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October 20, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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October 20, 1923

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.- . . , , ........ {Cont/nued l ademy orchestra rendered some beau-  e from Page 1) /tiful selections• Bishop Morris was so WOMEN S COUNCIL URGES . • • ' , d however to pass Dulmg the corn- CARD. O'CONNELL .I t pleased with the children's efforts Imp congress the efforts of nearly] /twenty orgamzahons wall be concen that he thanked them individually and CHILl) LABOR AMF00M00T tr" " "/ , aed to secure passage of the] 00ES00PF00FOR / -- amendment and its submission to the/ / Washington, D S, Oct 00,--The Na states for ratification NEAR FAST REUffj_ :NEW ST. JOSEPH'S CHURCH AT PINE BLUFF DEDICATED ),, t 'I! BY liT. REV. J. B. MORRIS, D. D. 'tube did not go to church on Sunday was lodked on with as much suspicion collectively. He took each one by the hand in token of appreciation• Address by Miss Helen Mooney Miss Melen Mooney, one of the years graduates gave the welcomo ad- #as the drunkard Can .......... . . , •  you reauze dress to the Bishop and clergy• n • ne cnange which has come in recent a few well chosen words she wel :years  . corned " the Academ s ' • "Any man who " comprehends the]the Sister Y guests m the name of • rend of the times cannot but tremble.,/ Mrs. H:'islip .......... ann mrs. ennett "the great catastrophe is coming upon/ Mrs. Millie Haisllp, was chairman vs, so let us not be deceived. /of the dinner committee, and did her- Religion only is your anchorage to self proud, she was ably assisted by God, country, family and neighbors." Mrs. John Sennett. At the end of the sermon a class "The End of a Perfect Day," camel ff 70 Were confirmed, among them was at 5 o'clock when the guests took their I Mr. M. M• Bruce, the gentleman who departure for their respective homes. / is largely responsible for the beauti- Sisters of Charity / ful house of worship. His part won Sisters of Charity from St. Vin- the admiration of the people of Cath- cent's, Little Rock, and Helena came I otic faith and all faiths,, and his per-j to Witness the dedication eeremonies,/ REV. W. J. TYNIN, PASTOR ST. JO SEPH'S CHURCH. ST. JOSEPH'S CHURCH, PINE BL UFF, ARK. itable • intervention. could appeal" to t71e various Europe to help him in his endeavors to aid his needy children; but now, to tional Council of Catholic Women in MiUion Childrcn tion in Europe can he turn hope its convention held in this city went l Victory for the amendment will cul-I His Eminence Addresoo p .... of receiving large m,ate the long strugzle for lnwl .....  ..... lutes on. He has expressed his that wi '  a .__ mee Dis, closed by Po an embarr. • • ll rid the country of child labor I "o ..... pe d Asks] assment at f, drag • i r u, ted Action. ] often compelled, by the s Under the present state of the law l of conditions as they are in and its enforcement, over a million (By N C W C Ne=, °'" t ' children between ten and sixteen are  ....... :  ....... me) so frequently entreat genex - / w asmngon, v. C., Oct. 8.His Em- ca to assist him now, sines now working in industry and agricul-]inence, William Cardin ' / . tare, and over four hundred thousand |B ........ al O Connell, of engulfed m her own troubles - . " / von, nas afmressed a letter to all for the moment at least, i netween ten and fourteen. Several|the members of the • . • of the southern states ive sh ht • - .... hierarchy of the answermg m any large .......... g g I Umted States requesting that collec- fatherly appeals. ,=pal proecuon o neir children and/amen s be taken un • • ,, weaken the existing laws bv rant;-/ " .  