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November 5, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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November 5, 1927

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that nothing is than that Catholic and Catholic literature have a large circulation, as may have every which instructs strengthens and [st[an virtues. " ~BENEDICTUS, pp•, XV. ,,~ _ o A Catholic Paper Is a Perpetual Mission,-- Pope Leo Xlll. "The Guardian in every home"---Our Motto. face of ch;~ .~-~-, ^~ .... m in the wards, where charity patients can Episcopate. Hence much import- to "put any faith in pretences or en B Delany, because of Father ...........~_~ ,,._ k:.,.^.. ahoz ther~ ~-~ ~ ...... +~ wilt be cared for. There are also ance is attached to his pastorat, prommes," the ArcnBmnop hectare& Barry's illness .... • ..... ~ience It is si~'ifi- " "'*° "~ .......... - .................... I takes _ _ exec~ a eorula~ auu • ~- ~eak ~nine in the ranks of the three complete operating su~ts, a ma- In h~s opemng paragrapn, zne Arcn- in ~s m~er par~, ire r~.ora ~ Later in the day, the Rev. Father ~,,e *hut amon~ the most joyous to a of Elnhe=~ r~o~ ..... l~ loador ternity department, and nursery am- bishop readily recogmzes that there a hopeful view, seeing victory n the Spence Burton of Boston, supemor .... ~ ~.~ ,~-ro numerous members of -~ di, lide~-~ %~ ~.?-6---~-y_ - .--7 balance receiving room for emergency have been "persistent rumors of a offing and saying that while the of the Monastic Order of St John, _s-~: ......... " --- here led by off[ • "n~ xacl;lon wnlcn cl~ea - . -- . " - t~ dapanese cotony , ~ " lsho] on - - • • cases and a department for the ad- possible adjustment between the Mex- Church in Mexico ~ reached addressing the third session of the .... "---nose Emb-'--" in _ a charge oz misusing .... . , - • ,e.- ..... eiaL~ oI ~;rle ’apa ~J L ~Unds to h~la high I ministering of the Umtea ~m~es ram- lean Episcopate and the Government ] Calvary, touay the saerlnee m congress in the 10th Regiment Arm- p~..~ s m other ...... ces oral baths, not founded on the abrogatmn of completedand Easter apl~rO " ory, strongly urged the veneratmn of - ~ Monsi-nor Ha-saka im . parr~ oz ~ne fllo e. ~ ....... , ~ m ~urn, g • - atl signers of the original suits I The bmldmg contains• s~x ~.m~ng _ : the Virgin Mary and the saints., pressed all strongly by his warm per- ~ack rooms on each zioor m mca~ea a e Burton lead for a greater I man d down, and others have I . . ," .... ]]rkr}~L~&kl~C~ I!2111{~ ~|l ~ DU|| ~I}~ Father P sonality, his gentle and spiritua - ~Sed dle~ Kitchen, servlco room, nurses the a disposition to submit to I ' " ..... l[l Ulr,01/ 1110 J~t~ I U. t~. [||][]Lt~[ I []Jill4 communion of Christians after nor and his gladness at the honor to ia • station and record room, vlanKe~ ano • "d Shoal authority ....... I ,,,,~ w~snmr~w~w~, ~r,m~r~ [ ~r~r~r~llt wr~l~ pattern of the saints, who, he sa~ 'ibe conferred upon his people. Fol- ea)citrauta, Meeting Stopped !solutmn war.m,'e.r, amng vatcony, sot,-[ ]~||| ~alHt.g ||II~Y ,~1 |IeH|,IAi, ||N~|K_ had been "thrown out of the churchllowin~ the audience with the Holy .~r~ ~- ~arium ano ufitkv room eqmppeo w]m] x~-v ~aa,~,,,,,~,,*~ wv,~- -, .~ I ~'-----'-"- ~-'-'--'-'1 ~. - " " ...... ~ .