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October 30, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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October 30, 1920

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it:: "li# -. ?, j ...... ...,% ............. .&lt;-0,,. :..:,+. Home Lamp Lighted and Girls: be delighted when picture which will your page and that ost happily surprised. gloup has a beau- for a background. Whom next ? of your friend, Mr. something especially this time? Yes, and , all that he says is true all my boys and girls avoid much of the dust and how to remove soil their souls even eve by following the they may be all wayside pitfalls, gilded, for their guard- ever ready to safely all dangers if they Queen of the Rosary to intercede for all C. do they not call Wear her colors on[ letter reaches you been ushered in and dedicated to the before, and I trust to '-dead! Ask God for their that all their pains .s ighty and reigns Lord and His name is Oh, Father, now SOUls 'we pray and inter- them to find the peace .they rest.,, : CONCHESSA. krk., Sept. 28, 1920. thank you for the is very pretty and to get it. menlber, : Anne Sharum. Ark., Oct. 11, 1920. the picture of our taken but this Heart of teacher's name is and I like her I0astor,s name is Rev. I am anxious to Print. I remain, irene Ermann. Oct. 13, 1920. for the C. F. C. le. I surely was old and I am in I go to school at in Fort Smith, i my home. by the Sisters sins committed after Baptism? Because Jesus Christ granted that power to the priests of His Church when He said: "Receive ye the Holy Ghost. 'Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them; whose sins you shall retain, they are retained." Retain Means? Not to forgive some sins for cer- tain reasons. Who can forgive sins? Only God can forgive sins, and those to whom He has given the power. Some say: Jesus Christ forgives our sins, and not the priest? Jesus Chris forgives our sins, providing we confess them to the priest, if we have a chance to do so. If the Presi- dent grants pardon to a man con- demned to death and empowers an- other to execute this pardon, the con- demned man will be pardoned only when this man exercises his power of pardoning. Christ gave to His apostles a two- fold power: the power to forgive sins, when He said: "Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them," and the power to excommuni- cate, when he said: "Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven; and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth, shall be loosed in heaven." FROM THE BIBLE. John XX, 22-23. Matthew XVIiI, 18. When lie had said this, he breathed on them; and he said to them: Re- ceive ye the Holy Ghost. Whose ins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them; and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained. Amen I saw to you, whatsoever you shall bind upon earth shall be bound also in heaven; and whatsoever you shall loose upon earth, shall be loosed also in heaven. BIBLE STORY. The Golden Calf. While Moses was living on the mountain the people began to com- plain, and, going to Aaron, asked lfim to make ttmm gods like those of the Egyptians. Thinldng to quiet them, he told them to bring him the golden ear-ring of their wives and daugh- ters. To his great surprise they did; so, being afraid to put them off any longer, Aaron made a golden calf of the ear-rings, and gave it to the peo- ple to worship.. When Moses came down from the mountain and found the people ador- ing this idol--dancing about it and eating and drinking like pagans--he was so angry that'he threv down the stone tables on which the Comanmd- ments were written, and they were broken in their fall. Taking the Gold- en Calf lle cast it into the fire, and ordered all who continued in idolatry to be put to death. Moses then re- turned once more to the mountain, and begged God to pardon his peo- ple. The Lord heard this prayer, and Moses having nmde two stone tables like-the first God wrote the Ten Commandments on them. When Moses came down from the mountain tbis time, his face shone so brightly Conception that lie was obliged to wehr a veil, is Rev. I'. H. him. for the people dared not look upon is getting a little long Y' " I Alice Slmrum. Oct. i1, 1920. few liues thank- C. pin. rt was about your had a fine time. old and in the are arithme- history, geo- Our pastor's We like Will soon leave see him go. Our on fire Wednes- not burn down so we can taking music name is Miss We,have a six think it will Will be all for Anstey. of Sins. in the FOR TINY TOTS. The Church. Are you a Catholic? Yes; I am a Catholic. Is the Catholic Church the true Ch urch ? Yes; the Catholic Church is the true Church. Is there any other trlle Church. No; thel'e is no other true Church. Is it wrong for a Catholic to go to a Protestant Sunday School? Yes; it is wrong for a Catholic to fro to a Protestant Sunday School. WKo founded the Catholic Church? Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church. WHAT KATHLEEN KNOWS ABOUT CONFESSION. She knows that in preparing for confession she should pray to the Holy Ghost to give her light to know her sins and to understand how guilty she is, for .grace to detest them; for courage to confess them and for strength to keep her reso- lutions. " She knows that contrition means real sorrow for having sinned and a firm purpose to sin no more. She knows that her sins will not be forgiven unless she confesses them and is truly sorry for them. She .knows thiit she must correct ! her evil habits and shun all occasions of sin by keeping away from all per- sons and places where she has been TItE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, O(T()lll,]lt 30, 19(). of sins gave His forgive all the priest from the tempted to sin. She knows that her confession should be humble, sincere, and en- tire-that she should omit no sin. She knows that if she conceals-- wilfully hides--one sin, that her con- fession is sacriligious. She knows that a sacriligious con- fession is a bad confession and that she must then make a general con- fession beginning with the first bad confession. She knows that she should examine her conscience every night and make a sincere act of contrition. She knows that she might be ban- ished from God's presence forever and cast into hell for all eternity for one unrepented, deadly sin. She knows that she cannot gain heaven unless she is pure in thought, word, and deed, and that she nest ex- amine herself carefully about her thoughts, words, and acts. She knows that she can only ob- tain forgiveness by sincere contrition, resisting temptation and praying fer- vently, so she says every morning: "The star of morn to night succeeds I therefore meekly pray, May God, in all my words and deeds Keep me from harm this day." She knows that in order to kee her promise made in her act of con- trition she must, as soon as sh( awakens, make the sign of the cross and say some short prayer, arise will- ingly, dress modestly, and then kneel down and say her morning prayers devoutly. She knows that she should help her mother willingly, say grace be- fore and after meals, read only good books, call upon her guardian aogel when tempted to sin, obey her par- ents willingly, and set only good example before her brothers and sis- ters, schoohnates and friends. She knows that on entering the confessional she should kneel, make the sign of the cross and say, "Bless me Father," I confess to Almighty God and to you, father ,that I have sinned. That she should then tell him the time of her last confession and whether she said the penance. That she should then humbly, and honestly confess any mortal sin of which she might be guilty and any venial sins which seem hard to overcome. She knows that she must keep away from anyone who might cause her to sin, and that she must neither say nor listen to any word, or speech, or conversation that she should blush to have her parents or her pastor hear. She knows that if she has com- mitted sin she must go to confession at her first opportunity lest she might die with her sin unconfessed. DEAR LADDIE, Laddie, the path before you is set with a thousand snares, And there's trouble and toil and a host of cares I CALLS ON WOMEN TO VOTE I TLelrt CItURCH VALUES HER WORK[ / (Continued from Page 1.) I Pope Listened to Woman's Counsel. I Moreover, the Supreme Pontiff him- I self, at many critical moments, gladly: consented to listen to woman's voice in the person of saints and holy vir- gins who, divinely inspired, dared give ]him counsels that influenced the su- ]preme direction of the Church. A great instance of this was seen when Gregory XI, obeying St. Catherine of Siena, carried back to Rome from l Avignon the seat of the Roman Pon- tificate. Our days also appreciate how much woman can do for civilization and re- ligion, and how highly the Church values her work. Observe the num- berless feminine congregations multi- plying everywhere, and devoted to the  education of youth, catechetical in- struction, to the assistance of the sick and the old, and the care of the poor, the evangelizing of the Heathen and the thousand other fields that lie open to the Apostolate of Charity. Women in Civil Life. Not only in the religious life does woman's work manifest itself, but i also in civic life woman's work can and does pour out for the Church the !riches of- her intelligence and her feel- ing. I For several years past in Italy we have experienced her efficiency in the work of that great institution, the Unione Femminile Cartel;ca. This has always been in the first line when bat- tles have been fought for Christian civilization in this country. Catholic women are now leading the campaign against divorce. Catholic girls, two years ago in Milan, when revolution- ary demonstrations were made against religion, remained