m all dmceses for Surely, the Holy F th .... - me assistance of the poor and suffer- and will not, be content to on record in favor of a constitutional amendment which will empower the federal government, to enact legisla- tion against child labor. National legislation is required , the resolution declares, because certain of the states have refused to protect their own children and in this way unfair ad- vantage is taken of employers in states which have good child labor laws. The resolution specifies that an amendment is wanted which will leave with the states the power to establish a law of higher standards than the federal laws. Resolution The resolution reads as follows: exemptions for trivial reasons. ling peoples of the Near East, Central out a response to the The Effect Europe and Japan. aid from his stricken children, With the passage of a federal law the first effect will be that nearly / Iowa:Cardinal O'Connell's letter is as fol- and"Surely'people tOO,of America,all the Bishops, all of the states will be ashamed to/"To aI1 the Archbishops and Bishops well the sorrow which fills fall below the national standard and "Whereas the inveterate refusal of will pass laws of their own which will of the United States: hal heart at the sight of some states to enact laws for the pro- obiviate the necessit.- of mac ...... "At our latest meet]n¢,'m Wash whelming needs and the hibition of child labor inflicts grave action. Employers tin rec:l:tr:rlt ton, September 26th, His Excellency:]means at his disposal, will injury upon tens of thousands of states can be met b.. fe n ....... the Apostolic Dele,ate read to +hla deaf ear to an a,meal young children in these states and land the harm done cJhildrenao;CUtl:n assembled Prelates °a c'ommunicatio"nlHoly Father makes to'thei r causes unfair hardship to employers lworking people removed thr .....  which he had just received from His I sympathy and generosity. • . • . . ougnou Holiness, Plus XI, in which the Holy / "The Holy Father never in.:tates whlchhavegoodchlld labor/the country A federal law wlllliather, ins very touching manner, himself; he never speaks in iaws'a reasonableand whereas,time thelies onlYthroughWaYna.|emptionsm [strengthen local adml:stratlon °-lisZt/ forth the urgent need of comingtneeds, though they are which this evil can be remedied with-Istate laws and stop the stream of ex to the assistance of the poor and suf great now permitted in several ofiferin o 1 " ,, ' • . tional legislation; Therefore, be it |the states, g pep es of the Near East, Cen- reaihn: Bishops who hs resolved that the National Council of/ Securing Bacldng tral Europe, and Japan " of th F Catholic Women favors an ....  !  .......... • g e Holy merit to the Federa{  ,,u-,. .or uurmg me coming winter will "Naturally, the poor and the suffer- |were deeply touched and • onsmion De directed towards securing backing which will empower Congress to en-J from senators and congressmen for act such legislation, but which will lthe proposed amendment so that it not prohibit any state from enacting I will pass congress. 'Ihere',ffter the a law of higher standards than re-/campaign will be to get enou h of quired by the Federal Legislation en- the states t ......... g ] ,, -uy 1 ann incorporate acted subsequent to the passing of it as part of the Constitution. I such a Constitutional Amendment. __ [ The exact form of this amendment 800 ALSATP tI° 1"" [ should be determined upon in confer- l,.] JU|l ence with other interested groups." Ask FederaP Law Behind the demand for a child labor I amendment to the Constitution is the twice repeated rejection of a fede]'al] ]nw on chihl labor by the Supreme Court. Congress had passed the laws ! LOURDES PILGRIMAGE WITH TWO PRELATES (By N. C. W. C. News Service) and the president had signed them, Lourdes, Oct., 5.