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October 27, 1961     Arkansas Catholic
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October 27, 1961

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Q 4 TI-IE GUARDIAN OCTOBER 27, 1961 Qui Vive? by The Sentry RED FEATHER At this time of year in most American cities and large towns, a campaign is undertaken to provide'funds to help finance the work of many organizations which minister to the needy and as- sist many community activities. This campaign is known by dif- ferent names in the various sections of the nation. It is known in some places as the Golden Rule Fund. This name, of course, has reference to the act of providing for others as we would wish to be provided for under similar circumstances. In this locality this fund is known as the Red Feather Campaign or the Com- n.unity Chest. As Shakespeare so well said: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other nmne would smela as sweet." And so the means provided by our contributions to help others will be just as effective regardless of what the campaign may be called. The good neighbor policy has long been a ..part of the American Way of Life. The organized effort is new because our modern way of living demands a new approach to an old problem. Americans are well known for their generous responses to the needs of the unfortunate. Even now when sickness or death oc- curs in a family the neighbors re accustomed to help. They prepare and bring in food to help the stricken family, provide hospitality for guests. It is a fact, though, that the mbdern way of living has made people less alert to the misfortunes among their neighbors. They used to walk more and thus they had a closer association with their neighbors. They talked to them as they passed their homes and thus learned of their troubles and needs. Now people ride by in cars and have little time for conversation with their neigh- bors. And so the moderI) organized way of helping people has developed from our modern way of life. Now there are various organizations which specialize, so to speak, in tte different activities and are for this reason better qualified to do the job. They do the work and we furnish some of tle funds. This is a much more efficient method of operating. The organizations, that are members of the Red Feather Group receive a proportionate share of moneY that is contributed by the people. Each person in the community should give to this fund in accordance with his means. It is a good investment especially if the donation is made in'God's name. He has asked us to behold ltim in the person of a "needy or unfortunate neighbor. "Who gives (thus) feeds three, hinself, his hungering neighbor and Me." NO SMOKING! Out in Salt Lake City, Utah, the authorities are attempting to enforce a state statute which prohibits smoking or the posses- sion of tobacco by any person, who is under 21 years of age. This law has the support of the Mormon doctrine since, the code of conduct of the Church of Latter-Day Saints are defined by its founder, Joseph Smith, says: "Tobacco is not good for the body and is not good for man." According to a chest and heart surgeon, Dr. Beveridge "there is not one beneficial aspect in smoking and literally hundreds of reasons why you should not smoke." The Doctor is a Mormon. According to the law a judge may fine first offenders or, instead of a fine, he may sentence them to attend a two-hour color movie and lecture on the "Evils of Tobacco." The Utah law is an extreme measure. It is very difficult to enforce such legislation. Regardless of this and of whether the mcdical men can prove that smoking is injurious to the health of people or not, there is one evil connected with cigarette smok- ing which can and should be made illegal. Cigarettes are a fire hazard. Recently we celebrated Fire Prevention Week. If this is not a mere formality, the people of this nation should insist upon legislation to end the smoking of cigarettes around school build- ings. Ever since the school fire in Chicago, which took so many lives of the pupils, many cities have enacted ordinance which demand the installation of safety devices such as sprinkler syc- terns, the replacement of electric wiring and other such measures. it is almost certain that the fire in the Chicago school was caused by a hastily discarded cigarette which landed among some waste materiM. Despite this the authorities have taken no definite measures to prevent cigarette smoking around school buildings. The school authorities usually have rules that forbid smoking by the students, in or around the school buildings. But very little, if any thing, is done about the workmen and visitors who come into the school building. It may be that smoking on the job is one of the fringe bene- fits that the union bosses acquire for their members. Certain it is that many of them place the lives of the children in jeopardy, while they work around the buildings. It is a serious display of bad manners for visitors to a school to assume privileges which are not permitted to the home folks. Women are fqgrant violators of-Jaws that prohibit smoking in many places. They are often seen smoking while attending ac- Clivities in the school building. BIBLE STUDY A news article from Amarillo, Texas, which appeared in the October 13 issue of The Guardian furnished some material for thought. According to the account, Protestant ministers have been teaching Bible classes in the Amarillo high schools on what they have been pleased to call a non-sectarian basis. A Catholic priest offered to teach a similar course for Catholic students and for any others, who cared to take the course. His offer was re- jected because he was going to conduct a sectarian course. The priest, Father Edwin J. Kieran said that he doubted the possibility of teaching the Bible course in a non-sectarian manner. ]t is more than likely true that the Protestant ministers are teach- ing the Bible in their usual style. The Bible can be regarded as a historical book and since they cannot establish the fact that the Bible As the inspired word of God, they are actually using the book in one of two ways. If they accept it as the word of God they must do so on the axtthor- "NO OBSTACLES ARE BEING PUT OR WILL EVER BE PUT BEFORE "HOGWASH i.', C, 00pital Talk E oes Russia Realize E