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October 27, 1944     Arkansas Catholic
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October 27, 1944

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PACE SIX THE GUARDIAN, OCTOBER 27, 1944 ;I i I I , _ , . ? _. t Sacred Heart Parish, Morrilton I _ _- .. jans lriumph ()ver I I Great Challenge To Miners 43'13 Friday IConflicting Forces Subiac0.,--~The Subiaco Academy lthe gnrne with a head injury rer~| III ~ ~l:!~ ~ I I I"% f'~ r ~:i:'~, Trojans,~esoundingly ~nacked the[quiring five~tRches and Kirch e .[ ~ [ |n f earedB~ux.i.Le~iners,"43.tolJ, at)George'~avary;.Saranie and Lux| I ~ ~F~:~ ~ [111 I ~;t~lq~ %,~JIIl~:~l~:~ll~,~,~ ~auxite llast ~rltlay night. ~ , l,~parzea me, g~ounozgaining, run,l l ~ ~ ~ ~ I ,.. .~ - ............. ,~ In the line, both first a'nd seC'[ning battle, :. ' '~ ..... | m ~ ~~ ~ I ,~2~ew xorK. ~.-F- 1tree unnappy to hasten the second Fall ox~ ' ....... ' appeasement poncy pursueo p~iorThe Ge~mamc claxms, he ond-strlngers worked very smooth- / Gorrell plunged from the 12 for| ~ ~ ~~ ~ / " -' " ' ly, Painter, Hartmeier, Evans,/a touchd0wni.Kirchner twice from| i ~ ~~ ~ 1to.1939 in favorofthe Nazis re- passed from ',',academic then/ "~ ....... n~ '~ ad Sara-- scored" " ~ ~i~i ~ /smtect omy in mona swea~, ann mid~ary zact in Septemt~er,~ Nolte staring. -me lrojans regm- ~ne .1~. ,~ o a n '~y ...... tered a net yardage from. scrim-)from the 2, ,',.~he three tim~s the/ n ~ ~~ ~ (tears, ,m~scalculatmn of the Sower leawng the issue to be 'r/ mo~o ,,~ 2~3 yards to Bauxite's 77mslin=in= arm Of '.~.,~r~re Savary,/ m ~ ~~ ~ /union s specmi geoponucs can omy oy superior military. ' . ..... easily lead to dmumty ractmn, ff Western civilization is to b#~ Y ....... /h~,,t +,',, roI~,~'~"~,~, :~erial each( N ~ ~~ ~ /and acute danger m the hour of served, albeit chastened an~/ ards Gorrell~ who came out of fhppmg ~ce ~om..L~tle.Rock drew -~'" .......... '': Alhed v cto y ed of unwholesome accreti It,me xt,was tor:a ou down. Sob / t SEMINARY , (Barnie) Bornhoft. Harrisburg/ m ~ ~~ ~ ) This observation is made by the / "Christianity and Democra~., a "outh .... ' thered' ""~''~tl tWo of the Rev ..... Dr Edmund A Walsh, S J, continues "are as one res , . , .... .~,.._ . .....). m ~ ~~ ~ Vine Presidentof Georgetown the fundamental ~m asst..~. . (Continued from p ge 3) Y ' g'~ ,, ~3 . ; . : the wrong ba~l~.~'.on:a' run-back o'I At the left is Sacred Heart School, under the direction of the Sisters of Notre Dame who have been / ' " ( rou s and indi i r: W~:" the dxrectmn of tbe Rev. James J. I . , i theirll ....... th .e r i Sacred Heart h r He d~scusses the rise of Nazism, I g ' p v duals, D . Submco kmkof follow ng m charge of the parochml educatmn m Morrflton since 1899. At e c nte s C u ch, ~ ,, wmtes" A~.en, Diocesan_ Dxrector.of _Greg_:first tou~chdbwfi/ Bio0ks, Bauxit 'which was established in 1879 Its present pastor, the Rev. Charles Wolffer, C S. Sp, was up- the militant, athemm of Marean ,~" +~.......