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November 5, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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November 5, 1927

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Page Four THE GUARDIAN, NOVEMBER 5, 1927 I i i Slogan--Every Catholic child in a Pi:~DPIA I AVMI:IWC ling prelate. He will be assisted by events below the Rio Grant Catholic school. Llm"Ullktll/'lk m,/tkllTli ll Ithe Right Rev. Eugene Massi, O. F. the result of revolution, but References---Catechism of Catholic t M of Hanko " II I t't~lT ~aI11T~11nnla1~ . , W and the Right Rev. paign of massacre by Catles Education, chapters III, IV, XIII, and ;Oderic Chen 0 F M " r_ ix. official A;h,a,., .~. o ....... IVlALUN LORV RIIOR , . g,.. . ., of Puchl. regon of thmr pohtlcal oppo, .... t mw ~, . .~..~= ,~ .... aLnonc w ~-- ..... .. ..... I Bishop Masm rules the Vicariate He also vredicts that C$ ~nurca on ~uucation, The Catholic ib - I i " I Ai,~V V~"|" UK'| NI ordering on that of the Bishop-elect. not serve out his term. He ; | mi High School; Why a Catholic College i'~]Ll]k~l~Ol 11 1 III:,LI] He has been in China for close on a number of former high ~o~ boh:;:~hn yEd:c?~= NWo::kmb~ t7o er 3n Th?gatlho?ifc t:c~::]lsg~t:mt?ach E~g, ,/D~:~ii[e~s off??w,h,hOClye C~_ SeAdt;:esya:nd I:'~:]r~'hanMi?:es an]A~u@~!~cr ~!lri!net:!a~hat~rb:~oh~aelnCi! !i!!i:l}w~la?hdrttl'y berlin ~b~!: 13. As usual the Catholic schools 4. What constitutes a vocation to ucagon, December, 1925; Catholic Re oft of ""ork " ~- was transferred to Hankow in 1925 1co, whmh has will take an active part m ~ts ob- the religious life? Education Today," January, 1926; p.... w , yone IHe is a member of the F .... . = pressed by Calles censorship. servance. With this result in mind Slogan Fail not to appreciate the and "The Limitations of Public Ed- urrlcers r.[ectea, iOrder .... ~,~. a ,.pecml program has been prepared ,E true nob]hty of the rehglous teacher s ucation, June, 1926. c~,, ~,T ~ ~xT p ..... l The Right Rev Oderic Chert-~ is a TWO IRISH PRIESTS for the event b" the ~,T ~ ~xr ,~ ...~.~. ~-~j .,..~. ,,..~. ~ews ~ervlce} ~- ~ ~: ~. ~.. ~".'~" ""~'i'~.~'. ...... SUGGESTIONS FOR: Macon, Ga., Oct. 27.---Three hun- native of China and has none but PASTORS IN ~mreau oi ~uuca~mn anu sen~ ~oi *~e~erences--uatecnism oi ~a~n- _ dred and fift Catholics re .. I native priests ]n his Vicariate of the Catholic schools of the court-~olic Education, chapters X and XI; Churches, local councils of Cath- Y presenung ................. ~m. ~,~ ~ w ~ XT ..... ~er .... " . ever " tvucm, WILIER lies on l;ne rlgm; Dank x~z ~. ,~. ,,. ,J. ~,~ try. One of the principal objects Bishops' Pastoral Letter, pace 71; ohc men andwomen, Catholic frater- .. y sec~on of the 60,000 square,of the Yan~tse River direct] ....... Paris, Oct 17 With the S of the Education W~ok ,~h~,~',,ra~o~ ~h~-;o+;.~ ~.~^l. --~A ~.N~l.~o nat organizations, women's organiza- ]nues oI ~eorgm ~ern~ory came to~ ~ . ~ -vv~- .............................. """ .......... --i,: ............. Macon ~-~ ...... L , . !site the Ilanyang Missions Bishop ment of Father Henry Flynn is to focus the minds of the ~)~,~l~ Dr-~" ,,wh.