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October 28, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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October 28, 1911

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d I1,!, .J THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN PLp :n. I I I I ber 2o, 188o. and enjoyed tile rare dis- llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHllllHllH||llll|l- b Ton, C. Adair Neill Hunter Deaths ,++ +,o,,+ +o..o++ _ ---2vrlale" I .LqLJF.I. It Ullk.JFk1.1glk&apos;'-'l"'lll11+'ll'lldra"L ++ ing Bishop+ his two illustrious prcde-  I MRS. Z. T. HEDGES. ccssors--cardinal Gild)ons and Most Ada+r 7&Hunter +++++++++++++ +'<'++++++++*++i ++ at the family residence, 822 Cumher- right reverend rector of the Washing- TINNERS land street, o,1 Saturday morning, Oc- ton Cathohc 1. mver. Ry. .,. 4,4MI,41, ------ z tobercausedel,deepat 5 regret'clCk'amongstThe Sada neWshost " BISHOP VERDAGUER. COMBINATION GAS AND COAL BURNING FURNACES =_ West Markham = Mrs. Hedges had been afflicted with reached this city tonight from Mcr- Phone z786 ' a mortal disease, and the end was not cedes, Texas, of the (loath there of [] ulaexpected; still death always seems Bishop Peter Verdaguer, Apostohc  Furniture Carpets Matting +.,+. o++.++,+.. +++o.+ Vicar fromthcl+rownsvillcdioccsc. --- thillk we are prepared to nleet ,t. ,+,shop Veydagtlcr xvas 76 ycars old. RCk TrUnk i Bag Co ' ' Fully realizing her condition she l-le was born at Barcclcma. +pain, and Little I met it with calm resignation and after being ordained to the l)riesthood courage, and on Saturday /norni/g, resided for many years in Los fl_n- Rugs, Linoleum surrounded l)y her family and fricnds0she surrendered herself to her Maker. geles, Cal.  Only Evclusive Manufacturers of Her life, so loving in all its ties. so GEORGE HUYCH. TRUNKS AND TRAVELERS' EQUIPMENT II exalted in duty, st, full of good works. George Huych, son of Mrs. Mary In the City. so responsive to every call of charity, Huych of East Ninth street, met a N!GES so replete in wide-reaching syml, atl+y, most tragic death on Tuesday of last STOVES and RA wasindeedalitl)relJaratinfrdeath' weekbybcingrunvcrandcrushed REPAIRWORKASPECIAL'rY. The highest eulogy that can be pro- by a train that was switching on the nounced on a woman is when it can tracks in the East End of the city. Telephone z75o. ax3 Main Street. I be said "Women loved her." and this The funeral was held on \\;Vednes- was evidenced by the large concourse day morning at 9:30 from St. An- - Wholesale and Retail o+ friends present at her funeral. Her drew's Cathedral, the services being_--___= mju'+a-es"c Theatre : profound sweetness of disposition conducted by the Roy. Father Tobin. . and her unselllsh and self-sacrificing The+interment was in the family lot _- character drew all hearts to her, and, in Calvary Cemetery. Many friends -- Phone 4923 Little Rock, Ark. being thus loved in life, she is now extend sincere sympathy to the grief- 8th and Main = lamented in death, stricken family. O00e,q - The funeral took place on Monday ::' Malinee 3 o'eloek Now Open = morning at 9:30 o'clock from St. An- Now = II ' drew's Cathedral, the services being I I Catholic Items J Night 7:30 and 9:00 . = NAZARETH ACADEMY conducted by the Rev. leather Tobin, assisted by the Very Rev. Father En- Archbishp J, J. Glennon of St. Louis Vaudeville of Quality : =- Nazareth, Kentucky. right and Father Shannaban, The in- says Cardinal Gibbons is greater than -- SISTERS OF CHARITY founded this Academy in 1812. Buildings terment was in the family lot at Cal- was either Newman or Manning. Prices: Matinee, 10e and 20e; Night, 10e, 20e and 30e = = are spacious and have all modern improvenlents. Table provided from vary Cemetery.  