~^.; .... -i, n~l orlan ~nan~, ~ne enolr In r~ceu~ al In " ' : " r 1 t ia ar 9 ~ommunism, me struggle oe -~., ,.-=== ~,=,,~=.~ w,,~ .... hss become noted esneciallv back, ran 90 y~rd~to the go | pointed m July 1938. At the mght ~s the recto y como e ed n J nu y 193 . * ........ "lro-es of " " ~rr~'~ "--'~ "'" "- - "'-- "--" .... "-- ~----'ks a"ainn ..... r .... * ....... ~ween mem ~or comroz or reel .P sane agams~, reop. -'-,i~- ~r:?a[sl~. ~tdh2eH'~l~W~ekraSle.r sc~sri~Snoaqi~epra~r:r~n ~fofr~aS~s[ Members Of I , 12 Straight A ) :nH~tJarned:'tiJnf bt~e~wWr~d':s:[eaola~2;u:ffredhn~e~e~o:f~latt~ .~ -- ' h ...... inn anm~_ n~ninst Clarks-~ ~ .~i 11 "n ~ ' !Rennie, Mr and Mrs Sylvester ) r~ . w I great revolutionary forces and the ] ..s lip of speed, motio~ Two l~riests Of St. $ohn's Ahmmi v~l'l'e~a~"~a~"~'~':'~ctober 27 | ~,amearal ~ov. ]Reiter, Miss Bronnie Richie, 'Mr. I I~or~ 1-1~aa ',nations adhering to the concepts Jexterna~ zorm wnich have ~': Attend Catholic UnIver~ity It then face~' a:~,~rd' SChedule inl ~. " --" -- I and Mrs. James E Rohan, Mrs. ' ,, ,, -- ~., ~, I of "Christianity and Democracy," acter~zed, me modern mhad_ ~'. The Rev Paul Wachtrle---whose rapidsuccession~ Catholic High,| lrcle amed w. s Rushing, Mr. and Mrs. V. F. l-lol~or l~oll as the problem will present itself the ~enmssance and the IndU~ interesting'letter appeared in the Benton; Warr'en,![~. atesvtlle and[ .... ~ Samasek, Mrs. C J. Shrader, Mrs Little Rock Twelve al" " r at the forthcoming peace confer- ~evo.muon. "L _~ August 1st, edition of The Guard- Fayetteville. L' ~ ~ ',' . ..... | Little Rock-:-Mrs: names Almn~Ruth P Skinner, Mrs Thus. P. . . . :---2 .... I A.. e- ence. . Tne r'our Freedoms, At~;~ fan- has returned to Cathohc Uni- - : 'l i i '~ II* ......... / Greeson neaas tne ~ovemoer t;ir- ,Smith, Mrs Steve Spinelli, Mr and ports_ neaa .... aa~. b~ ...... lvxary s rtott or Second Fall _of ..__._Man ,I ......... C~.hnrtor~, ........ T:lille n Rights, .... l~r~ll~ ver'mt y, Washington, D.C., to re- vers~ty, New. Y0r~~, Father. Mur- cle. for Cathedral. Parish.. Serving Mrs. C J Sturdivant, Jr. honor zor me firs~ six weezs I "Nazism," he writes, "was the ! u,-" ~,=*~- ..... o=u~, u,uh ...... -.~ernat~ua~,~-'-' .... -'~ f~ sume his post graduate studiesphy is likewme seeking hm Degree with her on the committee are' Mrs Bessie Greer Thom,~son school year. Students w~th strmght I logical culmination of a process of ha . - "_~"[{~E - . ... . " ,. , ~ . ve never ye~ anu never w~-. Father Wachtrle, who was ordain- m Canon Law. ....... . Mrs C B Amis, Miss Vivian Mrs Emma Trafton Mr and Mrs are Semors Franc~s/secularmatmn both of the mind secured by economis+- -ta~ ,' ' ..... .... ' 'At~/nson, Patricia Findley ann f c 1 ....... ' " ed by His Excellency, The Most The Faculty ai~ ~[udent body of Berry, Mr. and Mrs. Win. K. Booth, James L. Vallely, Mrs Minnie ...... | and o u tural mshtutmns whmh i or financial wizards Such _.,~ Rev. John B. Morris, D.D., Bishop St. John's Sei~:~}~'are proud to Mrs. Margaret Broderick, .Mr. and L. Webb, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. t~ary, oumors: rag/had been in progress since the strument.