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October 27, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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October 27, 1923

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% / i !) i! X&apos;! < 7! o THE GUARDIAN, OCT. 27, 1923 * , * ,* . , * , , . . on the zeal of Catholics for tl, e,r ORTHODOX POPE STRIVES TO SAVE I --- * * faith. If we sometimes feel ashamed , erence to the Invisible Emp/re of the * LISTENING IN of the poverty of the missionaries we Ku Klux Klan, is scheduled to open in WEONA rnnrr,r,,,r , =,..n t it itt llrtrfl tr, ir Indianapolis on next Wednesday should feel equally ashamed of our- gUVb3UK LAUU3 I IALI/LN fftiliK tit B311 tober " '"- , * By Autolycus * selves for permitting it. Tile Catholic mornin% Oc * * Church Extension Society (Chicago) AIIIULIL bilUlLO/ 'B,* T r, x----ff'--,, - ]tns ou_rt l ne Federal Building has appeared in the colt .  t]l[][t! I ||Itr,vwl .... s .... z% in Juuge Ander- This is the second time * *. * * * * * * * * * * * is the national body which cares for / ,  "'" "" w ,. lews Service !!'arlck H. O Donnell of Chicago and "Guardian" duri e last , " Alpine Climber the condition of the home missionaries __  ome, Oct. 13.A warning to thel Joseph R. Roach of this city will a- " .......... ng th Bisho s of Ita  ) . - v- the lirs iAme was Io recol /Pnel!Veoh::YatO exercise care to ][ear fOrand.theE1 cOmErtPslaek,laints agl" k  1 :i:ts hfea Cahh: wPars  :I: Frhebenefitfthsewhoabsorb asfarasits resurces permit; which (ByNC.W C. News Service) 1 and artistic works Klea: I c es means, as far as you permit. P :  ' of the Church, is ocratlc leader and former United years ago' 1 Catholic and other news by the con- .... I .............. venient but slothful method of scan re s ueasure I olla, ocL 0The anoilc League ^^_,_:__.] ..... . . _:_ " " - The lea th of life i ' I o " . c-meu in a letter sen ou b uar- States Dltrct Attorn , .'_ , . . . ning the headlines, it mi,ht be ad- g s not the meas- f Macedonians recently organized aid.. . _. Y . .. ey under Presl lhls second visit to the visable to explain "that St Bernard are of its usefulness.' It i: more im- celebration in honor of the aged Laz-,sltnatl. Gaspam, Papal Secretary of dent.W[on, w,lt be leading counsel l is to record the death of errant to know .... - =" xor me Klan assisted ..... ha ,, P how to live usefully arlst m;smonar Father Prol , by several at oft 's not been proclaimed patron' of " ..... .  Y ' , who, in . .... Catholic, an' em loyee all climbers" but merel of All than to know how to prolong a use- 1903 at Monastir successfully defend-I:_.!t:ls understd that the letter was!torneys whose names have not yet/mill of the wo p- Lumber -, y p ne less life and 1 , . . .. * . npreu oy me solicitude which Po e oeen announced. -- ..... Chmbers. He has nothing whatever .' u y. ]hee is plenty of!ed the Bulgarian poor and gave ood[p;,,.. x. ...... . _ P ...... /Saturday of last week Andt to do with social climbers, who con- time, even in half the "allotted span," to many unfortunate who appealed to t '_?[ ee's or tie grea works of!u_ xu_es(my lot su?poenas were issued[chins was loading some 10g .,.,..,. .............. !to achieve something worth while 'him during, the da-s ., , ......... ,[,,* , -umerous in tmy, and which tY Lee wierK o the isrict Court to * ....... n .....   more numerous Doly maul . ,,  ...... ', .u, de-' ...... ........ .... umver wompany, w-o Pascal who ace " ..  . ,,, x,quenuy aempt to ac tire 'e servefl mmedlatel on ". those who ascend the mountain athl " ' omphshed more than misery. 2he celebration was held on/, ................. . q .... Y matermlland fell, and one of the in search of pure air and the un:'ul -[eight or nine average centenarians, the 20th, anniversary of the day of].nxT:::*iha/th roime,,s, lts stud, ls[ilol?ses zor the hearing in eonnec-/ove r him, fracturi his " died at the I e unurcn shall main- n the suit filed rec - . . lied glories of nature age of thirty-nine. Our] Ihnden (the feast of St. Elias, ac- tail,  .............. I o .......... ently by mx/otherwIse Injuring Lord i . . .s vra(llLlOnal place as me atr ouua enfl ClIlzens a a] Prayer Before Work , _ d ed when he was thirty-three, cording to the Orthodox calendar, on of arts p on ....... . g nst the Klan./'wa s rushed to St. " ' I . 