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October 30, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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October 30, 1920

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!(i A. i::  -. ii00i !i.( ) )) i!:):j' 5 Published Weekly by THE CATHOLIC pUBLICATION SOCIETY of the Diocese of Little Rock 309 WEST SECOND STREET Entered as second-class matter March 21. 1911. atthe postofflc at Uttle Rock, Ark., under the Act of Congress of March 3. 1879. PAGE FOUR " THE GUARDIAN, SATUI{I)AY, ()CTOIH,HI q0, 192(). __ .__ }}lira[us for "the nlakings." Now, if the dcan will visit, and a voice within us gaining strength front a of Adam did not attract tile sacerdotal put his I)ook on tile general countcr, under tile title, '"The Perpetuity of Moonshining," it will be quMdy the "one best seller" for cellar entbrtalnlncnt. As* a high school text-horny, it will enable sonic of the future students to keep pace with stone of' the "classy students" lmw found in too ninny of our high schools. long ('atholic tradition--all these things become ad- vocatc. hi behalf of the pots" souls. '.[']lerc is allOther cry, howcvel' th'tt has not as mat, v vchicDs of transnlission, a cry for which we !would fain roll)lay a mcgal)honc in these columns. This is not tile first time that we appeal to our read- ors in bchalf of the hunger-stricken population of deserved. That docs not demand, ho churchnlen nnlst rush to tile other extreme the soul because tim body nlonopolizcs It was on tile question of church uni churchnlcn voiced loudest scntinlcnt. It ful to note how much real Catholic knew and how close they kept ill touch wit SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, $2.00 THE YEAR ()-1) ............. Change of Addr| The Detroit Jewish (:h4"o,icle advising its (,cntral l:mropc. But this thcnlc is llOt finishc(l with mcnts of their lh)man brethren. One When change of address is desired-the subscriber should' g'ive readers as to the nletliod of (h[aling with those one deliverance. It must repeatedly hc hchl up to affable and l,lagnctic gentleman, was ' a " OU Slid Imth the old and tlm new address. V]I0 would lcal) abuse upon ,JI ws lind Judaism, 'Correspondence otlr consciences so as to slake us unconffortablc until that we shoul(I agree everything Matter intended for publication in 'the Guardian should reach ltll glc church, 1)ossibly with wtrious lan t later than Wednesday morning Brief news correspondence ia .lll'geS |helll to ])e Pflllll all(]. 8alle, to t'e(l t}lc vidc(l only we wouhl "chuck the Pope." tdwaye welcome. The kindneas of the clergy in this matter is cordially [we have done OUl* share towards relieving unpara|- appreciated, , . __, ......... sources fl'Olll wllieh the anti-Nenlitisnl elllallates. / Mcd calamity. Catholic clergyman, of all nationalities, hi ..............  ............ . . tit to rest)cot and SOlllC to love, I)tlt tlle Very Rev. A..Sleeker, O. S. B.. D. D .................. Editer-in-Chtef Present propaganda against Judaisni al)l)ear8' Yesterday we had a letter from a Benedictine in Rv. Edward A. Flannery ......................... Contributing Editor Rev. Gee. H. McDermott .......... ................... Managing Editor at) follow ll]Ollg the 81lille lines alld (OlllPS fr()lll Austria, who ;3 vcltl'S ago v,'lts our fellow student in . was wornlwood on his tongue. All communications about "The Guardian" should be addressed to St) there is the radical dittlculty; Rv. Gee,. H. McDermott. $09 West Second Street. about tlle sanle class of l)eollc as the libelous Rotnc. At that time he was distinguished for his clergy OFFICIAL'-pPROVAL accusations against Catholicism. The (hrolicle'l)ortly shape, lie Iicgins with telling us that now lint unity of their own conlposition. But; The Guardi,n hi the official organ of the diocese of Little Rock, "that the sources from which the Ill)el he has ..., .g " ,  .... i . ." il. deny it though these sincere churchnlen Id I pray God that it may be earnest champion in the cause of ish, but all'hls annual salary would an to Ins P arc trurcr to tile principles they ,lh lattice and ttuth and an ardent defender of the religion which elllfllultes are so llllWol'thy, so petty, so nlali-  " t we all love so well. I extend to it my blessing with the sincere hope el()ll8 all(], el)eve all, so 'HH-XlD(]'IC(IH that it charge of a )dr .that its career may be long and prosperoua*l[ JOtlN B. MORRIS. b(tt. to igllOl'O, tllelll altogether and let enly sufilcc to buy one pair of shoes. A pair of shoes pretend to adhere to. 