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November 4, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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November 4, 1911

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i i i Political Announcements FOR COUNTY TREASURER. The Southern Guardian is autbor- ized to announce Hun. Fred Schader of Pulaski county a candidate for county treasurer, subject to the ac- tion of the Democratic primary. 2  2 , , L I part of their Biblical studies and en-[ I gage in original research. [ In Jerusalem there are already a] Biblical school, directed by Father Lagrange of the Friars preachers, a scientific station of the Goerresges- selschaft, and houses of study of the Franciscans, Assumptionists and CATHOLIC STUDY other religious congregations, all in- OF THE BIBLE. tent on promoting a more profound Father Funk, the learned rector of Jnowledge of the scriptures. the Biblican Institute in Rome, has[ The Biblical Institute in Rome will gone to Jerus;tlem to establish there[begin its third year early in Novem- a branch house of the institute, in[ber under the rules laid down by which selected students will conlpletel]'ius X. I, ! A wise man always keeps a little in the bank A Wealth in Training While the plan of putting aside a dollar each week will not of itself make you a man of wealth, it is never- theless true that there is no better training for the young man or woman just forming life habits. If carried on for several years, this plan of banking a part of the earnings becomes an excellent habit, for it means you have mastered your expenses and expendi- tures and are living on less than you earn. We would not urge you to start an account with this bank were we not positive that the advantages of such an accovnt are greatly in your favor. 00N!ON TRUST CO.   s,o ooo oo 201 W. Second St. THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN I I II I I II II Illl FAREWELL WELCOME AT ST. JOHN'S CHURCH.- Continued Irom pile 1 as well as for tile solid upbuilding of St. John's congregation. He is leav- ing us with that honor we pay to a] priest whose humility is equaled only by his profound faith, whose con- tinned charities have been a material benediction to many a needy soul, but whose modest nature makes him hide from tile admiration in the hearts of those who know what he has been doing. "Now, Father Weible's spirituality is altogether of a different kind, be- cause it is, like himself, of a militant cbaracter. I know that lie feels some- times like taking us by the necks and shaking the indifference out of us. I know that if he could do it without being,, arrested for assault and battery lee would lay violent hands on us and shake the spiritual laziness out of us, as a member of my family used to shake the stupidity out of her school boys. "And so, since Fater Tynin has been reared m bather Wetble s schoo , he must have some of his preceptor's vigorous Christianity. And I expect that lie will work in such perfect har- mony wit'h his virile superior that we will get a rousing lap in the near fu- ture which will set us to working like bees in a hive. Father Weible will tell us the kind of Christians tie wants us to be and then Father Tynan will start to make us that kind of Chris- tians, and so our spiritual slumbers, I am very much afraid, will be disturb- ed forever. "With such a combination against Wednesday, and gave me the good news that he would send him to assist Father Weible at St. John's congre- gation. "Now, about the future of our con- gregation. There is always hope and pleasure gotten from looking into a bright and happy and a helpful fu- ture. Here in Hot Springs our con- gregation can be a wonderful agent for good. "Our city is torn with dissensions. Our people seem never to have learn- ed how to live in harmony or to work in unison. We are a city of individ- uals, not a community of citizens. Each one seems to be working for himself alone, careless as to how his fellow man gets along or what effect his own individualization may have on the entire commuity. Certainly some must work for patriotic motives of there is ever anything to be accom-I plished for the general good. Men in office and men in private life seem never to consider how heir personal conduct can affect their community. And yet there is scarcely a single act of an individual which does not iu some way react upon the community, for good or ill. lerhaps the reason for all this in- ternal strife is that men here have never learned right moral ,i)rinciples or have