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October 30, 1942     Arkansas Catholic
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October 30, 1942

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qU/ V//)e&apos; The BYsentry  ''j ' ":;:!'!i::::::::::::::':   :: ..... i Rubber Admiuistrator "<! ): Q'.. M. Jeffers with anxious O/. o0  days. Thus far, he e < / be a man of the proper = -'77o .. THE OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE DIOCESE OF LITTLE ROCK run a job that is, to say Volume X. f /;/.%.';' O o LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, OCTOBER 30, 1942 a tough one. Jeffers j • ', " NO. 45 Up the hard way, fighting to the top in the railroadThat means'something. H01y Se00Reputed To Be Interested In Shacklin9 Of Prisoners first skirmish with the mem- Congress he was impres- seems to be convinced is the best material that . ............................ ..... -AM0-NG-THE CATHOLic H ROES00 DiEPP-E 7- Maintains in the manufacture of told thecottonbloc: h Mo T P id At wo.00 broo00 Bis op rris 0 res e tie has work to he is determined to do it 36th A-I[ So [ D S ice Neutrality In Way that will get the best: U S ay erv s for the nation as a whole. no time for what may be Little Rock. -- His Excellency, Excellency, Bishop Fletcher, and to private individ-the Most Reverend Bishop, will serving as his Chaplains will be t yf0n'r0vers'" Anotl}er indication of the preside at the All Souls Day rites the Rev. R. E. Maus and the Rev. of Mr. $effers is the for the faithful departed at Cal- Arthur L. Pietrowiak. lie intends to see that all vary Cemetery next Monday, tel- Deacon of the Mass will be the in this country receive lowing a custom which he estab- Rev. N. Charles McGinnis, and Vatican City, Oct. 23. as far as tires are lished 35 years ago. Subdeacon the Rev. Adam Micek. There is an impression that the Up to this time, there A Solemn High Mass of Re- Master of Ceremonies of the Mass Vatican is interesting itself in undoubted class legls- quim, coram episcopo, will be will%e the Rev. Henry J. Chinery, in the awarding of tires, celebrated at the Calvary altar at and Master of Ceremonies at the the controversy currently ex- were arbitrarily 9:30 by the Rev. Lawrence Hoyt, Throne, the Rt. Rev. Msgr. John isting between England and necessary to the war O.S.B. Chaplains to His Excel- J. Healy. Germany regarding the shack- others were disregarded. Ic.ncy, the Bishop, will be the Rt. The sermon will be preached by lroblem is one of national Rev. Msgr. H. H. Wernke, V.F., the Rev. James Nugent. ling of prisoners of war. on. Because persons and the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Francis Minor offices of the Mass will While no comment is to be a war plant does not make A. Allen. Present also will be His be filled by the students of St. had on this report at the Vati- a privileged class, although John's Seminary, and the Semi- with which these folks nary choir, under the direction of can, it should be borne in mind tires seemed to indi-Brazilians the Rev. James J. Allen, will fur- that the question involved in A great many persons ish the music, the controversy has to do with working at their regular Catholics of Greater Little Rock the sufferings of war prisoners, are just as important, Mourn Death again take this opportunity and that thishasalwaysbeena so. The work of the to offer prayers for relatives and deep preoccupation of the Holy go on. Business must friends departed from this earth. educational work must Since November is the month dedi- See. not to mention many Cardinal cated by Holy Mother Church to Catholics throughout the The man power the Holy Souls, it is fitting that world will appreciate that acti- country, as a whole, has the month should be inaugurated' to insure the success by this beautiful practice, vities of the Holy See in these now in progress. Each Rio de Janeiro. (E) -- While Following the Mass, His Excel- grave times have an effectiveness is an important cog Brazilians, from Presid'ent Vargas lency will bless the graves, which is far more vast than is ap- ntlonal machinery. The parent from external manifests- grants equal rights to the workers on the plantations, Catholics are reminded of the It is the intention of Mr. mourned, His Eminence Sebastiao indulgences which may be gained tions. during November for the suffer- This fact is