~+ ~.n ~ r~.~,~,, r, .... m...I ~mn~, an~ o~nerco-operanngagcn- - uc~,,er ~o cur rne larges~ ~. . .., . ..... ~ ~'v ......................... -- ....... ~'l.~.~ c ...... .~.... :~ ~_,__ ~.: ........... I waeng ~s one oI ~ne mx Chinese bish- parmh of Notre Dame des C on tne work oi thescho-D +h~;~ ;~qh.~ll T ~:~,~ . AI 9" r ; l ~xrx. I -"~-- ~-vc.~tun m bne nmbory el ~ne t~al~n- , . $ . o, ................ ,~,un. ~oro; ,,,ya, _ ,. - , .... ~-. ,~ lops who were consecrated in Rome two Irish priests, brothers, h ~ ~ 1. Request the Catholic clergy to one Laymen s ~ssocm~mn oi oeorgm needs and objechves,and thepro-LCathohc College Education. page 31;i ..... , ........ Iby the Pope last year come pastors of two of the r~ ~,, . ,, preacn upon rne subject of Cathonc one mace memormme Dy addresses by gram being sent out from N. C.W. The Nun m Educatmn N C. W C ] " " or ....... s i - " " " Educati r ,, . . - p ~an~ cnurcnes oI van, , on,Sunday, No~e]nbeI 1,,Rt Rev Michael J Keyes, D D / C. Iteadquarters has especially em- Bulletin, August, 1926; The Teach " .... ' " " " " " ' ......................... b i -1 ~.. ~.. ,. ,~ . " . ~ , I~,-r-.~ ~r~D O~K~GON Fatr]cK 2lynn, ~ne younger ~ , l:/~t [51shop 07~ bax arian, anfl bena~oi !)hamzed this fact. The letter call- .ng Brother, Commonweal, June-29,1 o " ,., .............. ", - ::- , -' ;-- " "1 KILLING OPPONENTS, is already pastor of the 1 mg a~enuon to ~ne work says in 1927; "The Home and ~the School," .... ~ .t copy o~. 2~. ~a~ecn]sm oI uavm I. wmsn o~ Massacnusetts. [ C.~N ~A~ Ir~a~ ~nv~ he part: peopie s zmermes t Amer:ca,, AugUStne presence] 3, 1927oi "a greav MI Cathohc" Educatiou" " . in the hands" of Thedelegates, and members of the[.[ .................. ~] of! churchthe citf the Madeleme, m t ,,ur~ .~ .... ~...~,:;. , ..... .~, I ;every adult Cathohc in your parish or Laymen s Association attendin~ the ...... Y'. _ _ the Church bas seen ,n A mer can ........ Ir',anmatlon. ]conventmn traveled in mostcases [ ....... I ' -~ . I OL DAY ,,. . - . . (By N. C W. C. -News 3erv]ce) The two blothers who are nursaay, l~ovemoer IO ~ Ur e the news 2~t ~'aso, lex,uct 20 Gen and 53 yems of age, f]msheO Education Week a rare opportunity~ "Sa ........ "- I "" g' ~ papers to give all hundreds of miles at their own ex-[ ..... :" . " 7~-.. :] ..... " .... ] ,__ ~. , .. . . , y wna~ you Will, ~oaay, in amer-ls,mce ,~,,~;hl, ~..~.]..... +;.,~-] ~-+ta,.,-I ..... . . /~us~ave ~. ~alinas, Iormer tmiei Oil s~uoles at the unlverm~y o* Lo raJly Lne laity Eo a larger anu ica the evil ;s ~h~ .],,. ~ ,.. 1 * t ............ ~,~,,~ .... ,** -,-~o~*~ pense; ~ney came Irom zne ooraers/~ .~. - -* , -, , - -- -. - -- - - - ,-^~0 111....... t~-J ~, . . . .... , .. ~,...=day oz religion) articte% editorials and news ma i . m .;..... , |~Vla~lon oi tYiexlco, wno ilefl zo ~ne wnlcnlsa~EenoeuDyanumoe* nero um~eu exlor~ in oenalI o~ .nd in lo ical c .... - oi zennessee and Nor~n ~arolma as United ta ' Th ........ " , g onsequenee, the de-lterial re~ardin~ the ............... ] ..... [ S tes at Calle~ last blood-]French Cathohc students tin,none eaucamon,an occasion to ~c.~y of morals In both instances thel .