not been trained in the prac- rice of substantial virtue. Even tile religious people seem to have need of instruction. Church people mingle in city government affairs and make them a church matter or a religious matter or a moral matter. Now, if they wouhl use a little common sense they would see that city government is mostly a business matter, and they would not then bring themselves and [] [] Ill us the best thing we can do is to be- their Church into disrepute. Cer- . come the kind of church workers we tainly it cannot help tile cause of re- J|||Il|||||I||ll|H|||II||ml|I|lII|lIlII|IlIl|||IlII|lllll: ought to be. For the inspiration of ligion to arouse the political enmity ",,- - . --. tn r lhe Next lime Y0u ire ----- zealOUSneeds toleaderSarouse itsiS allhighesta congregatiOnendeavors, of peoplesuppos,edWhOSeto save.Suls the Churches l/ash file l00tton-anarcsr , Down Town---Come In - are From what I know of Father Weible "The final solution of good govern- -  1 We want to show you the  and from What I have figured out ment must COllie from the hearts of 'IIL ROYAL REST CHAIR, = about Father Tynan I know that we the officials. If an official has the --= .,m the, "Push Button Kind."  bave two leaders whom we can fol- right kind of mora lprinciples add _--7-    It has the cleverest device = low, not only with much spi/'itual joy, holds to them we will get good gov- =-_ lextqhalt./TL:7'n for regulatin00 the position hut also with much hmnan satisfac- eminent. But if his Church does not .. -- 7t,-',''] of the back. All you have -- tion. get to him before lie I)ccomes a public --- "THE PUSH BUTTON', ,, A, ; t, ,oel.,  button = "Our congregation has a great official it will have little effect upon ' !i" ('') and get twenty different - work to do. It is the mission of St. him after he becomes a public officer. _-7- /. . positions--now "what do John the Baptist congregation to All the laws iu the world will not " ,?V ,i ----" ' you think of that? Besides make Hot Springs the Mecca for ouls make a people law-abiding, nor make --- ,{;l; i it's a handsome chair and coming here to be cured of bodily public officcials do their duty unless im,.L' l" L.- f'f you can choose from a hun- ailments and who are then iu a dis- there is instilled into their hearts a -=  something that just suits sin and loose living ha,; done to their al!ty. _-- "o spiritual constitutions. ]t is here that our beautiful old --'0  "w " -F Prices fromY;x4.oo t 3o "How grand it will be to have in Chuch can make her influence felt On  this beautiful Valley of Vapors a and can help to redeem our city from == Thus, Lonerl00an Furniture Compa y shrine to religion, where the magnifi- the odium of her past reputation. If cent ceremonials of our glorious abe can help to get sound Catholic " 618 Maln St. illlllllllllllllllllllllJllllllllllllllll Illllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IIlllllllllllllll A. F. SCHNEIDER Ladies' and Men's Tailor Alterations and Remodeling A SPECIALTY Cleaning and Pressing Phone 6181 Sox.x-a Main St. Moving and Storage EXPERIENCED PACKERS COMMERCIAL WAREHOUSE & STORAGE COMPANY John A. Johnson, Manager M. T. Welch Advertise in The Southern Guardian 4 ST. JOSEPH'S ACADEMY. 41, 4 Mena, Arkansas. 4 Boarding and Day School for ,O, Girls and Small Boys. ' 4 Terms Very Moderate. 4 ,0, Address I, 41, SISTERS OF MERCY. 4 We Want Your Drug Business PHONE 3x FOR YOUR NEXT ORDER AND SEE HOW QUICK YOU GET IT Hatcher & Caldwell so4 Main Street TAILOR. Fifth and Main Streets. Phone 3179 Masonic Temple. Little Rock. THE FINANCIER. MotherI gave you a nickel yester- day to be good, and today you are just as bad as you can be. WillieYes, ma; I'm trying to show you that you got your money's worth yesterday. .... i , OUR NEW HOME WeWillWelcome ,be Readerl Of TH GUARDIAN in Onr New 0fficet, N. W. Corner Second and La. St,., en and after November 6th, 1911 Banking--4 ]Per Cleat on iktving Aeeonnta. Mortgage Loans on Little Rock Peal Ete. RentMs and Property Mtmtement. Fire InsunceBtrong Clompanies. Citizens' Inves2ment ' and Security Company 200 West Second treet Little Rock, Arlmmma , ij , i i FOR BEST E U P I O N RESULTS USE THE FAMILY SAFETY OIL II II 5 Pennant Gasoline and Polarine for Automobile Waters-Pierce. 