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October 27, 1944     Arkansas Catholic
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October 27, 1944

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X: ,( !~'!:, PAGE FOUR ' THE GUARDIAN, OCTOBER 27, 1944 P PUBLISHED WEEKLY THE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIBTT Of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkum SO91/s WEST SECOND STREET Entered as second.class matter March 21, 1911, st the post office I~ Little Rock, Arkansas. under the Act of Oonsress of Marsh D. 1879. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE: $2.00 tha y~x" OFFICIAL DrOCESAN ORGAN TI~ Guardian is the official arian of the Diocese of LJttle Rock and ! ps-ar God that Jt may be an earnest champion of the csuso of rilht, Justice and truth and an ardent defender of the relision we all love so will i extend tO it my blesafnl with the sincere hope that its career my be s ions end prosperous JOHN B. MORRLS+ Biahop of Little Roel~ Lt EDITOR VERY REV. MONSIGNOR THOMAS L KEANY. Ph. D. ---- ---- ------ -- - AB oommunJeatJonJ about The Guardian must be hondlad throush the Business Manaser and all matters Intended for publication shoutd reach The Ouardlan of, flee not later than Tuesday at noon. REVEREND THOMAS J PRENDERGAST Business and Editorial Office, ~$09~ West gnd. Telephone J48| SPON.qOR.q OF SERVICE Picture Service---Knilrhts of Columbus of Arksncas , Biytboville-Osceola Council No. 2857 $12.00 "Littlb Rock Council, No. 812 ~.Paragould Council, No. 1712 Fort Smith,Council, No 996 , pocahontas Council No' 244B " ' ' ~exarka'ntt Council No. 261;0 ~ .... ~tutt~art-Sldvactown Counoil, No. 2780 ...... :-,Jonesboro Counoil, No. 1702 ..... , ,: ,, : Heleng Council No. 1770 ~. Pine Blurt Counotl No. 1153 ............................ $22.00 r : ' i ~ OCTOBER 27, 1944 ALL LOOK ALIKE -----__.__ Were it not a religious ceremony performed by men whose sincerity may not be questioned, we would have been amused at the account of a recent dedication of an Episcopal church. In the ceremony dedicating an Episcopal church we would naturally look for a ceremony that would be strictly Episcopalian, an expression of the faith of that particular l denomination. The interested spectator' would know the char- acter of the building. The Bishop of the Episcopal diocese dedicated the church. He was assisted by two leading ministers, one a Presbyterian and the other a Congregationalist. Both delivered addresses name and COMPLETE address (not initials): otherwise the queitlous will not be answered. No names are ever published. Questions which ask for private answer must ba accompanied by self-addressed, stsmped envelope. We invite only honest end worthwhile questions Is There Any Basis In Scripture For The Catholic Doctrine That God Wills All To Be Saved? on the occasion. This participation of Presbyterian and Con- There are two classical texts from Holy Scripture which prove gregationalist ministers with the Episcopalian Bishop in a church thvt God wills that all be saved. The Book of Wisdom, after extoling God's omnip~,ence, says of His mercy: "But Thou hast mercy upon dedication may be hailed by loose-thinking people as an ex- an, because rnou canst do all things, and overlookest the sins hibition of liberalism and Christian charity. Judged correctly, of men for the sake of repentance. For Thou lovest all things that are and hatest none of the things which Thou hast made.... Thou it is evidence of the lack of any fixed rule of faith on the part sparest all, because they are Thine, O Lord, Who lovest souls." In of all three ministers who took part in the dedication. The this text the mercy of God is de- ~ ..... scribed as universal This univer- Will you please give some in- seven points of Calvin which marked the beginnings of Presby- sality is based (1) on His omnip- formatiou on the subject of arch- terianism should be anathema to a bishop of Episcopal Church. If they be consistent believers in their own church, the Presbyter- ian and Congregational ministers