--- +~ +he I ° . ..... . ..... was another reaction over . - ...... ! ~ ........... zour nunarea years ago ~,,u up ~, ~ I Father, in an mterwew w~m znls cor- 'eeke*~ ...... ]incinerator, u~ensit s~eridzer an(~ am-| ~rlr~ lr~r~ ~t,~r,~ ~l I~snmr~nw~r~ x~mw,~r,r, ~ ns~dered onl as' " -u zo the action az ~ome. I ....... ! ||M|W~ 114||M ~kl~|| ||||||] |11 | H||| || | ~dl~|.~ I recent present co " Y ]respondent of the . C. W. C. News ~ing tha ,m~d~L.~ .f the let l er mooern zacmues. ] ]~ll|~L~ ]t~|~ ,~£~J%lg~l~V%l| ~glt I Itl~L~ I~JUttrl~i~ [dead as Papists whose bones were tO I%rvice he told of the lively personal :~:~ ............. "l hue:!:!:!~!f°~h!:?St bdaat~ ~i!tt °g/ 1 ~tee:l°fa:d~ ' ~hnJt~ g:al:nh:debdY~P~°ert:= t 1 (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Commisslon~r Buekh,e~ of ~e Board b:e~t~oS::~f~h:~n:s tH:wahdi:hc l~:p:Yob~mHsiaHndl~:d s' es in Blackstone, .Mass" just ] qprovea ................ vypes, me*auras ~--- ma%r[J ~ New York, Oct. 27. Pledges to]. of Private Instr~et~om. D,~cr~mt- IPle might be led to prayer.. [in that land which" m" now for the fn~st" the Rh hates AgainSt Catholics In He scoffed the clmm that venera ~me to have a nahve Cathohc bishop ode Island hue. [and one minor o~erating rooms, ~ster |raise $250,000 as an endowment fund] "It" , ' " " -[ugh was to have been. ad-. !1 mzmg ..... room~,[ ...... ~-ray~- ~p,~---~rtment, }~nd[, for the •support of the Church o~• the], Favor of Public Schools. It[on of the saints was a form of ~dol-[ Given Warm Recephon. and after outhnmg the h~story| Y D air Mons~ nor Pecorare, Under Secre ~Ute- a~gnault and several OXla systascopic room, as well as a lab-|Holy Cross, 331 West Forty-second] ........ ~ - " " ] Y' "' " ed the di~ t g" ~ " = at[on of 9ants It was scheduled for] ":" , ........ ! street, of which the Rev Francis P ! t~Y ~. ~;. w. ~. ~ews ~erwceoI of such venerauon, s~ress "[tary of Uae ~acreo bongreg av .~. " , oratory containing an smn~ara eqmp-, .... rshi " " " ~erno our for ~ m Manila, P I, Sept 30 A contro ference between Latrm, the wo P Pro a anda and Monmgnor D m, _ on. As the h [ment a -harmac~ fully e~uinned, and]Duff3 is pastor, were made at a d" -[ " • ..... ] • I P g , " proached ' " ~ ~ ~ r last m ht]versy m r~gmg here between the of adoratmn and Duha, the worshiP'Rector of the Pontifical Urban Col • , the Town Clerk of[.~ ..~o~ ....... χ ~-r~ical dress[n~ room |nor given at the recto y "g " 1 - • - . t , . : :Stone, bacl~o~ h, ~a,,r armed/~'~ '~"°~',';~ ..... ~-. % "|h, ~ho directors of the fund Solici-,Board of Private Instruction and the]of veneration, as of suffieien~llege of Propaganda Fide, haa me~ .... - -~- ~acn o~ ~ne o erasing rooms is pro- ~ ..... • .... . ables, took up a position near]..'~.~ ..~ .... ;~P~o ocrub u~ and dress-|tation of outside aid has become nec_!authorihes of the private schools, lstrength to disprove the~eharge that|the distinguished ws~tor upon hm cr- etin about one half of which are conducted athohcs adore the Virgin reval m France and together w~th g hall• Supporting the of-/in~ com-artments for surgeons and/essary, Father Daffy explained, be-I - [Anglican C " [ • " , Was a large gr°uP °f eitizens'j. nurses, lThese cam artments are fit-/caus~ °f the encr°#chment °f °ffice under Cath°lic auspiceS'p . ...... I . ~.. ~ " " ws ~and the saints". [Father Garmer of the Paris. Foreign ha ~a ,)ezen a a Cathohc daily ne mn worshx to accom amed h~mto Rome • ur for the meeting passed ,,~,,~,h =h~o~s laboratory and lock- buildings m zne neighborhood, the[ s , • "[ If we owe venerat" - P I Missioners~ P " - e leaders had not nut in an an-| .