01l Company I Church may be carried out in all their sublime beautyl How uplifting and how splendid it will be to have the superb Tenebra during Holy Week, the Solemn High Masses, the Solemn Vespers, the eloquent pulpit orations, the Solemn Funeral Masses and all the impressive rites of our majestic old church to edify us and to exalt i the visiting Catholics who come to our famous cityl If Hot Springs is the best distributing point for medical literature, as one patent medicine man says it is, it ought also to be an excellent distributing point ,for the grace of God. "A week ago last Sunday night I had a two hours' visit with our ven- erable and sweet-uatured Bishop, whose apostolic heart seems ever to be speaking when he talks of the af- fairs of the Church. Among other, things, he put this question to me: 'Why is there so much lukewarmness among Catholics in this country, and why is there so much disrespect for authority?' "I answered that the American peo- ple are keen-minded. They quickly discern the difference between loy- alty to that organization which we call the body of the Church and loy- alty to souls, for whom OUR Savior died. As President Cavanaugh of Notre Dame once said ,'There are. many pastors who are overzealous for the material edification of the Church.' But when a priest shows that he loves souls better than he loves anything else on eatrh you will never iliad any lukewarmness or any disrespect for authority. "Then I told hint of the loyalty which our congregation had for Father Weible. 'They are absolutely devoted to him,' I said, 'because when he speaks his simple words on the al- tar each word seems to'be saturated with the. beautiful old faith which we learned to love in the hallowed days of our youth.' I told the Bishop that when a person is out in the world for six davs in the week he needs to have his faith warmed up on Sunday after the chilling it gets by contact with the cold blasts of religious in- difference. And that when you bad a priest who could warm up your faith there never was any danger that either his mission of his administra- tion would be anything but a success. I asked the Bishop if ever he had known a true priest who could not arouse the devotion of his people. His Lordship answered that while a priest might seem to be for a time a failure, yet he could not call to mind a single case where a really zealous priest had been a failure. And then he told me that he was going to or- dain a young man on the following principles of law and social order put into practice it will remedy most of the evils of misgovernment from which we are now suffering. "Certainly the congregation of St. John's has much to arouse its religious zeal, much to inspire its spiritual en- thusiasm. If the doing of material good to our neighbor becomes a cor- poral work of mercy and is entitled to an everlasting reward, then our peo- ple have a dual motive for pushing forward in this work of God with un- tiring and joyful industry. "If 'peace on earth and good will to men' express the happiest saluta- tion which the delighted angels could think of when our Savior was born we are following the counsel of our fu- ture comrades in. heaven when we work for the cause of brotherly love and community harmony. And if this is to be the keynote of our activity; if this is to be the watchword of our future progress, then I say it is to be esteemed a great honor to be number- ed among the members of this con- gregation." - : BISHOP HUGHES AND PRESIDENT JAMES POLK. In the records of the American Catholic "Historical Society for the current quarter are reproduced pas- sages from the "Diary of President Jantes Polk" relative to Bishop Hughes. The aid of Bishop Hughes was sought by the government at the time of the Mexican war for the pur- pose of disabusing the minds of the Catholic priests and people of Mexico as to the intentions of the United States. That the Omerican govern- ment was hostile to the faith of the Mexicans and had coveted property of Mexico was a belief entertained by the Mexican clergy and the Mexican people, and it was to correct this er- roneous impression that the aid of Bishop Hughes was invoked. There is no mention in Polk's "Diary" of any official emmission given to the Bishop to visit Mexico, although this is alleged in many histories of that time. Polk says that his great objedt in desiring an interview with Bishop llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllll [WOMEN'S SUITS, COATS [ Cos'rUMES,, and DRESSES Owing ta the Tremendous Business Done in this Section =-. this Season, Our Buyer has had to Make his Second =- = trip to the Eastern Markets, as a consequerlce, our assort ments are as full and complete now as they were at the begin- _ ning of the season, and every woman may be satisfied [Women's Suits, *2s.o0l I I [ Elegant quality Suits, tailored in the I [most satisfactory manner, made of] [ fine materials, in the latest, most ap- / [ proved styles, lined with guaranteed] ( i valuos e00er show in Little Rock at ! the price. ] [Suits for Stout Women] !1} [ Showing the most effective materials/ [ in plMn tailored effects, offering a[ [ full complement of extra sizes, at [ 00I/I 1519.75, $25, and $35[ )II Beautiful Coats 1 . Assortment comprises the new IIll] iI[ models in double-faced cloth effects . 