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October 28, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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October 28, 1911

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III SAILS TO ORIENT. HOW TO ASSIST AT Rt. Rev. Bishop Foley Sets Sail From San Francisco for His New Philippine Charge. The Rt. Rev. ]fishop Maurice P. Foley, D. D.. did not leave San Fran- cisco for tile Philippine lslands htst week, as .ctleduled. but set sail on Tuesday of tiffs week. The Bishop has recently been ap- pointed to the See of Tuguefarao, which was a portion of the former diocese of \\;Tigau, presided over by Biship Carroll, and he Is now ab.ut to take possession of Iris charge. Ill, is accompanied by his secretary, Rex,. John 12. Killion, who since Iris ordi- nation three years ago has bee,t c,,t- nected with St. Leo's Church, l}ri2h- ton near Boston. Bisbol) Foley, who is 44 years of age, is among the youngest prelates ..., of this country, l-te was born in Bos- .*. ton 'and he spent live years in Rome. Afterwards he becamerector of St. Augnstine's Cathedral. in l;lorida. where he received Iris present call. A published report to the effect that Bishop Foley while in San Fran- cisco was not the gnest of the local clergy should bc contradicted. \\;Vhe,t- ever any priest visits San Francisco there is always a brother priest's house 9pen to hint, and when a dis- tinguished personage like 13ishop Iro - THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN PUBLIC DEVOTIONS. Recent converts to the church, young folks and even sometintes older persons don't fully nnderstand the correct manner of assisting at the various devotions of the Catholic C'lmrch. Of course etlstonl is law. and wlte,'e at different method is generally fol- lowed by the people  id encouraged, or at least permitted. )y the pastor, it would be unwise f( one ulenlber of the congregation to act differently, even though more correctly. The following rules, generally con- sidered, are about correct: Low Mass. :\\;ccording to the Ruhrics of the Mis.,ai. all assisting at Low Mass should kneel during the whole serv- ice. except at the gospel. Custonx "h.wever. has modified the law as rid- low s : . \\;Vhen the celebrant enters the sanctuary all shall rise. They remain from the altar to begin etaontaoin standing until the priest descends from the altar to begin Mass, when all shMl kneel. 2. They re,nian kneeling until the gospel. As the altar boy ascends to place the Missal on the left side of the altar all shall rise and remain standing during the gospel (and dur ing the "Credo" sltould it be said). ley arrives the clergy of San l,'ran- until the, celebrant says "Donainus sico is always aide to give him fitting Vobisennt." welconte and entertainment. The 3. While the priest is making the Ilishop during his stay was the guest announcenlents or preaching the peo- of Father J. P. McOuaide, the pastor pte should be seated. If the gospel of Sacred Heart parish. Father Me- is read to the congregation they Qnaide's extensivev knowledge of the should stand. i)hilippines provevd valnable to his ..... s i 4. Shonld the Credo be ,'a d the guest, whom he conducted to the congregation genuflects with the seminary at Menlo Park, Santa Clara priest' at the words "el incarnatus,, est College and other Catholic scats of * * * et homo factus est. learning in this vicinity. 5. After "Dominus Vobiscum" all sit down and continue so until the Sanctus, when they shall revcrcnly G. OF C. EXPEL SCHARF. kneel. Thus remain during the priest's Contntunion, and also during the Comntunion of the faithful, shouhl there be any to receive. 