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October 27, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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October 27, 1923

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4 THE GUARDIAN, OCT. 27, 1923 T i (Continued from Page 1) (St. Edawrd's Hospital at Ft. Smith) With the completion of the new hospital, St. Edward's Infirmary wilJ be converted into a nurses' home for the young women in St. Edward's Mercy hospital training school. Of the group of'six Sisters of Mer- cy who were ill St. Edward's Infirm- cry when it wa opened to the public, eighteen years ago, three have re- mained and will play important /::arts in the opening of the new hospital. Sister Mary Ancs in ctmrge of St. Edward's hffirmary Ycill be in charge of the new hospital. Sister Rita, op- CARDINAL MERCIER TO ADDRESS GREAT NAPLES CONGRESS FRENCH CONGRESS FAVORS RELIGIOUS ETHICS IN SCHOOL Will be Chief Speaker at l)ual Celc-I bration and International Gathering (By N. C. W. C. News Service) of Philosophers. Paris, Oct. 16.--The National Birth- By Msgr. Enrico I'ucci. rate Congress held under the patron- (Rome Correspondent, N. C. W. C. age of the Govermnent and attemled News Service) by men of every religious denomma- tion or none at all, ended with the Rome, Oct. 6.--Celebration of the adoption of resolutions which are corn- MENELIK'S ACT OF DEVOTION TO THE MADONNA r (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ' Paris, Oct. 16.--A Lazarist mission- ary writing in the "Missions CaLho- liques" concerning the devotion to the Blessed Virgin in Abyssinia, mcnuons the following incident showing the generosity inspired in the Emperor Menelik by his devotion to the Mother of God. It was a few months after the bat- finished in detail will cost approxi- mately $200,000. Of this sum over the gathering under university au- Th Legislation Committee was the half has already been paid, thanks to spices of the international Congre;s one which adopted the motion con- the good will, earnest efforts, and tha of Philosophy which will take place denning divorce. After tmaring an handsome contributions of charitable accurate report on the question, fol- crating room nurse, will oversee the seventh centenary of the University pletely satisfactory to Catholics. ]?wo new operating room and Sister Loret- of Naples, the observance a the same are of particular importance; the one condemning divorce and the one rec- tle of Adoua. The Italian prisoners tast.WiilEdward,sbe when university of the 6501h anniversary of ommending respect for religious edu-Ira" the capital were invited every Sun- the death of St. Thomas Aqufims, and cation, the palace where a ceJtain ]next May will bring an imposing as- sembly to that city. Cardinal Mercier, Archbishop of Malines, has accepted the invitation to deliver the principal address. Pope to Send Letter It is probable that the Pope will send a document to the solcnm cele- bration. This year, at the cebration of the eighth centenary of ne Umver- I sity of Padua, Plus XI wrote'a letter] congratulating the bishop of that city,] anti mentioning the interest always taken by the Popes in the "Studio" of Padua. It is thought only natural, therefore, that His Holiness should i wish to manifes his approbation for this other centenary, in which are re- corded not only the glories of the uni- versity but also those of the Angelic Doctor for whom Plus XI has so much admiration ant devotion. Cardinal Mercier Accepts Cardinal Mercier, accepting the in- vitation to the celebrations, addressed the following letter to the rector of the university: "l feel a sentiment of deep confu- lowed by a minute discussion of the] conclusions of this report, the corn- t i nittee accepted the principle of all declaration acknowledging the evils of I I divorce, advocating its suppressionI and demanding, until such time as this can be brought about, a more strict application of present laws. This means that, strictly applied, in spirit and in letter, the law should make the dissolution of marriage difficult and exceptional; it is only through abuse that magistrates have gradually broadened the interpretation of the text and multiplied the causes of di- vorce. Religions Ethics in Schools In the Section of Moral Action and Education, M. Duval-Arnould, chair- man of the Committee on Social Leg- islation of the Chamber of Deputies, obtained the adoption of the follow- ing resolution, which was approved by Msgr. Chaptal, Auxiliary Bishop of Park;, in the name of the Catholic Section: "Moral training must be given in sion thinking that I have delayed so the :chool in collaboration with the long in replying to such a kind invita- family; tion, so pressing, so flattering to me, "The education given in the public to whom you have written in your or neutral schools must in no way di- name and in the name of the author- minish the value of religious ethics in 'ities of the University and of the cit ,I the eyes of the child; of Naples. "At the time when your invitation reached me, I had been obliged to re- 'fuse to go to the Roman Academy of St. Thomas Aquinas, to take part, with a lecture, in the celebrations of the sixth Centenary of the canoniza- "tion of the Holy Doctor. I had also refused a lecture proposed to me by the Faculty of Theology at Strasburg. "In the two cases I had alleged the "On the