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The ligion and Church property would be good people there insi,t that they secure, and that, so far from being violated, both would be protected by our army, and in this way avoid their active hostility in the pending war, President Polk expressc da very high opinion of Bishop Huges, and Mr. Buchanan, who was later Presi- dent, is quoted by Hassard, in his "Life of Bishop Hughes,55 as 'saying: "Independently of his exalted charac- ter as a dignitary of the Church, I he- lieve him to be one of the ablest and most energetic men I have ever known." The record adds the following inter- esting note about the project to send Catholic chaplains with the army: "Although Bishop Hughes did not go to Mexico, the Rev. Anthony Roy and the Roy. John McElroy, Jesuits, were given army appointments which enabled them to act as chaplains. It is worthy of note that by a curious provision of the army regulations at that time chaplains could be appoint- ed in the navy, hut not in the army. Thus, although acting as chaplains, these priests were simply employed under a general law allowing the en- gagement of laborers, etc., to assist the army. Father Roy was killed in action during the war." NEW ORLEANS IS TO CELE- BRATE, Notwithstanding the fact that San Francisco is the official site for the great exposition which is to com- memorate the eo,npletion of the Pan- area canal, New Orleans has an- nounced that she will have a little celebration of her own. It will he remembered that New Orleans was the only real competitor for the ex- position before Congress, and it will also bc recalled that it required some pretty tall hustling to land the plum in the Western metropolis. There were rumors that the transcontinental railways threw their influence in fa- vor of San Francisco, and some of the advocates of the Southern city were not backward in asserting that unfair methods were used to beat the Crescent City out of the prize. How- ever that may be, New Orleans bobs up serenely with the announcement have a vital interest in the canal, and they are going to celebrate accord- ingIy when the canal is donenot, mind you, two years after the happy event. So the city is arranging to have representatives of all the so- called Latin-American countries pres- ent, together with more or less com- plete exhibits of their present re- sources and announcements of their needs. The object is to increase the trade hetween the countries to the south and the United States. particu- larly through the port of New Or- leans. The President has aunounced that tile canal will be ready on July I, z9z3, and the celebration at New Or- leans will take place, as originally planned, dnring the fall of I913. The San Francisco date was fixed on es- timates of the progress of the work last year, but since then Uncle Sam's engineers have been more busy ahoy. eling dirt than writing magazine ar- ticles and posing before the camera. Present estimates show that the work will be done eighteen months before it was expected,, so that New Orleans will have the first celebration, even if it is not so pretentious as the San Francisco affair. It ought to be worth at least two celebrations, and congratulations are due the South- ern city for its hardihood and fe- fusal to be "put out" by its failure to capture the big show. WHEN LAW WAITS, Chief Justice White is quite fond of walking and takes long strolls with Associate Justice Holmes. On one of these occasions when they were in a suburb of Washington they came to where a great ditch had been dug across the way. A plank which had spanned the opening was removed, and a busy foreman on the job said to them: "Gentlemen, you will have to wait about five minutes before you can cross. Our work must be finished be- fore the plank can be replaced/' THhe chief justice smiled, bowed, and, turning to Judge Holmes, oh- served: "I think, Hohnes, th law always waits when justice demands it shall." THE ABELES DECORATING COMPANY 70 Main St. Would, 00ppredgte Your rr.d, Telephone 38B:2 ) ,' ,):5,! .71!!1 II1 ;r !.., !:.: .? L:.?-.,1 '. ,11 ,