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October 20, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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October 20, 1923

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r i .i p THE GUARDIAN, OCTOBER 20, 1923 ...... NORTH ,,.. Shawnee, Okla., at the apartments sermon was followed by the'been created from SAYS-ENGLAND-- LITTLEROCK I Mrs. Fred Fried is visiting in main attractions of the evening. The The :ffath :" lOefc:::erCVejmg" were m" charge Solemn Procession of the Blessed Sac-[apostolic. The areeXistingthe --Parish Notes herseveralbrother,membersFred Thinnes and wife. , C. Hanson who r --  Y VlcariateViCariatcso. St. Patrick's of the Bizer fatal- opened the exercises with a few ap-' Dui .... 1 ........... I , ormed from the Vicariate ell SEEKS ,vT I 'eland f ' WeekdaySUnday MasseSMass atat 78 o'clockand 10 o'clock. Sunday,ly motoredfor from Heavener to Mena propriate remarks. He called on the : -'- ," ..... -s - Iurmauon .I tee nroces-.  !f Denmark., the I'] efecture' of the ]qua-' '. a vishit with their re]a- following for speeches. J I vl.t. .......... g . ve Verum, /tonal Nile, formed from the Vmariate,/ |[ olvn IP2 CllOlr san an --fit , - ... . [ om A ...... , a-(J ene(ncms," an(l, as the soft]of Hanr el 1 .... -, , .) - . - --a-aG ale I relecure of  Confession hours on Saturdays and rives, Mrs. J. Thinnes and family. Grand Knight; Rev. Father John A.. notes of the "Benedictus" di .  . . tab, the eves of all holydays and First Fri- Tony Meyer left Monday for /(an- lilaherty ' of Little Rock Coiled, e, th^  ............ ed away Buca, fom the Vicariate of Cam; [ hla 1 , t  IOUl'lJl qe ree lk ",, _ , ClayS;cypress4 to and6 andEast7:30Seventh p' m. street, forSaS CitY,the DepartmentWhere lie wilIstorePUrchase goods I Rev. Father Herman H. Wernke and! g mga.ts of Co]urn croon the Plefecture of L denbur II By George M. [ S , bus walked down the alsm and tookIfr ,Y g and attend Bro. John Tuohey, and on the eom- th " . .... om the V]vanate of the [ransvaal. I a Washmgton.--Great j ati Rectory phone: 4-5075. the fall festival, now going on. pletion of that part of the proc, ram!l.??[r- smnu m the sanctuary, followed/an d the Prefecture of G'u'iepe fron;ling every political and I,f Rev. Father McDermott will be . o uy ne zmwer irm. ' ' ' J . turned the meeting over to J. C. Car- As * ..... g ...... /the Vlcanates of Good Hope and Kim- string to put the Umted hlt home duririg the week, probably Tues ...... uonserance was ned the berly. HELENA roll, Jr., who duplicated for this Court- day or Wednesday. tie will be royal- cil a social session iv Knights of Columbus paid homage I second or third place in rely ly welcomed. . . g en by Helena land th- * ........... ,. Catholic University of Jerusalem mercial affairs, Edward t,h  Council, on the recent visi . . . . wer grs couresma '1he Courses for the preparation of stu- member of the Ship The various societies connected with At 10 a.m. last Wednesday, Oct D .... *-. ' .... "'  of Dmtr]ctlprocesslo n was augmented by nmn Universi- 10n.( dents to attend the Catholic I Universal Service the church are workin hard. and an- 10th  .... mr ......  ..... ' ,- ,o. ,nmore an(t o. . ar-/altar be ........ : ....... Y  ei ....  , , ......... - o ur. ,as  roll Jr n._,,. ........ , .... !  ...... ymg ngnea tapers, ty in Jerusalem, produced by Patri-/ Mr. Plummer said  tt " " " "" " " " " " I Kni-ht" '" Vick"r arrm. says, m ms,and ' as the procession wendedchurchits way arch Garlassina, will start in the pa-]found its concrete exl ermmg many enterprises to asmst Ruane and Mss Isabelle Gemuesa opinion, that the oat won r . m the building of a new church, which took place in St. Mary's church V . if_ by G and I around the msles of the to the trlarchal palace in Jerusalem lent in shipping affairs s0 is much wanted ' Rev  - " ..... : "I g was upenor m every  sweet stz-" - -. ,,. _ l nge ,-. .... . ...x. mxetuma sang 1;lie nigh. w--- *- "1- ......... 1-  - .. / o "ares :I_ tae ange Lingua" l ' " dent in !:i:ei!r00 00en:fa; l c ff: 7i;:d 00;%eg ] 0HI0 MOTH00IHOUSE ericansadded thatmanYwhonUmerOUSaretherpartakM, t by'firael 2:he::olalt ef h::cit:da:e:09dew:lnOuf t H:::::. Their f a prize, from a baby rattle tea l aP::;;S;ol]:w:de r' T:ne:t On immedi- ik m!!!!!iii!i%iiiii_ Ntffi!!]ai__r!iii! [forts gives them t 00ii!i OF DOMINICANNUNS profits are leading them ah( iafv(!iiii:i!s.!i  iii!i i lgr!iVi/i:ntli:ii ! tiveeSCheme' the expense' eraaM TO BE DEDICATED Mr Plummer said: ty, ' "The United States d t( (By N. C. W. C. News Service) line I promulgate a j pendence position andtoaSSe which her! or anddampenWaS so(lamPallthecameWeather'ardrofffverybUtthe thatgoOdpleasantly.(lidladies,not Tenn.,yungtheir friendSwhereCOUple Mr.filledwill Ruaneresidethe chureh.hasln Memphis,The t Arkl The somewhere in Pulaski County.] CABLE Akron, O., Oct. 5.--The recently ac-. the following members had charge of I ROME quired house which wiTI also serve as cal and influeutial emplY-lthe" affair; J. C. Carroll, Jr., George / the motherhouse for the new mid- % h Lynch-Korte ' meat. Gihnore, Gee. Kordsmeier and Samuel/ western province of the Sisters of St. Sought Tonnage legit Miss Theresa Korte, daughter of Another Catholic wedding is ' -- her. " on the Wisher. This was the first of a series [ (N. C. W. C. Special Cable) Dominic, in this city, will be dedicated I "British spokesman ess Rome, Oct. 15.--Cablegrams from by Bishop Joseph Schrembs on Octo- mouthpieces in this ht Mr. and Mrs. Ed Korte, 212 Olive way. The first announcement of the of entertainments that this Council Cardinals O'Connell and Dougherty, ber 14. The next (lay a high class cry there was too much marriedStreet' andMondaySylvestermorning J. LynCh,at 9 o'clock[Were M.prmiSeBrocatof andmarriageMiss SarahbetweenElizabeth IMr" S. will put on during the winter months, telling of the enthusiasm with whicl edSardingfor and clay school will be open- the worhl and " at St. Patrick's church. The cere-I Coco, both of Helena, was made at the I and if the rest will be as good as the the recent pontifical letter, transmit- first, the members ill miss a re:d ted through Archbishop Fumasoni- iic girls.nn-CathlicThe occasionaS wellwillasnmrkCatho-m shouldthe Britishbe reduced.added to mony was performed by the Rev. Fa- Mass yesterday, Sunday, Oct. 14. treat by not comiug 6st for he meeL- Biondi, Apostolic Delegate, was re- epoch in Catholic history and prog- nage as fdst as they At ther H. H. Wernke, assisted by the The October devotions 'are being lags. ceived by the