'riley arc not Bishop of Little Reek. "VOI'(  er le.tst most of thcnl disavow the relation them run their sluI)id course to their own in-I costs 4.000 Kroncn (whMi under hernial exchange 16 evitalfle undoing. And ,after eli, while think- wou (I hc $800.00); a suit of eh)thcs, 8000 l{l'oncn, tinlc they adopt the foundation upon . with wholn thcy cblinl to dissent, rest ing ]nen' an(l upright lnim will 11o| t'Ol' II lllOlllOllt Food stlltt's arc prop()rtionatcly high. As a tense- tilt, riffht to create a church to their mvn ],ittle Rock, Ark., Octobcr 30, 190. 1.)(3 moved 1).v tile asinin(' siSal,ks that are being (tucnc c all hut the rlchesL arc exposed to cold for I lna(ie Ul)On the ,Jew, it nlust be l'(qll(qlll)(We(1 all:It .Walls of clothes and t'ucl, an(t to starvation for wan[ wouhl like to t)elong" to the ecclesiastical pin- our fcllow ('atholics who in be frcc to el')' h)ng life to the open shop. -,' ' A last ollscrvation, not intimately 01;I ICIAL. large nmnl)ers ()t' lhosl, in wh(ise hands the of t'(:cd. And these arc diclivc writing8 of the Anli-Senlit('s are I)llu'l'd, |',,rmcr times put their Kroncn into the collcctiml l)ox hc 1,:tml)cth (,onfcrcncc but flowing i are of lhe more or less ig'uorlult and unihinking to help the ('hurch ill Anlcrica in its l)ionccr days. i These 1)eol)h , Ulllrailm(1 to tlink oh,dr- This wint,.r, all reports say, is going to bc the worst h,ntal acquaintanccshil) of the writer wi' 13" , el'0 of tim pl'Olle iO ;l('e('l)t wheat,Per they read hcsc t'ric:{ds of (mrs h.tve as .vet experienced. Multi- ,tics returning thcrcfronl, bears ()n the as Irm'." lake the l)()or, it lot)ks as though ill talcs will actually starvc and f'I'QCZC tO drath, if' thc which non-(?atholic clergymen l)lv their OllP I'()l'lll el''l', WP shall al\\;vavs have, the ..(,nscicncc of Anlcric'( cannot hc rouscd--rouscd is lint dlsrcsl/ectful, in cvcry su - thcy find themselves. Ill this resl)cCt .,, .t is with us. thoroughly and quickly. , o-o- If suffering of hunger and cohl is gcncral, it is keel) el)ca shl)" lhcrc wcrc eight ahoard who, it, may b said without ANNUAL UNIVEIlSITY COLLICTION. THE SOURCE OF BOLSIIEVISM. accentuated in convents. Other pcoplc have at least spoke not a single word shout; rcligiolt some cap:tcity (fl' shifting allout in qucst of a livcli- llcvcrcnd and I)car .1,'athcr: Ill one of the t'cccnt immbcrs of ])ic Stimmcn dcr hood' the good Sistcrs arc ticd to their convent home. except, of" course, at service, in" when a , a question. ()ur got'at friends of the T]lc Bisho}) orders that the annual collection Zdt, P. I)uhr, S. J., as :e lc.u'n from an cditol'ial of XVc lnow thcy are heroes in suffering as in doing, the fohl never seClllC(I to tire preaching, the CVPHOI, IC U NIVFA{SITY OF AM!LIlI( A l)c .lmerika (October 18), traces the s(mrces of Bolshc- but would you want thcnl to dlc of hunger---those in- or another, where two or three wcrc taken up on the FI,RST SUNDAY IN AI)VI';N'I' visln, lie finds thcln in tile godless phih)sophy of noccnt virgins who have sacriticcd all fro" love of God The subject Inight have startcd with throughout the Diocese of Little Rock and urges'the Gcrnlany. Kant tore the foam(hatless fronl under the and man--as hmg as it is ill your t)ower to save, it was sure to wind up in the tmlpi t' faithful to co-operate gcnel'otMy in the work of up- belief in God by teaching that the existence of God thcnl? Can we, men or women, bc so calh)us as not sound like criticlsnl, where building this great institution of Catholic learning cannot bc proved by spcculativc, though hc el- to bc touchcd by thclr plight? We