6, When the priest receives the tirst ablution all may sit down. 7. They kneel again as soon as he goes to the book. 8. After the blessing all rise and stand during the last gospel, benu- fleeting at "Et Verbunt care factum est." 9. \\;Vhen the priest descends from After a year's fight by Representa- fives Ben Johnson of Kentucky and Cox of Indiana and William J. Dwyer of Washington, Emil Seharf has been expelled from the Knights of Couhn- bus on the charge of political activity within the organization. It was spe- cific.'tlly alleged that while in the em- ploy of the National Republican Com- mittee Scharf sougttt to alienate Cath- olic voters from Bryan to Taft during the last presidential campaign. MILLS-DARRAGH LIME and CEMENT CO. Agents for IOLA, SUNFLOWER and DEWEY PORTLAND CEMENTS, ACME, AGATITE, UNITED STATES GYPSUM and GREAT WESTERN PLASTERS. Wholesale and Retail Dealers in LIME, CEMENT, PLASTER. CRUSHED STONE, SAND, LATH, HAIR, SEWER PIPE, DRAIN TILE, FLUE PIPE, FLUE LINING, FIRE BRICK, ROOFING, FIRE CLAY, MORTAR COLORS, WATERPROOFING, ETC. Warehouse Foot East Sixth Street. LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Both Phones x6 and 36. g. J. Healey C.A. Roth Only Chspel and Private Reception Rooms in the City Healey & Roth 1 Southern Guardian Ads Bring Results INVESTI6ATE FUNERAL DIRECTORS Private Grey Ambulance, Day or Night Lady Assistant 719 Main ISt. Little 14ek, Ark. LOUIS KOERS Carriages Buggm _ Studebaker Tenesse Wagons Oliver Chilled Plows Harness, Whips and Robes 221 E. Markham St. LITTLE ROCK -llllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllU m m Z It & $  --- -_-- Fall Mllhnery in Beautiful and == .-_-- Exclusive Desll00ns - i LENSING'S r  - 701 Main Street i " Phone 2658 ----  the altar they kneel and recite with ltim the prayers after Mass. Io. Not nntil the priest has retired f,'om the sanctuary slaould any person leave the church or his place therein. High Mass. ]I. On the entrance of the cele- brant all rise. 12. The congregation kneel when the priest intones the "Asperges me," and stand when he sprinkles them with holy water and remain standing nntil hte prayer is sung. They may sit down while the priest is vesting. a4. At thc mtonauon'of the "Glo- ria" all stand, and as the celebrant takes his seat all sit down. 5. When he reascends rite altar all rfise and stand during the singing of the prayers, tit is eustontary to kneel during the singing of the prayer for the departed in Masse of .Re- quienl). J6. When he begilts to read the Epistle all sit down and rise as the altar boy ascends with the Missal to the gospel side. I7. Should there be a sermon they stand while the preacher reads the gospel. z8. When rite celebrant leaves his seat to intone the "Credo" all rise and remain standing while he recites it, genutlecting at "'et incarnatus est," attd sitting down when the celebrant is seated. ]9. l)uring tim singing of "Et ln- carnatus est" all kneel, and at the close re,eat themselves. A different cnstom exists in many well-regulated churches. 2o. As the priest again ascends the altar all rise and sit down again after the has sung "Orentus." 2I. When he sings "Per Omnia Saeeula Saeculorum," at the preface all rise and stand nntil the Sanctus, when they kneel and remain kneeling till after the Communion of both priest and people and then sit down during ing purification and covering of the chalice. 22. \\;Vhen the celebrant goes to the book all stand. They stand dur- ing prayers, kneel for blessing and during tbe last gospel, at the end of which they kneel and remain so till the celebrant has left the sanctuary. Solemn High Mass. The rtfles arc the same as for High Mass. Note, however: 23. That the people do not stand while the celebrant reads the gospel, but only when the deacon commences with "Domimts Vobiscunt;' to sing it. 24. When the altar boy incenses the congregation at the offertory all should stand. Vespers. 25. All should stand when the cel- ebrant enters the sanctuary and re- main standing until he has arrived at the altar. 26. All should kneel when the cel- ebrant is saying the first prayer at the foot of the altar; they rise when he rises to go to his seat and remain standing until the celebrant sits down after intoning the "Deus in adju- toriunl." 27. At the "Gloria Patri" at the end of each psalm all should bow the head, but not stand up. 28. During the singing of the chap- ter at the end of the psahns all should stand up and remain standing until the celebrant is seated. If the celebrant should kneel during the singing of any hynm the people should kneel also. 29. During the singing of the Mag- nificat and prayer the people should stand, making the sign of the cross at the beginning of the Magnificat. 