o serve as a missionary in Arizona, t --depreciated any weakening of Cath- I "How ~an the ~,overnment of the / clans ossl~resident of HolyCr in what is now the Diocese of Tucson olic control ......... ~" I " versity will enjoy the privileges of " lumbea ~m~es, .mey said, allow this| ~g his term of office in Missionary In Arizona. I Archbishop Keating, laying the [state of anarchy and savage despotism ]ARCHBISHOP KEANE'S government institutions in Japan and .r I)inand was then trans- Eight years of laborious life in the [ foundatio.n of a school in Liverpool, to continue at its very doors? | JUBILEE lS CHURCH rapid progress seems assured. , sa~d he w~shed to state most emphat "Yet where ~s the e ~ or ~e~v York City where he southwest undermined the health of~" - , " d't ial "n our] AND CIVIC FESTIVAL I the young prmst.He was g~ven op- t e~us to the Provincial. In " . ically that neither in Glasgow nor in San Antonio daily press that ever ,e Was again named presi- portunity to regain his accustomed I Liverpool was the Catholic character protested? Where is the public man | (By N. C. W. C. News Service) tY Cross College: w,,wgor" by an appointment" as professor o the schools up for sale. If Catho- in Texas, politician or minister of the ] Dubupue, Oct. 31. The twenty - -"--'~ ~c:;" ~'~ ~'~^'"~;~"' ~-"~'; ..... "~ ~ ..... [lie were offered all the rates and Gospel, who .ever lifted up a voice of |fifth anniversary of the Episcopal collegethis secOndwhentermhe was)1 Offnam_ T~ ~'~;;~'.~'~%~"~..~".~"_"..~ ~' u'.]_~:..~'; i taxes in the world as the price of condemnation against the outrages|consecrdtion of the Most Rev John ....... ~='~'~ "~ ~ ~*" ~ "'~ ~ ~ that rehgmus character, they would committed at our doors~ " ~!shop of Selinusand and was chosen to head the Society t " " ' " |Keane, beloved and highly esteemed ~~ ~ tell those who made the offer to take "We send, instead, so called 'good "Archbisho of the Diocese of Dubu for the Propagation of the Faith, then [ . -, " - - P - struggling to make headway in this it to perdition, wilt parties to hebnob with the very que, was fittingly observed here last . men responsible for the vilest crimes Tuesday and-Wednesday when vast NA, HELD MOr~EL.~ countrY.Bishop Freri at the t~med ected I -- -- against our fast Havethese thrngs~ attended both the civil and l~L/~.~l~. thework from Baltimore, bujrlater BISHOP GANNON GIVES we, !ndeed, religious ceremonies in honor of the RULER OF Rr-PUBLIC PRAYER AT MEETING " ' - ~ occasion, the " ~h~r~y years that the tears and blood actual date of which removed the national headquarters to of a whole nation leave us indifferent C. News Service) New York City. Under his guidance OF PENNA. NURSES and apathetic? ~ was Friday, Oct. 28. Y., Oct. 31. Yen- American interest in Catholic mis- "Things are going from bad to c ha~ been prominent mnese situation, it ~s LET US CARVE YOUR is the model governor THOUGHTS IN ST~)NE Country, and his province as exemplifying what be if it could only en- security, try through the society and the Pennsylvania Organization up to heaven for these suffering peo- aVince favored by the for Public Health, here last Monday. ~le. We, too, lift up our hands and lying west of Chihli, CATHOLIC NEAR EAST e Past sixteen years, WELFARE ASSN. AIDED The sessions of the convention were imlJlore God to have mercy on Mexico order and prosperi- . BY THREE CARDINALS held in Hotel Lawrence, Bishop Gan- and put a speedy end to this awful f this country, agitat- non's prayer was as follows: orgy of blood and murder" turmoil and restless- (By N. C. W. C News Service) "Almighty and Eternal Goc[, Foun- Uncertain of the fu-New York, Oct. 31. Cardinal rain of good health, we reveal our ENGLISH BOY CURED ranges from a na- O'Connell of Boston, Cardinal Dough- minds and our hearts to Thee at the ON LOURDES VISIT Yen's province anderty of Philadelphia, and Cardinal opening of this Annual Convention of ~d and vigilant charac- Hayes of New York, whose clergy Nurses. We acknowledge Thy infin- (By N. C. W. Ct News Service.) Who enjoy the bless- and people did so much to make the ire Power q~ad Majesty, but believe London, Oct. 24. Another case of work of the Catholic Near East Wel- Thou dost give ear in Thy tender mer- s non-Catholic doctor affirming a and military governor, fare Association a success during its cy to all things touching human in- cure claimed at Lourdes is reported guided by no other formative stage, are among, the prom- terest; that in Thy hand are the des- this week--this time from East- Will which, fortun- inent-members of the hierarchy who ~inies of nations and the ways of bourne. Welfare of his pep- will cooperate this winter in its pro- men; that when nature and morality Nine-year-old Patrick Bodle, who ~refore, a dictator, gram to extend its membership in or- strikes back at those who break their went to the shrine with the