read that they shouht he lavish, but it was very which will serve us'ever as a bulwark against the coils lowed the existence of God tl hc a llostulatc of prac- can only alternatly get up fronl hed, because there of the day. tical reason. Itcgcl took the next sac t) and clinlinated are not clothes enough for all to bc u 1) and around groups were generally confined to two the pcrsomtlity of God, nlaking a god of the All in at the sa,nc tinlc. ('ouht you not sl)arc Ollle clothes the priests had no need to search out N()VEMBIR DEVOTIONS. his system of Pantheism.' The fathers of Russian for tl:cnl if yot. h)okcd through your wardrobc, you :gatins' or audiences, if that hc more The month of Novenll)cr will soon hc here and Nihilisnl, Herzcn and Bakunin, were ardent ltegel- Catholic lady so devoted to the good Sisters? And placed rcllgiosity s(nnctilnCS wins no this year as last year, I direct that you have the "ans. a norscl of In'cad for the poor Sisters? c Stations of the Cross every Friday evening for the In lhlssia the doctrines of no (?,ld, no soul, no Thc nlagnitude of" the calanlity might telnllt you Poor Souls. conscience, no authm'ity, found a favorable soil for to say, 'l,hc little I could do would bring no al)lfl'c- QUESTION I hope you will make it your du!y to urge all your taking root. While the potmhttions of western ]]tl - ciablc relief, so there is no use of attempting any-  people to.attend this devotion regularly, rope wcrc too worll out Ily an ohl and artificial civili- thing. If" all thought like that nothing wouhl bc $ JOHN B. hfORRIS, zation to enact the teachings of their phih)sophcrs in done. On the contrary each one shouhl think, Every Bishop of Little Rock. ln.actical life, the scnlil)arl)ar(ms lhlssiaus had ,,,'el liitlc thing hcllls and givcs sonic relief, thcrcfore I do Have l)arents any right to By order of the Bishop, enough of sawtgc vitality in tf!cnl to make, at ihc what I can to inspire others to follow my example, i youHg people j'ust be'cause theft too Isher. propitious moment, a trial of the doch'incs of Nihil- hi particular, if 'ou feel specially nloved to (Io stnnc- to ote of them? j.p. " . . 0-0 isnl. The difference was as l)etween lanlbs and lions, thing for the good Sisters, your nloderate gclcrosily, There are two sides to every November--Month of the Poor Souls. Suppose a flock of thinking lanlhs on poor pasture cspccially if connected with sonic propagand:t among one desires to act as judge until 0-0 : were told that the fat grass on the othel, side of' the your fricn(.ls, nlight prove a real sah'ation o a whole been presented. Many a wife November makes us think of the Church, Militant fence hch)ngcd to thcnl just as wcll, they would bc c0mlmunity, llencmbcr that packagcs of c.h)thes sent listened to her parents when they Suffering and Triunlphant. afraid of' thc fence and the nlan i'ith a rifle bchind to CENTIIA1, BUIII';AU, o01 Tcnlp, le Bhtg., St. against the nmn she thought was o-o lit, and continuc to graze anli(lt the bushcs and brant- Louis Mo., will bc forwarded front thd'c to indlgat fect speeinlen of the lllale The day inay not bc far distant when wc I:oo shall blcs of the heath. But tcli it to a troup of lions that Sisters or any particular ad(lress dcsircd. A check fall of Adlml. Parents as a rule be numbered among the Poor Souls. they/mvc a right to the cah, es in the pcn, and thcy of tcn dolhtrs will buy a food draft for thenl, good judgment and of real eoneer _ 0-0. Lest the The Communion of Saints is one of the most, strlk- will shy at no barriers. The lions are the Russians prices of things abovc quoted leave the ing welfare of their children, ing characteristics of the Catholic religion, tame until inoculated with the virus of Nihilisnl, and inlt)ression that a dolhu" would mean nothing towards daughters. When good parents the I)ropitious monlent for the display of their sawtgc buying conmmdities in Vienna, let it be relncnll)crcd picious of the young man paying _ .