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November 5, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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November 5, 1927

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Page Two THE GUARDIAN, NOVEMBER 5, 1927 ] " ested a protection against what th v on1! .... I ,.., " - ' lasting results. In shor , there was mamf _ e .........J: pa mmslonar acuv Puh,i,h.a Weekly l a g asp of the mission problem which should m aco in ........... I Y we owe a en ........... encourage SUCh consp,ra- our heritage. It conveyed the le THI CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY [ lead' to increasingly sound progress of the work cies of " ,. af the Diocese of Little Rock I .... , bigotry and hatred as the Klan. The ldan nation - ,', ._ Sd {=NWZ_ST_SECOND STRSET Im our midst, lrevelation in Alabama following similar dis mew ..... . 7..u wm-, Lmn ., IAF~t~ ~ -- ~ -m~s matter ~larch 21, 1911. at the postoff[e] O Ip|a .......* *'-- ' ..... "1 cununen~ ana a new race. In ~n~ ___ .-_.~. ar~. unner the Ac~ or t~ongress of March8, 1879. ! ...... I ~..~uLw ui bne ~lan s lawlessness in o~ner see- J ,:~.. . _. .... J 2'EAST OF SOCIAL ACTION I ..... , t .... that commumcahon of Ch stm :: Tfei!if di Ci ofi ute las mx or seven years ough continues to go on Mission Sunday Ca! i mTheremmsmnary countnes 21biihils llii peratlviCrh S!n!i to achmve fi:]e[l!!il tfnhiii a dread[ of the illWii!i Kl s:g:rteel ill in t !d:h!l!i " I l/| / !nat io!iy:il ! iys iC!ih ! :rlPct :i iii p i n wfi btn !ah!iii C CyaCh i iii ...... e dneadey mot.ling. Brief news correspondence is|king not of lonely .... ,u. .............. I holding in our grant a priceless inher w flrs w aeome. "the zinaness of the clergy in this matter is eer-|.-- _ v ......... "'"'S u,c, way zca es comes or a stay ear. he.e is nothi,g in Mission Sunday evoked a res onse whi Sd or/) mU rth 2dUe: h b/: 2feh:eT::f b; cngty :hd :h:thg tvmfi:fthCea:hgh s biak: m an intelligent u derstand, a., H Demo t",0 West'Se 'ond St e- : .ddres.ed |of social groups. . ., - . , . q nmg sympathy toward the I - - " ' . _ ................ _ _ _ : tan m ia ama, hOld on ]cause. OFFICIAL ORGAN | Christ is by right king of these societies and]public officials and its Kleagle's sub rm-oUon ~J~e @~mwd~t~ |e the official organ of the Diocese of Little ~gook, soci ~ ~ ~ | God t at It may be an. earnest champion of the cause of al groups. The feast day of Chrmt the Km of his dut as a " "- "., " ' =2 and,ruin ardent defender,of the religion whichI~ A: ............. Y c hzen to hL obhgat,ons as a H all.*ave s@ we*l. l extend to it my blessing with the since-, hon ['~ tllft~Cb~ftl mwaros maKln~ him "nff~n ts,.+ lilan nn ~ha~,~ ~r. ~,~L~+-~*'-, .~_ ! H ~ -_ _ n~ ~ ma~ be long and prosperotis. " ~e . ~: . kl..v ...... ~ sm ....... ,~ ~-- ~.vvCtll~l/:$1 l~tccs u oil i _ s. somzm, who now ,s often only king m mght. !wh,ch the courts have obtained convictions Pnd !lit Editorial Broadcasts, Bishop of Little l~ek.| We are separate and distinct indlvla,, ] ! imna - ..... IH ) "-- " for our life and its preservation and'forth'ode .... .... ,, i was mew ame nat a secret and sinister or- EXCELLENT FORESIGHT ~ [ ~h;iY!~iaaWr~i!~~!i : !iil~~yiil~eusKal.!ffTo~~ata!o~~~~iu~~ii!daDghte~l::aOn:u~:d?~tSheaPt;mb~;al o----------- Jan d. We are born members of a society, in a differen* ............... me um ea atesP y] Mary s ,,.Church in Jamaica In November, the month of thePoor Souls ! d members of social groups within society, lal ............. ' [w th the N, t,M Mass I tried x e o so hve. We so die / yuy corrup ana mways un-american every-ith ............. an e p and city. The average citizen be- "st, by right, is king of every family, king [th-- ........... ' - ....... g nd interested lJ . has su erea m past rom assaults tSxplana ion b thos gins t spell Indmnna and Indianapolis. YetlOf every socml group and of every organizationlmade a--: ............ ,. y e present. | her in UolOnlal 1;lmes in the " - - there 1s" now hope beyond with the dragon and evW thm somety, king of every society, king of ]teenth centur-y, ana" aurmg" .... the aecaue'" "ust' nmeci Stone. .then I have learned with the k the kleagles and the kelkrafts behind the barsl ery government, king of all governments and It is Americ .......... os- satmfachon that many of the Protesfa a tna wm lose anita - paying the penalties of crimes for murder and lall peoples. The feast of Christ the King is[i.- ........ . Y os only carefully read the Exnlanation hurt political atrocities. . " } established to make of Him who is kin by rightwinCh, appears, are aoout to be stirred, home with them Th ...... - ' 7 An exchange tells u: tha ; if the enemies of/k Tgh:l:::st[:d 'ng mistake for generation pa i/whihi e]'a:dbdgtht: ?da:h:n ts C::ut :k;ta;t:tta d IT::;P; ;mgo" i w:eren e Pii , s s " politics arealwa s willin ! the Catholic Church should ever'succeedin their throughour much of the Western World is that i-n r .... Y g to done ' the worshi of God has I. g o e or aestroy constitutional safeguards if :h l ;:gnntt; :h;:: uh:;fh::lt;o?no tfh:cSt::e emotio Pal relationshb;t: G:deofU:::hb:dn:Y |by that means they may injure the Catholic It only shows how willing Protestants - Church and its members Yet the 1 learn somethin about t the taxpayers would have to make a gi rantie ]dual soul. Only Sunday was God'. , oss of Catho-I g the Catholic ChurC ex ........... ' .... , _- ....... t iic rights and liberties can only mean a cor lady, a Protestanb and th " . , penditure for new grounds, buildings, equip-|other say was God s day. That men are broth- ....... ] ..... , e wife of a pro ment and teachers to meet the ne, , |erfs and are obliged to serve -- ponmng aepnvauon mghts and liberties for]pnymcmn m Jamaica, told another lady Just how much this outlay would ha've"l o'be" it |was denied .r ner others. That is what ha's happened in Alabama. also a Protestant that she had been to a ," " " - I It is exactly what will haunen in the. of Catholic Masses o ' is impossible to estimate with nrecision but] When men deny that they are obli oa + ......... "- "- counhy at/ n different occasion. .... -- ....... -' ' JG ........... - ' ..... mrge if the Ku Klux Klan or any other crusade [never knew what it Was all about. h;nr; 2 ;6,375a:hild g:tf: C th e ict P:=;:! I il 1;a: nd v(du 4he n?geo ::[dayblu :fn red If we Catholics could furnish sourceS:. tary and secondary schools in the Unite'd States. ISunday is God s d.ay, then every other day is a I ......... ...... aen- |formation without offense to Proto -nts t If their education in public schools would o ,lwrong day and not even ........... .-_ [ orcers row, to fiery mw itself and to/c. ..... ...... 7 ..... .. ........... L .... 5 ..... , ........ tomato inullify the guarantees of the Constitution | .... umonc ceremomes, ney vou a., ve.ruge m tuu per pupn a year, .... . .,v urn lone lnOlvlauals are to have onlyI l eageriy and respectfully received. SiIg then pmvate investment and expense in their]a senhmental att,tude towards God, then ................. ... ....... -...:,[yore's)---Reader in Tablet. behalf saves L xpayers--mostly non-Catldolics--- r vague emotionalism is somehow used to justify ! [ ' | ] the equivalent of 6 per cent on an investment/in dailyAife both evil and queer distortions oriel| L r .. -. Ill! A PRINCETON PROFESSOR ON Tit of $3,850,000,000. good !0 " " CATH _ ._ o----------- g .. ats to prevent injustice, class war, l' Historical vidence gathered in T-xa- " 'lreferences to us in the second volume 0 ' CAUCUS OF MISSION SYMPATHY |ms oruon ana usury, unjust-wages" and unem [ ...... e s a] Short History of the Amerio - .. 1 - commmsmn the l nights of Columbus of . . __ p oyment are specific results of the denial of ........................ that]worth a word of grateful reed nlhon. -g , m ..... [Christ's kin-dom -- reveals upwara 1no priests recur- g rne conterenee m Ch ca excerpts are all that s ac i go recently of did-| .......... .......... I red martyrdom in the missionar territor corn-] p e will allow. :;::nd th:t s.of the Socmty for the Propaga-lsionn: sHmf m:?ea: K:r t a . nrougn suDmm-/prising what is now Texas AlYost coiTcident "The great achievement of the Cat altn was essen~iall a cane y p o ll~e ~nese like re , " .... , Y us of] _., .......... .... -_ I w th thin news there was issued from the r t Church during the last two s ua nodc mission sentiment in ! may aes royea. This is mission ,. . p ess a . generahons ha Sixty-nine dioceses of the eigh ;/t;;';ossess12"'scial a tion. , --]novel treating of the life of a heroic missionarylnt only its rapid increase in numbers organized branches of the Society were re--r I --o Ibmhop who labored in the desert stretches oflsuccess in establishing itself as an Ariel son oa ........ P.. -I ABETTn tur great Southwest. Both these incidents/church .... Not the least of the sevic' ........ ~nu uumgaces gave evlaence zrom tl e .... "" ! :- ; ,,-- ........ , .... fir. t th .............. [ ]pum. u m emgen interest which missionary l ucn men as rchbishop Ireland and Car s- ff''7" uey nail Drougn to the meeung a/ Several ...... " .......... /enterprise, when properly understood, ma in-I Gibbons was their staunch Amerieani m." .I' r, o .earnestness with wh,ch to enter intO[united .[ge zr es an ,groupsm ne spire. An occasion for intelligen dis I:y of .... _ s tne!,r aenDerauons." " How best to present the up- I Klan the snare i lux/mission in erest in .......... umtea ta es, asP y'else- [ ..The American Cathohc. . . Church has tak peal of the mmsmn cause was the concern ul per- / ame and burden which prosecutions/._here ............ /pos hon of leadership m attitude towart in Alabam . tr~ lUU~:~IIOUb me world, was brou n% most m" their" minds" and most easily" tobe observ- / laced on athand mveshgahons elsewhere hav !/before the unc-*u-': ............. popmauon on lvnssmn un-g ] dustrml and socml problems." A ' /cp;uld not hav: l:tt:jv:dgt: :amtbms aThepyl:;]day' October 23. Is "The American tendency for the laity y rchbishop Marchetti_ but ....... I Incident " .............. [ ume a large and important n rf oh,lrC Selvaggiani the conference was unus,, m, zor am ana comfort which it received l ally, wma t:a ner has mentioned the ..... - ........... . ,m.^ ....... .... |not only from the members but from I Spanish padres of the old Southwes ; ....I mrs---nas xouno expression in the organiZ* an-'ins;irat'inon tu;t hn:ma he;: oman .visi. or. was listers of the various Protestant denominati';'n's'lmantic vein, but she portrayed their highand[and grow!ng power of such thoroughlY ! real remarks as in mg an} , nms m or- |It is easy to recall that at the outset of its career [steadfast purpose well in saying "Those early / movements as the Knights of ColumbaS, with a world-wide 1; :tl;;k:esH:' ;Pa:K:na: t:YSlthe Klan sought and obtained the approval of mmmonames threw themselves naked upon the/D: g,h,ters of Isabella and the Holy NorSe tive listener, an encouraffin sneaker .,nmany Protestant congregations, attended theirlhard heartf a country that was calculated to/ "" , serwces, and contributed to the try endurance of rants" H " ' "The may hope, a guest favora )lv'im, ..... n [ ; " upkeep of their [ g" er Death i Roman Catholic Church celebrated sight into American mission interest" , Among the first and the loudest of/Cmes for the Archbishop" has the attractive-lclose of the Civil War by a great lenary firsthand g ea at]the Klan s defenders were Protestant preachers /hess of a best seller and the convictions of epic I cil at Baltimore ot " . " ' " ratur . , p diS#IllS bll tllll[,~y ........... ..... /North and South. No formal official condemna-/hte e. The reading of ,t will help toward IChurch in a divided country Who ter h:*P;:p:g: i: c:f th:nFfi d;e ht;: :OtnS bullies who have corn-/suPd er apprecmtmn of the spirit of Mission ;tions since have seen the Church passt0 .............. / g e name of Protestantism / " ' I days when it is the largest single church mrec~ result, lengthy conclusions or at re- an .... . | .... ! - . . ..... " ..... . . , , has been Iortncommg Irom I tn otner lands than our own, missionaries[Cuntry, comprmmg one sixth of the total P t?:ChT::;;.YmaPePr:;Tay b:e:2:: nd an 2:nK d:r:b::lbOdy of Protestants. /continue to throw themselves naked upon the/latin and taking rank as among the largest important or local and without S --nifi .... .... ' .... Alabama has been called heart of that land to which they come as did !rest fruitful body of Catholics in the" ~s up- Dy 2 t orne t eneral ,, " 'w " . . Y of that State a bar- the padres into old Memco " orld. off the deas whmh each dmcesan director carbario ................. .. TheY m ght con-I . - - ...... 'me accuses its o icers--in- en themselves with the scarce nourishment rms back to hm spher of labor,de ends m eh Professor Caldwell c ..... 'p ._ p . U eluding the Rev. L. A. Nalls of full responsi-lderived therefrom but in our a ^* [ ....." ..... , referring to the s ms u ure success and the aavancement in ability for the insti .... ....... A ........... ' . . _ m Which Catholics won the right to i : ~ ~,~uun etnu uireC~lOn ol ~nelcnange o~ lueas Irom pole pole and nick i uniform way of the mission movement in this floggings and other crimes with whi h ......| -mmuni .......... q /g ous educatmn m thmr own schools, at . C ~ne ~lan, co cttuon OI Knowleage once means own ..... nation. , i " . . expense, sa s: , . _ s charged. While the name of only one Protest- I of mformahon are available, something more ,, ' Y was reported Irom national headquar-i ant minister appears in the public record of[is expected of them The missionary in these / The public schools were -secularized iers an increase in the amoun contributed to these' rosecutions there i ' ' " - the ,eneral fund This fund is ad *^-- ,_ . s, nevertheless, abund- I days must hterally carry a text-book as well ! deed from Protestant influence .... mission ur oses from R0m -'" ..... ewoenee hundreds of preachers were as the crucifix. If that were all, how easy J Protestants have become dissatisfied witl tributionPofPmission funds propETtu; :l:l-d o members of the organization in Alabama and But he must build schools, and give besides the Iresults of the elimination'of ah .... . . . . . y o ner tates, and that they must have known not Faith the defences of the Faith Charity[f study anywhere in the school system m .:;roance w t^h only the Klan's purposes but. its unlawful and, at dictates the amelioration of human ills by means!believe it is not only school but Amer ,1! ...... ames, cmmmai,pract ces. It m a matter of public of hospitals and dispensaries, sanatariums'andihfe that has been secularized." ' oh. - ance" unaaY notormty that m Indmna a large number of min- asylums. A greater romanticism than ever be-! ................ r, ................ ..... varmus phases is ers of the Protestant " denominations w fore accom-ani - --'-=: ....... ,- . ,, quu aLIons snow rrmessor u. nd d a e " =~= t, =~ ~u~ ut~ion~ry ~no sel;s IO0~ W " " " a approve s d serwng of diocesan support. Klansmen ....... ell writes as a real hmtormn, endeavori Going beyond national boundaries it was point- It ..... ' . x .. , among s range peopm m.a strange land to get the viewpoint of all of whom ..... ..... ............. rro es ants slncermyleel ( and preach the gospel of Christ, and there are great ---, ............ " ....... uevempmen ox a nauve clergy it is certain that a v---- ' ' _ . ........ = vumme contains little nat is new to the ........ .g ) ..... erYcathohcmrge Church,numer andmerely, as er weaemanaSln the Umted e me,states eco" graze" th at to readerMirror, exceptspringfield,his ewdentMass mtenhon to be