e Academy farm. She needs no proud marble colunm It is with books as with men--it MUSIC AND ART DEPARTMENTS. Regular and elective courses, raised over her resting place to keep is easier to acquaint one's self with Announcement has been made that Here the complimentary individual Progresstve methods throughout the institution, green her memory. She will live in those least worth  knowing. Thomas Cruse, the well- paused a moment and then continued: Surroundings are beautiful and healthful. Extensive campus, furnished hearts that loved her as long as those It is gratifying to see the Chicago In- known Helena (Mont,) millionaire "The best feature of the paper is that hearts shall beat, the proudest monu- ter-Ocean, one of the largest daily taming man and banker, has donated it's a newspaper. It gives the hews with golf links, basket ball and tennis courts. Nazareth is one of Ken- tucky's most famous schools for yotmg ladies. Next season opens Sep- ment frail mortality can rear. papers in America, lind time to dis- the sum of $25.000 necessary to erect and that makes popularity, anti 1  , A. M.J. cuss in its editorial columns "the one of the spires on the new Cathe- larity makes circulation," Here 1 temper 4th. For catalouge address q. "Hundred Best Catholic Books." dral of St. Helena, now in course of closed his remarks. Not wishing tL MOTHER SUPERIOR. BISHOP OF RICHMOND . + construction in Helena. good work to end so soon, we yen- 9-" CALLED TO HIS REWARD. .The information the teacher in- :, tured to add: "Everybody ltnows -2:''2:-'::-:::-:;-::'--:2-'"-::::::::::;::::: ....... The Rt Rex,. Tugustine Van de. parts may be had in any enclclopedia, Rt. Rev. Monsignor B. Schmiehau- what circulation makes." Vyver, the sixth Bishop of Richmond, l mt the iml)ulse to thought and love sen has been appointed Vicar General !, died Monday, October z6, after an ill- can be given only by a living soul. of the diocese of \\;Vichita, Kan., by The Difference. .' the Re. Rev. John J. I-/ennessy, It has been announced that tile Arclalnshop Jean Baptiste Pitaval Bishop of Wichita. price of coffee advanced t cent a can use some good hess of about one month which fol- ' The Southern Guardm subscription solicit- lowed a trip abroad, lie had been ill of Santa Fe. who arrived in New q. pound one day this week. and on the ors all over tile ever since he returned from Europe, York recently by the Lusitania, had The practice of making public mar- same day the price of sugar was low- and for the last two weeks prayers two audiences with the Pope, who r:age an attraction at fairs and ex- ered a quarter of a cent a pound. The country, for his i'eeovery have been offered, seemed to be in fair health for a positions cannot be too strongly con- increase on the one was much greater There is no difficulty in getting subscribers for THE His death was due to a general break- man of 76. denned. The Catholic Bulletin of St Guardian, and steady workers can make $5.oo a day. down and to the increasing infirm- _,; . than the decrease on the other, and Exclusive territory given to solicitors who will ities. Cardinal Gibbons has a favorite Paul takes Governor Everhart severe- the greatest difference is that local work it thoroughly. \\;Vrite today for particulars and Bishop Van de Vyver was born De- story'. It is of the great Napoleon in ly to task for not only assisting at dealers hear and heed all advances such an unbecoming ceremony, but "right now," but it takes considerable terms. ,5.[] cember I, 1844, in the town of Haes- the winter of his life being asked to giving the bride away at a county fair time for the reduced price to become The Southern Guardian do,cO, East Flanders, Belgium. lie name his happiest day. The one-time in Minnesota. effectice. made his early studies in the city of ruler of the greater part of Europe _.