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October 15, 1943     Arkansas Catholic
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October 15, 1943

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PAGE SIX ' THE GUARDIAN, OCTOBER ! 5, 1943 Non-Catholics At Hope Help In Rebuilding Our Lady of Hope Chu Catholic Action A 'Must' Today either because In certain places tt is not numerous enough; or because among many sorts of persons, refractory to its bene- ficent influence, it cannot cause its voice and the fore of its ad- monishments to achieve contact. Hence it is necessary that all men be apostles .... " Catholic Action A 'Must' Today .... The shocking and imprudent reply of Cain, "Am I my brother's keeper?" is taking a back seat among followers of the Catholic youth groups, we are told by the Rev. Paul t'. Tanner, Director of the Youth Department of the Na- tional Catholic Welfare Confer- ence in a recent article in Rellg- lous Education. Says Father Tan- Father Tanner notes with inter- nor, "Unhappily, many personally good laymen, because of the high- est the reasons Pope Plus points ly specialized society in which we out for the necessity of Catholic now live, have drifted into/the Action: He states that a mere position of assuming that the work numerical deficiency could be of saving souls of mankind is the professional obligation of the easily rectified, "but the psy- clergy and religious, and that so chological barrier that prevents long as the individual layman at- many sorts of peoples from having tends Mass and the .sacraments any sympathetic intelligent recep- regularly and makes a reasonable gesture toward financial support tion of what the priest might say, of the Church and its agencies of is of great practical significance. mercy and education, he is doing Millions of our fellow country- all that is necessary." men, long since alienated from any formal religious affiliation Father Tanner states that in and thoroughly indoctrinated with reality the Catholic part of the secularistic, materialistic, pseudo- picture is graphically exemplified liberalism, will never really hear in the word "Apostolate" . . . the gospel of Christ, unless it is "Webster defines "apostolate" as preachedto them by their fellow the 'office or mission of an apos- workers, fellow doctors, 2awyers tle" and clarifies the definition carPenters, clerks, and all the oth- by adding that an apostle is 'one er varieties of occupations and sent forth--one of the twelve careers.... disciples of Christ. , . one who "The Catholic youth movement, initiates any great moral re- accordingly, has become an apos- form... " It is in this sublime tradition of the term, dating back .tolate; its sole reason for existing to the first Bishops of the Church, m to penetrate and reform the that we speak of a Catholic youth natural temporal order of society with the spiritual supernatural i apostolate. ' vitality and truth of Christ in His! "The thing that rnay be called Church. Definite presentation of new in Catholic Youth work is this this new concept of Catholic youth deliberate, forthright, explicit work was made as long as Au- avowal of a religious, spiritual, gust 1941,. when the Apostolic supernatural primary objective. Delegate, in a letter to the Dio- TbI !s not to say that many of co,an Youth Directors, said, in the older Catholie y6hth groups, part:, .. such as the SodMity and others, have ever professed different "These i'0tti} should not be alms, but it is rather to empha- principally athletic nor devoted chiefly to shy other merely na- tural activity. Indeed, they should not give even the im- pression of being primarily such. The spiritual purpose of these organizations should at all times, in one way or another, be manifested openly through some kind of cooperation in the Catholic Apostolate.- . Divine 'grace, indeed, is neces- sarY above all in the Apostolate precisely because it is a work of sanctification of neighbor and self and implies the necessity of employing the means proper to this twofold sanctification. Di- vine grace, however, will not be given to an apostle unless he lives in union with Jesus Christ .... size the vivid consciousness on the part of all of the members of these groups of this religious first principle upon which they oper- ate. In that sense the apprecia- tion of their role as apostles is new and recent among the Ca- tholic youth... " Father Tanner tells us that we must not feel that'the job of sav- ing souls is the exclusive privilege of the clergy. Catholic Action, the participation of the laity in the apostolate of the hierarchy, was called a vital necessity in a letter of Pope Plus XI to the Card- inal Primate of Spain ten years before the much debated civil war broke out in thaL unhappy nation. "You clearly see the manner The stroag emphasis which has of times in which we are living, been given here to the religious, and what they demand from the supernatural objectives of Catho- Catholic forces. On the one lic youth work, does not exclude, hand, we deplore a society of course, less noble