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October 20, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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October 20, 1923

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nothing is more I Catholic papers | should have so that every I lay good rcad- nd arr ,, and ! Promotes the Clris-t 'BENEDICTus, pp., XV. xm OF CATHOLIC 00YCLOPEDIA IS TO BE ENL00G00 ib e Mad k of Universal Plans ageDetails of Editors' The Official Organ of tile Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas THE GUARDIAN, OCTOBER 20, 199.3. New St. Joseph's Church at Pine Bluff Dedicated With Imposing Ceremonies By Rt. Rev. John B. Morris, D. D. { A Catholic Paper is a [ Perpetual Mission.-- i Pope Leo XIII. "The Guardian" in every home---our motto. NO. 17 NOTABLE SPEAKERS ADDR00S CATHOLIC UNITY MEETINg (By N. C W. C News Service) New York, Oct., 15.--Graphic stories of the work of the Church at home and in foreign lands held the atten- tion of fifteen hundred persons who, attended the twenty-third meeting:. of the Catholic Unity League of New York in Hotel Astor The Rev. James A. Welsh, Sulerior of the Catholic Foreign Mission So- ciety of America, the Rev. John J. lurke, C. S. P.., general secretary of the National Catholic Welfare Con- ference, the Rev. James M. Gilllis, editor of "Catholic World" and the Rev. Bertrand L. Conway were among: the principal speakers. Father Walsh declared that he owed his inspiration in foreign mission work to the example furnished by the P'ul- ist Fathers. He described the experi- ences of the missionary priests i china, relating their trials and perils in different parts of the country. Father Walsh struck a humorous strain in his comparison of banditry as practiced by the Chinese and that prevalent in large American cities. The Chinese bandits, he said, are con- siderate in that they sometimes leave, their victims something, but the Amer- ican bandits usually leave him noth- ing. Father Burke soke in detail of the work of the National Catholic Wel- fare Conference, explaining the dif- ferent departments and the manner in which they functioned. The work of the Catholic Unity League, said the Rev. Bertrand L. Conway, had become known as far away as India tou C. W. C News Service) D. C., bel5'--Themade a Solmr High Mass Sung by Rev. Peter Post, O. S. B. 02[ Scranton, restitution with enlarged make itageneralen. Ar]. The New Church, ,4 Splendid Monument to the Zeal of COvering the entire ange and designed to fnon-Catholics as Bishop, Pastors and People. readers, according to made by +he-editors 00lodge'willbe 00he{FATHER TYNIN IDEAL P ASTOR, ORGANIZER AND general encyclope- O g be published in fifteen Icompiling this work, WORKER. C NGRAT LATED B Y BISHOP AND PEOPLE eXpectedyears,tO betheCOmpletededitors, SEMINARIANS FROM ST. JOHN'S SEMINARY, LITTLE ROCK, GREATLY AUGMENT CEREMONIES Rev. Thom.*s J. BANQUET SERVED IN CONVENT TO VISITING GUESTS. of the Catholic Univer- Rev. Monsignor Ed- o the Catholic Univer- Pallen, Ph. D., the Rev. S. J., and Dr. James Well knvwn author re- to fill a vacancy, will large staff of writers assistants, here and in s, in producing vtmJ,.h- English which will be j. but of universal Articles appearing in will also be dictionary or compen- Volume for those who do cannot afford the larger or the Work monumental work education, which the proportion of f American ement of cul- COmprise the organi- and assistannts as a Which will produce a has now seven thousand mere-- literature so bets, a fine showing for the six years Will reach the multi, of its existence. The Loan Library, giving correct infer- the report showed, was being well on all the reasonable- patronized and books are being ask- religion and its dom- ed for from all parts of the United on human life. States. Papini's "Life of Christ, ' the Catholic Ency- Belloc's "On," Isabel Clark's "Carina" already amount to and Gardiner's "Life of St. Catherine sets, according to of Siena," were among the most pop- and it is estimated ular books. exceed twice that Charles Rush, a New York attorney- Were a work of general presided over the meeting in the ab- ,s it is, the Encyclopedia I sence of James A. Beha, chairman of the information the League. should con- treats thoroughly not SIXTY ACRES BOUGHT in religion but also FOR $5,000,000 SHRINE art, education, his- TO BLESSED VIRGIN psychology, sci- y others. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) SCope will permit of Portland, Ore., Oct., 16.Sixty veres more than a score of of ground have been purchased near of subjects such as ag .... .,.-.,.Z  ...... Rocky Butte for the erection of a electricky, en- $5,000,000 national shrine to the Bles- civil history, In- ... sed Virgin by the Servite Fathers of medicine, me- "' -" "' " , the United States. The shrine welt Politics aml trans- be known as the Sanctuary of our ' Pine Bluff, Oct. 15.The new St. to bring to corn letio " . * of a , p n thin chinch ent Ou ood - Jo . . , , of the grandeur and the enlisting they sang he Mass __ r Lady of Sorrow and according to g encyclope seph s church was solemnly ded now dedmated to the Hen sa or andGlor f If a reeat ys t y orce of worsh PP  mn e by ht announce- ;:ted Sunday . by the Rt. Rev. Bishop of God. I mi-ht.- God '- p as offered, to ..AI- I lends to gratitude and encourarement the Very Rev. A. M. Mayer, O. S. M. are  .... e eaffors, an,. orns, assisted by a ]arge The Procession {ofhS ..... ]j me sotemn ceteDranon the Seminarians certainl -" ' pastor of the Church of t . _ ueeuve, no omy number o visitin riests Re Wnl ,i,1, .............. ] ....... s, Sacrifice of the Mass I r oalv -, ....... Y received a .... he Assump,, gP v o o re" ..... - .... prcsmn ormea ar tile "riests ' ,"1--" ....... . ' I  --'- nare Ior their leasi ann in this cit th ' .. ngton, but often ter J. Tynin, pastor, directed all the h,, .......... ,. . " . | ,mmes tmg at onsecrauon I trib, t,. , .... P ng con- _ y, e erectmn of some, xney abound in ra features con ^-*^a ............. ! ..... , proulpuy a to o cioc. The | Solemn High Mass core E i _--_-y-, o ae success of the dedica of the units will be ate _ _ - 1 ,,=u wn me aemca-, rininr, , th hen ----. ....... , m p scope [ tory nror,n, " at r d in 1924. ann o o - , W'La me cnanmg was celebr - Th more as they are tion, the church being the result of his ] of the Seminar{an; w ,' . . J _ ated by Rev. Peter Post, O. { - " B-i'shon,, ur.., e Service Fathers plan to improve 'ggerate the theory of ] intensive work and attont-- -: ...... I .. . , as a gnai or ] S. B., of Scranton, Ark assist ^* --  ..... " ....... th -  ....... oat, - ..... -  . . _  ....... ,- m-Ime procession o start Bishop) Mor-},, , .......... "' . u uy{ we wsn we could ive :  ,uwr ann upper grounds, chisel _ o ,, Dology, Put in pastorate in Pine Bluff The de .- --" ..... . -  ..... ut-g r. . rassner o Jones- ,* -- .. - , g every word {, ,,++ ..... eience ., . . ,-{, was me eener o interest as berber- .... -, ..... ( ,,u lsnops sermon, ever,, ,,,.a{- , .... o mm the north wall of th,* ,_ , especially in{ory program included aver- unuoual ..... ,,.^ ......  . ..... " I , u uuoueacon, and ev. Joim E {w ......... " "'' - -- gY and rl{,;,,., ' [,n n],--" ......  . :, wa*ru azuunu ne church blessing the Gaffne of t ' . . , u wel umed and instructive { DUte and build seven chapel - to *- . --" ..... I--? .... mg eamre, me cnaning'walls in passing, attended b,. a ...... a { ..... y . S. P eter church, Pine in part he said "Keep v ur a,l, ..:: lea _ sded reat an  s-,,-- z),ux, as deacon , o "/ ted to the dolors of M on - the entire range ] d. staging of the .Mass by 22 Semi- I of honor of five, Fourth Dec, reel Bi- ...... 're l.,gntReverendli n the last hour it w]ll'be-your":[$, dry. __ a correct rational ]narmns rom t. John's Seminary in tKni.hts of Col --L ..... ." [_ ,vp was aenea Dy ev. P. j./consolation --; -' -- .- _. -"t_ " m  ,,,,uu, me ross-ear- Doole' .u m me end all that KLAN IS of an encyclonedia |Lxttle Rock. Over a thousand people{ ....  .................. [ Y, pastor of Sacred Heart{will s .... "-^' ......... / SCORED BY or r , 1- uu wv acmyes, Ionowea Dy ;ne church St Lore ...... xne msllop revewea CONGREG . ms Pr-P:3d's,b =:-/::::c:Sb;ll ': mn::v, clergy. Entrance of Bisho { Th/Tynin"past'r fSs" i!:i  / :'dcl:nS:nfdtaT [ Yh 'yclut;:h J / kh:wt r:::ll:k eehdChh ertee t: !  