1he llSI lucia(its " - . - . lIe is not too short, except to those which the rear revolt a prominent State antl tn Recent mine catastrophes call at- ' ' . g "gainst Islam Jonesboro, but . County officials of both political par- severe for him to who put off everything till "later on." broke out). DINNEEN HEADS TOTAL I ties I ceiving the last sacraments tention to a praiseworthy custom A bad feature of the medical promises I The principal event of the celebra- ABSTINENCE SOCIETY t which has sprung up among the work- of longer lives for humanity is that tion was a sepech made at the banquet FOR THE 28TH TIME The name of Ed Jackson, Secretaryl ther Stanton, he patiently of State and a Republican as irant ers in a coal mine in Illinois. Before they tempt us to leave till nex year given in honor of Father Proi by Pro- 1 P " sufferings until the end dispersing to begin their hazardous for Governor heads the list. Others/lowing day. He was 42 task, the miners gather at the bottom what we might do this year. fessor Stojanoff of the Orthodox Sem- (By N C W C News Service" are Albert Losche, Democratic Count,, . inary " B .... ) , -   ,,.d leaves a wife and two " I oston, Mass., Oct. 18.MauricelWierk of Marion County, era Dovies He was buried in Ofer theservice.main shaftThis tOcommendableaSSist in a pray-orac_ CHARGES FRATERNAL / Speech of Prof. Stolanoff" I Dmneen" of Somervitle was' yesterday I Treasurer o State, Judge James MII tice might serve as a model for indi- "CLUBS" DOMINATE U.S. ! "Until now," he said, "the motto ex elected president of the Hibernian To I Leathers, Jfdge Clinton H. Giban viduals. It might not be advisable to SERVICE IN CAPITAL or]cute lax has prevailed. Henceforth tel Abstinence. ' Soclet" y for the twenty-/Judg e James A. Collins., Bert S. Gadd M.A. we should say: Lax ex oceidente. The eighth term He has been president School Commissioner, James A. Quick try to organize prayer meetings in (By N. C. W. C. News Srvic) Special busy offices, but a silent prayer be- Greek Orthodox Church always had,sinc e 1895 and is ..... Mayor of Muncie, Milton Elrod, for- lew York fore beginning the day's work is oft- Cincinnati, Oct. 16.--Propaganda h:n?F::mn ] :ed s" " , , one oI me mos :h[:t:h2 chtho?c I prominent total abstinence workers in[ merly known 'as John Hamilton, editor en a physical as well as a spiritual to the effect that "from 70 to 85 per n Insurance ' /New England, starting 50 years ago t of the local Klan publication. tonic, cent of the heads of the government- Church has always, remained" the/in the movement in the orn" Eml ofl The rest of the long list is made up 801-7 Southern Tru$t .... al departments at Washington were teacher of the eo le You k m vame at rrayer , - , P P s e: Boston Fix Up That Life Coach Knute K. Rockne, who is re-I Catholics, and hence unless you werel'Should we then go to .Rome?' cad I " of police officers, detectives, firemen and persons roday--"I Sell It." garded by Sports writers as "the mir l a Catholic you had no chance for ad-/shun answer you" 'Why not ' King KLAN .......... si .... of various occupations re- " vancement or r f ' " " I , l-A]c TIIBUTE umg rrougnout the State. The suit Phone 744 acle man of Notre Dame," realizes the/ernmental serP::"e=:ne:h:e(g"/K:lS'siStion:SK Cyril and Methodlus,[ TO CATHOLIC CHURCHI charges conspiracy against citizens of Little Reek, tonic value of prayer. He sees that  * * Y, g , g amue5 were neyl I th tt,+o  .... ' .... .... Thomas J Donovan " . .......... ,. aes, ana ne Irau(nllen hm men receive communmn in a body, . , President of the not sons of that Church? Was not the I (By  c w r, .... 1 ......... Washin-to- '"  ...............  , , ........ ,. ews ervlce) /"u o names oI ceram persons in the .  , lsrle wouncii oI me treasure oi me lav tongue preserved New York b " " whenever possible, on the morning of Nation 1 .............. t .......... / , Oct. 19.--The Ku Klux mldmg up of the organization of the a game, and he sees to it that they a ,ouncii oi tanonc ven, relay me uamonc nurch v Was it not KI-,, ;  "ndi-^'-" ....... m tvo ] " "s " - ......... ,o,, ma 2merica is/--a-. I .......... peaking before the annual convention[the Pope who gave protection to the driftin into f ' . nR Kneel m prayer oelore mKmg ne here ........ / ....... g anatlcal natmnahsm, field. Coach Rockne is not a .Cath'.. aoout" " Ive'Ur" perZmnVancent snowea ]t was l noiYthat thernerSmlsfortunes ? Is t" ofntBulgamaPerhapScometrUe declaredSUCh as haSlsr, been the curse of E,,,,vu,_ m tat. cruenst .nickname''ever given ] lic, and I venture the opinion tna ne ," - " , " * " " 'eel Zangwill in an ad  ] DR UG puts his faith chiefly in the tonic mr. Donovan declared that a men-[from the Greek schism? Would the dress here before the American Jew :o a really beautiful thing is that of] The House value of prayer, knowing that it will ace to religious liberty existed in the fate of the "ulgarian people, not be ish Congress in Carnegie Hall. - calf-love. Certainly it has its elumsi-] breed added determination in his organizations now permitted to rune- otherwise, perhaps, if they were Cath- "You must fight this grotesque hess and its crudeness, but these re- Phones: 4.0227, tion under "governmental patronage," olic It is not merely the love of men. Klan," he said, "not because it is a salt simply from the fact that the in-] 209 W. Secolld Rockne's Career __ whose membership "is augmented truth which induces me to speak thus, menace to Jews, but because it is a struments of expression are not ade- Many universities would like to get only from one of the great fraterni- but the love of country and the love of menace to America. You must fight quate.--The Coward. I Little Rock hold of Coach Rockne, who has built ties of the country which serves as a Christianity lead me to speak o the it by all moral weapons, not so much ] the best grid team in the country. But reservoir of recruits to these clubs." beauty of the Catholic Church. because of impugned Judaism, but be- he sticks to Notre Dame, perhaps be- cause he would never find elsewhere such affection as he enjoys at South Bend. Hugh Fullerton, well known sporting journalist, gives this little biography of Rockne: "Rockne was a poor kid on the northwest side of] Chicago, hungry for education. He] fired in the stokehoht of a car ferry on Lake Michigan, pulled beans in the fields of Michigan, washed dishes, helped cook in a lumber camp, worked his way through Notre Dame helping in the chemistry laboratory, learned chemistry, became a professor of Chemistry." Right and Wrong Way The Rev. Percy Stickney Grant re- marks that if 85 per cent of young men enter college believing in Chris- "The Church of Rome is the true POINTS OUT NEED light and the guide of all. Although FOR TRAINED LAYMEN we are separated from that Church, , __ for reasons which you know, because of the intrigues of Bizantium which (By N. C. W. C. News Service) desired to dominate us by means of Cincinnati, Oct. 22.--In his address] the schism, let us beg the Holy Pc- before the convention mass meeting in ther to interest himself in us, in our Emery Hall, Edward McDermott, for- children, in all the Macedonians who met Lieutenant Governor of Kentuc- have been driven from their homes. ky, urged the importance of trainingLet us go to Rome, which reaches Catholic laymen in a full appreciation justice and duty to all peoples: Lax ex of their duties and opportunities for lceidente." service Laymen's Work "T " I , here are Important tasks which a l CARDINAL O CONNELL layman is best fitted to do. He can / SAID TO HAVE BOU,GItT solnetimes get a hearing denied to BOSTON RECORD' PLANT priests and bishops," Mr. Icl)ermott --'' said. "The urgent need of today is to cause of its insults to the Catholic Church which, when all is said, has to its credit more noble and beautiful achievements of the human spirit :hun anything the Klan can boast of." KLAN'S EXCLUSION FROM NEW YORK STATE IS FORMALLY CONFI RMED (By N. C. W. C. News Service) .Albany, Oct. 19.A final order is. sued by Supreme Court Justice Rosche prohibits the ]u K]ux Klan and its sister organization, the Ka. melia, from operating as a corpora- tion within the State of New York. The action grew out of the attempt made by the Klan and the Kamelia to incoroprate in order to evade the pro- tianity and nearly all of them I.ave develop a greater number of gifted, lost their faith on leaving college, we highly educated laymen, well trained are teaching Christianity in the in the essential doctrines of the wrong way. The Rev. I'ercy deserves / Church an dits history; well-trained in every credit for this striking deduc-/the classics, secular history, science, tion. But nearly 100 per cent of the t ecnmics, and civil government. "T ' young men who enter Catholic col- he layman s value rises greatly (By N. C. W. C. News Service) visions of the Walker anti-masking Boston, Oct. 20.