--The Alsatian pil- grimage, conducted by Msgr. Ruch but the Supreme Court declared that I bishop of Strasburg and Msgr. Kretz, the Constitution a: now worded for-/his vicar generdal, has arrived in bids such a law. Committees of the/Lourdes" last congress reported favorably a/ The pilgrimage is composed of about a child labor amemhnent which fail- 800 persons, of whom at least one- Cooperation The ram]road shop unions and their constitutent members, the mechanists, boiler makers, blacksmiths, electric- ians, and other mechanics are sharing in the management of the railroad lthe p/lgrimage venerated the relics of shops and are meeting regularly with/Saint Francis de Sales and then went the management in a spirit of frlend-/to Marseilles to honor Notre Dame de liness and cooperation to discuss mat-[la Garde. The last stop was Toul- third are men. They did not come di- rectly from Alsace, but visited sever- al of the most revered sanctuaries of France before reaching Lourdes. At Lyons the pilgrimage visited the basilica of Notre Dame de la Salette in the diocese of Grenoble• At Annecy ing of all nations turn now more than promised instant aid to I the Holy Father in ever to the Holy See, imploring the his suffering children. Common Father of Christendom toJtoo, they recommended aid them and succor them in their un- /tions all over the speakable distress• (Continued on "The heart of the S°vereign P°n- K[N MID tiff is torn with anguish as appeal after appeal is made to him, finding | himself, nevertheless without adequate MAD BY means to supply financial aid to so ROSE many. and so insistent cries from va- HE MOT SANITAll r rlous parts o th'e world for his char- JOll JUNO St. Vincent s Infirmary Little Rock's Foremost Hospital IN A6E .- EXPERI00CF,-. ffFICIF00C? Official Rating: Class A By American College of Surgeons After Official Inspection LARGEST HOSPITAL IN STATE .,,o--o,_ ......... o Conducted | by 1887 [ The Sisters of Charity I 1923 o!. of Nazareth J. ters of common interest. The union dUKe, where the pilgrims heard Mass °+^ -'-- ..,, - ne:'::do"W'r newtells it sOWnchurch shallSt°ry' His and incidentally, visit with their Sis is recognized first of all, so that I hrh: thbasilica of Saint Sernin and • . I ever ter fri .... " wages, hours, etc., will be mutually[ ey were joined by the il- ;anaas a credential of his worth and •..enus' ney were royally enter- satisfactory to management and men. I grimage of sick persons ccmP:, s a wamolc and builder, immea Dy the Smters of the Academy. ,Then the management and the nnion I straig ht from Alsace. ° ST. wNcBrrs IP0000NG SCH00L FOR ...: ...Father Lucy ] Donations [ join together to see that the job of] After leaving Lourdes the pIIgrims Offers exceptional opportunities for experience and t . zms aruele would no us, the she m n will probably stop at Roc A clasps of nursing to young women desiring to vocationalze .. t be complete• For the new church several -^ I " g . p eq "pme t and the ] ' - madour mobiing and remunerative profession. ' € • . v .... " , ..... and then go to Poitiers to " zt we didnot mentmn the part the late :did donations have en m,d a_ I men s hme and abihtms ,s done well•/ ......... invoke The Sisters of the Infirmary and the able medical and sainted Father J M L .......  ....... { ..... be ............. o.| - . |, mnary, stopping in Paris on their staff connected with them, plovide a Three Years Course of • " .... rough v-,you n, nme 2orriSgates representingJ°nes donut on the one l/men TheW°rkhumanT°getherrequirements of a / " " t cal, jpractical and modern training, fitting the graduates for •startm and au  ed the beau way home to vlmt th • I g gmenting the church, tiful Commumo' " The efflcmncy'' m" not" e basilica of the futu effort in all classes of nursing, both medical and s t was he who was the ins-ira'-'- I n rail. The rail is of Sacred Heart and the Church of Our all cases pertaining to general hospital work. :?rn :Fitzgerald Lu:ey's°:hndrtlagwga:d' mfluenee gave the thatth he *5,000 the carrm late as B,shop Father / oT::e a nu-I'] the gate apr;eted Book the of Carrarra Lamb the of Seven Revelahons marble Seals, wth andWith sohd on Iu Ireal h;nd:dkdW:u:rb;n rded. efficiency an system ?:::geImte:t thare mselv carefully °m:d ti ' ay ;: ject paper of man the VI;::m:x Alsatian at Toulouse p lained pilgrimage that to athe is news one ob- ........ ,,,,ee rooms titutions The and next Infirmary ,.. inabout enoo el.ass the South. 5.000 is iSor acknowledged now tale patients It educational being has are formed, a to capacity treated he lnival-a. one Applicants annually, of of 250 the andbeds' best rc must e 1 .cleus to build upon. It was the dream [ the other gate the nehc" an ¢a;.,.,~ ^_ !  a. . d the men e es add f piety, because the Alsatians desire from reputable parties. of Father Lucev's life ÷ .......... |youn wO. 1. .... .- ,-"-_ s  thew own knowledge to that of the to render thans to the rest saints • , , =  new , -,, -= UWl mood. The Sra ..... r " • g • ;St. Josetbh rise on the s"ot of th .... tions of the Cro ......... I management. The aim is to elicit thelwho p otected them during their time FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS ADDRESS u m = are oI stucco Geii ..... . istres • SISTER SUPERIOR hurch but  full mterest and lnformahon of exer of d s, and also an ' , God willed it otherwise. /cately tinted. Mrs. Millie Haizlip hasl ] ,, , . ,. Y-I c. .. : . ,._ object of ejti- ---  /orao,a  ^_,_  .... .  one in ne snops and answer me need z,anon, o snow the Alsatians that z, amer Tynin / ......... :me apnsma 'ounr•lmen have of using, their minds andlontrary to what has fre ST. VINCENT S INFIRMARY The new astor Mrs Jos B Whir  quently been Tenth and High Streets Little P , Father Tynin,|_. • • • "'e donated two mar-lwills at their work ]stated, Catholicism h _ omes m for ble hol wa as numerous praise. He/sY=fntohn?5ruflhetWalkerYnd?fr::dt:fheM::hyUl:e I Results Goed . IdeeplYan:]ated. shrines in France" ecutive ability, and oss ......... ! hated the altar chimes o ......... / .................... wm e med each year by large   :  and art it is -" P =. me ar,l donations ...... " oyvera omer / wae rem is na wor s seamer. 'crowds of people.  oxmoumingalldiscord, w--or,ace shortly. The / The plan has already shown how th e Bankers Trust Co. ant elements in to peace and harmony I wardens of the parish deserve a great B. & O. shops and equipment can be POPE OF-CiT-fT--- He has labored hard 'and faithfully t deal of praise for their willing cooper-, used much more than formerly New ........ " • . " • . • ' ' • .  "  ENC'fCLOPEDIA amce coming to .the parish, and t. is atr  oh:hfcPi:tnO:ndn:hp ia::anl/kinds of work are being undertaken, I MAIN AT SECOND bilitytargely hlSthatfOreslghtthe and construchve effect the new Bud ets ate a /such as extensive repair work which], (Continued from P -- LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS new church stands,n:nc m t g .'Y m' of fi-] age l) was formerly subcontracted and the/founders, patrons and - --We are agents for practically all the important S t4 today an ornament and pride of the[ g he whole parish. | . [ members, so or- Companies. manufacture of some of the eqmp reed that al ' ' " gun" " 1 can have part in the Thus we ! see the honor to God ment. One of the most serious evil • • . If yo.u are contemplating a trip abroad for business reasos, s{.t "  ......... t shown by our Catholic neanle nob] ........... s pr°ect" Founders will subscribe $500, ,,,, ' 'lUSlC at ulnner  assistin .... - - ,  o± ne snopmen has oeen perlooicat  -atrons $250 and me " - you emre re unaertake a pleasure trim make - - + .... , exifl : I  g their nard-workino- an a -- ..... I v " moers $100. All wm " • "- ................ " " ....... , ...... - u . . .. rr Cruises, do not fall to call on us for information, whidt After the conflrmatmn serwces, the ; ous pastors The sacrifice o -^ -.