thrown into strik- to see that these rights Cardinal leme da Silveira Cintra, ing souls in Purgatory. These in- ing relief by the announcement at in so far as the use Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, was dulgences are explained elsewhere is concerned. He has the Vatican that the news review that he means business by buried at the Shrine of Perpetual on this page. at the hoarders. If he Adoration that he loved so much. :. : v Essesia will be the official organ of information of the Office of the as he has begun there Large crowds lined the streets as Papal Secretaries of State. It will that he will do a great the hour-long funeral procession, Indulgences To Be contain pictures and photographs should have the cooper- which included His Excellency the illustrating the charitable mission good citizen. Most Rev. Benedetto Aloisi Ms- G d D sells, Papal Nunico; 19 Bishops, sine uring These three Catholic men brought glory to their regiment, Lea Fusiliers Merit Royal, during the of the Holy See. However, it Inconsistency of certain re- high government officials and Allied raid on Dleppe, France. TheF were photographed on their return to Montreal. Left to right:* should be noted that it is impos- M hofH lvfS ls Regimental Sergeant Major Rosario Levesque, who won the Distinguished Conduct Medal; Lieutenant sible to evaluate the full extent groups is well exemplified members of the armed' services, O 0 0U of Vatican accomplishments. This content of two bills which moved to the place of interment, Colonel Dollard Menard, 29-year-old commanding oflder, who v.,cn the Distinguished Service Orde÷, sponsoring on the coming which the Eminence himself had With the approach of Nov- and Major Joseph Armed tbourin, Catholic chaplain, cited in despatches 0 bravery. Canadian is especially true in these times, .- - ............  since the last war showed force- day. In one state there is selected, ember, the month of the Holy Army photo. _(N.C.W.C.) fully that the success of many of of birth control, in Previously the President had '.Souls, all the faithful are re- the Vatican*s initiatives is more or it is prohibition. Both visited the Cardinal's residence, minded of the special indul- ``==---::--`==::-`:--========:====================== less in reverse proportion to the Acts are couched in and thousands had filed past the genees to be gained durlng this Christians Hc Blue Prin00t Of publtclty they receive. are well chosen to con- bier as the body lay in state. Mes- holy season, fee real intent of their pro- sages have poured in from all 1. Toties-Quoties Indulgence Vatican Ever Alert The birth control mess- Brazil and the press has been fill- this indulgence can be gained of giving physicians ed with praise, attesting to the :on this day. During this time Better :"'od -00vv00a oy"a-s L ywom "a- - --- S.y. Swiss Paper to advise patients, who great love the population held for a plenary indulgence applied O  (By N.C.W.C. News Service) on ways nd means thefr spiritual leader. :to the Holy Souls In Purgatory ...... / Zurich, Oct 20.While to some ooneepti0u as a heaRh :can be gained as often as you persons, the H01y See refrains Most people are faro" (By N.C.W.C. News Service) :visit a Church or an Oratory New York. (E)Christians pea- "The natural law, justice, is the eyes of men. And today they pea- from boldly "speaking out its what has happened in Vatican City, Oct. 21.--.His Holt- :and pray for the intention of Where such a law already ness Pope Plus XII sent his con- :the Holy Father. The usual seas the blue print of a better only print for peace," Miss Ward ess the only long term solution for mind" on many grave problems It has men, at the establish- dolences to the people of Brazil conditions of Confession and world, declared Miss Barbara said. "Peace comes only to a soc- :his crazed or darkened world, confronting men and nations, the - Vatican is always alert, moving clinics, where contraeep- immediately after being notified Holy Communion must be ful- Ward, Honorary Secretary of the ieiy which is really just." Out of the babel of conflicting war with that "discretion, caution, and is given to all who seek of Cardinal Leme's death by Presi- filled and for each visit it is Sword of the Spirit organization "It $ollows that Christians plans or peace plans, their voice exceptional combination of tact well organized see- ,den