--It is reported that rlaw. It was subsequently charged William, Cardinal O'Connell, Arch-. that the Klan made unauthorized bishop of Boston, has purchased the l chang es in their papers of incorpora- )lant of the "Boston Record," a news- / tion after the documents had been up- paper which ceased publication here in proved by Supreme Court Justice 1920. The "Pilot," official weekly or-' Stanley. leges believe nearly all of them leave college with their faith confirmed. Therefore, Catholic colleges are not teaching Christianity in the wrong way. Part of the trouble comes from the fact that some of the ministers who are supposed to teach Christianity, teach it without conviction, or with person- al convictions that are at variance with the revealed truth. College men are critical and soon detect the flaw. Earth Shocks Tkere is an earth shock every two hours and twenty-seven minutes, on an average, according to Father Francis Tondorf, S. J., the seismo- logical savant of Georgetown Univer- to write sound, attractive, powerful sity, to whom the whole country looks books that may travel far and wide. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) for the first intelligence of important disturbances. In explaining how he It is not enough to write and speak Cincinnati, Oct. 22.The proposed locates earth tremors, Father Ton.]Well merely for Catholic .audiences;inew chapel at St. Xavier's College dorf (in a National Geographic ar.i there must be opportunities for reach-' here is to be named in honor of Bless- ing others not of our fold. Too many ed Teresa of Jesus, whose first fiast saidticle) thatqUtesit isMarkeasyTWainto seeaShowhaving lthe Catholic young men, sometimes work- I was celebrated recently. astronomer could figure the distance mg in a chilling, if not malignant, at- I During a novena immediately pre- of the stars, but that he could not mosphere, are in subordinate places ceding this first feast day since the see how the scientist could read their merely because they are handicapped Beatification of the "Little Flower" names with a telescope: Father l'on- by a lack of thorough training or by the students of the institution prayed the want of helpful assistance in their: for the aid of the Ble,sed Tores:t in doff says that the seismologist falls in Christianity, and]if he is also.endowed with a talent gun of the archdiocese, will soon be , for writing and speaking, Bri,,ht published here. JESUS-WORKMAN The plant s furmshed with all the sterling boys, capable of attaining FEAST DAY FAVORED , rear learnm eqmpment found m any modern news g ' g and blessed with the " . ' . BY HIS HOLINESS paper, lmotypes, resses and gift of eloquence must be entered and . ' '  P .  other (By N. C. W. C. News Service) I tilkeptthoroat collegeg Y andq "ppe universitYr serviceUn'] timemachinerYthe "Bos'he "Record" was at one Berne, Oct. 16.In the and suc:J hl in e the hghfe:t places i Boston's leadinjdJl=nalI: d:cnln:d f diocese a work has been establishedFriburg gradually and, finally ceased ub ca Sacrifices must be made b', parents / " . p i . Under the direction of Abbe Schuh, tlon, now, after a lapse of two ears and by others to give these' opportu-] ' " . , : Y . .,I called the Apostolic Work of Jesus- the plant will begin operahons a am nities to boys and young man of spe-] . . g . , Workman. "Le Travail,', the bulletin cial talent' The foundations mus this time to publish a Catholic news  be ./of this organization, has published an broad and deep. Some must rise in paper, l account of a recent audience granted business; some, in the profession; i by he Pope to Abbe Schuh, who pre- sented to the Holy Father a collection come, in the pulpit and on the lecture platform; some, in the newspapers ST. XA'IER'S COLLEGE of supplications forwarded by fifteen cardinals and a hundred archbisho s and magazines; some, like Hilaire TO NAME CHAPEL FOR  . . ' p. Belloc and Chesterton, must be able and bishops, sohciting the institution BLESSED TERESA of a special feast day in honor of Jesus the Workman. "Le Travail" sums up as follows the words of the Pope: "It is a beautiful and great thought., in the labor world and among labor associations, back on elimination, and he admits efforts to get