30. \\;Vhen the celebrant kneels at the altar before the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament all should kneel and remain so until the Blessed Sac- rament is put into the tabernacle at the end of the benediction. WOMAN SUFFRAGE IN AUSTRALIA. It will doubtless be a surprtse to many persons to learn that in Aus- tralia even the nuns vote--that is, sometimes, and when important re- ligious interests are involved in the parliamentary bill. Why should they not? The two chief argumentst against woman suffrage might thus be formulated, The sphere of women has always been a restricted one; therefore it should in no circum- stances ever be enlarged. The Church has never approved of woman suffrage, t'!erefore it is to be condenmed. t: ,' To those who cling to these con- tentions, ignoring the force of any others, we commend what Father Kcating has to say about the hearing of Christian principles on the woman question : "L Christianity does not discrimi- nate between the sexes in the re- ligious sphere on any natural grounds. 'You are all one in Christ Je]us.' '2. (hristianity holds that the sexes are complementary, 'whence it follows that there is no singlestand- ard by which to det'ermine their rela- tive excellence. "3. Christianity, upholding the family group, as ordained by God and as the unit of human society, as- signs to the father the official head- ship on the strength of God's revela- tion. "4. Christianity faveors every de- velomnent of woman's personality, intellectual and ntoral, social and po- litical, which can be shown to leave proper scope for her functions in the family." In Australia, where the woman's rights nloventeut has advanced fur- thest, no lessening of interest in Itome life or impairntent of virtue has been noticed among Catholic women. There a lady at the polls is consid- ered to be. quite as much in her place as a lady at the postoffice.--Te Ave Maria. VAN BUREN ITEMS. Special to The Southern (]uardian. Van Buren, Ark., Oct. 27.--A letter received recently from l(cv. Father Charles C. Treuml)er, now of Helena, st:,tes that he has been appointed by theRt. Rev. Bishop Morris resident pastor of that city, and tltat he ex- pects to celebrate Mass here ou All Saints" day. Ire also expects to be able to rebuild onr church, which wa burned several years since. Too nmch credit cannot be given Miss Bess 13rodie for the excellent manner in wlfich she has held some twenty-five to thirty-five chihh'en to- gether in her Sunday school for the long interval that we have been with- out a priest. NOTICE. The exentplilication of the I:ourth Degree will be held in this district on or before ]:ebruary 22, 1912. Date and place will be published not later than November 4, 9tL ED\\;VARD J. DEI, ANEY, Master of the Fourth Degree District Oklahoma and Arkansas. NEWS COMMENTS Safe and Sane. The safe and sane Fourth has beet tried and not found wanting. Some have suggested a safe and sancChrist- mas, especially in that section of the United States where this great feast is celebrated with fireworks. All of this is well and good, but now, as the time is fast approaching when the "witches" will be out doing their usual "stunts," wouldn't it be well to try a safe and sane Hallowe'en? Dr. Cook's Reception. Dr. Cook, he of North Pole noto- riety, was not well received in Co- penhagen recently when he atempt- ed to deliver one of his illustratd lec- tures in that city. He was forced to leave the hall, before completing his lecture, and police protection was all that saved him from acts of violence. With the "blue coats" with and around him. many stale eggs, decom- posed apples and other unpleasant things were hurled at the self-styled discoverer. Clean Meeting. The Arkansas-Louisiana Laundry- men's Association held its third an- nual meeting in Hot Springs this week. Aaron Frank of Little Rock presided over rite meeting. The dele- gates say the presiding officer dealt frankly with. them and that in the ntain it was a real clean meeting of professional cleaners. 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I enclose herewith $1.50 in payment of same. ernw mark throuoh line not applicable I will remit for same on ! 91 ! Signed__ A ddrtse