~; - ~ ,~a.o.c ~cnuml wen as Irom ~nose of South Carolina, ~ ..... . , " eh ........... i ~. |and ~,our oheervance of A .... ;~-- Ed I ........ ~n]rs~y OU~DreaK agams~ prominent I ents have established thems rasper iatse nouons nero oy some Icause of t-h~ d,~o,~ ;~ ~h~ o..... a / " ..... ~--~" - ~moama and 21orma; from the moun- / ........ [ , . ~ . . .,_ non Catholics as to tile ron,an~ ~. ' . ........ a ............. ="/ucation Week i,_._ _:~. ....... |persons m lv/exleo and is now riving I manentty in ,,rance, o~ ~ne - ~ .......... 'seculari~ ,, " ~am c~bies iour nunorea nnles Irom .... ~ho existence of .................. sm of the state schools. ~ 4 Talk to your non-Catholic) ....... [here, declares that the present bloody [ visit their native land every Y ,~s~v~-,~ sss~m Archbishm) Ireland I . ". ' . ' ~ne coas~ as weu as Iron[ coas~ coun-| f s , ' * nmgn~or aoouZ the reasons for the . __ o .... chools and an. opportune timeI 1. The beacon light of Catholic/exist n ........ ]tins" Atlanta sent a delegatmn of [~-~---~=~--~=- . ~-_=:--.~:. ........ -~ e ce o~ renglOUS scnools in a ~() maKe Known ~o the general pub-l education--the narish school|/ " " " " [over 12o, traveling nearly 1O0 miles 1[~1' lic the profoundcontribution the ! ..... " - .~ .. ~ ..... [cemccracy. leach w.... A ...... ~ ............... +~a ;m.H{ , . , llle Value oI a tba~nolle nlgn 5 Put Ill" the hand of OUI non " ,*~o, -~-b ....... o ...l~.,.o,~,,~_u Cathohcschool ,smaking to Amer- school education l.~ 7: ..... " Y ." -[ by over fifty who made a trip of 135 ) I~[ TL.. R/! ..-... = UatllOlle neig~lnor a co v oI a bate i(San life in training its charges for l " " P - mile ....... .... ' 8. Our schools and their mission.[ ............ ". ] s each way, and the 50 represen-|][]] 111~:; lllqdPlll ILU~ any complete mtlzensh]p. Inl 4. Opt" debt to the relitdous[Cmsm o~ t.a~noue ~aueanon. /tatives of Savannah came 192 miles[l l , v order ~na~ ~atholic schools may ~t, acher | 6. Have Catholic Speakers at all |for the gathefin~ Sevmal cities with/l~l B ]~ ....... L _ _ ~.Y _ l_ _ ! c onbnu.e to do their proportionatei Slogan The environment of thetpublic meetings held that week talk/onlyahandfulo~Catholicssenttlaeir/l~I rrepara[ory OC[IOOI snare m ~ne ooservanee of Amer- Chlho~ ....... ;~h ~,~ ...... la Iew minutas on the necessity and),,~+- ......... ,.+;_~ .^ .,~ ........ ._ |]~] -c ,.~+,..~,, ~nooinevmo s civic '" ,.za[v*~tc pu)t/lavautt bu ~J~ CUllYUlttlUll lean Education Week, over 1O,O00 ...... " ' P Nalue of religious education I T-- ~ i ........ . ; "|l~! UNDER DII~ECTION OF ,LITTLE ROCK COLLEGE) " eVilbut". [ " " " lIl Ills tmflress Dlsnop ~xeyes reler- ( copies c4 a leaflet outlining a pro-' Referen .... 7 Ur e pro am mana ersof'Ia . .. ~ ..... ~ . I ees--Catectnsm of Catho-~ . " g ~-~ g. -[red to the fact that the conventmn/~ . ; gram are being u]srrmuted gratis lie Education, chanters II XII" Theldxbroadcasting stations to feature fwas bein~ held on Mission ~und ..... |i~] ~ to school officials by the De art-~ ' , " " ' c . . . " ..... a,-- .......... P iParlsh School Dunney; Official At-b dueatmhal addresses by local pastors / happy coincidence, he said. since the H~I I ~[~11 me,~. ~)~ ~auca~mn, ~ar,,onal Catho-/titude of the Catholic Church on Ed-|or prominent Catholic laymen [efforts of the I avmen's Association [J~] ne we~iare Conference. This pro-lucation; Catholic Encvclonedia. The| 8. Co-operate with the educational/are dir~,,~a'+~,,,~ ,,~_~.