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October 21, 1995     Arkansas Catholic
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October 21, 1995

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:1ARKANSAS Ct2 CATHOLIC PIN O,obor " ment PERSPECTIVE (2elebratmgt e of m, todIVersItY'wor worlaCampaIgnei er try- for Humanize so, uonDeveloP eem o.e .-. . . ff x.Jthe Myers Briggs personality typing ing to suppress ..... of us individually, this nation, this world i .ju[r leaaer [ iastrument. This instrument essentially other cultures, or learning to celebrate difference. Celebmt- opeJohn Paul II's trip to the United tells you that people can be one of 16 impose their cul- ing the strength that comes from pul- States this month was meaningful to Possible This determi- tures on others, ting all those differences (diversity) to- Catholics across this country. As Christ's personality types. aation is-based onidentifying ones per- As if they have all gether to make one wonderful body. vicar, he is our spiritual leader. :ti0 . SOnal preferences. The real significance the answers. We The solution lies in doing all that w e Along the trip's route, Catholics and of this personality typing instrument is see4t in our coun- can to enable others to develop their lit- non-Catholics were quoted with critical that it tells one that people take in infor- try in the political dividual gifts and talents, to be all y remarks about the pope. The divisive raation differently, process it differently process, the Re- can be. The only limit should be wheth r issuesordination of women and abor- and therefore draw different conclusions, publicans and ones actions result in not loving ther l- tion were talked about and many of : act differently, even though the situ- Democrats more selves and their neighbor. Think of a ll these people were given a public forum :; iti5 and information available may beoften than not be- the people who are lost and wasted b to air their grievances. With nearly 1 bil- e same. ing unwilling to Henty Tuck cause of this society's workaholics ar d lion Catholics in the world, it would be No one type is better than the other, compromise, or tccess-d Lrected con :ept of what mak :s a person worthwhile and normal. Thh k success-directed concept of what mak ;s aor no one type has anywhere near aunwilling to seek a person worthv'hile and nc rmal Thh k amazing not to find Catholics who dis- agree with the pope (and thus the iv//~ ~.tal grasp of reality. The significance of solutions that will work for everyone. As of all the people who are lost and wasted Church) on some issues. is that diversity is the norm, rather if they have all. the answers. That s why because of our focus on things and But those negative comments were n a#I .an the exception. So why do we as in- civility is such an issue today. No one is money instead of people, overshadowed by an amazing scene re- tUViduals, as a society, as a nation, as a listening., No one is willing to say that Other than the reality of the above, I WOrld tly so hard to make everyone be they don t have all the answers, think it is important that one comes to peated at each sight. The pope drew .]a01 like us, believing we are more normal, We see it in the discrimination against understand that the Campaign for Hu-thousands of Catholics wherever he went. > a0traOre right? . . African Americans, Hispanics and man Development is about celebrating He also touched the hearts of many who allThis belief clearly flies in the face of women. Anyone who does not fit the and enabling that diversity. Funding pro- don't look to him as their spiritual leader. m .at is around us. The people in our white male concept of normal, of reality, grams that facilitate giving people the In a meeting with religious leaders in are all different, the people one is different and wrong. We see it in the opportunity to become all they can be- New York, Muslims andJewsjoined other .4i . orks with are all different, the people inability of various faiths and religions come and empowenng people to be Christians to meet the pope at the home Our churches are all different. So why to work together, to talk to each other. "heard. Celebrate diversity by contribut- of Cardinal O Connor. People who at- .0 We work so hard to try to have our We see it in ourselves, in