olyJectives growing ever more pagan, for such work (athletics, socials, wherein the light of the Catho- etc). Together with the religious lic faith is growing faint in objective stressed above, they soul. In consequence, the constitute the goal of our youth 2hristian sense, and the purity work. Youthful religious social and integrity of morals, are also leadership is being developed in waning within them to a really most of the 18,985 Catholic par- alarming degree. On the other ishes in the United States. The hand, we grieve because the hoped-for "restoration of all clergy is quite insufficient to things in Christ" requires both cope with the necegsities and human cooperation and the fiat needs of our times. This is so, of Divine Providence. I v Your Best Entertainment Saenger and Rialto Theatres Hope, Arkansas TEMPLE COTTON OIL CO. Hope, Arkansas The Society For The Propagation Of The Faith SERVICE CALL BY BISHOP YU-PIN In expressing the hope that American Catholics would re- spond 100 per cent to the call for aid on Mission Sunday. October 24th, His Excellency Most Rev. Paul Yu-Pin, Vicar Apostolic of Nanking, China, voiced the fol- lowing urgent plea: "Remember the Missionaries are the service men of Christ," he said. "Your U.S.O., has indicated October 15th as the deadline for the sending of Christmas gifts to the service men who are in the Armed Forces of your country. Now the Commander-In-Chief of a vast spiritual army, the Holy Father, urges you to make Mis- sion Sunday the deadline for aid to Christ's service men--the Mis- sionaries." LONG RECORD OF SERVICE News has just been received from Bishop Joseph Byrne, C.S.Sp., Vicar Apostolic of Kil- imanjaro, of the death of Rev. Auguste Gommenginges on April 18th last. Father Gommenginges was one of the great veterans of service in the African Missions having spent sixty-one of his eighty-six years working on the Dark Continent. During those six decades this zealous Holy Ghost missionary had only three vacations to his native Alsace. Dur!ng that span of service Father Gommenginges had watch- ed the transformation of the Tan- ganyika province and Kiliman- jaro Vicariate particularly, He came to a pagan country but he left well organized Catholic com- munities, with schools, mission centers, a seminary for the train- ing of native youths to the priest- hood, novitiates for native sisters and native brothers, catechetical schools and hospitals. Certainly the gates of heaven must have opened eagerly on that April 18th when the Great Missioner wel- comed an untiring apostle with those well-earned words: "Well done, thou good and perfect ser- vant." From every quarter of the globe Americans are discovering that the world of the Catholic Church is staffed by quiet, unassuming men and women who, as Christ's soldiers, have blazed the Mission trail and refuse to leave it de- spite every possible danger. With this discovery has come affection and respect ,for these unsung heroes. No longer do thdy use the indifferent term "the Mis- sions." Today it is "Our Mission", "Our Missionaries". Actually this war is somewhat of a two-edged swordwhile it may be used to fight the enemy it may also cut down the indif- ference and ignorance which has been so widespread concerning our Missions. .Charity is one tie that unites the world and today our men in the far-flung battlefields are viewing for themselve the es- sence of real charity as practiced by the courageous Missionaries of the Catholic Church. In the final analysis the Mis- sionaries will be recognized as the greatest agents of universal peace in the world's history. WORDS OF PRAISE Bishop John F. O'Hara, C.S.C., D.D., Military Delegate of the Armed Forces, U.S.A., pays trib- ute to miss.'ionaries and their con- verts when he states: "Thousands of lives of Ameri- can soldiers, sailors and marines have been spared because of the good will of natives of far-flung countries whose tutors in Chris- tianity have been the missionaries supported by The Society for the Propagation of the Faith. "From chaplains and men of the armed forces of the United States have come hundreds of letters telling of the friendly reception accorded our men by the neo- phytes of these missionaries. Others tell the joy of the natives at seeing white men from across the sea kneel with them at their prayers, at Mass, and at Holy Communion. On one island in the South Seas three beautiful chapels, native style, were built by the joint labor of natives and marines. "The effect on our chaplains and men has been inspiring. The spiritual benefit of the experience has been mutual. And you may be prepared for a very mission- minded generation of Catholic laymen in this country when our Our Lady of Hope Church The Extension Society was responsible for the renovation of Our Lady of Hope Church, at Hope, Arkansas. It was from a donation by this organization, that needed repairs were made. Many non- Catholics gave money to enable the parish to modernize and beautify the building. Ot c als Seek 'Career Women' ,r'00ork With State Dept. By Katharine McKiever