contrary, this religmus ethics shouhl find its support in the lessons of natural and traditional eth- ics given in the school, :frankly based on the existence of God, of the im- mortal soul and free will." This resolution was ratified without oppositon by the plenary assembly of ' all sections. At the opening season, the presi- dent of the Congress, M. Isaac, former extra burden, unfortunately true, of Minister of Commerce, my vast diocese, the weight of my 72 years and the almost complete lack of time for a scientific work. "It seemed then that I should, logi- cally, reply 'no' to you, painful for me, but inevitable. However, I have not the courage to do so. The days and weeks passed and I could not make up my mind to send you a reply in the ' negative. "The splendor of the seventh cen- an irresistable attraction. I am therefore, writing today, late but with courage, to tell you that I accept with respectful gratitude your gracious in- vitation to preach in the Basilica of S. Domenico Maggiore to celebrate with you and your learned colleagues the memory of one you so justly called 'doctorum doctorem.' Will Speak in French "It is a venture on my part, in my said: "The problem of the birth-rate is a question of will and conscience. All the riches of the world cannot make a soul, or a conscience, or pure morals. To make souls, consciences, pure morals; this is the secret of making fine fami- lies." Among the reports presented at the Catholic Section was one by Father Dassonville, tending to demonstrate the influence of religion on t-Ze birth- tenary of the foundation of your uni- rate. This report contained some versity, the 650th anniversary of the very interesting figures. According to death of St. Thomas, the assembly, a survey made by certain religious or- within the walls of your incompara- ders, it was proved that 737 French ble city, of an International Congress religious belonging to 20 communities, of Philosophy, formed before my mind had a total of 5,000 brothers and sis- ters, or an average of seven children per family. Figures are very much lower for the general population, es- pecially in non-Catholic centers. Indecent Fashions Condemned At the suggestion of General Bon, the Committee on Catholic Action voted a motion emphasizing the neces- sity of recalling to womanhood the notion of self-respect and condemning indecent fashions and immoral books present conditions of life and work to and posters. undertake this office, but you yodrself The Congress closed with a solemn will see, at least a proof of my very High Mass at which the Bishop of sincere wish to meet your ideas and Marseilles presided, and a banquet moral education and civil progress; presided over by the Minister of Hy- those of the venerated Archbishop giene. Seated at the right of the who has supported your request. I Minister was the mother of the larg- think, that I will speak in French, see- eat number of children in the Depart- mg that I will have the members of an International Congress among my hearers. On the other hand, I should not refuse to speak in Latin, if you would like me to do so. I am not fa- miliar enough with Italian to dare speak it in public. "I am, therefore, at your disposi- tion on the day in May whose date you will let me know, and you will find me ready to do all that is in my power to answer to your expectations. "In the meantime, I beg to send you the homage of my high consideration and my grateful and devoted senti- ments. "Desiderate Card. Mercier, "Archibshop of Malines." and generous friends in Fort Smith, and to the generosity of friends in the distance. Much credit for the speeding up of subscriptions to the hospital, permit- tiny its completion is due to the com- mittee of business men composed o1"] A. L. Hendricks, Leon Williams, Ger- aht Creekmore, Le4gh Kelley and Joe] Ferrari, who were appointed as ai building committee to assist the Sis- I ters of Mercy. St. Edward's Hospital Guild through its appointment of a committee com- posed of Mrs. A. L. Hendricks, Mrs. Pat O'Shea, Mrs. W. H. Euper, Mrs. John Kerwin and Mrs. James Sin- clair, to assist in the production of the St. Edward's Mercy hospital edi- tion has added the final bit. Broad- casting news of tim erection of St. Ed- ward's Mercy hospital, the second largest hospital in the state, and one 1 of the most complete in the entire country, through the thousands of inches of advertising and reading matter in the special St. Edward's Mercy Hospital number of the South- west American, which is carrying the message of St. Edward's Mercy hos- pital, the gentle Sisters ol l)lercy and qeir far-reaching work to thoasands of homes throul, nout this broad land, The Sisters deeply appreciate all that has been done for them, and they will not cease to invoke daily the blessing of Him who has promised to reward even the giwng o a cup of cold water in His name. St. Anne's Academy Following the dedication of the new :Mercy Hospital the Bishop and clergy were the guests of the Sisters of St. Anne's Convent for a formal seven, course dinner served at one o'clock. Out of Town Visitors Out of town visitors for the dedica- tion were: Rev. Mother Fidel/s, :Mother M, Ignatius, Mr. St. Mary's Academy, Little Rock; Sister Michae- lia and Sister Brendan, St. Vincent's Hospital, Little Rock; Sister M. Ed- ward, St. Joseph's Hospital, Hot Springs; and Sister