are heretics in the mind of the Episcopal bishop. Following the injunction of St. Paul, he should refuse to take official part with them in any sacred cere sony. According the traditional teaching of the Congrega- otence which is unlimited. His mercy, being equally boundless must therefore include all men without exception. The universal- ity of God's mercy is based (2) on His universal over-lordship and dominion. As there is no creature that does not belong to God, so there is no xnah whom He does not at)gels? Is there any Scriptural basis for our belief in their ex- istence? A hierarchy of nine choirs, ac- cording to the common teaching of the Fathers and of theologians, makes up the angelic court. These are Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominations, Principalities Pow- tional church, the minister of that denomination should have love and to whom He does not show mercy in the passage quoted little respect for the Protestant Episcopal church which he would is based (3) on His love for souls. Rural Catholic of the by Rev. Anthony C. S. Sp. With A View To The The farmer is a man look ahead and make the future. He must not only the present tern that he may make~ bt consider things on the For many years there have men 'doing constructive Faulkner County in impr~ tle stock. Arkansas State ers College with Dr. O. D. has gone a long way in iral the grade of cattle which we County Agents have often it possible for farmers to their stock. Henry ers, Virtues, Archangels, and years has had nothing bu Angels. Each rank is distinct and tered cattle. He undo~ has status, dignity and powers of tell you how profitable " ' L'. i..t....'...L_',..: ..... .... h, consider a diluted form of Popery. Wherever there is an immortal ;ts own. (The word angel is also tered herd of Jerseys ha.V~ ' L ~I ~y ~4~t~'~4P O~ tJJ~ .co~, wc uJJuc.ota.u .*~-~-.r soul, be it in child or adult. Chlis y /J , . . . _ used as a common name for mere- A. J. Hambuchen and Sor~ the'liberty ot discussing the propriety ot public . The dedmatton of the new church apparently does not tian, pagan or Jew, God is at work bers of all choirs.) built up a fine herd of Dale "c "n r ..... ' " plicitly in Sacred Scripture (Jtlde thin down because of short measures ,and political opin.lons, let us have as muck ith?: ra~:p:enty/t ::::~:: li~t~Sib: Soh~tPanmethaItt dh:mm;:li:~," tlh: ~n~Velttt ?:vn:eq:en~lvYer~h~' d~ Archangels are referred to ex- which they now are oblii it P P Y only m a moral but m a h meal "0t it asyou please; but it It means the liberty of a - - p y ix: I Thes. iv, 15): The Church man power. Lawrence . : ......... ts " rses-oft ee ot me ?l~le;S~ixrie~gut::e I ""zo'H u" lIl~lJ' WllU[ v~.,.vor~s ~,-'Lvr+,at-vt~t 1s in narge, secrecy confessional For >~~ihnrs three archangelSlo ellibv name' }chse__ /GuernseySroo and haS_ .+jl" / :hTrPchere ba: ;okodd=: :fn~;:f?th:~: r ~::e :t? ~ies ~i~ !~i: Michael, captain of the heavenly free herd and has madera ttonting, calumniating and detaining one a uother, e ds :~gh::ef of ,dthatn~a~semf . , . ~J own myselt willing to part with my share otlt whe - . .... " _ .i, text is from St. host; Gabriel, angel of the An"l provements. These are just ever our legislators shall please,to alter the!aW.; ang :ht:;:h :in:~;ersThA?:d:ah:: Ca~h]o~i:nRe:::~ from behef m no ~l~?~iaatI sdupp;eca~p:rse, fp:a'yfe~r:tifthoughtnunciatin;to haveand Raphael,moved theWhwateris havefeW Olin Faulknerthe manYcountyfine her:. Shall eheerlully consent to exchange my liberty ot .