American episcopate, " Rev. Father Dwyer. Mr. and Mrs. well attended. Regular Meeting have been the cause of great satisfac- tess in northern Ohio The new es- ,,, " I wo years ago a Lynch will make their home in this The ladies of the Altar society are The regular meeting of this Council tion to the pope. His Holiness, main buihling contains -about fifty trade city. ;: t"i'" very busy preparing for a bazaar, tabhshfiaent comprises 27 acres and a l F-A00T00IL-LE I J0-- -riNY messages appreciation to grounds provide further accommoda- ty onebetweenmerchanLcanadaShipS "';''  was hehl last Tuesday night, October through Cmr(hnal" Gasparri, immedi- rooms. Smaller buildings on the States and the ST 16, at the club rooms; owing to the ately sent of inclement weather only a small num- the two American cardinals. "The board met the bet of thv members attended, tions. Communications BI. Andrea's Body Reclaimed to haul wheat for 6 to DEATH OF SISTER M, VINCENTIA Th The new plovlncml house will be In On October 1 the seminary entered e bod of Bless ' " '" " e anon ' v..r , ,re,o- - " - I Aa invitation was received by this ...... Y .:ed Andrea Bobola, char.e of Rev Motho- ohn.  dred pounds, which s --=_.. a ._a ....... .a lmpornlnce ..... WhiCh was seizea and taken ..................... """ '" tt Sster M. Vincentia, a member of xr.', ................ ! Council mvxtmg the members to be .... to Mos- community nlans a teach-,".- *--'- s]hon for the ships, b -- ,vt, i :tlJamuy enronmen o stu- . cow a ne ime of tile Bolshev' - " * " ra,,,,s fi oI the Ursuline Order died a " present at the Investiture of the Rght . ]k con- sc . . t to the farmers , , fte a ha- dents representing 18 states the .res-I " flscation of reli,io, ah,,. -'- - . I heel fo prospechve ean(hdatcs for h n  .... ue gering illness at St Helen's Ursuline --* ..... u^...  ...... '. * . !Rev. Monsignor W. H. Aretz by the ..... -o- ...... ,, s o oeth e Order ....... a,ers a ne o- v, a. m, um oe one oz me mosul ............ mi i orougn o xome When the body was " haul Convent Fayetteville Ark I . nign ev isnop oonn  o "s, n . " ' , ., Wednes-rmtful years of the existence of the . " , " .... : . . seized, Rev Edmund Walsh, S J di I British Got A day, Sept 26 Friday mornin- fol I seminar-- -- .......... St. Anarew s tamearal, weanestmy .... " ' " "' -It-trt xT,,, , ......... ' .' s "I y. eu no omer ume nas cnel .............. rector oz ne Panal Reli-  ..... r,:., i **a**J-'ax lJr.ltl) l'lillbSlb " ........... na Arl lowing, a solemn re ui ' me weny-zoul'n oI ueooer, at fine- z-  ..l,=uuun  - ,o..= ye..o a- celebrated b'- R-- eq em Iass was scholastic forecast been so pr0mising. Ithirty o'clock to Russia, was instructed to ask that l OFFICIATE AT HIGH ed fifty locomotives for ..... x vv. eo unaers, pas-I vmwmg k zrom point of numbers St.! . "_ " .... ] it be entrusted to the Holy See As ,, I MASS IN WASHINGTON wa s French British r, or oz  dosenh's churc *oton k, I _1._,  .... ; nomer invitation was recmve(t, .. _ -  a I Y. , Rev i Fuerst of " ";:" ........ :" yx''nns has grown veyonu ne proper-I fro m Mem,,his inviting, the membersl result or negotiations carried on with manufacturers entere( _ ," ..... z xonuown, Arm,]son to its age, a still continuing and .....  ,"  ,. _ .Ithe Moscow Government thro-- w.. } (By N. C. W. C. News Service) The Amri-*- -omoti' ana Key. t. Mez of Eureka ( oz kue aocK wouncit o ve present -,, - a- . , ...... , a.. , Spr ngs,/favorable mgn of the tzmes, prognos-[ ............ l ther Walsh, the body will be brought t Washington, D. C., Oct. 15.--hree whereunon the Brit[ -. . a me etucaory eremomes oz me  . . - .... /he of a great increase in vocations to[ ................. to Rome by way of Constantinople /colored priests offlcated at the solemn l lines reduced the rate,  ne request of the deceased the th ri . amode tu uiming o e nell un- . v I ,- ....... ' / e p esthood for the home mismons.| .......  Optimistic Renort From L ..... _ /High Mass celebrated recently at St , B;t;.  ..... *e a y s men zor unal to Dallas Nothi say, ucoDer z, en a.m. , ..... ,| ng has been left undone to| . .. I The Bishon of Ri,a ,^  ....... -. /Augustmes church, 15th and LI ,,r ..., .....  xexas, 'rovmc]alate of the Ursuline make the i .... Spec, al Nouce "  ' .............. - s  ............. " . . / nstltutmn attract,ve zn ev- ......... led m Rome, has nresen ..... ti' ] treets. The ceremony ]s said to have I.qhlnnln unnrl eent ' Roman Umon. Sa:uraay mornin the/r, v.. a a.*_. ^. .... ,:_ ,  , / The IOllOwlng was recetvea zroml... .. . ted .... v -,,--_.^ ,_ , ........ -------o ........... .^1^_ -.., ....... o /--a ..-.  ,xa,t euueamnat sano-! ...... ,.. . /lC report o the oooe concerning, tl,!'""'eu uric Ilrs ume m 1;ne nistoryleaualize the conditions as*east rlbeS OI 1;he unurcn were car r ne upreme 5ounclt: xou are in- - - - o .... . . . - .... tied out in the cha-el b- * ........ -|a d has been set by furnmhmg a thor-Iorme d that in 'accordance th the/manner in which the Lithuanian Gov-/f the. Church m tlus country that lappropriation which wi ian Father, of thTUnie;s'it/:;CD' "] u:lnan:dt:P'e.e curriculum and]vet e of the Supreme Boaru o; Direct |eminent is carrying out the provisions Ice,red pr, ests have so officate,I. /a subsidy. . ell, .o - ......... "1: g ns o the faculty. The| .... "Jof the concordat concluda + ..... / rne Rev. Jbseph John of the Afri-[ "I am o,,ei,nt tl .--, aer wnzcn ne remains were laid h i Iors, asea upon me satisfactory con- ........ --" . . ......... Pr t ....  ....... ]p ys cal and moral well being of the ........ ": .... Iw/th the Holy See /can msmons, who wa ordained last!eoualizin, ln ,nd the ...... m me uonven cemetery ]students will " .... .-" ..... ...,j l dllon oz ne insurance zunas o me I - " /J .... "- _...  ........... ..- ..... o - ..... ... th Sister M. V/ncentia was born 37]for in ...... .._ ___,;AY..prvm.eul Order and the advice of the consult-| The pope has made a donation ofl ,_":'_' _.w or wzy, ceteoraealhav e put into effect  r , ............. i  px-cucz anti eIIeCl;lve razn-i ............ lone hunrt] :Na,e. -'-'a '- .... I bll mass. ne aeacon was ne l;ev I woul a h 1,o. h.-2[i/J =axn ago ne entered the Ursulineli-- ;,, o,1, ...t,.... ling actuaries, the eam uenefit as-/ ............ aau are o enaDle]c...  tt^__ o , ..... "1 -,.. ,,-.. v _, 1 Order in St. Louis, Me., July 26 1904 I ""tud: ::''- :-jv_._ . . |sessment for the month of December, ]the Bishop to renowate the Church of ja;i:','_'c'. ' " " '' ,.PP'/pnee to pay for the pr: e A,. I. ..... _ . ' " "I  n, muauu new, zouna manYl ............ ,, ...... ISt James whi , - o.. , ....  .... I' ,v wouege, nammore, ana me sub-|in our fla on the service for lav,,,- -- - . t" ..... : ....... s a, ounmng was |.t P.;,to,,  ....... o ......... Ito Catholic worshi- b- the Lit --'-- ! .......... ,e ev. naries n. uorse.% ./about half of the pres,  ..... - -.. a a music ;eacn-/greatly mproved to accommodate the| ........... ,, v-,,, ey. tGovernme ,-'= -. .... _ " ...... :'IS. J. of St. Monica's church, Balti-] He es for Leg i .x]yef: o:lege, Arcadia, Mo.lincreas e in the number of preparatory ...... :ra nser ..... ]ously damagedi4 d:;i:d d:: sea'|mere" Father Uncles preached the| "It is m hope that ve . g  e vomneerea' o loin I students" .qnn],,-r^- weu"- ugneu'"-'-'- ' t romer Jesne . Jeas oz nls oun- : " g me _,o, .......... a,u' unere"-- was a s ecza" " us / v^ Plab .............. ........ iBo]shev'k" ...... :-- / .p m &!now see the wisdom e ursuhnes in Fayetteville, Ark Idormitori ....  ........... [en was grauea a ransler to t'ine I" ....... mH. /cnl ....... 1. ...... , /, " ,,  th ..., ....... .,-.  ,u uuy nausea recr,:- .............  Y M " .........  -- --, ......  . 2.uguslne s sane- (litional legislation. i::::c:neas.en of valuable as-[ationroomandshowershaveaddedto]mUZZouncno.,o.  F'-:'---'z. mmesespnsbihty I tuary chir under the direction o? Pro-  The board is aware t] .tter ne is survived b tie AUWng me sorm or' protest, fes y r par the attract,veness an sor Harr " eats, Mr. and Mrs P to,,o,,^  .tt .... d convenience of I laroused b., the -c ....... = j: ' y liall. In the eve.lag the|terests are prepared t M1 ......  ...... ,,y-ae raplaiy growing seminary and T ficial of the y- uamns oz an oI-three priests assisted at Bene.lictionl.undre d millions of do life sum, C olo.,.andtwo sisters, Mrs. Fen-lh:ve brought forth a hearty satisfac-/ 00KANA / .... . . M. C. A., concerning Itof the Most Blessed Sacrament the American +a , inter }th quay, l'uebm, olo., and Mrs' Renh Ition from th ^ *-.^-" - ....... | " line anege( connection of the Vatican / T  ............ ". .. I . "  .  . . -, . , ,uext ,ouv vacauon/ /..... ,,__  . . . . / aev urv lve coiorea l)r]ess in me nels lane, lrookston Cole . -" wiun une ,srlu DomD . o . . ' . ". ' ' lexperlences were exchanged a short[ The Mission -iven at Saint E(1-}men *  ...... " arment,, a .tare ]Umted States, the other two being thej I It is also aware that t u uu ueen ]ssuea, (ran m that Wh tnn ur,,,, ]e after the arnval, of the advancelar,s church, October 7-14, by Very/the author of the article in y :guestion I Rev:'Step!:en-L" Theobohl of St. Pe-lthe British is to make  'a h lll [ cohorts an. nen a rerea, sneer ne/Reveren d W. L. Polk, Superior of the |'expressed the sent" ....... u ." Ir mver s church, St. Paul, and the ]ping losses so large as.' tecl __ ladle lrecuon of the Very Rev. Fa-[Redemptorist Fathers at New Or-[ization .... e. oz me organ-| lev. Joseph Barges% C. S. S. P., of|popular with the peopl . , -  _ [.mer.award Burgert, 0 S B, Prior'leans -'"" ^--  ....... a.^^., ,.. ,_[ .... " . . [St. Joachim's chttrch, Detroit [be exnected to contribute a JO I* YYlli 1Oil IJe IIIIIIIIIULIU, )V lall ].nou r . iambus say, Oct. 12th, was cele-I'of the New guh*- ".. '  .... 1 . ..  ..... . [ gn k is asserted that the ar- ' ' - .