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October 20, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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October 20, 1923

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THE GUARDIAN, OCTOBER 20, 1923. stingy man pays an incoml) ,. .... I GdI{IN STUDENTS ...... t e pupils and hun, was founded on Christian truths . .......... upportabout half as much 'as a confidence between h ,, I I2"I'L'&[IiIg 1 Ill *!l ..... , eta1., a.,,- I chert" nea(l masers and teachers, anal and not on im .... },,, ,,.,1 ..... BROOKLYN L1Ollllr{l i[ . t lor. o in sympatthizing with thel I F? #arrrta**=rtl self -o .............. . t ,...,s ........ "..soi i mo - * t courageous editor ,,,1. , ......... ] OIf'.l,r-IJUYltrilj ". -g ' c, m.g .,o,,,es mus ,e ?.ve.n I or the weak stoicism of lomc o . . - By A.tolycus ,-' ,,: . . ......... l,borty to rea,..00o the a,ms 00ne,r, ..... , .......... J.vc00y. FURNISH . _ jvra;seca ,y ouage,'" we should not/ Owlr_O l v,awV o.-+ ..... I ......... a, tJnvermLv has the clear I ,: . ** . , . . , , ,. **]carry awaytheimpression th.t Cath_[ 01/bllll rhUUlilbll "." ......... . ............ ]duty of encouraging and promoting -- =  olic i " " ' 2u, wen anmi.ed religious sent]men ' 1 Doyle's Buncombe [ M smonanes have comfortable,/ ...... .. [ . , t m the mulhtudes] (y .r C. W. C. Some tim , ' . , 'secure jobs.. They des.erve them God/ ucn eonmuons as prewfil in tre/o youth which cle.trlv.. . crosss,' s"*'f Ih'ook].yn.. N. y.. Oct, ,o,,,o., ease Arthur ConanJknows. But no societ,00 c .... ] N. C. W. C. 00ews Service) German schools now would never have[threshold." IHarris and Edward J. 1 ,.:,- save tneogramymg assurance[ more than it has in its":,{,:,: ....... I Students' Socitics been dreamed of before the war, when/ Bishop Shahan emnhasized th.-,, [resentatives of the I-list, na america olIered tiae most favor-] " ......... "" [ Cologne, Oct., 3.--Chanes border- the old monarehml and absolutistic]while the immediate ob'iect if h,,.''o]Division of'the National ab " " o - .... _..- ' ps:lc:n;i:=:h.fHtehhaPrf:eCbtri::,h/Hawthorne's Daugbter a Nun Ing on the revolutmnary have been ;yeof .teact mis' g over.men3 he!d/educatmn is the training of youth for/fare Conereuce, are now the matter tea finer point by ass:;t -/' It may not be generally known that Ga:: gpJace m the school system of some colr::;:s,iah]ch :;e(i::Pi e/:fecu:j::h  lfe an! the best kind[gage(! here m thew sur:b : ....... ,, .  .,, " la aaugner of Nathan]el Ha ---* ...... I ' y. one o1 the most note- ' - -] ". . t, s mluer aim is the]cese o obtain the'coml mg taccorumg o mar e quoting[ o TM _, ,. ........ w uurne,lworthv &v,ln .....  h ..... i able, all the educational institutions|development of a ,--, .....  *. - |-, ,, v ......  They ll .L hilts IIIOL Iamous ot /lne ". - .... v--.---o ,,uvo [men ile . . . ,' .......... ,,.a,%v nte ....... - --*z l""'"' a Los Angles paper) that Los AngleS]nevo],,, , ...... 7. . rlcanlranid growth anal ........... e ,,,.I..,.,] seenl to be well satisfied with the]a recognition of the ultim-f--,, .... r]triven a ]ttr a reconare is the center of the s chic universe ...... s, .o a memoer oi ne )omin ....... c-as . sm ..... s . . . -- .......... z -- .............. P'Y " i " self over ' ' new order of things. It ]s true thatex]stence di0ce$ I-Ie 'ives two ....... , .... 1 ........ ]can Commumty of the Third Order./ -g nmg bo(hes, modeled on[ ............. , " ' [the pastors of the , o , ........ .... ..a,,umn . ' s ..... pOllueal teveloplnens, wnlfill gave rile ds of th n,,,,h; ............... ; /m New York Cty, where she is known cmflar orgamzatmns in Eugland andl ...... " ] |Chancellor, Rev Fran - -, ....... ,. ..... ucy oz oumern as Moth " the ' ' ngn oi young to many pupils in the! ' tl California First the dr-n .......... / er Mary Alphonsa Though/ United States. he power o'] ......... IIBlqT ]ll]|qq|N]O / Father Driscoll urged .  s o me, . . . /,. ....... Inlgner crosses, may nave na(I conslaer-i vya llllulltll-Ull "yen ever ass] ta e i atmosphere. Second, the tolerant at-jsne.1, s, over seventy years of age she| mese socmes has grown lmmenseiY,/able to do with the advancement of  /gl y s s nc titude of the police The successful| s sun severing herself to the care of|especially in the high schools. 'l'hey/. i .... ,.^. [ ])|1_ |] V|  ltr]PO '|tion in ,.-,- +- heir ts prosecution of ,s,,chi ........ 1. ^[. |the poor who are cancer stricken, an( |are to be found in technical and corn-| .................... ] ,* tat aa,.vl 111 ll. | ........... _ .,_. *" ........ " "'" to aid that w . Good Results lishing the truth of rn :td:pend mainly upon the non-prose-/book, ,,Memo'i:ks :geH=:tioOf h::/:er::hllSo:InS  Si:n:Y :chools, even- The contrast in conditions may be/ 71 YEARS OF SRVICEII'we were fittingly and 0v o psycmc researchers ,  s . e s on easses. ............... ! ! "h [been produced. Rose Hawthorne (as|Whether their influence will be for| reauzea m ne ac na Delore ne|  |tionately represented in Hawthorne's dau .... war it would have warranted expul- , e Brave Small Paper ] ghter was elmsten-lgood or ewl remains to be seen, but/ ............ ] (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ]force of the United star ed m r "  . . . slon ior nigh SChOOl suuens o nave i "Judge" pays a fine tribute to al' ) .. a ned George Parsons Lathrop, lin any event they are a factor lnl'oif .......  .... .., .... -. ....... a / New York, Oct., 13.--News has been Ideclaration of war necesStt small-town editor, who, desnitel a ummrlan, WhO with his wife becamel student life which must e reckoned]" -'"."", .... ..," .... : .... ":'"[received at the national off ........ ife ............... no wer *" I a C'tholic in Ro ,,,,,.... .... **^_l .... . [oevlces llKe nose oI Lice university! i.uc oi bne ,tn u our m v threats and persecution by th e Klan, hheir marriae-he'va: (',,:..:=] wm touay. Istudents. In fact many students werePropagation of the Faith, 343 Lexin- easy. haares .... o denounce mob tyranny. "Wel somethin_, s wriiten, by-l; -v::''e lamer '|to .... Must be Subordinate , [expelled from the schools, foi theirl ton Avenue, of the dent' h of the Rev ear a lot of the heroism and self sac I]  .. / Svmhcant of t. ......... . I ....   .... ...,. . .... . +, .._ rifice of our Christian missionaries to].aeup,_ ne noble work of ass,stmglsociiesis therece'nt :l:de:;en[.tl:el lace,{ unon"them'extende(i' ,:or  o]iI C" Chouvanel m Colombo, Ceylon, at ] M.A. BII darkest Africa and other far places, ''] ....... v,s. [Minister of Trade and Commer,,eto] t'o those institutions in their own com-! the age of 98 years. He was the old- ] Special RepreSS' writes our grave and gay contempor-[ ....... t'"ne presidents of all provincial "zov-lmunities, but to schools in the whole I est missionary in Ceylon and probably ] New York IS  ' " - A r .  , " cry But what about these mission I'OSTOLIC DELEGAFE eInments w m th : ", -[ .... ,th regard to t-m self-,.ov-[empire li e world. I  ....... .o C( aries of enlightment to our own/ BLESSES CONGREGATION erning bodies of nunils In the" - ..... | | Fr h ............ | --- a*mux"v.,,t American bush these c's" .... | ....... ' _- .. - .s ,r,,,|  [ , ,,-w.e was oorn in vrance I 01-7 Southern r,,.-- ,.. , , .... o ...... ,,| ne mmser oeclared that self-gov-I ROMAN SINGERS HERE in 18o5 twent.. *" ........... I Fix r , Life I counlry e(ilors wll;n ne cour o "  , z-*v years laer ne | ,v *,,- ag t | ( By N. C W C News Service) eminent s a precious help to pupils[ FOR IIFY CONCERTS Joined the  -* * .... Today I Sell It. ho!d aloft.the torch of freedom and Washington, Oct., 16.--His Excel- but that it is not an end in itself and] IN PRINCIPAL CITIES " . . .' ....... t, .... cry, vemg re- [ imr pray m the law of the hundred e celved by the founder o t 'none  , -  i  .... / nay, the Most Rev. Pietro Fumasoni- so must be subordinated to the edu-] ' :f he Con- I r ...... percener, 'me can  cow neir .... -- " I""e c, Y . ene-|Bmnd, Apostohc Delegate to the catlonal and scientific aims of the (By N C W C News Service) gregatmn, Bmhop de Mazenod, who [] rams with threats of gunboats The  " .... ha-- -   .... " . Y l Umted States, gave the papal bene- schools. It must aid the individual New York, Oct., 13. -- Monsignor also rinsed him to the priesthood in '--"" ,. v c .no powen:m uenommauons e-] dction to the members of the con; pupil consciously to unite himself with Antonio Rella, vice director of the 1852 He sailed immediatel, fo - nmfl nem cringing.pressure to bear Igregation of Holy Rosary Church here the whole organization of sect ,, n n Sistine Chapel Choir and the group 1 ....  .......... y . r Cey I l) z ,, ,, ' - a.u worKea mere or 71 years U_I[ on w asnmgco.n, no ooarns oI Ioregnifollowing Vespers and Benediction of thereby to secure that train] ..... i= of distinguished singers he is bring- ... . .g w. ,;. wlnou even leaving the island mmmons paying fnelr samrms. They the Most Blessed Sacrament on Ros- w/ll be of value in later 1,' .... ho, , ing to the United States for a series ns no omy nelr lives put their liv- ar- Sunda- B ............ - ........... y y. y pecm aumonzauon is called upon to take his place in fags. And for what? Whoever beard of Pope Plus XI, the Rev. N. De- of a newspaperman going to heaven? True Missionaries Strictly speaking, there is no reason why a layman even an editor--should no make sacrifices for his convictions, just as missionaries do. But when we find a secular editor doing' what that editor is doingfighting a popular cause because it is vicious--we take off our hats to him because he is an unusual specimen of the genus editor The point to be observed is that as there is a scarcity of editors in the bush who have the courage of their conviction in this matter (even grant- ing that they have the conviction,) someone must sow the seed of some- thing better than the Klan in the out-lying places. The Klan flourishes Carlo, pastor of the church, bestowed the Apostolic Benediction at the conclusion of the Solemn High Mass eelebrated in the morning. Father De Carlo recently returned from Rome where he received from the Holy| Father the privilege of bestowing the benediction. J COMPROMISE ON K. K. K. RESOLUTIONS (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Chicago, Ill., Oct. 16.--Compromise resolutions on the subject of the Ku Klux Klan were adopted by the Rock River Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church after debate which lasted three clays. The compromise was in the amend- community and state. For Guidance It is recommended by the Minister that from every class two or more trusted leaders be elected by secret ballot and that these form a commit- tee which will guide the destinies of students' organizations. These lead- ers shall aim to promote friendly behavior of the students toward one another and the spirit of truthful- ness, zeal and perseverance. They are to transmit to teachers and prin- cipals the desires and suggestions of the students and to explain their com- plaints. Similar committees are to be formed to perform this same work on behalf of the whole student body. Harmony best in ignorance. Who can remove ignorance better than Catholic ntis-] sionaries? But although these have] a missionary society behind them (The I Catholic Church Extension Society, of I more than a mere pittance by way of I Chicago) they have never been given meats of the public policy committee Unions and groups of students for which permitted to remain in the re- gymnastic exercises, scientific re- port statements dealing with race is- search and professional study are also sues and law enforcement, but elimin- permitted under the new order of the ated phrases which were considered] Ministery. For all such forms of self-I capable of being construed as desig-] governing organizations, the Minister hating the Ku Klux Klan. ] points out, there is essential a true Father Chouvanel was a tireless and of fifty concerts in this country and most successful worker. He was the Canada, will arrive here October 14 author of numerous volumes in the according to information received by native language and occupied the high- Frank W. Healy, manager of the 'American tour. est position in the Diocese of Colom- A cablegram received from Monsig- be and Jaffna. His death was the oc- casion of universal mourning in those nor Rella says the departure of the choir from Rome was attended by two dioceses. scenes of great enthusiasm The first concert will be given in Boston on Oct. 16. CHRISTIAN EDUCATION COLLEGE NECESSITY DECLARES BP. (By N. C. W. C. News Selice) Washington, D. C., Oct., 13.- Christian education for university men was declared a necessity by the Bight Rev. Thomas J. Shahan, rector o the Catholic University in his sermon at the solemn Pontifical Mass which in- augurated the academic year last Sun- day. "Our civilization," said Bishop Sha- SUBIACO COL.LEGE CONDUCTED BY THE BENEDICTINE FATHERS Two Pre-Academic Classes, Regular Four-year Classical High School Course, Regular Four-year Commercial Course, Four-year College Course, Leading to the A. B. Degree. [] DRUG ?'he House of Phones: 4.0227, 209 W. Second Little Rod[ W. WORTH00 Central CAPITAL, $200,000.00 SURPLUS, Let ns take care of your money for you. Let as svll or trade your Real Estate. Let us Insure your property or automobile. Let us write your Surety Bond. Let us ren t you or for you a home. In fact, let us do everything for you that a fully mmaged Bank can do. "Come Grow With a Growing Situated in Logan County, 110 miles west of Little Rock, 53 miles east of Fort Smith. Healthful location in the mountains. Extensive grounds, comprising baseball diamonds, tennis courts, handball courts, etc. Spa- cious buildings, up-to-date in equipment. Regular Standard Courses. For catalogue and information apply to Fall Term Opens September 12th THE REV. RECTOR Subiaco College, Subiaco, Arkansas. tale OVER TWO mLmN We make a ilc/al of ivmtamg umm in $ ftt mmer and ovtatam we ravmm t th  Iv tmenta. We act u amlntotrter &nd  tots under Will of many .t in Pulmslfl other eotmties in this State. We will be to assist you. p p EOPLE S SAVINGS LITTLE ROCK,  Build Your in TER 201 West Second Street. Beautiful vistas of and valleys. Two hundred than Main Street. Cool in summer time. Healthful, pure air. The place for your to grow strong and active. Laid out in a beautiful dences only permitted. All building. Streets, sidewalk gas, electricity and telephOtte installed.