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October 28, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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October 28, 1911

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i I I THE I SOUTHERN GUARDIAN I I b Save Today Yhin]00 of Tomorrow We Pay per cent -- on Savings Southern Trust Co. Southern Trust Building NOW IS THE TIME For Catholic Parents to Introduce Their Children to Good Reading. This is tile time of year appropriate beyond all others for Catholic parents to introduce their children to good Catholic reading, says the Sacred Heart Review. This is the time to subscribe to Catholic newspapers and magazines, to buy Catholic books and l)Ut forth a special effort to make the atmosphere of the home truly Cath- olic. The shutting out from the home of the publications that are offensive to good taste we take for granted. It is difficult to believe that a Catholic father or mother, even moderately wise, will allow the yellow journals, with their daily spread of sin and hor- ror, to enter the household, where children should learn only what is good and pure and ennobling. But tile banishment of tile bad is not sufti- cient. Children will read. They have a craving toknow. Anything they lay hands on in the shape of reading will be eagerly devoured. Let them be given what is worthy. Let them read ......... I i i what is important, what is lasting, F G'00D FEEfi "" " " " what isofconsequeneetothemasin- telligent beings and children of the Church. ]at the Lowest Possible Price That child is to be pitied whose ideals of life are gathered from the [ The health of your stock depends upon the character of feed that feast of horrors of the daily paper or ]you are feeding them. To get Ioo per cent work buy the best feed. the so-called comics of the volmnin- ous Sunday supplement. This kind of | FROM US IT WILL NOT COST YOU A PENNY MORE TO reading is poison to the mind. It is disastrous to the soul. It should be I OET THE BEST I Wm. E. Overstreet Grain Company kept from the children as carefully Phones lO, 39 and 62D SEVENTH and CENTER STS. as we keep from them deleterious food and drink. Even ntore so, because the ilu i ii i issue at stake is immeasurably greater. =--.---- ..... The death of the body is 'grave; but can it compare with the death of the Th G N tl n I B k e erman a o a an Catholic chndren should be supplied OF LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS with readin gthat will strengthen them in faith and morals against the romp- CAPITAL, $300,000 Founded lSTt Surplus and Prelils, S350,000 rations that are sure to come to them R A. LITTLE, President E. T REAVES, Cashier R. il. THOMPSON, As'i Cash'r ill later life. They shottld be given O. P, ROBINSON, V..Pres. D. G. FONES. V-Pres. M.H. LONG, Ass't Cash'r an opportnnlty while they are young r , t Our!at li.t of correwondent, and rite,uperlor equipment o[ our Collectlon I:)elmttment afford unequalled [Ailitle, [or to become acquainted with Catholic hassling All busineuetmutted tn u,. The conwrvAtjve yet p,oemlve method, which have chAreeterized the mAnAge- historywith the deed of Catholic he- sent d.thil Imnk have Iot:only satired iu history w.h ucceu,but Auur continued alety and ,atidaction to it, patton,. toes and saints, with the work of WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT Catholic scientists, Catholic poets, We respectfully Invite Accountdt of thoe who desire a Safe Depository Catholic writers of all kinds, so that .. _ _ lor their Yundn as they grow up they will know and be proud of tile Church as an insti- .... --E-- I IIANNUNCIATION ACAOF.MY ttltinandfthentablemenand women who in all ages have drawn Ennland National[ BLUFF, ARK. fromthe Church their finest inspira-tion. J Conducted by SISTERS OF CHARITY, OF NAZARETH Keep out, therefore, the yell )w jour- BANK J l Day and Boarding School comic jdurnal, filled with cheap sneers . .. at faith and morals, and fill your home /iEi i with Catholic papers and magazines CAPITAL, 1100,OOO.OO instea& They are a good investment in time [, ENIIUUI|, President C.r. cofmu, v.,,,/i I as well as in eternity. They will fos-  ,. m,,.,.,,,,, /I Contracting Painters and i ter in the minds of the children a taste LrrTLE ,OCl ,RK. tl Decorators ] for good reading and beget a distaStewhat is false, flashy and meretri- H Dea,ers ,n Papers, paints, for cious. In the years to come the young /I Oil a d Varnis es I man or woman who has the power to OONFEOTIONER /I I distinguish between good and bad Bread Cakes s Rolls, 0reams, E. || Old Phone 459L 32= W. 6th St. I a weapon against temptation whose Bet, h Phones 058 // , j importance it would be hard to over- / rate. HIJJ q i i - = lmmlm|lllmlImmmpmm|H|l Nibble.I never used to eat beef, but jYo S | a 'S [ i nOw l eat all I can f it three timcsa dal. ur a v n s re a e Gibblc--Ah, come to be fond of it, ch ? Delmsited With the  Nibl)le  No; revenge. A bull _  chased me clear across a ten-acre lot _= MERCANTILE TRUST CO. - the other day and pitched me over a -" 121 and 123 W'FffiT BOOI'D JS,  pix-railfence. = = = EASIL Sb.'ISFIED. _ Has Oaldtal of ........................................................ $120,000.00 = E  urphts of ........................................................ 78,000.00  The hungry, shipwrecked seaman did /Zas Asets Of ........................................................ D60,000.00  not grumble at his fate; Halt Depo.t of ........................................................ 750,000.00 ---- He merely took a calendar and bit = It owns one 0 the hr out and most rofltable insurtee agencies -'- him off a date. in the city. g P  MORE SATISFACTION. ---- _-- The hankering for more fruit came; g Has a large and well-managed rental department. Ha an active and successful real estate lepartmetat. _ i m m m i m Htm careful and conservative management. Has capable and experienced officers aad employes. Its loans are made an Little Rock real estate and high-class ollat- era] securities. i i m m m m i m i It will pay you 4 per cent interest ea all money deposited in the _ --_-- savings department, and especially solicits accounts of this character, _-- H.L. Remmel, Pres, ]'mmet Morris, Treas = Max Heiress, Vice Pres. R.W. Newell, Asst. See'y. ---- W. L Hemingway, See'y. ]Pred Schmutz, Trust Officer. _= . DR. B. H. MERCHANT, V. S., Office 2zz W. 4th St Treats Diseases of All Domesti- cated Animals All Calls Promptly Attended to, Day or Night. WE NEVER DISAPPOINT We sell everybody. Best things to eat MILLER GROCERY CO. Phones 3=gz-3ga Daily Delivery Pulaski Heights URSULINE ACADEMY FOR YOUNG LADIES In beautiful Arcadia Valley. Delightfully situated. B uil din g s spacious and commodious. Just the school for your daughter. Depm'tmentm--.Collegiate, Acad emic, Preparatory. Courau---Classical English, Commercial, Music, Art. Advertise in The Southern Guardian It Will Pay lI|DIlllIllIll =: The Arcadia College . -= - _= m - For urther hafornmflon address Mether Superior, Arcadia College = = Arcadi, Mo, - jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ]-Ie sank not in despair, But dug him up a deck of cards And fonnd, on top, a pair. ii CURIOUS BITS OF HISTORY Ill Illl I By A. W. MACY. TE PEACOCK,THRONE. During the seventeenth oen- tury there stood In the audlenoe room of the citadel of Delhi, In. dta, what was probably the most costly and beautiful throne of modern times. It was six feet high ;,rid four feet wide, and was supported by six legs of solid gold, encruIted with gema. The body of the throne waI Inlaid with diamonds, emeralds and rubles. Behind the throne stood two peacocks, with wings outstretched and blazing with precious etonos. On thl account it was called "the peacock throne," It wan valued all the way from ten to fifty million pounds; probably no ona knew tha exact value, In 1759 the olty of Dlhl ws oaptured and saeked by tha Prolanl who rlfied the publle bulfdere and tmplea of tholr treeure ind' oarHed thorn wy to tkelr own oountry. Thue tho rleh thron Rnd Its costly ornRments fell Into their handl prey to tho fortun of war. (CoP.vrllht, Dill, by J'olmph n. Bowls.) DR. C. R. CHESNUTT xI4 W. Second St., Elks Building. Office hours 9 to z a. m., 2 to p. m., 7:3o to 8:3o p. m. Telephone 23o7. C. E. CASTLEBERRY ANNOUNCEMENT. '..I,..i.q=:-:=,1 Exclusive Optician. Drs. S. D. and J. F. Ross desire to Office hours 8 a. m. to 6. p, m. announce that they have opened a xI2 West Second Street. suite of office rooms on the third floor Ground Floor. of the State Bank building, No. 3o2, and have secured a residence at I524 Phone 4938. Little Rock, Ark. Center street. Office phone xog. Residence phone, 6o48.  