M. Agnes, Ar- genta. An Appreciation No more deserved tribute could be paid to the staff of St. Edward's Hos- pital than to state the truth that their title is both a title and a true descrip- tion of their service to humanity-- Sisters of Mercy. For more than half a century the Sisters of Mercy ia this city have ministered to the alleviation of the people in the Fort Smith field, in their hours of danger through the physical ills which afflict mankind. While other women have gone about a thousand affairs of life in the ihomes, and wherever fancy and the ,day's activities called them, the Sis- ers of St. Edward's have enacted the Toll of sisters of mercy indeed to the suffering. Asking no questions as to the faith or personal standing, they have lent the compassionate hand and the service which women only can give to the distressed, letting all the world of the day go by unheeded. Thousands upon thousands of those who, through the long years} have ,been the beneficiaries of their minis- trations, pay tribute to the unselfish .devotion of the Sisters of Mercy of St. Edward's hospital. These with thousands of other Fort Smithians :ongratulate the sisters of Mercy up- on the accomplishmen of their new home, St. Edward's hospital, and upon the zeal and untiring faith and work which has accomplished so notable a humane institution. It is not only a notable addition to Fort Smith institu- tions, but an equal one to Arkansas, which will through generations serve mankind in the most intimate and hu- mane way in Which mankind in stiffer- ing and distress can understand and appreciate.Southwest American. PRIEST-AUTHOR'S WILL GIVES COPYRIGHTS TO WASHINGTON EXECUTOR (By N. C. W. C. News Service) New York, Oct. 22.--The will of the I property, including books, copyrights late Rev. John Talbot Smith, former[to the several books that have been pastor oft he Church of the Sacred I published, unpublished manuscripts of Heart, provides that his correspond- [ books and plays, Father Smith's chal- ence shall be sealed by the executor of' ice and book stocks. ment in which Marseilles is located. day to number of horned animals were Idl!ed in their honor. During one of these feasts, a letter from Italy was handed to the emperor. A Minister translat- ed it to the emperor who was greatly tolached by its contents. It was from an Italian woman, who wrote as fol- lows: "I am only a poor woman and I know that my son is a prisoner in your hands. O grea Emperor, have pity on an unhappy woman and re- store her child to her. I ask you this in the name of the Madonna Yes- terday I went to burn a candle in the church of my village, and while it was burning it seemed to me that Mary smiled at me and said: 'Hope! Mene- lik will give you back your son.' It is therefore in the name of the Madonna, O great king, that I ask you to give my chihl his liberty." Scarcely had the letter been read when Menelik had the young soldier in question called before him, and after making sure of his identity he said to him: "I give you your lib- erty. You will leave tomorrow. Here is money to pay your passage and I shall give you an escort to protect you in the desert. But you will tell your mother thus: 'It is not Menelik who gave me back my liberty, it is Our Lady Mary.' For, you see, Mary is my Mother also. And when my Mother has said yes, I cannot say no. Gel and may Our Lady Mary protect yOU." PROTESTANT DIVINES HAVE SENSATIONAL DIFFERENCES ON SIN '(By N. C. W. C. News ServiCe) Dublin, Oct. 16.A peculiar and piquant incident occurred in Belfast. A Protestant curate in the course of a sermon said: "You cannot commit sin against your fellow-man. What you do against your fellow-man is Tcong but not sin. Sin is often confounded with vice, but vice is not sin. Gambling, drinking, smoking and dancing are vice but not sin." Before the service concluded the vi- car ascended the pulpit and address- ing the congregation said: "In case anyone should Ieave the church this morning with a wrong im- pression I wish to say that vice is sin. Gambling, drinking, dancing, etc., are sins." The curate objected to the viear's intervention which, he submitted, was a public insult to him. At the instiga- tion of the curate the matter was brought before a church court and that tribunal having heard the evi- dence on each side reserved judgment. (Continued from Page 1) pOPE PRAISES WORK OF ITALIAN BOARD RETREAT HOUSE NEAR BOSTON DOUBLED that the supreme end, that is to say the good of souls, comprises all other high and noble ideals; that as the pro- fession of Catholicism implies the re- spect of every legitimate authority, it is therefore in itself the efficacmus element of order and tranquil ty, of hence the valuable contribution which Catholic Action cannot fail to give to the achievement and maintenance of true peace, and hence the right, in the his estate and transmitted to the Uni- versity of Notre Dame. The executor, the Rev. Patrick J. McCormick of Washington, D. C., e- ceives all of Father Smith's personal very interests of civil society, i:o be recognized and protected in the free SlZE T0 MEET DEMAND development of its program. re aB(i!!i!s c!!i! :A nerg?: i!e! I suburb of this city, for the better ac- fore, the most choice graces of Heav- commodation of the large number of lea in order that it may be crowned business men and women who visit]with ever more abundant fruits, He