-o-o instincts was the breaking down of czardonl, that a dolhtr is now equivalent to 50 Kroncn, whMl their daughter there is reasoll t( soul of Terence McSwmey. A merciful Judge has What those people, intoxicated with the lust of undo" normal conditions would be worth fifty dollars, their suspicions are founded. The Catholic world ill pray for the repose of the robhing of wealth of aristocracy, did not at first This situation is really inviting for Anlcrican charity, hand, pai'ents have no right, civil ' already decided upon his martyrdom, realize was the fact that Nihillsnl does not stop at the S. prevent the marriage Of sons o-o The Collector of Internal Revenue rules that overthrow of altars and tlirones, lint turns each in- o-o. who are Of age and who are "gifts" to a canlpaigning fund amy not be deductcd lual into a hcast of prey. Thcrc is not peace nor FOR UNITY. nlotives in the choice of a life'S from the income tax. Probably this accounts for the pact anlong the roaming anim'ds of the wilderness, case of doubt there are those who small offerings of the Arkansas Democrats. The physically stronger slake hunt o,t and devour The writer was brought into indirect touch with partial judges. Other relatives the weaker. Thus it must inevitably cclne to pass in the doings of the recent Lanlbeth Conference by being counsel to blear, and your pastor o-o a society from which God and the soul and authority thrown into contact with three Episcopal preiatcs who proffer salutary advice. The special police now on patrol duty in Ire- have hccn abolished, attended the sessions. By way of infornlation the lay land are recruited from tim "toughs" of Eng- lish c ies; They are branded as tile "ll!ack and Hence, if' religion is the nobility of alan and the amy bc tohl that this conventicle is a COlulng- If the Pope (,amwt make a tans. I q heir presence and powe,r.givc a 1)lack stability of society, those men and those institutions together of the clerics of the Anglican-l'l)iscopal that St. Peter fell into error? eye to England's peaceful control of Irehlnd that, explicitly or inlplicitly, teach atheisnl, are the church to discuss problcnls social, economic anti re- The Catholic Church does not and we are not surprised that, they are well worst enclnies of mankind. On the contrary, those ligious. 'l'his year the religious gave way to the Pope cannot nlakea nlistake or tanned when they run amuck of a dyed-in-the- institutions in which faith in God and respect for His social phase of hunlan intercourse. It is not the pur- as a priwte individuld eallIlOt c.omnmn(hnents are taught, arc both the huhvarks of pose here to eonunent upon the action of that rather The doctrine of the infallibility green Irishnmn. civilization and the nminstays of a well-ordered corn- remarkable gathering only in so far as wc Catholics nleans that the Pope as head of -o-0 - monwealth, nlay have an interest in the matter, not err ill teaching lnatters of fa Will name and .kinship giTe us a Roosevelt as Vice-President? History puts them dom as It would seeln, then, that the attacks on our pare- Front the talk of the prelates met aboard ship it when he speaks to the whole drags. They killed the able Adams fanfily, chial schools, which represent an heroic effort to slain- was evident that they considered that rcmarkah!c,oflieial capacity. The Vatican made a weak ealIlpaigner ot l=larrison for re- taln the faith of God in the rising generation, nmst "things had hccn acconlplishcd. Tic them. down to par- the dognm declares that this iI election, with kinship alone handicapping the proceed either fronl such narrow sectarian prejudice ticulars and it bccamc evcn nlore cvidcnt that the cured "by the assistance of popular McAdoo at San Francisco. If Frank- as would rathcr sce tl'c downfall of the republic than samc tendency controls the wholc conununity and lms the f'ope in the person of lin D. Roosevelt "gets there" it will be sue- the success of a rival dcnonlination, or fronl such or- oftcn I)cen noticcd in thc scctional Anlerican division for Peter's sake or any of his cess in spite of name and relationship. anizations as, fro" thc 1) .... knows what reasons, of the church. Possibly thc best way