~ ] church being no longer able financml- I paper, plays a leading role m the i the saints, the fmends of God, sa;d I ~ " tnce ~ he f~ght and centers ~ts attack upon] how much more do • ~eantime, about 400 fol- |]3 to sustain itself• The fund,, * ~ Father Burton, D|~|]~U~U i~ ~s of Dai~naul~ had arrived inlwm,~-~w w~, ~w~ m~rltr~ It[t? |said, is to be used to preserve thelCommissioner B uckisch, whom it[we owe superveneration to the Moth-[DllMIllllUlltlffl l l IIO hoboes °A " 1me the landmalk [charges with arbitrary action, all er of God TM ]PRAISES CATHOLICS • • t the same t" |IN~LU]( O~ IVlI~MLAI~ "| . . -[seemin la:k of s 'th for Cath- " ~ofd.the citizens were greatly I] ]]~[~.~ I~1,~ RNI~. ..... ! Otto H. Kahn, who was eiec~efl~ . g . ., y . ~ __----- CUte ! announced that l ohc educatmnal mshtutions,- and w~th The failure of the speak-~m-~l~|r~~ ,treasurer of the fund, ItqPl|l~| |J~ t~I] ]~ D|~|~ e~e,#~m, ~W~tl ~|lfllfl| l]tl I ) a ~ Ul~k~_]L~]kt~ ]L~L~D~ t$ demanding that prorate schools con PPear probably prevented al [$50,000 already had been raised, and[ " . . -IL/ lllUhlb b[I/~l~llll~O ] M rL|[ t CATHOLIC PROBLEMI ]form ~o requirements which the pub, LLi ---- ,. predmted success for the campaign. - L • * - " / Tn niT lT TIT RV Wi -- )was hc schools cannot meet. Mr Buckisch, People Show Opposition Gone Tunney, heavyweight champion '-early a rneetin was broken up] boxer of the world, who attended the[it is charged, has demanded that pri-| |I$ ]L#bllJtal~tt ~ ~ ~ L (By N. C. W. C. News Service.)~ -~atre~-, . g . . . I ............ in- to assist/vate schools, which include the Cath-| ~, ,~w~ l~Tl lt~tt%tflt]~T[ Washington, D C, Oct 24. De- uute a lar e olnncr, sala ne wa~ go g- er 0f~' R. I., when . ge|K" of C. Committee Whlch Has Been i: the eam~ai~-n to raise the total!°lie instillations', establish libraries] Ill4" J~I~HOF [VIUL~UO[~lfense of Catholic ieadersin the South uownspeopm, armea wlznI Dealin With Situation In t~olo- l~ ~ . . v ,~o~_. .... g ...... ~o,~.~o [for their students and has prescmbed| land severe arraignment of Senator _.~ ~a~oes and other mlssnes I ratio Makes Interesting ~ amoun~ ve~ore w ............ i,.~ - - ~ ,:-,- -'--.-~- --- ~ / ......... ,--~-- U(i ~h- . ....... [ " ~.,~ .~ '..~ ~ • ~ -~v ~,, ~,.,_ ,/1sus oI DOOKS WTIICII III~lUUe manyl --- - -" ~ -- -:co ~ ~ 1-te~lin 0£ Aiaoama are ~ne emrae, way zo a nan in cna’ ! Re-art ~a~ner Duzzy ~s one o~ iNew xorK s, .......... .. . , / (By N C. W. c. News ~erw ./ / ......... ,. __ ~-- . I r • ., ....... • • ' an~]-LJa~nollc WTliHng~. lb IS also| - " , | oI an eoi~oriai in ~ne l~lrmlngnam ~veral months ago a near, aotes~ ins~i~uuons aria i am going .............. | Rockford Ill, Oct 26---Cathodc! .......... ,_.~_ ~ceu,.~ ...... ~ v I ............... cnargeo tna~ ne has l~le(1 ~na~ hill ' " " " . /2~ews, which nas Deen a remnum~ s='=u a~ woonsocKe~, ~. ~.,[ (By N. C. W. C. News Serwce) to supp.or~ mm n], ms. ez~or~s ~o p~:e,: teachers in the secondary courses of: institutions and organizatmns, re!a-/foe of the Ku Klux Klan in that state. yea~er at a Dmgnault meez-i Denver, Colo., Oct. 27.