PIAN O | Dr. S. D. Ross has been in practice thirty years and devotes himself x-  Means that the most scrupulous . clusively to diseases of the eye, ear, [ care has been given every detail 1 6 nose and throat, with special attention JAMES A. GRAY Attorney at Law. 55-6=7 Southern Trust Bldg. Little Rock, Ark. L. S. Stahl to examinations for glasses. Dr. J. F. Ross is a Homeopathic . physician and surgeon of experience and gives his time entirely to the gen- eral practice of his profession. All calls will receive prompt attention, night or day, Pfeifer Hemstedt Plumbing Co. of the construction. That every part has been manufactured in the piano and organ factories of the W. W. KIMBALL CO.; that it has been made by skilled workmen, under the direction of experts in their respective lines. That ability, experience and re- sponsibility are back of the pi- ano. The ear and the eye can judge of the .... BEAUTY OF TONE ..... the satisfactory case design and PLUMBING, HEATING and finish, but you must look to the GAS FITTING NAME for reliability of con- TIN, SHEET IRON ANO COR- xx9 W. 4th St. struction and the assurance that NICE WORKER the good qualities will endure. The house of KIMBALL has Hot Air Furnaces. WANTEDGirls to learn hair- had an experience of over FIF- dressing, manicuring and facial beauty TY YEARS in the music indus- Metal and Slate Roofing. culture; short time completes; the try, and artists, amateurs and All Work Guaranteed. leading profession for gils, as our thousands of satisfied customers groduates are in big dentand, and you give abundant proof of the zz3-zz5 East Third Street. can get good positions the year round MERIT of the KIMBALL. Phone 38o ..... Little Rock, Ark. at top wages; to advertise the school We have sold KIMBALL we will make a $25 scholarship for the pianos for many years and have first ten tsudents. Write for particu- them in the best homes, schools .BEAT THIS I$7.oo  lars to Pahner School of Iairdress- and colleges in Arkansas. We CASH  ing, 519 West Second St., Little Rock, guarantee these pianos. In buy- for No. 2 Smith Pro- ' .m'ttl raters and No. 6 Rem- alj/ Ark. ing a KIMBALL Piano, Player ingtons; former price  ......... Piano or Organ, you positively get greatest value obtainable. $oo. Sold at $3 per month at an ad- vance. Guaranteed for one year. lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll2. Prices modest--Quality best. rader's Photos - Sold on lieral terms of pay- Ready for use No livers, - 0,_ meat L. C. Smiths and Underwoods, $57. on Sold over 3,5oo. Write for ca'alogue.  i PARKIN- LANGLEY COMPANY, Are Better Established x853. Hollenberg Music Co. 206 Louisiana oStreet' Little Rock. _ You know the superiority of - 6o4-6o6 Main Street. Desks'Chairs'2fficeSupplles'Etc' - -= SHRADER'S WORK. They- The Oldest, the Largest, the --= also want you to know you can ---- Best Piano and Organ House ------ do better there in prices. - in Arkansas. ---- Their $4 photos are Superior - - -=-=- ;- ;- - , _= to any you can get elsewhere. _= - Their $5 pictures are better - ---=---- - than the so-called Sm photos at - -_ " _- -_ - -_ " --- tller l)laces' -i HigGra i - Their $6 pictures are winners. - = You cannot duplicate them for  h de -- three times the amount. = " They make an $8 phto that =  Printing i = would be a bargain at $2o. -- Why not look at them. =  i) i _-= Their $9 photo is a creation . _=_ of true art You wi. like it --  to take a look over a really com- plete harness stock, Whether for I -" ' = llg# ---- -_ -o -_ ---- " heavy work or light work, we] have the set you want. i - -- It Pays to Trade at i S Try,t PATTISON'S. i- = _ = Funeral Designs [ PATTISON & CO I = SaLt,faction or ---- = money back =-- 1 Also Arti,ti Floral Tokene |or Weddinis 1 s Ipee|llty [] I Harn]ers. 3o, Louisiana st, i = - I VESTAL'S, 409 Main St. i t'dlllllllilllllllllllJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIl P.M. PALBZ. Manader. i Phone 463 After bu01nII houre call 687 it is Drugs, Soda or When you want anything in the Cigars RALEIGH SPRINGS WATER 00Drug Line i Little Rock, Ark., 8-18-'1I. . " Call up  WE HAVE IT This is to certify that the Raleigh McClerkin's the laboratoriesofDr. Frost,andthat he finds it to be a safe drinkingwater. Dr. O. K. Judd, City Physician He d.eliTrs/t to you in any part of the city without extra  Subscribe for the charge. Telephone 576. 1 Co-. Ft,.r. ooa HAm Sirs. Southern Guardian Phones =995; =996 Public Drug Company Markham and Center FOR QUICK DELIVERY ,lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! =; St. Anne's Academy == Fort Smith, Ark. --. -- Day and Boarding School _-- ---- Conducted by Siterl of Mercy -- 'llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllln St. Mary's College ST. MARYS, KANSAS Collegiate, Acitdemic and English Commercial Courses Under tho msugement Of the Psthers of the Society of Je|uu .Write |or Catai0gse RE. ALOYSlUS A. ilREBN, S. J,, Preoident Printing i Favor us with your next order. Prompt delivery and our prices are right. i i New Era Press 315 West Markham Street I