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October 14, 1966     Arkansas Catholic
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October 14, 1966

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O" 4--THE GUARDIAN OCTOBER 14, 1966 ii Qui Vive? by The Sentry, NATIONAL NEWSPAPER WEEK This is National Newspaper Week -- October 9-16. It is an appropriate time to discover the attitude of the American readers toward the artich, s which appear in the secular newspapers and to make an appraisal of the manner in whict these papers fulfill their obligation to tile average reader. It is sad but true that so many readers accept the accounts which are published in the newspapers as if they were gospel trutiL Their ready reply to any doubt .that a person has about what they relate is "Why, I read it in the newspapers." The discerning reader knows how unreliable such reports may be. The daily reports contained in the secular press from the activities of the recent Vatican Council serve as a good ex- ample of how urn'?liable the news as reported in the public press can be. No end of confusion was planted in the minds of a great many readers, Catholic and non-Catholie, concerning matters dis- cussed at the Council, which were reported in the newspapers as facts already accepted. Newspaper writers have a habit of build- ing up a story from a rumor and presenting it as a fact, which, if it turns out to be such, becomes a scoop; if not, it just fades out and no further mention is made of it. A great many people are of the opinion that the detailed pub- lication of crimes have the effect of suggesting to others the notion of committing the same crime. Recent mass killings made this idea seem probable. It is quite the custom for mot newspapers to publish the names of persons who are arrested for driving under tile influenee of liquor even for their first offense. On the other hand ihey conceal the names of juveniles and their parents to save them embarrassment. Billy Graham in an address to juveniles said, "There is nothing in the Bible about God having a juvenile court. You are responsihle just as any adult is responsible." Very often critics of Catholic newspapers think that their editors are too conservative and that they should publish articles such as appear in the secular .press. Catholic newspapers and magazines have a distinct purpose to teach 'and to apprise their readers of facts. Ordinary rmws is incidental. The news should be allowed to mature st) that the facts may be Published. Unwar- ranted rcptn'ts of certain excerpts taken out of their proper con- text and l)remature publication of matters as facts which are still only in the process "of consideration and discussion have con- founded many Catholics to the extent that they have erroneous and confused notions concerning some matters. They should he informed how to distinguish between the essentials of faith and the disciplinary changes that have been made lately in the liturgy and in Church laws. FRANCO'S ANNIVERSARY Ever since Generalissimo France rallied the spanish people and drove the Communists from power in Spain, American news- papers, as a rule, have been adversecritiCs of him and his activi. ties. It was therefore an agreeable surprise to read an Associated Press article published in a local paper which noted the 30th anniversary of France's assumption of power in Spain, October 1, 1936. The following is a quotation from the" item, "His (France's) rule brought the war-shattered nation from near chaos into a state of peaceful prosperity, so strong that it could afford to mint a thousand tons of silver for the release.on this anniversary of 25 million 100-peseta coins. The coin is worth $1.66." The critics of France have usually attempted to smear him by associating him with Hitler and Mussolini. Informed sources knew that the Nazi and fascist leaders were: interested only in protecting their territories from being overrun by the Commu. nists. '_Chat they at the sam time helped France was incidental, but it gave the Communists in heavily infiltrated England, France and the United States an excuse to vilify" France because he drove them out of Spain, the only place from which,'once in power, the Communists have been dislodged. It is not likely that the men of the secular press are. so dumb that they did not eventually discover what happened in Spain. In the early days of the internal trouble in Spain, there may have been a reason for some confusion in theminds of. some as to the true situation, but there was no reason for the men of the press remaining in their ignorance so long. The, truth is they were not ignorant of the facts long, if at all. And so it is'evident that the Comnmnist influence is at work in our free press. It is worthy of mention that a few years ago De.Witt MaeKen. zie, an A.P. foreign affairs analyst, opposed the suggestion of Secretary Acheson of this country that Spain be admitted to the Atlantic Alliance. At that time, he pointed out that it would be a long time before "Gem Franco is orgiven for aceeptg Nazi and Fascist aid during the revolution which brought him to power." However it must be admitted that later on MacKenzie did redeem himself by relating an incident which he said he re- ceived from an official in the German Foreign Offiee,: during Hit, ler's regime. He reported that France and Hitler met near the Spanish-French frontier, "Hitler asked France to .permit German troops to cross Spain and establish a base at Gibraltar." It is evident what this move would have meant to the Allies. "France refused" said the German official. "Hitler begged, then raged but France stood firm. As a final gesture, the Nazi chief, furious and white of face, turned his back on France and stalked away." For this stand, France deserves the undying gratitude of all the Allies, but heseldom receives a kind word from any of them. On this 30th anniversary of his assumption of power in Spain, the press should rid itself of Communist 'influence-and give credit where it is long overdue. :;::: 000t100$$11 .