-- tercessions and thanksgivings be of the pool of Bethsaida (John, v/ Interest in better steel : v le e t ot bein abusea made for all men . . . For this is and who traveled with the young registered cattle has $rown abusing others for the prI i g o n g . r ' ~ .... " " r "1 " good and acceptable in the sight Tobias. point "dhere many farmer~ mvseH"---,Franklin De carerul never to permtt an lnlecent wora toescape of God our Saviour, Who will have As to their nature, archangels excellent cattle. Many -~ " " " a] ~ . ' ... ' from your lips; for, although you do not speak it with an ill 1 men to be saved, and to come are purely spiritual intellectual have come in from MissoU " . . _ , to the knowledge of the truth For creatures of God, and, like all an- other Places to buy high gra, HOW REMOTE IS ARKANSAS?. intention, yet it may be hurtful to those who hear it. An evit there is one God, and one mediat gels, were created to adore God in tle tn'Faulkner County and ; word falling into a weak heart spreads itself like a drop of oil or of God and men, the man Christ heaven, to serve as His messengers Counties in Arkansas. " ~ Jesus, Who gave Himself a re- in the governance of the world,our finer cows are now 1 "Arkansas is as remote as Death Valley." Those who falling on linen, demotion for all " and to be the guardians of men. our State with the result tl ' ~, . . . -- . have read the November issue of Fmld Afar, will no doubt be Somehmes tt seizes on the heart m such a manner as to , * * , * * * ter the war we may find ol . , .t _~ t.. ...... a ....... t -k,. references in fill it with a thousand unclean thoughts and temptations to lust To what extent is a priest bound How does the Church regard the we have retrogressed a gre! cnagrmea, ]~ no~ a ol~ ungc,cu, =~ vu,.c u, t.... " to hold secret wha opinion of some that Mary and Jo- and we will be a long tll ~i~r~~~f:ii~ ~!ii~~ii~~iiio~~iieilhllI ~iii seph were the parents of other building our fine herds uP~ children? Interest, time, patience an~ Such an oninion is unison sight are necessary if we 1 There is no foundation in the mamtam our standard ~ Scriptures for this theory; on the .ann nee~ .cattle. Arkansas contrary, the position of Christ as ~s an agmcultural state, ln~ ,, ' P .... . . . + ' . sion that may in any way redound the only Child of Mary is well years nas pe.rceptibly turnc~ enter the more pointed the dart ts the more easdy ~t enters our bodtes, to the d~ r 1 globe. The encyclopedia continues, 'Tourists may " ' sc ed't of the penitent, established. St. Joseph was the zo ca~ue raising. ~cru~:] foster father of Christ It '- ~ aoes no~ cash in ~iviaenas *' ......,,+lh~.,j ................ 1.~,. ; .... t .... , ....... k,,, .... st carr+ water for man and so, also, the more pointed an obscene word is. the more deeply The lips of a priest are closed sofaith" that Mary was a 'vir~ina+nndut better grade stock does. .4 -- .. . . ,~ ~ . ,, o. r- ~ o fat" as the sins confessed to him. - --- ........ the do ma ts so 1 rote the future should enc c ores cloes tt penetrate me neart ot francis me omes beast ....A few crows, starved jackrabbits, slinking oy , " -- " The same obligation of honor and g "" o d that it is in the ..... " - Apostles' Creed. Biblical texts zarmers ~o Keep ony go.ont :atl~;:: z 7::0~ ;OmP2gkzi:pe !ivan: n[e~tetstn~!i~ ~it~p::~:twh~!i!s~P~s~!d~!i about the brethren of Christ.refer anct not allow their herds ~ kes'2:; :hdeSa:thdrh~nMda lTaof;ge "OUI VIVE?" UthrutTl~Yt~lel to His clos9 cousigs. To maintain down into .the ~we~." gra~ r a i an otstso,qite oninion ~h,~,,,~ ~,,,~,~, scruo margm. J~a~tlkner ..... r~__.L xZ_,l_.. " (Continued from page 1) 1. J . . !ect.If nothing the obligatiofi 'of religion which ance'-o'-f'the B~ible w~h"ich+fo~l"~,~:,: especially with Swift and Cot -- .....,-,- ........... this usage in undis'Put)ed instances, to take all the dairy prodA01 , - ............and of the linguistic habits of the ~ne.~armer and the LewiS ~ Jewish oeonle ~o take care of the Sale, v " ~ ," , + beef cattle should be arg~ I read i .... " .. + enough to keep up and i~ doctor inje~ednedop::e; w,,ere .a the cattle we have in our C' into the muscles of t- nut.entre Since Arkansas has partly ne neart ox a ed ~s to cattle rmsmg, good P man who was really dead and life an-, -- .... -~- ---- esS~ .................. ~=~' returned, lte livedfor three Fertilizing, and ~,lantin~' pS says, ~lrKansas is as remote as t.,ea~n valley Is u[ nl I[S wa ~ onfessed to him except it be the .. . . . . " because the wise-crack Is the p " y rum will lm2 forbids him Hndor r~nln of rnmrfnl It that were all the author had to say about Arkansas, weapon of the tnexpertenced and lpress the intellect, hut the ob- sin to reveal the ~in~ *hnt huxn~, possibly it could have been overlooked. But he goes on in hise uni i[rmeds'ult tngStoaSainpffeCn/ staClesparr PvPargntnlY io nanY h 2 s been confessed to him. So far ....... I " sands u - does this obligation go that even ' description of our attractive State, and tn locatmg the Rohwer/of Intelligence. ' I pen thousands of people go i'n a court of iustice he i, n,~* +~ ., -- regularly to baseball parks and to 1 ~ ' ' ~ ........