~ are but" exte-r~allfl~ of Lzttle Rock, on February llth, learn that tliesd twb priests have Mrs F Burnett, Mr J C Carroll, Welch, Mr Wm V Welch, Mr~mr~, ~onnme ~wame noss ann / Renaissance and the Industrial, and leoal svmb,qs rosnon~..~ 1943,, studiedatwelv~rY;:ir;e~t fS:r been selecte~:~gr"th~l ~heh~ng~ MF. 'and MMFss./:~ke~hOudC!~mber~ and Mrs Franci's 7.ackert, Mrs: ~aFY ne~nLhe~a~SaPhk~?re~ReVOlvU:~on tBuOthd thmeSee,shistoric somethTng that lies d~e~p :~,~, John s Sem" ry. of Post-Graddat~.W k .... M . and M . Y, . Leon Holland, Miss Lynetta Ward ........ ) " ' g visible within the human soul." ~|A the Diocese of Grand Island, Ne-best wishes for..a~l~u~cessful year. Mrs J. B Crossley, Miss Marie Mr and Mrs Harold V. Hebert, mary ..~omse ~n-/earthward. The former corrupted __.~ braska, Father Wachtrle has be- ~' ": .... Danforth, Miss Frances Davis, Mr. Mr. and .Mrs Louis Schaeffer, Mr o reem, ~.avonne ~r~?.en, t~osmyn / the soul of Europe and squander- ~=-'%'-:'::--:~--=--'~:'~:";=='~-'t gun his second year of post-grad- ~.,~ n .... _. ~,~.:~i~- ' .., and Mrs. Philip DeSalvo, Mr. and and Mrs. Ralph LaForge, Miss ~ones, .~nnet.~e wamgreen an~/ed the supernatural heritage of "1 uate studies for a Degree in Canon ~u~v~v~ ~u..,~i, ....:~. Mrs C E Durbin, Mrs S H Ed- Emily Marie Brewer, Mrs. R ~a.rro~yn win.mere - - . ~ Christendom by its exstatic wor- ..j a,,~vv,,~,~ **~,~.-..:' ~mer seniors wno mane me shi of material beau The :~ Law. , , wards, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. El- Phelps, Mrs. Mary Freeman, Mrs. P ty ..... ......... The Sub-Deacon~ .of., St. John s ~..++ M~ t~ A ~.mri~k M~ .T ~n~*h ~.... ~ ~r nnr~ ~/rr~ r~ THonor Roll are: Mary Bzrnbach,)Renaissance of Catholi Italy wor' ~~|| T~'~ ] :l'ne l~.ev .~rancls aaurpny.--[ Seminary wilt aommence, a three ~:1~"~~ ~j~" ~''"~' "~- ~ ~'.."_'..:-~':.~'" :'~ "~':f"'~'.~..~..~ Marilyn Ebbing,HildaAnn Far-}shined the contour nf C~an'sbodv" ~,~.~=~=L'AV~ i Whose cnjoyame let~r aescrzmng o ni ht Oc- ,~,.~,,u,,.. ....,~......, ........... ~=,uv,~, ~. ,~,,u ~,,,~. ~,~.~, " I "- - " "" "" " .... day retreat ~m. orr w . g , Fr erickson Mrs A B Fuller- Glad Mr a d . rell, .Irene Gerke, Lorraine Hooks, his rmment, his art, his redmcov- , rmssmnary hfe in North Carohna " il be a ed , .... , . n Mrs. Leslie Port- . [ ~ooer 28~n.This re~rea~ w 1 Juamta lngram, dean donnson,ered clasmcs ornam n f o I . s rinted m the Se tember 1st . . Mr. and.Mrs. Lawrence Gasper, wood, MrsR.C. Ray Jr, Mrs E , e ts, and o d, , wa p P sp,mtual preparatmn for the Order ..... Bett Jo Kant Dodm Le Vet LAUNDRY , edition of The Guardian---recentl _, r, ...... ,^ ...u:^,....m ~. .... Mrs. Jerry Glenn, Mrs. M. A B. Reaves, Mrs Margaret Red- .. Y .... ~ ..... v.+. a~ _, the Industmal Revolutmn of Prot .... i . . Y u~ ~a~utm~= w,~* .w,, ~= ~u,,- , lvlary lvlulter, u~.....