t Vargas, who expressed his 'necessary and sufficient to say in England, in the course of an everywhere are loaded with a ter- must be rised proclaiming the and consideration which it has al- people to seek See BRAZILIANS on page 5 ',"Six Our Fathers, Six Hail address broadcast Tuesday from rifying responsibility," she declar-solution of justice, the solution ways used in handling questions ThUSof religiousWe haVelead.the :: ', Mary's, and Six Glory Be to this city over the NBC Red Net- ed. "They are the guardians of ;that is rooted in the very nature of relating to Church and State and , ,. , ., ,the Father". Make as many work. The program was produced the natural law. They are eharg- with detors to break  .... •1 _ _ J [- _ .. I  visits as possible, by the National Council of Catholic ed with the task of keeping God's nmn and society, since it is the the extraordinary problems that have confronted it in every period • will of the Creator who made man ef its life." God'Sand thelaWSmoralat law.°nce'Thisthe .lri. P00fl,. rrl 2. A plenary indulgence op- hlen. will for man or society, before the --and i " This is the forceful observation ;,,ww , ,v= "X; t'c bl;tga°'lYi:ehingy:doSUv°lvis: Fr. Feeney, soe ety. n unh°ly alliance" In L00rd [nat[0n Ut 1! hal :,i!yi !inrgd ih: r "Christians are n°t preaching a which has been made in Neue thee same churchmen Poet on Radio new and alien doctrine of social to initiate an Act to justice," Miss Ward continued. Zureher Nachrichten, here, and fer what they are pleased cmeter: "better local option laws." p'. y'ng t ae Holy "They are pleading £or the ful- which has appeared in the Busier 'A' ' lAD I Souls in Purgatory. r tDoe'l Radio filhnent of the full promise of papers.V°lksblatt' and other Swiss news- law in this regard is democracy--for the abolition of "The Vatican is not working to It allows thirty-five WI  W[' 3. A partial indulgence of destitution, or unemployment, of further any Axis Policy; and it is of the voters in any pre-   1 I I11    1 seven year, s, applicable only : poverty in the midst of luxury and not working to further any policy to callforloeal to thePoorSouls, ean be gained 3p K00--ea'-er lenty, the abolition of soeial and election concerning liquor Little Rock.-- Prayers, hand- on any day of the year on racial discrimination, the aboli- of the Axis' enemies," the article points out. -one per cent for an elee- power and a better intrepretation which you visit the cemetery lion of factors, economic and soc- "Those who are acquainted with beer. The prohibition- of the work of the National Catho- and pray for the dead. Re- ial, which weaken family life, the to change this law to lic Community Service are the member the prescribed con- Washington. (E)  The Rev. end of passive citizenship which the convictions and doings of the per cent of the vote primary needs of this group dition of Confession and Holy Leonard Feeney, S.J., noted priest- is indifferent to evil and injustice Pope and his collaborators know for an election in either agency, Miss Mary E Heater, Na- Communion. Pray for the dead. the warped minds of tional Program Consulter for the . poet, will begin a series of five within the nation, and of an isola- what efforts they make to main- tientsin which is indifferent to tain absolute impartiality," the this may seem fair, NCCS, told NCCW officers and addresses over the nationwide L l C il e,i and injustice in the world at paper states. "The Holy See up- average normal citizen chairman who attended an execu- era ounc "Catholic Hour" on Sunday, No- large. A big program? Yes, of preaches each belligerent with the but the product of ative board meeting at the home sincere will to judge things ob- mind. It is to be hoped of Mrs. John Pruniski, 143 Crest- K f C 1 iti vember 1, "We are The Children course. How can we build peace jeetively and justly. A just judg- lawlessness of the prohl- view Drive, Tuesday. , o . n ates of God," it was announced by on anything less than a big pro- ment: but with the right reserved is still fresh enough in The meeting was a one o'clock b headquarters of t h e National gram, on anything less than a re- to call injustice and violence by of the sane citizens so pot luck luncheon served in the New Mere era Council of Catholic Men, producer newal of men's hearts and a re- will not allow these Hallowe'en motif, creation of the face