within our temples ready to defend the altars, whilst the men outside protected the entrances to the churches. Women Need Not Fear New Duty. If exigencies of new times call women to exercise their rights as voters the Church must encourage them to accomplish this task with honesty and perfect diligence accord- ing to the dictates of Christian con- science. It is possible to consider this innovation as a greater or lesser op- portunity for service, but after its adoption it is impossible to neglect the new instrument which contemporary custom offers to woman. This opinion is shared by many illustrious Princes of the Church, such as Cardinals Gib- bons and Mercier. Home Duties. Christian mothers need not fear to put aside some hours of home duties to accomplish their civic duties. Young women need not fear that in accomplishing their civic duty in this respect they need lose their Christian reserve and modesty. For when the l i use of the vote is intended to bringl into public life the beneficial influence That will burden and worry you .... down" of Christian principles, which wm ' gual antee the integrity of the family, There are hills to climb, there are .... " bridges to cross assist education, and influence all pub- knd there's many tt st-dig and there's jlicl  institutions to respect Christian many a loss Iaith and liberty, the effects doubt- In the march for life's victory crown. ss will be salutary and be blessed by. kiOfl, ' Theze are forests of )nl, ,,, t_n; I Example of Australia and Bavaria. the heart of you to tear [ i ememDer years ago, when Apos- man " ' tolie Delegate to Australia, where Any y a pit full of gilded ensnart I ' xoman s vote was long a o mtro Just awaiting to have you step in; ' " ' g - There are evil sights that will hurt and dismay, That will flaunt their wares just to send you astray Then blind you and bind you with sin. Oh, Laddie, Life's path's not a rose way but on it you must tread, And the dust from its turmoil on your head Shall u:eigh you clown like a stone; But Laddie the end will bring to your view A glimps into Heaven if you have been true And (lone the best you have truly known. John G. Winter. AMERICA'S WONDERS. A Game. America has her twelve wonders as well as the countries of greater an- tiquity. How many Americans can give these as readily as they can name the remarkable things to be seen in Europe? The next number on the program goes to decide this ques- tlon. Each side is asked to name the used as reference. For, while no list can be incontestably correct, a stand- ard in playing the game will be neces- sary. Among the "wonders" the fol- lowing would probably be reckoned most notable: Niagara Falls, Mare- !moth Cave, Yosemite Valley, Lake duced, I saw with satisfaction that when the citizens called public meet- ings together Catholic women, and I even nuns, went forth freely to use I their rightful liberty and were re- I ceived with respect from all. [ Recently when elections were held in I Bawwia and other states in Germany the Bishops asked the Holy See for permission for cloistered nuns to leave i their monasteries to vote, and the Holy See granted this permission without diflicurty. The test to which Catholic women in tiie United States have been called is not a novelty and my hearty wish is that they will be able so to meet the test as to deserve well of their coun- try and their Faith. DEVIL'S WORK. To attack other men's faults is to do the devil's work; to do God's work is to attack our own.--Faber. A genius is a man who doesn't know whether he is eating boiled cab- bage or stewed fudge. C]I U FC]I of the South TEXAS. Denison. On the lots donated by Col. J. B. McDougall, the local Council of the Knights of Columbus will build a Council home. A building association has been incorporated. The State Treasurer explained the association as used in most Councils. San Antonio. Rev. Louis Chaland, ordained in Galveston in 1866 ,and serving for some years immediately after ordina- tion at St. Mary's Church, San Anto- nio,, died last June in France. In 1882 he returned to France, on account of ill health. There he talght in a theo- logical seminary, and was later ap- pointed pastor. He was active up to the day preceding his death, which was caused by the bursting of a tumor. LOUISIANA. New Orleans. In the recent examination for State teachers' certificates, 150 nuns passed the examination. Not a one of their number failed, but rather, as a bohy, making a record. No average was below the nineties. Another hundred Sisters received Stae certificates on tleir college degrees. This is a se- quel to the work of the Sisters at the summer school of Loyola University. Sister Vincent, for sixty years a Sister of Charity, died last month. She was a Sister of the Congregation of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent De Paul. The Sisters of St. Joseph lost one of their pioneer Sisters in the death of Sister Louise; last month. Her favorite work of charity was to visit and comfort the occupants of the State penitentiary. G. F. X. S. "SOME" BOY I Is not twenty-seven dollars a for- tune to a twelve-year-older? We think it is! Just think of having a check for that amount handed you on your birthday. Imagine planning tb buy about all the goodies in the world with it and then imagine--signing the check in a big manly way and sending it off to a missionary! Not every one could rise to such heights, let alone a boy, but a little chap in Keewatin, a district pretty well up near the North Pole, . decided to help Bishop Charlebois rebuild a school house rather than keep his wealth him.