-~,.~ r,~a ~a |/~l d~am~s}:nte:dfe~h: r~Js:?nm~:ed~::d~Catholic High School; N. C. W. C.[;faf~:~:la~ ~r patriotic, civic and)His Church better known. He told of][~l " COURSES: p d Bulletln~ The Lmu aliens of Public g~ zat]ons by having , ............ i " - " "~ " " I~ .... ~the work by the Laymen s Associa-|[~J ....... past achievements of Catholic edu- Education " une 1926 an " |Catholic speakers at all meetings dur-/.; .... a .~ ;+ .......... -._ __.~ ........ |)~] P]~...,-~] _~t*~anhl-.~ |'amv~-~+,~,,=~l ~:~u,,,. snoum mee~ rne mosv exact-/*-r,nc,ples of Catholic Edueation,"pngrne wee- |sed his confidence in the generous ]i~[ ]ng remnrements oi our educational|December, 1925 / v. taave all speakers emphasize/ illi .......... I I~l ~ " , " " . ' Ithe fact that freedom of education is ~w ng.ness oi ~ne ua.~!a.oucs oi t I~I EXCELLENT STAFF OF TRAINED TEACHERS ,n~t~Utl, OnS: ...... t PATRIOTISM DAY I| ......... [Georgia to make the sacrifice neces-I [~] rarz~cmar aLtent]on is directed/ Frid- "" . .o [a vlm~ ooczrane anu our Amerman| ...... 'Ira . .. /, ay, x~ovem~er x z. /. . |sary ~o carry on ~lle worK. Lne | IH[ re tnat section of the leafle e ,, o democracy, anu essential to its er- . ... ~ ri- |No m- n can suffer too much, and ]( . .. P |morning sessmn closed with a few re-] l~l ___ ~'_ _... ii ii! t iiiiiii l!l o ii:ii!ili::i}:!iiiii** p b "city in the Catholic and l 3 "S-m-at ....... | * / ' ' g, ' "' |I~1!~ secular pressfor any proo~ams)--''- Y-P. ne~lc unaersmnmng__t (Continued from ,,a~e 1 ~ Ifrom Georgia in the United States/ s " ~- ,~ne ~rue DaSlS Ior ~merieanization. v ~ ., . , . .t.~ged during the week. Please sup- a a .... ;~ ~ ....... l who took the oath of office as pro-I Senate, he said, sent him messages [ ~- , 1 " I ......... *"~'*~a1~nollcs in gn~ .... ' p y us with co ~es of our re r visional resldent of welcome that were filled wxth the [ . P Y p g ams~World War ] p of the Confederacyl : [ t ~-~ n-~ w~-w-~v~v.~ 1, ~.f~ [ ~uvOr~]~.g. ]kff ..... ~'-- C ot newspaper ch in s telhn " a~ Men ome ~ hospitality for which the section is ,, ~a,.aa',,auta(t~ty "PP'g 'g of your; Slo an The tide .... [ tg" ry. / |; ~.,. L). l~]~.~r~I ~.~Uo {I . ~- ,, g --- oI patriotism " " famous Inc. activities. /runs hi-h i ........... I "Why m 1L that Jefferson Davis / |l / [ The program follows- g n ~ne ~a~.nonc SChOOl.. did not discover these dangers to his No man or woman, Senator Walsh " " Cuff t/ CUSTOM TAILORS J References--Clvlcs Catechmm; Icountry? /said, can be a worthy American or a ]1 Teas ees CONSTITUTION DAY ICatechism of Catholic Education, IL,,~(/.. "" .... | ..... eli an i ..... H L- 116 W Fourth St Telephon~ .... (chanter V" Bish---' ....... I wny was ~a~. ~avis so inuKierent/patriotic ~m c w 1~noul: Knowing l/ ~ll(lt~ ~ ) " " , . .