of the earth?" totheirthePr°perworld, nameS,certainlyif innbtthePUbliClYcoun- to have their way. Miss Heater's intrepretation of I Little Rock--Eight new Knights of the program. Miss Ward was introduced by sels and communications which that these folks the program of the NCCS, member were initiated at the first degree I At present instructor in English Wilbert J. O'Neil, President of the matters of this kind agency of the use, and established initiation of the Knights of Col- lat Weston College, Weston, Mass., National Council of Catholic Men. pass from the Holy See to the in- bulk of best citizens by the U.S. Bishops to afd in the umbus staged by the Little Rock ,Father Feeney is widely know Speaking of the path to victory dividual governments." "Communism is one danger, but fighting to protect this war effort, was emphasized by the Council, 812, at the K. of C. Home for his literary and speaking and peace, Mr. O'Neal said there it is only one, especially in Eu- If this question needs declaration of Mrs. Pruniski, State at the last regular meeting, acHvities. Born in Lynn. Mass., m has developed in England, "a re- again, it would be president of Catholic women, that Those initiated were: the Rev. 1897, he joined the Society of vival of the spirit of Christian rope; and no one knows that bet- return of our boys NCCS work is the most important Cyril Lunge, O.S.B., Benjamin M. Jesus in 1914 and' was ordained in unity and the enthusiastic accept- ter and appreciates it more than the service. In the endeavor of Catholic women's or- Segalla, Bigelow; Harry P. Cia, 1928. He is a former President ance of a great leader, Cardinal Plus XII," the article adds. these religious zealots ganizations at present. Mrs. Pru- 138 Riverside Ave.; Gerald F. and currently Vice-President of Hinsley, in the spreading of that Impressions Given Readers themselves with teach- niski stressed that while Arkansas Timmins, 108 East 24th St.; Sam- the Catholic Poetry Society of Rev. Leonard Feeney, . J., of spirit." ::e theThebeliefSWiSSthatPUblicati°nthe reserveeXpresSeSwith of the doctrines which Catholic women are engaged in uel D. Corder, 1106 Park Ave., America, and a member of the Weston College, Mass., who will Congregation to Consider which the Vatican acts results in the publication of stories which notably the sanetltyl volunteer war work far beyond Franklin J. Dailey, 1823 West 2nd Gallery of Living Catholic Au- speak on the nation-wide "Cath- Martyrdom of Roman Girl "inevitably give the casual reader their population percentage, yet St.; Salvador W. Piazza, 2121 West thors. For some years he was an Gilt Hour" broadcast over the i they work independently, without 14th St.; and Dominic F. Spicer, associate editor of America, week- 'NBe red network, on the five Sun- Vatican City. 0C}The martyr- the impression that Vatican aeti- dora of Maria Goretti, a saintly vity is taken up entirely with coordinating under Catholic au- 5107 "C" St. ly review published by the Jesuit data of November. Father Feeny, young girlwho suffered death near superficial and trivial interests," strange fat that Amerl- !spices. The advantages of coor- Officers who had charge of this Fathers. are usually sensitive to!dinate d activity are manifold, she initiation gave an excellent ver- Among his published works vice-president of the Catholic Rome in 1902 in defense of her adding that "it is unnecessary to of criticism, should M- said. siGn of the lessons taught and the are: "Fish on Friday"; "An Amer- Poetry Society of America, will purity, will be taken up first, when remark that this is by no means to be so misrep- The Very Rev. Msgr. James E. candidates received a fine insight ican Woman"; "Elizabeth Seton"; peak on the subject, "We are the the Sacredongregation of Rites the case." ui ,,. (:Hdren of God." The program resumes its consideration on Sep- foreign countries, as O,Connell, Diocesan Director of into the noble ideals of Knight= "You'd Better Come Q etly , It alo gives rise to conjecture those who edit our Women, was given a financial gift hood. "The Ark and the Alphabet," and is produced by the National Coun. tember 27 of causes for beautifies- among news writers, the paper and produce our mov- See WOMEN on pg¢ 8 See KNIGHTS on page 8 "Survival Till Seventeen." IIIl ¢4 Catholic Men. (N.C.W.C.) tion and canonization, says, so that one finds the ano- Very few of