- :. and Jerome camps for Japanese says: Somewhere between/ ,.,.,,,..., ......... ,.*[too, haU .,.m~ ~,h ...... ,,- . .+ owed to speak rather for or ......... , ,, ,~ ~ vc-~,,., ,~,,,, ,~, .......... ~ ,+,mess nowa"ainst hi .... :*~-" -- " the Ozark Mountains and the tVlismss,pp! K,ver--that two large] ver; m'uch'i pressed by the pres-t hhe a;~ intelligence of he h~'~ ta~enP~a~t:#;ac2:feGndeS:n~ ot,,.tok,,. ,~f 1,,,A ~.,r+v,. ~,.t n~irb. +o nr,w;d~ nlac,-* of refu~e for[ ent campaign for the highest of-I s s rected by a man, has in th ......+ c,_.~ .... :. ^~ 7-': ........... ..... ='7 ri ns"ro" t7" west coast 1lice within the gift oP the people.]w: ptSnltsS naeabonch and glv_es di- the confession, In the same di- ct g U 0 ~ p ~ " ~ ~ ~ [I ~ the Japanese ann japanes -,,-tm r m-: ne , [Such mud slinging anu name ealI- [ . Y ot stgns. In the vine Nam,, -,~,~ n .... ~,. ; ....... hours. What becomes of his soul * P ~7 -- .,, ........... ~_r-_L__ t .... ~:e:__ Lis statement/ing would he destestahle in any IPro~essional sports mature men, sented the~P~r'~n~,',~,+~,,~i'~-/~,~ before" he was brought back to so as ~o nave pasture ~or,'" etc. ~tattng mey are near ,vtc~enee ue qu,,,Hc, ,, ' man of - .................... , ..z life9 me year is very necess~r~ ,,, , . , ...... ,, [pohtical contest and surely such] y them veterans of yearsChrist A ~-;,~t ;~ r. .... ,~ ...... + Tlae man wa ...... + - noxious weeds should be ex~ by, I may t~e using the worca near very loosely, etc. rloW[tactics are too common to be used lot experience and ofmany gruell- tho forf~i'~ ~'~h~;~'~ ~,o~'~.~ ...... i ....................... If he was, adrenalin~ ::aanY 3~:r xed/~bmake ~?~nef3r Paa2~U~. : loose somewhere between the Ozark Mountains and the[bYimen_who the,/~n~g._ca~m~a~_g~s".t..ake lt helrerders (he of the medicine could not give him life ._ s .~ .. [_. ' " /The lea ue' lead'n this secret St John Nepomucene Mississippi River? ithis great nation. Voters in a] g s ~. g batter .steps died and he is ven,~ra*,-~ ~ ,h.~ The restoration of-a' dead man to age the ~arm2r." t~on~itio~ot u h - ~ ......... lite requires a miracle. And sure- ~+ortn ann ~as~ of tne:^l~ M .... ~ ~k,, n~;~o~, of the Dmcese" know the writer]democracy are supposed to have / P to t e_plate. .... He Is a player of ~+.~+;..,,,,,~ o~* ~.e'"- "---'~eux o ~ ..... me contes- ........ ....,~ ...... . . ./a certain amount of intelligence, !outstanding abnt~y, the idol of the sional A priest m~Y not speak ly. these medicines. + do~ not. "possess~ zerent~tates arefromW~mOUtconditionsqUesu~,,+. very well. His talent in ~ournalism, the radio, drama and~but no one would think so if he lfans. Is he allo~,e' choose his cf his'~n~*--* ~,~~;,~;- ~-~ .~...~^o m~raculous power. ~h~s'.mc,c er,~ .~ ....... i~ cinema a~e all a matter oJ~ record. But he should be more]wereto Judge by the content of [t~wnare~Urt~e~o 9 maNOnt~teall" He lookssiena1 about~si+ns~aa~'~ae'ma;'l~ave~+- . .~ .=ois n~'t ......... eunum'~], x-cup,e, ...... presum-'" " North~um' andU~ ~neEast pasmreSare alwaY "s ..... '. .. the speecnes that have been de- , g , who gives c . . ably, laaxe often been re- cared for Nature has b~. careful at least more accurate, inhls grave responsibdlty on the]livered thus far by the candldateslhlm the sign about what he Is to free and ............ ~ stored after the doctor worked .. .... " ........ | long hours upon them. The soul ~ee KU~tAl~ LIFE on pas- : staff o{a national Catholic mission magazin.e that nears a half/toO lt e re td , : +"+": t~ ~bt I?atlone th: ~oel:~ot$iteohreddeballwouH/~ penitent. ~xg:es:eu, wren oz m= of this man remained Jn his boa)-. _ d+ meet with utck and d million circulation. /in the present campaign issue~ of I q rastic pun- For what is death but a seF.aration I __ e of body and soul, and since he was | H I M S T E D , .,. ..,, ,, __. ~a t__ _ s=,.~_ ,_ ,,_ ...... rL /the utmost importance are at stake/ishment., +A crucial moment in a Is it a doctrine of faith that the .restored after a time, it is evident |~ ., lr I:nl8 Still were a11, we woulo n~vu itttt~ tu g~t wu r~-/ ~ ........ .... and this Is true The voters have iioognal| game arrives. Time is sutrering In Purgatory is caused by t* e " ed up about. But the writer spent a few days m our Stat ]a right to know the policies, both ]called and a substitute rushes on fire? that the soul had not left.-the I 1D],,,,,~k],~JP,, I.lamtl ,, last summer visiting old friends and gathering material for]foreign and domestic of each [to the field with the coach's dl- . No. The' Church has given no body. | ,+ a~taaa~aaat~ tx.aa~,.~-: Icandidate Thus far there has/recuon, l~o one questions the or- aecision on this point. However, ' I [ Company ' other articles and stories. In the prospect of subsequent articles[~een no sound discussion of these [der. Each player has his assigned it is the common teaching of Ca- and stories, there is reason to be afraid of his superficial knowl-][0y either candidate In the world [tbar~k~nd tbh:c~larYngOe;:?r~U~ohu hA tahrOlicn tphsologioarnSatrhat those who Allsopp & Chapple I ! Se ,t g Little Rock For + ..... of education we maintain that c - g y e punished by Bookse Than 2~ Years eHge of our State and his flare for playmg on the creduhty of[;unil who knows his matter can [down, but only through the co- fire. The Church has only de- llers and Stationers] ] ..~ "" " " "'e" id o" ^r'a sas from Bob Burns [ex=-lain it It should be the same/operation of every one of his fined that there is a Purgatory,807-309 Main Street [ I lnstBllation and Repan those w/to get m lr ea r/-~ g n ' P " mates r ....... [~n the affairs of government. If [ . The fallu e of one player that those detained there are help- * Call . [ I PLUMBING & HEATI~ It not the place of one Cathohc pubhcatmn to crmclze to error w [ihe candidates can solve the na-[ P m his ork.spells dis- ed by the Holy Sacrifice and the another. :Yet, the fairness of this issue excuses exposure. Nor[flonal and international problems [~l~tee~rg~hleoteStlarelranln~d to obey pr.ay~[s of the faithful. The most [ DAN DEARASAUGE! I |$$1 West Capitol Pholist For Office Su--l,o----~h ~ ~a~. [! | LltUe Rock, Ark~ "'" " " n surficie t to label "he author unfriendl to our~that are facing this nation, they |, n charge. " e torment Chat they endure [ ........ - .... e Is mrs tnsta ce r n t y now lff [ ~h... ~a I....~.~ + .... s.,. h"w +he" ! d" ereht the plan that is sftg is the pain of loss that is to sa ~ " -'J' t Reltable--~atigfactOrY State Quite the contrary--he is deeply ~nterested in our prob-[are going to be solved. The lste |gested by our so-called educators, near separation from God. Iloved and respected AI Smith had [They ~ell parents and teachers that ,. less. He could sit by the hour and show that ]f Southernersla thorough knowledge of govern-|thei.~hildren mus~ have. no in- [~a. a~ r~ r~"~ ~ ~w I ~ ~ u ex lain his o t ns Aecoru ng to these fak ~ lt~ ~ /~ ~t~ do not solve their own problems these same problems would]ment and he co ld p | .. ....... " ] I]k/i U ~ ] "1~' : k.. "s,-lved" for them b" outsiders The issue of race the evilsIviews so that they were clear to /ers me restramts mat are used in I JL THE HATTER & II I Bon Dry r ' .... ~ " ' Ithe man on the street as well as |proper direction bring about In- ] ] e r of the h colle e rofessor In fact |ferlority complexes The youn LADIE 81 of the vast plantation system, and the gen ral letha gy [[o t e g p . ..... g [ 8 AND B,~T~ ] people and leaders to face the facts are all more serious con-[oa~t;[atvherd19p2rSofCamoPrasigwnerea group pUS~siTnr~s V:o~et~l~Tn:r:blen~So [ cLEMhEE~,S | J Roofin Sheet Metal Work siderations than the mere slighting reference to our. State. P. [clarifylgovernment and his ability t[pressedissuesbY Smith~Sthat knowledgethey invitedf ~:tab~wfei~d~suen~ws.mcttcs~.mag~neonE::hthethe:d~y~baseballresultwouldorof I'1o++ .............. ANY,, I'[ 1 J ". Hornl" b k e ch la I GADGETS CREATE AMITY [him to lecture to them. Ile did p y I | ~ 209-11_East Markham Street . Phone 4"~ I i!l:ywao~a:?o~fret!