our opinions hag to the Campaign for Human Devel- tended later reported that they felt WaY, have others believe, act and think and experiences that we think are the opment, blessed to be in the presence of the do? Equally, why do we try so hardonly reality. Living requires that one Henry Tuck is the director of the Cam- pontiff He brought together people who like others, to hide our real selves, make judgments, but, we should always paign for Human Development for the Little never had been in the same room. Be- This is reflected in people all over the be willing to listen and change. Rock Diocese. fore the meeting with the pope; these people discussed things they never dis- , God answersprayers in own time and way cussed before. The Rev. Joan Brown Campbell, general secretary of the Na- her. 7" hat should you do when God But God, who is all-wise as we.ll as infi- tional Co ,uncil of Churches, said the pope V doesn't seem to answer your [ [] ] nitely loving, knows the best tLme and "engaged each person in conversation. eti prayers ,, [] I way in which to respond to our needs. Because she is not Catholic, ,she said ' This was a nuestion that I nosed many ! I Using St. Paul's words, we should stay friends questioned why she was so taken .kOlYi#0 YearSpriestagFieO tOsmiled't~ olderat me,( anc~'thenfar afterwiSera) [ TODAYTOOAr i I[ with this task whether convenient or inconve- back by meeting the pope. She knew the nient ... never losing patwnce. After ,,all, significance of this great man. tiler. Ldtlf~ ~Ornent's thcu,crht ronliod "You iust I Exodus ~~ ~l ] fidelity to prayer even when we are /os- At the Mass in New York's Central #d KeePan on praying.- was ..... a very sunp' -le I 17:. 8-13 ml I ing heart" is a really,, worthwhile way "to. SWer, but a ~'rofound one [ 2" Tlrnotily ~ ~l ] preach the word. Our good example isPark, a young black boy was so taken with saY This ...... [ 3:14 - [ alwa more effective than mere words, the experience of being at a Mass cel- isllil~ ,L --..~ ................ q ....... [ ~: l,* -- -.:L. ~ ~ , ~ys ..... ebrated by the pope, he turned immedi- Sharked,- .... Zarablev . I Luke I Our tlrst reacung contains me same ately to an Or~odox priest in the audi- af# Jesus' an-.--- Y- - - v ....... [ 18:-1-58 mR I message as the Gospel. Our prayers will ence and said, "Father, bless me. I feel so l the. wcr -- contmnefl wimm a stolyI "-" 1 ] , . ' -- -- t~~t certainly has an element of humor [ Ft. William Gould[ De answerect, our enemies rencterectblessed being here. It was a joining of \uow could th ....... .-a,~ ;,,A,o really fear ........... powerless, our lives blessect as long as we the young and old, Christians and other tll~, "- l'JVw"-~lu'ju"J'~"" l .... - ,, ~r~ts , t the widow "will end b~ doin~ me vio- not God then do iust*ce to h~s chosen who call keep our hands razsed up in prayer, religious people, black and white. 'ence"~ -: ~ " is who Sometimes we need to find creative wa eiflg - . -)was basicallv that of my out to him day and night --- that , ys Not many people in the world can piles : ,, ,eply ~_ t-friend: ''Youiust keen on r>rayang, remmn faithful to prayer? to do this. , command such diverse audiences. All the th-- he crooked judge "who respected ne/- God will always answer our prayers.We know in Whom. we .trust. people who came to see the pope aren t .ter , Whenever we remmn ialtntul to ra er Wi-~ Cod nor man finally did what the He will surely give us what we need. We ..... P .Y~, in agreement with the Catholic Church. uow even in s~tuauons mat seem lm OSSlDIe neede se to must s~m 1 remember that He o erates P ,% d because she refu d " P Y P . But they came to see a man who repro e.up. If someone who was helpless in different ways and in a different time and when we appear to receive no. an- sents so many holy and pious qualifies "eCelve t swer we are slm I uttm mat trust into w- d what she needed from some- frame than we do. We sometimes ge . ' P Y P g that the world is lacking. He truly is a e Who did not care about her, Jesus tremendously impatient and are tempted acuon. ....... . , , world leader. ~'~'~, now can we lack trust in the God to bag prayer because we do not get the ~a.ther (~utct s weemy cotumn ~s sponsorea uo loves us beyond all measure? "W/// answer we want fight when we want it. by L~ttle Rock Scripture 5tucty. --- MAW