anger of Berlin Policy? By J. J. Gilbert Washington, (E) -- P r e m i e r Khrushchev's speech, opening the 22ni Soviet Communist Party Congress in Moscow has a special interest as a part of a pattern. His marathon talk in the Palace of the Congresses, new- ly built within the Kremlin walls, was hailed in the West as being milder than might have been expected. To the extent that it was mild, it was regarded as one of the relaxa- tions which follow periods of Moscow - induced crisis. The communists seem to gain as much, if not more, through easing tensions as they do through creating them. But, of course, they must first bring about a crisis before they can appear to .ease it. The Reds from time to time stir up the fears and anxieties of the non-communist world, and then suddenly relax the tension they have created. While the West is enjoying a sense of relief, Moscow makes a bold new step toward world domination, or it consolidates an advantage it seized during the crisis. Khrushchev's latest party speech had a built-in shocker, sort of one-shot crisis of its own. It was the announce- ment that Soviet Russia would, on October 30 or 31, detonate an atomic bomb equal in explosive forces to 50 million tons of TNT. It will be the biggest ex- plosion of a nuclear weapon in history, 2,500 times as powerful as the first atomic bomb ex- ploded. It could add twice as much radio-active fallout to the atmosphere as alt the other 19 atomic weapons exploded by the communists since Septem- ber 1. The project is firmly be- lieved here to have no other purpose than to terrorize the rest of the world. Authorities are agreed that the whole cur- rent series of communist atomic tests produced no new infor- mation for the Reds, and were wholly unnecessary. The announcement of the determination to detonate so awesome a bomb as a climax to a series of nunecessary tests may have been an attempt on the part of Khrushchev to pile a new crisis upon .an apparent relaxation of tension, a demon- stration to the world that he feels he can manipulate things to suit himself. The callousness of the de- cision, and its announcement, cause concern here. There are those who believe that ex- plosion of the 50 megaton bomb will shower the earth with such radio-active debris as to short- en the lives of hundreds of thousands of persons, and to af- fect adversely the lives of per- haps million of others. In ad- dition, the cynicism of Moscow in resuming tests unilaterally, in utter contempt of the rest of the world, and its decision to explode a monstrously power- ful bomb to close the tests, casts serious doubt upon the possibility of any reliable agree- ment with Moscow regarding nuclear tests and weapons. The current crisis over Ber- lin and Germany is one which Nikita Khrushchev has created deliberately. Has the pitcher gone to the well once too often? Defying the rights of the West in, Berlin, ignoring pro- visions of the'four-power agree- ment for the occupation of Ber- lin, Khrushchev has forced the West into a position from which it cannot honorably re- treat. The peace of the world--the future of the world--depends to a great degree upon whether or ity of the Catholic Church,-otherwise it is just a historical book. It has become quite popular to put a Catholic priest, a Pro- testant minister and a Jewish rabbi on the same program in order to .discover upon what tenets, if any, they can agree. Usually there is some kind of agreement which keeps the conference on a friendly basis. As a result very little is accomplished except that the Catholic Church stands out as an authoritative teacher, vested with the power given to her by Christ, while the Protestant minister appears as a teacher who has nothing to offer but his own private opinion. In these meetings between Catholic priests and non-Catholic clergymen it is abundantly clear that the difference is between truth and error. It is evident from historical research that the Catholic Church is the one Church originally established by Christ. All othgr Christian religions were established by men. The Jewish religion had God for its Author in the beginning, but it was the Old dispensation which was abrogated by Christ when He established His Church. There are some :fundamental principles which may be known from reason. ,All religions could agree upon these, but since these principles have God for their Author, they agree with those taught by Him in the Catholic Church. Because of this they are rejected by non-Catholics. From the Managing Editor's T h e person who does not read is hardly better off in- t e 11 e c tually than the per- son who can- not read. By the same token, the per- son w h o does not read good p u b 1 ications, like the Catholic floods his mind sual, materialistic and istic drivel of daily and so-called zincs, would probably off if he never had read. "You are what you an old maxim that proves. IntellectuallY, are infected with that a "free press" has ed for almost a day after day, sorb more and more It is a sad fact that who should be alert recognize evil, are just as gullible as Catholic neighbors. ern" to read such trash. body's doing it. After must know what's the world." It is true that it is difficult to live in and not be infected tent. Billboards, fliers, radio, television evil. But what recognize is that fective antidote for All a Catholic to keep his balance, to perspective, his sense and his sense of leaven his reading regular servings of olic journalism. Just subscribing to a ! paper is not enough. be read. not Nikita KhrushcheV time that this is a not known here, at whether he does or MASS OCTOBER 29 Sunday I Our Lord Jesus King. Gloria, ace of Christ the 30 Monday* IV Mass of XXIII ter Pentecost. or Creed, 31 Tuesday* IV Mass of XXIII ter Pentecost. or Creed, Common NOVEMBER I Wqlnesday I All Saints. Glorit Common Preface. of Obligation. 2 Thursday I Commemoration Faithful de Masses may be every priest; the is offered intention of the the second for all ful Departed, and according to the of the Pope. The Sequence is principal Mass 8 Friday* IV C] Mass of the XXI after Pentecost. or Ceed, CommOn Two Votive of the Sacred Jesus 2nd Coll. ter Pentecost, Preface of Tomorrow is the urday of the 4 Saturday III Cll St. Charles' op and 2nd Coll. (under clusion) of. the Coll. SS. Vitalis cola, Martyrs, no Common Anniversary of tion of Pope