~ ~,,a~, ,,.axa esran~ r~n lano shift d h "d latr '~, entered Cathohc Umvermty to be- ~ .... ,~ ,~v+ Wod,~es,~aV "mornin= Gumon, Mrs. L. L. Hamot, Mr. and mond, Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. r~m .... ~,...h=+ ~ ..... ~..,* ..... .~ [. -. g . ..e t ~e 1 o/, . y i ~ '. gin his post- graduate work..Fa" "~'...'.~"Nv,=mber ............ 1st at:.f.~c~.m,," "~ " . in the' Mrs.. Pat Harding, Mr. J. J. Heal- Schroff, Mrs. C.. B. Speed, Mr. and .............. Mary Evelyn Trofllett.~="-~ ............. ) cat ms maSSame oz oeinPrucUnrice oz anymmg., ~ ~ii ther Murohy. who was ordained ~.~.... ~.~.~..~,. r~n,,~ ~ ~,. ey, Mrs. Dora Healy, Mrs. Anna Mrs. L. B. Sulhvan, Mr. and Mrs. t....~ .... ~..-. ^ ....~ ..^ I.P~. g p d and mark-; :;, by Hm Excellency, The Most Rev. r Herdman, MLss Modena Holland, Jos. M. Taken~ka, and Mrs. B.I.. . . I ~.~.~ cellency, The Most Rev. Albe t L. , Bflhe Bowley, Carol Keenan, Mary I , .... Eugene J. McGutnness, D.D., " . T r Mrs. R. A. Holland, Mrs. H.. W. Tucker ......... Both rnzssed the value of man, CLEAN .......... Fletcher, D.D,~ ~.G., AUXl m y u..~ ...............i-n ..... " .... Ann Lucas, RRa Lynch, Marjorae ~r -e ~ ..... + ~ .... ~'~ ~maop^o[ .t~ate.~gn on ~ecemoer Bishop of Little:iRock, will be the ~'~]:~= ...... , ........... "~" _ : : Meehan, Patty Mulholland, Fran- ~ho,,~h'~ .n~l"-~,~-~: ,-:~"~'::,~',~,o~,; ZlSL lU~n in ma~ ~ee ~ly, pur- ordalnina nr~lnte ' "'"'~""~" oo~ Plnt,,nn T,-,;~ -ar~lt-;a o.~n o. ~.., .............. u. d*,u~.,..--** . sued hm Phflosoph,caI and Then- ,,~. .... ~. .... m:...~.,. ,~.0 w:.Mrs. C. B. Johnston, Mr.and tb~rin, Znln,,d~k t ~e momentum o~ whmh dommat- , ~,,u~= ~,,,, w....a,.~ .,~ ,-.,~- - ............... ea me moaern mind for h logical Studms at St. John s Semi- ~,....+., ~+~,~.+ ~, Mrs. Wflham Krallman, Mrs, Sonhomores" Bonnie Adalr . , _ t e next l:}k^.._ ~ ~tf~t nary Prior to h,s entrance at St ................... Wm A Lamg, Mrs Mary C Lzght = " , severaz cenmrms~oth conspired axmu*~ av~ " ' " Rev. Mr. PaUlR.Bujarski--Dio-I " ' " Mary Arntz, OraLee Eggleston, " . " John's, he attended Fordam Uni-I Jeweler Diamonds, ~p, Watches, Pearl~, Silverware, Cloek~, China Variety, L~ather Goods, Mtmic Boxtm and Gfft~ for Any Occasion, Morrflto | Morrilton, SEMMES cese of Little Rock Rev: Mr. Joseph S. Quinn---Dio- cese of Little.Rock. Rev. Mr. Victor, M. Nazario-. Diocese of Ponce, Puerto Rico Rev, Mr. Bernard J. McGrene- sty, Mrs. Anna Lipsmeier, Mrs. H. W. Loesch, Mr. Fexil Malachowski Miss Mary Mayor, Mrs. James McCarthy, Miss Dorothy McMa- hen, Mrs. Henry Meirose, Mrs. Peter Merloni, Mr. and Mrs,C.A. . Metrailer, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Miller, Mrs. Wm: J. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Murphy, Miss han--Diocese o;f St. Augusta, Florida : L " '-"' Agnes Nicholsr Mrs. Ra~,mond Troop II @endoIence . ", On Monday'. morning, October Ceremonies, Mr. CIetus Semper~ Little Rock.