- , up~ rasLoral ,,e~er, , , ,, ~ S~ ,- monday, November 7. ( .................. . [to Alabama s and America s liberties [what Americanism means, unless |~ ~ ] LITTLE ROCK, ARKAN It is our Const~tuhon which p++ge oo, ~louograpny oi tne Annual ..... call~ I'-~-." |that he n-ointed in his cabinet not |they know and understand the spirit/( WHOLI~.SAI~ and {/ - - ' the people to vig~'lant superv'~slon" of ~'roceedlngs of the Catholic Educa- o 1 ~ " R~TAIL ~ ....... ttional Associati ......... [ n y Judah Philip Benjamin, the Jew, /of Americanmm, unless they ~now the /l lit i~/~ A O1| ~'~ rnmr nDer~ies and turns over to; ....... on, n mer~c~n .ua~n,|but Stephen" Mallory, the Roman [ideals, the political truth and princi-" Phons 4-3041 1~|. 2"~. Dlm-lJ~ them forever all offendin+ a+a+r,+.+.~ncs ,n ~me worm war--winim+,|~ .... ,~ I .......... i~ ! I "J" "'" "'""" ...... . ....... IN C W C " " .... ...... i._,axJlol]Co /pies wnlcn Amerlcamsm s~anas Ior,/t 111 West Sixth ~trs, t ttl Re~ruontimr the ~nelr 1berties Cardinal Gibbons .... ' wnen ~ne war l)rums ,, ..... + . ~ ,,u,a~ ma. 1 .... " " tThrobbed ..... te ........ f If Roman Cathohe citizens may[which America has proclaimed to tile|{ v~.,.W ........ FIRST~I~mT::;~Ir~ t~'lrl_Itl a. rne development of the Con , ~ nslon ~uagazme, may, . . -. ~xxx~ ~u,,.,A., ~*u~. 11. ..... "11927 [not trusted, as mr. ttefhn charges, [world and which Amerma guaranteesIt 111 .... fiad.;7;;V. ; _o,, ; ........................ +[IA [why was +t that President Davis corn- Ito her children " - ....................... n .... Assets: Over One Bfllto , HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE missioned Bcauregard, a Catholic, to "Where," he continued, "shall we n ss2. The Constitution---the sover- elgn wall of the peo le DAY 9 "-- ....... =--= ------===--= ,~ Hundred Milliom D~lla~ 3 m. ~ P_" I ~ . - be lieutenant general in the Confed- find the spirit of'Americanism. How I mh...... o...a~. | ]a~ium*0%et::preme,Cour~..the pal-J ,,Wi?::::at~, November 12. . erate army, and Raphael Semmes of can we properly define what her flag i J" u~o~a~f~yll' ~.D?~ ill New York Lift "4 ........ " l ............ aryland and later of Alal~ama, to be stands for, what America means.9 We | ~ ~lnoccnlo |/I , ne Uons~l~U~lOn the foun mrecnng moral xorce m~enlgence a 9 Archl * t__:: ~ __ L] " -- " ) .., ...... .... dmiral to th~ Confederate navy. shall go to no m6dern statesman for | "tects 1 ]1 Insurance ~0. zu2:neau or power trainer wm no~ De uevempeu or, ii i~ "Why did Mr. Davis commission a definition and an effort to sum | HALL BUILDING ' | | 'Phone 5195 Little Work, ' ~mgan--Let_ us guard this price- joe developed, ~t will prove self-de- Judge Mann, a Roman Catholic, to -- ~er lesson t- -11 ~h-ll w" "^ +^ | LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS I/I 1105 Donaghey Buildi~ ~ess heritage ot our age |structive. Education which is not re ...... ~ ,.~,,,,. ~ .......... uv ,, , ~ ...... ~ ~- ~--:--=--=--_--=-- --=--_ =___= ,~. ! _, -. References -- CivicsCatechism;[based on religion and character is not ro;~~ ........ onleueracy m ~u those who brand thtmselves as 100 Official " educati " , " per cent Americans No, for the " Attitude of the Cathohc / on. President Coohdge. "Wh~ did D~-vi~ --a Le~ -n~ ,,T....,, Ohurch on Education; Private Schoolsl " 1. Greater facilities for profes- Joh;~2 antl St:~:ll 7a:kson~and spirit of Americanism we shall go to J.T. HORNIB~n~ n ai " ~'~'~ the fou t n We shall go and dtg , gt. St~u~7onLaws, pp. 179-296; The l~::al training m Cathohc unxversx-"Xeb" Stuart, and ~.edford Forrest, into the hearts and souls of the men Suo,.,sorto Beck, Doran, ~etwheyUki.ted States-- 2 The advantage of an education a:nddh: ~obletroop ~f Confederate who founded this republic, who gave HALY & HORNIBROOK~ HEATLuTHayE, DNUoC2TION :AY m ;. CaRth~l::::l~:ge he establishment !e2~:;m:~z':::~:fh'n~:Y CarhoP;: u2 th:rh~iab~srtaTd s~hul:eof thtelpYattrh::: A, VF'NTIl~L~TI~N~A22., " n,l..+J1..+ ttt&~y~ s~JJL- Jl,~k~%.~l'1~lG "Ghildren form a beloved part of our fold. Let us co-operate together that we may combine the two prin- ~cipal aims of modern times--a healthy soul in a healthy 'body."---Pope Plus XL 1. Education im health is good ~ivic training. 2. What Catholic schools are doing in health education. 3. Why we cannot afford to neg- lect health education in our schools. 4. H'ealth education to increase ~upR efficiency. ~l~gan---The Catholic school pro- vides a complete education-physical, mental and spiritual. Re~erences--"Progress in Child Health in Catholic Schools," N.C.W.' C. ~ ~ Bulletin, July, 1927; Health Through the School Day, Part II-- graded suggestions; Foods and Nu- trition--entire text; Medical Super- vL~i0n in Catholic Schools, pp. 14-22, 35-39. RELIGIOUS TEACHER DAY Wednesday, November 9. of the central Catholic high school. 4. The grow~rth of the Catholic high school system, 1915-26. Slogan--Secure your higher edu- cation under CathoIic auspices. References--Catechism of Catholic Education, chapters, II, 1TI, IV, VI, XI, and XII; Why a CathoIic College Education --- entire text; "Catholic Education Today," N. C. W. C. BuN letin, January, 1926; "Catholic See- ondary Schools in 1926," America, September 17, 1927; "Catholic Pro- fessional Schools in 1926," America, December 4, 1926. RELIGIOUS EDUCATION DAY Sunday, November 13. *'Of all the dispositions and habitm which lead to political prosperity, re- ligion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, thes~ firmest props of the duties of men and citizens. The mere politician, equally with the pious man, ought to u r ~rotherhoods and Sisterhoods respect and cherish them. --George it is that permit our Catholic schools to exist. Without them the financial burdens of Catholic schools we~'e in- supportable; without them the Cath- olic schools should 10ng ago have clos- ed their doors."--Archbishop Ireland. !. Great religious educators.' 2: School progress depends on between the Washington: 1. Why the Catholic School. 2. The Catholic School System---i from the ldnrdergarten to the unive~- sity. 3. A more generous support of Catholic education on the part of the laity. 