deserved promotion. Too their efforts to raise money for the tion of the feast of Jesus the Work- that the record of a single observe- many of our moneymakers are unwill- new chapel. During the novena a'ma n will, so to speak, impose itself. tory is frequently insufficient to per-ling to give enough money for the en- check for $1,000 was received and Time also will do its work. A feast in mit a scientific estimate of the lace- dowment of our schools, colleges, and shortly thereafter another donation of honor of Jesus-Workman would be a tion of an earth disturbance. ,universities; for the support of our $5 000 was received. Both donations Hobo and Lady newspapers and magazines, our book- were 1ram l:ersons devote:t t(, the writers anti book publishers." l"] "te Flower.' There is a story of a hobo who up- I ] preached a lady with a retuest for a , , dime. She was rather self-satisfied M, ARQIIEFFE MEETS points to their opponents 3. Boton B ' person and replied: "Aren't you OSrON COLLEGE I will probably have a slight advantage THIS WEEK-END in wght and has a welt balanced ex- ashmed u) be,? You are so ragged Washington, Oct. 22.One of the perieneed aggregation. that I am ashamed of you myself." ,,y .... ,,. . principal intersectional Catholic col- The Notre Dame-Georgia Tech, rephed the mendicant, it m a lege gridiron events of the year will game scheduled for the coming week- Mad of reflection of the generosity at take place next Saturday at Braves' end at No,re Dame, is another of the the ' " neighborhood. Field, Boston, when Boston College important intersectional struggle, in The moral which I wigh to attach to will tackle Coach Frank Mur'ay's which a Catholic college team will this story is a simple one. Home mis- Marquette eleven. Both Marquette take part this year. The previous si:naries are begging in public every and Boston have imposing records, the meetings of these two elevens makes week. And so long as they are el- former having gone through last sea- it sure that Saturday's gme will be lowed to beg it is rather a reflection The question interests the entire labor world. It iv therefore fitting to pre- pare opinion through the world for the institution of this feast Cantina to solicit support from the'I-Iierarh: in the !abor worm and among lamber assocmuons, professional organiza- tions and others, so that the institu- tion of the east of Jesus he Work- man will, so to speak iron itl I , _( se ........ Time also w ll do its work. k feast in honor of Jems-Workman v uld be a homage and an honorable amend to the Divine Workman, but it would also be for all, employers and subor- dinates, a call to unity in the accom- plishment of duty instead of the per- petual conflict for real or imaginary rights. Alas, how rare is thi: concern for duty, and how many deceive them- selves in exaggerating their right,." BIG LEGAL BATTLE AGAINST KLAN TO OPEN IN INDIANA (By N. C. W. C. News Servcel l Indianapolis, Oct. 17.The bi.,; le- son without a defeat and scorin 214. a contest worth seeing, gel battle in the Federal Court in ref- OUR BANKING DEPARTMENT im bl* to extead to ita euatomes e=rezT odttalk We have plenty of money on hand to lnd on Itie Roek red Dr other acceptable seeurit},, snd solieR application W. B. WORTH00 CO.ANY, BANK00 "Sinee 1877" Corner Flft and Maim IStra. 4 PER CENT rERF, MY PAID ON AVIN4 A',Ot/,:i [] Central Ba APITAL, $200,000.00 SURPLUS, Let us take care of your money for you. Let us sll or trade your Real Estate. Let us Insure your property or automobile. Let us write your Surety Bond. Let us rent you or for you a home. In fact, let us do everything for you that a fully equipPed, managed Bank can db. "Come Grow With a Growing Bank." ASSETS ARE OVER TWO MILLION We make a apqeciaRy of investing aam in first mortgage loanHl therefor$ suppl cuners and esm we represent with vements. We act as administrators and tars under Will of many estates in Pulaski other counties in ths State. We will be to aaist you. PEOPLE'S SAVINGS BANg LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS Build Your in PROSPE TERRA Beautiful vistas of and valleys. Two hundred than Main Street. Cool in summer time. Healthful pure air. The place for your to grow strong and motive, 201 West Sec,md Street. Laid out in a beautiful deaces only permitted. All building. Streets, ddewail, gas, elcctricity and telePhete installed.