--Members of St. 23rd, a Requiem High Mass was Servers, Messrs. Jacob Bauers Andrew's Troop 11 attended two sung,tTy the Very Rev. Msgr. James and Robert Warner; Censor and meetings last week, one Monday, E. O Connell for the happy re- Boat, Messrs. James Naughtin October 16th, the second Friday, pose of the sovLof. Mr. Joseph and Robert Foster; Acolytes, October 20th. Whalen who d~ed,'at his hone in Messrs. Walter Phelan and Bar- The first meeting, held at the Greeley, Nebra}ka~ on October 21. nard McQulllan.- Cathedral Hall, was presided over He was the fast, her of Mr. James Mr. Whalen's death resulted by the troop .~p~mitteeman, Mr. Whalen of St. / John s Seminary The minor off,.of the Mass were from an accident many years ago Himstedt, who"~ad the require- filled by the foll~wing ser~inarians which caused a partial paralysis, d~hual who represent t~e. Grand Island It was this condition that confined Diocese, Nebra'sR~:? ~"ster of him to his bed for many years and which culminated in his death last week Funeral services were held this week at the Sacred Heart Church, Greeley, Nebraska with the Rev. Michael Feeney offering the Requiem High Mass. The Faculty and Student Body s extend to the Whalen family sin- :::::::::_-::::_,:.=::-"--:--:::z:..~:: cerest sympathy in their great loss. FOODLAND Arkansas A COMPLETE FOOD ARKANSAS Authorized MORRILTON ................. I ............. .L...AI..L ............. I~...~ ........................... J ............... L "l[[t .r-. [ I ~ / 2."J/ ........ [ ................................ ~- ,, =,,,, ....... MARKET Phone 32 WE DELIVER B&B Service Station Your Esso Station- Morrilton Phone 69 Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Wflkins Patricia Knoedl, Dolores Krah, on grades with the following val- Addie May, Bernardine Narey, Marilyn Oswald, Mary Jo Sand- ers, Mary Jac Snider, and Mary Frances Suttor. Freshman: Janet Garbacz, Fran- ces Golden, Grace Hoyt, Hallene Lang, Aloise LynCh, Judy-McCall,, Alice Muller, Mary Myers, Bobbie ues: A six points, A minus five points, B four points, B minus three points, and C two points, with no grade below considered. Roberts, and Polly Weny. Two grade school pupiis~ Mary Lou Brock, eighth grade, and Mary Ralphe, sixth grade, made straight A reports. Only five other grade school stu- dents made the Honor Roll. Eight grade: Judy Le Vee, Mary Tru- emper, and Anna Ruth Rankin; six grade: Ruth Gleason; and fifth grade: Roseann Turgeon. To be listed on th~ Honor Roll a student must have an average of 5 points. This average is based played. Results on the Camp-o-ree will appear in this column next week. HILLS' CAFE The Best of Food Phone 513 Morrilton, Ark. i Morrilton, Ark. SILVER STAR CAFE "Hom Cooked Meals" "Reasonable Prices" FREDDIE MOLL, Owner MORRILTON ARKANSAS i II I I Treadwell Motor Company DODGE and PLYMOUTH Sales and Service Broadway Slreet MORRILTON ARKANSAS j THE FIRST STATE BANK Morrilton, Arkansas Conservative Constructive Member F.D.I.C. II I II I I Morrilton, Arkansas