sh had ! -'--- ATIONALISTS: :e:[-ictionaries, :re.g, the home _on, gregatmn and their At the conclusion of the Pserviee onled teeth mgmg of the ch!mes announe- gle of the whole dioces Jn |'1: bt:l-I Ta:::a N. C. W_. c. News Service) [ *on which built np }tnenas ann nelgnDors. { the outside Bis  ............... { e congregauon ue sotemn me- ling of "old -+ a,-._,_ _' ...... [ ma, ct. 16.--The Ku Klux Klan ueyclo-- - '  Lon .....  .... I , ,,up morrt, wmt ms/ment of' the chandn ..v +h h,o.a ._. { -. ua u a Ll;l;le came in for " , peoria is avail- g Ammuon eauzea ,att^a.-,. -,^-_ ......  ,  ........... ., -,,u-Rock  wgorus denunciation at tt v**ua*,w uvvreu ue church, ann aI- Wi ' ' ' " . terraenttl is the more ,--- | . Every church, every social and re-}*^=, -,'^--:--s menor: ........... me msnop" was |Christne mtot the Body. and. Blood of Jesus "St. Joseph's *s" the tlurd'- ohlest lthefe Washmgten Congregatmnal Con- .... e more necessary, lhgious organization of Pine Bluff had t escorted to his th ...... ,.^ ..~,., ..,] ..... he Say,or of the world, allehurch in the i ......  ......... rence held here. Dr. George L. ",m at lar-e ....... l_ .......... [ ...... "- ....... . .... ,= -,s,, f{ett that a stupendous work was be-' . ,, - . ,e occ. , Uady of New York in ref s,, s aau va ]represenmuves witnessing ne solemn I me altar, wnlcil was arane(l rrrace[ut- H ..... .. ...... . . ..... { he said, Your parish Is a veneroh,,  --- - ..... ' using to " among those who [functions of th ..........  l- in -mle -" ..... - - - - /'"s prormeu. r was me cnmax of I one and ........ .- ,. .... "Y'. t pea on me tian declared that al- 't^ numanl" ' e ,al;nOllC ritual, oZ I Y p p u,t. xne guard oz nonor.reliious, ."ow,,, ..... ,-.,,vy":'-:'- u,u--; exxecg-" " {" :- -u v ve eongrarulaeal though it" was an "un American .... "ty, are{dedication and of the Mass. I rehred" wtth' the proper sabre cere-l-'-aven- - "- . . -tor the building of such a be -,,*:--'{,u, "" , -. . and:. n .... ess.  was a Holy Sacrifice in-I edifice I cowaraw as t may be, ]t :s a passing ter choice of] Even the elements conspired to]runny before the altar. I ded -,a o  . " w Lewes. {rnlro +-- ....  .... ,,. ! -- . . , .......... ohness permeated tLe ...... , I hm and ten years from now w;l" dedge F .......... { ........ ,v uy mere, na one o nappy[ Beautiful S,ght {depth of the soul of the worldmess Scored not be heard of Dr et.,. :---'[": ,,uuuuu. memory, un misoa me d . /  =" C 1 "- --# ,,sserea' the ........... | ....... y, . ay that[ The altar of white and gold wPh t,on, whether the Mass was o , .I al ing e panh to a closer de- the world was i "" --vr oz puou ,naa een moKea zo ! f life n need of spmtuaI eed t  .... "l ...... rw.ard to for so{the lighted tapers and the tlelicate time worship or witnessed for ' vohon to. their church the Bishop and not material re ." he -". a zounoa- I tong wm oy ann anxmty, the hearts [ flowery touch of white and green, was first time the stud, "It s a previlege to be a Cath- Dr. . constructmn. , o e know as and minds of C Y Wgfall, of Vancouver, no rle-'--  . , .... all the people were unit-i'd picture that will not soon fade from[ Seminarians in ohc, es.pecmlly ,s at so in this age said that in view of the threat " . ,ge r ounaa-] ea m prmsmg God and rendering" Bm" [ the minds of the worshinners I . . . . S g when there is .so much se,,'-*'....,..... .' ............. . enmg " co ,.r n au men t -,s movement in zne m g o the wonderful eer umed States, u, - age*" 4)Psed of{ thanks{ and people,fr vouchsafingthe, will" and untOthe s pastor[/ The..entire scene, was one of ...... reat{, ..... ......... , ,evamg and most ehazmm' e-g daand worldiness. Can't you recall the it mght" be better., to suspend my;stun: "" 'trength magmflcence and mpressed all pres-Iwa s supplied by the Seminarians as y when the man in the community dry work in foreign lands and at- (Continued on Page 4) tempt to Christianize this country. / / \\; ;:d.