<:elf. The school house was at Ile a la Crosse and had been burned to the ground, which was a] great disaster for the poor mission. The Bishop made an appeal for help, and not in vain as we see. I The good missionary who wrote Us of this little incident adds: "To de- prive oneself voluntarily of the means -of great enjoyment which one holds I already in one's hand, aud which one's imagination paints in golden colors-- ah, that is real heroism, and the per- son capable of the act, a hero!" Wbich means in plain United States that lie is "some" boy! One little hint is often worth more than a ton of advice. JUST PUBLISHED LADY TRENT'S ! DAUGHTER A NEW NOVEL t By Isabel C. Clarke THE FOREMOST CATHOLIC NOVELIST The tory of the young widowed Lad' {Trent and her daughter Olave.-,! The mother !is engaged to Guy Quinn. The daughte land Quinn meet accidentally and fall in love, neither knowing who the other is How the tangled plot is finally unravelled and how "they lived happily ever after" makes a great story. .t ,,Lovers of English prosy, taadert with a tearchb< tense for beatlty o'pattvrn in the construction of n Btor} will find pi'ound btmuty in Mill Clarke's tale " , Y, Sun. 8VO. $2.15 THE BOOKERY 309 W. SECOND ST. LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS twelve most wonderful things of ........................................... _: ...... .., I ................. ' North America, and to the side sho.w- @q,I,,',P,,'**I-I*4,b4*4-,I*,@@@@ ing best judgment the cveted "pint" [ ! S dy C t is awarded, chmand-Porbeck Can o. It Would be well for the hostess to i (INCORPORATED) I , Wholesale Candies Baker and Soda Fountain Supplies, prepare in advance a' list of the [ - Cigars, Cigaretts, etc. twelve most.wonderful things, to be i :: LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS I :Superior, Brooklyn Bridge, Fairmont i Park (Philadelphia), Capitol*at Wat,'n- ington, Luray Cave, Natural Bridge ioover Cedar Creek (Virginia), Wash- ington Monument, Central Park, and the Missouri River. i, TY DR UG CO. I i ! PAGE SEVEN THE NEXT VICE PRESIDENT of the United States, whichever way the vote goes, will also' be one of OUR POLICY HOLDERS. The Honorabl Franklin D. Roosevelt insured with, us in 1909 and the Hon- orable Calvin Coolidge insured with us in 1901, again in 1904, and again in 1909. OUR NEXT PRESIDENT will also be insured inthe New York Life. The Honorable James M. Cox and the Honorable Warren G. Harding both are policy holders. The New York Life is strong for all four. M. A. BILTZ, Special Representative, Professional Service. NEW YORK LIFE INS. CO. 801-7 Southern Trust Bldg., Phone Main 356. Little Rock, Ark. The Finest Catholic Prayer-Bod MyPrayer-BooK HAPPINESS IN GOODNESS By Rev. F. X. LASANCE Happiness ! That is the key- note of Father Lasancc's theme. Hc teaches by pre- cept, poetry, and prayer how to sceurc the halpiness which all men see, but which mistaken search leads , so few to find. Immitation leather, red edges. . $1.90 [mmitation leather, gold edges.. 2.25 Amer. Seal, limp, gold edges.. 3.25 THE BOOKERY 309 West Second Street LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Any Alumnae Association wishing ,o purchase rosary beads r any other religious articles to be sent to the sol- diers can obtain them at reasonal01e rates at The Bookery, 307 W. 2nd St. We have nice selections and orders ill be promptly filled. FOR GOOD LIFE INSURANCE See J. J, RALEY, Local Representative Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. 1001-7 Boyle Bldg. Main 2981 tIOLLIfAT00E# G JIUSlc CO. Stablish .h de , ,ed 185 ' r%no" ._ st the l. 3 '' as. ",e nd "oOdatb:,:: 41 Mai - " " It OcR, 1"1t( Made by ROSE CITY BAKERY 'The Most Sanitary Bakery' Joe Jong Proprietor. OFFICE DESKs,SUPPLI[S' TYPEWRITERS. PRINTING. Our printing plant is very complete automatic feeding presses doing fi,,- est of work. Send for illustrated price list Typewriters. PARKIN PRINTING & STATIONERY COMPANY H. T. McKINLEY JEWELER Watches, Jewelry, Musical Goods, Watch and Jewelry Repairing. 706 Main St. Little Rock, Ark. HELLO CENTRAL! Give lie 1928 or 1971 YOUNG'S DRUG .8TOI,I00 . "Pie Store of' Qill!t/ , Nintk Ind,Rielor,, -,- , Little Rok,,Axkanau ..... OUR MOTTO: "THE GUARDIAN IN EVERY HOMEI"