~Mexacan serve ms church, sam lunney... • prfvate schooIs shalI have completed tives and friends are beneflcmmeS|The editorial has provoked much in- :^a Woonsoeket priest apro-lmigratory workers, pouring rata ~now oz no more ueserxnng cl~?en the third year of university work, under the will of the }Lt. Rev. Pete rlterest and commentary here. . "~ in the than ne ne nas aone un~olct gooa uo ~sho of Rockforo, ~" I Colorado each year to labor " t "" .... "ll while it is shown that teachers with J. Muldoon, late B" p ~ " , I The text of the editorial follows- . • thousanos, ann his useiulnessw1 • "l~strunlen~ " [ beet fields, constitute a huge problem 1 ? ~ ,, these quaIifications cannot be had and according to terms of the ~ ' | "What is more significant than all from a Cathohc, moral and sacral continue ~or m~ny years tha ~s not observ he filed for probate here yesterday • , DIqHtlP qTll I / [ " . t the rule" ed in t " ' " : es [this, Mr. Heflin finds--if he hash t ~dll[Ll]][%l| kli|l[aiM| stand omt and one which grows so Mr Kahn sa~d the campaign was ’o A be uest of 7 500 ~s maoe ~o p " , " ' " . public schools. Evidence is adduced q $ , " "l,,et discovered it, he will soon hav~ IN RUSSIA ~a:~ :act~y;::utha:a~f:trtth:: =lkenigt b:d h~pe: byI Ca:ho~:; ,tP::te~:nnt; ~:s;hoOdi:hgat;aubl~Tes:h=?ertLh:= s::Shary' Bhl:a::hrieP, ;:r She eMda:y:Sla rude awakening on the sub3eet-- -- charged that he has ruled that allt teachers in t] ) e con cry c nrs~ of|institutions and organizations, rela- o " ~ a men s are benefb aries • , prhate choo ~ s alI tare ( ,mpl, ;ed|tives a, d " " _ . , ,rk • " • r " ill c the ~t Rev -e~er the thn [ ye r f ~ ~tvers~ y w rk,|unde the ..... Y wh~ , J Muldoon late B~shop of Roc ford, "le it is st w~ th~ teac era , ith[ . . " :' • t ~st rdm t ter s of the mstz~ hen , : these qt Iific Ho s e~ mot b had mdlaceo g : - he filed for ~ bat* here yesterda • that th~ rule is ~otbserv t in ~he| " P . ' d , , A be ue,of 7,500 ~s made o es , public ~ hool [vid nee h add~ .'ed| q • . . ," th to tabhsh a hal ship at St J cry I show that t l cge mmb~" of or-[ " " ~: ~' " Seminary ~alt~ tore, for the ~uca [ Ln~ , ,~ respond ~g ub c :hool teac eraI ., " .... .. ~ that this state s citizens are quietly sa s the fourth annual re was asked to becom~ treasurer," aoa- h • - " tion of young men xor the pnestnooo . I headway, Y "1 . ave not fimshed h~gh school, whale[ . comparing these speeches of h,s, " Mexican Welfare Commit ed the banker, "'my response was so a of the Rockford dmcese s, 0-- - . .... I port of the" "[ considerabIe number did not even[ " • I th~so views of his, which inflame re- c~ 24 Accormng zo me e Council of unequivocal that I nught be stud to St. Vmcent's school for boys ano ' ~ a~ ~'--~ ....... ~tee of the Colorado Star " I ..... .., complete the intermediate course. | " _ *. , _ :~ Iligious prejudice, with the views aacl -- ~ngnsn writer m ~e havo VOlun~eerea rne money Will St Vlncent's school for girls at ~ree 1. M~ ,~ . /the Knights of Columbus. [ . , " Supervision Made Au~,~na~© I • " "[s,~eeches of other representatives of •"--- ~eorge London, WhO re-~ ~ e has beenlbe rinsed w~thout a doubt." [port Ill, were bequeathed $2,000 = I Alabama v ~ited ...... This K df C. committ h, terfere~. , • . ~ o in the United States Senate moscow, a ~rencn ~]sn- • " • .... he Catholic Church ~xten-" . " ~ Nova,, o-. working heroacally at thxs problem I ---~ Parhcular emphams ls placed upon Ieach. T ........ [Voters everywhere are now semousl~ [l ,ck "-".~' "~- °~:': .... ":;~\~'" "~| since 1923, do'inK much with little] ........ ~ ..... ~-~ ~o~' t- the "undeniable right" of parents to is[on Society o~ t~mcago zs given ,~'~lasking questions like these: • a~ne ~ovle~ caplmt ann ~ecorus ~,-, ........ , ..... ~'" P" .... - - - T mas nigh ~cnoot oz . c, ....... / resources, but the growth of the / ....... ~*~ ---~- -; -~, ~o~h educate their children as they ace f~t, ! 000 and St. ha ...... I "If the Roman Cathohc Church, a~ religious ceremonies a~ nave ~ne com.p,~=u ,~ a~ ~, ,~ - ..... will receive ~ne nDrary oi ~ . . a~ rch .......... |,~roblem threatens tb swamp the good] ....................... :--at [m the edltomaIs v~th which La De_|Rockford ........ Ifor example, m the grave peril to o~ ~alnt;-l~ouls-oI-~ne-'l~ ..... ~ / OllC D00K SLore~ au une utnte ue~tgu "1. -. - ~ - I+~.. ]~te nrelate- together wa~n nlsl ....... ., ....... la snif..’ ho.~. Ro,~ .h_l it has done, the repor~ mmca~es. -xneI ~n ' I zensa wages ~ts campmgn. -we nave I • ' - - ,~,,~..~ n,~k_ I~tmemca ~na~ zer. meznn says I~ ~s,. - ~ ~u ! ~ *~ steek in 1;ne UoIUmDUS to t eZ- ~\?Y":L:~Z%IA~ I Mexican laborers in the State have~ ~.^ ~xeeutive Committee of the,n°t objeeted, it says, to its (the[ .......... [if the Cathol~c hierarchy is the deadl3~ tlb~-u[lreq~ O.L.LI~JI~J,I lllU~£" ~ .Lilt; ~ ' . • . . • . ~s, | now grown to 23,000. | ...................... arc .government s) right and duty of an-[ford. , ... |foe of Amemcan mshtutlons that ha • I .. . • . t~ongres~, queue ~r~y nt ~u~ pr~p - ~.. - ' " " " - are -iven me ves- eve . Work Red Soc,ah*t Propagand"t'/ ..o a ran ed for this "ublieation ~,perwsmn over the private schools.I ~p.eeiat ,eques ........ Iboasts he has 'discovered,' it to be, u, who has~ been in Rus-/ • ~'""~, ~" ~ ~ ', ~ • tutor'sSlS~" er, t~a~nerane ~vlumoou, . . nearl ......... Practically, the committee calls at-/ ....... urse of its activities Josenh;Our censure was dtreetedmerely[ ............. [why m ~t that to none of Alabamas ~ quarter ox a century, . ~a ~a~ cu ' ~ ' - - Mar irene), an~ a' vro~ner, . . io for • -- | tent[on to the effective work being| ................. was ,against the ac~ of converting that su-I (Mother Y ....... Iwise and patrmhc United States sen- .. eighteen years was pus-! 11. ~reen, infector o~ puoncluy, ] ..... , ... . " . |1~. r,~ _1" Mul(loon o~ ~nlcago, wnol ......... ~t~e F- - - .... ~ carried on by Red Socialist propagan-/ ....... m~oil~r Iperwsmn m~o a,-powertm ana aur~-I'-" ........ ~" ............ labors has ~een vouensa~ea me" ira- • rencn communky a~ ma- setec~eu a~ co ,p e . I • \ • also are to nave the ChOiCe oz hiS plc- • . , ~n th ........ -']dists among these people, and to the[ ...... en's career and even more[crahc interference by meatus of re-[ .......... ]port.ant revelatmn ,that Mr. Heflm ~ mining region ox ~ne mr. D~e , ' • - - res aria ain~mgs, ~ne remamoer . 'Riverbasi.- :~-~Assum..tion|unintentional aid being lent these|,riately for this ,mr-ose, hisIqmrements whmh are practically|tu . ..P ........ Ckf_rd|Says has been received by h~m? • ,, ,~ a~ ~, - . ~,e ~" ~" ~" - - " o Eo ~ne 1~Isnop OI ~ne ~o o " . . . . thor on1 ...... ~1..... ’~ ~O ~ :[ a~dnts by Protestant missionary so-|~nlondid record as head of the uub-]measures to force s~bmi~sion of prl-I~" g I "Why ]s it that nothing hke these • -"° ........ ~ ......... " ~ ...... I va " " te he alocese. • , ~n Part[bus b~, the Vatican I cieties which, while they do not gum| |[city bureau, made this a singularly, te instruction eomple ly to t [ [ charges of Mr.. Hefhn s may be found th~ - .~ .... :'] ......... vertsto their own/ .... "- ........ ~, ,~, ~,,~,,ao= the state, as though it had a prior right,] | in the speeches or writings of Rufus er n erlnaue.~ tun na selectAun ni , P sonnel oz ~ne ~rencp • • PPY ........ ~ ........ • GE OF ENGLISH • ' • Y, he has now few French ,~ar~| creeds, do weaken the Catholic fmth/~eneral plan, of the volume, and, in anteceding that of the parents, overI JUD ............... ~[M" King, former Umted, States sen- .o t " / . -- • ~-- - • ° ~ ~ I the instruction of their chi]drem" n ~u~ ~t ~r.~, m~oo/.~^~ ~..^~. A~.~. ..... ~. • ...... ~.,~ ~, o t exlcan workers oi a~.x ~zu,.,,,a a.u w~= px=o,u=.,~ • ut his service to the cam- of the ~gnorant M • |addition, six chapters in course I q . ~s neverthelesg~wide since his |preparation .when sickness overcame ' | ................ |of the Umted States? ie { CATHOLIC WINS HIGH Lonaon, uc~ z~ A auage ox ~ne ,, a NGRESS r and Why may the~ not be found ,r~ • ttainments are notable, IEUCHARISTIC CO |him. Since it seemed only fai , '. | _ ?_ "~-. .... | ~ " Preac~ ........ I -~C"RD "i ~ ~ ~AR / • , ~ that certain time be --ermitted LEGAL HONORIHigh Court---me non. ~r ~ranK|the utterances of Yancey, or of John .es in ~usslon, l~OllSn, [ ~ Ix v * "" /rlgau p i .. . .~. , .... ' , Gr DEC 1 ~t to T Morgan, or of Edmund W Pettus, rench~k ~dhBhligs~oarnn?S ompl'ete' hiswork, delayPintpubl'ica-t Detroi], Oct. II.--Ju~ge Richard many other or of Joseph Johnston, of John H. % that ~,~, ~o ~ .... ~ ........ I ~- N C W c. News Service ) |~i~n is thus cxnlained It was only] C. Flannigan of Norway, Mich., has| Red Mass celebrated here last|Bankhead, or o~ Oscar W. Underwood, 'h Russian boots, and with his I Chicago, Nov. 1. The Official[in August of this year that it wasl been appointed to the Supreme Court| Westminster Cathedral on the| or of Braxton Bragg Comer. ' Tolstoian beard, the French]Records of the Twenty:eighth Inter~ldetermined that~a substitute must be]of Michigan by Governor Fred.y.lofcas~on ofthe, openmg of the RoyalI ,qVhy were these charges that Mr. ~or has Euc ~ on ess h ld et to work Th~s was done and the Green Judg~ Flanmgan m a Camo uour~s o~ Justice Heflm now makes agams~ ~ne ~oma~ become a familiar fig-|nationalhar'stic C gr , e ]Is • ". I • "./ ..... " ..... ] . . . th~ Streets of Moscow, wherelhero in June, 1925, will appear in]Roy. C. F. Donovan, managing editorIlic and a Fourth Degree Knights o[| _ 'l.'ne 3u.age ana uae ,arr,s~'s worelCatbohc h~erarchy not laun.cnea a~ rn as Col He has been romment thmr w~gs aria gowns ~arumai s me t~me m his career by the ma~ ore a simple Russian citi-|book form for December circulation. | of the New World, was selected [. umbus. . P " /- ~., , !, ," I 9 .... t aPrelate of ,t~e Church. I This announcement ~s" made by theI editor" of the unfinished records. I m the legal professmn for years. ~ourne presmea at ~ne ~wass. , (Contmuea on page 4.) and ,was featured in Rhode has a capacity of 158 beds. There are ago to Rome to form a liaison agency glorious bloock" New York City, and read by the As- over the week end. 118 beds in private rooms and 40 between the Holy See and the Mexi- Neither are ~he Bishops disposed sistant Rector, the Rev. Father Sold- inKs upon his arrival, and immediate- ly after the first formalities the Holy HICKEY'S /CARDINALTODEDI-I !ANGLO-CATHOLES JAPANESE BISHOP :S WEAKEN, tCATE ST. JOSEPH H0S-/ , FAVOR ULTIMATERECEIVES CORDIAL SEVERAL SUBMITI PITAL, HOT SPRINGS/M,,, REUNION WITH ROME WELCOME IN ROM ' " , o~ad:~eFE:::7:.