- t be : brated very annro,rlatm, o = - I'- ...... ": ..... .':""' """lparlsmoners and neir nen(ls. [tide was unauthori,, ......... / .... [lutlon by demanding _th. , -- - z o [ dO Within weny zours Then came or - , ne mcmen shff seph s Academ*y b. ther--' ". "lwJ , " " "[ The Mission was opened with a|has served to render '" ...... [DAIL CRITICIZED FOR /meat get out of the. a' usmg e a inaions n Sunda 0 t me admae of . . t handsome U S fla, w't  ........ ]ulm ..... y, c:7. / I'hgh Mass celebrated by Reverend Dr. She Government and th .... 1; .... / H X!NG NO CHAPLAIN[ and surrender ts fleet ta  u parlO1;le l, or me firs ime m s " --. e ....  ,.. '.0r e emlnar ! and inspiring ceremoni, ;, ,. .[, .... YO. B. Clarendon, the splendid choir[suspicious re,ar(lizw +. ....... | (By ,%" ,j W C Nw' c ....... |for a song.  frl .. .  ...... -arge oil chapel, a evoional gem was the I .... , ....... I.. --   ,, 'aCUVlles oI[ .... -" u*wC('t [ ne lOC , renaerlng osewlg s mass in 15 Ila. tile Y M   , . -- ev al Howztzer corn an T C A nz Ital Dubhn Cc 10 ' .. " P y. he[scene of the impressive ceremonies I ..........   .. I 1 .." :. .... Y. [ , ' ...... .t l a  ntte," o [PRINCE BECOMES weather was ideal a . . ne sermon was enverea oy very -ew Diaceses , sore " ' ....   0th waspresent nd a race crowd[wh,ch accompany the conferring of/Reveren d Father Polk. During the/ in __ andPr.efctures [.ch^s?rpslse that the. Dail has no] plII .... ' J the first major order On this occa / ..... - ,. i. .  . eccms]asucat a(minis-/ amain.  aoes not, like other legis-! . xt r ,,  4e' Yet zne Old Glory whiU "- ,,-- - . I ...... " "izvnssmn servzces were as zouows: Itraion and uri -,:--" ,  latures ---" ..... ' I ,-.v . ,. vv. ,. *. ,, wiP --. " " if,, ,n une u;ul'e [ sion ign everend Bishop Morris I 6 a m Mass and sermon I- ........ a .mc.lon m se'erm j , oegm ]s wor every (lay with I Paris, Oct. 11.Caro:  h ., , wave zrom a :orty-foot metal/raised four members of the class of]  " ., . . [l, uru o me world have been an-jprayer. Rev. Joseph O'Bryne, a[ArchHs ...... -ris ha' , al zmgsmff m front of the main en-1 1924 to the subdeaconate J  a. m., ass n sermon. [nounceaat the Vatican. Two new di-/Catholic clergyman in England, asks [ the ie'sto:d nce VI rance of the academy on Eighth[ Classes were resumed on Oc'o --  [ o p. m., mmrens vnsslon.  , oceses, uompos and Barado Pirahy,[why shouhl there be any difficult., in j " : .... e old IN l street, is 5x8 fet n ; ......... [_ - . . ,  uer ,[ 7:45 p. m., Rosary, sermon, lene-lilave been formn ........ |a---;,,;,, ,  ....... z |sczon o one m: u, ., .. - ...... e ana is me!ana zn a zew aavs seminary life ,-s, ,. -.  , ,, s,ox,l ernory ior=/" v. ........ s a ,aunonc cnap/ain to the/ ........ ) ...... :,, Camu  ,2 vv ' , * . J.tlll u &l lllllall * , gz of Mrs Mark Wade of meuon meny comprised m the Dall9 Cha lares Term, who was a recent',;o;emps'l mvmg along very placidly, just as if I 'Through the entire Mission the spa -IN/chtcroy in Brazil --" .?mcese of]the arm- :'" we:e appointed for]Ghika is sixty and is a b; ---'-',-, .... - ........ 'l nere naa Been no vacation to inter-Iin,   -..., ...... * ......  _ ..... , aria l has oeen I.  a,( l:or au pumic institu-I former Rumanian minis o.e a s caaem -- u,,, o ,, -,-o,,s=,, maue KnO P: . . _Y" The flag raising[ rapt it. No time was lost in begin- J---Y-" "; ..... . ..... wn ne new Diocese of Too- I sons in the country, but for the Irish [ he ceremon,, t,ok nlace exerczses smred at 2"30 , -- ._...,, .- .... 1wire mrge congregauons, zeatoumy[ woomDa Will soon 1 ..... .^a -- /le,islatur^ *- ,-" - - ... ' - -.' -- - ,, . .... . .. az., wlsn nmg suaen acrivkies. ,__ . ., . ,, _ _. ,,^ 4 .... " - weceu m me,  =ute nlgnes lnsl;n;uEion in arit' hn,1 ;n he 1 zne t)lesslng of the fla b-" xr^_.. , ......... ,uenuve, ne zareweu sermon, ucca-II, rovlnce oz Brisba^ - .... l a Christi- --, , , I ...... v ...... , _ _ _   very ev. eorgamzaion o me and- and the - ,. ,, .... I  . -% usrana. I . t, *nnu--rnel'e was ]]o enan-I o,,n ........ -,_^.^n hv w' lel E A. F Ga]la h r " . . , slon oz bin, Demg a masterpiece, lcive new . [ ..... u --, ,,u.evu -a . g e , this ceremony being other musical units, the Glee Club and . [ apostolic prefectures have ]am.(Thus the Orange may be lflacat- I of the social and dip lena ! followed by an address on "Our Pa- orchestra will shortly take place. The ]edD.) ]Paris. es triotism" by Commander Duke Fred- seminary choir, whose many appear- erick, of the Frank FrFied Post, ances in the past at various diocesan MT S T MARh o Y--' S- "ACAD E ]- " American Legion. Instructions on the functions have gained for it an envia- flag were given by Capt. Grady For- ble reputation, rendered the lassie   L gy. During the raising of the flag by during the Mass and dedication cere- -- 0 1 B d S If L G] u squad of the Howitzer company, monies at the new St. Joseph's church, Idea oar In c o or Youn ad]es and Little the pupils of S. J. A. sang the Star Pine Bluff, Ark. That the renditior  at Spangled Banner. In a manner that was satisfactory was clearly seen in  ]eft no doubt as to the sincerity of [ the magnificent hospitality which Fa- Accredited by the University of Arkansas and o, their parriotism, the pupils also ren-lther Tynin, the Sisters of Charity of th dered Columbia, the Gem of theNazareth, and the parishioners so ith th Catk li Uni ityof HZashington, D Ocean, and "Arkansas." Rev. M. S. graciously extended. To all those W e 0 c vers 00ha, H. Williams, of the Episcopal church, who helped to make our first vinit to " ro: gave the benediction. Pine Bluff a most enjoyable one, we Under The D00rechon of the Sisters of Mercy  A lunch sa/e was held recently by exten8 sincerely a hearty thanks.  i the seniors of S. J. A., by which $25.83 was realized towards the ath. Fall Term Open September l Oth letle fund. The official basket ball K. OF C. ACTIVITIES S goals are being erected and practice d, successfulWill begin in the near future, OFFICIAL NOTES COURSES: Grammar, Academic and Commercial, Music, Art  Not to be outdone, the boys held a LITTLE ROCK COUNCIL NO. 812 _ aall hamburger sale several[ Expression) days later, adding the substantial sum I Columbus Day Celebration ' th of to their 00th00etlc f00nd I Columbus Day was celebrated by For further ' a0000ress.. A costume ball is being planned by[this Council, on Thursday evening, t the seniors for Hallowe'en, the older[October 11th, at the Club Rooms, 609 - people of the parish to have a card Scott street. Speeches, as0cial ses- 00,00r00:rec"-ess party on the same date. sion, and a Dutch lunch, were the