( "PRAY TELL ME WHAT HE FOUND" For Interior Unity Pope Terms Obedience Indispensible Factor Vatican City (El--The Church needs among its people an "in- terior and spontaneous spirit o' obedience" Pope Paul VI told his weekly general audience here," . . . so that the (ecumeni- cal) council's fruits may not he reaped in vain." Th.e Pope admitted that obed- ience has been a frequent theme in his recent talks. But lc said it clearly needs repeat- ing "because of a certain intol- erance, a certain spirit of indis- cipline and emancipation whieh keeps cropping up here and l.herc in SOl/qe sec{ors Of tile People of God, until recently completely exemplary in their observanee of obedience. "It needs repeating, too," he said, "because of the necessity which has arisen in this post- conciliar period of internal eo- hesion within the Church's com- munion. How can we have a renewal of spirit, activity and strueture in the Church if it is not solidly united within it- self? How can we approach the separated brethren if division even though purely in the realm of intention or diseip- .line  diminishes the harmony which is and must be character- istic of the ?col?sial society, cools cha'ity and weakens our capacity to give an example or an ,explanation of the faith to those who ask us for one? And PEACE (Continued from Page 1) in any way?" He replied: "No. This principle is part of theology. When there is a war of aggression, you have a right to defend yourself. The encyc- lical is a command for everyone to do his best for peace. One can,and should try to bring ,about pea?e, no. matter how a fight may have been started. That does not modify the the- ological principlO." QuestiOn: :".In his address of ,May,22-on 'triO-75t1 amiiversai-y of the encyclical. Rerum No- vat.urn, the Pope warned against the atheism and materialism professed by radical Marxism. He stated'that the Church can- not adhere to social, ideological and politfieal, movaments: which, in finding their origins and strength in Marxisr0, have main- tained its negative px:inciples. May,.it, be,. presumed, that thin, warmng against the acceptance of Marxism is applicable every- where?" Reply: "What is evident." Question: "Some people ask why, if Marxism is against reli- gmn, the Church sends repre-. sentatives to talk to communist governments in eastern Eu- rope?" how can we speak to a world which we want to evangelize if the wisdom and authority to accomplish it is diminished among us through the absence of that apostolic authenticity which only obedi*ence renders identifiable .and operative?" The Pope anticipated the ob- jection that this stress on obe- dience does not interpret the spirit of the council, which spoke of the rights of person- ality and individual consciences and' the liberty of the sons of God. The council did indeed talk of these "wonderful, if complex and delicate, themes," he said, but added that "it certainly was not silent on the matter of obedience." "We should like simply to re- call how these prerogatives 9f the Christian soul are seen to be not offensive to, but rather safeguarded and moderated by, an obedience flourishing in the communitarian fabric of the Church when we reflect on the fact that order, that is the per- fection and fullness at which the economy of Christian salvation rams, are not properly speaking anthropocentric (as the modern mentality has a tendency to be- lieve) but theoeentric. 'In God is my salvation' (Luke 1, 47l, we will say with the Madonna. And with the council we will add that we must seek not only the satisfaction of our own de- sires, but the ulfillment of the divine will (Cf. Decree on Priestly Ministry and Life, No. 15)." As a result of the council, the PoPe said, "the spirit and forms of obedience have been regen- erated . . . But if we have un- derstood som,ething of the cen- tral doctrine of the council, re- garding the mystery of the Church, we shall easily arrive at the persuasion= that obe- dience, even before being a purely formal and juridical homage to ecclesiastical laws and submission to ecclesiastical authority, is fit'st of all a pene- tration and acceptance of the mystery of Christ, who won our salvation by means of obedi- ence. It is a. continuation and imitation of this fundamental act of His: His acceptance of the Will 0f.the Father. It, is an un- derstanding of the principle which dominates the entire plan of incarnation.and redemption (CF:Lumen Gentium, No. 3). "Obedience thus becomes as- similation into Christ, who is the divine Obedient One. It be- comes the indispensable coef- ficient of the interior unity of the Church, the souurce and sign of its peace. It becomes an effective cooperation in Christ's evangelizing mission. It be- comes the ascetic practice of Reply: "Yes, this question has humility and the spiritual prac- See PEACE .on P$g,,l ................. gPC,rdty, (f,.,.il,.;,.&.12), From the .Managing Editor's Desk.00, A m cricans who are under 40-years-old do not remember the solemn st- lenee that sur- roun(Is bread lines. T h e y don't r e member people lining up morning and e v e n ing outside soup kitchens bowls of stew and bread were doled out whose hunger subdued pride. These younger folks doll member worried fathers hungry wives and morning after morning, that each new day different, that somehow would find work. They remember "No Help Ne signs tacked to the doors ployment offices. Tbey don't remember people really worked for ing, ever conscious that were dozens ready to over their jobs the they began dogging it. don't remember war selling apples on hers. They don't remember economy was a virtue. don't remember two and families living together i house to save moneY. don't remember families standing bcwilde tim sidewalk beside their hold goods, evicted for merit of rent. They don't rememl souls sleeping on park be men, women and ed it tatters and barefoot. They don't derelicts begging for every door they passed. Young Amerieans today "prosperity" is of the American But it isn't. Only war arations for war have kel economy from reverting level of the 1930's. Heaven help these nocents if the communisl ever decides to let us peace. Daily MASS G OCTOBER 16 Sunday I1 Class XX Sunday after Glory, Creed, Preface Trinity, 17 Monday III Cla ! St. Virgin. Glory, no Common Preface. 18, Tuesday II Class St. Luke, Evangelist. Creed, Preface of 19 Wednesday IIl Class St. Peter of Alcantara, fessor: 'Glory, no Common Preface. 20 Thursday, IIi ClaSs St. John Cantius, Glory. no Creed, Preface. 21 Friday IV Class Mass of previous No ,Glory or Cread, I-h'ayer St. Hilarion, Prayer SS. Ursulw and panions, Common Or St. Hilai'ion, Abbot. 2nd Prayer SS. Ursula' Companions, no cr Common Preface. SS. Ursula a:(Compan 10' Virgins and Martyrs. 2tl. Glory, 2nd Prayer St. . arion, no Creed, Corn .! Preface. w ltli 22 Saturday IV ClaSS _=. Mass ot' the Blessed git for Saturday. GlorY, _.a Creed, Preface of Dle" Virgin. It becomes communion Christ and with him Paul) who is for us the ..... aaad, repxg.atatJv