~h~dnr:m:hyYfo~ tahi:t ~:eehrddais~ege:~ ~tfe~t~h:p~Theu~n i BILL SCHMIDT 1 ~ " - ........... " ..... + + The gadget on your radio may prove a powerful guar- l t the schools where such methods antor of world amity. It means more than the bristling guns[dug out of text books tn two Years . .. [ n w ,~M ...... " | of warships. Broadcasting creates understanding among peo-I cUdy 8m0aln1 laSs rgr :te n hfe relyl owce:s"s Ed eattincl Sa s n [ AUIU-I"ARI | pies. There is a station in Boston which devotes its whole time/polls because of mud slinging, charge of directing the learning I n w., | CHARLES M. TAYLOR C.H. RICI'I "- to educational programs. |name eal!lngn ~ndh da~l~dlYr: lt~a~ aP:t:::So;nhd of u T Hiding. thechar-i ~ J|~ ~-~..Jo i I ' , "d ' ~ ........v~ne quesuo s, ow o g a e t e p P IS. .No well or-I | The director of this station declares that tt has created eo le of this countr oin to al |P P Y g g - dered society hag ever el|seed "or I 4r PARTS FOR ALL CARS ~, I s on low such tactics to continue? As thousands, of new students of foreign languages and is re p "|Ion as the voters are "dumb" can ever exist without order. [ Vulcanizin Retread; / sible for increased languages and interest in world problems[enlgugh to vote by sentimentI In- Obedience means order. I' g" "~ / andLin other nationalities. He says that he has found a|stead.of bY. common sense and . ',I $08-10 Towson Ave. / .......... /eonscmnce just so tong are we go- I R~_~cse. r~A,r+,,nr~+.P I . " '! tayt 6c+ tat +'ic growing audtence m ILurope ann /America ror ran1 cou in to have er not only in languages but in literature, art," .music, science]shf ahl lnest .inf~ter~ation. Voters I PLUMBING COMPANY [ "r / ' ......... , / ou U De msu ted by these sub- I pr.r u v and world attairs. It is said that antagonism among sav-/terfuges that are hurled at them. I ........... --*-,~,~-~mu _ d be a oil leal tri t ervin Little Rock Sine ages was stirred by tribunal differences in customs, lang-[It use to . p t . ck .a | g e 1897 ..-_ _[ Incorporated uages and appearance. If the, world,.L is not to ,revert to, sav-]ineorderUme'to gett hige~m tea manvote urUnKa certainm ~1807 W. ?th . , Phone 994~._ ~ 1 A N U A R ..| )|. agery, which some predict might be the result of this world[way; Now the saloons are closed ,._____::_ ....... :_ .......... + ,,.-2. ........ ...~_. I ' ............ 1" /on etecuon uay, nut the ears of. the " ................ "~'~' [1~.1~-"f'( IVIP&IM I i war, there should .be the wtdest posstble dlssemmah0n or clvntz-/stupid are still open. ~ s. n -- ,V~.d vvava~, I ' ing influences . , ' ' " | rlummng . ' ' | AIi Lines of Insurance Except Life ' / There is no fallacy that ever ~ + I Radio can help. It,knows, no national:, boundary .... hnes./brought such evtl results in:edu Heatmg ..... of Arkansas I Rightly used it can permit .undestandmg among people cational fields as the qne that in- * REPAIR SPECI~LLI .... ..... slsts that young People are ahle to and it well make ~t more difficult to arouse national hatreds,|train themselves The eafeteria ~ 'L e 4-1631 ~ .+ It may b~ that among nati'ons no less than among individuals/~ystem of selecting studies arid of GEO. M. WOODS Little Rock NO, Little R0k 'J Phon '~" 40 .... " " e" h handling discipline has put this .... , Cabot Brtnkley Beebe It wouldbea good thmg that we get acquamted with our n lg -[nation in a terrible plight. It is Call 2-3342 Little Rock Pine Bluff DeValla Bluff I bor and we might like him. lamazing how impervious so, many ============================== ' T~ ~ i .~': ....