____ :: 315 W. Markham St. LITTLE ROCK st. Nicholas. He entered the Ameri- is said to have answered. "It was Special preparations, it is said. are Who's to Blame? can College of Louvain in 1867, corn- the day of my first communion." being made in Vienna to give the R. Walsh is dead. He only pleting with high honors the regular The tlrst priest ordained in America Catholic press a very distinctive place John lived a few days to enjoy his freedom Laa of studies. He was raised to at the Eucharistic Congress next was the great Dominican, Las Casas, tear, which is already being looked after being paroled from the federal the priesthood at Brussels in the prl- ordained about z5oo, and the first forward to with the greatest interest prison, where he had been sent for We keep a full line of popular brands to Belgium on July 24, 187o. to Iris own use. Some members of his FANCY GROCERIES ' was Father Baden of Kentucky. + " Shortly after his ordination he came  The Very Rev. Thomas Lorents, family blame the President and the to Virginia. He was successively as- The national pilgrimage of France O. P., is making active preparations Attorney General with the death of in season Harper's Ferry and its missions, Vi- 80,000 pilgrims. The pilgrimage end- fathers, five teachers and about thir- these high officials were too slow in car General and administrator of the ed with devotions on the Montmatre ty-five students, who will come from paroling the prisoner. Who was re- 1 5th anti Main JJ White House aBd No. 44 |ertd Co|- diocese and Bishop of Riehtnond. Paris, in the national basilica of the Spain soon to take up their abode in sporlsible for the man being behind II fee--none better He was consecrated Bishop Octo- Sacred Heart. the new seminary at Ponchatoula, the bars? La. - '" O wo +'7 o, r.d-. a** ,oaf* +oooo Cat',- + +w,. 0+. O+ olics in China, but more than 4oo,ooo- For the first tlme in Cleveland a Lee Hay of Maysville, Ky., corn- Reynolds Stamp Co, t, oo who do not know the religion of Catholic priest has found it necessary mitted suicide a few days ago because Steel and Rubber Sotmpn, ttnils, Jesus Christ. to back a "dry" campaign against the his wife became the mother of a see- |i(L Seals, Badgea, Trade  saloons of his parish. This is in St. ond pair of twins. He was only Checks, Etc. Right Rev. Patrick A. Ludden, Thomas Acquinas' parish, second, if 3o years old. He had been out of = ARKANSAS CYCLE HOUSE zao Louisiana St. Old Phone 4984. Bishop of Syracuse, is still confined not the largest parish in the city. employment for some time and grew = BICYCLE TIRES and SUNDRIES Little Rock, Ark. to his bed, but the attendants note There Rev. T. F. Mahon has started despondent over the fact that he . a gragual improvement in his condi- petitions which are expected to make would have two more mouths to feed. 703 1-2 Main Street tion and now have hopes that he will "dry" all the territory in the neigh- Doubtless he never stopped to think -- be up and about very soon. borhood of his church, that the children would need feeding ----+ _ +:: - whether he lived or not. Oh, ye of ---- BEMBERG & BLANZ, Instead of being a reason why you The centennary of Franz Liszt is little couragel All Kinds of Blacksmithing and cannot be patriotic, loyal sons of the being celebrated all over the world :, - Fancy Iron Work, United States, willing to yield up your this month. The great composer was Lucky Mary Jane, Largest Stock of Sheet and Boiler lives if occasion calls, the fact that born in Hungary October 22, z8zI. Mary Jane Kendall of Rapid City, = Iron. you arc members of the Roman Cath- The Hungarian colony in /lexv York S. D., drew claim No. i last Tuesday =_. Angle T and Channel Iron. olic Church in the United States is will celebrate the anniversaYy with at the land drawing on the Rosebud -- t. Second and Rock Streets. an assurance that you are such pa- elaborate ceremonies, Walter Dana- reservation. The claim is said to be _-- Old Phone 7. triotic, loyal citizens.--President Taft rosch, whose symphony season opens worth at least $m,ooo. It has been to the Knights of Columbus in Port- at the Century Theater October 27, satd There s nothmg a name," but --- " " ' " " in land, Oregon. will give a special program on that it appears that "Mary Jane" is luckier = HILL'S BUSINESS --"- --- An interestmg ceremony took place day, composed exclusively of the corn- attd prettier, too, than some of the = A0ts. for EXCELSIOR AUT0 CYCLE $impliest, Fastest, Safest mmmm COLLEGE.00. recently in the chapel of the Grey positions of Liszt and including the more modern names for girls. But _ Nuns' Convent, Montreal, Canada, great "Faust" symphony, even forgetting her name, it is quite