- I nempioymen. 'le new arrange I will have specml Privileges connected be cheerfully given, without charge. ]]lshop, priests, seminarians andj the generous laity will surhy'?;' r-/ments are expected to lessen this an-]wit h the publications of the organiza- --We wish to remind you also o • #t 1 employmen a rear (teal aria erna s guests were invited to the Convent warded b-- AI ...... " g P P, 'tion. _: ............. f our fore,gn Exchange DepartUre# y mgny L/on a hundred  / wmcu  in posll;lon I;O eHeeg money transf-o +- '-;- cou7- where a perfectly appointed table fold They will never be a-- -doter develop joint insurance against it.j In appearance, size, illustration and by Cable,Draft, or Bank Money Orders at b'revaiin,'mket P," ;awaited them. The dinner was a tri- / for making donations to the "' v . I Another result that is expected is the ] maps the new work will resemble the " g , getting quotations ,umph in culinar art and while the ] a *^ ^ :- -  ' .... cause o l estabIishment of satisfactory wages l resent one, but th vn will h we no, uy aria sell Foreign Exchan e " ° hOarP Y , Go, , , , a P e t e courses were being served the Ac-}and makesqdch re::rZff ui rewaraer'l and overtime schedules and rate on/larger. It is pointed out that the ex- BANKERS TRUST COMPANY • " ' |the basis of thorough knowledge and/periences the editors have acquired in MAIN AT SECOND !agreement about the job itself and the/av°iding repetitions and condensing FOREIGN DEPARTMENT MANAGEMENT SHARING bOtthlh inarterested in the same thing and benefits which the shopmen contribute articles without sacrificing content or  I tl tr a,  y e joining together to take care I to the operation of the railroads. I clearness' there will be no difficulty in r P-P,L'|tl oi it. The railroad wants to use itsl Settlement Through Reason Itreating every branch of knowledge in ARMS IR06 SPRII{S . IN B. & O. SHOPS ii:tme]nmheewfaa:ntl;:td ::on:an:Iltv°./rec:g:t:: Pah=:i=t:r:iwth::lol/the fifteen volumes 1 | t jobs the year rental. [ground for disgruntlement among the/rAp = . -- , [They want good wages. They want]men on this score The B & O m , C A l $ 0 W  l 0 B T 1 railroad shop unions and the Balti / an feel t o, woric m. wmcn ney}agement had shown its sincerity on I¢ImDlll .  -Ic at they are takmg a credit-this noint and the new wa - - more & Ohio raih'oad are developing/able art ....... / "- y was openh][l|lhUO $_  AREANI-S ° FAOU MEDICINAL R/NG • v ney wan goou relation f •  =.,v, .... ! " - or proceeding towards close coo era of the manammen and nr.enta-a system under which representatives _..,_____,,pt°ngn_emsves'|tl°nbetwementm[,."_..--__'mships in the she- am -- ' | ' P " e hays in¢a ........ AGAIN TO BE OlfD TO THE PUBLIC. tivesof the organize'd-shoprm'echanics ::dW::;S::h::iand:he°re'/regard to eefa:ng:perati::dof entl::lllit2002 $3=00,000 a. Fe, 0 , i l   famou. • c. un(terme s •       It , hop management The fnendl s meet together regularly, to ,.d,scu.!s Baltimore & Ohi plan the men are lhich is arisin-"from t'-- Y..prt[;$ r eat abovl  Par, m rli ]idny, Blahr, and Narvoo. Diaoeda ways ana means oi mamng me r,l- protected by their union at the same [, .... ' - -:  : . .e ammoe|h u bn inerul from $4, lml ]" |lM[OltM ,. owaro conecuve oargammg and the 0 Thl. eaabl road shops more efflcmnt tm $$0, m to Friendl Situation e that they om with:the manage-[;egular meetings between the man-[mtlr far of ar  . • -Y ]men00 in a semi'parrnership to makela00-ement and the men ......... .... P0001|CI000I FOR 0001| The railroad executives and the] the shon work interesti,- ;;,I: .. . . yn maers oi[ u Wn am m. mew  { ,  - . -, ...... "lom ineres is one of the reatest fhopmen have agreed that the arej and economical g l / ' ' NATIONAL .Am,u,w, o., gums to the credit of the new 1 ROUTE No.