4. Laws of the Churck on the em- tablishment of parochial schools. "'Does Mr. Heflin forget that it was a Catholic, James Ryder Randall, of Maryland, who vvrute the Confed- eracy'a battle song, ~'Maryland, My MaryIand"? "Does he forget t~rat ~'fhe Sword of Lee' and 'The Conquered Banner,' wer~ wri~2~en by Father Ryan,, a l~o- man Cai~holic priest, appointed chap- lain in the Confederate army by President Davis? "Does he no~ k-n~w that Father Ryan loved and was loved by General Le~ and President .Davis as few men ever have loved, or been loved by their fellow me~T "What has this defamer of Roman Catholics done ~for Alabama, for the South, for America, that is compar- able to the patriotic work done by Roman Catholics like Raphael Semmes, James Ryder Randall, Father Ryan, ~enerat Beauregard or Stephen J. Mallory, to ~ay nothing of Roger B. Taney and Edward Douglas White, two Roman Catholics whose images now stand a~ the altar of justice in the nation's court of last resort? "Honor, honor, eternal honor to the names of these true patriots! Shame, shame, everlasting shame to him who would ~perse their revered dust] It is not the Roman Catholic Church that Mr. tteflin really attacks in this speech of his. It ~s the mem- ory of men l~e Lee and King and Yaneey and Morgan and Pettus that Mr. Hefli~ defame~." if we but read their thoughts, we will find unmistakably the principles up- on which our fair republic is estab- lished." "Briefly," he said, "our'flag stands for 'equality, justice and freedom.' " "Justice, equality and freedom," he continued, "means that the Cath- olic w~llinf to die that the Protest- ant shall have equal justice and lib- erty and the Protestant is willing to die that the Catholic shall enjoy "the blessings of equality and freedom. That does not mean merely a fair trial in a court of law, that means political justice as well as legal jus- tice, it means legislative justice, it meahs that I as a public man have no right to vote for the enactment of any law which discriminates in favor of any class or group; that I shall support only those measures of public policy which do justice to every ele- ment and every group anal every class in American life." BISHOP-ELECT GALVIN TO BE CONSECRATED AT HANYANG ON NOV. 6 (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) St. Columbans, Nebr., Oct.-22.-- The consecration of the Right Rev. Edward J. Galvin of the Society of St. Columban will take place at Han- yang, China, on November 6. The Most Rev. Celso Costanti, Apostolic Delegate to China will be consecrat- BANKERS TRUST CO. MAIN AT SECOND LITTLE ROCK, --We are affenta for prctically all the important Bream- ship companiea. --If you at, eontemplating a trip abroad for busin~s r,ason~, or if yod desire to undertake plemmre trilb make use of ths many exeellent Winter Crui,u, do not fail to call on us for information, which will be ehe~a~ fully given, without charge. --We wish to remind you also of our forsign ]lxchan~ Department, whieh is in position to effect money tran~ fers to foreign countriu by Cable, Draft, or Bank Mone][ Order~ at prevailing market price. We both buy mind md] Foreign Exchangs, getting quotations hourly. BANKERS MAIN AT SECOND TRUST CO FOREIGN DEP Whether you are a fool or a wise person can be tested vez The acid test is tomorrow. That means: Is tomorrow in thought, dominating all you do today? Be a tomorrow, man. money you put in your Savings Account is Tomorrow's Mone~. "Come Grow With a Growing Bank" CAPITAL, $200,000.00 SURPLUS,