to exp'css it in but for the preservation of tle havc the spread of atheisnl and the dcstruction ot t llne would bc to say that sociology has becn suh- and for the purity of original .... o-o- stit'utcd for theology, ill othcr words, the whole ac- does not mean that the Pope Our Navy Dcpa.rtment as a pcace-time arm of civilization at heart. government is losing out. While we are scrapping Wc arc convinced, though wc do not boost-this as tivity seems to hc directed towards alleviating condi- take or even commit sin. many of the old-time floating units now hcld as obso- t practical schcfic, that the Anlcrican pcoplc, no mat- lions in this worht rather than towards prcparmg l)etween infallibility and im lete, why not scrap a few hloatin 6fllcials, now ter of what or of no denonfination, could not do a nlan for the worht to conle. The reverend, gentlenlen .... more patriotic thing, than to build parochial schools rew enthusiastic in dwelling on all that had bccn Can a dyi,g person see or soul is going? trying to direct and administer our West Indian pos- sessions? Down in San Domlngo, Rear Admiral for the children of all the Catholic inunlgrants to this considered a'nd advised for .the abolition of the*ills Oliver is running a Sunday School slid proselytizing cotmtry. There those children wotfld be truly Amcri- that torment the body. There is no gainsaying, of It is, of course, possible that the native Catholics and the Marine Corps is charged canizcd ; that is, taught to bcconlc useful citizens of course, that some ecclesiastical attention must be paid such a Vision to a dying pers with indiscriminatingly killing the natives of Hayti. this country. There they weuhl learn to respect au- in bettering the earthly condition of suffering mortals, at ion that no one has a How are dear proteges must love the Stars and thority and to give to God what belongs to God, as Even He who came to announce sMvation to imntortal: lives of some of the saints well as to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. spirits reconuncnded His message by healing those such a vision from God; that stripes! " s. ,Catered with bodily fillncnts and by selecting the hour and manner of their o-o o-o- )oor as the favorites in His regard. The trouble is countenances were il ii Lest the rising generation be ignorant of the con- $;ents of pre-Volstedt b:cverages, the American Book HAVE MERCY ON US/ however, that when the ills that flesh is heir to absorb light, which was taken as aa Company ,publishes a chemistry text-book for high _ the exclusive attention of those sent to preach the their happy judgment was iritual message, the eternal may hecome submerged ]the moment of death.  B u schools, written by a dean of the Ohio University, This cry we hear with the ears of our believin-g p ., o:_-:n- tcmorai It may be true[rare exception. Most people which tells them what whiskey, bra'ndy, rum, gin, souls front, the regions of Purgatory especially during unacr the over-topp g 1' " the month of November. The servlees of the Church, that in certain times and at some stages of Christian 1or hours of unc0nsclousness ine and br are made from, and to make the sub- t development the needs of the less fortunate children iof pain and physical torture. :  m6., e.ii{in-'te.-dsr')icturb " the ap- the sermons of 6fir pulplts,'ibeifileflt tombs wiiidi-we Sebastian be' Engli: of the e.Saints," who at the he was : Cable desp Army, : the Congreg 'Philip NeE education v Eton Co: account o: the Cat: of the scl YOUng Bowden Shortly aft in th was about C: to in D was ente as an und( reach! the Arm in the Scots f :was on the s of Malt: 1868, Bowden l and the Oratory under the who had founded t 1870, he w and ten parish pr by. th, Bowden Middle Scl Times very doing a va the St wit] and it., sho served Orato rian to 1892 I 1907. He taste, Works. are "Natural R "Divi OWden w of of Sl "Crumbs c More. the Saint rSTS IN FREE SAYS NE IW. "C. News in God h 'th newly of Sacr.' S. a !SeVeral we a, much ir fervor o terror th - inhabitm s bi ;f Ireland t Keane And ted is rats Priests the mas Well as