Washington. (E) Women col- lege students, particularly those who are now entering upon their senior year of study, would do well to give some thought to the State Department's new attitude towards "career women" in its sphere of action both in Washing- ton and foreign service. John C. Ross, executive officer and John G. Erhardt, chief of the Division of Foreign Service Personnel, have been working out a coopera- tive program which they hope will provide the Department with adequately educated young wo- men who are not just interested in a stop-gap "duration" effort, but who really wish to make a career, of diplomacy and its many ramifications. ' Both officials :eadily admit that the State Department has been reluctant heretofore about placing women in positions of importance, but ever before this now pro- claimed shift in policy, some wo- men have held and are now hold- ing far from insignificant assign- ments in the Foreign Service. Women In Foreign Service The appointment of Rlath Bryan Owen as Minister to Den- ma'rk in 1933, as well as that of Florence Jaffray Harriman as Minister to Norway in 1937, was front-page news; but Mr. Er- harlt points with pride to seven "career women" now in Foreign Service. They are Frances E. Willis, first secretary of embassy and consul at Madrid; Constance R. Harvey, former vice-consul at Lyon, France, and now interned at Baden-Baden, Germany ; A. Viola Smith, formerly consul at Shanghai and now in the Far Eastern Division of the State De-i partment; Elizabeth Humes, sec- ond secretary of embassy and con- sul at Lisbon; Katherine E. O'Con- soldiers, sailors and marines come home in peace to build the Catho- lic homes for which they are fighting today on a hundred fronts." ORDINATIONS IN AFRICA Word has just been received concerning ordinations which took place during the last Pente- costal season in Tanganyika, Africa. Three sub-deacons were raised to higher orders, together with five for minor orders and one for tonsure. Profession of na- tive sisters took place on August 5. "We shall have five this year; all the Missions are in full opera- tions," writes the Vicar Apostolic. "Some are making extraordinary progress in spite of the difficul- ties of the times. Please join with us in thanking God for His merc- ies toward us and in begging of Him to watch over us" always and help us to be His children and make others His children also." Right Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. McDonnell, National Director The Society for the Propagition of the Faith. 'nor, third secretary of iembassy and vice-consul at Ottawa; Ka- thleen Molesworth, assistant commercial ttache at Guatemala, and Minedee McLean, third sec- retary of embassy and vice-con- sul at Santiago, Chile. With the exception of Miss Willis and Miss Harvey, these Women came to the :State Department from the Com- merce Department. I In checking over the biog- i raphies of these seven women, we noted certaiq similarities in edu- cation and background, including study or residence abroad, but not enough bits to make a com- !plete mosaic of the type of aspir- ant the State Delartent is seek- ing. We sought further enlight- ment from Mr. Ross who, as ex- ecutive officer of the Department is interested in the broader as- pect of the personnel problem; that is, an adequate domestic ant toreign personnel and their in- ter-relationship. Educational Requirements Mr. Ross cited the need for edu- cation in international relations, political science, economics and languages--the usual subjects as- sociated with preparation for dip- lomatic activity--but he also men- tioned as important keys to sub- sequent success two subjects which ordinarily do not get much consideration from college stu- dents; stenography and typing. He is aware of the fact that more and more women college grad- uates are taking business courses after receiving their degrees, but he thinks time would be saved if they acquired proficiency in these subjects somewhere along the line. This State Department official does not hold to the theory "once a stenographer, always a steno- grapher," nor does he follow this practice. One of the main dif- ficulties confronting him just now is finding satisfactory young wo- men to replace those who have been moved from stenographer to secretary, and then to executive positions in Washington or in the field. Whereas young women may enter as junior research as- sistants at $2,000 a year and at the bottom of the professional classification, the mere passing of the required examination indi- cates little more than what is re- vealed by examination of their college credits, Mr. Ross. There- fore, passage of the examination does not lpso facto assure one of an appointment; it merely con- forms with a regulation and certi- fies as to general educational re- quirements. Accepted professional appli- cants interested in field assign- Non Catholics Commen, Letter To 'Digest' Opposing Birth Control Washington. (IC)Following publication in the October Digest of a letter' entitled "Birth Control, A Catholic View," Rev. Dr. Edgar