___HM~::dng neHOst.SP~egp;,sArk.i, llO:t_do~4ar___hT::] (By N. C. W. C. News Service) laws. Albany, Oct. 27. Closer coopera- San Antonio, Texas, Oct. 28.-- Speaks To Own Flock tion with the view of ultimate re- There has been received here a copy These rumors, he dee[ares, eman- union with the Catholic Church was By Civil Authorities. pital erected by the Sisters of Mercy of a Pastoral Letter issued in Rome ate from the "wolf in lamb's cloth- advocated at yesterday's session of is now receiving the finishing touches by the Most Rev. Jose Maria Gonzales I inK," and he vigorously tell,, the the annual Catholic Congress of the C.W. C. News Service) and will be dedicated December 6. Y Valencia, Archbishop of Durango, faithful of his archdiocese that your • ite (Rome Correspondent, N. C. W. C. ., R. I., Oct. 25.--An- His Eminence Cardinal George Mun- Epmcopal Church of the Un d of Bishop William A delein of Chicago, assisted by the Rt. Mexico, which, in ringing tones, ad- fears are without foundation," that State, attended by more than 1,000 News Service.) Rome, Oct. 17.---Msgr. Januarius of Providence, to proceed Roy. John Baptist Morris, Bishop of monishes the suffering Mexican pea- the Episcopate ~ill compromise with- delegates from all parts of this cann- a sentence of excommunication Little Rock, a number of church dig- ple to stand firm for complete vic- out victory. He recalls the pledge of try, Canada, Japan and the Philip- Haysaka, the gifted priest of the O~i- !hose who have cited him be- nitaries from out of the state, and tory for the Church, and denies ab- the Mexica~ Bfshops in their Co|lee- pine Islands. ent who this month is to be conse- c~vil court, sent from the Sac- the priests of the diocese, will par- solutely that any compromise in the tive Pastoral, that they would set With more than twenty Bishops crated by the Holy Father himself as ngregation of the Council, at tic[pate in the dedication ceremonies, struggle is contemplated by the Mexi- themselves to the abrogation of the and hundreds of clergy present in the first native Japanese bishop, has has had its effects in the dio- The building, a modern fireproof, can Hierarchy. anti-religious laws, and asserts that All Saints' Cathedral, the aim of the received what almost amounted to a~ sound-proof, five-story structure of "We would rather die in exile than unless "full victory" is retained as Anglo-Catholics for eventual reunion ovation upon his arrival in Rome for the momentous ceremony in which he authorization was trans~itt:d reinforced concrete, with grey mat- recede one step from the position we the aim of the Church in Mexico, the with the Roman communion, was will be the chief figure. Hickey b!~ His Exce en y! faced brick exterior and Re,|ford have taken," is his defiant assertion, hundreds of martyrs of the persecu= voiced in a sermon written by the Almost a score of institutions and P Pietro Fumasoni-Biondi, stone trimmings and terrazo floors Archbishop Gonzales y Valencia is tion will "rise from their graves to Rev. Father J. G. H. Barry, rector of Delegate to the United throughout, is of Gothic design and one of the three prelates sent months reproach us with the waste of their the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, organizations of tho Church sent rep- resentatives to offer their glad greet- The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas LITTLE ROCK, ARK., NOVEMBER 5, 1927 No. 8.