South- ] One. His province der that it may more fully carry on laws, and lay them low, in the agony wark diocesan party, had been a crip-] ~e CUrses that afflict its service of ~ocial welfare and relief and anxiety of the sick chamber, plo nearly all his life: When his ces of, China: the work among the needy of the Near Thou, in Thy loving kindness, dost mother went to meet him on his re- by other gov- East various parts of Europe, convert the sick room into a school to turn, he ran up to her. A non-Catholic doctor's certificate, of the income which especially among the Russian' refu- teach knowledge of self and to break the curse of bandit- gees whose poverty and distress has the chains of unbridled passion and just made public, states: "I exam- by a strong touched the heart of Pope Plus XI, corrupt habits, ined Patrick Bodle in June, 1927, and again in September, 1927, and foundI )alice force; the mil- the Rev. Edmund A. Walsh, S. J., vice "Thou hast given us restful sleep; his general condition improved and i elsewhere is iden- president of Georgetown University pure air; the ray and warmth of the his knee-joint quiescent. He can now esale pilfering. Inand president of the Association, an- sun; the essences of the flower, herb flex his knee-joint, a thing he could the army has been nounces: and the mineral, with which to soothe not do before his pilgrimage." and highways, receiv- Cardinals O'Connell, Dougherty and heat our wounded(bruised and a~d has no excuse for and Hayes, together with Archbishop broken natures. CAPETOWN PRIEST Glennon of St. Louis, Archbishop"Thou hast given us the Nurse to KILLED BY FALL Hanna of San Francisco, and Bishop stand sublime amid the shadows that ON TABLE MOUNTAIN qOCEsE Lillis of Kansas City, compose the fall around the sick chamber, ~o FORBIDDEN board of directors of the Association. guard; to guide, to soothe and cam- London, Oct. 14.--Falling 100 feet ATTEND DANCES~ fort; to encourage and cheer the while climbing the Table Mountain SLOVAK FEDERATION spirit of the afflicted Father Michael De Bury, superior of C. News Service) VOTES TO ESTABLISH "Dear God, deign Thou, then, to the Salesian Institute at Capetown, l:'--Under an or- SCHOOLS AND ABBEY bless the Nurse; keep her sound in South A~rica, was killed on Monday, the Most Rev. mind, pure in heart and unspottedaccording to a report received here. ey, Archbishop of (By N. C. W. C. News Service) from the corrupt and vicious practices Monday was a holiday in Capetown, of the arch- Cleveland, O. Ovt. 28. Decision to of the world, and he was taking the boys of the from attending raise $5,00,000 among Catholics of "May God bless the deliberationsinstitute for an outing. the organization of Slovak nationality throughout the U. of The Pennsylvania State Conven-]Forty-nine years old, Father De- announcement of S. was made at the tenth annual con- tion of Ntlrses that their thoughts [ Bra~( was a cousin of Archbishop applied to priests vention of the National Catholic may elevate; their achievements re-]Mostyn of Cardiff. His mother was i ~ " " will appear Slovak Federat on of America which main\an honor and their ideals an in- ] Pauline Mostyn, member of the illus- issue of the Bal- ended a two days' session here yes- spiration to our great commonwealth, trous Catholic family connected with Review, official or- terday. Amen." Lord Petre. With the Most Rev. Austin Dowl- I ing, Archbishop of St. : Paul, ten bishops, seven monsignori, more than 150 priests, and an overflowing.crowd of laymen in attendance, the eminent prelate officiated at a Pontifical Hig~ Mass in St. Raphael's Cathedral on Wednesday morning, when the Rev. E. J. Dougherty, rector of the historic edifice, read a papal brief, ap- pointing His Grace an assistant at the Pontifical Throne, and imparting the Apostolic Blessing, after which Msgr. Thomas Conry made public the fol- Monahan can symbolize your love in a fitting memorial that will endure through the ages. See our designs, or write. Mark Every Grave. MONAHAN & SON 410-412 W. Markham St. THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY Foz NMen and Women who are willing to devote all or part of their time to life insurance work. We pay liberal commissions and give necessary as- sistance and instructions to new agents. If you feel that you might be interested in the life insurance work write to JEFF J. RALEY, General Agent 510 Federal Bank Building, SEASON 1927 Friday, October 28--Henderson.Brown College .............. at El Dorado Saturday, November 5---State Teacher's College ........ at Little Rock Friday, November l l--Arkansas College ........................ at Batesville (Armistice Day) Saturday, November 24---Arkansas Tech ........................ at Russellville (Th~anksgivlng Day) Saturday, December 3---College of the Ozarks ............. at Little Rock ~*@4~ee4~ ~~~',@~-.,~-.,-~-~:~ ~:~ ~.- :-~-~:_.;.~.~.