the Cenacle Convent every week-end, willingly imparts to you and the indio The convent is a popular letreat for lvidual members of the Board, in tee- business people and hitherto accom-itimony of His fatherly benevolence, modated about 75. Many who applied lthe Apostolic Benediction. for retreats were turned away, since "In adding my fervent wishes for the buildings were filled to capacity an ever more prosperous future for every week. Hence, a new eddition. Catholic Action, I gladly take advan- capable of accommodating about 75 rage of this opportunity to reaffirm more, was built on. Many business mysEf, with expressions of distin- people find that the complete rest, ac- guished and sincere esteem, most af- eompanying the religious exercises, J fectionately, at your service. helps them materially in their work. P. Card. Gasparri." POLISH NATIONAL CHURCH CLAIMS TO BE OFF- SETTIN THE POLES By Rev. Nicodem Cieszynski (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Warsaw, Oct. 8.--One of the out- standing movements hostile to the Catholic Church m Poland today is that of the so-called National Church beaded by the American Bishop Ho- dur. This organization, through an appeal o the strong nationalistic at- titude of the Polish people, i at- tempting to lead Catholics away from communion with Rome. Tim National Church, which is itself of American origin, having been founded at Scran- ton, Pa., in 1897, makes the rather astounding assertion that it is work- ing to offset "Americanization of the Poles attempted by the. American Catholic Bishops." Under the leadership of "Bishop- elect" Bonczak, who was sent to Po- land after the Worht War by Bishop l Hodur, a campaign is being carried on -- throughout the nation to induce the government to grant legal recognition to the National Church. The move- meat is making some progress al- though its success has been very lim- ited so far. In its attacks upon the Catholic Church in Poland, the Na. 'tional Church as well as the Metho- dists and the Y. M. C. A. has drawn .financial support from the United States. Many new churches are being built in Poland notwithstanding the straightened economic condition of the nation. One of the largest of the new edifices is that which is now practi- cally completed in the Praga suburb of Warsaw and which will accommo- date 25,000 worshippers. Erection of this church was made possible by the generosity of the wealthy Princess Radziwill. Another large church, for which ground will soon be be a memorial of the great tory over the Bolshevists in In Cracow the Jesuits have taken the erection of a the Roman syle which, it is will compare favorably with lar building in the world. ner-stone was laid in 1921 construction of the building now considerably advanced. same city funds are now to rescue the Church of St, which, under the old been converted into a b" Jewish merchants. In the city of Poznan, Catlmlicity of the people is vent, a new church is b in the Wihla suburb with money [:for that purpose in the U: The cornerstone was laid 16. Cardinal Dalbor and forty bishops and priests the ceremonies. It is by Christmas the be far enough advanced to P celebration of Mass in church. CAPITAL - - SURPLUS - - inemaNd We have Stoc. from $200,000 to by mdllag the ne 0 per nt above our pwr, has been inereaNd from $,)t. This enables uJ cars of our pt M well as the new ENGLAND KL00,00N $00ID MADR BY ROSE CITY "THE MOT SANITAIY JOE St. Vincent's Inti Little Rock's Foremost Hospital IN AGE- EXPERIENCE- EFFICIENCY Official Rating: Class A By American College of Surgeons After Official Inspection LARGEST HOSPITAL IN STATI by ! 1887 1923 The Sisters of Chartty | of Nazareth ' I. ST. VINCF00FS TRAINING SCHOOL FOR Offers exceptional opportunities for experience and classes of nursing to young women desiring to enobling and remunerative profession. The Sisters of the Infirmary and the able medical an_d staff connected with them, provide a Three Years' Course of cal, practical and modern training, fitting the graduates future effort in all classes of nursing, both medical and all cases pertaining to general hospital work. The Infirmary is acknowledged to be one of the best stitutions in the South. It has a capacity of 250 beds, rooms and about 5,000 patients are treated annually. le next class is now being formel. Applicants must year of High School or the educational equivalent, from reputable parties. FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS ADDRESS SISTER SUPERIOR ST. VINCENT'S INFIRMARY Tenth and High Streets Little Bankers Trust Co. MAIN AT SECOND LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS --We are agents for practically all the important Companies. If you are contemplating a trip abroad for business you desire to undertake a pleasure trip, mare use of the many Winter Cruises, do not fail to call on us for information, be cheerfully given, without charge. --:We wish to remind you also of our Foreign Exchange DePeo, wnicn is in position to effect money transfers to foreig c: ,ri by CabIG Draft, or Bank Money Orders at nrevailin , marke,rl, We both buy and sell Foreign Exchange, getting quo'ations ho BANKERS TRUST COMPANY MAIN AT SECOND FOREIGN DEPARTMENT ARMSTRONG SPRINGS WATER CAN NOW BE OBT$I KA FAMOU MEDICINAL pglNG AGAIN T) BE )LD TO THE pU]ffl' Fer  y tlti wltr h tram famom  a o Blshtr, a,d Nervous PEOTECTOIY irORi B0001'$