hand, Civil Service, Salesmanship the world as Alphonse Primeau, B. C. J will advance wonderfully, owing tu ' Judge," said the guilty man "I in- ]land Telegra'phy. Modern conven- L., a member of the Montreal bar, I News Comments the $io,ooo. herit this felonious habit. I can't re- Phone 307 J.E. Sears, Mgr. ience. Everything sanitary and was raised to the priesthood, Arch- :: sist it. My father was a grafter and v pl, .P-anit01 Avenue up to date. bishop Bruchesi officlating at the cer- Managers of the various Kress Silent Swearing. nay mother a photographer. I can't R.H. HILL, W.W. BROWN, emony, assisted by several local stores were in Little Rock this week A Missouri deaf mute was arraigned help taking things." President. Manager. priests. At the same service Mr. for a business meeting. Hotel Ms- in court recently, charged with us- "Then take seven years at hard la- Dru. ___C0 Primeau, a nephew of the newly-or-non was headquarters. The Kress ing "loud and profane language." . bur." --  damned priest, was admitted to the or- stores are numerous and progressive Before proceeding with the trial the .... DRUGS der of subdeaconship, and the managers are all "live wires." word "loud" was stricken from the M P k '+ The meeting was well attended and cmplaint and the rotate plead guilty "He is always talking about him- Patent Medicines, Dru00ists' Sun- OV n , ac " More than Looo,ooo Catholic men was both pleasant and helpful to those to swearing, in sign language, at his self.'  dries, Stationery, ToilelArticles, &c wife, who is also a deaf nmte. We ttnarched in Holy Name processions attending. Magazine, and Period|ells dellvered -,,|nd, __ .Niforade . several Western cities on Sunday, ,:- had always imagined the married life IIBUt don't blame him. Think how much more silly his remarks would be LA. ST. and CAPITOL AVE. October 8. Edifying spectacles to the The War's Over. of two deaf and dumb persons was if he selected any other subject." Free Ddivery millions of people who witnesses these Announcement was made from one continual state of quiet bliss. An- impressive publle protests against headquarters in Washington that the other theory exploded and an idea -- CARPET RENOVATING. blasphemy and unclean speech. War Department had recalled most lost. "Woe cheer, Alf? Yer lookin' sick. HIS PROPERTY. ..'-+ of the troops sent to Texas during Wot i it?" Old man (seeing a little street ur-  Rev. Father Marian Dalcella, a the Mexican revolution. Can it be "Uncle Judson," "Uncle Judson" Harmon, Governor "Workl Nuffink but work, work, chin in a puddle in the street)--Here, member of the Society of Jesus, pro- possible Uncle Saamie has just heard work, from morrin' till nlght." here; get out of that puddle at oneel" Knight Furniture Co. lessor of mathematics at Boston Col- that the war's over? We had almost of Ohio, including Adams county, and "'Ow long 'ave yer been at it?" Kid--Nitl You go an' find a mud xxo W. Markham. Phone 5570, lege and an astronomer of note, died forgotten that there was an uprising )residential candidate, gave the "Ar- "Start tomorrer." puddle of your own. at the Carnegie Hospital in Boston on among the Greasers. And then there kansas on Wheels" crowd a warm October . Father Daleella was a na- is Tripoli that must not be lost sight welcome when they struck Columbus. tire of Spain. of. If the train should traverse New Jer- i   .,: sey or Missouri there are at least two Bartholomew Paint 'Company Rome corresponclentssaythatthe, A Bouquet. other m:3,s, Who would duplicate Church was never in her history more J "There are several things about The "Uncle J " welcome and try very powerful than she is today, and that JSouthern Guardian that I like," said hard to go him one better. Champ WHOLESALE and RETAIL before was she more united. Is friend of the paper the other day. Clarke and Woodrow Wilson may 1 15 Etmt Fourth St. Phone 5637 Her future in this century is brighter ]"Mechamcally' it's a dandy; its physi-I think,, Arkansas has been Harmon- ..... than it was in the previous century. Ical appearance is well nigh perfect. I ized. ./ +. .f] f'f!' .'L