the . realize Just how malous situation of writers declar- " w00°°'00eAustralian League Of Decency To Combat War Immoralityl for De- source of their information, and started to function, the papers printing the material offlelMs of the society under the title of "Vatican news." missionaries in pagan The article inquires if some of the Ought information as Brisbane, Australia. (E)  To the community. Secular papers try. In spite of a cut in produc- fectively moral ills by legislative ded, "is the education of the young reports are printed with the de- priests could do to meet the dangers confronting the have commented favorably on it, tion of alcoholic liquors of almost action, he said: in habits of temperance and total liberate intention of creating a particular impression. It cites one The misslongries morals of youth in war-time, the and leaders of other denomina- 25 per cent, drunkenness and its "Many well intentioned people abstinence, and that education unsubstantiated report which it on the subject. Most Rev. James Duhig, Arch- tions have offered to cooperate, attendant evils, immortality and believe tha.t if they can induce the received it, they wrote bishop of Brisbane, has establish- A central committee has been venereal disease, are spreading in Government to pass a law prohi- they should receive by teaching an says can only leave the impression such problem ex- ed a League of Decency in his formed, and the League is to be the cities and larger garrison biting the sale of liquor they will example, first in their own homes, that the Vatican is working to fur- lewd literature archdiocese, established immediately on a towns to such an extent that State stem the rising tide of indulgence and then from Church and school." ther Axis polic.. was not allowed to The scope of the New League's parochial basis. Pledge cards and and Federal Governments have in strong drink now so appltrent Declaring that social reformers -- China. At another work will embrace anything thai a covering letter from the Arch- decided on drastic restrictive legis- among  seetimt of our youth, and, mostly "attack the effect instead Work on Plus X[ Monmnent came from India endangers the morals of youth, bishop have been distributed in lation. Women are no longer al- most. regretfully,, among, young of the cause," the Archbishop said Soon To Be S Gandhi was very The cinenm, the stae, literature, every parish, and parish priests lowed to be served in bars, the girls. While to remove tempts- the cause of most "trouble with Vatican City. 0DWork on the Infornmtion was the liquor question, home life, and are to select four representatives sale of bottled liquor after 6 p.m. tlon ad the occasion of evil-doing young people is unsatisfactory monument of Pope Plus XI is ex- this. A mis- the problem of young people fre- from the laity in every parish to is illegal, and there are heavy pen- is aiw4ys commendable, I feel that home environment." "Home life peeted to begin soon. The menu- replied that all that quenting the streets at night in the go on the central body. aries for serving girls under 21 in thematter of strong drink there h a s deteriorated," he added, ment will have a place in the •bout Christianity large garrison towns lmve been * * * with strong drink. The advocates are so many meane of access to in- "Many parents have no adequate Chapel of St. Sebastian opposite learned from the mentioned by the Archbishop as In a nation-wide radio broad- of Prohibition have not lost any dulgenee in it, besides the way of idea of the moral training of their the monument of Pope Benedict and nmgaslnes, problems that will be dealt with cast from St. Stephen's Cathedral opportunity to push their cause, the bar and the hotel lounge, that children. Indeed, it often gets XV. The late Pontiff's body will i supposed to be by. the League. here, Archbishop Duhig spoke on and Archbishop Duhig referred we $re not goitg to succeed by an entirely secondary place, and remain in the grotto of St. Peter's he thought tlmt The Archbishop's project has the liquor question, which is caus- to this campaign in his address, penalizing the vendor, the reason is that the moral train- Bastiliea near the tomb of Pope on Page 8 met with the general support of ing concern, throughout the coun- Scouting the efforts to cure el- "What is really needed," he ad- Se AUSTRALIAN on page 8 Pius X.