Schmiedeler, O.S.B., Director of the Family Bureau, National Catholic Welfare Conference, answering a article in the Digest favoring birth control, a number of readers, tholic and non-Catholic, have written commending Dr. presentation of the Catholic position. "While I am nota Catholic," one correspondent, a lawyer wr "I am deeply impressed with the Catholic view on Birth Canadian Employer Cites Benefit Of Workers' Retreats Quebec. (IC)--An employer must not be concerned merely about making money; his "first duty is to direct the great family of work- ers along the path to heaven," Maurice Boisclair, who employs 600 persons at St. Johns, Que., de- clared at a gathering marking the twentieth anniversary of "Jesus- Ouvrier" (Jesus the Worker) re- treat house here. The anniversary observance was presided over by His Emin- ence Rodrigue Cardinal Villen- cure, Archbishop of Quebec. Mr. Boisclair, pointing out that an employer must see to the hap- piness of his workers, said this applied not only to his physical well-being but also to his spirit- ual happiness. "I have been organizing closed retreats among my workers for the past nine years," he said. "We have been amply rewarded for our industry never had to shut down even in the worst days of depression. Cardinal Villeneuve congratu- lated Mr. Boisclair. In the post- war days there would be civil war and disaster if there was not faith and religion, His Eminence warn- ed. Employers and epaployes are not on earth for the making of money, but to aid society, he said. =zO Jesuit Educator Dies West Baden, Ind. ()--The Rev. Louis A. Falley, S.J., a member of the Mission Band of the Chi- cago Province of the Jesuits, who has died at West Baden College, here, at the age of 72, formerly was Professor of English at St. Louis University. He left the university faculty at the outbreak of World War I and enlisted as a chaplain in the Army. Following the war, he joined the Chicago Mission Band. ments may have an opportunity for foreign service, dependent upon the needs in the field, after three to nine months' training in Washington, but Mr. Ross points out that there is a far greater and more urgent demand for clerks, accountants and secretaries in the field than for highly trained per- sonnel. He is convinced that a man or woman familiar with pro- cedure and routine work in the Washington office is of more val- ue in the field, and he advocates for the young woman who chooses a Washington career, at least a year's supplemental training in the field. There is nothing rod little for so little a creature as man. It is by studying little things that we at- tain the great art of having as lit- le misery and as much happincs. s possible.--Samuel Johnson. The sure way to be cheated is to think yourself more cunning than other people. W. A. J. MILLS expressed in your letter .... many years I have with alarm the question and time ago prepared a brochure cussing certain features of subject." A Protestant minister "I found much satisfaction reading your strong, patriotic Christian words on the discussed. It is my honest tion that the great Church which you belong is right on this subject." The 'Best Answer' Another correspondent, a er, commends Dr. Schmiedeler follows: "Being myself a ant I want to honor you and Catholic Church for the stand are taking in the matter Of control. I have just finished ing your splendid article.. the best answer I have ever to those 'would be' welfare who-try to turn mother upside down." A Presbyterian Elder wish to commend you for lettl on birth control. Church, the Episcopal Church the Methodist Church are all ing a sure death because o] a ure to produce children. Catholic Church cannot its members to 'be fruitful, ply and replenish the earth I see no force that can ultimate destruction of the race and our Christian tion." The following excerpts are en from other comments of tholic or non-Catholic "My your warning be heart by the American people fore it is too late." "The facts state seem incredible. So th what my four boys are their lives for. Is it,these less women who are much about 'backing our b, A school teacher writes: long, hearty cheers for your cle in the Reader's classes have been years." " Britain and U. S. "I have noted your figure garding Chicago and have seen it elsewhere in print," another correspondent, certain an error has crept somewhere along the line. case stands without. In 1940 census for the United and Churchill's words for Britain alone are evidence ficient. "I know the limitation of ter. But you might have that the war has brought a turn in the birth rate and thS will in all probability be balanced, and even more counterbalanced, by a dip iv rate if the war continues a siderable time." A family of birds that Australia and some South lands, differ from other b that the young birds are feathered and able to fly vn independent life as soon leave the shell. EMMETT THOMPSON MILLS & THOMPSON Optometrists Eyes Examined  Glasses Fitted 218 MAIN STREET PHONE 36 Hope, Arkansas " CHASI:I:A0000NE: co. Hope Basket Hope,Arkansas On Main HOPE, ARKANSAS |1 I[